Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF:Out Of Darkness *Part 29* (Pg 75) *Updated* 9/7 (Page 6)

iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2009 at 11:14am | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon plz!!!!!Clap

jdots Senior Member

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Posted: 12 April 2009 at 10:29am | IP Logged

thanks a lot..wonderful part..cant wait for the next one....please update soon....

radheradhe Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 5:05am | IP Logged
nice story so far.. more twists and turns than our fav show CB! :)
lramanujam Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Very nice story line.I am a silent reader but I felt I needed to encourage you to update more often.very good imagination.
ivy_softy Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2009 at 8:36am | IP Logged

A very nice story...totally different from original.. please update us soon with the next part....

Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 April 2009 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

Here is the part you all have been waiting for.... I hope I have done justice to this part..... I have lost count how many times I have edited this part EmbarrassedLOLLOL So PLEASE let me know what you all thought about this part! Thanks to all those who took the time out to comment on the previous part! I love you guys for the lovely comments Big smileHug

Radhika drifted off to sleep with the memories of her mother which seemed to suddenly surface from inside her heart where she had hidden them but looking at Mrinalini, seeing the same affectionate smile and care in her eyes had reminded her of her mother. She had long forgotten the good times of her life she had spent when her mother was alive, for the past ten years she had lived trying to forget all those good memories and she was successful in forgetting everything about her mother but now they were all coming back to her….

**** Part 6 ****

"Come Dev, let's go celebrate your marriage" Vivek said after he saw Mrinalini take Radhika to her new room. He did not miss the curious glance Dev had kept glancing at Radhika, he smirked of course Dev would be curious he has yet to see his bride's face. Both Rahul and Vivek dragged a reluctant Dev to the study to get few pecks in celebration of Dev Raghvansh finally a married man.


"Vivek, kya karrahe ho yahan par" Mrinalini asked as she entered the study. She glared angrily at the three men, shocked to see them sitting around and drinking.

"Dev, What are you still doing here? Don't you think you should be in your room with your new bride? The poor girl must be waiting for you, it's been almost two hours since I left her in the room" Mrinalini informed him. She shook her head as she saw Dev nod his head apologetically and head out towards his room, she watched carefully and was glad to see that he was not drunk. Maybe just had few sips unlike her husband and Rahul…. She shot her husband an angry glare before darting out of the study. Maybe sleeping on the couch tonight might give her husband some sense….


Marriage for Dev Raghvansh had always been a sacred relationship; he always perceived it to be a very holy and beautiful commitment. He grew up admiring the love and togetherness between his parents and later on between his sister and brother-in-law, secretly wanting and hoping to have such a relationship in his own life. He knew from a very young age that he would have an arrange marriage, just like his parents had, his sister had. He knew if he fell in love, it would only be with his wife. But that dream was pushed back, when he grew old, it was not strong enough to stop him from dating girls, it did not stop him from seeking physical relationships with girls.

When in his teen years, it has been the curiosity that had led him to the girls. During college years, it had been the challenges and competition amongst friends to have girlfriend and when he started working, it had been his physical needs that made him seek girls. But with the years and the experience he gained by dating the many girls his resolve, his desire to have an arrange marriage still lingered in his mind.

Yes, he did have few serious relationships but he still did not see the magic like he had seen between his parents, he had never felt that beautiful magnetic feeling he had heard about from his brother-in-law……. it was Rahul's elopement and marriage to the girl who he loved that had made Dev consider having a serious relationship, the happiness and love shared between his brother and his wife made Dev consider about having a love marriage….  but those illusion of having an eternal love and a perfect family ended when he witnessed his brother's marriage on the edge of breaking in less than two yrs of his marriage……


"Kya biwi mili hai Dev Bhaiya aapko…. Itni khoobsurat"    "Sach Dev bohut Khoobsurat hai teri biwi"     "Mrinalini ne aapna wada purra kar dikhaya…… kaha tha ek pari lagayegi aapne Bhai ke liye…. Aur dekho bilkul ek pari jaisi hai dulhan"   "What a beautiful Bride"    "Wow she is so gorgeous"  Dev's head was filled with the voices he had been hearing all day during the marriage and then later at home from Vivek and Rahul. They both had been constantly teasing him, praising about the beauty of his wife and his luck in having such a beautiful wife..... a wife he still hadn't seen……

Dev Raghvansh stood there in front of his bedroom door contemplating whether to knock or just enter the room. He was nervous, scared to enter the room and see what everyone was praising, to face the person who has now become his present and future, to look at his bride he was now curious of , to see if she was really as beautiful as everyone spoke…… With a deep sigh Dev entered the room and locked the door.

Dev's heart stropped to move the moment he saw her sleeping form on his bed. They were all right…. she was beautiful…. too beautiful to be called human. Dev stared at her sleeping form on his bed which was covered with the different color rose petals. She was sleeping on her stomach, her hair tied up in a simple bun, messy and chaotic, the wisps of dark auburn framed her face with perfection, her right hand placed on the pillow above her head and her left hand was carefully placed beside her face. Dev walked up towards her sleeping form cautiously and leaned down to have a closer look, his eyes did not leave the sleeping form of his wife resting on the bed. Her face was clean, there was no sign of any makeup, her body covered in a too large white kurta which reached few inches above her ankle, the two side cuts on the kurta giving Dev the view of her slim pale legs. He breathed in a deep breath as he stood so close to her sleeping form, clenched his hands in a fist controlling the urge to touch her… to feel her…. to make sure she was real….  she looked so fragile and tiny, so innocent to belong into this world, in his life……

He stood up, covered the quilt around her body, and took few steps back….. a long sigh escaped his lips, he felt guilty… guilty for marrying this beautiful creature when he was still unsure of his feelings for Vishaka…. guilty because he did not know if he could give his wife the love every wife expects from her husband…. guilty because he could not stop staring at her beautiful form…. guilty because he could not stop the fast beating of his heart since he laid his eyes on her… guilty because his heart was rejoicing at the fact that this beautiful creature belonged to him… only him….

It was then Dev realized there were three things missing from his new wife's appearance. One she was not wearing the engagement ring Mrinalini had made such a big dispute about with Muskaan. Two there was no mangalsutra adorning her neck, the beaded thread that made her his. Three she had washed away the sindoor he applied on her parting. The three things that connected them, which indicated their relationship was abandoned by her. It disturbed him, to not find her adorned with these three things……

The mangalsutra and the engagement ring were placed on the dresser table along with the other jewelry and the wedding dress. The only thing that indicated anything close to a bride from Radhika's appearance was the bridal mehendi that covered most of her hands, and her legs. The color of the mehendi was dark but not dark enough to proclaim the "undying love" of her husband as many often tease the bride over. Shaking himself from his speculations Dev made his way towards the closet to get his nightwear…..

"Shor… Baba…. Shor bohut hai"

Dev stopped in his tracks turned abruptly around to look at his wife but was shocked… surprised to see her still deep in sleep…. Still in the same position he had seen her in few minutes ago. He waited, for two whole minutes without blinking an eye… watching her, trying to decipher anything from her sleeping form that indicated otherwise.

"Radhika ko nahin jana…. Pati ke saath"

This time Dev watched as his wife pleaded in her sleep. There was no moment from her except her moving lips….  He sighed, and smiled to himself at this revelation…. His wife talked in her sleep. At least he now knew something about his wife other than her name…. with this thought in mind Dev made his way towards the bathroom….

He found the quilt thrown on the floor when he returned from the bathroom…. His wife now sleeping on her back facing left, her right hand resting on her stomach, left hand placed on the pillow beside her face palm up, and one leg tilted upward. She was sweating, he shook his head in amusement, the temperature was quite low 60 F…. he always was used to hearing women complain about how cold it is even when the temperature was at 75 F…. but his wife seemed to be sweating when he himself felt it was a little chilly…..  Shaking his head he quietly joined her in bed and soon drifted off to sleep hearing his wife's sleep talks……


Radhika woke even before the sun-rise around 5:30 am as was her habit; she dabbed at her eyes and registered her new surroundings. She yawned rather loudly and tried to get up from the bed without making any noise but something was holding her down. It was then she registered the presence of someone else beside her on the bed. She looked down to see an arm wrapped around her stomach, her eyes widened as she felt the warm breath of someone on her shoulder. Her throat stuck together in that instance as the realization of someone holding her registered in her. Too many scary thoughts running through her mind, her throat burning to scream, yell and plead. But it was to no avail, she couldn't open her mouth to make a single sound. Swallowing the pool of saliva, she tried to pry the arm from her stomach with her shaking hands but it only ended in a tight grip. She sighed inwardly in defeat and turned her body slightly around to look at who was holding her. She inhaled a breath shakily; her eyes wide open in fear as she stared at the stranger. Then the words came back to her "Tumhara pati hai, yahin pe tho ayega".

She stared at her pati in disbelieve for the longest time, all these years her brothers had filled her with the dreadful stories about the pati, how he was the darkest, the fattest and the meanest looking man. Radhika gazed at pati in wonderment, he did not have the long mustache as her brothers had told her, he was not fat, he was not old; his hair were all black and he definitely did not look mean. Her eyes wondered around the room to locate the whip her brothers had at countless times scared her off with but she didn't found any whip or the thick walking stick which he will use to beat her. She stared at him for the longest time, trying to picture him do all those scary things her brothers had told her he would do to her, with each image her body started to shake. She could see him in her mind, beating her with the long gray color whip, she pictured receiving the hard blows on her body…. she saw it all clearly him screaming at her, him beating her with his walking stick. A small cry escaped from her mouth when she pictured him tearing all her books, burning the worn out papers of her mother's ayurvadic guide book which had been passed down through generations, the only real thing of her mother she had. The tears were gliding down her cheeks as she envisioned how he could destroy her most cherished things if she did not perform her duties, if she did not listen to him, or if she made him angry.

Dev woke at the sound of Radhika's cry looked to his side and stared at his crying wife. "What happened?" he asked, his voice and eyes displayed the concern for her. His gray eyes stared into her honey brown eyes spilling tears. He watched with concern as Radhika sucked in a deep breath, her eyes wide in fear, and her mouth half open at the sudden realization of his eyes on her. He hesitantly lifted his hand and wiped the tears descending from her eyes, "baba ki yaad arrahi hai?" he asked her in a quite whisper, his hand wiping her hair from the forehead, his eyes staring deep into hers. She had the most beautiful eyes he realized, big and round almost doe like, with long eyelashes and unmade thick eyebrows it looked more attractive.

"Kya hua?" he asked again but no response, no movement, no blink, not even a breath that he could see.

Radhika lay still as she stared into the grey eyes of her Pati, her body went rigid when she felt his hand on her cheek wiping her tears. She waited, contemplated on whether to answer him or not, she was too scared to make a movement to even breathe with his hand resting on her shoulder……

"Kya hua? Kyun rorahi thi?" Dev asked again, wanting to get at least a nod from her in response. He realized she was scared, her eyes displayed the fear. He knew his bride would be scared and nervous, he was having anxiety himself, but he knew with time this fear and anxiety both will disappear but with time….. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath lifting his hand to adjust the comforter but was startled at the sudden movement from Radhika.

Radhika practically leapt from the bed, the moment his arm lifted from her shoulder and rushed through the bathroom. Dev sighed swallowing the words he was about to utter to her…. but she was gone even before he opened his mouth….. he looked at the clock… it was too early… there was no work and he was going to take full advantage of this time and catch up on his sleep…..

Radhika stood there in the bathroom for the longest time, contemplating whether to step out or just stay safely inside. She shuddered with the thought of what waited outside the door on the bed…..

it was nearly twenty minutes later when Radhika mustered enough courage to step out and face her husband, she drew a deep breath in and stepped out only to find her pati still sleeping, his back facing her. She sighed softly in relief, thanking god for saving her from her pati's wrath she was sure to have gotten for disturbing his sleep. She quickly got her clothes and the towel and stepped back into the bathroom to freshen up and start her day…..

She made sure to be as quite as possible as she brushed her hair, tied it tightly in bun, wrapping the dupatta over her head, makign sure that it covered most of her face like instructed by her father. She controlled the tears that were forming at the sudden thought of her father.... home.... she wanted to go home..... she drew in deep breaths trying to calm herself before noiselessly walking out of the room and closing the door behind her…..

*** Angel ***

So ermm.... how was it? bad? good? terrible? boring? waste of time?

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wow......that was amazing.........cant wait for the next part........cont soon pls...
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excellent update...keep posting soon...

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