Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF:Out Of Darkness *Part 29* (Pg 75) *Updated* 9/7 (Page 4)

rkath Goldie

Joined: 11 October 2007
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Posted: 04 March 2009 at 5:48pm | IP Logged

i hate Brij Mohan in this ff

he is so mean, wonder what the mystery is behind his behavior
cant wait till Dev and Radhika meet
update ssoon angel
luv raji

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

Joined: 28 March 2008
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Posted: 05 March 2009 at 7:39am | IP Logged
hey awesome i simply loved this update atleast some things are getting cleared, i wonder if dev will like her! i wonder why brij blames radz for killing her mom and the babyConfusedConfusedConfused im guessing her mom was pregnant and died saving her but this part:
He cursed that day when his father had given the oath to let the baby girl live but hidden away from the outside world.
does this mean that brijs father had told him to hide her? and he is so small mentality that a singhania cant give birth to a girl! hate him for that!
Anyways i absolutely loved your update and im eagerly waiting for the next part! Clapsend me a pm coz i dont reli cum to the forum too much. thanks!Wink
s_geetu Senior Member

Joined: 28 June 2006
Posts: 398

Posted: 06 March 2009 at 9:57am | IP Logged
great part.
please continue soon!
iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 August 2005
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Posted: 06 March 2009 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
awesome part cont soon plz!!!!!Clap
rkath Goldie

Joined: 11 October 2007
Posts: 1284

Posted: 17 March 2009 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
when r u updating?
eagerly waiting for the marriage
wonder what will happen next
plz update soonBig smile
luv raji
Simone2006747 Senior Member

Joined: 26 January 2009
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Posted: 19 March 2009 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

Thanks for clarifying why Mr. BMS hates his daughter.

I am curious about a few things -
a. Is the story going to repair the father-daughter relationship? Will Mr. BMS realize that he was unfair to his daughter and that his cowardly behavior stems from his own lack of security ?
b. What is Dev like? The reader does not have a good picture of Dev. Please tell us a little more. Why is his sister deciding who he should [not] marry? Why is Dev uninvolved in this important decision?
c. Why is Mrinalini getting a divorce? Is Vivek handicapped? If possible, please keep the storyline dissimilar from the C-B story. Smile

I hope Dev turns out to be a remarkably strong personality. After all he has to arouse and care for this physically and emotionally fragile Radhika. She deserves some happiness. But we do the have spicy Mrinalini as the sister-in-law. Disapprove

Thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest episode ... please continue. Thanks !!!                          

Edited by simi2006747 - 19 March 2009 at 9:41pm
Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2009 at 1:32pm | IP Logged

****Part 4****

Radhika sat in her room working on the accounts file Nirendra Bhaiyaji has given her to check over the figures. He had been very upset, yelled at her saying he had to go out to the city with Shubna and Abhista to shop for HER clothes when he had so many importing things to do at his office. Radhika had listened to his yells and had taken the kicks silently with her head bent down. She started reading through the file as soon as Nirendra Bhaiyaji left slamming the door loudly which had her covering her ears in fright. She began calculating the figures and counting the numbers provided in the file, frowning as she came upon the wrong figures. As she checked further in the file, calculating the figures again this time using a calculator but again she came with the incorrect figures. She sighed was this why Nirendra Bhaiyaji given her the file to read over because he realized the accounts were not correct?  She shook her head not understanding why the person whoever it was that was in-charge of the accounts file did such a thing. She shuddered instantly as she thought of what Nirendra Bhaiyaji would do to that person, she quickly prayed to god to help the person from Nirendra Bhaiyaji's wrath.  She went back to finish her work with the file, going through the pages, marking the figures that were incorrect, writing down the right figures to the given numbers and at last adding in the amount which has been gambled by the accountant.  She was so immersed in working on the file that she completely forgot about the two guests that were sitting in the living room talking with her father regarding her marriage, getting the Kundli's matched.

She yawned after closing the file, the cleaning and washing had taken a lot of time, it had been nearly two in the morning when she had gone to sleep but was up by five thirty out of habit. She had contemplated going back to sleep for one more hour but the fear of her father finding out had her out of bed. She had started with cleaning her room which was the smallest, the coldest and the messiest room with no windows. It was a small basement, the irregular pentagon shape of the basement made it look even smaller. There was very little furniture, an old almost broken full sized bed, a small table which had belonged to Arjun Bhaiyaji once but he was kind enough to give it to her instead of throwing it out in the garbage, a sewing machine and a bag filled with her embroidery kit and two big cartoon boxes filled with books she had been given from her three brothers. The books that had made her living more pleasant, because if there was one thing in her life that Radhika was grateful for then it was this gift of education her father and her three brothers gave her. Giving her their class books, teaching her all those lessons which they were being taught in school but even that had stopped eight years ago. Now they just gave her the books, now they didn't bother in teaching her or explaining the lessons like they used to. But she did not mind that, as long as they kept giving her the books to learn she was content with it, she was old enough to teach herself the writings of the books, she did not need any explanations from her brothers. 

There really was not much cleaning to do in her room except for stacking all the books that were laying on floor in a box and sweeping the floor clean and placing the multicolor carpet she had stitched from the left over pieces she had saved of the curtains, cushion cases and the sheets. It was around eight in the morning when she finished with all the work, stitched the new dress her brother had gotten her, it had been too big for her so she decided to run it through the sewing machine making it a size for her, and then seeing that she had time to spare decided on embroidering a border on the neckline and sleeves. The dress was simple, a sky blue color full sleeved shalwal kameez, but the dupatta was colorful, the flowers on the dupatta filled with green, pink, red and white colors. After finishing with the stitches she stepped into her little bathroom for her daily ten minute shower with cold water she was allowed to take.

By ten she had everything in order for the guests, the breakfast was ready, the haveli was cleaned, she was ready wearing her new dress and the mark on her face was barely visible thanks to the ointment she had applied. The doorbell rang exactly two minutes after ten, her father ordering her to return to her room....


The growing voice of the footsteps alerted Radhika of someone's approach. She quickly stood up, straightened her dress, made sure her dupatta was draped rightly on her head. Her long hair were tied tightly in a bun like always concealing her beautiful silky hair.

"Chalo, they want to see you now and remember what I instructed you if you behave otherwise then you know what will happen" BrijMohan warned his daughter as he tightly held onto her right arm and walked her towards the guests. The family was no doubt very traditional, which is why they had insisted for a traditional and sanskari bride for their son. From what BrijMohan gathered, it was the daughter that was the head of the house, it was very evident from the way she held herself and from the interactions he had with both grandmother and daughter. He was just glad that he was able to explain everything about Radhika to them, lying to them about Radhika's fear of sunlight, crowd and loud noises. They were uncertain about it, questioning too many things about Radhika and her life but he knew one look at Radhika they will not question anything further and readily get their son married to his daughter.

"Yeh hai meri beti Radhika" BrijMohan introduced his daughter to Mrinalini and Kamini, tightening his hold on Radhika's arm  and whispering to lift her head up and greet the guests. He gave her a warning glare seeing her distress and struggle against his hold, wanting to, trying to flee back to her room. He knew it would be hard for Radhika, after years of leaving in seclusion away from the outside world and the strangers to suddenly be in the presence of the strangers and to actually expect her to interact with them when she hadn't ever interacted with her own father and brothers.

Mrinalini and Kamini stared at Radhika in astonishment. The shock of seeing Radhika had their eyes wide open and their jaw dropped. They watched in silence as Radhika appeared in front of them, greeting them by folding her hands and then bent down to touch their feet as instructed by her father. Mrinalini watched as the girl stood before them, her hands trembling and her eyes looking at her father. One look at the girl, and Mrinalini knew she had to make the girl her brother's, she had to make her the Bahu of the Raghvansh family............

The word beautiful seemed very lame when describing Radhika, she was way beyond beautiful'. Her skin the palest and the softest Mrinalini has ever seen, her oval shaped face radiated a sense of true innocence. Mrinalini stared at the girl, analyzing the girl, her body was slim, very slim but with the perfect curves and her eyes'. Mrinalini gasped staring into the girls eyes'. her eyes were the honey brown color, almost like hazel'.. just like her'.  NO! she stopped her thoughts.

But apart from the beauty there was something completely different about the girl that Mrinalini couldn't quite place it. It was something very virtuous, very innocent; there was a sense of goodness, a saint like aura that came from her. It was like a glow surrounded around the girl, the aura that came from her had Mrinalini feeling a bond with the girl. The girl was perfect..... too perfect and too beautiful to be human...........

"Hume Ladki pasand hai Mr. Singhania" Mrinalini stated loudly, Kamini gasped "Mrinalini'. Yeh kya'. don't you think she is too'." Kamini tried to explain her granddaughter.

"Ma, abhi nahin we will talk about this later. I like her and I know you like her too. She is perfect for Bhai" Mrinalini whispered to her grandmother.

"That's the problem Mrinalini'. She is too perfect for Dev" Kamini sighed in defeat as she stared longingly at Radhika.

"Ma, stop with all this. She is what god is giving us. Just accept it as a blessing from god" Mrinalini whispered. Kamini nodded her head in agreement, even though she knew that the girl deserved someone that was perfect like her but Kamini could not hide the desire to have the girl for her grandson.

"Acha, ab hum chalte hai, Shaam ko haldi ki rasam ke liye ayenge. The sangeet and mehendi will be done day after tomorrow and the marriage will be the next day exactly at 12 noon according to the mahurat" Mrinalini explained as she stood up.

"Arre lekin itni jaldi ja rahe hain, have breakfast first. Radhika ne banaya hai" BrijMohan requested as he walked up to them.

"Nehi Mr. Singhania. Radhika ke haath ka bana hua khana toh ab hum tabhi khaiyege jab woh hamare ghar ki bahu banke ayengi" Mrinalini informed him as she reached her hand out and patted Radhika's cheek. She and her grandmother bid goodbye and headed out towards their car, both silently thanking god for the turn of events.

That night the haldi rassam was performed, there was no one at the haveli, which surprised Mrinalini and her mother. Mr. Singhania had explained saying Radhika did not like to be around many people, she seldom went out of house and because of being around her brothers and father she knew nothing about the rituals and the womanly duties and ways of life. He asked for forgiveness and requested Mrinalini to explain and teach everything to Radhika about marriage and her new responsibilities anyway she felt right. Mrinalini did not fail to notice the emphasis put on "anyway".........

The whole ride back to Mumbai was a four hour drive but both grandmother and granddaughter were too immersed in their planning and discussing about the marriage to notice the long drive. They discussed on how to take things after marriage, wondering how Dev would react after seeing the girl, will he be shocked like them, taken by her beauty and forget everything about Vishaka? Although two months ago Dev himself has declared that he felt nothing for Vishaka except friendship but ever since Mrinalini had announced Dev's engagement to Abhista, Vishaka had started her own schemes to make Dev fall in love with her and from what Mrinalini noticed it was working. Her brother was falling in love with Vishaka that is if he isn't already in love with her. Mrinalini sighed dejectedly at the thought, if her brother was already in love with Vishaka then it would be very difficult to make Radhika accepted by her brother. She knew no matter what, her brother would not go back on his words now, she knew that he will marry whichever girl Mrinalini presented at the mandap but will he accept her as his wife? Will he love and care for her as his wife? The questions and doubts filled Mrinalini that night evading her sleep.

She smiled as she remembered the shocked faces of everyone when she informed them that Dev will be getting married to the serpanch's daughter Radhika not Abhishta. She lied stating that after meeting Radhika, she found the girl to be very beautiful and sanskari, in clear terms she voiced that Radhika was more fitting to be the Bahu of their family then Abhishta. Vivek as always objected about it, along with Rahul her youngest brother and his wife Muskaan both supporting Vivek but Dev had simply stated that it made no difference he will marry whoever Mrinalini chose for him. Tomorrow afternoon she was going back to Madhi again along with the beautician and the wedding attire accessories for the bride, she would stay there till marriage, discuss and learn more about Radhika through her father and two brothers, explain everything to Radhika about her new family and its members, perform the many rituals of marriage and dress her for the wedding'.. three days'. in three days Radhika will enter the  mansion as the Bahu'.  as Dev Raghvansh's wife.......


"Chalo Radhika, ab Bidaai ka waqt hai" Mrinalini said as she entered the room. The whole marriage had gone smoothly, there were not many people present at the wedding, just close relatives and few family friends. The marriage had taken place at the Haveli upon serpanch's insistence instead of at the temple as it was planned. Mrinalini was just glad that the wedding happened without any mishap, her brother as promised followed all the rituals, took the pheras, tied the mangalsutra and filled the maang with sindoor but he never did once glance at Radhika. Mrinalini sighed, Radhika had too much to do, she wondered if the girl was capable of following what Mrinalini planned for her..............


Once again thanks everyone for your lovely comments. And I am sorry no Dev again in this one..... you will have to wait a little longer for that... the next part will have Dev and it will be posted depending on the number of comments I get! let me know your thoughts on this part!

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Simone2006747 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 March 2009 at 5:16pm | IP Logged

AngelsKiss, thanks for posting the next episode. I absolutely loved it.

Take your time to introduce Dev. That privilege always belongs to the writer.

I like the way you introduced Radhika's beauty. She is very beautiful but you left it to the reader's imagination to build up an image of her. You did not describe her for the viewer.
Perfect !!!

Please don't stop posting. Reading FF is so relaxing for me. It makes me feel so good to read a love story at the end of a long, challenging day.

je t'aime du fond de mon coeur ...   Heart

Merci ...   Smile

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