Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF:Out Of Darkness *Part 29* (Pg 75) *Updated* 9/7 (Page 3)

~Unforgettable~ IF-Dazzler

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Excellent Part! I wonder who Radikha's gonna marry!! Plz continue soon!!

s_geetu Senior Member

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great story.
please continue soon!
-Dreamy_Girl- IF-Sizzlerz

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ClapWonderful and Mind Blowing FFClap

Continue soon......................!
Simone2006747 Senior Member

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Nice story. Please keep posting ...

I am following it closely and am waiting to read why Mr. BB hates his daughter so much. Almost always, fathers and daughters share a special relationship (and often it is stronger than the one they share with their mother. As a pampered daughter myself, I can attest to that and I am sure lots of other women feel the same).

I hope the reason for the hatred is a convincing one ...

I am also curious about Radhika's character and I hope that this Radhika is very different from the C-B Radhika.

Other than that, you write very well.   Thumbs Up

Thank You ...

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Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ~Unforgettable~

Great beginning!! Poor Radhika!! i feel so bad for her! Plz continue soon =D
p.s. i was wondering, did u get this story from the book "The Child Called It" cuz it sounds kind of similar??

Nope it's not like The child called It. I love that book though, one of my favorites. The only similar thing you will find is the abuse part. I got the idea while I was reading the true crime book "Perfect Victim" (a very horrific story, still gives me chills just thinking about it) although the story is not exactly like the book, in the book a 20 yr old girl gets kidnapped and is held hidden in a coffin like box under the bed of her kidnapper for nearly seven years. Being a psychologist student I tend to read the non-fiction books on child abuse and true crimes so got very inspired by "perfect victim" My mind wondered how it would be for a person to deal, live in a world which the person knew about but never interacted in, how would the person deal when he/she was suddenly pushed to interact in the world.
Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by simi2006747

Nice story. Please keep posting ...

I am following it closely and am waiting to read why Mr. BB hates his daughter so much. Almost always, fathers and daughters share a special relationship (and often it is stronger than the one they share with their mother. As a pampered daughter myself, I can attest to that and I am sure lots of other women feel the same).

I hope the reason for the hatred is a convincing one ...

I am also curious about Radhika's character and I hope that this Radhika is very different from the C-B Radhika.

Other than that, you write very well.   Thumbs Up

Thank You ...

Thank you for your wonderful comments!!! I know usually father and daughter share a special bond, I myself am a pampered daughter and very close to my father. But I also know that there are if not many than some daughters who are subjected to some kind of abuse by their fathers. I don't know if you will find the reason for hatred in the story very convincing or not but I know such hatred does exist in some part of the world. There are many children who have been mentally and physically abused by their parents, sometimes it's the mother and sometimes it's the father. This story is just fiction so I hope no one is offended by the concept, I had an idea and I wanted to write it out to get it out of my head.

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Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!
Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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"HER… that girl in our house" Arjun answered a bit too loudly.

"Who is he talking about BrijMohan" Bhadura asked. BrijMohan sighed; all eyes were on him now. It seemed like she was the only one that was suitable enough for all this. The sister wanted a traditional, wealthy and sanskari girl, then his daughter was all that but how will he suggest this to the towns people who knew nothing of her.

"Radhika" BrijMohan answered.

*********** Part 3 *************

"Who is this Radhika? We don't have any girl in this town with that name" Vijay stated.

"You all know I had to go to Chandigar the past week. Megha, my wife's sister died last week and I had gone there to give my condolence. Radhika is Megha's daughter, now that both Megha and her husband are dead, Radhika had no one to live with so I brought her home with me yesterday. She is of marriage age, bohut sanskari hai aur agar hum ladke walon se kahe ki woh meri beti hai tho phir woh uske kandaan and wealth ki baath nehi puchenge."  BrijMohan explained, he knew it was a very lame lie but then again it seemed believable because the town's people believed and obeyed anything he said.

"It is possible to solve this problem by presenting Radhika as my daughter in front of them. This will leave no questions from them. And it will not be a lie to them really; I have brought Radhika with me as my daughter." BrijMohan added, he waited as the Panchayat members discussed it amongst themselves, few protesting about lying such a big lie but Bhadura supported BrijMohan. It was finally decided that Mahendra will call the Mother and Sister and inform them to come to serpanchji's haveli in the morning to see the girl.  BrijMohan also declared that Abhista will stay at Mahendra's house till this wedding is over and then a month later Arjun and Abhista will get married along with Nirendra and Deepika with all the rituals and ceremonies. Now the only thing that was left was to inform his daughter about this but he knew his daughter will never object to anything she has always obeyed him. The only thing that worried him was how Radhika will react in front of the ladies, the strangers, she has never interacted, never seen anyone except her parents and her brothers.  He will have to explain her in detail how she is to act in front of the guests and how to interact with them……

"Sh-shaadi Baba….. does that m-mmean I will have to g-go with p-pati?" Radhika asked, her voice filled with dread at the prospect of leaving haveli. It was the only place she knew, and the only place she has seen. For years now she had heard her father and brothers threatening her of getting her married and sending her to a new haveli where the people would be not as kind as her father and brothers. She was filled with dread as her father talked about the new family she was to live with, to obey them and to care for them and their house the same way she has done for her own family since her birth.

"Yes, you will have to leave this haveli and go with your Pati, that haveli will be bigger than this, there will be many people, people who will become you family after this marriage. The mother and sister are coming tomorrow, Nirendra has gotten you a new dress, wear that and be sure to hide that mark from your face. Now go clean the whole house, I want to see everything clean" BrijMohan explained, feeling no remorse at seeing the bruise on her cheek.

"GO" BrijMohan screamed and pushed her out of his door seeing how she was standing still, tears falling from her eyes.

"AHHH" Radhika screamed as she fell on the floor and her eyes grew wide as she heard the cracking of her bones. Just like this morning she had fallen on her left arm, she knew she had broken her arm if not from the agonizing pain then from the sound of her bones being crushed under the heavy vase that had fallen on her just as she hit the floor.

"Come here" BrijMohan called to his daughter in a stern voice.

Radhika stood up with difficulty, biting her lip in an effort to not scream from the pain, she knew better then to run when her father called for her in that voice. She took the four steps towards her father, her body shaking at the prospect of what was going to come.

Nishikant reached his hand out and stroked his daughter's face "Krishna" he whispered, his voice was quite. "day by day you are turning more like her"

Radhika didn't need to ask who, just like his yelling's Radhika was used to this guilt filled regrets of her father. She was used to this side of her father, every time he would look at her with the deep longing and tell her how she looked just like mother. Radhika gulped, as she saw her father close his eyes and inhale deeply, She stood still, holding her breath with her head down, she knew what was going through her father's head, she couldn't stop the shivers that were passing through her body, she knew what was coming next, it was the same way every time he talked of her.

BrijMohan opened his eyes and stared at his daughter's form, his eyes held nothing but hatred for the girl. She was just like her, the same eyes, the same innocent face that always made him feel guilty. He smacked her, his mind filled with feelings of hatred and guilt.

Radhika kept her mouth and eyes tightly shut as she felt her head being smacked into the wall beside her. Her whole body screaming in the agonizing pain but she held her lips firmly closed, she knew better then to scream out in pain. She held her hand to the stinging cheek as she meekly looked up at her father , her eyes pleading him to let her go. But he wasn't done yet.

BrijMohan stepped towards her, holding her by her hair "Damn YOU and damn her for bringing you into this world, for stopping me from ending your LIFE" he screamed at her, it would have been so much better if his wife had not pleaded his father and him to let the girl live, to not kill her before others found out that a Singhania had given birth to a daughter. He cursed that day when his father had given the oath to let the baby girl live but hidden away from the outside world.

"Damn YOU! Why do you have to look like her" BrijMohan screamed again, he hated to look at the girl, everything reminded him of his wife, the woman who stopped loving him after the girl was born, the woman who died protecting the girl.

"You look so much like her, but you are not HER" he roared at her, making Radhika flinch back.  "She hated you, you know that. She hated you for killing the baby. That's why she left you" he taunted her as he shook her by her hair. Radhika shook her head in denial, no matter how many times she heard those words, no matter how truthful those words were but she could never believe them…. She would never believe those words.

"She died because of you, you not only killed the baby but you killed her too" BrijMohan screamed. "She hated you for that, she hated you because you were a bad girl. She left you because you were not a good girl, not a good daughter, I was not a good husband… I was not good enough…. not to her" BrijMohan murmured, finally letting go of Radhika's hair, letting her fall on the floor, her back leaning support from the wall. She watched as her father stepped back in his room closing the door behind him......

It was with great difficulty and pain that Radhika managed to clean the living room and the rest of the house. She had first gone to her room, applied one of the ointments she had made which helped in cleaning the bruises and easing the pain. Although there really was no need for cleaning the house as it was already cleaned by her in the morning but since Baba had insisted that guests were very important Radhika decided to change the drapes of the windows and the entrance door, the cushions cover and the carpets. It took her double the time then it usually required because of her broken left arm, but the haveli was looking colorful unlike the dark look that it always gave. Radhika sighed with content; the covers and drapes looked just perfect, she had worked so hard on them for the past month, applying colorful and creative embroidering and sewing piece by piece all with her own hands......


"Stop with the praying already! It's not going to help in finding a girl for Dev" Mrinalini screamed at her grandmother. She was fed up with all the happenings lately, ever since that Vishaka Sehal entered her brother's life. Mrinalini knew it from the first glance at Vishaka that she was nothing but trouble, she knew all that innocence and helplessness was nothing but an act to gain sympathy and support of her brother. It was that realization that had made Mrinalini intent on getting Vishaka out of her brother's life but all her schemes to get Vishaka out ended up in getting Vishaka more close to her brother. It was during one of these schemes she had set for Vishaka when her grandmother had also seen the true face of Vishaka, it was then that her grandmother had explained the need to have Dev married to a girl of their choice before Vishaka trapped him in marriage with her……

The task of making her brother agree for getting married to the girl of her choice was not easy but his clear declaration that Vishaka was just a close friend and nothing more gave hope to both Mrinalini and her grandmother.  Thus began the process of making her brother agree for marriage, nothing seemed to work. Both Vishaka and her grandmother tried from giving threats of leaving home, to faking a hunger strike but none of them worked until Mrinalini decided to make a compromise and told her brother that she was willing to withdraw her divorce case if he promised to marry a girl of her choice in two months. Mrinalini still had a hard time in accepting the fact that she made the promise to live her whole life as Vivek's wife but it was worth it if it meant Vishaka would be out of her brother's life.  

"Now what should we do Mrinalini? All this is happening because of that Vishaka, now I am sure she does black magic. See what she has done, first we were having troubling finding a suitable girl for your brother, then came the problem of getting the kundali matched and now when everything was going perfectly, the bride we chose ran away. Pata nahin ab mere Dev ka kya hoga"  Kamini cried folding her hands and praying once again to god for her son's future.

"Now don't go on with your superstitious believes. This is all because of you, if you hadn't insisted on getting Dev married to a girl from your home town then Dev would have been married to my friend's daughter Sneha by now" Mrinalini clarified her mother.

"What will happen now? should we call home and let them know about this ?" Kamini asked her granddaughter.

"No, abhi nahin Ma. Let's wait and see till tomorrow, If they can find a girl who comes from a wealthy family and sanskari then we will continue on with the marriage. It doesn't matter if some rituals are not done we can always do those after the marriage" Mrinalini answered her grandmother.

"But what will we tell everyone at home about the change in bride?" Kamini asked.

"Dadima, aap bhi na. We will dec…….." the ringing of her cell phone interrupted Mrinalini from completing her sentence.  She answered the phone, her face brightened up with a smile as she listened to the caller, asking questions, inquiring about the family and their status. After having all her answers she ended the call promising to be at the Haveli early in the morning.

"Kaun tha Mrinalini? Mahendra ? have they found Abhishta?" Kamini asked in desperation seeing the happiness in her granddaughter's face.

"Yes it was Mahendra uncle, they did found Abhishta but the girl has gotten married to the serpanch's son's. Uncle said that the serpanch is very sorry for this ordeal his son has caused and he wants to rectify this injustice done to us by giving his daughter to us.  Uncle said that he will come and take us to the serpanch's haveli tomorrow morning to see his daughter." Mrinalini explained her grandmother with excitement. She didn't know why but this news seemed to excite her, it gave her a sense that they will find what they have been looking for the past two months. Hearing the girl's name had filled her with hope and relief, somehow she knew this girl will solve all the problems that have surrounded her and her whole family. Somehow Mrinalini knew that this girl is the one she had been looking for her brother. She smiled when her grandmother voiced out the same feelings, and then laughed at the situation here they were sighing in relief and smiling when they had not yet seen the girl. Mrinalini gave a silent pray to god to make all the assumptions she is having of this Radhika true, she prayed to god to give some indication if this Radhika was the one for her brother………………..


Thank you all for all the lovely comments, I hope you all will like this part, I know you all are eagerly awaiting for Dev and Radhika to meet but you will have to wait for that maybe two more parts but I am still kinda working/editing their first meeting, don't really know how to write romantic scenes so erm... yah you all will just have to be patiente with me on that LOLLOL Confused. Do let me know how you found this part, am always waiting to read everyones wonderful and encouraging comments.

PS: Any suggestions on the romantic scenes than please PM them to me, it will be greatly appreciated Big smile 

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