Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi


Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

FF:Out Of Darkness *Part 29* (Pg 75) *Updated* 9/7 (Page 2)

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 February 2009 at 7:15am | IP Logged
wow reli awesome love the way you right! awesome! plz cont soooon! please pm me when u update!

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She knew no one, not one single soul in the town knew of her existence except her father and her three brothers. The whole town knew that BrijMohan Singhania had three sons who were his pride and who he loved and cared deeply for but no one knew that he also had a daughter. The daughter who he hated, loathed the sight of her, and who he has kept locked inside the haveli  away from the preying eyes of the world, away from the outside world which his daughter knew nothing about just like the outside world knew nothing of her….. no one knew about the existence of Radhika Singhania…..


"Mahendra, tum es samay yahan kya karrahe ho, aaj to ladke wale aarahe haina" BrijMohan asked upon seeing the man at his doorstep.

"Main barbad ho gaya Bhaiyaji, meri zindagi bhar ki kamayi hue izzaat lut gayee"  wailed Mahendra in front of BrijMohan.

"What happened Mahendra kaka?" Nirendra asked as he stood beside his father.

"Meri badi beti Abhista ghar se bhaag gayyee Bhaiyaji....... we have been searching for her since morning but still haven't found her …. Ab ek ghante mein ladke ki ma aur bahen ane wale hai sangeet ke liya ab mein kya karoon mujhe aap hi bataye Bhaiyaji" Mehendra informed him of his problem, he didn't know what to do. He and his family had been searching the whole day for Abhishta when they didn't found her in her room. He could not understand how his daughter could do this, he knew her too well, and he knew she could never do this but all the happenings hinted that his daughter ran away from home. He just didn't understand why? She was so happy with the alliance; she was excited and had been going on about her dreams of living in the city as the wife of the biggest businessman. Then what went wrong?

"This is a very big problem, teen din baad shaadi hai aur ladki gayab. Yeh kya kiya tumhari beti ne. Did you not inform your daughter how important this marriage is for Madhi's development? Pura Madhi is shaadi se aas laga kar bhaitha hai, tum jaante hona." BrijMohan asked, angered at the news. This marriage was very important for the development of the town; if the groom's family took the news hard then they could set the whole town back to when it was just a baseless small village. It was the hard work of his father and him that the small nameless village was now a growing town, developing itself into a productive city but this one mistake could take away everything BrijMohan and his father had worked so hard on.

"You go home now Mahendra, Ladke walon se baath karo unhe saab baath batao dekho kya kahethe hai, unhe samjoa, maafi maangon unse, binthee karo ki woh es baath ki wajah se saare Madhi ko na udaas kare aur unse kaho ki es ghalati ke liye hum unki koibhi maang poori karenge" BrijMohan adviced Mahendra.

"lekin Bhaiyaji" Mahendra protested but stopped realizing his mistake, he knew BrijMohan Singhania never gave a wrong advice.

"You don't worry Mahendra, talk to them and then come directly for the panchayat. We all can discuss about this and consider what we should do next" BrijMohan explained and hoped the groom's family would not take any drastic step upon hearing the news. He was sure the family was sensible enough, and traditional, he knew they would not ask for anything that was valuable for Madhi.

"Jee theek hai Bhaiyaji" Mahendra obeyed, touched BrijMohan's feet and left for his house, feeling relieved at having the support and assurance of the serpanch……

"Do you know something about the disappearance of Abhishta" BrijMohan asked noticing the mischievous glint in his elder son's eyes.

"I think even you do Baba" Nirendra replied slyly. BrijMohan stared at his son with confusion, and then realization downed on him.

"Is Abhishta the girl Arjun was talking to me about last night?" BrijMohan asked wanting to make sure he was right in his assumption.

"Yes, Baba" Nirendra answered.

"I can't believe this, from all the girls in this town he had to pick Abhishta the one who is… was getting married into Kailashnath's family. He should have at least told me that. I actually gave him permission to marry whichever girl he wanted. Tell me Nirendra, what was Arjun planning on doing with the girl?" BrijMohan asked, he regretted allowing his son to fulfill his desire. He thought it was just some girl from the nearby village, he did not for once think that it was Abhishta, and neither did he think on whether his son just lusted after the girl or just wanted to take revenge or actually loved her.

"Baba! I am so happy today" Arjun's voice boomed as he walked in excitedly and hugged his father very much aware of the situation he had caused in his desire to get even with Abhishta.

"What did you do with Abhishta?" BrijMohan asked his son in a hard voice, but he could not get angry at his son when he looked so happy.

"I kidnapped her last night and forced her into marrying me" Arjun exclaimed as if it was a normal thing to do.

"WHAT? You married her without my permission" BrijMohan screamed in shock, this was getting more difficult now. He knew he would have to ask forgiveness and plead in front of everyone because of his son's mistake.

"Baba, I asked you last night, you said I can do whatever I wanted so I got married to her like I wanted to" Arjun reminded his father with a frown. He did not like to see his father angry, he never got angry at him or his brothers, he only got angry at HER but never at him. He did not like it, he was so happy he got married to Abhishta, he hated her she was always calling him stupid and idiot and then since the past few weeks she had been flaunting about how she was getting married to the handsome and intelligent businessman from the city. He hated her even more, he had first thought of killing her but then decided to marry her then she will have to stay at his house just like his sister was living. In darkness!

"Baba don't love Arjun anymore, Baba angry at Arjun" Arjun cried seeing his father glaring at him in anger. BrijMohan smiled seeing his son using that same tactic again. Arjun was still so very much like a child, slow at things his behavior and attitude of a child and everyone in the town knew about it bit none dared to point out that Arjun Sighania, son of BrijMohan was an autistic man!

"No Arjun, I am not angry, I am just upset. You should have told me the girl was Abhishta but never mind that. Where is she now?" BrijMohan asked realizing that he still hadn't seen Abhishta.

"She is standing outside, she said she won't come inside before the ghra-something" Arjun answered. BrijMohan and Nirendra laughed at Arjun's words, Nirendra ruffled Arjun's hair while BrijMohan went outside to talk with Abhishta wondering how he was going to explain this to everyone at the panchayat........

It was after an whole hour of apologies and explanations in front of everyone from both Mahendra and BrijMohan that they finally were able to discuss on how to solve this problem.

"Ab kya karien Bhaiyaji, the sister said that they all came here for her brother's marriage and we promised them that. She is saying that if we don't find a girl who is richer and sanskari then Abhishta then they will shut down their factories and start construction on their farming lands."  Mahendra explained.

Everyone in the panchayat listened to his whole meeting with groom's family.  How the groom's mother and sister were both angry upon hearing the news. They stated that their son/brother will have to get married on the decided marriage date. They have informed of the marriage to everyone, the news reporters, their friends and relatives were all going to come at the wedding. Their whole reputation was at stake; it had taken them a great deal of persuasion to finally make their son consent to get married. The sister was very angry, she threatened if her brother did not get married in this week then she will ruin Madhi. The sister had in clear words stated "Mujhe mere bhai ke liye dulhan chahiye, it does not matter if the girl is not as educated as Abhishta but the girl should be beautiful, wealthy and traditional. You and your Mabhi inhabitants have till tomorrow afternoon to find a suitable bride for my brother." She had left in anger shouting the threat if they did not find a suitable girl.  

"What should we do BrijMohan, you tell us. How can we find any suitable girl in such a short notice? You know how our towns' people are; none of them are going to agree to get their daughter married to a man from the city. And I don't believe there is any girl who is as beautiful and matured as Abhishta is" said Bhadura Sing, one of the senior member in the Panchayat group.

"Kalpana, Shailendar ki beti. What about her? She is beautiful, educated and sanskari and the family is quite wealthy" BrijMohan suggested, he was hoping and praying the situation would not go so far that he would have to take the decision he was not willing to take.

"Her marriage is already fixed with Shrikant's youngest son" His son Nirendra informed.

"What about Radha's daughter? She has just returned from the city completing her studies." Bhadura suggested.

"She is not sanskari, dekha nahi kaise kapre pahen ke ghoomthi hai and kaise har ladke ko chipakthi hai. Unhe aise ladki nahi chahiya" Mahendra pointed out and so one went the suggestions but not one was suitable enough to become the Bahu of Kailashnath's family. It was not like there were no girls that were good and beautiful enough, it was the difficulty of finding a girl that came from a rich family. There were very few families that fit in the list of wealthy families. Even though the town has been developing into a city but the people still had the same old superstitious believes.

"Baba, What do you think about HER" Arjun whispered into his father's ear, seeing how this whole problem has come to because of his wish. He did not like when his father had to apologize to the whole town because of what he did.

"Kaun Arjun" BrijMohan asked, even though he knew who his son was suggesting because he had been thinking the same thing.

"HER… that girl in our house" Arjun answered a bit too loudly.

"Who is he talking about BrijMohan" Bhadura asked. BrijMohan sighed; all eyes were on him now. It seemed like she was the only one that was suitable enough for all this. The sister wanted a traditional, wealthy and sanskari girl, then his daughter was all that but how will he suggest this to the towns people who knew nothing of her.

"Radhika" BrijMohan answered.


PS: Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.... please continue giving me those lovely comments and I will continue to update this fanfic regularly..... I hope you all will like this part...... if you have any suggestions I can incorporate in this story then please PM them to me!!!  Let me know how you found this part......

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pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2009 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Thanks for posting next part..when U post new part can also update your title & write which page new part..
i will read later make comment..
rkath Goldie

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Posted: 19 February 2009 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
eager to find out who radhika will marry, but i think i have an idea
great update
luv raji
Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 February 2009 at 12:14am | IP Logged
Awesome, lovely, mindblowing fantastic!!!!!! I loved it! im hooked on to your FF, its just awesome! loved this part im damn sure its dev that radz will marry. The story is getting so interesting, radz never lived with the world so im sure she'll do things that will sound wierd because she doesnt know anything. lol that will be fun! keep up the gud work and update reli sooooon!!!!!!
iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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awesome story cont soon plz!!!!!Clap
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Posted: 22 February 2009 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
cont soon....lovely as usual.....
pop77 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 February 2009 at 12:15am | IP Logged

nice part..i hope Brij mohan accept Radhika wedding to that guy means she can go out & enjoy other world..

waiting for next part..

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