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Love mera hit hit*AR-AK-P15Pg106-03/12/9-PMs later (Page 47)

neevfan Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2009 at 6:57am | IP Logged
PART 6 on Page 39

(Armaan and Ridhima sat in their cars. Jiya sat with Ridhima and Ridhima turned ont he CD Player

Jaana mein toh janu teri baatein mithe mithe
Par karu kaise karu mein barosa
Badi muskil hai yeh darta yeh dil hai
Ho na jaye kahin koi dhoka)

(As they were ready for the race they start driving or rather racing. Their speed didn't reduced to more then 130km/h. Ridhima can't deny but Armaan was truly a get car racer 'wow he drive really great'.)

(Armaan was amazed to see a girl driving like this, he shook his head 'she isn't an ordinary girl, she is the best, she is an angel, my angel' and he smiled heartfully.)

(Ridhima as usually reached first just for a half second. She was jumping in happiness and Armaan was happy to see her like that. And it doesn't matter if he has to lose every games to see her childish behaviour, her smile and her eyes which shows a beautiful spark.)

(Ridhima looked at Armaan, she stopped jumping and shouting like a kid as he was looking at her with sich a passion that she found herself staring into his eyes, she saw something different in his eyes, there were some loniless but yet it feels like he is complete, he had found someone special in his life. She didn't knew why but she was able to read his face and his eyes, he was the first time whom's face she can read. She was shocked on herself. She shook her head)

Ridhima:Guys let's go in

(Armaan noticed her expression, he can easily read her expressions. He knew she was looking in his eyes but what he can't read is her heart. He hope Ridhima too loves him, if not he won't force him but always protect her and be by her side when she will need someone.)

(Jiya, Ridhima and Armaan entered in the restaurant and too their shock Neev was also in this hotel with his so-called girlfriend well expect Ridhima who knew this already that's why she took them here.)

Jiya(muttered):Jerk, Moron, Idiot, Ulu, Bander

(Ridhima and Armaan both looked at a fuming yet hurt Jiya. Ridhima felt bad but chuckled to listen the word she used for Neev. Armaan looked at Ridhima, he still wondered what is Ridhima upto, he definitely knew she was doing something but what. He kept silent and follow them when Jiya said.)

Ji:Ridhima come we will join them.

Ridhima(smiled mentally): Are you made Ji, he is on his date we won't disturb him.

(Ji pouted, she didn't wanted to see Neev next to an other girl. Ridhima looked at Jiya, she knew her plan is succeeding and it will be not good if they go to Neev.)

Ridhima:No ji and that's finally.

(She dragged him on a table opposited to Neev only Jiya was able to look at Neev. And she truly was burning in jealousy seeing him with this Tina.)

(The waitress came and they gave her their other. After few minutes, their order was on the table. They started eating. Well Armaan was more staring at Ridhima secretly than eating, Jiya was just playing with her food, she was burning in jealousy, she want to kill this girl with the fork in her hand, her eyes were red with anger. And Ridhima was seeing at Jiya's amazing expressions, she was giving full of entertainment expressions.)

(Neev was getting bored with Tina he wanted to be with Jiya but to have her for the whole life he will have to do that. 'Life is hard' *sighed*. Now back to his next step, he moves toward the girl and planted a quick peck on her cheek.)

(Jiya's fork fell on her dress as she saw neev giving a peck on the girl's cheek. Jiya excused herself.)

(Neev looked at her, he knew their plan is working, he was confident that He and Jiya will be together one day and he was sure this day wasn't far.)

(Armaan looked at her smiling face. Her face shows clearly that she had win a victory. Armaan crossed his arms against his chest and said)

Armaan:Spill it

(Ridhima looked at him and give him a look of What?. He rolled his eyes.)

Armaan:What are you upto Ridhima?

Ridhima(innocently):What am I upto?

Armaan(smiled):Well Ridhima sweetheart, I can read your face,your eyes and your naughty smile, now be quick.

(Ridhima opened her mouth as she was surprised,stunned, shocked. She didn't knew he can read her expression she was more then amazed. Now she knew she will have to spill the beans.)

Ridhima(like a kid):But promise me you won't tell anyone?

Armaan(he smiled reassuringly):I promise

(Ridhima nodded and looked around her. Armaan was head over heels in love with her, her expression, her behaviour was too good, she is mature but something she behave like cute baby, his baby, that he wants to give her a sloppy kiss.)

Ridhima:actually, Neev loves Jiya.

Armaan(frowned):But Neev is dating uh Rina no Mina uh no no (he tried to remember) Shina uh no oh yeah Tina

Ridhima(she rolled her eyes):Oh god Armaan you have a very bad memory

Armaan:I get know lots of girls so I forgot (he looked into her eyes with lots of love) but you know what I know I won't forget your name Ridhima.

(He didn't knew why but he on impulse kissed on her forehead affectionnally, it was mere a brush of his lips on her forehead. Ridhima looked at him in daze and actually she was blushing slightly, she didn't knew why but she loves the feeling, she loves his breath on his face, she loves the warmth. Armaan looked at her blsuh, she looked so cute then he tried to change the topic.)

Armaan(confused):So yeah (remembered their conversation) he is dating Tina???

(Then Ridhima told him everything.)

Armaan:You are too good

(He pinched her nose. She, on response hit on his arm playfully, but she felt current on her body. Armaan too felt a current in his body well he always feel on Ridhima's touch. In the same time Jiya came back, they finished eating and made their way toward their respective home.)


(Angad in his office with his eyes swollen, all red. He was crying all the night. He can't believe that their relationship is over, he loves her so much he knew she too loves him so much. He can't understand why it's happening with me.)

(He was just in his thought about Kripa but he came out from his thought as he heard knock on the door)

Angad(in a low voice full of pain):come in

(Mishti came in and saw toward angad, she knew her plan has succeeded. She smirked mentally and moved toward him with a sad face. Angad looked at her and it feels like she too was sad and has cried)

Mishti(low voice):Angad you called me?

Angad(still in a sad voice):Yeah Kripa resignate, we have this project to complete of Mallik entreprises and you are the best after Kripa (he sighed) I want you to do this project. I never thought that something like that will happen but it's over now between me and Kripa

(Angad smiled weakily, a smile which was fake, not from his heart. His heart was shaterred into million pieces. It hurt him. He didn't now why his life has messed even though there weren't any fault of his)

Mishti(act like she is surprised, stunned):But Angad how I can, she is already angry with us, and if she saw that you gave me this project all the things she thought (voice cracked) about us she will believe it's true. And I don't want that.

Angad(yellled):We are over mishti,(calm down) she doesn't believe or trust me so it's better we don't talk about this and I want you to do this project.

(Mishti was glad that he is over with her)

Mishti:Angad I still say...

Angad(cut in):Mishti I will not change my decision, the project papers will be ready by afternoon.

(He left the office when he finished talking to her. He was so much in pain that he didn't understand what to do. He promised himself he will forget her, he tried to talk to her but she refused to listen him, she didn't trust him, their love is over, he sat in his car and made his way home. He actually didn't want to go to office neither at home, he actually wants to have Kripa in his arms. He sighed as it wasn't possible)

(He had said he is over kripa but he knows he can never get over Kripa, the more he tried the more it's impossible, Kripa is his life. He didn't know what to do, his life is a complete mess. For now he has made Mishti signed the contact as he has only two weeks to complete his project and he can never mix up his prefessional and personal life.)


(Armaan wook up and had a smile on his face, a true and genuine smile on his face when he thought about Ridhima or when he is looking at her. She had spell such a magic on him that he was completely smitten by her. He came out from his thought he heard his mobile ringing)


girl:Hello Armaan, where are you?

Armaan(raised his brow):Who is it?

Girl:Armaan it's Shaila, we were supposed to meet two days back but you said we will meet tomorrow and yesterday too you didn't called me. Are you ok Honey?

Armaan:I am sorry Shaila but we are never going to meet again as I don't love you

Shaila: I know but I just want to have pleasure.

(Armaan lost his temper now, true he has changed but this girl made him remember however of her mom.)

Armaan:(almost yelled):Didn't you understand, I said know and if you call me again you will see the worst side of me, I promise you that.

(He hung the call and throw his phone on his bed in frustation. He has promised himself he won't hurt any girl from now on, but what if a girl is willing to be hurt. He tried to keep him cool but this girl wasn't in Ridhima's category in fact no one is like Ridhima, Ridhima is a unique person. His anger vanished and a big smile crept on his lips thinking about the love of his life, Ridhima.)


(Neev left for university and other hand Kripa came down from the stairs, lost in her world, she was hurt, deeply hurt, from the person whom she loves from all her heart even now too she does. Her eyes too were swollen, red puffy. She now too can't believe, her Angad did this to her. She has gave him her resignation and their engagement ring. She knew she has done the right thing.)

her dad:Kripa


dad:Where are you lost and it seems like you have cried all the night?

Kripa(chocked):I broke up with Angad

(Everybody present in the hall were shocked then she told them everything. All were too shocked to accept the news.)

Kripa:Mom dad, I don't want you to tell this to someone else.

(Everybody nodded in a shocked state, Kripa stood up from the table even before doing her breakfast.)


(Neev went to the university, When he came out the car and looked at Jiya and Ridhima who were looking happy. He went to them with a big grin according to their plan. With a dreaming look)

Neev:Hey Girls

Ridhima:Hey Neev (naughtily) so how was your date?

Neev:It was Awesome, I think she is the one

(He glanced at Ji, who was looking hurt. He felt confident, he knew she too loves him but didn't realized or is afraid to admit it but he knew she will do it soon)

Neev:Now hurry up guys we are getting late

(He grabbed Ridhima's hand and moved toward the classroom. Jiya was hurt, she even had tears in her eyes, he rushed to the restroom. When she reached there, she realized that she was crying.)

Jiya:Why I feel bad when he is with someone else, why I want to be forever, why?

(A voice of a guy came from the behind)

Guy:Because you love him.

Hey Folks, I have to go now, I will PM as soon as I can.
And guys please do leave your comments even a word, they means a lot to me.
I hope you liked the part.

Love you loads.

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nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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woah dearHug its really awesome oneStar superb dearEmbarrassed so Armaan lostOuch but happy even loosing race so truely in loveEmbarrassedEmbarrassed plz continue it soonTongue& thanks for the pmWink

"Kamal ho tum,na gulaab ho tum,
Meri aankho ke khowaab ho tum,
Haanth utha kar rub se jo sawal kiya tha,
Un sawalon ka jawab ho tum!"


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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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heyy dear,
nice part
plzz don't break AK relationship.
continue soon


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Zoe28 Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2009 at 7:48am | IP Logged
lovely part, nice to see developments between AR but i hope AK get back together soon because we all can't see them apart.
ksasi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2009 at 8:39am | IP Logged
nice part.
hope misunderstanding between AK soon finish n Neev n Jiya express their love 2 each other n Ridhima also understand tht Armaan loves her.waiting for reunion of AK.
update soon.
love_KYPH IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2009 at 8:44am | IP Logged
lovely part.....

-Cherry- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 May 2009 at 9:26am | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwwwww luved it soooo much sweets tooo goood adored every bit of it do continue soon swancy
Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 May 2009 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Hey dear amazing part....
bah i hoe AK get baq togetha soon..
Ar partz were amazing...
nd i hope the guy in da end is Neev....
plzzz cont. soon!
Luv SAZ!

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