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~~Passing Affair~~Pt 4/Pg 1~~20th june

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Hey Everyone I am back guys, i missed you allHug...secondly i am sorry for not continuing my other two ffs, i am kind of busy with my upcoming exams which aren't far...but anyway i will update Tangled Love tomorrow promiseEmbarrassed

This ff was written by me two months back, but never posted it...finally i am posting it...Since its Valentines Day today, I delicate this ff to all lovers and specially Aravi....I hope Aravi you and all my other sweet readers like it...the style of writing is like my ff right here waiting for you just for the info

Passing Affair


You look at her laughing with few of your gang can't listen to the sound of her laughter but surely you can see, the laugh is coming from her inside...from her wonderful pure heart

She is an angel cum devil you conclud as you look at her now pulling legs of her mates...giggling...throwing her head back as she laughs again...enjoying one more night which may or actually has already come to an almost end

She is the girl who is traditional yet very modern, the one who goes to disc and temple too...In short a balanced girl which is very rare to find

And you can't deny the fact that she has totally clean bowled you out, you seriously are in love with her...unconditionally in love with her

unconditional love, hmmm for you the definition of unconditional love is different...For you it means love which binds two people for today without any promises, commitments...a relationship which doesn't come with a dos and don't long list

in other words two people who lives in present and holds no promises for tomorrow

The next day may be they would be together or may be not...Both are not tied for tomorrow but yes they are tied for today


"Hey whats up man?" you hear your mate saying as he slapped you on your back twice

"Hey man long time no see" you reply placing the vodka with appy freeze to your lips smiling at him in return

"Yea I was out of country for couple of ad films" as he informs you, you nodded looking at her now dancing with your elder brother Rahul...oh she looks pretty in that purple corset and white jeans...the corset is almost like a second skin to her is wrapped around her body pretty perfectly...The white jeans goes well with the corset, enhancing whole she is looking elegant and...and sexy

"By the way i heard your dating a new chic, so you have fallen in unconditional love once again" he chucked as you laughed

"So how long this is gonna last?" as he questioned you, you your life you have dated numerous girls and you really loved them but with time that love started the love died you broke up with never promised anyone that you will love them forever or you would be with them forever because you never like to promise something which you can't fulfill so when you broke up they mostly didn't create a issue or rather didn't blame you that you cheated them, played with their feeling but yea some of them were hurt

Anyway you had always told them you loved them and you guys will be together till they both want to be, if anyone is not happy the relationship can be buried smoothly

"So is she here?" Abhimanyu questioned you further, breaking your thoughts and pointing towards her you smiled

"Ridhima Gupta, my new girl friend" saying you looked at Abhimanyu eying her with a smile playing on his lips as if trying to judge her by her looks...well judging her is hard as she is different but wasn't all your girl friends different from each other?

"She is editor of a production house and manages bro's work too, kind of sectary you see" you inform your best friend...may be not best friend but yea a very good friend

"Seems a nice girl unlike the others you have dated, but does she knows about your theory of love??"


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~~Part 1~~

Few things you hate from the core of your heart, firstly breaking promises and secondly saying a lie...well lie is then also fine but breaking promises is so unlike wonder why one promises something which he or she may never do, you would rather not promise than break it later on *sigh* this is you Mr Armaan Malik the one and only Armaan Malik

"Ok so how should I take your silence as?" as his reminder reached you, you chucked as the answer would may be surprise him...actually the answer still doesn't fail to surprise you too...again and again it does surprise you

"Ridhima is the first girl who knows the detail explanation of my theory of unconditional love infact we even had long discussion on it and she too believes in practical affairs" hearing your statement he looked at Ridhima as you stared at his surprised face because mostly girls didn't like such affairs...but Ridhima is different case

The other girls you dated were also known about your theory but only roughly...and they always said this whole theory is made up by your brain and you love them by your whole heart and they were sure one day you will tell them you have dumped your theory but...but this is what they used to tell you...not what they believed...they knew one day you will prove them wrong and dump them...but WOMEN or rather some girls like to say something and believe something else only *sigh*

You laugh seeing his Abhimanyu stunned expression...because according to how he judged Ridhima by her looks and all he was thinking she is a innocent sweet girl but he is certainly kind of wrong ok she is innocent sweet girl but at the same time she is smart, out spoken, pretty chilled out, practical chic and

And yes she is far more committed to her work than you...which is indeed good as you too give more importance to your career

Gulping down the rest of the drink you walk towards her leaving your friend behind to establish few more questions which you may not answer or may be you would


"Hey beautifuls" you looked at the four girls standing with Ridhima...all looked pretty good but somehow your eyes ran to settle on both came to the party with different company or rather she came with your brother from work and you all alone...anyway as the party began you both hardly got the opportunity to be with each other so you really want to be with her now

Pulling her closer you slid your one hand around her waist and passed a dimpled smile at her

"Hey" she replied back sweetly while one of girls who is also one of ex girl friend glared at you two

"I think since the music is pretty good lets shake a leg together" seeing she nodded at your suggestion you smiled...this was great quality in her, she was full of fun which you really love...keeping her glass aside she waved at the girls group while walking off with you to the buzzing dance floor which was jam packed with guys, girls dancing to the loud music

"Is Maya also your ex girlfriend?" listening to her question you chuckled...there was sometimes she doesn't need to be informed as before that only she guesses it rightly

Taking your silence as a yes she looked over your shoulder...noticing Maya giving you both a cold stare she chucked

"No wonder she was rude to me the whole evening" saying she shook her head matching the tempo with you...dancing gracefully with you as you both matched steps to the latest music...its been almost month since you guys confessed before that you both had a wonderful six month long friendship, you guess that six months helps her to understand you so properly

"Your looking smashing today" you whispered as you both were in the corner of the dance floor and the lights were dim while the crowed played with the rhythm

Seeing her pinkish-shiny colored lips parted slightly as she mouthed thanks you sealed her lips to yours

Crushing her to the wall you caressed her waist still kissing her

As she gave in the kiss too you gave your whole energy in attempt to kiss her hungrily...loving the softness of her lips...the taste of her lipstick...loving the way she responds...loving the smooth sail you were having as you kissed her


"ARMAAAAN" you looked at your one of ex girl friend coming towards you or rather just entering the was past one and the disc was going to get closed with in an hour but you were still sitting along with Ridhima and other friends

"Awww my baby I missed you" she pulled you in a hug and peaked on your cheeks...that movement you noticed two things firstly few eyes set on you and your ex girl friend including Ridhima's and secondly Nikita your ex girl friend was drunk which is certainly not a news to you...if she wouldn't be drunk then it would be news to you

But before you could shoo off Nikita you looked at Ridhima who was glaring at her one second and another second laughing slightly to herself

"Nikita i guess Armaan is old enough to be called a guy, baby word just doesn't go along with his age" as her extra extra sugar coated sarcastic statement flew towards you, you felt a mixed feeling inside yourself

Firstly you felt angry, as you felt she shouldn't have interfered in your matter, you both had vowed to give space to each other

Secondly you felt was kind of weird that strangely enough you felt good also as the answer made Nikita frown which was something you wanted to do right now

Nikita and you shared a good past, starting months of the affair was great then her true colors started pouring in front of you...she was insane, used to get drunk every now and then...create tamasha and embarrass you, if not drunk she was a pretty nice chic...but due to her destructive drinking habit you guys broke up and decided to be only friends that too just in front of world or else you both shared nothing...on second thoughts you both are mere hi-bye friends only for the sake of okish time you both spent together

"Ridhima, its my wish I certainly can call him whatever I want after all he is my boy get that, you better get this straight" as she pointed a finger at Ridhima, you glared at her, ready to shout at her but you stopped as Ridhima dragged her fingers down, looking like she is going to kill Nikita for pointing finger at her

"HE WAS, today he is my boy compare to you, i own more rights over him" rights? Huh you frowned are you a company's share whom Ridhima has, you mean ok you both love each other and are in a relationship but you both are free birds not a mere thing one that owns right over other

"He is not a object that you own miss Ridhima" You heard Nikita saying your thoughts to Ridhima and also snapping you back from your thoughts

"Certainly yes i am not a object for whom you guys are fighting...anyway this fight at the end will bring no profits for you both" signing you looked back and froth at two of them...your statement was bulls eye, you certainly did not wanted to take anyone's side

Ok Ridhima was partly right but then too she shouldn't interfere in your matters, as by God's grace you do own a tongue to speak for your own behalf

"Niks go home your drunk" you almost order her, Order hmmm you don't know as what you a friend you ensure yourself because you don't have any feeling left for her

"Ridhima I don't want a word from you now, you have already said enough for the day and" you say in a breath glaring at her as she glares furiously back at you ignoring all the attention you three gained over the time and the small whisper going around you three from when

"I am also not a object Armaan whom you can boss around" she cuts you in between and you sign looking at Rahul and Muskaan who are frowning at the whole situation

And yes they do looked angry at you

Seeing Nikita almost falling by your side because of her drunken situation you let her fall, she falls on Abhimanyu while Ridhima gives you a cold stare and you control yourself because you feel like saying "i love you for this" to her

You certainly felt good listening to how she interrupted you, its good that your girlfriend doesn't take anyone's shit lol not even yours...its shows she not only respects herself but also loves herself

"One should love herself/himself too" you remind yourself one more theory you believe of life and of love

Walking past you she leaves the party hall while you stared at her marveling her fighting spirit


As you walk in the parking alot you frown looking at Nikita sitting on your car bonat, she is a pain you have to agree

"What??" you ask her as she glares you now

"Armaan what has happened to your choice? Ridhima looks eww" she says making face and you swear you feel like breaking her face there in

But you stop yourself as hitting a girl is something which isn't good enough for you

"Everyone sees what they want to see, perception differs from person to person" you reply coldly opening your car now

"Seems like Armaan Malik can't hear anything about his girl friend" she chuckled slowly as you closed your eyes for a movement to relax your angry cells

"Tell me do you do everything after seeking her permission only?" how did she ends up there you think but you soon you remind yourself that she has lost it completely

Her behavior is bugging you and you almost feel like throwing a bottle of water on her, just to make her realize how drunk she is or even better cut her tongue to end the matter once and for all...then she wouldn't be able to speak and your life would be much better

As you open your car ignoring her you look at her filling your car's passenger's seat

You keep quite thinking silence is the best treatment you can give her as you decide to drop her at her place or rather throw her at her place

"So honey" she whispers in your ears as she trances her finger on your face and you push her hands away from her making her kind of angry

"Tell me are you sacred of her, do you ask her before going to washroom also??" asking she throws her face back laughing and you wonder why your tolerating her shit talks

'Oh yes' you say to yourself as you remember she is your mom's best friend's daughter...and your mom wouldn't like if you treat her badly

Your parents and Niki's parents stay in Delhi as you and your older brother stay here in Mumbai, a city which doesn't sleep

"Yes she is with will be there within 10 minutes...bye bro" pressing the red button of your mobile you look at Nikita grinning like a fool

"So Armaan would you go on a date with me tomorrow" huh Now how did she come to this, you mean what made her think you would go out with her...Ok if there was another girl you would definitely say yes

"NO NEVER" you firmly say...going for a date with her makes you yawn, you mean she is once used by you so again HELL NO

"Why?? Are you sacred from your girlfriend or you need her permission first?" Is she mad or what you think as neither your sacred of anyone nor you seek anyone's have never taken permission from your parents also so taking Ridhima's permission was simply out of question

"Your house came, LEAVE NOW" you almost yell in the end as your too tired right now, actually too much is happened tonight and you can't take any more

"Tomorrow's headlines: The famous singer and music composer is sacred of his girlfriend" you rolled your eyes at her next stupidity or sarcastic statement

"I'm not, she is not my boss" you say as you bend towards her side and open the door signaling her to leave or else something bad will occur with her

"Oh is it, so are you on for tomorrow?" as she challenges you, you swear you could see whatever happened from the evening right in front of you, everything replayed in front of she entered, the fight she had with Ridhima, different cold war you had with both of them and lastly the whole ride you just had with her...specially the taunts she threw at you, she aimed your ego during the ride

"I will pick you at 8 tomorrow, be ready" you finally say as you felt that your disconnected with your heart and brain and all you could see was yourself, your wounded ego, a challenge and challenge you hate to refuse any challenge



As you unlocked your terrace apartment you tried to compose yourself, you can't let him effect your life so badly

Ok you do love him but you like to keep the remote control of your life with you only

Opening the terrace you sat on the parapet looking at the street, which is empty as its too late in the night

You then notice the breeze was pretty nice but...

But you are wish someone sits besides you now

Like the dark sky has the company of moon and the breeze has the company of the trees who is swinging with want a company too right don't want to feel depress, certainly not that's why you desperately want someone, anyone is welcome...except...except Armaan...yes maybe except him

Suddenly you hear faint foot steps from the other side of your wish its him, oh yes you do wish...your angry on him and your sure if he comes in front of you now, you will royally sue him...either you will yell at him or may be give him one, two for insulting you...insulting your love...insulting YOU in front of ten-twenty people as you do have something called as self respect

Just because your in love with him, doesn't give him a right to forget you do have some self respect and your just his girlfriend not a door mat

Ok if you didn't had a right to say in between them, then he had no right to insult you...he certainly owns no right to insult you *sigh* as the foot steps got more clear you still wished its him, like a insane girl

You smile as you remember how much advantage you both take of staying in the same building

Only the wings are separate, he stays in A wing while you stay in B and there is a huge long wall separating yours and his terrace house...both the building is connected by yours and his terrace so you both do have some privilege

Seeing Rahul jumped from the wall you smiled at him...he is your best friend, always there for you...whether its night or day...whether its morning or evening

Rahul the famous actor of television and upcoming hero of film industry is your best friend plus you work for him...your his still remember he was having hard time managing everything with shooting and all so that's when you told him you don't mind helping him by being his secretary...soon you were not only managed his dates but paid his bills on time and also managed his bank and government tax payments...anyway you made a point to plan his shooting schedule in such a way that he gets sometime to spend with Muskaan too...that's what he truly loved you for, you acted not only as a sectary but also a good friend who thought about his private life too

"Hey" you say as he sits besides you, smiling like always

"I knew I would find you here" he almost mumbled and you smiled genuinely seeing his caring nature towards you like always

"After a long long day I love relaxing here...I love the night calmness, I just feel sitting her all night" you reply starring around

"Me too" he says while looking at the empty street

Sitting below the stars filled sky he tries to cheer you up, by talking about anything and everything...some topics are totally weird, out of the blue...but you feel good as you both talk

You laugh and smile with him...enjoy the cold night and yes you succeeded in keeping the remote  control of your life with yourself

Certainly somewhere you did miss him...your eyes searched for him...and heart called him out

But he didn't couldn't see him near you looked at Rahul running his hand through his hair still by your side, laughing, smiling, cracking jokes, gossiping in short doing everything which can divert your mind

As the wrist watch shows its four in the morning you smile as he hugs you and you make him remember that you  love a friend ofcourse and your glad to have such a wonderful friend

Kissing your cheeks in a friendly manner he says he loves you the most in his laugh saying you love Muskaan more

He opens his month to retort but then stops as realization occurs to smile sadly knowing what he was going to say...nodding a yes he turns to leave as from his behalf you whisper his trademark words to yourself, "And you love Armaan more"

These sour words were what he was going to say...seeing he climbed the wall talking to someone through his blue-tooth device you walk back knowing on the other end of the phone it will be Armaan...your present or may be your past...past word sounds so bad to you

"Past" whispering the word again to yourself you wonder would you guys break off in next few days


hey guys...Phew pretty long part i guess ...
I hope you guys liked that part it wasnt that bad and all...leave your honest views please, that will be a boom for me

i will try 2 update soon but cant promise as firstly i have my board exams from 23th march to 1st april secondly my laptop isnt working soo still it gets repaired i will have to use cafe and updating from here is a big problem

love, sonu

~~Part 2~~




Wearing your gym clothes you look at Rahul and Muskaan, one is your brother another your soon will be sister in law as you continue doing your weights


Soon she is going to be your brother's wife, 'life partner' you repeated again as you sarcastically smiled at the last two words because they sound like an alien words to you


Your brother says his love increases for Muskaan with each passing day, lolz you laugh at the statement because as days pass your love always diminished for all your girlfriends


A sudden thought arises as you see them now doing cycling together... thought that is there any girl whom you will love just like your brother loves know love her like forever and you would love to marry her, spend your ENTIRE life with her, the one which would be with you when you wake up in the morning all your life or when you sleep in the night


Is there such a girl? Does she exist also? You can't help keep wondering


"Nah there isn't" your inner voice sounded in the back of your head...and oh yes your sure you will never fall in that type of love...the forever kind of love isn't happening for you


It's just not designed for you sighing in contentment you concluded


"Hey Rahul, Muskaan" hearing the similar voice you smile turning to see her angel face


Your eyes meet hers as she walks towards you or towards the mini gym room you have set up at your place where all four of you daily do gym


"Hey" you say as she starts doing her weights looking pretty in pink and black suits her you conclude as you stare at her for another pair of seconds


"I'm sorry, I broke our relationship's rule, I shouldn't have interfered in your matter after all I am nothing to you right?" as you heard her you looked at Muskaan and Rahul getting out of the mini gym, oh yes after shooting a warning glance at you...warning you to behave as if you are a kid who knows nothing...ofcourse you knew you were a bit rude to Ridhima yesterday...a bit? Yea slightly more than a bit...only slightly more


"Ridhima honey your getting things wrong" you say sweetly as she does means alot to you, you love her so but naturally she is something to you


"Firstly don't honey me and secondly certainly yes I know what I mean to you?" she paused as she saw you taking her hands in yours...fighting over silly issues or dragging issues is something you never like so you try to melt her anger with your love


"Keep your hands STRICKLY to yourself" saying she freed her hand and you took half a step backwards keeping a little distance between you too


"I am the one you like to keep with you Armaan as and when you desire or need right? In better words should I say new toy you like...and when my utility from your life will finish you will throw me but I am not a low lying tissue Armaan...not at all" snapping back she looked at you frowning as she burnt herself in anger like never stood silent for some seconds because this was the first fight you guys had or first time you had seen her in such a high tide anger...and you were slightly guilty too


Shaking your head alas you looked at her as your hands flew out in an expressive gesture asking her for peace while mentally thinking of ways to solve the matter


"Hey love" you almost whispered trying to cool her down


"You are getting things totally wrong and please stop insulting yourself, ofcourse you mean alot to me but the way you both were arguing, fighting was terrible so my mind went out of control" you spoke as gently as you could, you were not willing to start your day seeing she was mad at you plus her last words were still ringing inside you


"Anyways I guess yesterday we both were at fault, you see one can't clap with one hand so I am sorry, genuinely sorry honey" you concluded in a gentle whisper, glad that she didn't interrupt you and was listening to you


BUT the pt was does she wants to end this things right away you thought


Plus at the same time you couldn't help but credit this chick a little more...God you have to admit she is so unlike other chick you had dated she doesn't melt so easily...she is tough and is head over heels in love with Herself


Oh yes in love with herself which is indeed very in today's selfish world one should be only be head over heels in love with oneself


No one can love and care for you like you yourself can do ofcourse except your family Ok so yea from today on you love Ridhima for one more reason







You sit in front of the glass door as he records his new song for his second album


The whole day you were in the editing room doing your work and somewhere...somewhere yes you were thinking about him...about you...or you can say about you both


You had wondered how wrong you both were yesterday, you mean to what extent...yes you had to agree that you were at fault too, your fault was you didn't give him a chance to deal with Nikita, you jumped and started a verbal fight with her...oh yea you started by pointing Armaan isn't a baby and all


Hmmm so in the editing room you tried to weight his and your faults...but in the end you concluded that you want to end the whole thing as you always believe in "forget and forgive"


Remembering your yesterday morning show down with Armaan you then had decided to accept his apology and his today's request too


As you see him now in mid of recording waving and winking at you, you smiled remembering how in the morning he had requested you to join him for one of the most important song recording and you told him then that you will think...his words were simple and to the point "I would like to see you there as I will record one of the important song for the new album, please do come, love you" saying he had walked out of the mini gym


Yesterday too in the gym he walked out of the gym saying to you to think and just call off the fight as you both were at fault


But yesterday you kept a total low profile with him...somewhere even he didn't bother you as he wanted to give you your space which indeed cooled your hot temper


Hmmm so yea that's the reason today your smiling at him...calling off the fight your here as you too love him *sigh*


Anyway any other guy would have been there in his place he would be typical and please you by flowers, gifts, chocolates and tons of sorry...the typical guy would say he was completely wrong but Armaan just said you both were at fault...and by all typical things he would request you to come over in the evening but Armaan just had said TRUE words over these material things


It is his simple behavior you really love...he is not like those men who think girls can be pleased by just gifts, fake promises


His genuine nature, true promises, space he gives you to live is what made you fall in love with him


You wouldn't say he is perfect but yes the above qualities he has is rare in guys


He is not typical guy who keep a tab on his girlfriend's every movement yet expects she doesn't asks him one question regarding his life, he wants to live a free life but wants his girlfriend to be trapped in his love...Armaan isn't among them that's why you love him


Seeing his office poem placing a small tray in front of you, you snap yourself from your thoughts and look at your favorite lime juice placed there and a note saying "Glad to see you love, Armaan"


It's his writing you mentally note down as you smile thinking how well he knew you would be here


His simple note and gesture of ordering your lime juice for you only makes you feel proud of your choice


You don't really know how long you guys will be together but your sure of one thing after many years also you would say Armaan was one of the few guys whom you loved dating unlike the ones you dated before him, who can be called as typical boyfriends






"Armaan??" you whispered seeing his eyes were set on his mobile screen again typing a message for the second time


"Yea" saying he looked at you now, keeping his mobile aside still holding the dimple smile you love the most


He looked simply happy to you as you look up'laid in his lap feeling his one free hand playing with your hair


This could be called as perfect evening, after spending hours at your respective work stations when you both get little time to spend with each other you both feel like not only the sun has set properly but yours and his day has also set both just want to make most of the little time you both have all alone here at his place


"What is making you smile so much??" as you questioned him he looked at you with a wider smile and your sure this is one of the biggest smile he ever displays and which you like to see more often


"Do you remember my friend Abhi?" as he questions you, you get up facing him now while nodding a yes to's easier to speak sitting up and facing each other


"Well he has been curious about you and me from the movement he got to know about us" curious?? Huh why? You wonder while unknowingly your eye brows shoot up and then you drop them not wanting him to know what you thought a second before, well you can save your question when he gets over with what he wants to say


"There is no reason for him for being so curious, it's just unknown type of curiosity, so yea he messaged me a question, asking when and how I fell in love with you" you smile as he finishes, you smile firstly as he answers your question before you pop it out for him and secondly because of Abhi's question, well the answer seems to be quite tempting


"So what did you reply back?" you question him as you feel curiosity building in you could actually feel how speedily the curiosity is building up inside you


"Somewhere between all our laughs, extra long talks, endless parties, dances and all our jokes I fell in love with you" God you have to say he is the best guy you have ever dated, when your with him you feel your transported into another world *sign* and his simple straight talks leaves you in dazed


"You are hungry??" he questions you after sometime as you were now play with his shirt button while laying peacefully in his arms...your head is resting comfortably on his toned chest and your eyes are closed as your just enjoying the silence closeness between you two plus listening to his heartbeats


"No" you say encircling your one hand around his waist while your other hand continues to play with the button


"So why are you trying to murder the button of my shirt?? It can be either you're so hungry that you can eat anything or your trying to test my patience, if you're trying to do the latter be aware I wouldn't be able to keep a tab on me for much longer sweetheart" you giggle hearing him as you whisper to yourself that he is the limit of naughtiness but aren't you as naughty as he is?


"Well I'm trying to do none of them but yea I was lost in my own thoughts, do you have a problem with that??" as you snapped back while increasing your pitch in the end just to tease him back you smirked hearing him sighing and then could feel him smiling at the whole situation


"No problem babes but I would be glad to know who's the one lucky one who has occupied you or can I say from whom did I lost the battle?" kissing your forehead in the end he waited for you to continue while you felt his arm tightened around your waist, bringing you closer or rather you should say making you lay upon his body frame now


"Battle??" you peeled through your eyelashes as you questioned his question while resting your chin on his chest and facing him closely now


"Yea battle, my girlfriend is thinking about someone else when here she is all alone with me...gosh this doesn't go with my reputation, I mean my girlfriend is thinking about someone else while she is with me, that's pathetic man, nothing can be worse than this" you laughed on his face by the end of his mini speech, gosh the dramatic touch he added to his each word was commendable, you really found the whole thing funny, the way he made weird faces, the way his eye brows danced, shoot up,  then narrowed too at some points gosh it cracked you up, but you controlled your laughter soon as you were eager to snap back plus you could see he was waiting for your reply in his smile also


"Well maybe that person is worthy of my time compare to you??" you laughed slightly mentally as he rolled his eyes at you...gosh here you both are snapping back at each other for almost nothing, he was trying to make you say the name which he already knows...ofcourse he knows you were lost within him, within his thoughts ' within your boy friend Armaan Malik


Lolz but this is fun...and you are determined to not say his name so fine you're ready to have this fun filled verbal talk with him


"Oh is it? Your Mr someone is more worthy your time than me huh??" You nodded with a giggle, the whole thing was full of fun for you atleast...ah your totally loving this fun and it seems to you that he is loving this too


"Well than you can have him all by yourself tomorrow evening, take that as a gift from your boyfriend Armaan Malik" pinching your cheeks he declared projecting a sour look in the end... showing as if he is hurt by your comment


"Where should I go with him?" you questioned feeling pretty happy knowing the new facts he laid in front of you


"That depends where you want to go babes, anything is fine with me" hearing him you felt his lips on your smiled seeing his another sweet gesture by him


You thought for a while...thought of all the possibilities...disc, dinner at five star hotel or at a restaurant, just staying at his place and cooking with him, movie or long discard disc the next second because what happened then took a thought regarding next possibilities


You heard his mobile vibrating as you continued to decide the plan...maybe its Abhi's message he mumbled chucking at the thought of another question


As you were in the end of planning your tomorrow's evening cum night with him you saw him frowning at the message but as you were about to question him he looked at you with a smile which...which looked incomplete but you decided to ignore on the thought that Abhi must have written something unpleasant


"How about first we go to Sidhivinayak temple" you say mentally noting down that it has been long since you have gone there, so yeah you want to go there


"then dinner in town side and yea while returning we can stop by Worli sea face, just for a while" you finish hoping his frown disappears from his face completely which actually doesn't happen, but yea its gets dimmer


As his mobile rings and he receives another message, he gives you a peak on your lips while patting your cheeks lightly before he rolls you down from his frame and now you look at yourself laying down beside him


"Great, So go home now babes get ready as you have to go with bro to a party remember?" he says as he gets up without acknowledging your nod to his question smiling very slightly which doesn't match up with his body posture you notice...his body posture says he is tensed about look at him as now again his eyes are set on his mobile screen and you can't help but wonder what's wrong now??...what happened that changed his mood all of a sudden?


'May be Abhi's messaged something unpleasant' a tiny voice spoke up within you but you just couldn't believe that tiny voice and you wondered what else could have happened


hey guys....
I hope you guys liked that part it lived upto your expectations...leave your honest views please, that will be surely loved by me

And guys thanks a ton for all the wishes for my exams n yes for wonderful comments...i have replied 2 ur comments but still feel i should once again say thanks as i truly felt soo good seeing them...lastly now that my exams are over i will update frequentlyBig smile

love, sonu

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~~Part 3~~





Walking inside your room you curse yourself for letting Nikita win two days back...for letting Nikita trap you within her words



You were a really behaved like a fool you confessed as you switched off your mobile...Nikita is calling and messaging you continuously, asking you when you will come to pick her know if you tell her you are not coming like tomorrow today too she will land up at your place which you don't want so you reply saying you will make her night memorable, just be patient



If someone else would have been you would have gone happily but you can't tolerate Nikita, she has lost her sanity and you definitely don't want to lose yours



Wearing your green shirt and blue jeans you think what you should do? Yell at her and show what place she has in your life or do something in a totally different style








As you sat opposite to Nikita you promised yourself that you will make sure that Nikita wouldn't be glad being with you



You would bore her to everything she everything which is possible for you to do within your limits...limits which are set by your parents, by far your brother Rahul and you together haven't crossed any limits, boundaries set by your parents



"Armaaan" as she calls you for the umpteenth time you note she is irritated to hell, who wouldn't be when the manager gives her a excuse regarding every dish she desires to order...when your date by mistake or actually intentionally opens the door of the restaurant for himself and lets it go so that it hits her right on her face...and yes when the waiter pulls the chair out for her too much which makes her fall down on the floor



"Yes babes" you say with a super fake smile



"I'm tired, this stupid hotel doesn't have anything good to eat" she pounts and you mentally laugh wishing to say he is too tired of her



"Can we go somewhere else baby" she smiles bringing her hand forward and holds your hand



"This hotel is wonderful... so romantic and also here we had our first ever date so don't you think this is perfect?" you smiled holding her hand romantically or you should say with a fake romantic touch



"Err...yea I guess your right" unwillingly she says with a smile showing her teeth...teeth which you wanted to break right then and there



"Let me have the pleasure to choose your food for tonight" saying you walked off as you are missing Riddhima so you decide to talk to her plus you need to order dinner for Nikita privately...dinner of a lifetime...dinner which she must have not expected or rather wanted to have








"Armaan??" she says with disbelief...of course she didn't expect you to turn up at her place oops sorry at her terrace door at this hour, to be frank even you didn't expect to turn at her place but you just couldn't stop was kind of impossible to stop yourself, you just couldn't



"Come in its cold outside" she says as she makes way for you and then you notice she was maybe asleep and because of you she woke up...your already big guilt rises more thinking how selfishly you woke her up



Walking inside the dark room your eyes follows her as she crosses the room to the other side and switches one of the blue dim lights, making the whole room bath in the dim blue light



Sitting on the pretty huge couch you look at her now as she began the ritual of untying and retying her hair with a slight smile which indeed made her look cute...and adorable too



"Were you asleep?" you question her as if you don't know the answer while she sits beside you...and you pull her slightly towards yourself as you try to reduce the distance between you both



"Not exactly, I was just about to sleep" she informs you as she covers you both in the blanket maybe feeling cold



Laying with her you feel good, pretty nice as she starts telling you about the party cum meeting she went with listen quietly as she speaks and laugh with her in between as and when you both feels the situation was funny... jokes, serious talks, casual stuff, everything she tells you and with each passing second you feel more better, nice...she doesn't ask you did you enjoy doing clubbing which is so unlike her...clubbing? Well that's what she thinks you were dismiss the thought thinking she is too lost telling you about the party



She would have enjoyed the party more if your arm would be around her in the party? When you would be accompanying her? You wonder but then dismiss it within seconds



The dim blue light makes her look more stunning...She looks like the most pretty girl you have ever seen, no girl can look so pretty without any trance of makeup you conclude lovingly plus her skin is so soft just like a baby's skin



"But you know I missed you, I mean it would have been more better with you" as you register what she said you feel a smile forming on your lips, a smile which is soo similar to hers right now



You smile more widely thinking few movements ago this is what you were thinking and now she just told you the same, exactly what you wanted to hear...what a beautiful coincidence it is you conclude finally



"Same here babes" mumbling you pulled her a little more closer by her waist



Placing your lips on her smiling lips you kissed her, making her understand this is it, this is exactly you wanted to hear



As you feel she deepened the kiss you caressed her waist...the thin night suit allowing you to fell the feather like softness of her skin



She is not the first girl you have kissed but whenever you kiss her you feel like never before...your always more drawn towards her by the end of the don't feel like pulling your lips away from those feel like *sigh*



Kissing her softly now you feel the faint smile on her lips, as if she is feeling exactly how you're feeling



Finally breaking from the kiss you look at her pumping fresh air inside her...breathing while holding your hands with a smile twinkling on her lips



Kissing her near her ears you repeat "Me too, I missed you too"



She tilts her head to look at you and then kisses you on your dimples...smilingly she says "good night" placing her palm on your cheeks which you bring close to your lips and kissing it you wished her a peaceful night and left mentally cursing yourself that you didn't say about yours and Nikita's date



But you just couldn't...she looked so happy, you just couldn't spoil her the consequences sacred you too, so you didn't say a word regarding the date at all, but you can't help but wonder what will happen when she knows








"It's so peaceful here...I so love this place" hearing her you smiled as you admired her a little more right now



She looks so adorable right now you concluded...wearing a simple pair of jeans and green printed top while a scarf covering her head and the high pony tail which made her look more cute somehow...while only happiness is roaming on the skin of her face...face which has very little make-up...only pink gloss, kajal, maskara and slight touch of loose powder



Seeing her like this sitting in the temple starring at the godness you have to admit you really can feel the peace on her face...her faint smile, shining gorgeous green eyes which are set on the godness are saying allot to you



"You know the first time I meet you I never thought you are a temple girl too" you chucked at the end with her...certainly who would have thought a girl who is wearing a short skirt drinking alcohol with them and talking about being modern and chilled out in life would love visiting temple...a girl who was saying she loves herself, would do everything she wants as it's her life and doesn't care what anyone thinks except her family and few friends would visiting temple



"I know what you must have thought...I don't get it, a girl who goes to disc wearing a skirt, can't go to temple in a suit?" as she questions, you mentally note to not judge anyone by one meeting from now on



"Of course she can, it was your thinking, your thoughts which made me believe your too modern and all" saying you looked at the people around, some praying, some offering sweets and flowers to the godness...everyone were lost in their worship



"you mean modern girl doesn't go to temple??" she snapped back as you chucked at her...surely she is bewild at you right now but the way she behaved that day made you think she is ultra cool about life and all, but with time today your sure she is kind of serious about her life, believes in living every second of her life and doing things to pleases her heart too



"If she is like you, she does sweetheart...this is exactly what I love, you know the balancing act, your those types of girl who can be taken to mom and to the disc which knows exactly what is right and wrong not only according to her point of view but also from others point of which loves others but at the same time loves herself which makes others happy but also makes sure she is happy too, you know she doesn't do everything just for others" as you stopped finally you saw a surprised look on her face and that movement realization penetrated inside you, you never thought so much about her...all these stuff were instantly spoken as well as thought by you... certainly they were true but they were new to you to some extent also as never ever you really thought about her on those lines...yes you agree you are attracted to her, to her personality, to her gorgeous smile which enlightens her face, to her everything but you really never thought so deeply about her



"I'm flattered, I never knew you think so much about me or rather so deeply about me" she finally muttered after almost minute's silence



"Well then let me tell you some more facts" encircling your arm around her waist mischievously you pulled her towards you, pressing your fingers in her skin



"ARMAAN, not here" hearing her you chucked as you felt she was trying to get out of your hold



"OUCH...junglee billy" you rubbed your arm where she pinched you for getting freed...



But before you could even think of doing a thing in return you saw her winking at you as she ran away...god she knows how to make a way or rather make a good escape from you thinking you followed her after glancing one last time at the Ganeshji Godness



"God she just pinched me and ran" reminding yourself you promised that you would seek revenge for sure...a sweet naughty revenge one that too








"Armaan this is beautiful, I...I really...truly loved it" saying she looked at you with a twinkling was this beautiful smile you really did prepare this small surprise for her



"Happy one month anniversary" you grinned wishing her and felt her lips on your cheeks reciprocating her happiness and love for you with a sweet peak



"I love you too" she declared to you in her usual way and within a second you smiled at her or at the way she says it...her head tilts slightly on the left hand side, eyes closes for barely a second and a smile can be felt from her voice too as she says the three words



It's amazingly awesome, her way of declaration is soo true...soo straight from her heart that you sure you do LOVE to listen it



Soon Ridhima and you together sliced the cake together'and feed each other'but as soon as you both looked at each other after the little feeding session you both burst you laughing'the whole thing was too cheesy which made you both laugh'it was nice for you seeing Ridhima just like you isn't that fond of such cheesy stuff'she is the girl who loves you plus doesn't expect you to bring moon for her and do everything just to please her'doesn't *sigh*'in short she is one more unique girlfriend of yours for sure



"Look at this" she pointed at the cake and you looked at it for some seconds just to realize what really she wants to show you or rather wants you to understand



As few seconds passed you noticed, you both had cut the cake in such a manner that the word love is no more there and now only "I and You" are there



A gap is between both the words and the love word in the cake is missing or rather you both had it



You and Ridhima are not orthodox...nor think much, if you both would be then somehow you both would have thought this is a warning from god to you both that you both are soon going to dissolve your affair or rather soon you and Ridhima would be depart



*sigh* anyway isn't this anyway going to happen? You both know you both are practically together without anyway commitment and sooner or later a day will come when this practical relationship will also die



"Isn't it cute" she mumbled picking two small joined heart shaped decoration chocolate piece and realization penetrated inside you



She was showing you the joined two heart shaped decorated chocolate piece and you were thinking *sigh*



How did you end up thinking so negatively? You wonder somehow disgusted with yourself...disgusted with your thinking, oh how you ended up thinking that one day you would be without her



Somehow the thought sounds not pretty good to you right now after all you still love her or maybe you should say you still crave for her and you



*Tring Tring*



Hearing your mobile ringing you looked at the screen only to find Nikita's name flashing



'Oh yes' it occurred to you then and there finally, she and yesterday's not-so- pleasant date with her was the reason you had negative thoughts minutes back or else Armaan Malik thinking negatives seems so pathetic



"Ah I will be back till then you can attend yo...your call" as she almost finished saying in a whisper she kept her gaze fixed in her purse making it look like she is searching for something and didn't notice the caller's name



Seeing she zipped her purse and stood up you caught her wrist to stop her



It was she with whom you wanted to spend your time right now definitely not Nikita so you stopped her plus she needed to know she did hold an upper hand in your life but above her hand is his own hand



Oh yes he himself has all the control of his life...Ridhima has a upper hand if compared to Nikita but...but when his hand comes into picture with Ridhima's hand, he surely has a upper hand as in the end its his life...and he hasn't and will not give anyone the opportunity to make him dance to her tunes or rather control his life



As Ridhima turned her face to look at you, you signaled her to sit as you switched off your cell...signified her that she is more important than anyone else right now



"Thanks" she declared with a smile setting on her lips and resting her head on your shoulder



"Thanks rejected as its not needed sweetie" you mumbled feeling her palm wrapping around your muscular arm and repositioning her head more comfortably








As Ridhima and you stepped out of the car your gaze settled on the person you did not wanted to see...not at least today...not right just had a beautiful date of three and half which was a perfect date and now if she screws up the whole thing for Ridhima and you it wouldn't be a pleasant thing at all...and yea if that happens Nikita will have to pay for no way you will leave her then



"Armaan this is for you, your see I really enjoyed yesterday's date you took me for so I thought of gifting you something in return" you felt your cells harden at her words, you very well know what she wants, she wants yours and Ridhima's break off which may...may happen today...She will break off the ties with you tonight, gosh after knowing where exactly you were yesterday night from Nikita why wouldn't she break up with you??



You wonder would she think you betrayed her?... Would she give you a last kiss, a goodbye kiss?... Would she be your friend from tomorrow? Or behave like a stranger with you?...Would this break off will be the same as others, painless?



You wonder and question yourself till you fell Ridhima detaching her arm from yours, the one which was happily locked with yours seconds back



"So the moment has come, death of this relationship is few seconds away" you mumbled to yourself


hey guysHug

I hope you guys liked that part it wasnt that bad and all...leave your honest views please, that will be a boom for me...and yea i will send pm tomorrow, as its 1:45...i need 2 sleepLOL

love, sonu

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~~Part 3~~




The next second you vowed once when Ridhima breaks off and leaves for her home you will do something really bad with Nikita


Some people would think you are mad that you are not killing Nikita now only and yes why are you not trying to explain your side of story to Ridhima


Well firstly you can't kill Nikita because right now your occupied within...occupied with the question what Ridhima is thinking? really hope that she thinks on the right track because you really love her and your love is still hasn't diminished much still soo you really want her to be yours for a little more time


Secondly you are not explaining things to her right now because you are feeling slightly...only slightly guilty because you had hidden stuff from her also... because she once told you trust is more important for her compare to love so yea you don't have guts to explain things to her or rather cover up your act


Seeing now Ridhima looking at you and then she is walking towards Nikita you took a sharp intake of breath wondering what's she up you studied her more closely you noticed how her shoulders squared, chin high wearing a expression that said it all...said her smart brain was forming a plan


But you just couldn't do anything as when it comes to her, you just can't guess things easily as she has a completely different personality


She sometime does something totally unexpected...surprise you along with others


As you saw they facing each other you felt weird feeling inside yourself


"Well Nikita since Armaan is not saying much, let me say on his's good to know you enjoyed yesterday's date with Armaan" What is she saying? You this...this is not what you expected...certainly she would say something nasty now you thought as accordingly that would be right


"Is it really good?" hearing the shock colored tone of Nikita you couldn't help but chuck at this movement too


"Since the whole purpose of going was to enjoy, it is indeed good you enjoyed and yea thanks for the's too late now I know you must be thinking to call the day off so bye take care" she says in a calm voice as if nothing has happened and then she looked at you with a totally unreadable smile and you wonder did she really understand Nikita and you had gone for a date yesterday


"Ofcourse she must have" you muttered to yourself as she isn't that dum right? Or she is?...she isn't a girl who has outer beauty but 0 IQ






From fifthteen minutes and twenty seven seconds you both are sitting here and still haven't spoken a word...she is flipping pages of the same magazine for the third time continuously and you are looking at your wrist watch counting minutes, your sure time has come when things would be different between you both


"Ridhima I am sorry, it was just that" you tried to frame the whole car conversation into words but you stopped because you just couldn' hate to cover your mistakes...mistake?? Kind of mistake, not exactly a mistake as your relationship doesn't has the rule that you can't go on a date with anyone casually but going with Nikita was wrong because what happened a day before between both of them


"Apology not accepted, because it isn't needed anymore" her sharp yet cool words made you look up at her...what did she mean by that? That everything is already over? You thought


"Maybe yes that's exactly what she means" concluding you sighed


"Armaan you really think I am mad at you?" you nodded twice or thrice the next second which made her smile slightly which ultimately makes her look more's a very small smile but you really like seeing it


"Oh god that's wrong honey, yea I wouldn't lie I felt bad knowing facts from her but I'm certainly not mad at you" huh? You almost feel like checking your ears as this is impossible, exactly the opposite of what you thought anyway if it's a joke your sure you would be mad at her for sure but as you register her expression you feel like she isn't kidding you or rather she is stone cold serious so you sigh and wonder why the hell she isn't mad at you


"Isn't it natural to get angry" frowning this thought bubbled inside you


"Coming to the question which you have in your mind why? well because you called me in between your date thrice...messaged twice...and came to me in the night saying you missed me in the evening...All those calls, messages and coming to see me in the night was genuine not fake nor you weren't pretending, you really wanted to be with me and you were not enjoying her simple words you were with her physically not mentally" you felt your each part of your body freezing as you registered her really don't know what to say so you keep quite as you feel Ridhima intertwines her fingers in yours


"Plus didn't I went on a casual date with Amit last week, so because of all these stuff I'm not mad at you" you nodded feeling and liking the softness of her small hand and fingers mingling with yours


Feeling she placed her other hand on yours and looked at her with your dimpled smile wondering how easily she took everything or should you say how maturely...she heard Nikita, analyzed things and then acted...she isn't a impulsive fool...she thinks before acting which is surely commentable


"Wow" concluding you looked at her rubbing the back of your hand while looking lost in her her own world


"You informed me before going with Amit and I didn't plus Amit isn't my enemy and Nikita is yours" finally speaking you looked at her minimizing the distance between you too still holding a smile and your hands in hers as if reminding you nothing has gone wrong


"She is not my enemy, to be frank she is nothing to me, yea knowing facts from her I indeed felt very bad and offended for that you can apologize or rather you better apologize...and Mr don't you know our relationship is different and that's what makes it special" she concluded and you couldn't help but agree with her last statement after all you both are in a practical relationship only


Kissing on her forehead you mumbled "love you" as that's all you wanted to say and truly felt like saying


"I am sorry for hiding stuff from was just that...I...chuck it...I just want to apologize" hugging her you smiled wondering how much surprise package this chic is...she is pretty good you have to accept it


"It's ok Armaan but" saying as she parted from the hug you could see the doubts in her eyes or you can say a broken trust...sighing you wish you had laid out truth in front of her...if only you could walk in the past and do something you would *sigh* pt in thinking all this now right?


"I wouldn't repeat it, promise"






Walking inside your room you threw your purse on the huge bed


You were was a long long day...somewhere longer than what you had thought...all thanks to Nikita and  the news you got to know from Nikita


You laugh remembering after the so called confrontation you had with Armaan he narrated the date he had with he troubled he feed her food himself...the special spicy and extra salty dinner he had ordered for her


'Poor Nikita' you mumble thinking how she ate almost her whole dinner as Armaan was feeding her romantically...or rather was feed her with a fake romantic touch


But as you laid down you couldn't forget how your wonderful day got soured still remember how hurt you felt learning about Armaan and Nikita's weren't hurt knowing about it but learning the news from her and not from short you were only hurt because of the source of the information


That moment you really wanted to ask Armaan what made him hide the facts...but...but you couldn't let Nikita win too


Oh man you aren't dum that you didn't understand what she you had calmed yourself and glanced at Armaan


He was numb because of guilt and anger...a mixture of both you guess


You were sure somewhere from his expression he did not wanted to hide stuff from you but yea...yea he did in the end


Sighing you wish Armaan wouldn't have hidden the truth from you as right now you could feel a little scratch on the trust you had placed on Armaan till now...for you trust plays an important role in any relationship whether it's a practical affair or a lifelong relationship


But certainly because of just a mere scratch you just didn't feel like breaking scratch cannot break your practical affair with him but it may always be there from now wouldn't rub off ever...anyway so at that movement you turned the tables, you made sure Nikita losses...and you win or rather you and Armaan wins


Maybe many people would think you should have break off or should have given Armaan one left and one right for taking you for granted


Feeling the little pain inside you, you felt if you had known the facts before hand it wouldn't have given you the little pain you were getting right wasn't that you would tie him to a chair and not let him go out with certainly don't mind him going out on a usual date as you don't own his life just like he does not own yours


As time flew you wondered did you did right today? Was your behavior right in front of Nikita? And by not creating a issue and forgiving Armaan was right?


Your mind and heart both felt it was right...practically and emotionally it does fell right to you


You couldn't let Nikita win and ruin your relationship with Armaan just because of one usual even you went on a usual date with Amit a week back


A usual date is nothing more than sharing a meal together where the guy invites you...its more or less a mere dinner two people share so what's wrong?


As you try to think more your doubts starts getting dimmer because though Armaan went out with her he kept calling or texting you...he came to meet you too


Damm you just couldn't ignore such big facts and fight or break off with was just not right...practically or emotionally it was just not right


(message text things)






"Done" mumbling to yourself you looked at the computer screen...from morning 9 a clock you are working, it's almost been twelve hours still you have lots of work left


Stretching yourself you looked around at your co-workers whose eyes are also dropping...everyone is kind of sleepy


Laughing at yours and their condition you moved your eyes towards the screen again only to be caught in middle of your journey


Caught by two beautiful blue and another white one...the next day after the Nikita's incident Armaan gave you these orchids saying he felt good how maturely his girlfriend took had smiled after reminding him you haven't fully forgiven him for keeping secret from which he promised he will soon make her forgive him after doing anything she asks him to do


But you never could make use of this free card as both of you are busy with work and only work' It's been almost three days since that night and you are glad that things are slowly, steadily turning better and better




*trig trig*


"Ridz" hearing the familiar voice filled with relief in his tone you concluded something has just happened...good or bad you don't know but you can feel alarm in his voice


"You got it right, that's my name" saying you grinned...Rahul is like a chilling dose for you, when you are too tired or something


"Whatever, there is a huge jumbo problem" grinning you wonder on what Rahul Muskaan must have fought..."heights" they fight like hell, if a stranger sees them fighting he wouldn't believe they are in love but they are hopelessly in love with each other


"Oh no...No ways, don't tell me you fought with Muskaan n now u need my help, my desk has pile of work left and"


"And you will shut your mouth now and carefully listen to me" He yells back cutting you off in a mid flow perhaps because you were saying things little too quickly


"Hey that's rude you" you yell back matching his voice...ok it is fun saying you will not help but in the end you do help...according to Armaan you are Rahul Muskaan settlement agent who hears both side of the story then makes sure they are back together


"You remember tomorrow is Armaan's birthday" you freeze for few seconds, then look your computer screen flashing date and then your eyes look at the time


 "Freaking its 8 a clock...Four hrs only what the hell" you mumble clapping a hand over your mouth...your bloody evil concluding you curse yourself


"Can I borrow your gift Rahul, please...pretty please...sugar coated please...I am your best friend and you shouldn't say no to me right?" crossing your finger you hoped he said yes as right now you can't think of any gift you could bring for him


"Wrong madam...instead of thanking me your...impossible" all the hope you had created in your little mind crashed hearing him...hell you shouldn't have asked as its really cheap writing your name on the gift which actually isn't from you


Cursing yourself you wonder if you should ask him to atleast help shouldn't be hard concluding you decided to ask for help or rather order your friend to help you out


"But you have to"


"You have 3 hrs and 58 minutes to prepare your gift'see you at 12 bye" feeling the line going dead you looked at your Iphone wondering "now what"


"You are mean" you yell on the phone as he keeps the phone down...but the fact is your mean and evil


And what not you are


As you stare at your computer screen you wonder how could you forget his birthday, two days back you did remember


And you had planned a little surprise for him too but now you wonder how well your surprise has been executed by *sigh* god your in a mess


In a real big shot mess if that plan fails you conclude


Picking up your phone you start working on your little surprise


Hey guysHug

I hope you liked how the whole nikita thing went...leave your honest views please, that will be a boom for me...and yea a BIG or rather HUGE sorry from my side, firstly for not updating, then for not replying to your comments lappy is not working from days, its a difficult to do all these stuff from cafe...really sorry guys, i am truly feeling bad 4 not replying n also for not being able 2 reply to my pms...i hope u guys tolrate with me

love, sonu

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arshluver_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2009 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
YAAAAAAAA me first
OMG sonia another rocking ff
i was soooooooo missing u n ur ffs al that u have writen were just best
lookes like this one will turn out the best ff
the consept is quit new so looking forword to read more
plz updat soon
n do PM me
jia.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2009 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
Reserved~ Will come back in the morning!! Nite~Hug
bradford3 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 February 2009 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
it gud continue soon
artizia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 February 2009 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
sonia hum bhi hai team mein ..imean readers mein Big smile
aap likho aur hum na aayen

looking forward to some superb updates Smile


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