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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 12th Feb 2009 - Written Update/Video

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 12th Feb2009 (Episode 24)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update

Hey Guys Hug Todays's episode was sooo cute!! Varsha's Mendhi!!!
I didn't actually think that they would show the mendhi sooo soon ( As in most dramas it would be two/three days after) OMG now that the mendhi is over that means the Shaadi will be soon. All that is left is the Haldi.  Can't believe that everything is happening sooo quickly. Plus the Pre- Cap looked promising. Rituraj and Akshara's meeting... Can't wait till tomorrow's episode!!
Anyway Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


'Maa',calls out Akshara as she walks into her parents bedroom. ' Come in,come in, Look there,  at there my jewellry and if you don't like it I'll tell Vish to make you some', says Badi as she is taking things out of the cupboard. Akshara walks towards the bed and sits down. She picks up one of the boxes and smiles, she looks up at and notices a photo of her parents on there wedding day. ' Look at this set my Bua got me from Jaipur, have a look at how it looks on you,' Badi says as she walks over to Akshara who is still smiling at the picture. Badi notices that  Akshara is staring at something an asks her what. Akshara looks up at Badi and smiles. Akshara picks up the photo. '  You looked so pretty didn't you Maa', replies Akshara. Badi smiles,' Did, What do you mean by did? Don't I look pretty now?'. Akshara turns to Badi and tells her that she looks even prettier. They both laugh. ' It's true Maa, you and Babuji look so good together,' says Akshara whilst looking at the picture. Badi takes the photo out of Akshara's hands. ' Years have pasted yet it feels like it was only yesterday I came to this house as a new bride. I used to worry all the time and blush all the time. I didn't like everything or everyone all I felt like doing was crying all the time. I used to think ' oh why did they get me married', But today ....Today it feels I can't live without them', explains Badi maa. ' I can't even imagine that once you where 'new' in this house, and that you grew up somewhere else and that you came from another home', says Akshara in disbelief. Badi touches Akshara's face,' When you get married you will see how you will just fit into there family and how you will forget us and this home'.
Akshara shakes her head and asks Badi how she got married. Badi tells her like everyone elses.
 ' No maa, I mean mean how did you meet father? What did you see in him that made you say yes? Weren't you scared that something might go wrong? After all it was about the rest of your life.....?',asks Akshara. Badi cuts in,' Oh Lord All these questions?...First sit down'. Badi and Akshara sit down on the bed.

' Shankari Tai was our matcher maker, Yes she has been match making since then, I was so nervous that day and I hadn't eaten anything since the morning, on top that my mother kept saying,' Rajshri don't do that, Rajshri don't say anaything and don't sit like
, Like I do to you sometimes. All mothers are the same,' Badi laughs. ' And then?,' asks Akshara. ' And then you father came. I couldn't even look at the boys side I was soo nervous. My heart was beating so fast I felt like everyone could hear. And then my mother asked me,' Do you like the groom?'  I was shocked. She kept asking and I started crying and ran in. After all that the families said yes'. Badi smiles. ' And Babuji? Did you like him?', asks Akshara. Badi replies,' To be honest I didn't know what to think at first but after the wedding I started fallen for him'. Badi blushes. ' What did you like about him?', Akshara asks smiling. Badi blushes and looks down, She looks up at taps Akshara cheek and Akshara pleads with her to continue. ' Well I liked everything about him, but the thing I liked the most about him was his eyes, so clear so full of truth, In which I completely lost my self in and found myself'.

Downstairs in the courtyard. ' Your Kaka, He was soo different. He used to sit quietly in the corner and didn't speak. My mum got confused as she thought he didn't speak. But later on I found out that he speaks with his eyes', explains Badi to Akshara. Akshara smiles,' But still what did you like most about him?'. Choti replies something which confuses Akshara.

' Bola Ji! Oh mother mine', Dhaniya almost falls but Akshara helps her up.' Just like this, this is how I fell for Bola, Tell you the truth Akshara didi but all the rest of the boys tease me but Bola is one who doesn't, that what I feel for', explains Dhaniya. Once again Akshara looks confused.

In the living room. ' Who asked me? The rishta came and my olders agreed', explains Dadi. 'But...', Gopi Dadi cuts in. ' But what?', asks Akshara. '  Well I was a villiager and you Dadaji studied at college.He said that until I said yes he wasn't going to say yes,' laughs Dadi. ' And then?', asks Akshara. And before Dadi can reply Gopi Dadi says,' You should asks me... They both made excuses to drink water and the met outside. Your Dadi was blushing red. Your Dadaji asked her a 100 times and then she slowly replied yes'. After hearing this Akshara asks,' But Dadi did you like him?'. Dadi replies that she have the strenght to look at him, she goes on to say that she liked to things about thing. Akshara looks confused for the third time.

At Varsha house, Varsha is sitting on her bed surrounded by clothes.' Varsha,' calls out Akshara as she walks into her room. Varsha looking annoyed replies,'  Why did you take so long? I was sitting here thinking that Akshara will come and help me pick out my clothes for tonight? But you come now'. Akshara looks at Varsha and replies,' Sorry Varsha, at home there were sooo many people and Maa wasn't letting me go. Alongside you wedding I have to make preparations for my brothers wedding'. As Akshara is saying this Varsha's Maa arrives. ' Oh stop making excusses,' replies Varsha. Varsha's Mum explains that it is not an excuse as the relationships has changed between them. She tells them before that before was her best friend but now she is her soon-to-be- Husbands little sister ,her soon to be Nanen. Varsha mum leaves. ' Why did Masiji that our relationship won't remain the same?' asks Akshara. Varsha replies,' What can I do, you have now become my Nanen after the relationship is like that'. They both laugh.

Downstairs ST arrives with Dhaniya. Varsha's mum greets her. ST explains that she has brought a shagun from the boys side to give Varsha. Dhaniya explains that ST is doing great things today. Varsha's mum laughs and says that she has to be careful as ST is on the boy's side. ' I would have been on your side but your daughter sisn't give me the chance,' explains ST. Varsha's mum's face drops. 


' Where is Varsha Didi, Masi Ji?,' asks Dhaniya. Masiji explains that she is upstairs and Akshara is with her. ST asks her whether she has a mirrored plate. ' Mirrored Plate?' asks Masi ji. Dhaniya also question ST but ST tells them that will find out soon. They walk off.

'Really Varsha, I am soo annoyed that my brother stole my best freind,' explains Akshara. Varsha smiles,' Why are you saying that?'. Akshara looks at her,' Well at first we could tell each other everything but now you will go and tell Shaurya'. Varsha explains that Shaurya won't come between them and that she can tell her everything. Akshara replies,' Leave, now all the private will be between you and Shaurya and you won't tell me'. Varsha laughs,' Thats true'. Akshara hearing this gets annoyed,' Fine thane from now on we are just Nanen and Bhabhi to each other'. There is a pause. Akshara and Varsha look at each other and start laughing.' Ok thats enough for now, we will deal with the Nanen-Bhabhi realtionship later. But there are still two days till the wedding we can still talk about what's on our heart's now'. Akshara looks confused. ' But I already know what's in your heart....'. Varsha cuts in,' But I don't know about the person you went to go and meet and you didn't even tell me whether you liked him.' Akshara acts as if she doesn't know who Varsha is talking about.' You like Rituraj didn't you?' asks Varsha. Akshara nods her head. Just then ST and Dhaniya holding a plate walk in.

' So what are you girls up to?' asks ST. Varsha look down and is about to walk up to her when ST stops her. ST  explains that she can't look at her as she doesn't want to cast evil eye on her therefore she will only look at her reflection in the water. Dhaniya makes a cheeky remark. ST tells Varsha to look into the water. ST looks into the water and see Varsha's reflection. ST starts talking about how pretty Varsha looks. ST blows a kiss at her and leaves. Downstairs all the women are sitting down on the floor. ST tells Masi Ji to come down to get her Mendhi put on. Upstairs in Varsha's room. ' Your so weird , you like him yet you still haven't said yes?' comments Varsha. Akshara explains that she doesn't understand and sits on the bed. Akshara explains that she is worried. She explians it was easy for Varsha as she knew how Shaurya was but she has only met him once. ' Do you want to meet him?' asks Varsha. Just before Akshara can reply Masi ji comes in and tells them to come down.

Downstairs Akshara is applying mendhi on Varsha's hands. Ladies are dancing and singing around them. ' Varsha show me your mendhi?' says ST. Varsha shows her hand to ST. Dhaniya tells them that it will get so much darker. Akshara replies,' Just like there love'. They all laugh. 'Varsha should I write Shaurya Dadu's name on your hand?' asks Akshara. Dhaniya tells Akshara she should. ' What's the point of writing it on her hand... She has written his name on her heart, Isn't that write?' explains ST. Varsha blushes.   


'It doesn't matter what will happen today but I will help you meet Rituraj today,' declares Varsha. Akshara looks shocked,' You haven't gone made have you? You know that can't happen....' Varsha cuts in,' You have to meet him again, It will be good for you plus you will be able to decided whether you want to marry him or not'.Akshara looks at her. ' Akshara Didi will you be getting you mendhi done....' ask Dhaniya. ' Nope, If Akshara has mendhi put on then ,' replies Varsha. ' Then?' questions ST. ' Then who will call for me, after all I have mendhi on my hands,' replies Varsha. ' Oh my mother, who are you going to call Shaurya?I'll go and get the phone', Dhaniya gets up and gets the phone. Varsha tells Akshara to dial the a number 29547. Akshara realises that it isn't Shaurya's number. Varsha tells her that she knows. ' Hello Royal Resort,' answers the person on the phone. Varsha tells Akshara to talk. Akshara hesistates and then asks Varsha what she should say. Varsha tells her to book an appointment at the parlour. ' Hello, Can I book an appointment at your parlour?' asks Akshara. The lady asks whether it is for today. Akshara looks at Varsha and Varsha tells her that it is for today. ' Yes for today,' Akshara replies. The lady asks her whether 7 pm is ok.
' No 7pm will be late,' explains Akshara. The lady books Akshara in for 4 pm instead. Akshara worries that there parents will see them and that Masi ji won't let her out. Varsha says that she will sort everything out.

The End  

Pre- Cap
Rituraj stands behind Akshara. She slowly turns around to look at him.


Lots of Love Simmie x x x

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great job with the update=)
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thank u sweetheartSmile
daddysgirl786 Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2009 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
thanks!! awesome update :)

i wonder....didn't i read somewhere that akshara's first rishta wouldn't go through? i wonder if this is the one...
Varsha-01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2009 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update.....
.x. Simran .x. Goldie
.x. Simran .x.
.x. Simran .x.

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Pleasure was mine guys.... omg can't wait till tomorrow!!
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Posted: 13 February 2009 at 1:23am | IP Logged
Ooops... sorry for my late entry lolz! Was busy all day with tons of work! Embarrassed
Anyways.. awesome update as always Simmie hun! I totally love the blinking stars theme... very cute. Smile
Epi was nice. Loved all the Akshi-Varsha scenes... their friendship is so sweet. And yay... can't wait for the ShaVa wedding! Varsha's mehndi went by too quick.. was hoping for more. But it's okay... I still liked it.
And I'm loving how Shankari Tai has a sudden change of heart toward Varsha now. Hope she stays that way.
sanw IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2009 at 3:15am | IP Logged
thanks for the lovely update simmie
it was nice to know about everyone's lovestory

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