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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 11th Feb 2009 - Written Update/Video

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 11th Feb2009 (Episode 23)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Heyyy Guys Hug So So So So Sorry for the late update.
I had to take my meds today which make me dizzy..... 

OMG that conversation between Badi and Varsha scared me at first...
But after the break I was relieved that finally ShaVa relationship will be given a name very very soon!!
Can't wait till they get married now....!! Big smile
Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


Vish and Badi are in there bedroom. Vish sits in silences looking at the ground. ' I think we have found the right partner for Akshara. Do you think so?' asks Badi as she closes the cupboard door. Vish doesn't react to the question seeing this Badi walks over to him. ' Why are you quite? Don't you like the boy?' Badi asks Vish with a confused look on her face. ' No...No...It's nothing like that... It's just that I had a feeling...I was thinking....' explains Vish. Badi cuts in,' What is there to think about, you can see with your own eyes that the Boy is ; So cultured, He looks good, He is a literate, He respects his olders and he talks to us if we are his own. He is such a good person, where else would we find such a great boy for Akshara.....Why ? Have you seen any fault in him?' asks Badi. ' No, Its nothing to do with faults, Its just that....?' even before Vish has a second to elaborate futher Badi replies,' It's just that what? Shankari Tai speaks the truth,' For there beloved daughters,prince's still aren't good enough', Badi smiles. Vish explains that it is very difficult for a father to give his daughter's hand to someone else. He reassures Badi that he also believes that he is a great match for Akshara. 'Badi Maa,Badi Maa, Shankari Tai is here', annouces Dhaniya.

Shankari Tai walks though the front door followed by Bola holding her stool. As she walks in she asks Badi ; What she thought of the Boy and his family. Everyone sits down around the table. Shankar Tai sits down and tells Badi that she searched high and low for him. Omi laughs. As she is talking  she pulls a box out of her bag. Dhaniya places the cup of tea infront of ST. ST looks at Badi and asks whether she was going to sweeten her mouth with tea today. Badi looks at Dhaniya Dhaniya tells ST that Badi has brought loads of sweets and tells her that she will go and get them. Choti kaughs. Dhaniya runs off. As she departures, Vish arrives and is greeted by ST.' Omi should we leave....?' asks Vish as Omi stands up. Badi turns to Vish. ' ST was asking whether you liked them?' asks Badi. Vish replies,' ST has already said that there was no time to asks questions'. He says whilst looking at ST. ST asks if you is in agreement.Vish tells her that he is happy with the alliance. ST smiles and asks,' And what about the boy? Is he the match for Akshara'.  Omi replies,' I liked him alot, they way he spoke to Bhabi he won my heart over'. Dhaniya walks in holding a tray. ST takes a step back and tells him as soon as he says yes then the alliance will be fixed. Vish tells her that it is a yes from him. ST gets happy and starts eating the sweets. Vish and Omi leave for work. ' Now you have to agree that Shankari work isn't raw', laughs ST. Badi's smile turns into a frown. ' Shankari Tai you haven't told us whether they like our Akshara?'. ST tells her to wait and when it concerns Akshara she can't imagine someone saying no to her. ST tells Badi that she has to go and say hello to Dadi and she excuses herself and Dhaniya.

ST and Dhaniya walk into the cortyard. Akshara and Varsha are laughing in the distances. Dhaniya and ST look up to see both of them laughing. Varsha asks Akshara to tell her about her meeting with Rituraj. Akshara replies,'  Why, like the way you told me about you and Shaurya?'.They walk off. ST looks in disgust,' Oh isn't that her, Varsha? Hasn't Badi come to her sense instead of letting Akshara walk around with her?'. Dhaniya relpies,' Why, why would she stop her? They have been together from childhood, they have grown up together'.  ST starts talking about how Badi is so worried about Akshara wedding and she should keep taps on who Akshara associcates with. Dhaniya asks,' What mistake has Varsha made?'. ST replies that Varsha broke up her own alliance and in some respects that means it has rubbed off on Akshara. Thoughtout the conversations Choti is watering the Tulsi plant. At the last remark ST makes , Dhaniya looks at Choti who signals her to stop. ' Oh my throat has dried up from all the talking, get me some water,' ST demands. Dhaniya (To herself):' Maybe you should rest your throat if you talk like that ofcourse it will dry up'. ST turns around  and asks her if she said anything. Dhaniya denies and they walk off to get water.

Akshara and Varsha runs down the stairs. Varsha continues to questions Akshara about her and Rituraj's meeting. ' Ok,Ok, if your not going to say anymore you have to admt that your relatioship with Rituraj is like mine and Shaurya's?' asks Varsha. Akshara smiles. ' At least I knew your brother from before but you have become crazy over him in one day?' laughs Varsha. Akshara replies that she doesn'y know. She runs off. Varsha follows. They are into the courtyard where Akshara runs into ST and Dhaniya. ST tells her to calm down and tells her that soon she will be wed and she needs to learn how to walk properly. ST stares at Varsha. Dhaniya reminds ST that she need to meet Dadi. Akshara and Varsha run of laughing. ST turns around and watches them walk off.

In the evening Badi and Choti are lighting diya's and the Tulsi plant in the garden. ' So Choti why didn't you tell ST about Varsha and Shaurya's relationship?', questions Badi.Choti explains that people think that Varsha is only comes here to meet Akshara but if they found out that if they found out about Varsha ad Shaurya people will start talking, She goes on further to explain that they will begin to think that we have given the children freedom before marriage and they shoul becareful as they are trying to Akshara married off. Badi agree.  Vish walks in calling for Badi. Vish tells Badi that as they are have been called over by the boys side that they should... He stops in his tracks and looks at Badi's concerned face. Vish looks at Choti who also looks the same. Vish asks her whats wrong.

Dhaniya is escorting Akshara and Varsha to Badi and Vish's bedroom. Akshara asks whether they have called for both of them or just one of them. Dhaniya tells them that they have called for Varsha.
Varsha stops infront of the room and they slowly walks in followed by Dhaniya. ' You called for me Masi Ji?' asks Varsha. ' Yes I did I have to talk to you about something important,' replies Badi. Badi looks down at Vish. He nods and she continues. ' Look Beta, you are Akshara's best freind and you have been coming to our house since you were a child. For us you are both equals and are both our daughters, meaning this home is ours but Varsha, realtionships have changed and that means that we don't want you coming here anymore,' explains Badi. Varsha looks upset.

' And the next time that you enter our house it will be as our ...Daughter-In-Law. I have spoken to preist and there are many good days in the calender, We will find the perfect day and get you and Shaurya married,' explains Badi as she wipes Varsha's tears. Dadi goes and hugs Varsha and explains when one Laxmi enters the house one will leave. Akshara stands at the door smiling. Varsha goes to get b;essings from everyone.Badi tells Bola to drop of Varsha and tells her to go to as she has to take a Shagun with her. They both leave. At the door Akshara asks Varsha if she is happy. Varsha and Akshara Hug.

Dawn breaks. ST arrives and everyone welcomes her. ST asks how they arranged Shaurya's wedding without consulting her. Badi and Dadi laughs. Dadi explains it is the first wedding of the family and they would need all her help. ST starts praising Varsha. Badi and Choti look at each other and give each other the look ' Oh here she goes again'. ST tells them that she would have got them arranged. Badi tells her its ok as she is getting one child married. ' Have the boys side replied?Did they lik our Akshara?', asks  Badi. ST tells her that the reply will come soon.

In Akshara's room, the sari man shows Akshara Sari's. ' So what do you think of this one?' asks the Sari man as she passes the sari over. Akshara drapes it over herself. ' I don't even know what colour he likes?' Akshara says to herself. The sari man asks her  what she said. Akshara replies No. The sari man grabs another Sari and passes it to her. Akshara smiles at the sari she stands up and looks in the mirror. As she drapes the sari over herself she sees Rituraj's reflection in the mirror.
Akshara looks shocked she turns around to check but he isn't there she looks back at the mirror and sees him again. He points at the pink sari she has draped over herself and gives it a thumbs down. She looks down at the sari and looks back up at the mirror and Rituraj shakes his head. Akshara walks over to the Sari man and tells him to show her something eles. He passes her a lime green Sari. She walks up to the mirror and shows Rituraj's reflection. He shakes his hand suggesting that its Ok. She looks at it and shakes her head. She passes it back to the Sari man and tells him to pass her something else. The Sari man tells her about the Lengha and the special duputta. She walks over to the mirror again. Rituraj shakes his head. Akshara is about to walk off when he stops her. He points at the Dupatta and tells he to put it over her head. Akshara puts it over her head and blushes. Rituraj gives her a thumbs up.

Akshara looks up at the reflections and laughs. ' You look like a bride don't say no now, the look on your  face suggests that you will be wearing this at your brothers wedding', laughs the Sari Man. Akshara smiles. Choti walks in and asks the Sari Man whether Akshara has chosen something. The Sari man tells her that Akshara finally decided on the lengha. He tells Choti that he also brought things for her but she doesn't have the time for him. Choti tells him that she will be with him in a moment. The Sari man leaves the room. Choti turns to Akshara thats she will look prettier than the bride and tells her not to worry as her time will come and then she will look even prettier. ' Chachi,' Akshara blushes. ' Now tell me did you like the boy?' asks Choti. Akshara looks at her reflection in the mirror. Rituraj appears again,' I know from you that your answer is yes.' Akshara replies,' No'. Choti repeats Akshara. She looks at Rituraj who is shaking his head. ' No Never.' replies Akshara. Choti looks at Akshara. ' But I thought that you liked him?' asks Choti. Choti walks off. Akshara stops her and tells her that she didn't mean it like that. Choti tells her that she understands that these decisions can't be made that quickerly. Akshara looks down. Choti tells her to take her time  and when she finally decides, she should come and tell her Chachi. ' What about Mum?' asks Akshara. Choti tells her that she will handle her.Choti leaves. Akshara walks over to the mirror. ' You should tell them that your happy with this alliance,who knows you may get late', cheekily replies Rituraj. ' Didn't you hear Chachi she said I could take my time and its about the rest of my life,' explains Akshara. She pulls her dupatta down and swings it down to reveal that Rituraj isn't not there. Akshara looks in the mirror and smiles. Akshara walks around and dwonstairs in the background Piya Bawri plays. ' Chachi told me take time to think....,' Akshara says to herself as she walks down the stairs. Akshara admits to herself that she should say yes and that she is starting to like him. She tells herself that she is worried that she will make the wrong choice. At the bottom of the stairs Akshara walks into Badi.Badi asks her why she is talking to herself. Badi asks her whether she has decided what she is going to wear as it is Shaurya's engagement today, Akshara explains that what she was thinking about and before she even gets to end Badi tells her to come into her room later and tells her she will give her things to wear. Badi walks off. Piya Bawri starts playing again as Akshara is left thinking on the stairs.



Pre Cap
Akshara is talking about Rituraj to Varsha. Varsha understands that Akshara can't decide
as they have only met once. Varsha asks Akshara whether she wants to meet him again.

Moment of the Day
Moment of the day for me was when Badi told Varsha that the next time she will come to
there house would be as there Daughter- In- Law.


Lots of Love Simmie x x x

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amazing updt simran! thanks alot! keeep it up!
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thank you for the awesome update Simmie! Big smile
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Posted: 11 February 2009 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update Simmie! Thanx hun! Big smile
OMG... today's epi sounds amazing! Can't wait to watch it!
Lolz I'm glad nothing serious happened in the convo between Varsha and Badi! Finally... the day I was waiting for is coming soon!
ShaVa are going to get married! And hopefully, tomorrow is their engagement. I'm so excited! Dancing
And I so agree with the moment of the day... looks like a sweet scene.
Lolz Aisha bohat khush hain!
.x. Simran .x. Goldie
.x. Simran .x.
.x. Simran .x.

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Pleasure is mine guys.... Glad you enjoyed the update and Aisha yaara it was difficult picking a moment of the day...because today's episode sooo uff tooo cute part from that wicked old budhi Shankari Tai... I could have slapped her today....hehe!! So happy ShaVa will be getting married soon!! Party time....Party
sanw IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks simmie for the update
I was really scared when varsha was called  due to ST's remarks. I thought varsha and akshara wouldnt meet now!!!
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aww the mirror scene was so cute :)

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