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aaliyah Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2005 at 8:33pm | IP Logged
 Overall today's episode was excellent. Ejaz and Hiten were brilliant (Purva was also Good)..Ejaz as Sahil was simply the best…he is so cheeky but still is adorable.

Extra shown in recap: when Kajal and Sahil are talking, Baa enters their room and seeing them two together is happy for them.  The episode begins on Manmeet talking to the doctor Namrata (the one that carried out the DNA test). Manmeet apologises to the doctor for Samay's behaviour.  Nitu asks Manmeet what the doctor was saying and what has Samay done. Manmeet tells Nitu that Samay accused the doctor of being bribed into making a false DNA report. Manmeet tells Nitu he doesn't know why Samay is doing this and what he really wants. Then Baa (coming down the stairs) replies  "Kajal ki apni zindagi mein waapasi". Manmeet and Nitu appear surprised at Baa's words. Baa continues and says, "you may not like my words but this is the truth". Nitu gets up and emotionally and says, "No, Samay loves Arjun a lot, he will never do this to him." Then Baa says, "yes I know but Samay doesn't take him as Arjun but as his look-alike and that's why he is turning away from the truth…He loves Kajal a lot and that's why he cant tolerate separating from her". Then Baa comforts Nitu and tells her that she understands her pain but "Samay ki aankhon par jo jhoot ka parda para hai, use aap lohngon ko hatana pare ga". Baa then begins to cry and leaves.

Samay is shown driving home. He is having flashbacks of Sahil talking on the phone and then him confessing his truth. Samay thinks that he knows what he needs to do and drives quickly home. At home Sahil is in the lounge holding a phone to his ear. As soon as he sees kajal coming down the stairs he quickly turns round and pretends he is talking to someone asking them about Samay's whereabouts. Sahil pretends to be very concerned as to where Samay is. He then hangs up the phone and says, "Where has bhaiya gone…its my fault". Kajal comes up to Sahil and puts her hand on his shoulder. Sahil gives a sly smile (as he knows kajal must of heard what he was saying) and turns round looking innocent and with tears in his eyes. Kajal has tears in her eyes and says, "I don't know why Samay doesn't believe that you are his Arjun, I wish he could see these tears and then he would understand that even after all the hatred he has given you how much you still care for him and are worried for him". Then Sahil cries and says, "Yes I know that, but bhaiya only hates me because he loves his Arjun a lot, it's so strange that I am the reason for bhaiya's hatred and the reason for his love." Sahil then pretends to wipe his tear (with his left hand…I think this is Sahil's habit) and turns away from Kajal. He smiles (while pretending he is really upset) and says " Kajal mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai, jab bhi main bachpan mein rooth jaya kartha tho, bhaiya hi mujhe manathe the." He smiles and looks back at Kajal and then continues by saying " par aaj mujhe manane wala bhaiya mujhse hi rooth gaye…where shall I look for him". Sahil looks up and finds Samay standing in the doorway (house entrance). Samay is very angry. Sahil smiles at Samay (gesturing at Kajal). He runs and hugs him saying " Bhaiya, thank god your ok, look bhaiya enough of your anger, please agree and promise us that you will never leave us again, come in". Sahil then holds Samay's arm and is about to bring him into the lounge". Manmeet stops Sahil and tells Samay that he was given enough time to face the truth and accept it but he doesn't believe that his brother (Arjun) and Kajal's husband has come back. Everyone is upset and Sahil is very worried and appears hurt (well we know he is pretending). Samay then points at Sahil and says "look at him for a moment, look how worried he is the bechara, but it seems that him being worried doesn't make any difference to you, and that's why I have made a decision". Manmeet tells Samay that that he will not be able to live in the house anymore. Everyone is shocked.

Then Sahil runs up to Manmeet and says, "papa, what are you doing, you can't do this". Manmeet interrupts Sahil and says "enough Arjun, enough, your zid can not make me change my decision." Manmeet then tells Samay that he has to leave the house and he can go now. Nitu and Kajal are in tears. Kajal looks at Nitu pleadingly as she thinks that Nitu might be able to change Manmeet's decision. Samay is very hurt by his father's words. He walks up to Manmeet and Sahil. He looks at Sahil and says " today I am going to break the wall of suspicion that has been standing between us and ask you for forgiveness…my selfishness could not recognise your love, please forgive me". Samay then hugs Sahil and says "please Arjun forgive me". Behind Samay Sahil has a confused expression (he doesn't know why Samay is acting in this way). Sahil then says, "What are you saying bhaiya?" Samay says to Sahil that he is saying the right thing and that he himself was the one who was in the wrong and couldn't recognise Arjun's love. Samay then says that his stubbornness caused everyone a lot of pain and whether it was possible for them to forgive him. Samay cries and joins his hands for forgiveness and says that his punishment will be that he will stay alone and away from the family. He bends to take Manmeet's blessings and Manmeet moves back. Nitu starts crying as Samay turns to leave the house. Kajal stops Samay. She tells Manmeet to forgive Samay and stop him from leaving, Kajal tells Arjun to tell Manmeet to let Samay stay. Arjun pleads with Manmeet to stop Samay.  Manmeet is not taking any of it. Then Nitu also tells Manmeet to forgive Samay and tells him that she can't bear her children being separated. After much persuasion Manmeet finally agrees to allow Samay to stay. He tells Samay that if Arjun has forgiven him then he has no right to be angry with him. Samay then starts crying and hugs Manmeet. Everyone is happy and have tears of joy in their eyes. Samay thanks Manmeet for forgiving him. Samay then hugs Sahil again (I think they all caught the hugging bug). Manmeet and Nitu leave the brothers and Kajal in the lounge. Kajal then thanks Samay and tells him that a big burden has been lifted from her heart and tells them that she will bring some sweets (mitae) for this happy moment. Kajal goes to get mitae leaving Samay and Sahil alone.

Samay looks at Sahil and says "Arjun I am really happy today, now that you have forgiven me", Sahil looks at Samay confused. Samay then says " I promise that I will always love you…but just in front of the family." Sahil is shocked. Samay then tells Sahil that he was only playing a game, a game that Sahil started and he will finish it with the last goal being to kick Sahil out of the house. Samay then puts his hand forward and says "until then best of luck". Sahil shakes Samay's hand in acceptance of his challenge.  Sahil then takes his hand back mockingly smiling and says " big bhaiya, you turned out to be quite a weak player, you told the truth in your first victory, you didn't even think that now I'm going to live in this house and that also with my wife, and to win from you I can go to any extremes". Samay shouts at Sahil. Sahil says "don't shout, warna lene ke dena par jaye ge, by telling the truth you made things worse for yourself because the next step of the game will not be easy for you, as you are on your own whereasI have your parents ashirwaad and your…I mean your brother wife's support…believe me winning from me will not be easy, stop it if you can (rok sako tho rok lo)"

Later Kajal brings mitae. She tells Sahil that he will have to sweeten Samay's mouth. Sahil says, "why not, if you say it, I will have to, how can I possibly refuse to what my wife says". Sahil takes some mitae and gives it to Samay. Sahil then says, " Bhaiya aren't you going to give me any". Samay gives some mitae to Sahil. Sahil smiles at Samay and says "ok bhaiya we're going". Sahil puts his arms around Kajal and says good night to Samay. Sahil and Kajal turn to go upstairs. While climbing the stairs Sahil turns round and winks at Samay. Samay is shocked. Sahil then wipes his right cheek with his left hand (i think this is going to be his trademark habit) and goes upstairs.  Samay is left feeling helpless. In kajal and Arjun's bedroom Kajal locks their bedroom door. Sahil is smiling at her. Kajal and Sahil walk towards each other and hug. It turns out to be Samay's imagination of Sahil and Kajal (why Samay is imagining Kajal and Sahil in their bedroom is a mystery of its own). Samay thinks that he doesn't trust Sahil and he might take advantage of Kajal. Samay feels he needs to do something to stop Sahil.

Kajal is neatening the bed sheets. Sahil walks in and asks Kajal if he can help her. Kajal says, "yes, I will take your night suit out and you can go and change into it". Kajal smiles and turns to get his night suit. Sahil grabs Kajal's arm and says he needs to tell her something. Kajal asks him what it is. Sahil says that he wants to see her in the same attire that she wore when she entered their house for the first time, he tells Kajal he wants to see her in her wedding clothes like a bride. He then says " Kajal we had everything then but not the feelings that we have for each other now, Kajal I want to relive that night and show you how much I love you". Kajal then smiles at him and goes to get her wedding dress out of the closet. A sweet song is played in the background. Kajal goes to change. She smiles at Sahil and leaves. (Really good sly scene by Sahil) Behind Kajal Sahil is smiling and saying "Aaj tho mujhe Kajal ko hasal karne se koi nahi rok sakhta,,Bare bhaiya bhi". He then smiles again and says "bhaiya".  

(The best scene…Ejaz was so excellent in this scene…him mocking Samay was so hilarious) The telephone rings in Samay's bedroom. Samay picks it up and finds Sahil calling him from his bedroom. Sahil mocks Samay and says " Bhaiya, what happened, cant you get to sleep, well how could you possibly go to sleep when your Kajal is with me, don't worry I will take good care of her, ya yun kahen ke (another trademark quote that Sahil uses a lot) I will give her so much love that she…" Samay interrupts Sahil and says "stop your nonsense, where is Kajal?" Sahil teases Samay and says "meanwhile she fulfilling a little request of mine and is getting dressed as a bride." Samay tells Sahil to stay in his limits. Sahil says "the limits will surely be crossed, Kajal is getting dressed as a bride for her Arjun, the sweet moments of the suhaag raat that your brother didn't give to her, I will give to her, hey I have some duties as well, to carry out all the undone tasks of your brother, don't worry just go to sleep, good night bhaiya". Sahil hangs up and Samay is left very angry. He paces his room and tries to think of a way to stop Sahil. Samay goes to his closet and finds something. He smiles and knows he can stop Sahil now.  

Kajal is shown coming out all dressed as a bride. Romantic music is playing in the background. Sahil looks at her and is smiling. They walk towards each other. Sahil puts his hand out for Kajal to hold. Kajal is just about to hold Sahil's hand when the door knocks. Sahil opens the door to find Samay standing outside their bedroom. Kajal and Sahil are surprised to see Samay. Sahil looks at Samay with evil eyes and seems angry as to why Samay has come (and of course interrupted his plan). Samay walks into their room and goes up to Kajal. He is holding something behind his back. Kajal looks at Samay questionably. Sahil smiles in the background (I bet he's thinking, Samay…what a freak) Samay then holds out a small gunpati murti. He tells Kajal that he saw this and thought he should return it to her as it belongs to her. He tells Kajal that he hopes she hasn't forgotten it. Kajal then has a flashback of her wedding day with Samay.  

The flashback shows Kajal giving the gunpati murti to Samay and telling him that she knows that he has always understood her feelings and she knows he wont disappoint her this time either. Samay asks Kajal what she is trying to say. Kajal says, " Samay don't take me wrong but I am confused and not in the right state of mind, that's why…" Kajal doesn't finish her sentence. Samay says that he understands her and he will support her with her wrath and that their relationship will only move further when Kajal feels its right.  

Back in Kajal's bedroom Sahil is confused as to what Samay and Kajal are doing. Kajal takes the murti from Samay and thanks him. Samay turns to leave and stops at Sahil. He holds Samay's shoulder and winks at him. When Samay leaves Sahil asks Kajal what Samay was talking of and what he was reminding her about. Kajal tells Sahil that she had made a wrath (promise) that until their Abhimanyu wasn't born safely she would not contemplate the duty of a wife (unlucky Samay hey) and that the witness to her promise was her gunpati. Kajal tells Sahil that she's going to change her clothes and leaves. Sahil wipes his right cheek with his left hand and is very angry that his plan has failed.

Samay is in his bedroom waiting. The telephone rings. And Samay answers it by saying "I was waiting for your call, I knew you would phone after losing miserably." The person calling is Sahil who is very annoyed. Samay says " how did you like losing, did you enjoy it, I told you that lies don't last that long, see how today, to make you lose even bagwaan helped me". Sahil interrupts Samay and says " be quiet, you're a weak player, that's why with such a small victory you are immensely happy, ok today was your day but I promise tomorrow will be my day". Sahil puts the phone down angrily. In his room Samay thinks " today has gone but how will I protect Kajal from him tomorrow". Samay then looks at Arjun's picture that's in his room and says "Arjun whether anyone agrees or not but I know you surely agree that I am only doing this to protect your Kajal from this fraud, please help me, I am really lonely without you, please help me Arjun". (This was really a sad scene I felt so sorry for Samay)


Next morning the family is all gathered in the lounge with a pundit. Samay comes down and seems angry. Sahil looks at Samay and gives him a cheeky smile. Samay thinks that it must be this frauds new plan. Samay ask the family what the matter is and why they are so worried. Manmeet tells Samay that as they were going through bad times his mother (Nitu) called the pundit. Samay asks everyone what the pundit said. Nitu says" I don't know how to say this to you, but after looking at all our kundali's, punditji has said that there is still death upon this family". Samay is shocked and Nitu tells Samay that its his kundali that has death in it and the only way around it is his marriage. Samay says, "Mum what are you saying, this is impossible, I'm not ready for marriage". Manmeet says, "Beta we understand your feelings but you need a partner to spend your life with". Samay tells Manmeet not to force him. Then Sahil says "bhaiya, agree to it, I know that its hard to forget the past and start a fresh life but believe me if you have someone's support (Sahil looks at Kajal and smiles) then it doesn't take long to forget old things". Then Samay replies, "that only if you want to forget something, I don't have any memories that I want to forget". Samay then leaves angrily. Sahil then says to the pundit that he knows his brother well and he's just got a divorce so it wont be easy for him to marry anyone else again and asks the pundit whether there is any other way. The pundit says there is no other way and it would be better if Samay remarries his wife. Everyone is shocked. The pundit tells the family that it's because of his previous marriage that Samay was protected.

Later (when the pundit has gone) the family sit and discuss what the pundit has told them. Kajal says "mum we will need to talk with Samay, there is not better partner as Kritika for Samay". Sahil interrupts and says, "Absolutely not, Kritika cannot return to this house, she has already gave Samay bhaiya a lot of grief." Then Kajal tries to convince Sahil that Kritika has changed and how she did so much for her and the family when he had gone and that she deserves to be given another chance. Nitu agrees with Kajal. Kajal tells Nitu that Kritika is very lonely and loves Samay and it will be very good if Kritika returns to the house once again so that they can be all together. Then Manmeet says that before they make any decisions they need to talk to Samay and Kritika and that it might be that they both are not ready for this relationship. Then Sahil says " Papa you are right, whether Kritika agrees or not, but Samay bhaiya will surely not agree to the marriage and even I think this shaadi should not take place". Then Kajal stands up and takes Sahil's hand and places it on her head. She makes him promise that he will not bad mouth Kritika again and will help make both Samay and Kritika agree to the marriage. Sahil seems lost for words and stays quiet. Nitu seems very happy.

The pundit is shown waiting for someone. A car pulls up and a girl walks out. She gives the pundit money and he tells her that her job has been done and that he has made the Punj family confused with all these spiritual predictions that they will have no other option but to do as she asked.  The pundit leaves and the girl turns round. It is Kritika. She thinks that "Samay you will have to marry me now".

Samay is shown in his office. Kajal comes to visit him. She tells Samay that she wants to talk to him. Samay says that if she wants to talk about the marriage then she should forget it. Kajal says she doesn't want to talk about the marriage but about Kritika. Samay seems surprised. Kajal asks Samay if he will marry Kritika. Samay tells Kajal that how can she ask him that question when he has recently divorced Kritika. Kajal says it doesn't matter as they both can start afresh and its not that difficult. Samay disagrees and says meanwhile it will be hard for him to think of that. Kajal tells Samay about how worried his parents are and how a prospective death in the kundali is not a small thing and it's for the sake of his life. Samay ask Kajal not to persuade him to take a decision and that he needs time to think. Kajal says to Samay that he hasn't got time to think. She reminds Samay that when it was about the matter of her life he did not think of anything and agreed to the marriage and now when it concerns his life he is taking the matter too lightly. Samay says that the only reason he is doing this is because this not only concerns his life but also Kritika's life. Samay says to Kajal that he will think about it but she should not create great expectations from this. Then Kajal leaves. Samay thinks that how can he tell Kajal that this is that fraud's (Sahil's) plan.

Next scene is of Malini and Kritika. Malina is upset over what Kritika did. She asks Kritika why she created such a big drama by sending the pundit. Kritika apologises. Malini tells her that she understands how much Kritika loves Samay and how she suppressed her feelings while making Kajal agree to the wedding. Malini then says that Arjun is back (Kajal has got her husband and life back) so if she wants her to talk to Nitu then she will. Then Kritika says "yes I admit that I still love Samay but…" then Kritika tells Malini something which we cant hear (I think most likely about Sahil). 

Samay is shown in his office. He is thinking about Kritika and all the good things she has done for him and Kajal. Then Sahil walks into the office Samay looks at him surprised. Sahil walks towards Samay's desk and says, " I didn't know, next time you should keep that in mind, bhaiya" (I think Sahil is talking about Samay's death prediction). He then carries on by saying "I heard my dear wife came here to meet you." Samay gets up angrily and says, "She is not your wife, understand". Then Sahil says, "why are you getting upset, it's the same thing, anyway what have you thought about the marriage, if you take my word I think you should do it, my job will be made easier". Sahil then wipes his cheek, smiles and leaves the office. Samay thinks " you can do all you want Sahil, Kajal will never be yours, and as far as Kritika is concerned you now watch what I will do".  The episode ends.



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smilingstar3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2005 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
wow you are a gr8 updater
i saw the episode it was good
now i dun't kno whose side to take
tho it seems that sahil is a fraud...not arjun...but who knows
shahidlover24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2005 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
Thx for the awesum update!
Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2005 at 1:26am | IP Logged
Aaliyah, thank you so much for the wonderful update!
It is an hour long episode and we are really grateful to you for typing all of it, in such detail! You are wonderful! Smile
jazmine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2005 at 2:12am | IP Logged
yas aaliyah ur a wonderful updater but i spotted a small mistake in one of da dailogues which woz :"Then Sahil runs up to Manmeet and says, "papa, what are you doing, you can't do this". Manmeet interrupts Sahil and says "enough Sahil, enough, your zid can not make me change my decision." Manmeet then tells Samay that he has to leave the house and he can go now."

shouldnt it be:Then Sahil runs up to Manmeet and says, "papa, what are you doing, you can't do this". Manmeet interrupts Sahil and says "enough Arjun, enough, your zid can not make me change my decision." Manmeet then tells Samay that he has to leave the house and he can go now. as manmeet is saying that to Arjun not Sahil as he has no idea of who is Sahil.

i thought of pointing out dat mistake. sorry if u feel bad. but ur a fantastic updater n u took abt more dan 2 hours to do the whole update or more. thanx for da update, i will try n ask one of da mods to turn u into a coolbie as ur very gud at this job. (now im talkin like a seniorLOL kya bolte hai loge "Chhoti Moo Bari Baat"LOL
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2005 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Thanks Aaliyah. Great update.

meghavi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2005 at 8:42am | IP Logged
WOW!!..what a detailed update!! ClapClap  Thank you!
SONYA_K Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2005 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot 4 the update!!SmileSmileSmile

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