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~~Harshad Chopda FC~~Telly Screen's Badshah (Page 2)

-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2005
Posts: 5755

Posted: 24 February 2009 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

Welcome to Fan Club No 39!
Phew, so we are finally here! First all, thank you to each one of you for having the patience and rocking the previous FC…Sorry, we had to make you go slow on the earlier one specially at a time, we know, each one of you were excited to have OUR PREM, THE PREM back! So for that Thank you for having the patience and Sorry!
They life is not to be measured by the number of breaths that you take, but is to be measured by the moments that took your breath away. Well, the number of moments that Harshad through his stupendous performance has taken our hearts away are many. Each of the character , he has enacted, has been unique. Perhaps, what is the greatest testimony to his acting skills has been two completely contrasting characters in the same show, one which we loved and the other which we loved to hate.
This FC attempts to put the pieces together, and attempts to highlight his acting skills, skills that go into the making of a star. I thought and thought of a theme, and later realized that there couldnt be a better theme than this. The challenge was immense though, trying to better the previous FC. Dont know, if I am able to do so, but still this FC was just another humble attempt.

Daisy and Yoj, I still cant believe how you all could manage so endlessly and tirelessly and I guess its all about love and dedication. Thank You for making me a part of your family
Some Thank You's to be said, without whom, this FC would be incomplete.
Harshad : for being the guiding light, like always,
Daisy & Yoj : I dont know how to express my thoughts into words right now. When we were making this FC, I realized that alot of Harshad being a star has to do with the dedication and passion, support and encouragement, that you guys have shown on him. Indeed, we are blessed to know you.
Payal & Yassu Di : If I dont give you guys, the complete credit for this FC, then I wont be fair to you. For Payal, you are ones you wrote the write ups til late at night, while I tried to balance it out at work and Yassu di, for the siggys and for all the coordination and support involved.
Sidrah & Raksha : for just being there. Your presence just meant a lot.
Priya : for the help related to the news articles post Jan 2009.
To all New Members : a Warm Hello and welcome to our mad family and to all other existing/old members : Waiting kis baat ka, chalo, lets rock and roll in this FC...

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delo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 August 2006
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Posted: 25 February 2009 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Hello friends..
So finally I took out some time to post this message, and I had to do this today as I wont be getting much time now
Misty as I told you, I am not able to see the front  page of the FC....Just when I click it...Its says ''Microsoft has encountered a problem'' and the page closes....Ouch
But well fortunately I did see the FC while you were constructing it and did read some thingsSmile
I also saw the kind of effort and hard work you and Payal had been putting throughout since a week...I must tell that I loved every bit of it....Harshad has everything that takes to make him a ''badhsaah'' and he will be there very soon....
A big hi to all our friends here...and you guys are awesome....You guys rock this place
Ok so I dont know when I would be able to log in now...Will miss everyone on the FC
Till then you guys take care
See you all very soon

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-Payal- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 July 2006
Posts: 7096

Posted: 25 February 2009 at 1:56pm | IP Logged

Welcome to the 39th HC FC!!!!!

I really can't believe we are at 39 already.  I have been so inactive lately, and it seems like so long ago that I was active.  I guess I'm just thankful that despite our busy lives and schedules, the FC did not stop moving forward.  For that, I must thank the new members.  If not for you, we wouldn't be here right now.  I appreciate so very much, that you guys were able to keep it going.  Needless to say, its good to be back.

Of course I never start one of these without first and foremost thanking the original four...Yoj, Daisy, Swati, & Vaishu.  As you know, I have been through all the FCs.  Recently, I had the chance to revist some of the initial FCs and I was again overwhelmed, just as I have been in the past.  I think with each passing day, I come to admire and respect the four of you more and more.  I have come to realize that so much of who HC is today can solely be accredited to the love and support that you guys showered upon him initially - when he needed it the most.  If you had not been there then, he would not be where he is now...and neither would we.  I know I can never thank the four of you enough.  Just know that we will always appreciate everything you guys have done, and continue to do.

Misty, Page 1 looks great, and I know that it took a lot out of you.  Thank you for your tireless effort.  I too don't understand how Daisy and Yoj did it all these months, and you're right - it can only have been a true labor of the love and admiration they harbor for HC.
I would like to say however, that you have really worked wonders for the past 2 FCs.  They have been incredible - incorporating each and every thing - from HC's performances, to interviews, and everything else.  I don't think we've ever had that on the FCs before, and its so nice to now have all the links all in one place.  I know it must have been hard for you to put that together, so thank you - for taking the time, and putting in the effort to do so.
I also owe you an apology for keeping you waiting for over a week with the write-up for this one.  Thank you for waiting ever so patiently for me as I fought an inner battle with myself trying to crank this one out.  In the end, I think it was all worth the while - everything came together perfectly.

I have some 'thank yous' of my own to dish out:
Daisy, Rakshu, Siddy, Yasmin Di, and Nans...I really don't think I would have made it through the past 10 days without you guys.  THANK YOU, for literally holding my hand and walking me through this one.  Not only do I owe you a thank you, I owe you a 'sorry' as well - for being incredibly annoying - as I'm sure I was.  I appreciate the moral support and guidance.  I guess I can't say anything beyond that...words fall short...

To everyone who had a hand in putting this FC together - THANK YOU.  Y Di, your siggies are simply beautiful - you surpass yourself each time.

Last but not least:
Just a simple thank you, for everything that you have unknowingly done for us.  Words fall short when it comes to expressing your true worth.  We wish you all the very best in everything.  Keep shining, Keep Smiling!
God Bless You!


Okay...bhashan khatam...
I'm so excited to be back!  Again a BIG hello to everyone thats been around to keep the show going around here: Vaishu, Priya, Yasmin Di, Misty, Alina, Nina, Shabs, Vandy, Anu, Nina, Nisa,
Noor, Siddika, and everyone else I haven't had a chance to meet yet.  Thanks for keeping things running around here - though I know I need not say it. 
Aaaw, I hope all the other members come back soon too!!  Sarah, Nans, Siddy, Rakshu, Mehndi, Zainu di, Yoj, Daisy...everyone else...We have a reunion pending.  I hope it happens sooooon!  Miss you guys!

Of course this msg would be incomplete if I didn't say a quick hello to dear Vandu!!  Hi Vandu!!  I look forward to seeing you around the HCFC much more often (or atleast as much time as you can alot)...only because I say so.  Really - despite what the others tell you, we love it when you drop by, and actually want you here.  =)  I'm still waiting on that RK/HC FC...I still think we can make it happen!  (Where there's a will there's a way, right?)

Okie...enough of that - lets Rock HC's FC!
OOOOH....And, on an Important note:  The RULES of the FC have been REVAMPED and are up on Page 1...PLEASE go take a look!!!
Okay...really this time - bhashan over.

Love you guys!  Take Care!  God Bless!

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Aanandaa IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 April 2005
Posts: 13875

Posted: 25 February 2009 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
Congratulations on the 39th FC!!!!!

I can't believe we are fast approaching the Golden Jubilee club!!!!Feels like just the other day I first got started..reluctantly...timidly...hahaha...like as if I would be caught by someone...Little did I know that this place would come soo close to my heart and will become a part of my life..

First thanks to Misty for taking up the task of making yet another brilliant FC...this was a last minute deal and I have to give it to Misty for assuming the responsibility so well...I was somewhat a witness to what all she and Yas went through to put this together...I know Yas wasn't even feeling well and Misty was neck deep at  her work and what not....The siggies have now become a part and parcel of our FC...Miss Mehendi a lot...she used to be an integral part of the Siggy creating team for the FC...now she has her board exams..so its understandable....Yas...you are doing an awesome job and very quickly you made your own place in the hearts of the FCians and I am sure even Harsh loves your siggies....

And what can I say about my dearest P...She is a real cutiepie....I don't know what to say about her...hahaha....she had her exams and what not...but still NOT once did she say no to Misty when she was asked to do the write ups....I have literally seen her going through the stress of balancing between this and her academics....and what beautiful write ups did they turn out to be.,...with a title like 'badshaah' there is every scope for whatever we say to go overboard and sound cheesy....but see how nicely she rounded it all up....ClapClapClap

Missing Daisy's presence in the FC...She used to be like a hostess of this FC...always welcoming people with a smile and open arms and talking to them, making them feel at home and also bring up interesting conversations....But I guess things just have to move on and now we are learning to take care of ourselves...it may take time and even may seem impossible...but we will do it...in fact when eventually we all have to move on...the members then will do it...

However our Harshad would be a bigger star by then...a true 'badshah' in every sense of the word...and he would be making his mark on the bigscreen as well...that's my biggest wish for Harshad...I WANT TO SEE HIM IN A SUPER HIT BOLLYWOOD MOVIE AS THE MAIN LEAD!!!!!!But before that, Harshad please please please...could you find some other production house???Prem is awesome and our most loved character and I know your favorite too.....but before the BT creatives butcher Prem, can you please get out of that role...I am sooo not liking what they are trying to do with Prem these days.....CryThe only saving grace is Harshad's brilliant and blemishless performances....otherwise Kis Desh might as well be taken to the dumps....Confused...

Sitting here trying to edit this post, I got reminded of the days when me,Sids and Zu used to reserve our posts and Daisy used to be after us to unedit them....and how Sids and I used to be lazy and also busy and take our own sweet time writing these posts...Of course Zu used to be a good girl...like always...Embarrassed....And again here I am, taking 203943 days to unreserve my post....ConfusedLOL....Miss Sids a lot...Ouch...she is my reserving companion....LOL

This is the place where I made friends with so many wonderful people like Yas,Prii,Vandu,Vaishu, Alina,Yoj,Atop, Nina,Mehendi,Bhavna,Heena and many many more members....I know most of these girls are really busy with their academics....but still I can never forget the good times we have had...Now we have so many new people who are just as wonderful and I can't wait to talk to interact with them more and more...Of course I have already met Shabnam,Vandana and Anusha...Looking forward to meeting the other members as well...

Coming to my core batch with whom I have interacted the most, and who were my friends even before I ever entered this FC...what can I say about them....they are the people who are the reason why I come back again and again to IF,MSN and even FC...LOLWinkLOL...Meme LOVES you girls...Hug

To Harshad,( if he ever reads thisLOL)....you are doing such a good job and we are so proud to be your admirers (somehow me no like the word FanSleepy)...you make us proud not only with your brilliant acting, but also with your professional,dignified and sweet attitude in real life....You seem to be a nice humanbeing and God will always bless you with all the best of the things...Thumbs Up...*please read the above red higlighted paragraph tooEmbarrassed*

That's all I guess for now...Sorry for putting you all to sleep...Sleepy


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-Anusha- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 March 2008
Posts: 7318

Posted: 25 February 2009 at 8:59pm | IP Logged

Congratulations Graphic #8

My hearty congrats for the 39th HCFC

Finally the 39th HCFC. But for me it is just like i joined the FC now.I am feeling happy that i am part of 2 FC's. I feels really pleasure to be part of such a caring and nice family.

I must appreciate u guys for putting a lot of effort in making all the HCFC's a big success and the names of all the FC's are unique that forced me to join u all in the discussions. i did not get time to check all the old FC's but when i get time i will check the first pages of all the FC's

first page is giving probs to me so i will edit the rest soo soon

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HarshadianNo1 Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2008
Posts: 2475

Posted: 25 February 2009 at 10:42pm | IP Logged

 I must start this message with A Big Sorry For Misty...I am so sorry dear...was very busy with some personal stuff
So cant update the postCry

And NowBig smile

Congratulations everyone for the 39th FC of Harshad.Big smile
For Me Harshad is not only Tellyscreen's Badshah but he rules our hearts too.Clap
Such a simple person...with such humility...That too in Telly Industry is rare and unbelievable.ShockedBig smileClap
I wish every person in this world be atleast 5 % like him and the world will be a beautiful place to live in.Big smile
He has definitely prooved his acting skills again and again.
He is the BESTEST BEST.As an actor as a human being...For Me he is the King Of All.

Misty dear I saw how excited U are while making every FC...I love to see that passion and excitement in you.Hug
And your every effort is direct dilse...Hats off to you for doing all this inspite of your busy schedule...Clap
I very well know you are busy with ur work yet u take time for making FC and that too such a beautiful FC..Big smile
Thanks a lot dear...I love you.Smile

Payal...You are really god gifted...The write up by You is amazing..what we feel u put that so very well in words...
I know you were so busy with your exams but yet you did it...that shows how much love and respect you have for FC
and Harshad...muahhhhhHug

My oldies..Rakshu Daisy Siddu Nandu Sarah Yojana Vandu...I miss you all yaar..plz come as u get time.Smile
Thanks a lot to Vaishu Priya Vandy Alina Shabs Anu and everyone here...its becoz of all of you that this FC is moving
I appreciate that each and everyone of u make a point to visit the fc daily...Thanks a lot guys.Big smile

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-Alina- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 6493

Posted: 25 February 2009 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
  Congrats GuysClap
Welcome to the 39th HCFC!!!!

Wow so Finally we guys managed to open 39th Harshad Chopda's Fanclub. It really feels great to be a part
of such a nice family. I m really Thankful to Harshad Chopda that he became such talented Star that we all r now his big Fan and through him I met All the lovely people of this world. Once again Thanks to all the new members n to those members who remained active while few oldies goldies couldnt made to visit here due to some probs. Really guys I m thankful to each one of You for Keeping this FC moving!!! You Guys seriously ROCKS!!!!!!

Well we all just cant leave thanking the creators of the very first FC, i mean Yoj di, Daisy di, Swati di n Vaishu di. You guys really Rocks as Harshad Chopda. If Harshad Chopda is the base of this FC so u guys are the pillars!!!! I really thank u guys from bottom of my heart!!

Harshad Chopda- Telly Screen's Badshah
Hey Misty di...This 39th FC which is by You is really Amazing. Each n every write-up is damn gud. You truly said that Harshad have really taken our breath by doing flawless scenes!!! He is really a versatile actor. We all can see his journey from karan to Prem n then Gaurav. I must say Harshad have really done a lot of hard work on his acting skills n it has really proved him a Badshah of small screen.
Nowadays the way Harshad is doing his job being Prem/Gaurav...its really magnificent!!!!! Few days ago we all over here were thinking that what have happened to our The Prem??? why he is not acting like Prem??? The problem was not in Prem nor in Harshad's Acting....it was Garauv trying to be Prem. And HC have really done a great job!!! On one side he is doing a role of Prem who is a Obedient Son, a Lover and perfect brother......so on the other hand Gaurav is entirely different from what we see Prem doing...Gaurav is a sort of a bad guy, who only things abt money n all....Seriously by doing both the roles Harshad Chopda have proved himself as the Badshah of the small screen....I hope one day we all will see this Badshah not only ruling  small screen but Big screen too.Inshallah.


Misty di U have really done a brilliant job in making this FC. From Write-ups to siggies
to each n every pic is just mind blowing. And the theme of this FC just goes wid the current situation!!!
Once again Thanks a lot di For making this FC. Its really awesome. Keep it up di.ClapClap

Now coming back to each and every member of this FC from Oldies to the new members...Daisy di, Yoj di, Swati di, Vaishu di, Vandu di,Sidrah di,Zainu di, Yasmin di,Priya di,Payal di, Nans di, Atop,Shabs, Vandy di,Anu, Nina di,Sarah, Raksha di, and every single member of this FC thank u so much guys for being there.
Last but not the least, Harshad Chopda Rocks Big Time!!!!!

Take Care
Luv Alina

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lilsasha Goldie

Joined: 06 October 2008
Posts: 2164

Posted: 25 February 2009 at 11:41pm | IP Logged

Congrats Everyone .... OMG we are on 39th HCFC....

Misty....I loved the 1st Page...Excellent .... Clap
Thanks a lot dear....Hug
Indeed he is Telly Screen Ka Badshah and King/Ruler of Our Hearts too ....Embarrassed
Million Thanks to Harshad without whom this FC was not possible... Embarrassed...Love Him from the bottom of my Heart...HugHugHug
My Message to Harshad & All HCFC Members:

Shabnam. SmileSmileSmile

Edited by lilsasha - 19 March 2009 at 1:56pm

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