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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 6th Feb 2009 - Written Update/Video

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 6th Feb2009 (Episode 20)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Hey Guys ... I'm sooo Happy today!! My Bhabhi had a baby girl this morning!!
And Guys sorry the update is abit late.... OMG I'm sooo Happy... We haven't named the baby yet
so if anyone has any names suggestions please do send them to me... hehe!!
And omg all Ali Fan's will be happy...As they showed Ali in the Pre-Cap for Monday!!
Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


'Where are you running to?...wait a moment,' calls Badi ask she follows Akshara into her room. 'Look Didi at how our Akshara is blushing,' points out Choti. Akshara sits on her bed and has her back to Badi and Choti. Badi explains to Akshara that Vish has given her strict orders that he will talk to the family of the Groom of her choice. Akshara smiles. Badi tries to hand her the book of Bachelors but Akshara blushes and turns away.' Choti, she isn't listening to me now only you can make her understand'. Choti takes the book from Badi and sits down next to Akshara. ' If you don't say anything... What will I tell your Babu Ji?....' Badi looks at Akshara and smiles,'  Ok I won't look... Look calmly'. Choti opens the book and starts showing Akshara photos. Akshara shakes her head. Badi turns around to try and get a sneak peak. Finally after a while of page turning Akshara smiles at a page. Choti and Badi both smile at her. Badi looks  at the picture and asks Akshara if he is the one. Akshara runs off. As she is about to leave her room she bumpes into Vish. She looks at him and runs off. Vish enters Akshara's room and Choti excusses her self.

'Did Akshara tell you?' asks Vish. Smiling away Badi says yeas and then reaches over for the book. She opens it and shows Vish. Vish looks concered at first but then smiles. ' The boy is good, Don't you think so Shauya's Maa?' asks Vish as he smiles at the photo. Badi agrees. ' Maybe last time we just passed over him, my eyes have become so weak that I missed  such a good guy, I like him,' says Vish. 'How wouldn't you like him after you daughter likes him', replies Badi. Vish explains that he is very happy and that the only weakness a father has is his daughters love. ' Ok, What is his name....?'

Downstairs in the living room Shankari Tai replies his name is Rituraj. Vish asks her what the boy is like and  aks about his family. ST replies that they are well known and well off and that they are tradition. Vish hearing this replies,' My Babu Ji used to say that a person isn't rich because of the money they have but they are rich because of there traditions, there norms and values'. ST agrees and then goes on to tell them that she has done her research and they also have the same mentality.' I say cloase you eyes and agree to the rishta, I granatee it,' boosts ST. Vish smiles. Badi asks about the Boy. ST explains that he is well behaved and he is literate. As the conversation is conducting Akshara is standing on the balcony listening to the conversation. Hearing all the nice things about him Akshara smiles failing to realise that Varsha is approuching her from behind.

' Why, Are you listening quieting about what they have to say about you husband-to-be?' Varsha asks in a cheeky way. Akshara looks at her and then turns away and runs. Varsha follows her.
In the courtyard Gopi Dadi is taking about Dhaniya's Maa to Dadi. She explains that her mother as been to every temple to pray yet Dhaniya is... Gopi Dadi stops in her tracks. Akshara sits behind Dadi and hides behind her. ' What happened?Who are you hiding from?' asks Dadi. '  First she queitly listens to them talking about her husband-to-be,' replies Varsha. Akshara tells Dadi to tell Varsha to stop it. Varsha continues to tease her. Varsha tells Akshara to stop hiding behind Dadi. Dadi very cutely tells Varsha off. They all laugh. Akshara runs off again. As she runs off Vish comes in. Akshara stands behind a pillar. Vish tells Dadi that the Grooms side will be coming tomorrow to see Akshara. Dadi looks over at and she blushes and looks down. Vish goes on to tell her that they will go and meet them at some place and Akshara and the boy will get to meet. 'What do you think?' asks Vish. Dadi replies,' They are the Grooms side, we can't turn them down.Take Akshara, Badi, Choti and Omi with you.....' Vish Cuts in,' What  about you?'. Dadi explains that she doesn't go to hotels and she will wait at home for the news. Vish agrees and walks off. Dadi walks over to Akshara. ' So you will be meeting tomorrow... How will you meet him..?What will you talk to him about?' They all look at Akshara. 'We still need to teach her many things,'says Dadi smiling. Akshara runs off and Varsha calls and follows from behind when Akshara walks into Choti.

'Where are you going? Where are you running too?', asks Choti. Varsha replies that Akshara has gone crazy as she is meeting he hubby- to- be. Dhaniya replies so that means Akshara Did is blushing. Gopi replies that she is worried about meeting him. Choti tells everyone that she will get her ready. They all laugh. Badi tells her that a girls best assert is that she blushes. Varsha pulls her towards her and tells her not to blush to much otherwise he will think that you can't speak. They all laugh. Gopi tells her not to speak to much otherwise he will think that your a gossip. Each of them take turns on given Akshara advice on how she should talk and how she should act infront of him. They are laugh and tease her. Akshara gets upset.

In Akshara's bedroom. Akshara is looking in the mirror she is about to touch her hair when she remebers the advice Varsha gave her. ' Now what do I do? What don't I do? I can't be perfect.But I'm not that far off perfect'. Akshara bushes her hair. Piya Bawri starts playing in the background. Akshara gets up and lays on her bed.


Akshara is lying on her bed. Piya Bawri is still playing in the the Background. She truns around and faces her statues. (To the Dulhan Statue)' What do you care? You have your Dulha already thats why your standing there smiling. But what will happen to me?' She goes on to explain that she is worried as she doen't know what he will be like and if he is made for her or not. ' Do you know my heart is beating very hardly and I am breathing deeply, Will he be exactly how I thought he woud be?' Akshara turns away and lays back down on her bed. She gets up and smiles at Rituraj's photo.
(To herself) ' Inbetween all these photos like I picked this face did he pick my face. Between all the girls pictures did his eyes fall on my photo?' She smiles and then looks at Statues and aks them whether they were laughing at her.She tells them to laugh and she storms off.

Dadi walks aound the house switching off the lights. She switched off the balcony  light abd then notices Akshara standing there. She sits and down next to Akshara on the swing. Dadi explains that when she can't sleep she usually comes out and counts the stars too. ' But from the expression on your face... I don't think that you are counting the stars but infact you are looking for one in particular.. Isn't that right? Is that why you can't sleep? Is that why your heart is pounding?' asks Dadi. ' How do you know Dadi?' asks Akshara. Dadi explains that she went though the same emotions when Dada Ji came to see her for the first time. She explains that time passes but things remain the same. Dadi explains that all girls go though the same thing. Akshara explains that she is worried abut what she will talk to him about and what if he asks  her about something. Dadi tells her that everyone will be there with them. They go onto talk about how someone can read another in a first meeting. Dadi tells her to look out for certain theings such as the respect he shos towards women like her father and uf he speaks to everyone as equalls like her Omi Kaka and she will get her answer. ' But Dadi how wil I find out if he is the one for me?' asks Akshara. Dadi tells her that she will have to listen to her heart. Dadi and Akshara smile at each other.

In the moring Dhaniya goes to wake up Akshara. Buts is shocked to see that Akshara is not there.


Dhaniya calls out to Akshara. Downstairs in the coutyard Gopi and Dadi are talking about Akshara. Choti and Badi are watering the Tulsi Plant.' Choti, Today we have to finish all the work quickly after all we are going to go and see the groom side today. Plus we need to decided what Akshara is going to wear'. As Badi finishes her sentence Dhaniya shouts down to her and tells her that Akshara isn't in her room. Badi tells her to check the roof. Dhaniya replies that she isn't there. Badi gets worried and asks Dadi whether she has seen her. Dadi nervously replies that she had sent her to the doctor for medicine. Badi tells her that she could have sent Bola. Badi and Choti walk off. Gopi Dadi tells Dadi that it is bad to lie irst thing in the morning. Dhaniya listens in and then asks where Akshara has gone. Dadi explains that she had told Akshara that she needs to listen to her heart and it would be good for her to send sometime alone.

On the riverbank Akshara stands holding a rock. She recalls they way Varsha had thrown a rock into the water and instead of sinking it slipped across the water. Akshara is about to throw the rock into the water and then questions whether he is the right guy for her. Akshara looks worried and wonders how she will tell Babu Ji if he is the wrong guy for her. 

Back at the house Badi and Choti bring Akshara down the stairs all dressed and ready to meet the her hubby to be. Dadi hugs Akshara and asks her what answer did her heart give. Akshara thinks to her self that she didn't have the stenght to listen so she has left it to fate. Vish, Omi and Shaurya walk down the other stairs. Vish asks if they are ready to go and Badi tells them that they are ready to go. Badi aks Akshara and Akshara nods. They all walk of leaving Dadi, Gopi Dadi and Dhaniya standing together.

The End
Vish and Badi meet Rituraj's parents. Akshara asks Rituraj
how much sugar he wants in his tea. She looks up at him.


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thanks hunny..
congrats on ur neice..
: )
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awesome update! thanks!
apothecary IF-Dazzler

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thank you, this show is moving so slow.
PiyaBawri IF-Rockerz

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Congrats on your niece!!
desi_baby07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome update Simmie jaan! Aww... I totally love the theme. It's very cute! Big smile
Wow... finally glad that everything is going smooth again. And I'm very happy for Akshara... even though I thought Naitik would make his entry... it's actually Ali. I wonder how Akhi-Rituraj's story will develop and what reasons might break their relationship... Ermm
Well... I'm still waiting for Naitik... but I hope Ali all the best too.
Ohh... and there was no ShaVa scene today... lolz I'm always desperate to see their scenes! Embarrassed
Can't wait til next week as the preps for the wedding will be in full bloom! Tongue
Thanx again!
Oh and congrats on your baby niece hun! Clap
You're an aunt now! Big smile

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thank u so much.

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thanks for the update it was brilliant

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