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*Woh Ajnabee*
*Woh Ajnabee*

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Posted: 06 February 2009 at 3:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anon

@ WA - See in US its 21 - IMO i think thats high - because more teens are more likely to do it because 'its cool' and so they will do it illegally. Plus not fair to those who are sensible. As there are lots who do drink at home with parent's - but would not say that they are encouraging them to drink loads. I mean if its with permission and monitored then its not a problem. You know there is problem? Because with more restrictions, teens will just rebel and its far more damaging if parents dont know.
But most definitely agreed - parents responsibility as role model and to enforce and set the rules. Kids copy friends and family.
Yeah i had a smiliar presentation too on Alcohol - they gave it before xmas some years before. But yes me also doesnt get why Teens remain immature on this matter. I don't drink - and i am quite glad i wont get into such an expensive habit LOL and if you have never had something you don't miss it. So im glad i dont need alcohol to have a good time.
Yh well its not about restricting alcohol - wont work - its about education of Adults and Teens alike. Its also about monitoring binge drinking like here in UK.
Yeah alcohol is common nature of both US/Europe. In Dubai its frowned upon - well everything is there but they turn a blind eye to Westerners if its inside private properties like Hotels. So UK/US isn't regulated by Shariah Law so only way to curb it is to educate as young children. IMO as a teen - can be late.
Btw in US seeing as Law  = 21 and not 18 like UK and its like 14 in some places but does it work? Surely more will just do it illegally?

Yeah, see that's the problem. Although there seems to be a correlation between the lower legal drinking age and the number of individuals affected by alcoholism, we don't have any way to tell if its a direct correlation or not. For example, if today a bill was passed in the US that allowed all those above the age of 18 to drink, do you think kids would suddenly say, oh I don't want to do that, just because I can do it. No, it wont' work that way. It might work for the future generations, but we'll be letting the current generation go to waste in the process. Is that worth it?

Hmm, Dubai is a different case. Shariah law exists there, and although many complain about religion and politics mixing, sometimes it can be a good thing.

Alcoholism itself is the problem. What I don't understand is what are the parents doing when these kids are out drinking day and night? I understand that college is different, we have dorm rooms and parties, and one is expected to drink, but high school students suffering from alcoholism is ludicrous.

Coming to college students, well I don't drink - never had, never will, neither do any of the people that I hang out with. But alcohol is automatically associated with college students, as though its part of the package. I think a self-fulfilling prophecy is involved here, parents just accept that when their kids go to college drinking and partying is a normal routine. And its not. In fact, TV shows promote it as well. Shows like Greek (which is about the whole Greek organization in college) concentrates so hard on alcohol, or Gossip Girl (which concentrates on high school) is only concerned with sex, drugs, and alcohol. I don't know about you, but I didn't see any of that in high school. Call it ignorance if you will. LOL

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Posted: 07 February 2009 at 5:00am | IP Logged

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Posted: 07 February 2009 at 10:27am | IP Logged
yes alcohol iscool...if i say i drink masala drink its not cool i should say beer isnt it... i cant say i have rooh afza can i!!!???????
So abviously we lead everyone to the brewery.... i appreciate sehwag for saying he drinks milk.... however raunchy or naive  it might sound...
Drink milk everyone.....or just take an espresso... throw away beer.... have bachelors/graduation   party with only masala milk. no liquor....and vada pav...dont ape others....Smile

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Posted: 08 February 2009 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by qwertyesque

yes alcohol iscool...if i say i drink masala drink its not cool i should say beer isnt it... i cant say i have rooh afza can i!!!???????
So abviously we lead everyone to the brewery.... i appreciate sehwag for saying he drinks milk.... however raunchy or naive  it might sound...
Drink milk everyone.....or just take an espresso... throw away beer.... have bachelors/graduation   party with only masala milk. no liquor....and vada pav...dont ape others....Smile
I think From collage people start practice these kind of good habbits!!! WinkCommon !!!! thooda maza nahe tho wats life!!Wink
Manta hoon janab peeta hoon,unki yaado ke jharokho main ji leta hoon,
log to logo ka khoon peetay hain,main to phair bhi shahrab peeta hoon.....
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Posted: 08 February 2009 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Believe

I think From collage people start practice these kind of good habbits!!! WinkCommon !!!! thooda maza nahe tho wats life!!Wink
Manta hoon janab peeta hoon,unki yaado ke jharokho main ji leta hoon,
log to logo ka khoon peetay hain,main to phair bhi shahrab peeta hoon.....
Main to phir bhi sharab peeta hoon, control mein rehta hoon,
un sab logon ka kya , jinka khoon hi sharab peeti hai

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Posted: 08 February 2009 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by raj5000

Do teens have adequate knowledge or understanding of what might the consequences of alcohol abuse?

This is something that hundred percent depends on the parents and how they raise them. There are variety of approaches. You can teach them to avoid alcohol altogether. If you are confident that you can raise them to hold off against peer pressure and still fit in with friends, then teach them how to avoid it and enjoy life without alcohol. I know several friends who do not drink at all. If you respect your principles, your friends will too. The key is not to be preachy and try to get everyone to be like you.  The second approach is that you be the one to introduce them to alcohol. Teach them responsible consumption of alcohol. Make them aware when they get buzzed and learn to stop.

Finally please keep an eye out. Kids succumb to peer pressure, may start drinking due to emotional issues. If your kid had a drink, do not blow it out of proportion and compel them to rebel. Handle it tactfully. If they drank responsibly, did not get drunk - commend them for being responsible then approach into the consequences. If you notice depressive and binge drinking in teens or adults as a a matter of fact get professional help.

Should alcohol be available based on age or based on state license that is issued after each individual understands the risks involved in alcohol in take, oh yeah each alcohol beverage has a warning " Might be harmfull" but is it understood in real sense?

Alcohol should be based on age, and the law should make sense. US law of 21 makes no sense to me, you can drive, you can go to war, you can get married - all before you can drink. I think you should be able to drink before you drive, so you really know how alcohol even in minor doses impairs your judgment. I think from 14-18 alcohol can be available at parental/guardian consent and then kids can purchase it on their own.

Drinking cultures tend to have less fatalities and succumbing to alcohol - as they start consuming alcohol in social family settings - they receive guidance to do it responsibly. Irish, Germans, Russians etc are notorious for heavy drinking. The French have to have wine with every meal, even a twelve year old will get wine on special occasions. Surprisingly even though they love getting drunk at parties, weekends etc - their cultures have less issues with chronic alcoholism, drunk driving etc. On the other hand USA which has stricter controls on alcohol - has a lot more issues. To much stringency encourages rebellion and law breaking. Drinking cultures show how important family and society is in helping teenagers deal with issues like alcohol.

What do you think should be the punishment of adults who provide alcohol to minors?

Nothing. I am not a criminal. Either they are close friends or family and I know what I am doing - or the b***h lied to me. LOL

Should people who have damaged body parts due to alcohol abuse qualify to for transplant via organ donation program?

No. Tranplanted organs should be hale and hearty. If an alcoholics organ is miraculously healthy - use it. If not do not make someone else suffer. Same goes for smokers.

Alcohol should not be made so readily available viz convinence stores, package stores at every 1 shopping complex, bar at every nook and corner, Agree? I understand GOVT will loose lots in taxes but come on GOVT here life is at stake and not all can be responsible drinker as known Alcohol just sucks life out of some, who lack control/will power.

Bartenders are expected not to serve to a drunk customer. That is why clubs and bars have bouncers - to protect bartenders and throw out trouble makers. Even stores are expected to be responsible citizens and not sell to customers who already appear drunk. A responsible drinker should not be prevented from picking up a case for the big game weekend, just because of some idiots.

Will adequate awareness and educating teenagers about the consequence of Alcohol help save young lives? including DUI related deaths

Family is the key. Responsible parenting works wonders.
Thanks in advance for you valueable thoughts / time Smile
jagdu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 February 2009 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Dear Raj
Alcohol is a great killer, but smoking is many times worse. Here are a few notes from my health care instructor this week:
On the slogan "Just do it" to quit smoking:
Don't believe advertising slogans like "Just Do It!"  Their goal is to guilt-trip people into buying products.  The problem is that when people "just don't do it," they often blame themselves because the alternative explanation, that it isn't possible or feasible, has been ruled out.  This harms self-esteem and it makes it difficult for people to try again, since they don't want to risk having another failure-experience.

All things are not possible no matter how much one tries.  A friend of mine in graduate school was a very accomplished photographer as well an up-and-coming neurobiologist.  I once asked her how she got to be so good at so many things, and she replied that she isn't good at many things, but she works at being good at the few things she can be good at. One of the advantages of college is having the opportunity to measure oneself against a variety of activities and pursuits.  You get to see what you are good at, what you like, what does and doesn't work for you.  This way you are empowered to make wise choices.
President Obama and his crew face the horrific task of putting our broken country (and world) back together.  Because they cannot do it alone, part of the president's job is to encourage all of us to help.

One way to help is to dedicate yourself to being healthy.  There are many issues facing the country that you personally cannot influence very much, but health is not one of them.  Health starts with each and every one of us.  Choose one aspect of your lifestyle to make healthier.  You'll feel better, you'll contribute to the health of those around you (as our classmate suggests above), and you will help relieve some the strain on the health care system that has to take care of medical issues that could be prevented.
There's a Chinese saying:  "In every adversity there is opportunity."  You can use this time of adversity to reshape your living habits into healthier ones.
When you consider the Breslow-Ornish behaviors, think about this:  the damage that cigarette smoking does to one's body outweighs the damage of all other misguided health behaviors combined.  Nothing is more important for health than to stop smoking. the tobacco industry, after decades of lying to everyone in the world about the lethal effects of their product, have come up with an improved way to kill people.  Cigarettes now contain 10% more nicotine than ever.  Since it is one of the most addictive of substances, smoking cigarettes "juiced" with nicotine increases the possibility of getting hooked and makes it harder for smokers to quit.

Cigarettes have had more nicotine since the late 1990s, but cigarette companies were able to hide this from government testers by manufacturing cigarettes that were specifically designed to fool testing equipment.  The hoax was uncovered recently by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, which required the use of different, more reliable, testing methods.

What a lousy way to earn a buck.

Everyone knows that passive smoking (breathing smokers' cigarette smoke) is bad for you.  For one thing, non-smokers exposed to cigarette smoke increase their risk of heart attack by 30%.  A research article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that in non-smokers, the blood vessels in the heart that support heart function can be damaged by just 30 minutes of exposure to second-hand smoke.  Most people think of cancer when they think of the danger of smoking, but heart disease is a serious consequence, too, especially for non-smokers exposed to cigarette smoke.  Of the 53,000 deaths each year in the U.S. due to involuntary smoking, 37,000 of them are due to heart disease.
Tobacco alone kills 2.4 million people a year worldwide.  The report shows that changing certain social policies and personal health behaviors can lessen the risk of death and disease and promote health and well being.

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Posted: 10 February 2009 at 12:00am | IP Logged

dumbing down the kidsWink

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