Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 5th Feb 2009 - Written Update/Video

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 5th Feb2009 (Episode 19)

Video Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Hey Guys ....

So Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update

Badi walks around looking upset. 'Maa?', Calls Shaurya from behind. Badi Stops and Shaurya and Varsha rush over to her. 'Maa... Did you speak to Babu ji?' asks Shaurya. 'No, Today for the first time I have seen your father in the form of the Father of the bride, He is scared at the fact that he may miss somthing out or something bad may happen', Badi replies. She goes on further to explain that she didn't have the strenght to tell him that the daughter he has made the sky's and the earth one for, her happiness will be destroyed by him. Shaurya and Varsha look at eachother. ' Just think about what he would come over him,Shaurya, Just think,I just don't have the stenghth, your mother doesn't have enough strenghth that she can go and tell your babu ji this,' cries Badi. As she finishes Gopi Dadi appears and tells her to get Akshara ready as the Grooms side will be arriving soon. Badi Maa holds onto Varsha's hand and the walk off leaving Shaurya alone.

In Akshara's room Dadi and Choti are getting Akshara ready. 'This is a 'something' (didn't quiet chatch what she said) Necklace, I got it from my maternal house', says Dadi with pride. As she is saying this Gopi dadi arrives. '  Do you remember once when you lost it, Oh what a racket you made, (To Akshara) Your Dadi didn't eat anything, and when you found it that when you stopped crying.....' Dadi cuts in,' And what it is a memento from my mother, I looked after it so well. I thought that when my daughter gets married I would give it to her but with gods grace I got to Boys instead, So, that means I will see my Grand daughters face and all my wishes will come true'. Dadi smiles and touches Akshara's face. Badi and Varsha appear and look worried to see that Akshara is almost ready.' In this colour our Akshara looks even prettier, Isn't that right Didi?' asks Choti to Badi. Badi nods. Dadi tells them to wait. She puts a black dot behind Akshara ear to ward evil eye away.
' Now no ones evil cast will fall on you, Look Badi Bahu your daughter is now ready,' annouces Dadi.  Badi touches Akshara face then kisses her forehead. She helps Akshara up and hugs her. ' I couldn't tell you Babu Ji anything....' wispers Badi to Akshara. Akshara faces falls and she looks upset. Badi explains to her that all her mother wants is for Akshara to go to a good family. Dadi pulls away from the embrace and wipes her tears from her eyes. ' All a mother wants is that her daughter gets all the happiness in the world, and that she never has to kill her aspirations for someone else,Isn't that right?' Badi says whilst touching Akshara's face. A servant arrives and asks how much longer will they take. Badi tells her to tell them that Akshara is ready.

Outside a car pulls up. Visha and Omi greet the guests outside and they follow him into the house into the leaving room where Badi, Choti and Dadi are awaiting to meet them.  Vish introduces them one by one. Dadi shows them to the living area'Look they have arrived, your not worried are you?' asks Varsha as they look from the landing. Akshara  gets teary and shakes her head.

Everyone is the living room being served refreshments. Vish tell Devendra's father that him and Omi look after the business together. D's father nods and asks and Askahara. The camera shows Akshara listen to the conversation. ' She studies at college, after all every daughter is the apple of her fathers eye, But in our house after three generations a daughter arrived,  she is a part of everyones heart here.....' The camera once again shows Akshara's reaction to what her father is saying about her '.....She is my pride,'explains Vish. D's Mother says that they would like to see Akshara. They camera shows Akshara looking nervous. Badi tells Choti to get Akshara. Badi looks over at Vish desperately almost trying to get his attention. Choti gets Akshara and brings her down the stairs. Everyone turns to look, Badi gets up and helps Choti bring Akshara over. Badi introduces her to everyone. Akshara says hello. D's mum gets up and gives Akshara her blessings as she touches her face. ' your daughter really is shy isn't she....' says D's mum and the rest smile'....Come and sit next to us'. Akshara sits down next to them. Varsha looks upset as she watches from the landing. D's father questions about Shaurya. Badi looks worried and looks around.

In the courtyard,Shaurya is pacing up and down. Gopi Dadi walks into him and asks him what is he doing here when his father said everyone had to attend to the guests. Shaurya looks down and in anger replies,' Isn't there anyone who can control him?'. Gopi replies,' Yes his mother can control him, he listens to everything she says...Now go quickly go'. Shaurya looks shocked at the fact that he didn't think of it earlier. Gopi Dadi hurries off. Holding a tray ,Dhaniya is walks through the courtyard when Shaurya calls her over. ' Are you taking this tea to the guests?' asks Shaurya. Dhaniya replies sarcastically,' Yes who else would it be for?'. Shaurya notices the napkins and writes a note on it. The note reads;
' Dadi, Akshara doesn't want to marry him,
but she didn't have the stenghth to tell Babu ji,
Now only you can do something '
He places the napkin under the a tea cup and tells Dhaniya that they tea cup has to reach Dadi. Dhaniya stares at Shaurya and then at the tray. Shaurya asks again if she understood and She agree and walks off. Shaurya looks worried. 


Everyone is laughing in the living at something Omi had said. Dhaniya walks in holding the tray she is shortly followed by Shaurya. Vish introduces Shaurya. Shaurya says hello. Vish tells them that he helps running the business. Omi adds that he is amazing and no one can hold a light up to him after all he is young blood. D's father laughs. Shaurya concentrates on Dhaniya who is pouring out the tea. Dadi tells D's father to take eat something. Dhaniya is about to hand out the the tea when Badi stops her and tells her that Akshara will give everyone the tea. Shaurya looks concered. Dhaniya tries to reason but Badi insistes. Akshara hands D's mum a cup and she passes it around. Shaurya looks worried. Akshara is about to hand the a cup to Dadi but Dadi tells her to give the cup to Vish. Akshara hands it to Vish. Finally Akshara hands the last cup to Dadi. Dhaniya looks to see when Dadi lifts up the cup that she will have the note. But unfournately she doesn't but Shaurya notices that Vish got the note instead.

Dhaniya leaves and Shaurya follows her into the courtyard. ' How many times did I explain that, that cup had to reach Dadi but...' says Shaurya. Dhaniya replies that infront of his eyes he just saw that Badi maa had told Akshara to hand out the tea. Shaurya hopes that Vish didn't see. Bola walks in and tells Shaurya that the guests are leaving and tells him to go out. Vish and Omi escort the guests out.

Dadi goes up to Akshara and strokes her head. She turns to Badi and says,' Thank God everything went well, they said they will reply by tonight, I think that it will be a yes.....' Shaurya cuts it,' But I want it to be a no Dadi...' Dadi looks confused at Shaurya reply.  Shaurya looks at Akshara and says that he knows that she has made up her mind but he won't stay quite. Shaurya turns to Dadi and says,' Dadi, Akshara doesn't like that guys. She only won't down his name to keep Babu Ji happy'. Dadi looks at Akshara who nods at what Shaurya is saying. Dadi turns to Badi who also nods. ' Now only you can tell Babu ji, please do something, please', Shaurya plea's. ' Now what can I do, If only you had told me earlier...' Dadi stops in her track and looks towards the door. Vish walks towards them.


'They said they will give us there answer by tonight......,' announces Vish. The camera shows everyones upset faces.'..... They also said that they like Akshara'. The camera vooms up on Akshara smile hidden behind her tears. ' And I have given them my answer to'. Vish walks off. Everyone turn to watch he walk away. Dadi turns to Shaurya. ' Did you see,look it was to late, why didn't you try and tell me earlier?' asks Dadi. ' But I did, I even wrote you a letter but it went under the wrong cup... look...Where did the letter go?' says Shaurya whilst looking around the table. Omi walks in and tells them that Vish made loads of excusses and said no. Everyone smiles. Badi notices a letter on the table. Which reads;

'You always used to say that out of all the children Akshara was our favourite,
And how we always furfill her every wish, you were right'

Badi smiles and nods at Akshara and shows her the letter. Everyone smiles. Akshara hugs Badi. Omi walks down the stairs followed by Bola. ' Shaurya we have to go to work there is an important meeting... and oh  Omi was right that guy was too talk for Akshara they were a mis-match but I did like is moustache, Shaurya, Omi lets go'. says Vish. Everyone smiles and Akshara hugs Badi

The End

Pre Cap
Choti and Akshara are looking at the book of Bachelors.
Choti points at one and Akshara blushes.
Vish tells Badi that he likes the Boy.
Badi smiles and replies why wouldn't you like him after all your daughter does.


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thanks 4 great update
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thank you loads!
Im glad everything worked out all right.
Hopefully Naitik will enter soon now Big smile
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Awesome update as always Simmie... Thanks! Smile
It was a nice epi and I agree with Payal... I'm also glad everything worked out perfectly. Vish came as a surprise for me... he's awesome when he needs to be! Big smile
 I think it's time for Naitik's entry now because I guess that Akshi has finally chosen Naitik from the pics and even Vish likes him. Let's hope so.
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thanks for the wonderful job simmie
what a suspenseful episode
I thought Vish almost got the rishta

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