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Maslow's hierarchy of needs #2 part 35 pg 147 (Page 4)

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Anjali sat, lost in thought, twisting her fingers as she waited for Atul to come. Her conversation with Armaan had filled her with a sense of dread and despondency which would just not go away, and she needed a friend to talk to…and Atul was the sensible one amongst them…she smiled as she remembered countless occasions when she had raved and ranted and he and the others had listened patiently, and then he would say something so simple that the haze of anger would just vanish…
"Hi Anjali! What a lovely, pleasant surprise? It's been a while since you have been home…." Atul hugged her as she got up from the sofa, "I am not going to ask you what brought you here, I am just happy to see you here…."
"Yes, it has been a long time, hasn't it been? Not since the 2nd year has begun…remember in the summer break when Ankit, you and I played Scrabble and your mom stuffed us with most awesome North Indian food that I have ever had and we had to keep shooing little Yatish out of the room…."they both laughed at the memory, "which reminds me, where is that brat?"
"Fast asleep, 9.00 p.m. is past his bedtime, he has to get up at 6 o'clock to get to school on time…so he usually knocks off by 8 p.m, though today he was allowed an extra hour courtesy Atul chacha…..Have you had dinner? Great, neither have I, in fact was just going to come down for dinner…its not every day that I get to have dinner with a beautiful woman!"
"Atul! What a clichd line! But I must admit, you are good for my ego, something that I really need right now! Dinner sounds good, let me just call mom and tell her not to wait dinner for me."
Atul allowed the line to go without asking Anjali about it..he had a pretty good idea what she was talking about but he was still debating whether to talk to her or not…in any case, hadn't someone said…serious conversations were best had on a full stomach!
Munching through the food, Anjali remarked, "Hey where are uncle and aunty? I can't see your brother and sis-in-law either? The house is really quiet…everyone's gone out, is it?"
"Yes, my bro and sis-in-law have taken my parents to have dinner out and catch a movie since I am babysitting…."
"Why did you not go?" Anjali questioned.
"Was feeling a bit restless, so decided to stay at home…and just as well….the trade-off is much better…its been ages that we have spent time together…I think I shall crib and complain…you don't seem to have any time for me any longer Anjali" Atul smiled to indicate that he was pulling her leg.
"That appears to be a malaise that's afflicting many of us this term, isn't it? Take Armaan for example, he isn't the same old Armaan anymore is he? I very rarely get to see him now days? Is it just me or do you also feel that he is otherwise preoccupied?"
Atul looked at Anjali carefully. He was not sure whether this was intended to be an opening for him to tell her whatever he knew. He decided to play it by ear.
"I guess he has been very busy what with the extra assignment he is doing for Citi, his corporate program structuring, his Council presidential duties and of course our regular assignments…in fact now that you mention it, he has not even played football this year…and that's saying something.."and then choosing his words carefully,
"everyone passes through phases in their lives when different things have different importance…..what is important at one time does not necessarily hold the same prominence at another…."
"Do people really change that much Atul? Or do you think we just don't think about some things and cast them aside when something new arrives to attract our attention?"
"Anjali, it is true that when something new captures our attention, we tend to overlook what we had been occupied with earlier, but the act itself is not necessarily bad or wrong…it reflects the phase of our life at that point in time…e.g. when we start working, we will all find it difficult to spend quality time together like we do now…much of our time spent together is due to physical proximity and aided by fact that we are friends….. demands of work on our time will reduce this proximity but that does not mean we are not friends or that we do not care about each other….or that we are deliberately ignoring each other….and just about when you begin to reconcile to this fact, some of us will fall in love or get married….then there will be someone else that will take precedence in our lives…they have to otherwise we would be unfair to the one we love, but that again does not mean that friends are not important, its just that the hierarchy of importance changes….don't you remember even Maslow says that once love and belonging are satisfied, esteem and self-actualisation take precedence and become more important!…" Atul hoped that his words might provide some solace to Anjali.
As the table was being cleared, Anjali looked lost for a moment and then she surprised Atul by asking him, "Atul have you ever been in love?"
Atul looked a little taken aback wondering where this was coming from but he decided to respond anyway. Anjali clearly needed to talk and get something of her chest and this may just be the cue that he needed.
"Why Anjali, is that so inconceivable?" he asked teasingly, and as Anjali looked a little embarrassed, "I am pulling your leg, my girl! To answer your question, I can only speak of the two times that I have been aware of…."
"Two times that you have been aware of? I am not sure I understand -" Anjali looked a little puzzled.
"Well, I can't really say anything about the countless women who have  fallen in love with this Braveheart" Atul grinned eliciting a laugh from Anjali, " but I can only speak for the two times that I did…"
"Braveheart indeed!" Anjali grinned.
"I was second time lucky, as the lady in question reciprocated my feelings. Unfortunately, she moved overseas for higher studies and I guess whatever we had was not strong enough to withstand the distance and the test of time…"Atul completed wistfully. 
"I am sorry" Anjali said, squeezing his hand.
"No please don't be…"Atul responded, shaking his head, "I am grateful that I was fortunate enough to be loved by someone for sometime…and I am equally sure that over time I will fall in love again…it is only a matter of time…time is a great healer Anjali, it repairs and soothes old wounds and allows you to hope again…"
"Hmmm…" Anjali said preoccupied and then suddenly turned and said, "you said two…and this was the second one…what about the first?"
"The first?" Atul laughed a little sardonically, " well, the first was really a figment of my imagination, actually more like my aspiration…she came from a very different crowd…in fact much more like Ankit, Armaan and you…and completely unlike me…"
"What do you mean unlike you? " Anjali demanded, "why are you running yourself down? You are a wonderful human being and a great friend. How does anything else matter?"
"Thanks Anjali, I know its does not matter, but it took me a while to understand that …I am comfortable with who I am now but to get back to my story….her world was very different from mine but she was great friends with me…it was a great kick…I suspect that was her attraction for me…she was everything that I wanted to be but could not be….she was unattainable, from a different world, yet we were friends…such good friends that when time came, she chose to confide in me about the man she was in love with….it broke my heart…but it also made me realise that I much rather have her as a friend than loose her altogether…it was a tough lesson to learn…and painful but then I thought this too will pass and it did…and now when I look back, I am just grateful that she and I are still friends"
"You are Barveheart indeed Atul, don't know if I could be so magnanimous if I was in the same situation…" Anjali mused out loud,
"I wonder if Ankit or Armaan have ever been in love?"

"I am sure they have" Atul responded carefully

"Ankit? Nope, can't even begin to imagine. I can just see him telling the woman that he does not have the time right now….don't have the luxury of falling in love my dear…need to go though my copy of The Economist and The Wall Street Journal.." Anjali giggled as she mimicked Ankit, "he and his famous no entanglements policy!"

"Well, he may surprise you yet, you know…love just happens…."Atul smiled as he said that, little did Anjali know that the mighty had probably fallen.

"What about Armaan? You are the person with whom he shares things that he does not even talk to Ankit or me about. Has he been…or is he in love with someone?" Anjali held her breath as she awaited Atul's answer.
"If you are asking me whether he has told me that he is in love with someone, then the answer is no Anjali…but if you are asking me whether I think he is in love with and committed to someone, I wish I could answer that…I am not sure..." Atul cursed himself for not having the courage to tell her that he thought Armaan was probably falling in love with someone, but he felt that prerogative was Armaan's alone. "..and since you are here, fancy a game of scrabble, like old times?"
Rahul absent mindedly played the saxophone, and, wondered for the nth time why both Ridhima and Muskaan declined to come out with him. He had suggested dinner and a movie and they had almost simultaneously said no, so much so he was beginning to feel a little persecuted now!
Was there anything called the metrosexual women? Maybe these two needed a crash course in being one. They definitely needed to be in touch with their feminine softer side. He had not been refused so spontaneously, no make that vehemently, by women in a very long time, he thought ruefully. Well, there is always a first time, Rahul Garewal, he consoled himself.
Muskaan, he could perhaps understand. If, as he thought, Ridhima had a conversation about him with Muskaan, it was to be expected that Muskaan might feel a little conscious around him or want time to think about things. He wondered what Ridhima had said to Muskaan, he had not been able to ask Ridhima about that. It would be so embarrassing if she had told Muskaan that he was in love with her without knowing how Muskaan felt about him, but Ridhima had more brains than that! On second thoughts, maybe that was being optimistic, given her obduracy about Anjali and Armaan, he was beginning to believe she had left her brains behind before entering Bschool!
However, Ridhima's reaction to his offer to go out, that had intrigued him. She had come up with some lame excuse about needing to work and study when he knew they had no assignments due that she had not already completed. There was a reason why she wanted to stay in college, but he had been unable to put his finger on it, till he had seen Armaan in the library….he had wondered whether Armaan and Ridhima being there late in college was a coincidence or was there something that Ridhima was not telling him…and then when he was finally leaving, he had seen them both talking near Armaan's car, so staying back to talk with Armaan had been her "work"; he was curious – what did she want to talk to Armaan that could not wait till next morning? In any case, Rahul sighed, she would tell him in her own time, but right now he was very tempted to call Muskaan except that he was not sure how she would react being called at 11 o'clock at night.
Giving in to the temptation he put aside his sax, and dialled her number, but the moment he heard the ring, he disconnected. What the hell was wrong with him? He was behaving like a love struck teenager! Darn it, she was a friend above everything else, why couldn't he call her? He dialled her number again, waiting patiently for her to pick up, and when she did not, after 6-7 rings, he dejectedly disconnected. He should have gone with his first instinct and not dialled at all. He got up to get himself a drink of water when his phone rang, snatching the phone off the couch he was delighted to see it was Muskaan calling.
"Hi Muskaan - " before he could complete what he had to say Muskaan yelled at him
"You can't hang on to the phone when you call? Do I have to run a marathon to get your phone? By the time I got up, found my phone in the bag, you had disconnected." And then a little sarcastically,  "Or did your phone credit just run out, that you need to give me a missed call so that I could call back?"
Rahul grinned as he heard her tirade, this is why she was so adorable. "Actually no, I was missing my daily quota of Muskaan's brand of humour, not to mention your rants against me…in fact I was beginning to wonder whether you were feeling ok, since you did not fight with me today, on the contrary, you actually saved my skin…"
"For which you did not even thank me properly" Muskaan pouted at the other end. She knew she was being a little childish, but there was an undeniable sense of excitement in knowing that he had been thinking about her and had missed her, and, in throwing a tantrum in the anticipation that he would cajole and pacify her.
"Well, you did not give me an opportunity to do so, I had thought I would take you guys out for dinner and a movie but you gave me a royal brush-off…..I am still recovering from the shock!" Rahul grinned as he pictured the expressions on her face as he said this.
"Well, you better get used to shocks. They are part and parcel of Muskaan Chaddha!"
"I will if you give me the opportunity to do so…." Rahul quipped back, amused at the silence at the other end, "so what do you say, do you fancy a coffee now?"
 "Have you taken leave of your senses Rahul? Its eleven o'clock!"

"If I remember my fairy tales correctly, Cinderella had a deadline of midnight!"

Muskaan burst out laughing at Rahul's remarks. He was irrepressible. "Well, I shall let you know that this Cinderella's deadline got over at 11 o'clock. My wig has fallen off, my face has been washed off and my dentures are in a bowl of water! Thoughts of coffee would be the last thing on your mind if you saw the poor old hag that I am, trust me! You would be frightened out of your wits if you saw me now!"
"So what's new?" Rahul quipped back, waiting for the explosion
"Huh?" Muskaan sounded completely puzzled before she registered what Rahul had just said, "you just wait till I see you tomorrow Rahul Garewal, you shall rue the day you said that to me" she warned him, and then she suddenly giggled as a thought struck her, "Ab tera kya hoga Kaalia?"
"Wahi hoga jo manjure khuda hoga" Rahul quipped back, patting himself on the back for having remembered a Hindi movie dialogue that sounded an appropriate response, or at least he hoped so. The move was so unexpected that he caught Muskaan completely off guard, "Did you just mouth a Hindi movie dialogue? Rahul Garewal? Charlie Parker? Saxophone, jazz and the blues and spouting movie dialogues? Oh my God, I can't believe you did this!"
"There is a lot more that I am willing to do if only you give us a chance Muskaan" Rahul bit his lip as that slipped out inadvertently, and as silence descended at the other end, he willed her to respond.
"Rahul, I…..I think its getting late …tomorrow is school…"
"Muskaan, I  -"
"Good night Rahul" as he heard the click of the telephone, Rahul held his head in his hands. What had he done? Had he jumped the gun? No, he was not going to be apologetic for what he had said. She needed to know how he felt. He was tired of being patient and of playing this waiting game. If they had even half a chance of being together, he was dammed if he was going to just stand around and do nothing. In any case, what was done was done, he would worry about it tomorrow morning.
Muskaan tossed and turned in her bed as she kept going over Rahul's words. "There is a lot more that I am willing to do if only you give us a chance Muskaan". She did like him, didn't she? And he obviously liked her. Well it did not take a rocket scientist to figure that out and his words just proved that. But would this ever transcend anything beyond mere liking, how could she be sure that this was the real thing? How does one ever know that someone is the one meant for you? And what about her insecurities, her fears? Muskaan stop, she told herself. Granted, he occupied her mind during the day and caused her to say awake at the night, not to mention that she found herself counting the hours until she would see him again….she was not in love with Rahul, was she?
Ridhima groaned as she looked at her watch. She was late, and, if she did not zip through everything, she would be late for class. As she showered, she smiled remembering her evening out with Armaan. He was such a sweetheart,. He had insisted on coming home with her and driving them to the hospital. Ridhima had to admit that Padma and she had both been a little relieved cos he seemed to take charge without intending to. She had been a little irritated, and tried to assert her independence insisting that she would go fetch the doctor when they had been waiting in the OPD for 15 mins waiting for the resident doctor on duty to return.
"Ridhima, this is not about you and me or who is more capabale. It's about your dad and the fact that guys here would react far more quickly to an aggressive guy than a woman. Let me get the doctor, then I promise I will go down and wait in the car. You can handle everything the way you want to." Armaan taking her aside had said gently.
Realising how childishly she had behaved especially when he was going out of his way to help, she had shamefacedly muttered, " Sorry!"
"Wow, my sea urchin and an apology! I need to pinch my self to make sure this is for real! This date must be captured in red in the annals of time!" grinning at her indignant face, he had walked off to try and find the doctor.
The doctor had done an ECG which appeared to be clear, but had recommended a couple  of days' of rest and taking things easy at work. He had also recommended a coronary angiogram to see if any of the arteries were blocked, at the earliest, as soon as Shashank was up to it.
By the time Armaan had dropped them home it had been close to 2 o'clock and she had not been able to sleep, her mind troubled by her dad being unwell yet a little bemused with her evening out with Armaan. She had fallen asleep thinking about Armaan and woken up to a rather unrealistic dream of a royal Armaan decked out in all his finery and red vestments. Armaan Richelieu – it was quite funny, she grinned at the image as she stepped out of the bath and got ready to leave. After checking in on her dad, and exchanging a few words with Padma she ran to the kitchen to grab a couple of fruits for breakfast.
As she walked out of the door, she stopped short at the sight in front of her. Parked outside her gate, in his Pajero, was Armaan, looking at the sea, drumming his fingers against the wheel. As he sensed her presence, he turned around and with a tilt of his head indicated for her to get in. Ridhima looked down for a moment, took a deep breath, and then opened the door and slid in.
"Hi" Ridhima winced mentally at her breathless greeting. What was wrong with her!
"Good morning, shall we?" Armaan responded smiling, " how is your dad?"
"Much better thanks." And as she looked at him quizzically, Armaan grinned sheepishly, " er…since I slept so late…just thought…it would be a good idea to have company while driving…er….just to make sure ….er…that I don't fall asleep at the wheel…"
Ridhima turned to look out of the window as she smiled to herself at his fumbling excuse. She could not deny the feeling of pleasure that had cursed through her, seeing him outside her door. She felt light, incredibly happy which might explain why she was finding it difficult to stop smiling. The fact that he had been there, had obviously been waiting for a while to ensure that he caught her, gave her an undeniable high and thrill and she hugged herself to hold that feeling close.
Armaan stole a glance at her as she continued to look away. He had known instinctively that she would ride with him, that she would not be mad this once, at his being presumptuous about her willingness. Far from being diminished, last evening spent with her had only enhanced his desire to spend time with her. Even the hour long wait outside her house and his utter and complete lack of sleep, could not take the sense of delightful anticipation away. He had been restless the whole night, wanting to see her again. If he was not careful, he could very easily get used to this.
He wondered if he should raise the issue of her initial refusal and then acquiescence to go out with him. He had this sinking feeling that he would not be happy about her answer, if she chose to answer at all. But he needed to talk to her, clear the air between them and let her know she was important to him. How important, was a question he would worry about later.
"Ridhima -"
"Armaan -"
They both laughed a little self-consciously before Armaan indicated for her to speak first.
"I just wanted to say thanks! For a lovely evening, and, a great meal but most of all for being there with us…and I am so sorry for being a little churlish at the hospi…"
"Little?" Armaan asked brows raised.
"Armaan!" then as he grinned, "no really, dad told me before he hit the bed that you were a fine chap! Of course they don't know you as well as I do -"
"Really, how well do you know me Ridhima?" Armaan grinned, and as Ridhima petulantly looked away, "No thanks needed Ridhima, I did what I thought I should do…..there was no way I would have let you handle that on your own…not because you can't, but because I wouldn't want you to…."
"I would not be caught dead admitting this, but since we are into honest confessions…"Ridhima grinned, "I am glad that you were there Armaan" she completed softly, placing her hand on his on the steering wheel, "thanks"
He smiled and nodded and for a moment there was a pregnant silence in the car and then Armaan spoke, "Ridhima about the question I asked you last evening….which I must admit you deflected admirably with the Tantalus reference….that was quite ingenious…" he pondered how to take it forward, he did not want her to clam up. Ridhima looked away wondering how was she going to answer the question, she knew was on its way. "Even in the flippancy of the response, lay the answer, or a part thereof, to my question which I missed completely…now when I think back I wonder why…I can only blame the moment and perhaps the fact that I seem to be perennially on the back foot with you, trying to field the next googly, instead of looking at the game as a whole" he said wryly. Then choosing his words carefully, "You mentioned hurt…if someone is going to get hurt because of us going out together then, it would appear to me, it has to be someone who cares about you and is important enough for you not to hurt them. Because as far as I am concerned, there is no one else to whom I have given the right to influence or dictate my personal choices, so if someone else presumes that they have the right, it's entirely a figment of their imagination. Yes, friends do have a right over me, I am the last one to deny it, but not over how and with whom I choose to spend my time."
"Armaan -"
"You don't have to answer, I realised that I was being a bum pushing you for one. I guess if you were comfortable with telling me, you would…God knows you are not exactly reticent -" Armaan grinned as Ridhima smacked him on the arm, watch it girl, before I swerve and bang into someone…"
"That's ok, since hospital staff reacts much faster to an aggressive male than a female, I guess you'll manage fine" Ridhima responded with sweet sarcasm as Armaan grinned and quipped back, "provided  you promise to come visit me every single day!" and then as an after thought, "sans the pani puri…"
"Cross my heart and hope to die!" Ridhima smiled in mock agreement.
As they drove into school, Ridhima was surprised to see Rahul pacing up and down the steps. A few other students were walking in, but there seemed no sign of Muskaan either. As they both walked up to the steps, Rahul looked at Ridhima relieved. He had come in much earlier than usual, not being able to stay at home with his turmoil, wondering how Muskaan would react when she saw him. To his irritation, Ridhima was nowhere in sight, and, neither was Muskaan. He had worked himself into a frenzy wondering whether Muskan was deliberately delaying coming in so that she would not have to talk to him. Why were women so strange? Thank God Ridhima was normal. Oh God, was falling in love always so disconcerting? Did it always have you on tenterhooks? Turned your world upside down? Made you do strange things till you did not recognise who you were?  Thank goodness, Ridhima was finally here, he had been waiting for her to come in so that he could talk to her about his conversation with Muskaan, "Where were you? Have been waiting for you since the last half hour and your darned mobile is also switched off! Needed to talk to you urgently but you are of course incommunicado!"  his irritation and frustration evident in his tone, and then as he registered the fact that Armaan and she had walked up together, he continued irritated at Armaan's unwanted presence at this time, "the last I saw was the two of you at college late last night, and now you are together again, what did you do, spend the whole time together?"
Here's part 24 in the new thread...I hope you guys like it....still owe responses to comments on the last part. Also a big thanks to everyone for making this thread possible.
The only excuse that I have for not posting this yesterday is that my other half decided to fly down and surprise me for the weekend! It was a complete shock to walk out of a meeting and find him sitting at my desk happily chatting with the women around...I am still to recover cos it was completely unexpectd but needless to say am delighted!
Since the man is still to wake from from deep slumber, thought I would post this while I was free.
APologies, but I shall send the PMs a little later!
Please do read and look forward to your comments...
Lots of love

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You sincerely deserved this nrw thread. Hope to see few more...Embarrassed
My apologies for the late comments..but hey! just realised I'm the first one this!! Just finished with my internals actually (thanx for ur wishes) but now my final practicals are holding my neck. It seems a month or two for me to slow down...but i wont miss ur fic, that's for sure Wink
Now, needless to say again BUT I loved both the updates. And THEIR date was seriously real so made me realised that everything doesn't have to be mushy...the pani puri bit was reminded me of an incident with my group, with a fifference that we all had a competion of who will eat more and that Bhaiya ran out of pani puris...LOLLOL Well it was fun then and equally thrilling reading an experience like this b/w AR...
I was thinking you would elaborate more on Riddhima's dad illness and some hospital scene...but again you never cease to surprise me....that Anjali-Atul convo was fab....i dnt knw why but i sense few other feelings also harbourinf there Wink
The last bit, where Armaan clears few things with Riddhima....that was easily he said his POV indirectly mentioning Anjali....well i understood it this way....absolutely amazing..loved it !!!
Continue soon and thanx for the pm..
Luv ShivaniSmile

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*edit* firstly!! Hearty Congratulations for the 2nd thread..!! =)

now to d part..i dnt rem ne of the earlier parts which uve dne such justice 2...!! i luved it..every bit of it...wud be too less to say! glad u showed sum shine over atul....:D!! his convo wit was almost was more like actin delivery to me than actual real situation...u koe wat i mean? bt nehow...d situations..dealings.. were right on..anji was askin for question and atul was in no place to answer tem..gud boy! haha!!

rahul-muskaan...were fab!! i missed tem dearly in d last few updates...happy ur bck wit tem....tey still entertain me tons...and rahul was awesome here...he needed to tke a stand..gud he did :D at times u mke me think boys are a smarter head in yur i guess its all apt wit d demands of d happeningz..!luv tem!

armaan-ridz were an equal fun couple to read abt..tey ver very realistic...last evenin did leave a mark for tem bth even with those low momnts....niceee!! and wuhoooo yayyy armaan for wordin out his feelins so well...he didnt as he said ask her abt it yet maybe gve her solutions to her a kewl is dt! haahha!!yes defin a smarter head! lol

finally....rahul-muskaan....u koe i think i liked dis d best bit of d upd....cuz it was d base...RR were pack frds..and in d atul in last fic...teyd lost ter charm...or ter need of frdship...his irritation and obvious anger was so nicely dne....haha him snappin at armaan...ouchh!! :D

grt update sam....cheers again for d 2nd thread!! =)


ps...dtz so very sweet of yur guy to show up...i rem ma turn 1nce..he planned on surprisin me...and i checked his itinerary by i went along till he showed duh me...didnt learn actin frm nj so gt caught of bein aware of his arrival!! times...gud memories!! :) tc sam!!

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congratulationz on ure second thread...
the ff is amazing...
continue soon...
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Old comment

wow yaar congratulations u got a new thread to post ur FF can't wait plss post soon
sorry for the late comments sam but i really loved the part they must realize soon what they feel
it would have been wonderful if Armaan had listened to the reason behind Ridz sudden behavior
but its kie brilliant Ridz's has nice distracting ability, oh my god what happened too Ridz dad, hope he will be well soon. But it seems that this will bring Armi-Ridz more closer ,
hmm when will this stupid Anjali gt her signal i hope Atul will be there for her to giv shulder but wat will happen Mr. ankit who is in his own lala land bring him down to earth make him too realize the reality bite factor, u may use Rahul for it as he himself realises the attration btw Armaan and Ridz
its satisfactory that atlest one pair Rahul-Muskaan are getting to some point, but how can anyone be so confused as Muskaan i think Rahul should prompt her more.LOLWinkEmbarrassed
really can't wait to readthe next part .Thanx for the Pm and once agin congratulation on ur 2nd thread hope this too rocks lik the previous oneWinkClapStar

New comment
Once again i wanted to congratulate u but u seemed bit busy so decided to do it again, hmmmmmm the things are turning out better but still there r lot of confusions, oh my gad all was smooth and wat has this love struck puppy Rahul done by his abrupt question and as our Ridz seemed to be good distractioner, the Armaan grt will think her intial reluctance was due  to Rahul god help them,i am just as nervous i can't tell u waiting for next partEmbarrassedClapWink
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hiya sam di....
the part was amazing...
im glad riddhimas dad is fine and it was sooooooo dam sweet of armaan...both,at the hospital and for waiting for her...
and rahul accidently let slip....waiting for muskaans reaction.....
sry for the short omment but ive to go out right now...
fab part...loved it
spln IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 10942

Posted: 06 February 2009 at 12:42am | IP Logged
reserved sam....have a great weekend!...will update the comments soon!


alright...extremely delayed sam...just had to much to cope with somehow, more than i would care for, its strange when somethings dont affect u the way they cud be aexpected to, n yet the efect they have is the least of the ones u can ignore n pass by...oh wel....all in its time thats one thing i wish n dont wish with equal fervour to be able to change!

the delighted u got down to both of them in such a real way....ajie had been surfacing every now n then in little but significant bits, atul had been a rigid backbone to alot going on in the fic...but this part dealt so much more with their was much needed n perfectly timed nkudos for that....but....can i say...something abt parts of their conversation, to me felt i duno it felt like...if i was narrating of turmoils as great in a curent situation, like not writing abt it, but speaking in a kind of frendship the two of them share, i feel extremely crude words, i feel like my talking words cud have been alot more losely say much worse in terms of articulation...i mean we can, despite being the smartest with the way we talk, in watever language we do, at the grimmest of moments(is thats even a word but it shud tell u wat i mean) i feel like, the way arman had lost his track of using his best speaking skill with anjie...anjie shud have been close when she talked to atul, she was not far, but atul in reciprocation for the whole mindset he was in that moment sounded almost a rehersed talked , not thru n thru...but in tiny bits...u know its the worst thing to do, as a reader from me, that i tell u something u cud change in such a lengthy way when it ought to be the briefest, can u excuse me for that? um just bad at making points very often when i shud make them n move on, specially becoz against the whole update this one tiny bit was extremely inconsequential....n that i cant deny...a bunch of my buddies know..the nutters, that my brother proposed i shud be sold at the pharmacy as a depressant, he says it every time he asks me for editions to his papers! th the superbly handled part...rahul muskaa,...was a stunner....the saxophone, to the fiddling of actions n thots, the finality in making his call...muskaans response, of half jesting, half thrilled anticipation which she doesnt know what to do was all so completely real n so...ummm...its felt like i cud be sitting in there, being one of them. either one or even both n perform the scene in momnoact,.,,it was brillaint sam i can't think of a better way to have tackled the whole...its like...his sudden panic n consequent resigned calm at having said his confession...its such a real; thing when u do something uv been dying to, n not had the guts to, n it happens n u panic like u shud n then knowing that its all well done n dealt with now...u just start thinking of the other side...of wat it will take u too...n bcz u had wanted it to happen so long u cant even actually regret it completely!! was extremely real, n fantastically dealt with sam, kudos for that!

ridhima, armaan...brief, but point made well...he now, despite his doubts, believes he can take some authority n she lets him exert the rights, very settling, enjoyed the tranquility is created in the space they share....n the last...hahahah.. armaan wonders who cud be hurt by her having sid yes to him n now rahul in his absolutrely anothoer world anguish says just something which may make armaan re think??? um wondering if u will take the tarck on to something like tha, i trust u to never drag issues...but um wondering if u will go into a misunderstanding like that, its all so likely to happen n it seemed evident that u set the stage for it!

alright that a hell of a long comment, one of these daz um certain u will, in ur end of the update remarks admonish me for these lectures n tell me not make appearnce on the thread again! try to fix my blabbing soon, it hasnt worked in 23 years though i shud forewarn!



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