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Maslow's hierarchy of needs #2 part 35 pg 147

bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 04 February 2009 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Oh my God! EmbarrassedI never thought I would get to a 2nd thread on this FF!
Thanks so much to all of you guys, whose lovely, delightful comments are the reason that the second thread is being opened....Hope that all of you will contiue to be with me on this second thread! Hug Hug
This is the link to the first thread of the FF
Am updating the next part, shall post it soon! Hug
PArt XXIV            -              Page 4
Part XXV             -              Page 17
Part XXVI            -              Page 27          
Part XXVII                 -                 Page 39
Part XXVIII                -                 Page 52  
Part XXIX                  -                  Page 80
Part XXX                   -                   Page 93
Part XXXI                 -                  Page 103
Part XXXII               -                    Page 116
Part XXXIII                -                  Page 126
Part XXXIV              -                   Page 136
Part XXXV               -                    Page 147

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bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 04 February 2009 at 10:03pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by suvrati

hey sam,sry sry sry fr commentating so late honey.
ok first thnx a tonne fr all ur pmz u send me inspite i was so late in reading the prts.
ok all the prt frm 17-23 were beautifully written keeping in mind the feelings of ankit,atul,armaan,ridz,anjali,rahul, u never do any injustice to any of ur characters that is so appealing..loved every bit of it..anjalis outburst at riddima,others shocked expression,all misconceptions abt rahul riddhima,anjali armaan  seen as a couple.....armaan riddhima awesome dance...i liked it when armaan says he willl keep his distance when he  feelos riddhimaas discomfort fr a close dance..then armaan consoling her after the outburst,armaan thinking of anjali  n back to riddhimas thought in the end....riddhima thinking of armaan n i srsly loved this one specially this prt of her mental dellima
 "What was it about him that appealed to her, she wondered? That they shared a love of books and reading? That he could be incredibly sensitive and caring? That underneath that arrogant faade was a genuine guy whom she could identify with? That he could make her smile through her anger and hurt? That he evoked in her a sense of anticipation as she walked into school every morning? That he incited the imp in her? That she loved his look of resigned acceptance whenever she got the better of him? That he had to just smile at her to lift her spirits? That he had a wonderful sense of humour? That he could laugh at himself? That people looked up to him?  That she enjoyed his company? That she trusted him? That she found him maddeningly attractive?"

ok so now she is coming to the point..ufcourse doesnt all this means she loves hima...this much qualities r enough fr a person to fall in love wid i guess so....hahaha

n then the phone call betwwen them made me laugh ....seeing riddhimas irritation fr nt leeting know which book he was refeerring to!!!!

so atlast armaan asked her out n she agreed too .....finally somethingz gonna cook in their {long awaited  official date fr us readers}date i am looking forward to it sam...
so finally anji apologise n riddhima getting a bit like may be more considerate towards armaan n anjalis frieendship bond...ok so now even ankit is also feeling something towards ridz....god all is so ...........ummn its going in circles...n so ridz confusion led her to rejecting armaans dinner  proposal...oh poor guy?bt hey finally ridz did nt lett him down....sam the date was perfest...a date is a date s a date afterall.loved all the prts specially armaans reasoning which he gave fr his name which his mom has decided to give him fr her accurate assumptions n all.....looking srsly forward to the nxt prts.hope to see more ar stuff......


Hi there! Good to see you back...hope what ever was preoccupying you is resolved! I am so glad that you like dthe parts!

SO you like dthe date? Am glad...I guess in a sense the acceptance of the evening out as a date is an acknowldegement of their enjoymenet of each other's compant an dthe fact that they are important for each other...they just need to allow their feelings the upper hand instead of their brains!
To spend time together, to show concern for each other, theer are little hints in their conversations to indicate how they feel about each other if only they allow themselves to say so!
Ridhima is like a little kid with him, isn;t it? Yet another sign of her comfort with him..and teh fact that he calle dher that late, confident in the knowldege that she would slam the ohone down on her is a measure of his confidence in their relationship!

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bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 04 February 2009 at 10:04pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by spln

Originally posted by bernard shaw

Originally posted by spln

reserved sam....theres some extraordinary connection with this date to something more be back with my not brief at all n never so analysis!


back sam...oki i cant think of when an update worked better in terms of timing for was just this huge series of events of confusion which happened, tons of miscomm...n that leading to a kinda ameen n i (my brither)...we had this insane tiff...over something not worth it at all...n usually one of us gets mad n the works well that way i daresay, dont tell my mum this she will pledge in denial to any sense even traces of it in either of us...she shud know, having raised not one but two imposible kids!!!!...but yesterday we both blew of over the top n it wasn't a over a usual....then i read ur update with a half mind....wondering if i was gona do justice to read it just abt then...but the idea of distracting out of my mad head....anywaz so i read on...n the statement whr armaan talks of his elder sis....god sam u had me in teas coz just got up n dabbed the digits quick n called him back...yeh ye long convo n a supremem divertion form the part i had toi read...but well...i cant think of when reading something nocked better sense int me, i totally owe u that one...hes younger to me btw...4 years close to the gap armaan has with his sister....n ummm...its an insane bond, i duno if i know one closer in my life, i keep discovering with each day how theres its more of i um sill learning abt...

nonetheless i had to tell u this, since it mattered a ton...just one of those crazy days when everything looks messed up n tn suddenly u know it was u being silly all along, i accept um the mad head!

back to the part now...frankly i cudntdo much justice to atul here...somehow i was way too occupied with armidz...specialluy armaan talk of his fam um so glad u made him do feels like u know my home hahahaha....i was missing my home tons after reading it, i never quite thought i wud be the ridhima in this fic even if there are some stark similarities...but now i know why...coz um much more the armaan so though there are those similarities like i said, the essentials still differ in was an awe struck moment...the whole date read for ...their jests...the spade is a spade naming for date n flirting..yeh all of it extrememly well hadled..nothing over the top i agree...ur doin abs justice to ur chars....!!!

treat reading the update sam...i cant wait to se the amn get into responsible action, abt time his nuances start uncovering unexpectedly before the lady, as usualy the case has been quite the contrary!

loved the part sam....for so much more than just the part...i needed it n just then...n it was cudnt be anyless special to me!!!the cosmic things, despite my scientifically honed head, work incredulously well for me!



23, isn't that how young you are child? Indeed a coincidence and a fortuitous one and am so glad that the one line made you pick up the phone and sort things with your brother! 


You would be surprised how similar you are even though you maybe very different'not making sense, am I? I have a younger bro, about 5 years younger to me'we are like chalk and cheese, I am talkative he's reticent, I am all over the place, he is very precise, I am an extrovert while he's an introvert and bulk of our fights are over why he does not go out more often, why is he quiet etc'

And then it takes just a small little thing to make you realise that underneath all those differences we are so similar! And no matter how much we agree to disagree (and we do that almost al the time) we are two sides to the same coin!


Am so glad that you liked the part and the convo. Yup I thought it was high time that Ridhima got curious about Armaan and his family unlike the Ridhima of DMG who is happy assuming that he fell out of the sky!


yup 23 i am indeed...but since thats not wat i will be all my life it aint half the reason for my thing to that number...its alota just happens to alwaz be the right number!

anywaz...i had a fit reading abt ur brother n u....gosh...i duno when i described ameen n me any differently...yes thats precisely us....i alwaz say that we have incredible similar tastes in music reading flicks and everything n its unbelievable how we can still never agree....if we agree to the extent of watching a harrpy potter again, n that the 3rd we have to disagree about which scenes to replay over n over...its insane...yeh hes the quiet one, n me the often taken to be boisterous elder one believes wat a brat he is n i dont dominate n he prefers to let the illusions stay, its the onlyt thing he ever gets an edge for anywaz...for the remaining most ppl never consider him over me hahahah!/....its like i talk all the wile n he says this one potential thing ....n themn um like...dude u befit ur legal field....just wondering....was there a fav sport u enjoyed with ur brother??? curiosu since so much sounds similar....ameen n i have been scrabble freaks., much that the same game woyuuld continue over a series of nights of the weeks left undisturbed in a corner of the room since neither would acceot the end mostly, it was the call of a toss... i tell him he owes me for his vocab since i got him addicted to begin with...but then he more than paid off getting me hooked to soccer n rock metal!....ur right...its incredible how two ppl can be so similar n stark opposites anywaz!...great to know we arent the only blunder pair of siblings!



cheers hun,

keep leaving u essays all the time!(read: ignore conveniently!)


LOve the essays, so keep 'em comming! I know what you mean about the sibling relationship! You sound amazing like us! The only sport that we both did together was swimming! We are both parcticaly water babaies, spening our evening in the pool with friends till the coach parctically threw us out os it was closing time! And we used to play badminton, perversely so, cos he is younger and would end up loosing to me and would sulk! While Iw oul strut around the place cos I had won! LOL Quite the terrible sister i was! Other than that we share a great love of music which we have inherited from our mom - she is a trained classical singer! Other than that we are chalk and cheese!

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Sujata77 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2009 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
hey congrats for the 2nd thread...
bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 04 February 2009 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by shriya12

Originally posted by bernard shaw

Originally posted by shriya12

sam!! thanks a lot..!! u have made this date more amazing thn wht i cud hv imagined..u wrote it so beautifully,i dint get time to realise i had reached the end..u have a gift with words..the conversation was framed beautifully! n the way u have strung the words together makes the concept very interesting..!the way armaan discussed his childhood as well the references to his name was jus so good to read,makes me go through the part agn n again..sam u r one amazing writer..u have done complete justice to the date..u  knoe kind of reminds me of our own lives,,,thanks for telling us abt the origin of the word tantalising n aman..thts one of the various reasons i love abt ur ff..every part has something new n interesting to offer..

i jus cant express in words how much i loved ths part..obviously m not as gifted with words as amazes me to c such gud talents in ths forumm..i love indiaforums for ths reason..the Bandra trip gave me an insight as to the place actually is since i have personally never been there..i waited a long time yesterday nite jus so i cud read ur ff,but cudnt make it..m reviewing now..jus feel like goin on n on..but i knoe thr has to b a limit set to my words..i jus want to say, MHON means a lot to me..keep writing  n i also need to appreciate u for updating so soon..thanks a bunch honey..will wait for the nxt part eagerly!!



Shriya, am so glad that you enjoyed the part and that you thought I did justice to the date. More than that I am thrilled that you think I ma gifted with words ? I don't think I am, but the words made my day! I have to show this to my other half who is the really articulate and witty one between the two of us!


Am so glad you enjoyed the reference to Tantalus and Armaan (as in the French family name)! The latter was a co-incidence as I was reading something on His Red Eminence and the dots just connected!


I am sorry for not being able to post the update earlier but I am still juggling work, and now house guests?the beginning of the year is always hectic as one tries to crack as much of your targets as you can so that you are not under pressure end of the year! I think that's obvious in the pace of my updates, lol! They were much faster in dec last year when I started than now, lol!


Shall post the next part soon!



hey problem post ur parts whneva u r free..however it was a surprise knowing u r married..didnt knoe abt ths thpough...and blv me it was a pleasant one!..keep writing..will wait for the update...

 Well, have been married for a little over a year, though have been going aroun for 5 years or  a little bit more!

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bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Originally posted by armaans*basket*

Hey there, Sam!!!

Ok,completely bust my ass for having pulled off that houdeni act like that....i dunno why, suddenly the zest to comment left me...and i owe u an apology for it,along with nj too, cuz you guys totally rocked me over with the parts u updated..iu dunno wat happened along the was like one of those days when you suddenly start feeling meaningless and useless and you start thinking over n over again whether you really do matter as much as you think? You know..!! ANd then, there was this whole big mess with friends and what not...and then day before yesterday, it tore my lungs out at a friend for being the selfish person that she was being to me and my other friends, aand WoAaaHH!!! i was suddenly feeling better and light...!! Hehehe, dont think an evil sadistic who takes out her temper on friends, but thaty girl deserved it...

Anyways...coming back to the part....umm, i guess i never came back for the reserve on part i will give my small comment on that, cuz i have forgotten a bit of it...Truly, that part was one which left me thinking more about Riddhima's insightfulness or what you could call insecurities...i mean, i remember frowning in the part when she resfuses to go with Armaan...i could SO relate to him, its like being so happy about having made a plan together an dthen pooosssh, something happens and you are like, deflated hehehe...BUT you left me smiling with the end, it was so cutely written..i guess its one of those moments between a girl and a guy which give a tinge of something more than a friendship....

Part 23...ummm..what ccan i say...being a romantic myself, i felt a bit of lack of ti, but i totally get it...the kind of relationship they share, they couldnt exactly get all lovey-dovey there...i think no one could havae written it more platonically yet so suggestively better tan you...hats off...sorry, didnt do ANY justsice to Atul and his thoughts, i was so engrossed in AR date that i totally crossed him over while reading hehehehe..anyways...i think Riddhima should have told Armaan about te whole thing, that was what i felt tickling m a bit, i think it could have helped make their bond stronger, but i guess u may have somthing better planned in ur head...

Anyways...153 has definitely been a number for all of us in some way or the other....the othe day, i updated Green-Blue Hues on page 153, NJ updated Unleashing on 135 (quite the reverse) and then u on 153 too...hehehe...dun worry, um not psyched out on numericals, as much as i hate them....numerology is not quite my belief, just giving a weird explanation of the connection, which um sure was a conincidence have u been? everything gong well with u? hey, wats ur zodiac sign...? dont believe in it too, but anyways...!!

So thats abt it...promise wont be this late enxt time...

Loads of love














bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Originally posted by suv.patki

Originally posted by bernard shaw

Young Suvarna, I hope  you enjoyed DMG yesterday?after along time yesterday, I thought the episode made sense?.the father being upset at not knowing and at the ignominy of having daughter caught romancing in the park by a cop and having to bail her out?anger with the daughter but natural, feeling of being let down by Armaan having given him shelter, Atul's anger at being made a scapegoat though I must admit DMG's characters are wonderfully self centered with no depth considering the fact that every time Armaan gets into trouble they happily abandon him and join hands in pointing fingers at him!

I fully agree regarding Armaan being abandoned. Well, all his friends seek his help and knowingly or unknowingly, Armaan ends up bearing the brunt. May it be the gate crashing incident or the bhaang one. Ummm, regarding Riddhima and her father - well, first reaction of being angry is something expected. Hoping to see he atleast hearing out Riddhima in today's part. Well, DMG has stuck to being closer to reality always ... so won't be able to bear loads of melodrama Cry Looking forward to read your update post DMG ... now thats gonna be a treat Big smile
*********************** reserved***********
Yup, poor guy! His friends dessert him faster than a sinking ship! LOL  As for Ridhima, the less said the better! I can understand her reluctance to push her father but to just cry and not defend her man in front of her friends is terrible! Nikki deserves him far more! At least she has the courage to stand up for the guy whom she loves!

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bernard shaw Goldie
bernard shaw
bernard shaw

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Posted: 04 February 2009 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ishu124

Thanks for the PM! :)


That was really good! I like how you incorporated Armaan's name, and the whole Greek god part. I enjoying reading this ff the most because of all the literally elements and references you make. I think that's one of the things that set's this fanfic apart from so many others. Your writing style is very unique. We're you ever a thinking of being an english major or an author? I appericate the extra research you do for the small things like Arzoo and Amraan, the orgin of Armaan's name. Overall you're doing a marvelous, stunning and masterful job.


You're doing an excellent job, I can't wait for Atul and Anjali's little confrontation, i was a little sad cause i didn't see too much of Raul or Muskaan. I didn't mind, Armaan and Ridimaa's building relationship was nice to observe.


Well, continue soon. I'll be waiting for the next part and PM. :)


By the way, I know I have asked this before, but can I get a link to see the painting in Ridimaa's Study? I have been wanting to see the painting. Thanks.

Once again, continue soon, cause I am on the edge of my seat waiting! ;)


 Hi Ishu, first of all apologies for the delayed response. Blame my other half for it, lo!


You are welcome for the PM…thank you for the wonderful words! Nope, was never an English major but am very fond of reading…would love to write but its so far has been limited to memo/ case studies / papers and a few fun things for friends etc… even one fic is beginning to take its toll of my creativity, I would have made one lousy author!


I am so glad you liked the Tantalus and House of Arman reference!  Have posted the next part, do read and tell me if you liked the Atul-Anji convo.


I am so sorry, did I not give the link to Guernica in my last response. I am enclosing the link here.

My apologies for the oversight.


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