Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)


Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)
Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)

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.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2005 at 1:59am | IP Logged
15th oct update by frosty

Thanks to Nomi for providing the video.

I am so impressed with Aatish Kapadia today. This serial is so true to life
it is amazing.

The serial starts with Gattu telling Anish that Baby is the heroine in the
scenario and that she has loved Anish since the time that Anish saved
her. He tells Dimple that all this happened because of her dupatta and
that she should'nt have given her dupatta to Baby. Dimple tells Gattu that
they did not know that Baby was in love with Anish. Gattu tells Anish that
Baby was going to give him a card today which is still in her bag. Anish
asks Dimple and Gattu to come out with him.

Outside in the living room, Baby was crying and Pravin was consoling her.
Baby sees Anish coming out and she tells everyone to smile and pretend.
Pravina takes the cue and starts saying that everyone falls and Baby
should not cry about such small things. Anish comes out and asks Baby
for her purse. Baby at once realises what has happened and she glares at
Gattu. Reluctantly she hands the purse to Anish. Anish looks at the card
and tells Baby that he needs to talk to her.

In the bedroom Anish and Dimple are silent and are at opposite corners
of the room. Baby asks them to talk and says. Anish apologises to her and
says that he misleaded her, but that he was protecting her and caring for
her as a friend. He asks Baby why she did not tell him first. Baby asks him
that if she had told him first would he have fallen in love with her. She
then tells Anish that love is not a scheme that is "first come, first serve".
She tells him that he is in love with Dimple. Dimple is silently listening to
this. Baby apologizes to Dimple. She says that it was Gattus fault. Dimple
interrupts and says that if Gattu had'nt spoken out then Baby, Pravina and
Lila would have never told them. Dimple tells Anish that may be they
should end everything and she will get out of his and Baby's life.. Baby
tells Dimple that Dimple belongs in Anish's life, it is Baby who is the third
wheel in this case. She tells Dimple not to take any rash steps. She says
that getting over Anish will hurt a lot but then Anish is still her friend and
that she expects his and Dimple's help and support in getting over Anish.
Anish comes over an hugs Baby and they both cry. Dimple starts leaving
the room and Baby stops her and says that it is she (Baby) who should
leave. She says that besides the cab is waiting outside and Pravin bhai will
start getting excited if the bill goes too high. Anish asks Baby to come
with them in the car. Baby says that her heart is not that big and that it
will take her some time, but soon she will start acting like a "kabab main
haddi" between Anish and Dimple. She says that gattu used to call her
crutches Ram and Shyam, but she is going to call them Anish and Dimple
and she asks them to support her. Anish and Dimple hug Baby.

When they reach home, Baby asks everyone not to say anything to Ba, she
says when the time is right she will talk to Ba about Anish and Dimple and
everyone looks at her in amazement. Ba opens the door, she says that she
was waiting for them. Gattu starts saying that Anish and just then Baby
interrupts and says that Anish and Dimple won. Ba asks Baby why Anish
did not dance with her and Baby says that it was too crowded and she
would have fallen. Ba asks Baby if she wants to do Garba. Ba says that
todays night is their "kuldevis" night and that the kuldevi comes and does
garba tonight so all of tehm will do garba at home. Ba says that she is
very happy.Just then Bapuji comes in and says that Ba is happy since he
did not drink today an says that he did have alcohol with him but he still
did not drink. He says that he will sing and he wants baby to ance to her
hears content. Baby says that she will fall, but Pravina and Lila say that
they will hold her.

Ba and Bapuji sing a lovely garba "Maniyaro" in gujrati. Lila and Pravina
support Baby while she is dancing. Then Minakshi and Dimple support
Baby an in the end Baby is supported by her parents.

My comments: This was such a lovely episode. The scene in Anish's
bedroom was worth watching. I am so glad that Dimple and Anish did not
sacrifice their love. Baby was the star of todays show. Benaf is really a
very good actress. I had seen her and liked her in Halo, but in todays
episode she has displayed that she is indeed a very matured and skilled
actress . What I liked was that she acknowledges that she is hurt but does
not blame anish or Dimple. On the whole a very beautifully directed and
acted scene. The garba at the end "maniyaro" remided me of home. I
come from a Gujju family and the traditional gujrati family strikes a chord
in me, and more so today. It really made me miss India and home. Please
post your views

.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2005 at 2:02am | IP Logged
16th sep update by frosty

Thanks to Nomi for the video.Nothing much happened in today's episode.
In fact after the least two days episodes it was a bit of a let down

The episode starts with Arvind saying that he is against Anish and
Dimple. Pravina, Subodh, Lila, Pravin and Hemal try and convince him. He
agrees that Anish is very nice and he wol not be able to find a better
person for Dimple but he says that he will never go against Ba. Pravina
says that she will talk to Ba.

Gattu, Ba and the chidlren are joking about something when Pravina
comes there. Pravina tells Ba that she wants to talk to her. She tells Ba
that Anish is in love with Dimple. Gattu interrupts and says that Dimple
reduced Baby's role and then Pravina tells Ba everything. Baby is putting
away her teddy bears and the chappals that anish gave her when Ba
enters Baby's room and asks Baby if she loves Anish. Baby says that
Dimple and Anish love each other and there can be no questions after
that fact. Ba says that no one cares about her opinion anymore. Ba
remembers all teh conversations in the past with Pravina and Lila about
Anish and feels manipulated.

Lila comes there to talk to Ba and Ba yells at her. Lila is crying in her
bedroom and Arvin asks her not to cry. Lila tells Arvind to talk to Ba and
says that Ba is not God. Arvind says that for him Ba is God and that she
will never be wrong. Minakshi comes with a glass of milk for Subodh.
Subodh asks if Baby has eaten. Minakshi says that infact Baby herself
asked for something to eat. Minakshi says that she cannot believe that
Baby is the same person who used to be so stubborn and used to be so
upset if she did not get what she wanted. She tells Subodh that she feels
like Baby knows what she wants and is very clear about it.

Anish comes to talk to Ba and Ba says that she will never agree to the
marraige. Anish asks if it is because he has a beer factory and Ba says
that is precisely the reason. Pravin says that Anish does not drink, but Ba
says that he sells beer and because of him so many families are ruined.
She says that their family was ruined because of alcohol and Arvind says
that everything including their childhood was taken from them because of
alcohol. Ba tells Anish that he should forget Dimple and Dimple and
everyone in the house should forget about him.

My comments: Like I have mentioned before this episode seemed like a
let down especially after the powerful episodes of the past two days. I
think Ba is justified because she has suffered a lot due to her husbands
alcoholism and at the same time Anish is right too. I think that Baby will
make Ba understand. I also think after this Baby will decide to be
independent and will find a job or something. Please share your views
.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 October 2005 at 2:02am | IP Logged
plz dont post comments here.
.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 October 2005 at 3:28am | IP Logged
21 oct update by frosty

Todays episode starts with Ba telling Anish that he will never marry
Dimple and that it is best if he forgets her and she leaves from there.
Slowly all the family members also leave from there. Anish is about to
leave when Baby comes there and asks why he was about to leave without
even meeting Baby. She asks whether he no longer wants to be her friend.
She has a bag in her hand which is full of gifts that Anish has given her
and she shows him that, when he asks her if she is returning them she
says that she is not like other girls who would return gifts. She wanted to
show him the gifts because she wanted him to realize that he had given
her all this as a friend and it was her fault for misunderstanding. He asks
her if she loves him a lot (that was weird, Anish you moron) she says she
does and says that he loves her too as a friend and that when you love
people you want to maintain a relationship with them, it does not matter
what you name you give the relation. She says that she knows that she is
Anish's best friend. Anish says that he does not know what to say and
Baby says that she knows that Ba has refused Anish and that she will talk
to Ba.

Lila is preparing to leave home. Arvind is tryingto stop her and he is
telling her that Ba makes all the decisions. Lila says that she has always
deferred to Ba with regards to all matters but not this time. Arvind tells
her that this house has given her so much and Lila says that she has give
the house a lot too. She says that if Ba has given the house 40 years then
she, Lila has given the house 22 years too. She says that she does not
mind it if Ba makes a decision for her but she says that she will not allow
Ba to ruin the happiness of her child. Arvind asks Dimple to stop Lila and
tells Dimple that of Lila leaves Ba will be hurt. Dimple replies that even
her mom is hurt and she will not stop her. Lila steps out of the room and
Arvind tells her that even though we dont accept the fact that parents do
a child so many favors, fact is that what the parents do is a "karz" on the
child, one that a child has to repay. Lila listens to this and is unable to
leave the house. Dimple comforts Lila.

Pravina comes to talk to Ba. Ba tells her that she will not change her mind.
Pravina says that this time she will not say OK and leave because it is not
OK this time. She says that she has never questioned Ba even when Ba
kicked Harshad and Shilpa out without giving anyone any reason they
never questioned her because they trusted her judgement. She says that
she is not so sure about that anymore. She says that Bapuji did ruin her
life by drinking but why blame Anish for that. She reminds Ba that a
person should be judged according to his deeds not his profession. Ba
asks her to leave and starts straightening the bed.

Baby comes there and says that you may smooth the wrinkles on the bed
but how will you smooth out the wrinkles on your heart. Ba tells her to
leave. Baby says that she will leave when Ba answers her question. She
asks Ba if Ba would have given the same reply to Anish if Anish had asked
for Baby's hand. Ba refuses to answer and tries to walk away. Baby says
that she will follow Ba wherever Ba goes until she gets her answer. She
tells Pravina that the reason that Ba is doing this is because a mother
always love an imperfect child more.Baby tells Ba that she is not perfect,
she is not normal. Ba asks Baby to sit and asks Pravina that when Baby is
sitting can you make out if she has any fault. Baby says that life cannot be
spent sitting. She says that the fact is that she cannot match someone
step for step and walk with them thru life..She tells Ba that even if Anish
did not marry Dimple he was not going to marry herBa tells Baby that she
will not get anyone better than Anish and Baby says that she is not good
enough for Anish and Anish deserves someone better than her who he
has found. Ba asks Pravina to explain to Baby. Pravina by now has tears in
her eyes and says that what can she says to Baby when Baby is the one
who has handled the situation better than any of them. Ba tells Baby that
she wants the best for her daughter and Baby reminds her that Dimple is
the daughter of the house too. She says that motabhai has done so much
for the house, how can they forget that. Ba is about to walk away and
Baby holds out her hands for Ba. Ba says that she will not come near Baby
and Baby says that if you dont come here, where will you go (This
sentence does not have as much impact in English as it did in Hindi.
"yahan nahi aage to kahan jaoge") Ba hugs Baby and starts to cry. Baby
asks Ba to do her a favor and say yes for Dimple and Anish. Ba finally
relents. Baby says that Ba has made her very happy today

My comments: It was such a brilliant episode that my update has become
extra long The actors are all so well sketched. I empthized with all of
them. Lila, Ba, Baby, Arvind and Dimple. A lot of people had guessed that
Ba was refusing Anish because she was hurt for Baby. I guess a mothers
love is very powerful and strong. I admire Baby for being able to fight for
Anish and Dimple. I also admire her for not giving the gifts back and
facing the situation.   Please share your views
.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 October 2005 at 2:11am | IP Logged
22nd october update by shirman,

Nothing much happens today....

Leela is extremely happy and expresses her happiness with dancing with Minaxi and Minaxi is happy for Dimple but also sad for Baby. Meanwhile, Arvind tells Leela to control her happiness. But Leela refuses to listen to him and mentions that all the dreams that she had herself set up for her own life after marriage were not accomplished and now she will see them fulfilled in the life of Dimple. She mentions California and Florida and thier attractions in her dialogue.

Minaxi and Leela approach Baby with a Aarti thali to praise her for her sacrifice where Baby mentions that she did it because it was right and she has changed with Minaxi agreeing. Also, Baby tells Leela to understand Ba and Leela agrees with her.

Anish reads the letter from Baby with his sister and her sister reacts that she still loves him and Anish agrees saying that he is still not happy even though the marriage has been agreed to. He mentions that he wished that he fell in love with Baby, it might have been different.

Pravina and Leela joke around and talk about the preparations for the engagement and how that everything should be imported and they laugh when Dimple comes in and they share their joy and when Baby comes in, they all quiet down with Baby noticing. Baby mentions that she understands the situation and Pravina explains that they just feel awkward talking about this with her since she has gone through so much and Baby refuting saying that she has accepted the reality of the situation and accepts everything and is happy to be sharing this moment with Dimple and Anish. All laugh and enjoy the moments.

All the ladies of the Thakker family except Ba go for shopping to Kamlesh's store and Kamlesh is happy seeing them. Leela and Pravina are enjoying their visit and looking at different sarees while Minaxi does not like anything except for odd-looking colors and Leela and Pravina laugh about this when they are joking her. Baby chats with Kamlesh and they talk about life and Kamlesh says that he can see that Baby is smiling but there isn't that charm and Baby agrees and says that her goal was not accomplished but she is over that and does not regret about it. Kamlesh is happy for her.

Dimple comes and shows Baby the saree that she has chosen and puts it on Baby and the sales clerk says that Baby is looking perfect in this and that this should match with her husband-to-be. This is an odd moment for both Dimple and Baby with Dimple leaving and all the others following her. Dimple at home says that something odd is happening and Baby says that everything is normal and nothing is wrong.


Gatoo jokes around with Ayesha Jhulka?? Not sure of the actress

Overall comments:

The episode was normal and there was some comedy this time unlike the few episodes before. Also, this time Baby was acting so much mature and all the ladies still feel bad for her. Leela is happy and expressing her emotions like nothing else and is very exicted for the future for Anish and Dimple planning on everything until she has a child!! Also, some connections are being drawn between Kamlesh and Baby and something might develop??

Excited for tomorrow since I think that Ayesha Julka is coming and Gatoo is having fun with her.

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