Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)


Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)
Baa Bahoo Aur Baby (Baa Bahu Aur Baby)


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ok this is the update gallery for bbb forum.all the past updates will be stored here.
members plz dont post comments here.just see the updates.
thank u.

.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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here is all the links of important topics related to bbb.i made this topic cause i requested a global mod to make this topic sticky.plz dont post comments here.thank u.

update gallery

bbb video gallery

bbb pic gallery


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.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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o1 october,by me

hi sorry cudn't post a review last day.i was really busy.i hope i can post it today.lets start

story: a bet

 charubala is happy that baby is liking baby.she is disturbing pravina and lila.she called a bet.
       she said baby will say yes.lila bet 3000 for yes and minaxi(lol)!!! 7 rupees.and charubala bet 5000.the bet is 10/1 so pravina has to give 80000 if baby say yes.
                    &nbs p;  
                    &nbs p; a good advice!

                kamalesh is with baby.she says why he wanted the best man for baby? he says she is first girl to talk to him like this.she is the 18th girl!!(god) she is seeing.
he says if she loves says yes.then baby was falling from stairs but kamlesh saves him.then they had some sweet talks.
subodh is upset about kamlesh.but pravin says he is a real good man.


                anish is not happy with baby.he says "she doesn;t love kamlesh then why compromising.he says she needs to be selfpowered.she needs to see the world first.then he says she is special and one day she will walk with out cruches sumday.
baby is happy.she calls kamlesh.and says if he will be sorry if she denys him.kamlesh says no way.infact he will be happy and he will even sing in her sangit and all the song will start with 'ka'' baby smiles.
                baa says to baby what she wants?she says she likes kamlesh but she dont want marry now.she wants to be self-confident.baa is not says anish said that.
baa wents to anish's house in rain.anish is surprized!!
                   baa asks him why he said such thing to baby?he says he wants baby to be strong.and she is special.she can get what she wants.baa says anything?
if baby wants to marry anish what wud he do....................................

review: not much to say.its really a great and realistic epi as always.full marks.keep goin.


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.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2005 at 1:45am | IP Logged
02 oct update by me.

hi guys lets get to the point.its time for some more review.this epi wqas about the historic rainyday of mumbai.after a long time though!!!

story:            anishes ans..
                        he was silent when baa asked him about about baby and his marriage.baa said i knew but anish said that he wudv'e marry her if she loved her but he doesnt but that doesn't means he doesn;t like her.he wud help her whatever happens and he wud always there for her.baa is really happy .
in the house evryone is playing cards baa came and says she has no prob about marriage.then rain comes baby is really happy.evryone goes outside to enjoy rain.pravin is happy as he got a break.parivina comes and says him to go to diliver saree,pravin asks her to go,then they had pravin has to go.

                               killer rain!!!!
                pravina is really worried as the kids r stucked in the school for execive rain.gattu says evryone is stuck and with fun.pravina son comes bieng wate in rain with some kids from school.she starts to beat him.h says he saved the kids from dumping.she is proud sine of the kids gattu says they dont know swiming so they will die.then they started cring.
suddenly harshad comes and says the kids r safe in his house.baa says him to come inside as he was really wet.he is really happy and enters the house with style.then he wears subodhs panjabi.gattu comes to play.then baa comes for calling them in dinner.harshad asks her why she avoids him so much? is there any importance he has?
she says no.then harshad got a pain and baa runs towards him and he says he got all the answers he wanted................
.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2005 at 1:50am | IP Logged
07 oct update by me,

hi guys todays epi was a real biggy.lets start
story:   pravin

            kids r at harshads house.they r making meriments suddenly one of them saw some dolls .he wanted to get a doll for himself harshads doughter says he can.she then says this doll is like a family to her.she plays with these dolls and imagines she is with the family that means kid asks shilpa why she doesn't lives with them.she says she doesn't know.
pravin's phone came to pravina.he says he is sinking and will die.pravina is really scared.minaxi tries to calm her down.she says keep faith and god will solve evrything.evryone is praying in front of devi.
in anishes house,dimple came.she was shocked!!! she tells to anish that she was going to die,going to sink.

                   baby is par anish us paar!
       baby is drawing a sweet card for anish.she is in heaven thinking about him.gattu came and baby says she shudn't think about anish as evryone is praying and real worried.gattu says if u like to think about him then do it, dont is happy.on the other hand dimple is still shocked anish comes,dimple says her horrible experiance and starts crying.anish tries stop her.they hugged!!!!
then it shows two scenes,baby is thinking about anish how she gonna tell to him.and anish and dimple is hugging.

                      pravin vhai mar gae???
       next day,kids came home with shilpa.pravina is still very worried as evryone has called and coming home but not pravin.when they were talking baa came shilpa tries to talk to her but she says nothing.when they were going baa says they shud take a tea.but shilpa says some other day when baa will exept her.
evryone is back home and in the dining for lunch but not pravina is depressed.she suddenly starts to cry evryone tries to stop her but she just keep cring like crazy and shouting that she is gone.. some one call the police.suddenly gattu says "baa,pravin vhai mar gaye??".........

pros and cons: this is a real great epi.especially thier acting was superb.full marks.plot is good.value is also big so overall a great epi.u guys shud have enjoyed it.

ratings:    acting   10
                plot      10
            music n effects 7
                value      9
            over all     9.6(all most perfect)
.iqbal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 August 2005
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Posted: 19 October 2005 at 1:53am | IP Logged
08 oct update by me

hi guys.lets go to the deal     straightly.

story:    pravin is back !

            gattu kept saying" pravin vhai kia margaye".evryone tries to stop him then he says that do it like savitri(mythology) and u will have 100 children.
then suddenly, voice of pravin. pravina and rest run towards the front door.they saw pravin.pravina is really happy she hugs him.then gattu says now u will have 100 childrens.
pravin is telling his experiance to pravina.then he says he was thinking pravina will bet for his comeback.finally he says that one thing is certain she loves him alot.then they had a cute scene togather.
baby is happy dimple comes with even more joy.she kept saying im flying.then both wants to tell their good news.then they have a hand wrestling.gattu comes and breaks the game by givng them the card of navratri from anish.both r happy now.
gattu was playing anish comes and they have funny scene.then anish goes to dimples room and they have a cutescene they love each other.

                anish !

             suddenly lila comes and they had hurry to do something.lila understoods evrything.then anish goes with a bit the front,baby comes in ghagra.anish is amaijed.he got payels for her.he helps her ware it.gattu then says to pravina that baby loves anish.pravina is shocked.
in dimples room dimple tells to lila that they both love each other but worried about the family mems.lila becomes really really happy.finally she will go to america!!(lol) she tells "mana lenge"
then she goes and pravina comes and tells she will not help her for dimple.lila says they both love each other .then pravina says baby loves anish too so she is not with her any more.epi ends...........

review:    i will not waste time.i need to go.i will say it was asusual.that means great.overall really good.

                       acting   10
                       plot      9
                   sound and music 7
                       value    9
.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2005 at 1:55am | IP Logged
09 oct update by abhita

An awesome awesome episode.

The family is getting ready to go to the garba place. Baby is very very happy. Pravina is happy and sad to see Baby so. She wishes Baby and asks Baby to hurry. Lila comes there. and Pravina tells Lila that she is not coming to attend. meanwhile Meenakshi comes there and asks Pravina to come and she tells Pravina that Gattu is so excited that he has started dancing in the road itself and that Anish is also dancing with Gattu. She then remarks that Anish is a very good guy and how she wished Anish became the son-in-law of the house. Both Pravina and Lila exchange looks at this statement. Meenakshi drags Pravina away.

At the pandal, both Pravina and Lila are watching the happenings... Subodh-Meenakshi, Pravin-Mitali, Anish-Dimple and Gattu are all busy dancing.

Baby is watching the proceedings... Just behind her Pravina and Lila are discussing. Lila asks Pravina to look at Anish and Dimple. Doesn't she see how much they love each other? Pravina retorts that she only sees Baby-ben when she sees Dimple... and that she thinks it is Baby-ben dancing with Anish. She tells Lila to look at Baby. Doesn't she realise that even though Baby is sitting with them on a physical level, on a mental level, she is there on the floor dancing with Anish.

She is imagining Baby with Anish... and is so very happy. Lila sees Dimple with Anish and is happy again.

By then the contest is over. (There is a contest for the best couple). Baby has been cheering the two of them all the while. So when the round finishes... Dimple comes and gives Baby a hug. Anish says 'No hug for me? I want a hug too!' and he hugs Baby. Pravina is happy and so is baby. Lila is kinda upset looking at this. Meantime, Anish says that he needs to hug his partner too. and he hugs Dimple... for a very long time... which is noticed by both Pravina and Lila. Pravina is upset. and Lila is happy and gives a teary smile.

For the next round, there are 5-6 couples who are announced... Subodh-Meenakshi, Pravin-Mitali, Dimple-Anish among them. They are dancing in a cordoned off area with Baby standing on the sidelines.   Pravina and Lila are talking. Pravina tells Lila that if she wants to break Baby's heart, do it right now. because later on it will be very very tough to make her understand. She and Lila have an argument. Pravina tells Lila that Baby had better be woken up before she thinks that her dream is a reality. She says that 'We have not let her walk till now... and we are talking of her sambhaling...' (Poor translation i know!) she says 'Aaj tak humne unhe chalne tak nahin diya, aur aaj unki sambhalne ki baat kar rahe hain'. She says 'if you are not ready to tell anything to baby ben, then I will.' She walks to Baby and is about to open her mouth, when Lila comes running and interrupts them. She hands Baby a Samosa and says 'Baby-ben, a samosa for you'. Baby is like 'how sweet! thanks bhabhi' Lila is trying to feed it to baby and Baby tells her taht she is not a chotti bacchi anymore. Lila says 'Phir bhi, mere haath se ek?' Baby takes it. Pravina is watching all this. Lila then drags Pravina off and tells her that she does not want Pravina to tell anything to baby. She tells Pravina that she never differentiated between Dimple and Baby. She has only looked after Baby all this time, like as if Baby were her child. she says 'hum Baby - ben ko kuch nahin bolenge. Woh kyun samjhe? Wohi kyun samjhe hamesha? iss baar agar kisiko samajhna hain, to Dimple samjhegi' Dimple has to understand this time and Anish is sirf Baby-ben's she ends. and then she says 'Dimple is my daughter, I know her. She will understand.' Then she asks if Pravina is with her this time? and Pravina says yes. Both of them share a hug.

End of episode.

Precap for next week-

Anish and Dimple have gotten the trophy I guess. Anish has a trophy in his hand and a mike in the other. He says that he wants to say something. and he says that he loves Dimple. He really really really loves Dimple. Baby is shown upset and so are Pravina and Lila.
.iqbal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2005 at 1:57am | IP Logged
14th oct update by frosty

Todays update is thanks to Nomi since it is because of Nomi that I could
watch the video.

Todays episode was a very poignant one. It started with everyone from
the Thakkar family gathered around and talking about the competition.
Baby keeps telling Minakshi that she will win. Anish and Dimple are also
acting lovey-dovey. Lila tells Dimple that she wants to talk to her and
leads her away. However, at that very point they start announcing the

Subodh and Minakshi win the 5th prize and Subodh says that he would
like to be Minakshi's husband for the next 7 births. Mitali and Pravin win
the 2nd prize which is a trip to Goa for the entire family and Pravin tries
to exchange the gift for cash. Dimple and Anish win the first prize and
Anish tells Dimple that he is going to announce that he loves Dimple.
Dimple asks him not to however, anish says that they have to do it some
time so they may as well tell everyone in the family now. Anish announces
that he is love with Dimple and everyone in the audience cheers for them.

Baby is shocked at this news and tears start rolling down her cheeks.
Gattu too is very upset as are Lila and Pravina. The rest are puzzled.
Anish says that he will not get off the stage until the family cheers for
them. Pravina tells Baby that she and Lila know the truth. Baby removes
her arms from the crutches, asks her bhabhis to hold her and starts
clapping. Pravin is puzzled and asks Pravina what the matter is and
Pravina tells the family that Baby loves Anish. The family is shocked by
this. Baby asks everyone to clap and on her insistence everyone cheers for
Anish and Dimple. While they are making their way to the family Baby
tells the rest of the family not to mention anything in front of Anish and
Dimple and pretend to be happy for her sake. Gattu is upset at this and
walks away. Anish and Dimple come there and Baby congratulates them
and berates Anish for not telling her earlier. Dimple asks if Ba would be
ok with this and Baby says that she will talk to Ba. Anish tells them that
he will give them a treat at his place. Once everyone leaves, Baby is
surrounded by her three bhabhis and she tells everyone not to cry at
Anish's place

At Anish's place the family is very morose and Baby asks them to pretend
to be cheerful. Anish asks them what the matter is and Baby says that
they are all tired. Anish announces that the food is ready but he says that
Gattu will eat first. Gattu is no where to be found and so Dimple and
Anish go looking for Gattu. Gattu is sitting in one of the rooms crying.
When Anish and Dimple come there he starts beating Anish and then
expresses his displeasure at Dimple too. When they ask him what the
matter was, he tells Anish that the romatic scene that he did on the stage
he should have done with Baby, since Baby loves him. Anish and Dimple
are shocked.

My comments: The acting was SUPERB in this episode. It really touched
me to see the way Baby handled the situation. The rest of the family was
good too and the best part was that there was no melo-drama. A special
mention must go to Deven Bhojani. That man is an actor par excellence.
Today the sadness that he potrayed for his darling sister was amazing.
One could see the anguish he felt for Baby in his eyes. His potrayal of
Gattu is the best piece of acting that I have seen on the small screen in a
very long time. I wonder what will happen next. As much as I like Baby I
hope Anish and Dimple dont sacrifice their love for her, because it would
not be love it would be pity and it would be so wrong. Baby deserves
someone who can love her with his entire heart and soul and with a family
like the Thakkars she does not need anyone's pity. What do the rest of
you think?

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