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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF: HumDum...(prt 24- pg 75!!)Updated 4/27/12 (Page 6)

Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2009 at 6:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ghia

that was awesome. so finally the met. cant wait to see what happens next. continue soon Big smile
Hi Ghia!
thnkz alot!...... hehhe... ill uupdate soon!

Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2009 at 6:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sadizzle

omg this is so cute!
just came across your ff..and im liking it!
plz do continue on soon..
oh and plz don't let heer melt for prem so easly..i mean he totally hurt her! so she has to play hard to get now LOL
If your going to have a pm list..plz add me!!
 Hi Sadizzle!
thnkz alot!.... hehe u will just have to wait nd see! :P:D
Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2009 at 6:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bd670816

wow,awesome update.
premeer meet!!!!
can't wait for the next update.
cont.soon and take care.
Hi BD!
thnkz!...ill update soon!
Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2009 at 6:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .xganga.x

That was an awesome update! Ohh, Heer sounds sooo sweet, wanting to make the halway herself and all!
Can't wait till the next update!
= ]
 Hi Ganga!
thnkz alot!!.... glad  liked my Heer! :P:D
ill update soon!
Captain_Pari Goldie

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Originally posted by zaibun

awsome luved it finaly they met im sooo happy
luv u
Hi Zai!
thnkz a-tun!.......... hehehe......
Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2009 at 6:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by miss_hyper

loved it....update soon
Hi Miss Hyper!
thnkz alot!!...... ill update soon!
Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2009 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonu0511

hey too good lovely ff...
Hi Sonu!
 thnkz alot!!!
Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2009 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
Heer walked to her Bhaiya, nd turned towards the guest to be introduced.

'Heer this is Prem... Prem this is Heer....', KB said.

Ash nd Meher took KB aside, with their Mom. Heer nd Prem stood infront of each other. Prem by then had knew it was the same Heer Maan he'd known. But Heer had just found out...she was shocked out of her wits completely.

'Hi....', Prem said, trying to lessen the akwardness. But Heer just turned nd ran off, to where he didn't kno. Prem was left standing in the middle of the hall alone. ALONE.

                                     Chapter 3

Heer ran up the stairs she'd just ran down a while ago. She bumped into one of the servants but kept running, she didn't even stop to say sorry, and she always said sorry no matter how busy she was if she bumped into someone. She ran down the hall nd entered her room, she went back of the room nd stepped into the balcony. She held the fence nd finally let the tears roll down her cheeks, nd they flowed like a waterfall. She couldn't believe it, it was HIM.

'WHY?...I THOUGHT I"D LEFT HIM IN MY PAST!.... THEN WHY?'.... she stood by the fence crying her heart out. Just like she had done Last Time.

Dwn Stairs.....

Prem ran his hand through his hair. He was frustrated, tired, nd mad, but he understood why she had done that, he had expected something like that actually. He started looking around for someone to ask which room was his, so he could atleast get some rest, but it was his bad luck, there was no one in sight. He headed upstairs, maybe he would find someone upstairs who could tell him, he went the same way he had seen Heer go. He walked past an open door, nd then turned back nd walked in without knocking, he knew it was wrong to go in without knocking, but it just didn't come to his mind. He looked around the room, he really liked it for some reason, it felt as it was his own. It was simple but welcoming nd pretty, he kept walking nd looking around, he finally looked staight ahead. And couldn't stop looking, there she stood out on the balcony, her hair was blowing by the wind, he kept walking towards her, nd finally stoped at the balcony door.

Prem kept watching her, he knew he should get her attention but didn't know how to get it.So he coughed lightly.

Heer had felt someone come in, but didn't pay attention to it bcuz she thought it might have been one of the maids. But as soon as he'd coughed she'd known it was him, she wiped her cheeks dry, took a deeep breath nd turned.


"Wow... she's still mad", Prem thought... he felt the chill of the words all the way through his body.

'Do you need anything?!', Heer wasn't looking at him, she was looking past him or to the side of him, but didn't dare to look him in the eyes.

'Woh...umm... My Room?', Prem could tell she didn't want to talk or even look at him at the moment so he stepped back into the room, nd waited to know where his room was.

'Oh...its the second door down from this room...', as she said it she moaned inside, she'd totally forgotten that the other guests room was that close to her's nd He was the other guest. "Why is this happening to me!", Heer kept wondering.

'Thnkz....well....see you then...', nd with that Prem started walking out, as he did, he saw a guitar sitting by the dresser, he went nd picked it up.

'So u play the guitar?'...Prem asked, as he examined the guitar. It was a rare kind, he knew this bcuz he also played the guitar nd had one just like this one.

'Huh?....', Heer had truned back to the balcony when he'd started walking back. And had been lost in her thoughts, when he'd asked. She started walking back into the room, an saw him examining her guitar.

'I asked, do u play the guitar?, Prem put the guitar down as he repeated his question.

'Oh yea....', nd Heer had realized what she'd just done! She groaned, she'd told him his room was 2 doors down this one, not 2 rooms down her room, bcuz she was going to switch. And by admitting she played the quitar, she'd just as well admitted this was her room. "No point switching now", thought Heer.

Prem grinned, as he heard her groan, that was exactly why he'd asked her if she played. And he knew after he'd heard the groan what she might have planned to do.

'Bye....', with that Prem walked out nd into his room, 2 doors down. It was as large as the one he'd just exited. There was a big bed in the middle with 2 sidetables on each side, right infront of the bed was a sofa nd small coffe table. The cubard was beside the closet, the dresser between the closet nd bathroon door. He went nd opened the cubard nd saw that his clothes where already ironed nd hung. He pulled out a pair of dark jeans nd a regular dress shirt nd went to the bathroom to wash up. When he came out he noticed he also had a balcony, nd went to see if he could see Heer's balcony from his. He could, with a smile on his face he put his towel down on the couch nd decided to call his mom.


'Hello Ma?...'

'Arre Prem Beta!.... Kaise hai tu?....Kaha Hai?.... Balraj or Teji se mill liya beta?'

'Ha Ma, Main bilkul teek hoon..... mein Maan's kai ghar par hoon.... Teji Aunty se tho mil liya laikin Uncle abhi thak office par hai....App sunai App sab kaise ho?'

'Hum sab teek hai... tu humari chinta maat kar...bas appna khayal rakhna....acha Prem abhi bohooth kaam hai....tujhse pir baad mein baat karthi hoon... Bye Beta Luv U...'

'Ok Bye Ma.....Luv u too...', nd with that Prem hung up nd just lay in his bed, thinking of what had happened. How he'd clashed with his past just a while ago, nd so thinking he went asleep, laying in the middle of the bed, like a baby.

In the Maan Kitchen.....

'Heer?!....Heer?!', Teji was calling Heer into the kitchen.

'Ji Ma!', Heer said running into the kitchen.

'Heer, mera ek kaam karna zara.....jaa kai tu Prem koh bhoola la... woh appnai kamrai mein hai...'

'Ma Mein?....'

'Dehk tu hi sambaal leh na sab plzz..... mein ja kai thori dehr Karan kai pass bait loh...ha?', saying this Teji walked out.

Heer didn't know what to do. She saw Chandni, their maid frying pakorai, nd knew exactly what to do.

'Chandni iddar ah....'

'Ji Meim Sab...', Chandni said comming towards Heer.

'Tu jaa kai Prem sab koh bhoola la..... sab rishtadaar thori dehr mein ahh rahein hai...unse or Karan Bhaiya se milnai...Mein Pakoroh koh dehkthi hoon...'

'Ji Meim Sab...', with that Chandni walked out, nd Heer took a sigh of relief.

Maan's Haal..... in the evening....

"Wow.... the Maan's sure do have a lot of family down here...", Prem was thinking. He had been awoken by one of the servant gal's nd told he was to get ready for relatives of the Maan's were going to come to meet him. He was sitting with them at that very moment, it was a nice fun atmosphere everyone was jokeing. He noticed Heer she looked a little upset he saw her signal her best friends Sona nd Simi, they all got up nd walked out towards the kitchen. He had been told by Aunt Teji (AT) that Heer, Sona, nd Simi, had been best friends since middle school.

'Uffff yeh ladkiyan chai pakanai gayi hai ya koy dhaba kholnai?...', Teji asked, and everyone bust out laughing.

'Koy jaa kai dehkai tho...', remarked Sunaina Aunty, Balraj's sister.

'Main dehktha hoon....waise bhi mujhe ek glass paani chahiye...', Prem replied nd got up.

He heard some voices, they sounded woried, nd angry abt something.

' Is he the same Prem... the one you told us abt a long time ago...?', asked one of the voices.

Prem stopped right outside the door. Hearing his name, he knew it was Sona, Simi, nd Heer talking now.

' whay'd you think that?...', he recognized Heer's voice.

'Come on....u can't lie to us... we know its him.... its written all over your face...'

'But.... its not!...'

'Heer....stop it we know he's the same Prem you knew.... we know he's your Prem...we kn...', Sona was the one to say this, she was faceing the door, Heer turned her back to the door so she could face Sona.


'Ok fine...we'll see you outside..', saying this Sona nd Simi walked out with the tray's of sweets nd chai for everyone. While walking out they saw Prem, he nodded them to go on, which they did silently, nd he entered the kitchen. He walked upto Heer, there was barely an inch between them, when he said.


Heer knew it was him, as he said his first word.

'NO I DONT!', Heer said, as she turned. They were so close, that Heer almost fell when she'd turned. Prem cought her by the waist, nd held her up. It was the first time they'd looked into each others eyes, nd they kept looking. Finally Prem broke the silence, bringing them both to earth again. Heer lowered her eyez, as she did so she took away Prem's breath nd he uttered a poem...

" Yuhn Humse Nazre Mila Ke, Tuhne Choorai Kayun,

Yuhn Ankein Jhooka Kai Tuhne Iss Dil Mein Agh Lagai Kayun,

Aagh Laga Kai Tuh Isse Bhoojanai Na Ayi Kayun,

Tujko Kaya Paatha Kai Teri Woh Sharaam Se Jhukthi Palkhein,

Kis Kadar Ghayal Kar Gayi Mujko,

Humko Tho Teri Ek Hi Jhalaak Nai Tera Deewana Bana Diya,

Kahin Teri Doosri Jhalaak Humko Maar Hi Na De...."

Heer turned red....

'Plzzz let me go....plzzz.....', Heer was feeling really akward.

'Do you...or do u not know me!?', Prem knew what he had done was wrong, but it was a thing of the past......

'N-O...NO! plzzzzz let me go.....!'.

Prem let her go..... as soon as he moved she ran....just like she'd done earlier today. "Seem's like theres going to be a lot of running away from me", he thought as he ran his hand through his hair nd followed Heer back into the hall. "This is going to be an interesting semester..." thought Prem, as he joined KB nd the guys playing pool.

{Hey guys!..........hope u guys liked it!!!...plzzzzzzzzzz comment!........ srry for any mistakes!}

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