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FF: HumDum...(prt 24- pg 75!!)Updated 4/27/12 (Page 4)

flowers4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Palkhi_08

Originally posted by zaibun

luved it update soon
ignor da people who dont appriciate ur work
we luv it kepp it up
gud luk
   thnkz!... lolzz I will...... thnkz again!........
ur welcome my pleasure i luved da hole concept
ill try and comment my laptops not working somfin 2 do wivi nternet
but im replin to u sneekly on da pc
hope u keep ur gud wrk up
luv u lots

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Originally posted by zaibun

Originally posted by Palkhi_08

Originally posted by zaibun

luved it update soon
ignor da people who dont appriciate ur work
we luv it kepp it up
gud luk
   thnkz!... lolzz I will...... thnkz again!........
ur welcome my pleasure i luved da hole concept
ill try and comment my laptops not working somfin 2 do wivi nternet
but im replin to u sneekly on da pc
hope u keep ur gud wrk up
luv u lots
        thankz soooooo much!!!...... im abt to update.... ill do it today...... dnt kno when tho.....
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                                           Chapter One

2 years back......

Heer lay in the room thinking, tomorrow was March 10th, meaning 2 yrs since she met Prem, Prem Juneja whom she met online on facebook, they'd talked but only online, they had seen each others pictures but hadn't met each other in real life, but his didn't matter to Heer, for since the first time she'd talked to him, she had fallen in Love with him, Yes she Heer Maan loved Prem Juneja, she didn't kno how, when, where or why, she just knew she did,

' Tomorrow, Tomorrow i'll tell him... i'll tell him how much i love him...yes tomorrow', thought Heer, nd fell asleep thinking of what his reaction would be...

The next day Heer woke up, fixed her room, did breakfast nd finally got time to get on her Laptop, all she needed was to get his phone number off her email, nd then she'd call him.... nd tell him......

'There it is...', she got up to check if her door was locked..... it was....
She picked up her cell nd dialed....00-79-41-554-6884 (thats just a random # plz dnt try it :P).... nd waited...she was so scared her hands were shaking... she sat down... Prem was kind of mean to her...but she didn't care... she had to tell him....

Prems room...

Prem was frusturated.....everything was going wrong today.... nd then his phone rang.....

'Ughhh... isse bhi abhi bhajna tha....'

'Hello?', he had practically yelled into the phone...

'... Hello?...' replied a voice so soft nd low he could barely hear it...

' Hello?....Koun?'

'...Ji woh... won main Heer...'

'Heer?!... what in the world did u call me for... i told u not to call me!... can't u ever listen to me Dammit HEER!...'

'Oh...ok....i'm..i'm srry...I'll never...never call u again.... Bye Prem...'

Omg shes crying, thought Prem....

' Heer!.. Heer dnt hang up Heeeer!... dnttt!...', too late... she'd already hung up...he knew it was his falt... he shouldn't have said that to her.... he hoped she'd pick her phone up when he'd call back....

Heer's Room....

Heer lay on her bed clutching her phone, she was crying, crying her heart out.... she'd thought that he hated her, but there was still hope in her when she'd called, it was all shattered now...her phone was Prem... she picked up...she'd already made her decision.... she didn't want to get her heart broken a second time...


'Heer...listen... i'm srry.... i didn't mean it that way...'

' Its ok Prem....i know how u meant it.....'

' No u dn't Heer u dnt.... my days going bad... nd i didn't want u to get in trouble for calling me...Heer?'

' Ya, i'm here......listen Prem... i kno u've always hated me... so i'll just leave u alone now... i'll never call u... or talk to u online....i'll be fine... after all.... its not like u mean my life now is it...lolzz... bye'

' Heer!... Heeeer!.... listen to me!!....ughhhh', she'd hung up again.... he ran his hand through his hair....girls he thought....he didnt hate her... he just thought she was kind of annoying, but he didn't hate her....nd never would...

Heer's Room....

'Heeer!....Heer beti bahar anna zara!'

'Ji Ma Ayi!....' she opened the door wiping away her tears..... thinking she'd made the right decision to erase Prem from her msn, facebook, phone, nd everywhere else.....

2 years later..... where our story really begins....

Maan Mansion- NY.....

It was August...nd Teji Maan's sisters son was coming from Spain... to stay with their family for a month... he was to stop at London to visit his Mom's brother there b4 coming to the US.....

' karke pooch to sahin tera Bhai kab poonch raha hai yahan...' Teji told Ash

'Ji Ma...', Ash replied... nd dialed...

'Hi Karan Bhaiya!.... main Ash!... bhai app kab ahh rahain ho?'

'Main kaal dupair koh 3 baje airport poonchu ga....'

'Ok.... thab milthai hai... Bye!...'

Juneja's Mansion- London......

' Prem!... Prem packing ho gayi kaya?....' asked Gayatri entering his room.

' Ha Ma... ho gayi...' he said coming up to give his mom a hug.

' Dehk... waha jaa kai appna kaayal rakhna, mein tho nahin hoongi na.... or humme bhool na jana...' she said with tears welling up in her eyes.

' Oh loh loh... meri Ma rooh rahin hai kaya.... app fikar na kare Ma.. mein appna kayal khoob rakhoon ga....or ek bhar jisse jaan loh... usse mein kabhi nahin bhoolata....or..' Prem thought of the girl whom he thought he would never miss if she stopped talking to him...nd wondered how wrong he was in thinking so....

'Or kaya?...' his mom brought him out of his thoughts.

'Or... or app tho meri Ma ho... meri Jaan ho....' he said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

' Prem bhaiya!.... this is for you...' Veera said handing him a package.

Prem took it nd started opening it.... it was a family photograph of his 23rd birthday....

'Aww... thnkz sooo much!' he said giving her a hug.

' Are ha... Prem beta... tujhe yaad hai na.... woh terai Mammi kai kuch rishtadaar hai waha New York mein kahin.... unka patha lagana hai tujhe...or Karan bhi jaa raha hai na?'

' Ha Ma... yaad hai.... ha abhi abhi meri usse baat huyi hai... Karan Bhaiya bhi jaa rahain hai... meri hi flight se...'

' Chalo teek sooh ja tu... kaal jaana bhi hai tujhe...gudnight', she said giving her son one last ancious look.

' Night Bhaiya!' Veera said giving her bhaiya a hug nd walking out.

' Night Ma, night Veera....' he called after them....

Next day at the airport....Prem looked around for Karan.....nd there he was...

' Hi Karan Bhaiya!....'

Whos this Karan Bhaiya?... can it be the same whos Heer's cousin?...... wait nd see!!!

      CHAPTER 2
Next day at the airport....Prem looked around for Karan.....nd there he was...

' Hi Karan Bhaiya!....'

' Hi Prem!... Kaise ho? Ghar Mein Sab Kaise Hai?'.... taking his hand nd hugging him.

' Main Bhi Teek Ho, or Ghar Mein Bhi Sab Teek Hai, app Sunai Shlipa Di Kaise hai? or Chotu?'.

' Tumhari Cousin Bilkul teek hai, chotu bhi teek hai, abhi usko bike leh kai di hai, warna woh mujhe anna nahin deh raha tha...', both laugh.

' Flight k1991 to New York City, is ready to be borded!', rang the speaker.

' Chalai?', said Karan Bhaiya picking up his bags, nd Prem followed picking up his.

They checked in nd borded the plane and took their seats which were in business class nd right next to each other.

' Waise Bhaiya, app NY Ja kayun rahein ho?'

' Meri Khala ki Beti Hai Na, Ash uski Shahdi hai...'

'Oh ok... so you will be staying with them?'

' Not me, we, we will be staying with them...'

' What?, but i can't!...'

' Yes u can, they have a really big house, nd they are happy to have u stay with them, even Gaya3 Aunty knows'....

' But!... i don't even kno them.....'

' My Aunts husband Mr.Maan is your dad's business patner, nd i'll tell u abt them, so u have sum backgrnd of what to watch out for...'

' There's no way out is there?', sighed Prem.

'Nope', replied Karan bhaiya with an evil grin.

' Well then, go ahead...'

' Well theres my Teji Maci (Maci- mom's sister) nd her husband is Balraj Uncle, they are really sweet but mostly busy, they have 3 daughters, Ash is the oldest nd is getting married in 3 weeks, then there is Heer she is....'

'Heer?!', Prem interupted hearing the name...." is it the same?.... no... there can be more then 1 Heer's right..." he thought to himself....

' Ha Heer... she is really quite nd simple unlike her sisters who are modern, she's the sweetest person in the world.... thats why sum of us cousins call her Pari... our angel sis... then there is Meher, u better watch out frm her, she's crazy, lol, nd then there is Raj, hes the only brother, hes really sweet nd is only 16... yup so there u have'

" Heer?...Raj?....didn't Heer say she had a lil bro Raj whom she was close to?... oh god...i'll just have to wait nd find out...." thought Prem.

'Thnkz for the backgrnd, hopefully it'll', Prem said to KB giving him a smile.

' Np Prob...'

After a while Prem fell asleep, but it was a restless sleep, he saw a girl with long beautiful hair, running in a field, it seemed to him as if she was crying.... he could tell she was beautiful even tho he couldn't see her face, she was wearing a patyala shalwar nd a small kameez in the contrast of purple nd blue.... she kept running nd running until she came to a stop by a small lake.. but she didn't running it was like she was abt to jump in the lake, nd as she did, Prem awoke with a jerk.

'Wat happened?... are you ok?', asked KB.

' Nothing, im fine, just nothing...' Prem took the water bottle nd drank sum water.

He kept thinking abt the girl nd how she had jumped into the lake.... the scene kept replaying in his mind the rest of the flight. Finally after what seemed to be 5 yrs to Prem the speakers came on nd the air-hostess told them they were abt to land in 15 minutes.

**SIDE NOTE-> Maan Mansion is the Juneja Mansion in the serial Kis Desh.... nd Juneja Mansion is Walia Mansion fron Kasam Se.....***

Maan Mansion..... 2:30pm

Heer was running around the house, like crazy, she was getting sum last minute fix-ups in her Karan bhaiya's room nd the other guest room. Her Mom nd Ash had left 30 minutes ago to pick-up KB nd the other guest. She was told it was her Shilpa Bhabi's cousin, but nothing else, nd that he was going to be staying with them for a while, or at least a semester.

'Meher!.. Meher!...Thu Yahan Upar Ahh Kai Thori Dehr Dehk Sakthi Hai Kaya?, Mujhe Karan Bhaiya Kai Liyai Gajaroh Ka Halwa Baanana Hai..plzz Meher..', Heer called as she walked down the stairs.

' Cook se kehkai banwalo na Di.... can't u see i just got my nails done, they will mess up...'

' Lakin mujhe appne hathon se baanana hai na Meher, or tuhne sirf dehkna hi tho hai...plzzzz....'

'Ok Ok fine...', Meher said heading up.

Heer entered the kitchen nd started making the halwa. As soon as she finished the phone rang.

' Hello?', Heer said picking it up.

' Heer Beti, bas abhi abhi unki flight land huyi hai... hum ek ghante main ghar poonch jayai ge. Tuhne sab tayar kar liya hai na?...'

' Ha Ma, sab tayar hai...'

'Chaal teek, pir main phone rakthi hoon'

'Ok Bye Ma....', Heer put the phone down nd ran upstairs to her room to change, but went to go see if everything was done in the guest rooms. It was, Heer knew why her mom had left her home to get things done nd not Ash. The truth was Heer was the only one who knew how to handle the house other then her Mom, Ash nd Meher were to busy with their moderness.

' Meher... great job.. nd thnkz....', Heer said walking into the guest room.

' No prob...can i go now?'

'Yes go ahead, nd Ma called, she said they will be here in an hour'.

'kk...', replied Meher nd went to her room.

Heer entered her room.... which was 2 doors down the guest room, KB's nd all the other rooms were on the other side of the house. Her room was simple but pretty, she had a huge picture of herself, from her 20th bday, she was wearing a baby pink dress nd sitting on the ground with it pread arnd her, nd she was wearing a tiara, this pic hung right on top of her bed. Whick was placed in the middle,on each side of which was a sidestand, infront of the bed was her dresser. On the side was a couch a chair nd a table in the middle. Heer went to her cupboard nd picked out an orange Anarkali style outfit nd went to shower. She came out changed nd took her towel to her balcony to dry her hair. As she did so, she was the backlawn, which was huge it went back for abt 5-6 miles, nd it was gorgeous, when u went out the back door you saw a wooden covered patio in the shape of a circle, in which was placed sofa's nd a table. The grass was drk green, nd to a side was the stable, which held horses. Her's was a black stallion whom she had for abt 3 yrs now, she'd named it Lightning. After the stable was lots of land, nd then came the jungle, it didn't scare Heer, she actually went in there everytime she went rideing. She quickly dried nd then brushed her hair, they were long, straight nd silky, when she was done she slipped her earings, ring, nd a small necklace on, nd finished getting ready.


' There they are!....', KB said to Prem, spotting his Maci nd cousin. They headed towards them with their bags nd stopped infront of them.

'Namaste Aunty...this is Prem, Shlipa's cousin...', KB said touching his Maci's feet.

'Jeethai Raho..' she said smileing nd placing her hand on her nephews head.

'Namaste Aunty...' Prem said toching her feet also.

'Jeethai Raho...ghar mein sab kaise hai?', she asked Prem.

'Sab Teek Hai....', Prem replied.

'Tum Sunao Karan?'

'Sab Teek Hai....How r u Ash?...', Karan said turning to Ash.

'Im great Bhaiya!...', she said giving her bro a hug.

'Ash...Prem... Prem...Ash', Karan said introducing them to each other.

'Hello...', both said shaking hands.

'Chalai?',..... said Teji.

'Ha Chalo,' Karan said, nd they all headed to the car nd headed off.

Prem loved the sceneory he saw, he liked a quite nd peaceful atmosphere like there was outside of NY City. He was still thinking of the dream he had in the airplane when they stopped after an hour of driving.

'Here we are', said Ash getting out first.

Everyone follwed her out. The servants came out to greet the guests nd took the bags in. Prem looked up, it was a pretty nice house, it was quite big, nd he could see the family had many luxuries like his did in london.

'Chalo Andher chalai beta...', Teji said beckoning them to come in.

As Prem walked in last, the wind started blowing, warning him, of sumthing, he just didnt kno what yet.

'Meher!...Meher!....hum ahh gayai...' Teji called her daughter.

Hearing this Meher ran down nd hugged her Bhaiya with a squeel. Everyone laughed, nd then she was introduced to Prem.

Heer had heard her Mom call Meher, her heart stopped beating for a minute. Her Bhaiya was finally here!. She turned nd ran.

Prem had his back to the stairs, he heard a sweet, innocent, voice yell 'Bhaiya!' And turned..... She was running down the stair towards him... Her hair was down, she took his breath away....his heart stopped beating for a minute, nd then started up again...she ran down the stair towards her Brother, for some reason it hurt him that she wasn't running towards him.... he could tell she wanted to hug her brother but first she touched his feet nd then hugged him, she was smiling, a smile that went threw his heart, Karan Bhaiya hugged her back nd picked her up, spinning her arnd the room,... she laughed... her laugh sounded like a peaceful song to him...

"Ohhh GOD.... whats happening to me!", Prem thought as Heer stepped out of her brothers arms to be introduced to the guest.

Heer couldn't be happier, she luved all her brothers dearly, she hadn't seen him since his wedding 3 yrs back.

'Come Heer, i'll introduce you to Shilpa's cousin...', KB said to her, asking her to come to him.

Heer walked to her Bhaiya, nd turned towards the guest to be introduced.

'Heer this is Prem... Prem this is Heer....', KB said.

Ash nd Meher took KB aside, with their Mom. Heer nd Prem stood infront of each other. Prem by then had knew it was the same Heer Maan he'd known. But Heer had just found out...she was shocked out of her wits completely.

'Hi....', Prem said, trying to lessen the akwardness. But Heer just turned nd ran off, to where he didn't kno. Prem was left standing in the middle of the hall alone. ALONE.

*hope u guys liked it!........ plzzzzzzz comment!!!!! *(plzz excuse my mistakes!)

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HCDeewani Senior Member

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hey, awsome update.. yay!! prem and heer met, i really cant wait for the next update.. do so wen u get the chance, and take care,
purplestar22 Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2009 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
awesome...update soon
P.Kamaljit.Sean IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 February 2009 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
awesum update
tooo gooood
yay premeer met
wonder what will happen next

asyasahil928 IF-Sizzlerz

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that was awesome. so finally the met. cant wait to see what happens next. continue soon Big smile
Sadia87 Goldie

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Posted: 01 February 2009 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
omg this is so cute!
just came across your ff..and im liking it!
plz do continue on soon..
oh and plz don't let heer melt for prem so easly..i mean he totally hurt her! so she has to play hard to get now LOL
If your going to have a pm list..plz add me!!

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