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All About Love - Invite only CC. #2 (Page 143)

Nisha_90 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 October 2008
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Posted: 30 January 2009 at 4:23am | IP Logged
hey everyone.hows all?
Originally posted by P_Shal

@Mahez: Love you.........This was one of the best song and for the purpose and I loved every bit of it..Even Niki......lollllllllllllllllllllllll...Still wondering how they made Dhruv up on his feet so fast?? lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll....
agree wid u shalu.its one of my song ndd it really suited the comments @dhruv...i'm thinking dat Dhruv is normal frm the beginning itself but some reason made him like dat

Armaan and Atul were cuteeeeeeeeee..........yup dey are relly cute

awwwwwwww at the tears when Dhruv speaks..........Armaan reminded me of Minie time when she used to bring tears to his eyes and I love his interactions with kids......He is awesome.......... wen tears were coming frm Armaan's eyes i actually had tears in my eyes.i really love emotional Armaan.
POD at Abhi for shouting and then not even saying sorry to Armaan when Dhruv speaks.......may be later he calls him nd dey will have a convo on it

@AR: They are the cutesttttttttttttttttttt thing in the world.......sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee...Loved Ridzi's attitude and Armaan's idea........Even a small scene when her dupatta gets stuck, the way she stops, she must have felt it was Armaan and the card..awwwwwwwwwwwwww....Loved her and Dhruv's interaction..and the fabulous acting when she is about to walk off and the way she stops when she realizes Dhruv is standing there........Only Suku can pull of and make it look so real.......Her I am so proud of you looks after that and the ishara through her eyes was all needed for that moment.....It was PERFECT........soo true.dat small scene was enough to prove wat Ridz is.she acted  freaking cute in dat her 
ROFLINGGGGGGGG at all the kids with cauliflower.....and Ridzi saying Gappu to go away otherwise he would get pitaai with his Armaan Bhaiya was cuteeeeeeeeeee...Loved that scene too...... mee too.loved the interaction of ridz nd gappu

i just hope shashank gets to know abt AR ASAP.but listening to Ridz words i think he is gonna give Atul even more dutyLOL

OM_Peace IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2009 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by i_luv_dmg

Okay guys...todays episode was very nice...really nice.... Oh yes it was the dance itself was too good.
okay beginning..LOLL armaan alone  all gals dancing..awwww his expressions....awww really nice..and muski danced soo well..n soo did ridz..n soo did anjie n nikki LOLLL
I know that dance was so good and everyones steps matched.. Previously the all girls dances kinda disappointed because their steps were not in tandem but this time around all was good.
very nice performance..well coordinated n all..
ok then the home sequence..awwww it was soo hott hott.ekdum hott...luvd it seriously....muaahz...imean ridz totally JB..n armaan smiled..awww n guys she pushed him on the bed...ROFLLL i
the dance was superb.. the initial oh she is continuing this and then he gets interested and the smile.. uff that smile was too good.
 soo remembered the bed convo that was soo hott....and ofcurse wen he starts dancing wid her.the kiss on her forehead...awww everything was perfect...n their convo..awwwww ...very nice scene..if onli it wld hv been lil long it wld hv been perfect...
I would have seen that scene for the whole 20 mins if not longer with no issues at all....LOL their talk after that was even better. It showed that they were easy with each other and could talk about things. Earlier talking about anything Ridz used to get embarrased.
then the hospital scene..awwww amey is soo cute ya...muaahzz..n armaan all serious serious doc.....awww it was nice to see that.....very nice..awww  dhruv doesent respond..awwwww i felt soo bad.....awww n he had tears ...why?i wanna know wats the actual prob behind his state..
I absolutely loved the serious doc. Its been so long since we have seen him this way. It was too good.
@canteen-ridz shanky..awww father daughterly talk..awwwww shanky .nice!
Shashank not being a totally assured person.. this is first time that i saw it. Saw glimpses of it when he was romancing Padma.. but this time around it was totally new ground..
@nikki-abhi-ROFLLL i was wondering who this guy is...even he has cant b armaan..n then i see its abhi..LOLLLL their convo.....he forgets to button up his shirt LOLL You know even i thought for a second it was Armaan and i thought what the heck why is Nikki catching him that way.. but i liked the scene.. the dialogues were good. The creatives need to come up with a good storyline for them.. I don't want the constant bickering that we used to see with RM
n LOLL @armaan atul pulling nikki away otherwise she was ready to fight....LOLL
@armaan-patient-awww armaan playing chess wid him..hes soo cute wid kids na..he ll becum a good daddy.......Serious concerned doc - too gooddddd
@armaan-ridz-dhruv-it wld be awsome if they handle the case together.awwww.....
and ridz not being able to tell him-its first even i was pissed..but its ok..she understands..
@atul-kirti-abhi-seriously i feel so bad for atul ya..I know i know...But his dress style has changed and i love the new imprvoved dress style on him. he looks good in them.
@abhi-wat the hell?taking dhruv out..arghh !
@arman-riddhima phone convo-yeah i felt bad for ridz..i really did..n i know armaan wont make it..but im sure she ll be pissed for a while..then she ll realise she tensions..chill!
@precpa:ahh dint like watevr it was!
Dear Atul,
i felt so bad for u....please be a little more like armaan-and others...try to find out the reason behind ur overload of wrk..i feel really bad......
Dear Anjali,
u have night duty na?bunk it..LOLL n go home n tell shanky atul likes u..u wont na?i know....
Dear Riddhima,
i felt really bad for u..but im sure ull understand...after all ur also a doc na..just trust in armaan...n be patient.....luv ya
Dear Nikki,
ROFLLL i liked u today..onli i f u could hook on wid abhi as soon as possible
Dear Abhi,
hmmm....ur really nice..also mean.....dont send dhruv out n dont shout at armaan
Dear Armaan,
i love u..if onli u could get out of that suri look would b nice..but u looked hott in the room..once again i love u!
Dear Shanky,
talk less listen to ridz more...let her clear ur doubts...
Dear Tomorrow,
come fast! plzzz
ditto all letters other than the last one because tomorrow was already here and gone so i will say I'm waiting for the Out Of The World Date on Monday...LOLL
Nisha_90 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 October 2008
Posts: 10239

Posted: 30 January 2009 at 5:23am | IP Logged

Hey shanti r u? i guess must be tired of frm work.nd Ditto on Kashu's LD..can't wait for monday.but if i'm not wrong u are also one in K-group who told me dat AR may break-up.kya hua?Tongue

mrs.ksg IF-Rockerz

Joined: 13 September 2008
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Posted: 30 January 2009 at 5:36am | IP Logged


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OM_Peace IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 March 2008
Posts: 4205

Posted: 30 January 2009 at 5:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mainu

omg omg Great epi! Loooved a serious epi afr long!Bt i fear too many misconceptions nw:-(
Looved d Dance..Was really well-choreographed!omggg @ muskaan's and ridz;s moves...Aww@ Armaan's expressions!
 AR dance was toooooo hottttt! Hailaa Armaan was so into her throughout the dance!iloved hw he twirled her.....Loved hw he smiled a lil and started dancin wid her....Great moves+chemistry..I needed airrrrrrrrrrr!*phew*he was almost about to kiss her bt kissed her forehead(as usual)...
I know it was soo sooo good. The dance was awesome.. I think we are going to talk about this dance for days to come...
Loved d lil talk they had on Armaan changin himself!Loved her for sayin she loves him for what he is....Ridz is being soo understandin..why doesn't armaan understand??
Again into suri getup! liked hw serious he was about Dhruv..d kids condition plus d BG was =(
Hailaa Abhi shirtless must hav killed Kariz!lLOLoved their bickerin bt gettin a lil repitative nw!
Awww@ Ridz-Shashank talk...Sucha a sweet dad he was being! wanted to talk to her about her love life over movies wid popcorn and all...Too cuteee scene!
I loved Shashank here... too good...
Armaan tryin to revive Dhruv by playin chess was sweet...Felt for dhruv=(...Armaan playin d seriuos and carin  doctor was a treat=)though in suri look bt he had his normal accent too Ridz talkin to Dhruv was also too sweet! they r both really  good wid kids!
M suree Armaan kidnaps Dhruv so that he doesn't get shifted and all!
This List was too Good......
Originally posted by cha_iqbal

A way to de-stress....forget AR to-happen fight if it does....forget shanky the cranky and anji.....over the weekend...and be ready to face DMG on Monday with a new ray of hope...

1. Watch Oye its friday with Rishi and Ranbir and Farhan...hmm which channel??
2. Watch Indian Idol with Farhan and Zoya and Hussain...This is in Sony Right at what time?
3. Watch the July 10th, January 19th and January 28th dance/romance sequences of AR This i ddefinutely intend to do... not just these i intend to watch some more also...the AR combined scenes by Karu are too good...
4. Keep japofying "Om Armanaya Namah" for mental peace.. OK this is a bit too much...Lekin  i will try it this weekend
5. Come visit CC...(not sure of the number...coz we mite cross 3 before the weeekend..LOL) for a surprise waiting for all of u This i definitely intend to do...Not coming to CC for a day means that day is not entirely complete...LOLLL

Originally posted by Sweet Mermaid

Heyy Babes...
*Hugs*to all... Here's my lowdown!! Its been so many days since I've read your LD.. too long.. please come by and write LD's regularly....
Challiya: To sum up, best dance sequence in the history of DMG.. I had the most fun this time... It was amazing.. and sooo much fun to watch Armaan with his leading ladies.. all the girls were JHAKAAS!! Awesome!!
Ridz @ bedroom with Armaan: Firstly, she was looking stunning!! and dont u just love the cheeky smile Armaan gives Suddenly while he watches her dance?? Like "U have no idea how desirable u are" LOVED IT!! and AWWW at the way he kisses her hands and forhead and then touches her face and hair... AWWW.. so AR.. Aakhein Taras Gayi Thi!! bt then that stupid phone call.. UGH!!! Anyway love the way Ridz is understanding and they are willing to communicate!! The smile uff i know that was the best part for me.. and the two smiles actually and then two kisses.. haila.. the dance was perfect....and agree they are willing to communicate.. Previously Armaan used to get easily frightened of Ridz's gussa and Ridz used to get easily they communicate like a couple do...
Armaan: This should be illegal.. Nobody is Allowed to be that HAWT!! I am gonna arrest him and then we both in jail chakki pissing.. and doing a lot of other *stuff*...  Like Megzzz said.. what stuff please do tell in detail.....He was looking drop-dead gorgeous in black... Haiiii mera Armaan.. how I love him.. Muaah!!
Loved the way he covered his face when he realizes he got carried away!! Bt Ridz was soo willing..!! Kya Armaan?? I know Duh.. Totally agree with Preeti . Armaan became Ridz..Armaan get out of the Suri getup now.. it seems to be changing you totally....
I understand Armaan.. I mean this is one of the very few times he did nt goof up.. he is doing a great job, so he wants to be Suri.. bt then again, he does nt have to.. I mean come on, he is Armaan!! ditto ditto ditto
Can I just say I love how Ridz is willing to handle him?? U go girl..!!
Abhi & Nikki: Oh I loved this part.. Loving it all.. Haiii.. LOLL Nikki says- "Aur Kya Dikhana Bakee hai".. Nice!! Love them!! Yep the dialogues were good....and Abhi looked great...I hope they give them a good storyline instead of just regular fighting...
Shashank & Ridz.. AWW he is such a sweet dad.. Love the father and daughter talk.. so real.. so cute.. and the popcorn and movie talks.. so cute.. all cute!! ditto
Atul: He annoyed me.. UFF he had to bug in when Armaan was on the phone with her?? UFF!! sooo annoying!
! UGH!! Bt then Sanjeevani is a mad house anyway!! LOLL
Dhruv and Dr Armaan: Howw adorable.. I love my Doctor Armaan.. I find it incredibly sexy (even in his Suri look) when he handles his patients and he is at his best.. Lovee him!! Muaah!! Just super sexyy.. LOL! I love u Armaan!!
I think he is gonna be Pro at the Dhruv case!! Love u Armaan!.. Suri or not!! and I love how they are bringing in the medical aspects.. delighful to watch!! Yes i love the medical aspects.. DMG is getting better day by day....
Precap: I think they are gonna surpise Dhruv!! and they are being soo twisty abt this whole Shash and Atul thing.. LOLL
Karan is doing an amazing job as Suri!! I have no words!! Oh yes.. thats the one thing about SuriJi.. Armaan's versatile acting is showing up..too good...
Loved Ridz in Black.. she looks soo pretty!!
Random.. whats with the promotion of MJHT?? LOLL
Loved the epi!! Very enjoyable!!
PS: As much as I adore Suri, I want my Armaan back... agreed.. i want him back too...I wonder uska shubh muhurth kab niklega...I hope he does not go to the date in SuriJi getup otherwise i will hit him...
Maitri, Megz, Kash, Karu, Veenu, Shal, and others.. *Hugs*
OM_Peace IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 March 2008
Posts: 4205

Posted: 30 January 2009 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by geneliya2

Hey shanti r u? i guess must be tired of frm work.nd Ditto on Kashu's LD..can't wait for monday.but if i'm not wrong u are also one in K-group who told me dat AR may break-up.kya hua?Tongue

Hey Gen - doing good - How are you?? Yes i was... But thanksfully all is going well.. But it does not amke sense.. I still see a break up and a patchup otherwise how will teh story move on?? I'm trying to be pragmatic here..
Mrs KSG - Hello!! I'm Shanthi.. Nice to meet you...
OM_Peace IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 March 2008
Posts: 4205

Posted: 30 January 2009 at 5:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zgerl


Zaf - i like all the pics.. but this one with the slight smile.. hai.. look at his face.. he just plain looks naughty..
Preeti - i still need to look at your picture.. haila 70 of them.. Kya baat hai....
Originally posted by angel77

okayy i jus realised this - Armaan was the one to pull back today Ridzi was ready


Dear Dr.Armaan,

Look what Suri has done to you
Please come back

Shocked Me

Karu - agree.. Totally shocked.. Yeh kya baat hui.. she was not even the tent scene also he did that.. but this one was even worse.. Suri is turning you into too shareef a person Armaan. Get out of it immediately...
Originally posted by Preeti_285

Kariz....OMGGG Kariz!! I looove you for making the video on the Aitraaz song, I dwnlded itBig smile thanks!! Hug i wish Ridz sings this soon soon too!! Tongue
@Armaan backing off
u know i ws rewatching for billionth time...and Armaan backs off only coz he WANTS to go further & knows if he dont stop then he wont stop at all ..Guruji hai after all but also Mr Perfect ..what a balance he has to keepLOL
Preeti - Wow tu tho Guruji ki correct student hai.. you understood him too wel.. I didn't even think of this.. But Armaan we don't want balance.. get out of being the nice guy Dude... Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega... LOLLL

@Gagan.. u have tooooo....

@Preeti Karuuu... haaiii about Balancee... i agreee... Armaan lose it babieee...


Dearest Armaan....

Lose the Dr Jackl...Be the Mr Hyde..

We want to see the Animal in you...

Ever loving urs JB's!!!

Veena - ditto the letter... I agree we are looking forward to seeing the sher not the rabbit....
maitri505 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2008
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Posted: 30 January 2009 at 6:18am | IP Logged
hello my jingiessss!! *hugsss*
haila! i left at 11.30 this morning and we were on page 141... and now we're only on 143..?? where is everyone..??!!
no new promo.. =*(
girls.. id just come to say a quick bye... its my sister's engagemtn next weekend.. going shopping with her.. muaaahh... will see you'll.. hopefully, all of you'll in a few hours.. muaaahh

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