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As Kalyani Devi's family celebrates and rejoices during Suguna's wedding preparations, Suguna remains disinterested. One by one, relatives start to show up to the wedding. Jagya makes friends with a new boy at school, Sunder. Sunder seems to be a selfish boy who is out to use Jagya for money. Madan Singh's family arrives with pomp. MS's brother is not happy with not having pheras for the wedding. He prompts MS to ask Maasa to agree to this. While talking to Maasa about this, MS realises that Suguna is pregnant. He is livid and outs this news in front of the whole village.Shyam confesses hiding the truth. MS disowns Shyam and leaves with his family. Shyam gets married to Suguna as planned, while MS plots to avenge this insult. While Suguna is still not ready to accept Shyam, MS burns down Maasa's godown causing huge losses. In order to not impact villagers, the two families sign a peace agreement to not cause each other any harm.
Suguna slowly starts to take care of Shyam's small needs, although she is still resistant to accept him as her husband. Shyam's Tauji tries to influence Shyam to leave Maasa's haveli. Khajan's land is in trouble as he is unable to pay off his debt. Jagya is corrupted by Sunder's association. He steals money from the house safe to buy games. Anandi seems to notice that Sunder is not good, but Jagya fails to see the same.Jagya is influenced by Sunder and begins to gamble and smoke. Anandi comes to know abt the smoking, but doesn't say anything to anyone,hoping Jagya will change himself.
Shyam tries to get closer to Suguna, but she does not relent. Fearing gossip, Maasa tries to send Shyam away, but changes her mind because of Shyam. Anandi ties rakhi to Shyam, while Jagya is on his way to turning completely wayward along with Sunder....

In order to support his new wife, Shyam begins to earn his living by doing odd jobs for Maasa and sons. Shyam's parents at first are offended by this, but Shyam convinces his mother that he wants to establish on his own. Suguna starts to slowly behave normally around Shyam, who is very happy. Jagya in the meantime starts to behave worse due to Sunder's company. He lies all the time without any fear. He hardly studies. In order to help him pass with good marks, his teacher asks for Rs.10,000 as bribe and Jagya considers paying him the money. He makes Anandi do all his classwork, and she is left being overworked with household chores and Jagya's work. Bhagwati returns from her pilgrimage and learns about the land mortgage. Khajan promises to free the land soon.

As Suguna and Shyam's relationship slowly progresses, Bhairav learns of Jagya's cutting classes and playing games. He comes home and beats up Jagya. Anandi helps Jagya by hiding his video game. Jagya promises his father to correct himself and study well. Khajan's land is taken over by Mahavir Singh, who refuses to part with it even though Khajan offers money to repay his loan. Upon learning Maasa is related to Mahavir Singh, Anandi's parents approach Maasa for help. On hearing Mahavir Singh's name, Maasa clams up, refusing to know anyone by that name. She starts having nightmares about her past. Her family is puzzled by her mysterious behavior.

Khajan plans to buy another piece of land, but may have to mortgage his house for that. Anandi and the others try to convince Maasa to help Khajan, but Maasa does not relent. Jagya takes Anandi to Mahavir SIngh's house. He tells Mahavir Singh that he is Maasa's grandson and asks him to return Khajan's land. This gives an excuse to Mahavir Singh, who come to Maasa's haveli and taunts her. Maasa hits Anandi and tells her to leave the house the next day and go back to her parents. Anandi goes back to her parents while everyone at Maasa's house is sad about this. Anandi's parents try to talk to Maasa who does not relent.They pawn their house to borrow money to buy land. Mahavir Singh begins to plot with Madan Singh and ramcharan Singh against Maasa. He sends a set of bangles to Maasa which makes her remember her tormented secret past..Mahavir is Kalyani's jethji.They live in the same haveli where Kalyani is happily married to her Mahavir's brother. Once her husband passes away, young Maasa is helpless and at the mercy of Mahavir, who tries to take advantage of her. Fearing her safety when Mahavir tries to rape her, Maasa runs away from the haveli along with her children, never to look back ....

Maasa enters Mahavir's haveli and tells him to not interfere in her life. Mahavir vows to make her life miserable. Maasa fears her family's safety and doesn't share any of her past information with her family. Shyam and Suguna go to a remote temple to pray for the family's welfare. An altercation with Pratap's mother leaves them both wounded. Shyam carries Suguna to the hospital. This incident makes Suguna respect Shyam and accepts that he is her baby's father.
Meanwhile, Jagya and Anandi miss each other a lot. Khajan encourages Anandi to resume studying for her exams. Mahavir SIngh, Madan Singh and Ramcharan Singh plot against Maasa. They con the village farmers and force them to sell their land to Mahavir. Shyam requests his father to stop all this. He complains to panchayat, who judge in favor of Maasa and the villagers. Fearing enmity with her samdhis, Maasa withdraws the complaint and remains non-comittal.
Khajan's land deal turns out to be null since the seller, Vishnu, was not the rightful owner. The land owner drives Khajan and Bhago away from his land after beating them up. Jagya doesn't forgive Daadisa. He ends up befriending Sunder again so that he can cheat in his exams. Radha accepts Suguna as her daughter-in-law.
Having lost their money, land and house, Khajan's family has no choice but to leave the village in search of work. Meanwhile Jagya gets caught by Basanth when he is roaming around with Sunder. Maasa blames Anandi for all problems and Sumitra takes a stand agains Maasa supporting Anandi. MS and RS plot with Mahavir Singh to make Mahavir the sarpanch of Jetsar. Radha leaks this info to Shyam. Maasa uses her influence to dissolve the panchayat.
Khajan and family go to a new town where Bhago ends up working when Khajan's legs trouble him. When Bhago falls ill, it is little Anandi who goes to earn their daily wages. Unable to withstand the conflict between her husband and son, Radha consumes poison. RS convinces MS to forget his enmity and bring Shyam and Suguna home. However, he has an evil plan in mind hatched by Mahavir Singh. MS come to Maasa's house to take Shyam and Suguna home. Meanwhile, Khajan's legs are badly infected and need surgery. With no money for surgery, the Khajan and family are worried....

It so happens that the construction site that Bhago is working in belongs to Mahavir. He offers to pay for Khajan's surgery and also offers jobs to all the 3 family members in his house. Bhago accepts this readily. MS comes to Maasa and asks to take Shyam and Suguna home with him. The gauna is fixed for the next day and Bhairav can't make it. Khajan and family relocate to Mahavir's haveli as servants while Suguna is welcomed as the new bahu in MS household.

Ignored by all, Jagya falls deeper into Sunder's bad habits. He stops studying, bunks school and goes to play cards with Sunder. The cops raid the place and arrest Jagya. Sumitra tells the cops to hold Jagya overnight, but finally Maasa and co. convince her to take him home. Bhairav returns and decides to send Jagya to boarding school. He also learns about Anandi being thrown out. Sumitra and Bhairav look for Khajan's family everywhere with no luck. Mahavir taunts Maasa about Jagya and also tells her about Khajan and his family being his servants.

Under threats by Bhairav and family leaving the house, Maasa is forced to reveal her past with Mahavir Singh to her family. When B&B go to Mahavir's haveli they meet Anandi. They pay off Khajan's debts and get Anandi home. Maasa is forced to accept Anandi after her whole family threatens to leave. There is some respite for Maasa's family as Anandi is back home, Suguna is brought home for pag phera and Bhairav decides not to send Jagya to boarding school. Suguna and Gehna's delivery dates are fast approaching while RS poisons MS's mind to get rid of Suguna's baby.....

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RS attempts to poision Suguna and Asha sees this, but is silenced by RS. Anandi burns her books and promises Maasa to stop studying in order to make her happy. She tries to hide this from the other family members, but Gehna knows about this. When Anandi's teacher visits her, she too realises this truth and exposes Maasa's actions in front of everyone. Gehna's god-bharaai is carried out. Maasa reminds her to leave the house upon delivering her grandson. Gehna tells this to Sumitra and cries. Basanth hears a part of this and thinks Gehna wants to leave. RS attempts to kill off Suguna's baby again, but Asha prevents it. She tells Suguna the truth about RS. While trying to stop her kid sister's wedding, Gehna gets labor pains and is rushed to the hospital, where she gives birth to a baby boy. While the entire family is rejoicing, Gehna still thinks she will have to leave the house as per her promise to Maasa....

Maasa tells Sumitra to convince Gehna to stay. Despite Sumitra and Basanth's request, Gehna declares that she will leave the house as she feels Maasa does not respect her as a woman. Basanth is heartbroken after Gehna leaves. He feels he is not a good match for Gehna and for her happiness, he decides to get her married to Niranjan. He sends over divorce papers to Gehna and takes her to the temple to get her married to Niranjan. Gehna refuses, saying she loves Basanth.
Meanwhile Nandu falls sick due to being fed goat's milk. Gehna returns and asks Maasa to forgive her.
RS tries to have Suguna's baby killed along with her in a staged robbery. Shyam foils the plan and Suguna is forced to reveal RS's intentions to him. Radha demands that RS leave the house, but Suguna and eventually Shyam convince RS to stay.
Mahavir Singh arranges to be out on bail and traps Khajan SIngh in a false weapons smuggling case. B&B try their best to get Khajan freed, but are unsuccessful. In order to help her out, Bhairav gets Bhago home to stay with them until Khajan is freed....

During her stay at Maasa's haveli, Bhago is contantly taunted by Maasa about having to stay with them at their mercy. Maasa is unhappy with B&B for focusing on Khajan's court case and ignoring business.
RS tries to poison Radha's mind against Shyam and Suguna at Mahavir's behest. Mahavir discovers that years back Maasa's child was still-born and in fact Basanth is his son. He is overjoyed and goes to Basanth, demanding to come live with him or atleast give Nandu to him.
Maasa reveals to her family that Mahavir's wife had requested at her deathbed that Maasa should raise Basanth as her own and not let Mahavir know that Basanth is his son. RS helps Mahavir kidnap Nandu. Basanth heads out to kill Mahavir, but Maasa stops him.
Mahavir feels ashamed at his actions and respects Maasa for raising his son with the right values. He tries to undo all his wrong-doings and gets stoned by villagers when he apologises to them. Maasa and family save him. Suguna comes home for delivery. Khajan is freed and is resentful towards Maasa and co. since he had to suffer so much on their account......

Suguna's baby is born pre-mature. Everyone is happy that the delivery was problem-free. RS convinces Pratap's parents that Suguna's baby is theirs and asks them to claim their grandson. Pratap's parents arrive at the naming ceremony venue and try to claim their grandson, but are insulted and sent away by everyone.
Suguna finally accepts Shyam as her husband, but Shyam is aware of her extreme attachement to "her" baby and believes she still loves Pratap only.
Anandi and Jagya study for their exam. Bhairav pressurises Jagya to do well in his exams. Jagya feels stifled.
Khajan resents Maasa's family and voices his regret for having given them his daughter. He secretly starts some illegal snacks business that brings him a lot of money. Anandi and Bhago hope he mends his ways soon.
The exam results are out and Jagya comes home with report cards that indicate he has secured 75% and Anandi has secured 55%. Maasa hosts a big party to celebrate Jagya topping the class and taunts Anandi....

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Everyone gets to know that its Anandi who got higher marks and Jagya is just 55%. Bhairon gets furious and makes him apologise in front of everyone. Jagya couldn't take this humiliation and leaves home and go to Mumbai with his friend. The boys are kidnapped by a goons gang. They try to escape and the goons chase them. Anandi gets a call from Jagya and they trace him and reach where the boys were escaping. Anandi takes the bullet meant for Jagya to save him. She has a major operation and massa is so much touched by her deeds. Massa holds a yagya to save Anandi's life. Anandi is back to conscious but suffers a bit memory loss. All are concerned. Khajan refuses to send her to her saasra. Bhairon insists and takes her to Jaithsar. He informs everyone that since she was shot on her head she will suffer occasional memory, vision loss and would take time to recover.

Bhairon's childhood friend Teepri enters and massa is so fond of her and takes her home. Teepri says her husband left hjer because they didn't had any kids. Teepri is there to get her LOVE Bhairon back and she steals the family photo from the wall and strikes out each member one by one and often talks to Bhiaron's piscture. She tries to make rift between him and Sumitra but fails. Teepri is against Anandi since anandi was always suspicious about her and she doubts its teepri who stole the picture. Massa too is slowly falling into her trap. Teepri brainwashes massa against Sumitra, Gehna and she takes advantage of Anandi's health and instigates massa for Jagya's second marriage and massa agrees. They both starts looking for girls and finalises on Gudiya. Massa manages to get Jagya out with her on his wedding anniversary day and forcefully gets him married to Gudiya, who too was no in agreement for the marriage and wanted to study. Bhairon gets to know about it and reach the spot but it was late. Teepri changes her side and tells him she has no idea what massa was going to do. Bahiron oppeses the wedding and a panchayat was called for. Anandi is nice to Gudiya. The panchayat tests Anandi's memory and she comes out clean and they nullifies the wedding to Gudiya. Bhaiorn offers help to the girl's father for her studies which the later refuses.

All back in haveli but Bhairon leaves home with his family and Shayma takes them to his home for the night. Bhairon reluctantly accepts the offer and Madan too is nice to him. Here Teepri goes psychotic because Bhairon left her and she takes massa and baby Nandu as hostage. Bhairon reach there for the rescue and Teepri blabbers all what she did to get him back in her life. Teepri's husband, daughter and family reach there and they tell massa and family that she was always behaving odd but only now did he knew the reason behind it. She takes with them. There Sugan is pregnant again and Bhairon is worried for her health and Shyam's family is happy. They are buying things and land for the unborn and Sugna feels insecure for Varun. Pratap's mother comes to Sugna and asks her to come along with Varun to do the rituals for which Sugna agrees. Shaym comes to know about this and is upset. Sugna suffers miscarriage and everyone in Shyam's family including him blames her for doing it purposely. Sugna stands up for herself and blames Shyam for being double faced. Shyam leaves the village in a huff. Later he realises his mistake and he comes back and him and Sugna patch up.

Its Anandi's 13th birthday and massa gives permission for a grand surprise party. Jagya buys her a modern short skirt. All enjoyng the day and Khajan and Bhago comes there too. Later in the night Jagya gives her the gift and asks her to wear it for him. She goes to change and the curious kid peeps through the key hole and Sumitra catches him red handed but she manages the situation and get shim out from the room. She is concerned and Bhairon decides to keep the kids apart. Massa wantes her great grand son as soon as possible but Bhairon declares to massa that he has decided to send Anandi back to her maayke until she turns 18 and he is adamant on his decision and he explains the situation to her parents too. ON the day back home Anandi and Jagya comes to know that she is going for 5yrs. Jagya is super angry at Bhairon and thinks massa might have told him to do so. Anandi is taken back to Bilaria. Jagya is upset with everyone.

At Bilaria Khajan is doing wrong business and his boss comes there one day and misbehaves with Bhago, and Anandi manages to fight him and he goes away. Khajan comes to know about this and exposes his business and surenders himself to the police. Bhairon reach there and says he did the right thing and will take care of Bhago and Anandi. One day Jagya manages to reach Bilaria to take Anandi back with him. But Nanadi tells him that she has promised Bhairon and she takes a promise from him that he will not do this again and he will not come to see her until the time comes and that he will study well and will follow all the rules she has written for him. He says ok and leaves with Basanth who came there to take him.


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The leap is shown. The grown up Anandi miss her sasuraal and have a doll house to replace it. She goes to some mela to as Phooli is coming with Jagya's letter. There she is teased by a boy with moustache and anandi is upset. Bhago had gone to receive Khajan from jail but there she and govind know that he had left a day before. They along with Anandi files a complaint at the station. Later they find him doing pooja at some temple. Bhago wanted to go to some temple for fulfilling her prayers. The day she chooses happens to collide with anandi's 18th birthday. Its anandi's 18th birthday and the moustache boy appears there to and he is revealed to be Jagya himself. All happy to see him. JaAn has some secret private moments with the help of Phooli. The next day Bhago reaches back in time for Anandi's bidaai and she is off to her saasra. She is welcomed by Sugna and Anandi is happy to see Sugna's kids (Varun and Shagun) and Nandu. DS is happy to see her back but as usual taunts her too. Jagya is desperate but the auspicious time for them to unite is a week away and they had to stay separate. Jagya is romantic whenever he gets a chance. On rakhi he brings Sumitra's brother to the haveli and massa not happy.

Its some ceremony for the married women and massa taunts about her beeendinis staus and the gifts sent by their parents. Gehna talks back at massa and asks Sumitra to stand up for herself. Masa Gehna rift again. Jagya wants to be a doctor and he goes to give the entrance test. Here, Varun has a mishap, he falls down from the terrace under suspicious circumstances where Shyam's thausa was present (He doesn't like Varun). Varun badly injures his legs, he seems to be scared of RS too. Varun is doubtful about being able to walk again. JaAn was suppose to go for their honeymoon but theyr don't want to since Varun is not well. All convinces them and they are off to Goa. But flights are cancelled because fo rain and they stay at Mumbai, and there they consummate. They visit the doctor who treated Anandi. Here Varun's bandage is open but doctors declares that he will never walk as he is half paralysed and is taken out in a wheel chair. Shyam blames Sugna for the matter but Madan manages the situatin and consoles Sugna. SS patch up and bth taking care of Varun . JaAn comes back and they go and visit Varun. Anandi is suspicious about RS but Jagya snubs her.

Bansath and Gehna's relation is soaring because of Basanth's physical issues and Gehna confides in sumitra. Nandu goes missing and its found that Mahavir Singh had taken him but he lands in jail fro kidnapping. Massa takes him out from jail knowing that he has changed. Basanth is not happy.

Jagya clears the entrance test. He has a bad time convincing dadisa who doesn't let him go away for years. Pratap's parents come to Madan's haveli to get back their grandson. Hukam singh is caught by police on murder attempt at Shyam. Gehna basanth issue deepens and massas puts more oil into the fire. Jagya leaves for Jaipur to submit the application. He meets Gauri on the way they help people from dacoites. They both are joing the same college. All worried here and jagya comes back safe after the admissions. JaAn goes to visit Varun who insista them to stay back and and Anandi is with him for the night. Varun murmers, pleading someone not to kill him and both Anandi and Sugna aks shim to speak up and he says thausa pushed him down the terrace. Shaym confronts RS in the morning where RS confesses that he didn't save Varun when he could have but just let him fall down. Thausa is thrown out by Madan. Jagya got admission in Mumbai medical college. Party at the haveli.


Jagya leaves to Mumbai and he joins the MC. There first day he spots seniors ragging a girl and it turns out to be Gauri whom he met earlier. He intervenes to save her. The seniors are not happy and they rag him instead. Jagya is made to wear a sari and put on make up and then later stripped and paraded in each classroom and at one class he is stripped naked. He is left later. Gauri tries to give him slent support but Jagya is shattered. He leaves hostel and gauri tries to find him. Jagya is caught committing suicide and Gauri saves him. But he manages to sneak out again and reach Jaitsar. He doesn't tell anyone what happened with him. He says he was not well that's why he came. Next morning villagers come and asks whats the matter with him as someone spotted him coming. Jagya says he has his own reasons not to continue with the studies. Villagers make fun and leave. That night Gauri calls haveli and anandi gets to know the truth. She convinces him to open up in front of the family nd dadisa blames Anandi for the mess. Jagya trying hard to forget the happenings. Anandi and him visit Sugna and Varun. There Varun shows his disappointment that if Jagya doesn't become a doctor he will never recover. This makes Jagya realise and decides to go back to college, but dadisa opposes and locks him up. He manages to escape and Anandi gives him money and he goes back and dadisa blames Anandi. Jagya reach Mumbai and he gathers all juniors and together they oppose ragging and all is well.

Here in Jaitsar, dadisa and Gehna has a rift. Gehna in no mood to compromise and gets rebel. Sumitra tries to loosen the situation but Gehna blames her for silently accepting massa's atrocities. Sumitra and Gehna are not in talking terms. The rift widens and dadisa goes against all bendinis one by one and they are stripped off their decorations. Then Gehna agrees for compromise so that others don't suffer. Phooli is shown getting some love letters and a boy tries to molest her, she manages to escape but the boy raise the letter issue and a panchayat is called for. Phooli confesses its her who wrote the letters since her life is colourless and wanted to have her share of happiness and she is getting it within the limits of dignity. All say she is out of her mind and need to be expelled. Anandi gives her strength to tell the other truth. Phooli says she was attacked by theay boy, but he defends himself and put blame on Phooli. Her dignity is questioned and is punished that she cant step out of her house anymore.

Slowly Basanth accepts Mahavir as his father and MS hapy and leaves the haveli. Heth Singh a powerful politician comes to Jaitsar. He befriends massa and she and family are invited for his son's wedding. There Anandi see that the boy is only 10 yrs old and the bride is Gulli. She opposes the wedding but massa drags her out. Anandi sneaks out and escapes with Gulli. Bhairon gets police and Heth Singh is arresyed for Bal Vivah. The case reach court where heth Singh and Gulli's grad parents are found guilty and punished for 3 months imprisionment. Bhairon gets Gulli's custody but dadisa not happy and Anandi and Gulli decides to stay at the outhouse. Anandi is praised all over the media. Her teacherji is happy and comes to congratulate her. With the help of Bhairon Anandi and Phooli exposes the bad boy and Phooli gets her pride back. Sarpanch comes to haveli to thank Anandi and massa happy and Anandi is back in haveli.

There in Mumbai Jagya is slowly galling in love with Gauri and he hides the fact that he is married and his real name is Jagdish and he tells everyone that he is Jagat. He behaves indifferent with Anandi when he comes home and shows displeasure at the village things and is smitten by city life. Anandi has started a small school for the girls where she teaches them various household jobs, embroidery and education also,. Anandi tries to be like the way Jagya wants and she learns computer and sends him an email and he is impressed. Gauri confesses that she loves him but he is stunned at the revelation as he is confused what to tell her. Anandi reach Mumbai to surprise him on his birthday and he is not happy. Anandi sopts him enjoying with Gauri and friends while she is left waiting for him at the hotel. Jagya tells his friends that she is Nandini and is his relative and she says she lives in Jetpur.Anandi and Jagya have a huge fight abt Jagya's identity crisis and Jagya tells Anandi that he is unable to go on in their relationship. Anandi returns home and hides the fact from the family. When Jagya comes for a visit, his friend Lal Singh reveals his affair to his Jetsar friends and Phooli hears this but doesnt tell Anandi. She indirectly warns Jagya. Jagya and Anandi fight again in front of the family about growing differences and Anandi reveals Jagya's truth to all, who are shocked. She tops her board exams and vows to continue studying for herself. DS is upset with Jagya's changes, but decides to forgive him

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Three years after Jagya-Anandi's marriage deteriorates, Jagya is shown having graduated from medical school. B&B are very excited, so are the rest of the family. The family constructs a hospital in the village for Jagya to run. Upon returning to huge pomp and show, Jagya however reveals that he wants to go back to Mumbai to study further and doesn't intend to ever come back. The whole family struggles to accept this decision.
Meanwhile, Gauri is revealed to be Gudiya and she is haunted by her childhood marriage and still struggles to forget it. She talks to bade papa about Jagat and wishes that he meet Jagat and give his approval. However, bade papa is not very convinced upon meeting Jagat.
Jagat and Gauri start living together in Mumbai and lie that they are married in order to secure a house. The Singh family decides to send Anandi to Mumbai to live with Jagya. Jagya calls Anandi and tells her he does not want to live with her and would like to forget his childhood marriage. A dejected Anandi is hospitalised. Phooli is married off to her first husband's brother and the family appears to be nice to Phooli. Bhairav goes to meet Jagya in Mumbai and learns of his lies and affair. He angrily disowns Jagya who blames his father for his untimely marriage to Anandi. Bhairav comes home and tells the whole family the truth about Jagya and everyone esp. Anandi is devastated.
Sumitra goes to Mumbai and tries to get Jagya back, but in vain. Sumitra and Bhairav and the rest of the Singh clan decide to support Anandi. They encourage her to start teaching the girls in the village again and to study to be a doctor.
Meanwhile, Jagya feels guilty for having hidden everything from Gauri. He writes a letter to Gauri with all details hoping she will forgive him. Gauri never sees the letter. When Jagya's family cuts him off financially, Gauri secretly goes to Jagya's house to find out why there is discord. She is shocked to find out the truth about Jagya and is heartbroken

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GOTW Sign up Archives

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