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official channel site>

About the Show:
Balika Vadhu, Set in rural Rajasthan, narrates the story of a child bride Anandi. Having been married at the tender age of eight, to an equally young Jagdish, she enters a new world which is at once alienating and confusing. Torn away from the merriment of childhood, and her family, she has to accept and accustom herself to this new family of strangers, new relationships and accept her roles as friend, lover, wife, and mother as she forges her way in matrimony. This very unique show is produced by Sphere Origins. The star cast includes Avika Gor as Anandi and Avinash Mukherjee as Jagdish. The show will be aired every Monday to Friday at 8 PM.



* Anandi - Jagdish *

The grown up Jagya(Shashank Vyas) and Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee) meet on her 18th birthday.
Anandi goes back to her saasra the next day.
There starts her new phase of struggle in life.
This time she has more huddles than she might have expected. 
Jagya was over romantic at the initial times but
once he joined medical college he is attracted to his classmate Gauri.
On one side he still shows  care and love for Anandi
but ignores her completetly when he see Gauri.
Except for some rare lighter momenst daidsa (Surekha Sikri)is still the same old stubborn woman, who gives more importance to traditions and leaves no chance to blame Anandi or taunt her.
*Young Kalyani Devi*
Young dadisa played by (Heeba Shah). The young widow escaped an attempted molestation from her bro-in-law Mahavir Singh and had to flee from the haveli with her two sons.
*Jagya's Parents*
Bhairon (Anup Soni)has shown immmense courage to stand upto massa always. He is the  major strength for Anandi who supports her for any good deed. Its because of his help that Anandi could expose the boy who tried to molest Phooli. He was even ready to leave the house when dadisa asked her to get out.
Sumitra (Smita Bansal)is the same old, obedient bahu for massa and a silent supporter to Anandi. She had a small difference of opinion with Gehna when the latter opposed massa's behaviour towards the beednis parents.
*Anandi's Parents*
Khajan (Chaitanya Adib) is out form jail and he and Bhagvathy (Bhairavi Raichura)was shown only until Anandi's bidaai.
*Basanth & Family*
Basanth(Satyajit Sharma) and Gehna (Neha Marda)has got along with each other but later had some bad time becasue fo his some physical problem. they are trying to sort things clear. Their son Nandu is 5yrs old now. 
Mahavir Singh (Rajendra Gupta)is Kalyanidevi's brother-in-law. He and his wife are  Basnath's biological parents. Kalyani had to flee from the haveli when her husband died because of the ill desires of MS. Later it was revelaed that MS's wife and dadisa were expecting at the same time and it was MS's wife who delivered the baby first. She was breathing her last and had handed over her son to Kalyani becasue she wanted to keep her son from his evil father.
*Gehna's Parents and sisters*
*Sugna & Shyam*
Sugna (Veebha (Vibha) Anand )was lucky to get Shyam (Vikrant Massey)as her soulmate and they went through lot od hardships and now has completed their family with two kids. Varun and Shagun.
Varun has fell down from the terrace and is now paralysed. Its his state that made Jagya go back to the medical college after he was ragged.
Both Vikrant and Veebha has got ;ead roles in another shows, so their characters are not shown for a while.
*Shyam's family* 
Madan Singh (Amar Sharma)and Radha (Aasmita Sharma) love Sugna as their daugher. Even they he had some issues with dadisa  he never kept anything in mind about that towards Sugna. It was him who supported and consoled Sugna when Shyam accused her of neglect and blaming her for the mishap Varun went through.  Sugna couldnt have got a better and loving mother-in-law than Radha. She has always been the pillar of strength for Sugna.
Ramcharan Singh is Madan's elder brother. Thaisa though being nice had to silently support her evil husband. They are childless couple and consider Shyam as thehir son.  He doesnt approve Shyam marriyng a widow and always kept hatred for Varun, even after 5 yrs, since he is not of their blood. Its due to him that Varun fell down from the terrace and is half paralysed. Madan expelled him from his house when this truth was in front of all.
Sandhya (Sadia Siddique), better known as Anandi's teacherji is always been there to boost Anandi's morale. She was the one who challenged the bal vivah when Anandi got married but that time Anandi couldnt stick to the truth and had to lie she was not married and Sandhya had to leave the village. This time, when Anandi was confused teacherji paid her a visit. She came to congratulate her when Anandi saved Gulli.
Phooli (Mamta Chaturya)is Anandi's childhood friend who was destined to be a widow in the childhood itself. She went through all the tests for being a widow and was even blamed for trapping a boy in her love net. She came out clear with the help of Anandi by exposing the boy.
*Dadisa's Elder Sister*
Dadisa's elder sister who came at the time of Pratap's death and she tried her best to make Sugna's life better. She was called badi massi by all.
* Madhav & Wife* 
Madhav is Sumitra's youber brither. He had some issues with massa years back and had stopped coming to the haveli. He came there aftre a long time for Sugna's gauna. After that he had made only two more appearances, once after Sugna-Shyam wedding and ater recenlty on rakhi when Jagya brought him there. 
Khajan's Friend*
Govind is Khajan's friend and neighbour. he has helped them whenever they wanted. He is more like part of his family. His wife is Krishna (Preeti Sahay). They dont have any children and love Anandi as their own.

Champa (Shivshakti Sachdev ) is Anandi and Phooli's childhood friend and was married. But she was thrown out of her saasra for having an affair with another boy. But she came to the village and the villagers threw her out and was later sentenced for some kind of torture. Then it was Anandi who helped her escape. She returned after two years and had her baby with her that is Gulli. Everyone considered Gulli as a bad omen and never talked to her except Anandi and family. 
Gulli is Anandi and Phooli's childhood frined Champa's daughter. Champa was sent back by her in-laws and had a relation with some boy and had eloped with him. She came back to the village with the baby and later died due to bad health. Ever since gulli is looked after by her grand parents na dthey considered as a bad omen and all the villagers had kept distance with her and it was only Anandi who accpeted her and was her only friend. Her grand parents are now in jail for trying to get her married.
*Gulli's Grandparents*
Gulli's grandparents forced her to tell lie in the court but Gulli confessed the truth that they forcefully tried to get her married. The court sentenced them for 3 months and Gulli was left under Bhairon's custody.
*Heth Singh*
Heth Singh (Sanjay Batra) is a politician who tried to get his 10yr old son to Gulli. Anandi oppsed this marriage and secrelty took Gulli with her and Bhairon brought police and he was trialed for child marrigae. He was proven guilty and is sentenced to jail along with Gulli's grand parents.
*Gudiya & her Parents*
Gudiya was married to Jagya but Bhairon opposed it and the marriage was dissolved by the maha panchayat. Following which her parents had to leave their village and tried to leave  her with massa's family. Bhairon dodnt let it happen and refuses to accept her as a bahu but offered them financial support for her education. Her parents doesnt approve that and they leave the haveli with anger. Gauri is speculated to be this girl.
*Gauri (Gudiya?)* 

Gauri (Anjum Farooki)is the girl who Jagya met at the college and they together had rescued some villagers from dacoits. Later when Gauri was being ragged Jagya stepped in for her rescue but himself had to go through extreme humiliation. This incident got them closer and they enjoy each others company. Gauri is speculated to be Gudiya, to whom Jagya was forcefully married, and who was disappeared with her family form the village. Jagya and her are slowly falling in love with each other.



* Lal Singh *
Lal Singh is a childhood friend of JaAn and now classmate of Jagya at the medical college. Him being married at a tender age doesnt feel ashamed of confessing it to his friends and loves and respects his wife and acknowledge his sucess to her. 
* Gauri's bade papa *
He was the principal of Gauri's school and according to her, it was him who supported her and helped her continue with her studies. She calls him Bade papa.
*Pratap's parents*
Pratap's parents who constantly bug Sugna to have their grand son back. They make a scene when Varun was injured and was trying to take Varun with them forcefully. But Jagya acted in time and they were arrested.
Massa's right hand man and help. Always present whenever she wants any help.
*Doctor & Wife*
The doctor who treated Anandi when she was shot on her head, and his wife. They are a childless couple and was so loving towards the kids. Anandi and Jagya visited them when they were in Mumbai during their honeymoon.
* Teepri *
She is Basanth and Bhairon's childhood friend. She was back with the motive of getting back with Bhairon. because years back massa had promised to get her as Bhairon's wife but it didnt happed as teepri and her parents had left the village without anyone knowing. Teepri had turned a psycho and it was her trick  to brainwash dadisa against her beendnis and later convinced her to do remarriage of Jagya.Bhairon could control her and was later sent to an asylum  by her family. She had her husband nad a daughter.  
* Teepri's husband and daughter *
* Teepri's parents *
* Niranjan *
Niranjan (Rahoul Lohani) was Gehna's music teacher. She was allowed to learn music when she was carrying and Basanth was interested to fulfil her wishes at that time. Gehna and Niranjan came close to each other and massa sacked him. Later when Basanth decided to let Gehna go off him and convinced Niranjan to aceept her, Gehna chose to stay with her husband.  
* Sundar *
Jagya's school mate who mislead him to wrong paths and it was Sundar's bad influence that Jagya couldnt score well in exams and tampered the report card which later made Jagya flee to Mumbai. 
* Suman *
Once Sugna and Shyam had a rift over Sugna's miscarriage and he blamed Sugna for the mishap and they had a bid fight. Shyma left home and met Suman in another town. It was Suman who made him realise that Sugna was not at fault for the incident. The role was played by (Priya Ahuja) and was a cameo of tow weeks.
* Bhavri *
She  is the local match maker at Jethsar and it was her who got proposals of  Gehna and later of Gudiya also. But she was barred from doing her business after the maha panchayat on Jagya's second marriage issue. 

Writer : Purnendu Shekhar

Screenplay : Rajesh Dubey
Dialogues :Usha Dixit
Title Music : Lalit Sen
Costumes : Winnie Malhotra
Executive Producer : Zakir Shaikh
Head of post productions and operations : Rahul Mehra
Creative Producer : Neelu V Shroff
Assistant  Creative Director : Shamin Mistry
Creative Director : Shikha Vij
Supervising Producer : Lata Shreedhar
Editors : Santosh Singh and Janak Chauhan
Cinematographers : Sanjay Memane and Anil Katke
Executive Producer [Colors] : Roseanne Lobo
Creative Supervision[Colors] : Suzana Ghai
Directors : Siddharth Sen Gupta and Pradeep Yadav
Producers : Sanjay Wadhwa and Comall Sunjoy W for Sphere Origins

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*_|_* Appreciation Threads *_|_*


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Anandi is shown as a very bright student,she lived with her parents(bhagwati and khajan).one day a gentleman visit them(anandi and her parents).he was there to see anandi as a bride for his son, Jagdish. This gentleman-jagdish's father- Bhairav, is very pleased to meet anandi and her parents.he takes anandis pic to show to his maasa for her approval. Maasa(jadishs grandmom>dadi sa) asks bhairav to fix the gauna soon as possible since this girl happens to be very lucky as the very time they got jamunas(old taiji) news of being a mom. Meanwhile anandis school teacher came to know about anandis marriage being fixed. She tried all the possible ways in order to stop the marriage but couldn't and indeed she was asked to leave the village! Later dadi sa was shown making jamuna do loads of work,she became stick and was hospitalized where she was declared dead since she was very weak going through many abortions. This made Jagdishs parents realize the ills about child marriage and their mistake. They denied to do Sugna's gauna(their daughter-jaggus sister) before she turns 18. Anandis mom worried about anandis future and asks khajan to do her gauna at the very age instead of waiting for long.

After anandis gauna anandi came to live with her inlaws where she was asked by dadi sa to do the house chores and all. Jaggus parents decided to keep the kidoos away in other way! Earlier both anandi and jaggu dint liked each other much but with the time they became great pals. Anandi used to help jagdish with his HWs secretly since she was already warned by dadi sa to stay away from books and just do all the house work as a beendhani. Both Sugna and Pratap(sugnas hubby) meets each other secretly and jaggu used to help her sister with that. Dadi sa wasn't much happy with anandi, thinking her as a spoil brat who wasn't taught morals by her parents. dadi always used to shoot lots of rules marked with dos and donts in anandis court and even used to punish her. once anandi got so scared that she ran from her inlaws house and went back to her parents but her parents got angry because dadi sa blamed anandi for running away with money they pleaded dadi sa to allow anandi back in their house and dadi sa did! Basanth was alone all the while and used to come in house late night drunk!masaa worried about her and thought it was all because he was alone and all she asked bhavari(this lady was the only one who brought the news about anandis family to jaggus and vice versa.)to search a young and beautiful bride for her elder son. Both Bhirav and Sumitra(jaggus parents) opposed the marriage when bhavari brought gehnas news but dadi sa chided them saying that they don't care for basanth but she does and no one could interfere in the matter. Gehnas parents were very poor and were burdened by the heavy dues maasa helped them providing financial assistance and gehnas father agreed on getting his daughter married with basanth(who was much much older than gehna) .Gehna was left with no other option but to marry because of her family. Later when her gauna was done and she came to live with her inlaws it was than when she inquired about old taiji(jamuna's) death and the cause.Basanth many a times tried to harass and molest her. Gehna stood against both masa and tauji knowing their real motive,their desire for a child. She courageously raised her voice against ma saa and her deeds fighting for herself! All the while she was highly taunted and criticized by both masa and basanth. Dadi sa even lied to everyone about her age saying that she got a bride who was already an adult for her son when she was not!

Meanwhile anandi did express her desire for studying and sugnas meetings with pratap secretly were still on, no one was still aware about that. When suddenly prataps parents asked jaggus parents to do sugnas guana because they can not wait anymore since people in their village have started forming diff views about there son and if sugnas gauna wont be done than they would get their son remarried. Dadi sa plays her role here and very smartly spread the news among the people about sugnas gauna. Anandi secrectly appears for exams and tops in them now she asked jaggus parents if she could continue her studies and could go to school as well with jaggu and her friend phooli. Bhairav asks dadi sa and she does allow her for that since her grandson jaggu, anandis beendh wants her beendhani to study(although she dint want anandi with academics but very cleverly she approves that she brain washed jaggu trying to impart the feeling of jealousy in the boy. Jaggu falls flat into the pit dug by dadi sa and denied saying that he don't want anandi to study further. Now whats going to happen with anandis desire of studying-would jaggu realize dadi sas plan-what with sugnas gauna-and what about gehna still standing for her rights??!

dadi saa fills jaggu and jagz did feels jealous/insecure thinking about what if anandi gets all the praises and all because of which he denied to let anandi cont with her academics. Jagdishyas parents talk with him and his father(bhairav) makes him understand and jaggu finally agrees for letting anandi cont her studies (at home itself since dadi sa allowed that part) not even this he even offers his help to help anandi with studies. Everything seemed back to normal but dadi sa was up to anyhow dont let anandi study becuase of which she used to bombard her with work either trying to engage her(anandi) with house chores or her(dadi sa) personal work but family mem helped anandi with that part so that she could study more and freely. By this anandi even went through her menstural cycle and it was shown how she was treated and bared from everyone because of dadi sa and her rituals only. Sugnas gauna was fixed and shopping was on for that purpose.Still no one in the house except kidoos knows about her secret meetings with pratap. Everyone got the news about gehnas pregnancy. All esp dadi sa and basanth were extremely happy knowing that. Gehna was however scared and wanted to abort since doc said that would possess danger to her life as well since she is very week. Dadi sa doesnt allow that instead gets mad about gehna seeking a docs advice and taking medications and all! However basanth seems to be taking extra care of gehna (but thats all because of the child which dadi sa constantly says about having a son not a girl). Gehna takes doc advice and wants to abort which dadi sa gets really mad knowing that and both basanth and masaa threatens her for throwing her from where they brought her due to sheer symphethy because of they being poor. Ma saa calls gehnas family(her parents and sisters) and insults them badly asking them to take gehna away if she dont want to bear the child. Gehna couldnt take that and asks ma sa not to abbuse her family and that she is ready to give birth to the child after which she would leave the house paying all the debts giving birth to the 'vansh' of this family! both bhairav and sumitra(jaggus parents) disapproved that and informed gehnas parents about what doc told and the danger,gehnas dad realize his mistake but gehna says that it was too late now since she already gave her words to maa sa.She dont her sisters to suffer/to go through the same phase as she is going and for that she is ready to sacrifice anything even her life.

CREDIT:  -aditi-
Gehna decides to keep her baby and promises Maasa to deliver the baby as a way to repay the money that Maasa paid her family. Basanth softens towards Gehna due to her decision. Gehna requests Basanth that she would still like to continue to consult "English" doctor and that she would give birth in a hospital and not at home through a mid-wife. Basanth agrees to her conditions. He starts to get the doctor home for routine check-ups. He even convinces Maasa to go along with this so that he can have a son. The preparations for Suguna's gauna begin. Suguna continues to talk to Pratap using the mobile phone that he gave her. She also continues to meet him secretly. During one such visit, Pratap gets her yellow flowers that she loves. She asks him to get her the same flowers during her gauna. She is delayed as it starts raining. Anandi starts looking for Suguna everywhere, but can't find her. Suguna comes back home in the nick of time, soaking wet. She comes to Gehna's room and requests her to help her. Gehna and Suguna manage the situation when Daadisa comes looking for Suguna. Gehna figures out that Suguna had gone to meet Pratap. She makes Suguna promise that she will not meet Pratap anymore until the gauna and Suguna agrees. Suguna shares emotional moments with each member of the family as her gauna approaches. Meanwhile, Khajan pawns his land in order to buy an expensive gift for Anandi's saasra members during the gauna. Bhairav finds out about this. He secretly gets the land papers released and takes it with him, not sharing this information with anyone. When Anandi's parents visit for the gauna, Maasa finds out about this and insults them. During gauna, Jagya secretly gets Phooli inside the haveli so that she can watch all the festivities, but daadisa catches her and over-reacts as usual. In order to keep Suguna happy, Daadisa decides to not get angry anymore until the gauna is over. Pratap and his family are attacked by dacoits on the way to the gauna. Pratap is killed during this. His body is brought to the haveli to everyone's shock. The happy environment turns to sorrow as everyone mourns Pratap's death. Pratap's body is taken back to his village for the final rites.....

As everyone mourns Pratap's death, the ceremonies following the death begin. Suguna is too shocked about losing her husband and sits dazed. Her heart-wrenching cries when she finally realises what has happened breaks everyone's heart. Maasa becomes the pillar of strength for everyone in the family as she mourns and cries over the death on her own. Suguna is stripped off all her jewellery and colorful clothes. Even the chain that Pratap gave her is removed. She starts to live her life as a widow. Maasa tells everyone in the family that Suguna will have to start living in the room behind the haveli for a year to grieve her husband's death. She also explains the other rules that Suguna will have to follow. All the adults in the house vehemently oppose Maasa's decision, but Suguna tells everyone that she would like to go through this so that she can mourn Pratap's death. She starts to live in the dark room behind the haveli despite everyone's protest. In order to keep Gehna happy through her pregnancy, Maasa asks everyone else to start leading their lives normally. Pratap's parents shun Suguna as being abshagun and tell Bhairav that they don't want her living with them. As the days go by, Suguna starts to find some of the widow rules too strict. She also starts to feel like her family and everyone else think that she is abshagun. As Maasa tries her best to avoid Suguna getting attached to all her previous belongings, Suguna finds this suffocating and turns resentful towards Anandi and the others. In order to help Suguna, Bhairav tries to talk to Maasa to let Suguna stay with them. Maasa doesn't agree. In a fit of anger, Bhairav declares he will leave the house with his family. His attempt at this too is futile since both Suguna and Maasa threaten to kill themselves if that happens. In order to cheer up everyone at home, Suguna and Jagya try several things. They plan a surprise birthday party for Maasa. This too is not appreciated as Maasa is upset since her birthday falls on the same day as her husband died.. Just as everything looks hopless, Badi Jiji, Maasa's elder sister walks into the house. When compared to Maasa, badi maasi is much more open minded and finds Maasa's methods of running her family archaic. She does not support Suguna's decision to torture herself over her husband's death. She decides to talk to Maasa about changing her ways....

Badi Maasi is appalled that Sumitra and Bhairav have let Suguna torture herself by staying alone and following age-old heartless widow customs. Sumitra explains to her about how this was Suguna's own decision and that Maasa supports her. Badi maasi decides to do something about this. She gives everyone presents at home. Jagya gets a lot of computer games from her. She even offers to go to school with him to let his teachers use the computer at school. Meanwhile, the concern that Basanth shows towards Gehna and her baby makes Gehna change her opinion about Basanth. They both seem to respect each other.
Badi maasi is able to bring about small changes in the village and in the house. She convinces the school principal to let the children play games everyday. She is also responsible for ending the enemity between Madan Singh and Maasa's family. She indulges in playing some childhood games with Maasa and her family, thus making Suguna return to normalcy. All the while Badi Maasi makes Maasa realise how heartless she is being to her own family. Maasa softens considerably. First, she allows Suguna to start eating normal food. She also allows Suguna to help out with household chores. She realises how cruel she was to Anandi's friend Phooli, who is also a child widow. She allows Suguna to start eating with the family.
Just as Suguna's life is returning to normalcy, Badi Maasi also slowly realises that all's not well with Gehna and Basanth. When Sumitra tells her the story behind Gehna's marriage to Basanth, Badi Maasi is angered at Maasa's heartlessness. She resolves to make life better for Gehna..She talks to Basanth and makes him realise that in order to win over Gehna, he will have to understand her and keep her happy. To do this, she urges him to get Maasa to agree to let Gehna learn music. Although Maasa absolutely hates the idea, she is forced to agree since all the family members force her. She lays out a condition that Gehna should not face a strange man and sing. So Badi maasi arranges for Gehna to sit behind a screen and learn her lessons. Bhairav approaches his old tabla teacher who sends his son to the haveli to teach Gehna. Although all family members are happy, Maasa does not like this new turn of events. Badi maasi tries to have Suguna resume school again. This pushes Maasa to the breaking point. She yells at Badi maasi insulting her and telling her not to interfere in her family business. A dejected Badi maasi leaves home. Maasa realises her folly and brings her back home. She agrees to Suguna starting school again. In order to have some happiness in the family, Suguna and badi maasi plan a surprise anniversary party for Anandi and Jagya. Meanwhile, Phooli's parents fix her wedding to a widower and proceed with the wedding against Phooli's will. Come wedding anniversary day, while Anandi and Jagya celebrate their wedding anniversary with friends and family, Phooli's wedding commences to a man who is much more older than her. After learning about this from Bhavri, Bhairav rushes to the wedding and asks them to stop. He tries to talk Jagan out of marrying off his daughter to such an old guy, but the villagers don't let that happen. Bhairav has the groom arrested. The cops also arrest Phooli's parents. Bhairav brings Phooli to the haveli for the night...

Suguna resumes school. On her way to school, the first day, she happens to meet a young boy, Shyam. Shyam pulls some prank on Suguna, which unfortunately backfires. Suguna forms a bad impression about Shyam. Seeing Suguna going to school doesn't go well with the villagers. Madan Singh instigates the villagers to warn Maasa to stop Suguna's schooling. Bhairav however, refuses to do any such thing. When the other young widows in the village express their desire to study, some of the villagers are forced to reconsider their stand. 2 of the widows start school along with Suguna.

Shyam ends up fighting with Anandi and Jagya in the market over some trivial matter.Meanwhile, Gehna's music lessons still seem to bother Maasa. One day, during a music lesson, a fire starts up in Gehna's room. In order to save Gehna, Niranjan pulls her up by her hand. Seeing her for the first time, he realises how young she is and is stunned. Maasa comes in just then and is shocked to see Niranjan holding Gehna's hand. She tries to have Basanth stop the music lessons, but Basanth does not heed. In order to have it her way, Maasa fires Niranjan from his job when Maasi and the men are out. Gehna sees this and feels bad. Vikrant in the meantime meets Jagya and Anandi again when they are on a school picnic. He saves Jagya's life when he slips off a cliff and earns Jagya and Anandi's friendship.

Shyam tries his best to get friendly with Suguna with no luck. He purposely loses a match with Jagya in the haveli and invites him to a jalebi treat. He asks him to get Anandi and Suguna along. When Suguna learns about this, she gets upset and leaves. Shyam then confronts her and asks her why she is so mad at him. Suguna is unable to answer and tells him to leave her alone. In the meantime Gehna and Basanth's relationship improves, with both of them respecting each other. Maasa again tortures Gehna by threatening her to give birth to a grandson only. Maasi tries to reason with Maasa, with no luck. Gehna gets very upset about this and cries. Seeing this Basanth feels helpless and decides to do something about it.

Basanth tries to resume Gehna's music lessons, but Maasa does not agree. A helpless Basanth feels trapped, but Gehna begins to understand that he cares for her. Suguna in the meantime starts to warm up to Shyam. Shyam rescues her from a wild bull. The vaid is brought in to dress Suguna's wounds and he tells Maasa that Suguna is pregnant. Maasa is livid and asks Suguna about it. She tells Maasa that it is Pratap's. The family is shattered and decides to talk to Pratap's parents. Pratap's parents however refuse to believe its Pratap's child and insult Suguna's family and drives them away. In order to get out of this situation, Maasa decides to get the child aborted. Suguna refuses saying she wants to keep Pratap's baby. She threatens to kill herself if she is forced to abort. In an effort to find an amicable solution, badi maasi suggests to Maasa that they get Suguna married again, after revealing to the boy everything about Suguna. Maasa does not like this. She gets tired of disputing Badi maasi's thoughts and subtty asks her to leave. Badi maasi sadly leaves the house after bidding goodbye to the members. Maasa asks the doctor to abort Suguna's baby to save family honor. Sumitra tries to convince suguna that this was the only solution. Suguna refuses to co-operate. Maasa physically drags Suguna to the hospital for a check-up and an abortion....

The doctor examines Suguna and refues to abort her baby since its too late and would be dangerous for Suguna. Maasa is unhappy and tells him to still go ahead but is stopped by Bhairav. She then tries to send Suguna away until delivery, but Bhairav opposes that too. She then makes Suguna promise that she will not step out of her room until delivery. Niranjan is broke for money and is ill. Basanth helps him out. Gehna helps Niranjan. This somehow brings Basanth and Gehna closer to each other.
Shyam in the meantime is revealedto be Madan Singh's son. He confesses his love to Suguna who tells him that she is pregnant with Pratap's baby. Shyam promises to keep this a secret from everyone tells Suguna that he still wants to marry her. Gehna catches Shyam talking to Suguna and demands to know what he is upto. Upon realising Shyam's feelings for Suguna, she decides to help him. Sumitra who finds out about this is livid at Gehna. She warns Shyam to stay away from Suguna. Shyam then comes to the haveli and in front of the whole family, he asks to marry Suguna and tells everyone he knows about the pregnancy. Everyone opposes this. Sumitra supports Shyam and pleads with Bhairav to agree as well. Gehna too convinces Basanth. Maasa's family approaches her to agree to Shyam's proposal. Maasa then asks Shyam to convince his parents to the wedding, else she would not agree. After a lot of arguments and coaxing, Shyam is able to convince his parents to the wedding. He hides the pregnancy news from his parents. Maasa thinks of conducting a simple wedding, but her family convinces her to conduct a grand wedding. Maasa decides to bring Suguna back into the house. Shyam tries to tell his parents about Suguna's pregnancy, but changes his mind fearing his father would not accept. Meanwhile, the wedding ceremonies begin at the haveli....

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