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Guzarish-IMP NOTE Page 31 (wont cont this FF) (Page 9)

26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 February 2009 at 5:18pm | IP Logged

Part 6


The next day

Bajaj Residence

We see that Anjali is already gone and Mukti is about to leave. Mukti is wearing this   with white leggings. Then we see Kripa coming down wearing this , with a black tank top and black skinny jeans. She then has breakfast. After breakfast she sits on the sofa and waits for Samrat. 5 minutes later Samrat comes. They both hug and are about to leave when Surya and Rishab come.

Samrat: Nameste

Surya and Rishab: Nameste

Then Om comes

Om: Samrat we are very disappointed in you

Samrat: Me!? But, why?

Rishab: You're staying at a flat when you could stay here

Samrat: Uncle at least you should understand. It is easier for bhai because the hospital is closer

Surya: We're just joking, you both should go along otherwise Anjali would be very mad.

Kripa and Samrat leave.


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Basu Residence


We see Nikki making breakfast. She is wearing this with black skinny jeans.

As she finishes she takes everything to the dining room. Just then Prerna and Kumkum come.

Kumkum: Nikki, did you make all this?

Nikki: Yes, I woke up early and thought I could help you but you weren't there. So I decided to cook, I wasn't sure what everyone eats so I made a mixture of everything

Prerna: That's so sweet of you

Nikki: Where is everyone?

Prerna: They should be coming

Nikki: Until they don't come, you both sit down and eat. (She goes to Kumkum and Prerna and makes them sit down)

Kumkum and Prerna both eat and like the food. Then they start praising Nikki. Then Anurag and Summit come. They taste the food and like it a lot

Summit: Kumkum and Prerna, the food is wonderful

Anurag: I agree

Prerna and Kumkum smile and look at Nikki

Kumkum: We didn't make the food

Summit: Then who did?

Nikki: Uncle, you forgot my cooking so fast

Summit: I'm so sorry I should have known you made it.

Anurag: Otherwise Kumkum and Prerna always mess up

Prerna: Shut up

Then Kavya, Angad and Prem come and sit down without noticing Nikki. They taste the food and can't stop eating

Kavya: Mom your hands have magic

Prem: The food is great

Angad: You both should always cook like this

Prerna: Kumkum and I didn't make it

Angad: Then who did?

Nikki: I did

Kavya, Angad, and Prem look up and see Nikki.

Prem: Mom, who's this?

Prerna: This is Nikki, we told you about her yesterday

Angad: Well she's hot (Nikki smiles at him)

Kavya: Shut up Angad. By the way I'm Kavya, that's Prem (pointing at Prem) and that's Angad (pointing at Angad)

Nikki: Hi

Nikki glances at her wristwatch, grabs an apple and is about to leave, but is stopped by Prerna

Prerna: Nikki, where are you going?

Nikki: I have to go meet my friend and then we're going to the hospital

Kumkum: At least have breakfast

Nikki: I have an apple, bye (She then grabs her hand bag and leaves)

Prem: She's a doctor?

Abhi: Who's a doctor? (Abhi asks as he sits down)

Prem: Nikki

Abhi: You mean Kripa's sister

Kumkum: Yes, now have your breakfast

As Abhi tries the food he suddenly gets flashback of a girl feeding a guy.

Abhi: Mom, who made the food?

Kumkum: Nikki did

Abhi then gets another flashback of the same girl and guy


We see a girl talking to a guy

Girl: My name is Nikita, but you can call me Nikki.

Guy: In that case you can call me Abhi


Present time

Kumkum: Abhi...Abhi

Abhi: Huh?

Kumkum: What happened? Where are you lost?

Abhi: Nothing, bye

Then Abhi leaves thinking about that girl


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


We see Nikki waiting for someone on the road side. She then goes into her hand bag and gets her phone out. She is about to call someone when a car stop beside her. She then goes inside the car

Nikki: Where were you? I didn't have a proper breakfast because of you, and your late

Mayank: Sorry, I got caught up in traffic

Nikki: Whatever, so what happened yesterday?

Mayank: Kripa and Samrat usual. If I didn't know Kripa and Samrat I would have thought they were in love

Nikki: I know.


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------



Abhi: Was that Nikki? How is she here? I must be imagining? She is in England. I'm missing her too much

Then Abhi leaves for Sanjeevani


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Meanwhile in a Caf


We see Mukti talking to a guy. But we don't know who it is.

Guy: I love you! Will you marry me?

Mukti: I love you too and yes I will marry you. See it's easy, now all you have to do is say it to her

Guy: It's not that easy. You know how she is

Mukti: Are you sure you're Sagar? The Sagar I know was never this nervous.

Sagar: Mukti, you know how I am around Ganga.

Mukti: Don't worry Sagar everything will be perfect tonight. Just make sure you're at Khyber with Ganga at 7. Leave the rest to me

Sagar: I knew I can trust you. I love you Mukti

Mukti: I love you too

Sagar and Mukti both hug. Behind them is Prem and is shocked to see Mukti hugging another guy saying I love you. It hurt him, but he was ready to admit it.

Mukti: Sagar let go. I have to go, di must be waiting

Sagar: Sorry, but I love you too much. Thank you so much

Mukti: I love you too. I'll talk to you later. Bye

Mukti then is about to leave when she bumps into Prem.

Mukti: I'm sorry, I wasn't looking

After saying that she looks at him and is shocked

Prem: No problem

Mukti: Aren't you the same guy from yesterday?

Prem: Yeah

Just as Mukti is about to say something her phone rings and it's Anjali. Mukti picks up the phone ignoring Prem.

Mukti: I'm coming


Mukti: Di I'm not Kripa I won't be late


Mukti: She'll make on times, she's coming with Samrat and we all know how Samrat is


Mukti: If you keep me busy in talking I might be late. I'll be there in 5 minutes.


Mukti: Bye

After talking to Anjali Mukti rushed out of the caf, leaving Prem confused

Prem thinking: Who was she? Why was she saying I love you to that guy? How dare that guy say I love you to her? When to I feel connected to her? God Prem, Punditji's words are getting to you. Forget her and concentrate. Why did I come here again? The girl is going to make me crazy. Coffee, I came here for coffee. Hurry up Prem otherwise you'll be late.


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------



We see Mayank and Nikki coming in and walking down to Abhi's cabin. As they were walking Mayank accidently bumped into a girl making all her files and papers fall on the floor.

Girl: By god! Are you blind? Can't you see? You made my work fall. Stupid

Mayank and Nikki bend down to help the girl pick her papers.

Mayank: I'm sorry

Girl: What's the sorry going to do? I'm going to be late and Kirti's going freak.

Mayank: I said I'm sorry

Girl: Listen I don't have time to argue with you, so please stop talking to me

As she says that she leaves

Mayank: So much attitude

Nikki: I like her

Mayank: What?

Nikki: I think she's sweet

Mayank: Whatever, lets go

Nikki and Mayank head to Abhi's cabin


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Conference Hall (Bajaj Enterprises)

Anjali and Gunjun are waiting for Kripa, Mukti and Samrat.

Gunjun: Anjali, don't worry there still 5 minutes left

Anjali: How can I not worry? If there late what will Kavya, Angad and Prem think of us

Gunjun: Kavya, Angad and Prem or just Kavya? (She says with a smirk)

Anjali gives Gunjun a dirty look and says: Shut up Gunjun

Just then Kripa and Samrat enter with Mukti behind them.

Anjali: Thank god you guys made it

Samrat: Not right babes, you don't meet Sammy like that.

Anjali smiles and gives Samrat a hug

Anjali: Samrat this is Gunjun (pointing at Gunjun), she is the head designer and Gunjun this is Samrat (pointing at Samrat) he will model and help you with the designs

Samrat and Gunjun say hi

Everyone then sits down. Anjali: In the main chair, Gunjun on her right, beside Gunjun Mukti, beside Mukti Kripa and beside Kripa Samrat. Samrat and Kripa get bored of waiting so they start talking. They were so engrossed in talking they didn't even notice Kavya, Angad and Prem come in and sit down in front of them. Angad was shocked to see Kripa in front of him and that to talking to another guy. While Prem and Mukti were equally shocked to see each other

Anjali: Kripa...Kripa...Kripa

Kripa: Huh

Anjali: If you don't mind can we start the meeting

Kripa: Why would I mind?

Anjali: You were too busy talking to notice they have come

Kripa looks at Kavya, Angad and Prem and says: Sorry

She was shocked to see Angad but happy.

Then Prem took out the papers and gave it to Anjali, Mukti and Kripa to sign.

After signing the paper Anjali and Kavya started discussing about business stuff. While Prem and Mukti were too shock to talk to each other. Angad's gaze never left Kripa which made her feel a bit uncomfortable, so she started talking to Samrat. After 5 minutes Prem finally got up and went to Mukti

Prem: Hi

Mukti: Hi

Prem: I know we just met and everything, but I was wondering you would like to have lunch with me today.

Mukti: There's no harm in that

Then Anjali gets everyone's attention and says: Since we got the contract Kavya and I decided we should celebrate tonight

Mukti cuts Anjali off and says: Di I can't come

Anjali: Why?

Mukti: Um...I have to go somewhere important

Prem then understands that she's going to meet that guy in the restaurant

Anjali: Mukti just tell me where you're going

Just Mukti's phone rings and its Sagar

Mukti: Excuse me

She goes to the side and talks t Sagar

Mukti: Thank god you called. Otherwise everyone would have found out


Mukti: Don't worry everything will be okay


Mukti: Bye, love you too

Mukti comes back

Anjali: Who was that?

Mukti: Just Sagar. Di you all go I cant make it

Anjali knew there was no point in arguing so she finally gave in

Everyone then left

------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Abhi's Cabin

Abhi was reviewing some file when he heard a knock. Without looking he says: Come in

Nikki and Mayank come in. They can't see Abhi's face because of the file

Abhi: You 2 must be the new doctors

When Nikki heard Abhi speak she felt as if she knew him

Mayank: Yes, I'm the senior doctor and she's the intern

Abhi finally puts the file down and looks and Nikki and Mayank. Abhi is shocked to see Nikki and Mayank and Nikki are shocked to see Abhi

Nikki whispers: Abhi

Mayan then gets furious seeing Abhi but controls it because they're in a hospital and because Abhi's his boss. Abhi gets distracted for a while seeing Nikki, but comes back to his senses after seeing Mayank furious.

Abhi: Doctor Mayank since it is your first day you will be working with Doctor Nupur for 2 days. Doctor Nikki I mean Doctor Nikita you will be with Doctor Malik for the 2 days as well. Wait a minute I'll call page them

Abhi pages Nupur and Armaan come in and are shocked to see Mayank and Nikki.

Nupur: You what are you doing here? You better not be following me

Mayank: Shut up

Abhi: Doctor Nupur and Doctor Mayank I will like you both to get professional because you will be working together for the next 2 days and in the future

Nupur and Mayank: Yes sir

Abhi: Doctor Malik you will be working with Doctor Nikita for the next 2 days. Get to work

Nupur and Mayank leave while arguing. Armaan goes to Nikki and gives her a big hug which is seen by Abhi.

Abhi: Doctor Malik I suggest you do this after work

Armaan: Whatever.

Just then Armaan gets a call.

Armaan: Nikki, wait here. I'll be back in 5 minutes

Nikki: Armaan (But before she could finish he had already left)

Abhi and Nikki were left alone in his cabin.



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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 11 February 2009 at 5:34pm | IP Logged

Thanks for the PM and it was really Nice.

Ridzigarima Senior Member

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Posted: 12 February 2009 at 4:19am | IP Logged

Great update !! Continue soon .. Thanx for the PM ...



love_KYPH IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2009 at 7:52am | IP Logged
nice update....
eijaz-anita Goldie

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nice update:)
AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2009 at 9:23am | IP Logged
gr8 part ust loved it...
wonder what is Abhi & Nikii's story....
Mukti & prem were gr8...
continue soon
26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2009 at 10:54pm | IP Logged

Part 7

Abhi got up his chair and went to Nikki.

Abhi: Nikki, I

Nikki cuts him and says: Doctor Modi its better if you keep your personal life away from your professional life. And my name isn't Nikki its Doctor Nikita; only the people I love call me Nikki

Abhi: Nikki, will you listen to me?

Nikki: I told you I only allow people I love to call me Nikki

Abhi: So you're saying you don't love me?

Nikki looking away says: I don't love you

Abhi: No you're lying. I know you love me. If you don't love me say it to my face

Nikki looks into Abhi's eyes and says: I don't love you

Abhi is hurt but knows Nikki is lying. He grabs her shoulders and makes her face him

Abhi: Why are you doing this you yourself and me? Stop punishing both of us. I love you and you love me

Nikki: You hurting me

Abhi then loosens his grip. Just as he was going to say something Armaan came in. He quickly backed away from Nikki.

Armaan: Sorry yaar, lets go

Nikki: Okay

Armaan leaves the room Nikki follows him just before leaving she turns around and looks at Abhi

------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Bajaj Enterprises

We see Samrat and Gunjun working. Just then Dia comes along.

Dia: Hey doll

Gunjun: Hi

Samrat: May I know who this beautiful lady is

Dia blushed and Gunjun gave Samrat a dirty look

Dia: Dia

Gunjun: Disgusting, she's like the 10th girl he has flirted with for the past half hour

Samrat sees Gunjun giving him a dirty look and smiles


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------



We see Prem waiting for Mukti.

Prem thinking: Till date I haven't waited for anyone. But why am I waiting for? Why am I attracted to her? Why do I feel like I know her?

His thoughts were interrupted by Mukti

Mukti: Sorry, I had to finish up some work

Prem: It's okay.

Mukti: Did you order the coffee

Prem: Don't worry, I ordered the coffee and some pizza

Mukti: I thought we were having coffee

Prem: I'm not that bad that you can't even eat with me

Mukti: I didn't mean that

Prem: So, Mukti tell me about yourself

Mukti: What do you want to know?

Prem: Did you have any boyfriends?

Mukti shocked: Umm... No, but I dated some guys. They were not fit to be my boyfriend

Prem: What does a guy need to be your boyfriend?

Mukti: He has to be smart, sweet, caring, good looking and someone who I feel protected with

Prem: So basically me

Mukti: Not really, I don't know you that well

Prem: But if you did it would have been me

Then there food arrives. After eating they drink there coffee in silence.

Prem: What do you think of marriage?

Mukti: Honestly, I think it's a wonderful relation. Marriage should be based on love and friendship, not a compromise

Prem: Do you plan on getting married anytime soon?

Mukti: For marriage you need a guy and I didn't find my Mr. Right and I'll only think of marriage after Anjali and Nikki di get married

Prem: You love your sisters a lot, don't you?

Mukti: More then my life.

Mukti glances at her wrist watch and sees the time

Mukti: Prem I have to go bye

Prem: Bye

Mukti then leaves Prem on his own thinking about what she said


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------



We see Armaan and Nikki working together in the children's ward. The Armaan's pager rings and he leaves. Nikki makes all of them sit down. Abhi who was on his rounds sees Nikki working with the children. She gives needles to each child and after that gives them chocolate. Then she starts playing with them, while Abhi is lost in her beasty.

Abhi thinking: She so cute with kids. Whenever she's with kids she herself becomes  a kid.

Then he gets a flashback on him and Nikki



We see Nikki lying on Abhi's chest

Nikki: Abhi, how many kids do you want after marriage?

Abhi: About 10-15

Nikki shocked: WHAT?(She says as she sits up)

Abhi: I'm joking I want a pricesess just like you

Nikki: And I want a Prince just like you

Abhi: I'm telling you we'll have a girl first

Nikki: Boy

Abhi: Girl

Nikki: Boy

Abhi: Girl

Nikki: Boy

Abhi: Girl

Nikki: Boy

Abhi: Girl

Nikki: Boy

Abhi: Girl

Nikki: Boy

Abhi: Boy

Nikki: Girl

Abhi: Prefect even you want girl first

Nikki: Not fair

Abhi: then we'll have to wait and see

Nikki: I love you. Promise me you'll never leave me

Abhi: Shh, don't ever say that. I can't live without you. How can I even think of leaving you

Nikki says as she hugs him: I love you Abhi

Abhi says hugging her back: I love you to Nikki


End of Flashback


Then we see Nikki looking at Abhi, thinking about the same thing.

Nikki thinking: Why? Why did you leave? Why did you break your promise? You could have at least told me your going. It's been 1 and a half year and still cant forget anything. I still love you

Abhi thinking: I'm sorry I left without informing you. I know it was wrong. But I stuck I didn't know what to do. Please forgive me Nikki


Promo : Valentines Day Special

- What is Abhi Nikki's past?

- Why was Prem asking Mukti all those questions?

- Why was Samrat happy seeing Gunjun giving him dirty looks?


Note: Everyone who reads this FF please comment. It encourages me to write. I will only post parts after i get at least 8 comments.




muzic_lyf Senior Member

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nice update hun....continue soon.

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