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Guzarish-IMP NOTE Page 31 (wont cont this FF) (Page 11)

26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by muzic_lyf

nice update hun....continue soon.
Thanks. The next part will up in a few min 
Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Really nice!!!!! please continue soon.
  Thanks, next part will be up soon
Originally posted by brainychild92

i no the answer to the last two but cant figture out the  first one..

so abhi went to england, met nikki, fell in love, and then left her.. was it because of age difference or position idfferences??  You are somewhat right. He didnt leave her beacuse of age differences, there the same age. he also didnt leave her because of position differences

continue soon!! Next part will be up soon
Originally posted by nehasfan

nice update.....
Originally posted by sujalangad_rock

gr8 update
loved it
Prem is surely becoming a pest 4 mukti...
well i am dying to know Abhi & Nikki's past...
continue soon
Thanks, next part will be up soon
Originally posted by Love_ya

Please post the next part
  Wait a little i'll post it soon
Originally posted by yamnovbloom

can't wait
next part will be ups soon
Originally posted by Love_ya

1 more comment before the next part. Yay !!!!!!!!!!!
Next part will be up soon

26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 3:27pm | IP Logged

Part 8


We see Anjali and Kripa getting ready for dinner. Then we also see Mukti getting ready in another room. 20 minutes later Mukti comes down wearing this . She quickly left for the restaurant. 10 minutes later Anjali and came down. Anjali is wearing thisand Kripa is wearing this. They sit on the couch and wait for Kavya, Prem and Angad. 5 minutes later Kavya, Prem and Angad knocked on the door. Kripa went to get it, when she opened the door she was awed by Angad. Angad was also lost in her beauty. Kavya and Prem both noticed this and smiled at each other.

Prem: Wow Kripa you look great

Kripa smiled and replied: Thanks wait 1 minute I'll call di (she then goes inside)

Kripa then comes with Anjali. Kavya was so lost that he didn't notice Surya, Rishab and Om behind them.

Rishab: Did Mukti go?

Kripa: Yes mamaji, she left 5 minutes go

Prem look upset, and thought if only they came 5 minutes before he would have met Mukti

Anjali: Papa, Surya Mama, and Rishab mama this is Kavya (Pointing at Kavya), Angad (Pointing at Angad) and Prem (Pointing at Prem)

Kavya, Angad and Prem: Namaste

Rishab, Surya and Om: Jeeti raho

Kripa: Bye, we'll be back by 11

Surya: Take care

Anjali and Kripa leave with Prem, Kavya and Angad. When they got out they saw 2 cars.

Anjali: Why are there 2 cars?

Angad: Well we guess that you and bhai will talk about business and bore us to death so Prem and I brought another car. Kripa if you want to be bore you and go with bhai and Anjali and if you want to have fun you can come with us.

Kripa: Di Angad is right you both will bore us, so I'm going with them. Bye

Kripa went with Angad and Prem in there car. Angad sat at the drivers seat while Prem sat at the back so Kripa had to sit in the passengers seat. While Anjali went with Kavya.

Angad Prem and Kripa's car

Kripa: So we're we going?

Angad: We're going to Khyber and bhai and Anjali might go somewhere else

Kripa: Why are they going somewhere else?

Prem: Well bhai wanted to spend Valentines Day with Anjali

Kripa: Why?

Angad: He likes her

Kripa: WHAT?!

Prem: Couldn't you tell?

Angad: How would she tell she was too busy taking to that Sarat guy (Sounded a bit annoyed while saying the end)

Kripa: His name is Samrat and I still have to tell him and Gunjun where were going

Kripa takes her phone and is about to call Samrat when she accidentally calls Mayank.



Mayank: Hey

Kripa: Bhai? Why do have Sammy's phone?

Mayank: Kripa you called me again

Kripa: We'll it's not my fault you both have the same digits expect for the last digit

At the background we hear Nupur yelling at Mayank and Mayank yelling back

Kripa: What was that? Why are you yelling?

Mayank: You won't believe who I got stuck with?

Kripa: Who?

Mayank: Nupur, she's crazy. If I stay with her any longer I will go crazy. She put hot sauce in my sandwich and put salt in my coffee

Kripa starts laughing which makes Angad and Prem confused

Mayank: Kripa if you keep laughing I won't talk to you

Kripa: Sorry bhai. It's just that I'm surprised. I mean no one other then me, Mukti, Anjali di and Nikki di no one has enough courage to do anything like that. But I like her, you have to introduce us

Mayank: Shut up. I have to go. Bye

Kripa: Bye


Angad: I thought you were calling Samrat

Kripa: Oh yeah I almost forgot. I'll call him now

Kripa calls Samrat and Gunjun and tells them to go to Khyber.

Angad: Who were you talking to before?

Kripa: I was talking to Mayank bhai. I accidentally called him. It's not my fault there number is the same expect for the last digit

Angad: Oh


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------



We see Anjali (Sunaina), Riddhima, Atul, Rahul and Muskaan in the locker rooms talking about the Valentines Day party. Then we see Armaan come in with Nikki.

Armaan: Guys meet my best friend Nikki

Everyone: Hi

Nikki: Hi

Armaan: This is Rahul (pointing at Rahul), Muskaan (pointing at Muskaan), Atul (pointing at Atul), Anjali (pointing at Anjali) and Riddhima (pointing at Riddhima) (As he says Riddhima he blushes a bit)

Nikki notices this and says: Armaan why are you blushing?

Muskaan: Armaan what kind of friend are you? You didn't even tell your best friend that you and Ridzie love each other

Nikki: WHAT? I hate you. How can you not tell me?

Just then Mayank comes and says: Tell you what?

Nikki: That Armaan is in love

Mayank: WHAT? Who's the unlucky girl?

Armaan: Mayank I think your forgetting you're English. You mean who's the lucky girl and the lucky girl is Riddhima.

Mayank sees Riddhima and Says: Not bad Armaan. Though I have question for you Riddhima?

Riddhima confused: Me?

Mayank: Yeah. I mean your so beautiful how did you fall for this donkey?

Riddhima and the others laugh, while Armaan gives Mayank a dirty look

Anjali: Nikki, Mayank are you both going to the Valentines Day party?

Mayank: I have nothing better to do and I can't stay with that mad girl anymore

Nikki and Armaan laugh while the rest are confused

Atul: What girl

Mayank: That Nupur Bushin

Rahul: What did she do?

Mayank then tells them about his sandwich and coffee. After everyone starts laughing

Atul: So Nikki are you going to go?

Nikki: No I'm going home

Armaan: She's going

Nikki: Shut up Armaan, I'm not feeling well

Armaan: She's perfectly fine

Mayank: Nikki you have to come

Nikki: But

Cut by Muskaan: You have to come on yaar. It'll be so much fun

Nikki finally agrees.


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Kavya Anjali reach Khyber. (Kavya doesn't know Angad and Prem are going there)

Kavya and Anjali sit down at a table. Just then Angad, Kripa and Prem come in and sit 3 tables away from then. While 5 tables away we see Mukti talking to some people.

Anjali: Where is everyone?

Kavya: They'll be here soon. Until lets order dinner

Anjali: Okay

Kavya and Anjali order there food. While Angad Kripa and Prem do the same. Just then the lights go dim and we see Sagar come in with Ganga who is blindfolded. Anjali and Kripa are shocked to see them and Prem is shocked to see Sagar with some other girl that's not Mukti.

Everyone is looking at them. Sagar takes Ganga to the table and makes her sit down, while Mukti is hiding. Sagar takes Ganga's blindfold off.

Ganga: What's all this?

Sagar: Ganga, ever since you entered my life everything changed. I'm not the same old flirt I was before. You changed me. What I feel for you I never felt for any other girl. Ganga I love you. Will you marry me?

Ganga who had tears in her eyes says: Yes

They both hug and everyone claps. Mukti finally comes out and Prem is shocked to see her happy clapping. Anjali and Kripa go to them

Kripa: Sagar how could you? I thought you loved me? I'm so heartbroken. (She says dramatically)

Anjali: Sagar this is not done. Why didn't you tell us?

Sagar: We'll I was going to tell you both after she said yes

Kripa says to Mukti: You knew about this?

Mukti: Yes stupid. That why I couldn't come.

Kripa: Shut up

Anjali: Lets leave the love birds alone

Kripa, Anjali and Mukti go to Kavya Angad and Prem. Kavya, Angad and Prem go get a bigger table. Anjali nest to Kavya, Kripa sits across from Angad and Prem sits next to Mukti.

Prem: What was that?

Mukti: That was my whole plan in helping Sagar and Ganga together

Kavya: Anjali, do want to dance?

Anjali agrees Kavya and Anjali go to the dance floor and dance on Bol Na Halke Halke. Sagar and Ganga join them. After a lot of perusing Kripa agrees to dance with Angad. Prem and Mukti are left, just then Samrat and Gunjun come and sit with them.

Gunjun: Where's everyone?

Prem: On the dance floor

Samrat: So chashmish, do want to dance with me?

Gunjun: No

Mukti: Come on Gunjun. He's a nice guy and its only a dance

Gunjun: Only if you dance with Prem

Mukti looks at Prem and says: Fine

Samrat Gunjun and Prem Mukti go to the dance floor and start dancing.


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Sanjeevani Valentines Day Party

We see Atul Anjali talking, Rahul Muskaan dancing, Armaan Riddhima romancing, Kirti Shubankar dancing and Mayank and Nupur arguing. Just then Abhi comes wearing a red  half sleeve collard shirt with black strips and a black vest and black trousers.(what he wore when he danced with Riddhima at the Save Sanjeevani Concert). When Mayank see him he gets angry, but ignores him. Abhi starts looking for Nikki, but doesn't find her. So he goes to Atul and Anjali and asks them about her they tell him that she might be late. Abhi keeps his eyes on the door. Then we see Nikki come in wearing this . Abhi gets lost in her beauty that he doesn't notice himself bumping into a lady. He apologizes and keeps his eyes on her. The he gets a flashback of when he first met her.


We see Abhi talking to some people in a conference rrom. He then glances out the window and sees a girl walking with a lot of files. He is so buzy looking at her that he doesn't even notice he spilled his water, until his hands get wet.

Abhi: Sorry

Everyone: It's okay

Just then the door opens and the same girl comes in.

Girl: Doctor Gill wants everyone to hurry and get back to work.

Everyone gets up and leave, while Abhi and Nikki are alone in the room. Nikki feels uncomfortable with Abhi's gaze so she leaves.

Later that day

We see Nikki going to her car. She tries starting the car but it doesn't work. She gets out and looks for a cab. After waiting for a long time she decides to call Mayank, but the batteries are dead. Just as she thought her day couldn't get worse it started raining.Just then a car stops beside her and the window pulls down. The person is non other then Abhi

Abhi: Come in. I'll drop you

Nikki: It's okay. I'll manage

Abhi:  Just come or else you'll get a cold

Nikki: I won't get a cold (then she sneezes)

Abhi: You were saying

Nikki then sits in the car. Abhi starts driving

Abhi: So where do you live?

Nikki tells him her address.

Abhi: You here sitting with me and we don't even know each others name

Nikki: My name is Nikita, but you can call me Nikki.

Abhi: In that case you can call me Abhi

Abhi and Nikki talk and become goods friends quickly. Then Nikki's flat comes.

Abhi: We're here

Nikki: That was quick. Anyways thanks

Abhi: No problem

Nikki: Bye

Abhi: Bye

Abhi then watches Nikki go.

End of Flashback

We Shashank going in the middle of the room.

Shashank: I would like to thank everyone who came. This year we'll be celebrating Valentines Day differently. This year everyone will pick there dancing partner from this bowl. The last dance will be with your real Valentines Day. The girls will pick there partners out of this bowl, it has every guys name who's here

We see the girls lined up to pick a name

Riddhima: Armaan

Armaan smiles and takes Riddhima with him to the dance floor

Kirti: Shubankar

Shubankar and Kirti go to the dance floor.

Muskaan: Rahul

Muskaan and Rahul also go to the dance floor

Anjali: Atul

Atul smiles and takes Anjali to the dance floor.

Nupur: WHAT?!

Shashank: What happened Nupur? Who did you get?

Nupur: Mayank

Mayank looks shocked while Nikki and Abhi smile

Mayank: I won't dance with her

Nupur: Who wants to dance with you?

Mayank: Shut up

Shashank: Both of you be quiet. You both have to dance with each other

Nupur and Mayank both make a face and go to the dance floor. A few other girls go and now it's Nikki's turn. She takes out a paper and unfolds it. When she sees the name she is shocked

Shashank: Who is it?

Nikki: Doctor Abhimanyu

Abhi smiles and thinks that even destiny wants them together. Abhi and Nikki go to the dance floor. Abhi puts his hands around Nikki's waist while she puts her hands on his shoulder. When Mayank see them together his starts getting mad and hurts Nupur.

Nupur: Ouch. By god Mayank what are you doing?

Mayank: huh?

Nupur: You're hurting me

Mayank then realizes what he's doing and he loosens his grip.

Mayank: Sorry

Just then the song Kahin To Hogi Woh comes on

Kahin to.. kahin to.

Hogi woh

Duniya jahan tu mere saaath hain (Abhi and Nikki both look into each other's eyes passionately)


Chaha mein chaha tu (Armaan kisses Riddhima's hand)

Aur jaan bas tere mere zajbaat hain

Hogi jahan saba teri

Palkon ki kirano mein

Lori jahan chand ki

Sune teri bahon mein... (Nikki gets lost in Abhi's eyes that she hugs him and they dance)


[Jane na kahan woh duniya hai

Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi

Jahan meri zindagi mujhse

Inti kafa nahi ] - [2] (Abhi looks at Nikki hugging him)



Saasein kho gai hai kiski aahon mein

Mein kho gai hoon jane kiski baahon mein

Manzilon se rahe dhondte chali

Aur kho gai hai manzil kahin rahon mein (Mayank and Nupur stare at each other


Kahin to kahin to hai nasha

Teri meri har mulakat mein

Hoton se hoton ko

Chumti o rehete hai hum har baat pe

Kehti hain fiza jahan

Teri zaameen aasman (Rahul holds Muskaan protectively and kisses her hand softly)


Jahan hai tu

Meri hasi meri khushi

Meri jaan.... (Abhi and Nikki stare into each others eyes)


[Jane na kahan woh duniya hai

Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi

Jahan meri zindagi mujhse

Inti kafa nahi ]- [2] (Abhi holds Nikki protectively)


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------



We see everyone eating food. Just then Anjali has bit rice on the side of her mouth. Kavya sees this and takes the rice off her and eats eat. Anjali then blushes. After eating everyone decides to go home. Kavya and Anjali go together. Samrat decides to drop Gunjun home. Angad, Kripa, Prem and Mukti go together.


Kavya Anjali's Car

Kavya: Did you have fun?

Anjali: yeah it was nice

Kavya: By the way you look really pretty

Anjali blushes and says: Thanks

Kavya and Anjali talk and find they have a lot of things common. They reach Anjali's house and Kavya and Anjali come out.

Anjali: Thanks

Kavya: No problem

Anjali quickly gives a little peak on Kavya's cheek and runs inside. Kavya touches his cheek and smiles. He gets into the car and leaves


Angad, Kripa, Prem and Mukti' Car

Angad: Did you see what bhai did?

Prem: No what did he do?

Angad: Anjali had some rice on the corner of her lip and bhai took the rice ate it and Anjali was blushing

Kripa: Aww that's so cute

Mukti: I think I'm missing something

Prem: Well bhai like you sister

Mukti: WHAT?!

Angad: Will up not yell

Mukti: Sorry. Do you guys a picture of him right now?

Prem: Yeah I have one in my phone. But why?

Mukti: Give it

Prem gives the phone to Mukti. She looks at Kavya's picture carefully while everyone else was confused.

Mukti gave Prem the phone back and says: I approve

Angad and Prem are confused, while Kripa understands what going on.

Kripa: Give me the phone as well

Prem gives the phone to Kripa and she also looks carefully at it.

She then gives it back and says: I also approve

Now Angad and Prem were really confused

Prem: Approve of what?

Kripa: Well if Anjali di also likes him she won't marry him with out our consent


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------



We see Nikki waiting outside for someone. Just then a car stops beside her the window rolls down. The guy in the car is non other then Abhi

Abhi: Get in, I'll drop you

Nikki with attitude: There no need I have a ride

Abhi: Stop being stubborn and come in

Nikki: I say no

Just then Mayank comes and Nikki goes with him leaving heartbroken

Abhi: You may have left now, but I won't let you go again. I promise to also stay with you and keep you happy.


------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------


Basu Residence

We see Nikki come in. Anurag, Prerna, Summit and Kumkum were sitting.

Nikki: Namaste

Everyone: Namaste

Kumkum: Was your shift really long?

Nikki: No, but there was a Valentines Day party and everyone forced me to go

Prerna: That nice. Did you have fun?

Nikki: It was nice. So how did you celebrate Valentines Day?

Prerna: Anurag took me to a restaurant and we had a candle light dinner

Nikki: That so sweet. What about you Kumkum aunty?

Kumkum: Summit cooked food for me

Nikki: That's so cute

Just then Kavya comes lost in his own thoughts without noticing everyone sitting looking at him. As he is walking he bumps into a table and breaks a vase.

Prerna: Kavya watch where you're going. You'll hurt someone or yourself

Kavya: Sorry mom

He the quickly goes to his room before anyone could say anything to him. Then Nikki also goes to her room. Just then Prem and Angad come.

Prerna: What happened to Kavya?

Angad: We'll he had some special moment in the restaurant with Anjali and after that we don't know what happened

Anurag: Well anyways go to your room and sleep. Its getting late

Prem and Angad leave. The Abhi comes.

Kumkum: Abhi, go to sleep you must be tired

Abhi nods and goes to his room.

Happy Valentines Day

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Great part!!!!!!!!!
A VERY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 4:40pm | IP Logged

Hey Happy Valentines Day to u 2!!

Awesome update.
Really cute. I dont think AK like eachother except for friendhsip right?
Kavya and Anjali were so cute.
Armaan is funny.
Plz cont soon and pm me.
Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Happy Valentines 2 u 2!!
Awesome part!!
I luved Kavya and Anjali.
Armaan is funny and stubborn.
Plz cont soon and pm me when u update.
Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

I-F Crazy Creatives Head
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Posted: 14 February 2009 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
Oops srry duble post
~*shaili*~ Groupbie

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Posted: 15 February 2009 at 1:00am | IP Logged
luv ka..!! hope to see more of dem..the whole part  was really cute n sweet..:)
AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 February 2009 at 1:00am | IP Logged
gr8 part
just loved it...
KA love story is surely going on gr8...
the stories r surely progressing on a gr8 pace...
still want to to abhi & Nikii misunderstanding...
cotniue soon

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