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AR ff Through time always be mine pts1-5 pg1 26/1

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Hey guys... for those who don't kno me, well i am rav.... Well i am having to repost the first 5 parts of the my ff since my old thread is giving me problems and not letting me edit the updates or letting me vire certain pages. From now on the updates will be here.. sorry for the inconvieniece. I am reposting the 1sr five parts that i had already posted for new readers.
Thnx for your support guys...
AR ff Through time always be mine.

You might think that I have completely lost it with this ff idea but I had this crazy idea that I just had to pen down. Seriously if you did not think I was crazy enough, you will now. Anyways the idea that I had was that I wanted to show all the dmg interns married and their children grown up and their life about 20 years from now.

Like their jobs and how their lives brought them here. It will focus on their children and the couples. Ok here's the crazy part… all the young versions the interns visit themselves in the future (time travel) won't focus on how they get their just the events that happen…….lol so yh young armaan-riddhima, Rahul-muskaan, atul-angali and Abhimanyu-nikita (they are going to get married in my ff) visit themselves in their future and stay their for two weeks and spend time with the older them and their kids which will only be a couple of years younger than the present, young interns.


Ok their the crazy and bewildered plot of my ff. Got the inspiration from love story 2050… lol Thankyou goes to my ladooo (swanky) for bearing with me and listening to my idea… lmao…


So I am posting the character intros… will continue if I get some good replies... (Although I don't have such a good feeling about this…. Lol)





Armaan malik-

A very well know neurosurgeon. Age- around 40- (still dashing) married to Riddhima for 18 years. Very close to her daughter.



Riddhima malik-

Wife of armaan malik and is a qualified gynaecologist. Does not work full time but supervises her juniors. Current age around 39-40 as well.


Rishabh malik-

Son of Armaan and riddhima. Rishabh is 17 years old. Has finished his college. He wants to study further in Delhi. Rishabh aspires to be an architect. Very intelligent. Is very much like Riddhima. Sensitive, quiet and caring nature, but also is very strong works out daily and with very good looks resembling Riddhimas, has got her green-grey eyes. Perfect dream man and respects girls very much. He is very close to Riddhima.


Emaan malik-

Younger sister of Rishabh. She has jus turned 16. Very bubbly girl. Daddy's angel, she is just like armaan. Fun loving… attitude but very sweet and innocent. Despite of being 16 she is till a little baby and everyone loves her that way. Rishabh and emaan share a very close bond. Her personality resembles armaan. Same hair… Same grey eyes and same dimples. She is the life of the house. Very very close to her father. Wants to pursue medicine.



Rahul Garewal –

Head doctor at sanjeevani. Married to muskaan garewal. They have been married for 19 years. Got married a little before Armaan and ridz. Have two sons together. Still the same old Rahul at heart. Loves muskaan very much but his day is incomplete without hearing his beloved wife shout at him.



Muskaan garewal-

Still our lively muski… Loves Rahul very much. Does not work any more. Hs two very naughty sons.


Raj garewal- eldest son of Rahul and muskaan. Like Rahul. Loves his mum but annoys her and gets told off but loves that part. Lol He is 17 and half years old. Best friends with Rishabh malik. Both of them want to join the Architect and engineering profession. Is a very sweet boy with dashing personality.


Mukul Garewal-

Younger brother of raj and son of muskaan and Rahul. He is 16 and a little older than emaan. He is a replica of muskaan. Just as loud and funny. Loves his brother and wants to join sanjeevani as an intern when he has done his MBBS. Best friends with Emaan, they get along perfectly… have been best friends since they were kids.




Atul Joshi-

Child specialist at sanjeevani along with his wife anjali. Current age: 40ish... They got married on the same day as Armaan and Riddhima. Has two sons as well. Still the cute and adorable atul… Loves angali like mad as always… lol



Angali Joshi-

Married to atul for 18 years… around 40 as well… Assistant specialist to atul at the hospital. Loves her sons a lot.


Ankur joshi-

Oldest son of Anjali and atul. Friends with Rishabh and Raj. Only a couple of weeks older than Rishabh. Wants to pursue a career in computer engineering. Very loveable person like atul but has got a sharp mind like Angie's.


Ashvin joshi-

Younger son of atul-angie. A little bit older than Emaan as well. Best friends with Mukul and emaan. Wants to pursue medicine as well.




They will come in the picture later so characters will be introduced afterwards.


Then there are our young interns as seen in dmg…


So guys I know there are a lot of characters so sorry about that…

So just to sum it up… Out of all the 6 kids…

Raj (rm's son) is the eldest then it's Ankur (aa's son) and then it's Rishabh (ar's son)

These 3 are closer friends with each other.

Ashwin and mukul are about the same age and then there is emaan who is youngest out of all of them.


Part 1


Friends, I am using the situation from a week after the sanjeevani concert was over and how things had changed. The only thing I am changing in this ff is that all the interns know about Armaan and Riddhimas relationship from when they got back together in July... Hope that's fine…


Year 2008 30/12

Sanjeevani hospital… 8.00 is Fire escape stairs…


Riddhima is sitting on the last step as she is free now. Leaning against the wall she is lost in her thoughts. Remembering the couple of days ago, she thinks about the sanjeevani concert held to save sanjeevani and all of the interns were overjoyed with the announcement that they had not only raised enough to pay all the bills of the patients but furthermore they had exceeded their target and had raised a lot extra. All the extra money was used to deal with sanjeevani's money crisis. Riddhima recalled how her father came out of the conference room 4 days ago with a big smile on his face, how the interns were overjoyed to hear that sanjeevani was not going to be shut down… So much had changed within the past four days… Changed for good… Except for the fact that Mr Abhimanyu Modi was still going to stay at the hospital… Riddhima remembered how she had to dance with him as Armaan was in bed with injuries. She smiled thinking how everyone like di, atul, muskaan, Rahul and Nikki had opposed the idea as they knew armaan wouldn't like it but it had to be done…


Riddhima was smiling to herself. Now that everything was fine again everyone else had asked them to speak to Dr Shashank. Riddhima remembered the party which was held to celebrate the concert's success. Ridz recalled how Rahul and muskaan had confessed in front of everyone. How angali di had confessed to atul about her love for him…




Dr Shashank had invited everyone associated with the concert to the party. The party was held at a beautiful beach. There was a large gazebo set up and the party was nearly finished. Nearly everyone had gone; just the gang, Shashank, Padma and nani were present.

Shashank: Bachoo, Kya tum log abhi yaha rukne wale ho?


Ammy: yes sir, just until everything is cleared up, if you don't mind?


Sh: No problem armaan. Well I am taking maa and Padma home. Would you mind dropping Riddhima and angali at home?


Ammy nods his head. Shashank, Padma and nani leave.


An: I am bored, atul lets do something.


At: Armaan, mere bhai... tujhe me toh ideas overflow karte hai… kuch soch Na


Rahul, muskaan, ridz and Angie all agree…


Ar: Guys let's play spin the bottle… truth, dare…


Everyone agrees. They all settle on the mat placed on the sand with the bottle placed on some cardboard in the middle…. Angali spins first and points towards muskaan.

"Phitte mooh… mere bari phir se pehle..." Everyone laughed at muski's response.


"Ok muskaan what will it be?" Angali winked at her.


"Truth please, angie…" Muskaan pleaded.


"Fine, fine. Let's see... hmm we want to know the truth about the person you love, if there is someone??" Angali smirked.


"Erm…" looks helplessly at Rahul who reassures her and tells her to say something.

"Well guys, I and Rahul love each other…" she says hastily.

Everyone gasps but they had seen it coming. They all smile at Rahul and muskaan. Then everyone starts to clap for them and armaan whistles.


"Guys I am so happy for you" Riddhima says smiling widely.


Atul and angali glace at each other and smile.


Mu: (who is really excited by now) and you know what… he proposed to me a couple of days ago.


Angali, Riddhima, Atul and armaan: WHAT??????


They are all shocked but then they all smile at Rahul and muskaan who are busy having an eye lock... They all get up and sing congratulation for Rahul and muskaan as Rahul pulls her into a hug... They all cheer ang then get back to the game.

Angali and ridz whisper to muskaan "we want full details of the proposal later" Muskaan blushes and nods. Next it was Riddhima who spun the bottle and it landed at angali.

An: Come on ridz… I'll have truth as well…


Ri: ok di… hmm tell us something that you have hid and none of us here know… anything… come on fess up…

Angali gulps as her face flushes of colour. She takes in a big breath and starts

"Erm guys… it's about time I told you lot this and especially one person, atul." Saying that she looks him in the eye as he is quite surprised at her. She continues "You know all the letters that atul has got and the bike that was gifted to him by the mystery person… well it was ummm me….." Everybody is shocked at Angie's confession as it was least expected.


At: iska kya meaning hua angali?? Atul very well knew the answer but wanted to hear it from her mouth. The 3 magical words.


An: ummm, atul I love you… don't know how, don't since when but it was a truth that I had well ignored until about a couple of weeks up… Ever since armaan and riddhima got together actually. I mean look at them, they are two completely opposite individuals, they are like the north and south poles which are soo far away from each other but still attract. Their relationship is one of the most pure ones I have seen in my life. No lies, no false promises just pure and unconditional love. I know the only reason I pushed you off was because… well I was a jerk Atul and would you please accept me… I know you already do but u kno… anjali's voice broke as she stopped.


Angali sighed and looked up for the first time to see atul beaming at her. She saw Rahul and armaan's honest smiles. Riddhima and muskaan had slight tears in her eyes.


At: Angali I….


An: Atul, I am not finished yet. I just want to say how special you make me feel. No one has loved me as much as you do and I just want to give you the same love you gave me all this time. Oh and yes I will still love your plants as well…. Did I tell you, priya and Tina are the cutest.


Everyone let out small laughs. Just then Atul got up and made angali get up as well.

At: I love you angali… I love you.

An: I love you too atul… always will.


Saying that they hugged at everyone else got up and cheered on for them two. Armaan pulled riddhima closer as did Rahul to muskaan and the 3 couples spent the rest of the night celebrating on them being together.


~flashback over~


Riddhima smiled to herself as she remembered the confessions of the night.

She looked at her watch and sighed. She still had time left. She leaned back against the step and bumped into something. Armaan was sitting on the step above and was flashing his million dollar smile. He kissed her on her forehead as she leaned back against his strong chest. He enveloped her in a bear hug as he hugged her form behind.

Ar: Where were you lost?


Ri: Nothing baby, just thinking about Rahul and muskaan and di and atul. They were so cute the other night Na?


Ar: hmm… yh but not cuter than you pumpkin He grinned.


Ri: God armaan… another name?? She pouted her lips and turned around in fake anger.


Armaan smiled knowing very well that it was all fake. She had her back towards him.

Just them armaan gently lifted his hand and moved all the hair to one side, leaving her neck and shoulder bare to him. He gently placed a kiss on her neck under her earlobe and felt her shiver under his lips. He smiled as he traced his lips down her neck down to her shoulders. Riddhima turned to face him as he smiled at her. She smiled back and lowered her eyes blushing. Armaan lifted her chin up and moved his face closer to her. Slowly heading his lips towards hers.


'Trnnnnnnnn…' Their pagers rang.


Ar: oye hoye. Is pager ki bhi mere saath dushmani hai…?


Riddhima giggled as they both got up and headed towards the nursing station.


(Note: guys no flying cars and stuff in my future in my ff… jus the same old Mumbai as it is now… lol I don't want to turn my ff into a sci-fiction… lol)


At the same time in the future…


Year 2027 

Malik mansion 'ashiyana'….. 8.00 am….


We see a very wonderful mansion painted in red and white. The interior of the house has been done perfectly suiting the taste of the residents. The house is very quiet as it is a Sunday morning and only 8.00am so everyone is still asleep. Lol


The main bedroom of the house is very dearly decorated and has red and white colour combination. The net curtains are white and the there are silk light red curtains hanging up. The feature wall is red whilst the other 3 walls are an off white colour. A lady and a man are fast asleep on the bed with their faces covered with white sheets. The curtains are lightly blowing with the wind. The peaceful silence is broken with the sharp noise of the alarm clock ringing as it is… The lady moves the sheet from her face and her hair cover her face. There are clear frowns visible on her forehead. She gets up and turns the alarm off. She is dressed in a simple but attractive red night gown with her hair loosely tied in a knot at her neck. She falls back on the pillow but her eyes are open. A smile is playing on her lips. Her hair still flying over her face. She has a certain glow on her face. Suddenly she feels fingers on her face as they sweep over her face moving the hair off her face.


The man moves the sheet from his face and looked at his beloved wife, and these are none one other than Armaan and Riddhima malik….


Ar: good morning pumpkin…


This time Riddhima does not frown and lightly turns to her side to face her hubby. She reached forward and gently pecks her lips. Armaan smiles at her.


Ri: good morning armaan.

Armaan moves forward and envelopes her in his arms so he's lying back on the bed and she is on top of him from one side with her hand and face on his bare chest.


Ar: aaj bhi tumne alarm lagaya?? Its Sunday today. I did not want to get up. See abhi tak Rishi aur mere baby bhi nahi uthe.


Ri: (surprised) Armaan, you forgot… What date is it today??


Ar: erm 30/12/27 why you asking?


Ri: And 19 years ago from now?


Ar: erm let's see. 30/12/08… (Suddenly remembers something, opens his mouth wide)  OH MY GOD!!!!! (he screams)


Riddhima laughs at his reaction as he joins in as well…


Ri; yes armaan… today is the day we are coming back to the future to see us…



Part 2


Ar: Oh my god Riddhima… it's been nearly 20 years! 20 years since we went to the future to see us. His facial expression change, at which Riddhima giggles as she knows he's fumbling with words.


Ri: I know yh Armaan... They are coming today. Good job its Sunday!! Riddhima gets up and ties her hair in a bun. She is sitting at the edge of the bed when Armaan sneaks in from her waist and out his head in her lap. Riddhima smiles at him and caresses his hair.


Ar: Riddhima…pumpkin, I do not understand one thing… why do we not remember what happened when we came to the future?


Ri: Armaan you know why… because it nice for things to be surprises in life. Imagine if we remembered how we were going to be in 20 years... Our kids... How would have we had the little pleasures of life if we knew the future. Armaan nodded as Riddhima continued. I am so glad that the time machine erased our memories. Riddhima sighed.


Armaan looked up to see the smile playing on Riddhimas face. How he loved this woman. 20 years had passed. He still loved her like a teenager boy. How their relationship had matured and blossomed over the years. He remembered the shy Riddhima and he chucked slightly at HIS Riddhima now. How she had changed. Mother of 2, a lovely wife who still blushed when he came close to her. This was the one thing that had not been affected by the changing years, her crimson blush. Armaan smiled as his heart warmed underneath his chest. His and Riddhima's relationship was all he ever wished for. She had learned to trust him beyond her limits. Riddhima was more outspoken. She would answer him back and that was the beauty of their relationship.


Riddhima looked down to see Armaan lost in his thoughts with a smile formed on his lips. Riddhima's face lit up instantly. Remembering her times with her husband. Riddhima recalled how he was best father, best husband but moreover how he was the best friend, to her, and mostly their kids. Now she couldn't imagine her life without him. All she knew was she loved this man and will till eternity. In his forties, but he still had the vibe of the 22 year old Armaan in him. She had fallen more and more in love with his eyes and his dimples over the years. Seeing him content with his life, automatically put a smile on her face as well…


Coming out of her trance, Riddhima bent down and placed her lips over his gently. He was still lying in her lap. Riddhima's hair fell on his face and chest. Smiling against her lips, he pulled her head closer as he reached out and placed his hand behind her hair. The kiss was gentle and full of trust and love. Riddhima pulled back slightly and whispered, "I love you Armaan."


Ar: I love you too, pumpkin.


Riddhima smiled.

Ri: Come on Armaan, I know its Sunday but I have got so much to do. Rahul, muskaan, Atul and Di are coming. All the kids will be here too. I have got to prepare the food and all… Armaan come one leave me!

Riddhima jus bantered on as Armaan moved to a side and slipped underneath the sheets again. Riddhima took her sari and towel and headed for the bathroom. Standing by the door she turned and said, "By the way dear husband, I ma soo looking forward to see the attractive Armaan again." Riddhima laughed as Armaan understood what she meant and tried to run after her but she locked the door.


After 15 mins, Riddhima came out wearing a saree.

Armaan looked at her and forgot that he was angry with her. Riddhima was drying her hair in front of the mirror and as she brushed them she saw Armaan staring at her in the reflection of the mirror. Armaan walked over to the mirror and wrapped his Armaan around her tiny waist.


Ar: You look beautiful wifey! He placed a kiss on her cheek as she smiled.


Ri: Acha Armaan, now you have a bath. I'll make breakfast. And yes, I know Rishabh will get up but could you please wake up your princess for me. That girl, I tell you, she can sleep the whole day. Just like you Armaan.


Armaan smiled and said: Akhir beti kis ki hai?  Anyways, where's my towel and clothes. Riddhima takes out his clothes and he heads for the shower whilst Riddhima goes downstairs to prepare breakfast. The house maid has already started on preparing the breakfast. A Sunday ritual in 'Ashiyana' was that Sunday was a choice day. Riddhima had to prepare breakfast of everyone's choice on Sundays. That included aloo paranthas for Armaan and emaan, French omelette for herself and waffles with golden syrup for Rishabh. Riddhima got busy with preparing breakfast for everyone.


After about 30 mins breakfast was ready. Riddhima was laying the table whilst Armaan had had his bath and was sitting reading the newspaper. Jus then riddhima heard the front door click and she saw his darling son enter. Rishabh had been jogging and came back. Droplets of sweat were visible on his head.


Rishabh was a very attractive young man. He had the exact same colour eyes like his mother. A shade of green. He was quite tall, like his father. Rishi was what riddhima referred to him as. Rishi wore a tight black vest with black Nike shorts. His well built body was clear visible form the vest that clung to him. On the whole he was a replica of Riddhima, A very cute boy who was sweet, caring and sensitive. He did posses some of his father qualities, for example the charm to woo girls but he did not use it. Lol As he walked in. First he went straight to the kitchen; He saw his beloved mom set the table. He went and planted a big, sloppy kiss on her cheek from the back.


Rish: Good morning, mumma.

Ri: Good morning bacha. You good? Jog kaisa tha. Riddhima caressed his face. Rishabh closed his eyes for a moment and then replied "it was good mom, hmm my waffles, yum. I'll be just back. Let me take a shower." Saying that Rishabh left the kitchen whilst Riddhima smiled at him affectionately. She thought 'Big surprise for you today mera baby' Thinking that she went back to work.


Rishabh next when to see his dad, who was on his rocking chair reading the paper. Armaan saw his son approach and lifted up his hand. . Rishabh smiled gave him a loud hi-five. Then they both hugged.


Rish: Good morning dad. (Very cheerily)

Ar: Morning son. So jog huh. Well at least some one is healthy. Rishabh and Armaan both laughed at this as Rishabh sat on one arm of the chair leaning over armaan's head to read the paper as well.


Rish: Dad I'll go have a shower. Back in a bit. Saying that Rishabh left for his room. Armaan got engrossed in his paper again.

After 10-15 mins Riddhima called out to them for breakfast. Armaan and Rishabh both walked towards the table, laughing very hard about something. Riddhima watched both of them come and immediately she was smiling as well. She loved her family. The bond they all shared. Armaan and Riddhima sat down as Rishabh himself settled as well.


Rish: (still trying to control his laughter) Oh god dad, that mush have been hilarious. (Giggling even more now) I wish I was there to see it!!


Ar: (laughing as well) Rishabh my boy, I had the opportunity! Your mother's face was worth the watch.


Riddhima's ears perked up as she heard her name.

Ri: What about me?


Rish: nothing mom, dad was just telling me (burst out laughing again) (controlling his hassi lol) the time when he out ketchup on his face and pretended it was blood to call you to the room but then keerti aunty turned up as well. Oh god that must have been funny (giggling)


Ri: Kya Armaan! Tumhe abhi tak yaad hai!


Ar: of course. I never forget anything related to my wife. (Armaan said chuckling) They all laughed at that and Riddhima was about to serve breakfast when she sighed and crossed her hands across her chest.

She stood up and Armaan and Rishabh exchanged nervous glances. They knew what was coming.


Ri: I am going to teach that girl a lesson today.

Saying that she proceeded towards the stairs to emaan's bedroom.


Ar: Rishabh!!!

Rish: Dad!!!


They both horridly left the table to stop Riddhima, otherwise their baby princess was in for a big shouting today and Rishabh and Armaan were not going to let that happen... were they… after all it was their princess they were talking about!!!


* * * * * * *


Part 3


Armaan and Rishi both stood by the steps thinking what to do. Armaan was chewing his lip nervously (like always) and Rishi had a frown on his face (like riddzy.) They both stood in the corner overlooking Riddhima as she made her way up the steps. Suddenly Rishi had a glow on his face and he clicked his fingers. He whispered something into his dad's ears and Armaan smiled as well.


Ar: Oye Hoye son, Dimag to tera mere par gayya hai. Shabash!!  Fine I'll go put the plan into action. Roger all set. One two three go. Operation save Emmy from Hitler is a go go.  Armaan and Rishi gave each other a high fives as Rishi gave his father thumbs up and went to the other room. Armaan turned to go to Riddhima.


Ar: Oh lord, please save me. Meri lovely si Hitler main ayya.  Armaan hurriedly proceeded towards the steps and caught riddhima jus as she was about to open Emaan's bedroom door.

Riddhima frowned as she knew he was trying to his 'baby'.

Ri: Armaan, hato tum. Please move. I know you are trying to save Emmy but today I'll wake her up my way. Everyday this girl is a pain. And you know what it's all because of you and Rishi. You pamper her so much. She's m daughter as well but I want her to have some manners. Come one Armaan leave my hand. Riddhima said whilst getting a bit irritated.


Ar: Basket ji, if you have done your lecture then can I say something. I did not come to save my princess. Erm… I mean emaan. Sorry, I know yeah this girl is spoiled. Aaj toh tum ise sabak sikha hi do. But all want is my after breakfast kissy. He pulled her closer.


Armaan said this with a cute puppy face that Riddhima smiled. She knew perfectly well that this was a plan of the father and son to save their princess from their mothers spanking today. Riddhima was just smiling at the situation when she heard the phone ring. She looked at Armaan giving him a 'you-go-and-get-the-phone' look.


Ri: Armaan phone baj raha hai. Can you get…


Ar: (before she could finish) Riddhima main toh garden ja raha ho. Get it please.

Saying that Armaan looked at her as she knew perfectly well what he was up to.


Ri: RISHI…. CAN YOU GET THE PHONE PLEASE? (Shouting so that Rishi could hear her downstairs)


Ar: Riddhima who breakfast kar raha hai. Now go and get the phone. Armaan said hastily. Riddhima could sense the impatience and nervousness in his voice. She smiled mentally knowing that he was trying to get rid of her to save Emmy a thrashing for sleeping till late.


Riddhima got frustrated and turned to go but not before warning Armaan not to wake up Emaan as he wanted to do it. Armaan smiled at Riddhima's childness and stood there with his arms across his chest admiring her as she rushed to get the phone before it was cut. "Basket, tum bhi na, hamesha basket hi raho gi" Armaan said to himself.


Riddhima ran down the stairs and saw Rishi eating his breakfast and engrossed in the morning paper. Riddhima smiled and as soon as she turned to the pick up the phone, Rishi looked at her sighed of relief. He did thumbs up for Armaan who was standing above the staircase. Armaan took the signal and gently opened the door to Emaan's room.


As he opened the door, He saw his little baby sleeping on the opposite side of the bed, with her legs towards the headboard. Emaan's room wasn't the usual pink or lilac like typical teenager girls. In fact when they had refurbished their home 2 years back, Emmy had insisted on choosing a brown and beige theme for her room, which was highly untypical for a 14 year old girl. Riddhima was relieved as she knew she would grow out of the pinks and lilacs in a couple of years so riddzy was more than happy to go along with her decision. Armaan as usual let her do what she wanted. Lol


Lets take a look at her room…



Armaan sighed as he saw her sleep unknown to the world. How fast does time flow? He though the times when she was just a little baby and now… She was a teenager 16 years, but she was still a nave and innocent baby at heart. His baby. He shared a special bond with her. More than what he did with Rishi. It was Armaan and emaan and Riddhima and Rishi. Maybe it was because she was the replica of what he was. Armaan sat down on the edge of the bed. He gently caressed her face. Emaan malik was the splitting image of her father. Exactly the same eyes, same face. She even had the dimples. 


Armaan's chain of thoughts broke as he saw his princess sleeping in a very strange position. She slept on her tummy, jus like he did. Her blanket was everywhere except for on her where it was supposed to be! Emaan was wearing a white vest with black 3 quarter trousers. Her hair tied up a pony tail, pretty messed now lol. She had her Teddy under one arm. Armaan smiled as he pulled the teddy from under her arm. It was the same teddy he had given her for her 5th birthday and she always kept it. She had reams and reams of other teddies but she loved this one. She had even named him!! She called him Ted, and she never slept without it. Lol

Here's ted…



Armaan gently shook emaan who groaned. Knowing who it was she shifted her head on her dad's lap and wrapped her arms around his waist. Armaan gently placed a kiss on her cheek.


Ar: Morning bacha.

Em: (yawning) Good morning dada.

He still caressed her hair.

Ar: Emmy come on baby, 9 am already. Mom was coming to wake you up. God knows how I managed her.

Em: (her voice still sleepy) Toh phir mumma se panga hi kyon lete ho dad. She let out a little giggle.  

Ar: HAWW!! Panga aur me... Teri ma mujhe zinda chode ji??


They both laughed and emaan sat up straight and crossed her legs. She stretched her arms and got up of the bed. She bent down and kissed Armaan, said a quick love you and rushed to the bathroom.


Armaan smiled at his princess and called out to her in the bathroom.


Ar: Emmy, hurry up aur come soon to the breakfast table. Ok?


He heard her yell a 'yes dad' and he left her room.


Down stairs, Armaan and Rishabh settled sown on the table and they saw Emaan run down the stairs, slowly as in not to make any noise which could grab Riddhima's attention, who was busy on the phone.


She gave Rishabh a kiss on the cheek.

Em: Morning bhai.

Ri: Morning baby, oi why are you so late. Got any ideas how me and dad managed to save you today. Rishabh pretended to scold her. She mumbled a quick sorry and sat down quickly. Grabbing the paper she pretended to be engrossed in it as she heard the phone being put down and her mum approaching the table from behind.

She gave cold stares to her dad and her bhai whom were having a hard time controlling their laughter.


Part 4


Emaan quickly pretended to be engrossed in the business section of the news paper when she usually she wouldn't give a damn of what took place in the share market or whatever. Emaan could sense her mum moving towards the dining table. She caught a glimpse of Riddhima when she moved around the table to sit opposite them. Armaan sat at the main chair and Rishi sat on his right hand side and Emaan sat next to him. Riddhima went and sat on the opposite side of Riddhima. The newspaper was covering her face.


Ri: (in a firm tone) Good morning Miss emaan Malik. Finally you could come and greet us inferiors. So very kind of you to join us. She said it all in a sarcastic tone which did not go amiss by all of the others sitting at the table. Armaan and Rishi could not control their laughter and they threw there heads back and laughed.

Emaan moved the newspaper down, rather scrunched it down on the table and gave cold stares to her dad and bro. They both shut up and Emaan got up from her chair and walked to stand behind Riddhima's chair. Bending down she wrapped her arms around Riddhima's neck and planted a sweet kiss on her cheek.


Em: (in a kiddish voice) solli mumma… She pouted her lips to an armaan like look which Riddhima can never resist, be it from her own lovely hubby or her equally hubby like bacha.


Ri: (melting) Aww, mela bacha… Its ok sweety. Mumma did not mean it. She gave a big kiss to Emaan and told her to go and have her breakfast. Emaan stood up so she was behind Riddhima and so she could not see her, then she saw Armaan and Rishi look at her and she did a little victory dance. =). Armaan and Rishi again had to stifle their laughs.


After breakfast Riddhima got busy in the Kitchen and with the house as she had lots of preparations to do. Emaan and Rishabh were enjoying their last Sunday. They sat together curled on the settee together watching their favourite Sunday programmes. Armaan sat on the rocking chair still engrossed in his newspapers.


Em: Bhai, I don't understand something. How did you manage to get mom into not waking me up?


Ris: Aree... That is not too hard. See I called up Muskaan massi and explained to her and we know that you are her laadli. He made face while Emaan spread her smile even further. Yh so she called mum up and engrossed her in her talks as usual whilst dad went and woke you up.


Em: Aree what Bhai. You are actually clever.

Rishi pretended to hit her as she dodged it and they both went back to watching their programme.

Armaan looked at both of them bickering and smiled. He muttered a 'thank you Muskaan' underneath his breath and went on to read the paper.


* * * * * * * * * *

"Rahul!!!!!!" Muskaan yelled from downstairs.

After getting no response she tried again.

"Raj…. Mukul!!!!!" Her voice trailed off as she shook her head. Dressed in her lilac silky night suit and her curly hair slightly pinned up, she stood in the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast. Her long call with Riddhima had put her a bit behind in preparing breakfast as the three boys wouldn't pay her heed and were still fast asleep. She agreed it was Sunday but she was very excited as she knew what the day had in store for her... Giving up she walked towards her and Rahul's room. In her mind she has surely made up the plan to scold him really bad.


She entered the room to find sunlight peeping through the windows but they were having no effect on her khankajura as he was snoring with one of his arms hanging of the bed.



Mu: Rahul ke bache... Tu uthta hai ki main uthaon. Muskaan went and sat down at the chair jus opposite the bed and she put her hand on her head. Shaking it she tried one more time.

Mu: Oye gaddhe…

Rahul jus pulled the pillow on top of his head. "That's it!!" Muskaan exclaimed getting off the chair. She stormed into the bathroom whilst Rahul jus smirked underneath his pillow. Suddenly Rahul felt a sharp ping go through his body. He felt as if a thousand knifes were piercing through his body. He sat up straight and realized he was dripping wet.  Muskaan burst out laughing in her gaddhe wali hassi.


Rahul screamed… "MUSKAAN!!!! TU PAGAL HAI KYA? ACTAULY WHY DO I BOTHER. I KNOW YOU ARE ANYWYAS. Rahul smirked seeing her expressions change as he knew she was boiling at him now.


Mu: Oye gaddhe!!!! Tujhe itni nahi achi lagti main to shadhi mat karta mujhse? Mine Tujhe invitation diya tha kya ki aa Rahul mujhse shaadi kar?? Ek toh har roj tera aur tere dono bachon ka yahi haal hai. Phasta kaun hai bechari main. You know what Mr Rahul Garewaa…aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…..


Rahul had pulled her down on the bed and placed his hand on her mouth. He planted a big kiss on her cheek as she lay in his lap. Muskaan's temper had immediately calmed down as she looked into Rahul's eyes as they both smiled. Rahul wiped his nose against her nose and whispered "Good morning Mrs Muskaan garewal." Muskaan and Rahul had their usual bickering in the mornings. It's like it had become their daily ritual. In the 19 years of their marriage, nothing had changed. They were the same as ever.  Muskaan and Rahul both headed downstairs after changing and the house maid had served their breakfast. On not finding raj and Mukul at the table Muskaan opened her mouth to scream again. "Ra….." She felt a pair of hands on her mouth.


She pushed the hands off and without looking back she said "Aree yaar, what is with everyone trying to shut me up, take whoever they just keep on putting their hands across my voice" She glared at Rahul who just went back to jamming his toast.


"Good morning mum" Muskaan heard two voices together as a smile crept on her face. Two kisses were placed on either side of her cheeks as she out her hands up to caress her son's hair. "morning dad" Raj and mukul said as they sat down in order to have their breakfast.


Mu: Arre, tum dono itni jaldi?


Raj: Actually mum we heard dad scream and that is enough even to wake up kumbkaran.

They are laughed as Muskaan served breakfast.


Mukul: Mum, whats the plan for today then?


Mu: Nothing much mukul. Your Riddhima massi had invited everyone for a Sunday dinner today.


Raj and Mukul both sounded excited about the dinner and everyone continued with their breakfast. Muskaan and Rahul looked up to see each other and smiled widely. Gosh! The kids were in a big surprise this evening.


* * * * * * * * *


Part 5


Joshi mansion


Angali stood by the kitchen countertop jus finishing of pouring the juice into 4 different glasses. She wore a light yellow salwar kameez without her duppata.

Placing the glasses in a tray she walked towards the dining table; put the glass in front of someone. The person sat there engrossed in some files.


An: Ahem ahem…


At: ek minute angali….


An: Atul…. (Getting frustrated) What the heck atul?


Angali stood there with her hands on her hips as two young looking boys walked in and placed a kiss on either side of her cheeks. She smiled as they took a seat. Angali pointed towards atul and they smiled and shrugged their shoulders. One of them nudged the other one and they screamed… "DAD!!!"

Before atul knew what had hit him, the files from his hand flew of and angali caught them. They all burst out laughing as Atul frowned.


"Ankur, Ashwin???" Atul frowned as angali bent over and took his glasses off.


An: Mr Atul joshi, this is a breakfast table and it would be very kind of you to join us for some breakfast… (Now in a stricter tone) Now have your breakfast.

Their sons, Ankur and Ashwin smirked.


At: What is wrong with you two.yaar, angali meri bewi hai, who mujhe aisi bhi kehti hai na, toh usme iska pyar jhalakta hai? Samjhe, hai na angali?? (In his usual sing song way =)


An: Atul… (Like she always says it lol) Anyways boys, we are going over to Riddhima massi's in a bit. Lunch and dinner today over at her's today. Ok? So get ready for about 11 am. And yes, there's a big big surprise today.

Atul looked up just realize what was going to happen. As soon as Angali saw him about to open his mouth, she quickly placed a hand over his mouth as the Ankur and ashwin burst into giggles again. "Atul, the point of a surprise is that it's a SURPRISE. Ring any bells?" She narrowed her eyes. He shrugged his shoulders as they finally sat down to have their breakfast.


And they all had the usual bickering Sunday breakfast.


2-3 hours later.

'Ding dong'… The ringing of the door bell swept through the malik's ashiyana…

There was no one to be seen in the living room and then emaan crept out of no where rushing down the stairs. She wore a purple vest top and denim shorts a pair of black flip flops. Her hairs were tied in a pony tail and it was cutting into her neck. Her fringe reaching just above her eyes but not covering, still revealing her beautiful baby blue eyes, so overall she looked adorable, akhir beti kis ki hai? Lolz



She quickly opened the door…. Screaming a big loud hello…. It was Atul, angie and Ankur.


An: Hello bacha…  hows my baby?? Hugging emaan tightly.


Em: I am good Angie massi. How are you? God haven't seen you in like 3 days… And they both shared a laugh.


Angali walked inwards as atul engulfed emaan in a hug as well.

Em: Kyon massar. (massi-maasar hope u understand lolz its kind of punjabified but oh well) Mera pappu and tina?? How are they??


At: aree immu, they are fab. Growing at a pretty fast rate as well.

Emaan frowned as she heard Atul call her immu..She got soo annoyed with that.

She stomped her foot and groaned.. "Massar….. don't call me that, m not a baby anymore… humph" Atul laughed as he walked whilst she stood their with her hands crossed over her chest. Suddenly she was lifted up and then placed down. She turned around to find Ankur standing their with a grin on his face. Emaan playfully started punching his chest.


Em: Ankur Bhai!!! You sacred me! They both hugged and he headed inwards.

She called him. "Bhai, where's Ashu??"

Ankur: hes coming emmy, jus parking the car.

Just then Ashwin comes and emaan screams and hugs him tight, "Ashuuuuuuuuu!!!!" Him and emaan give each other high fives.  They were the best of friends. They had grown up together, gone to the same school, the same college and been wanted to pursue the same career. Another member of their gang was Mukul. The trio were like honey and bees, can't stay apart for a single minute. They were basically like armaan, Rahul and Atul.


Em: so buddy how you been? Omg I got soo much to tell you.


Mu: Emmy… calm down... we met yesterday…


Em: so that's a whole 24 hours mate…


Mu: (nods his head) Hey tu Ankur Bhai ko bhai bolti hai, aur mujhe... ashuu!!! He imitates her.


Em: Well that's because, hes a lot older and you're my buddy yaar, why would I want to call you Bhai, I know u is but u know. By the way tu mujse kitni baar ye sawal puch choka hai?


Mu: ok meri maa, main haara tu jeeti!!  He folded his hands as Emaan chuckled.


He hugged her again and they walked in to see everyone.


As they entered the living room they saw, Riddhima and Angali  sitting and chatting whilst Armaan and Atul were engrossed in a file. Emaan couldn't stand that.

She huffed and puffed and walked over to them stood in front of them but they did not notice her.


Em: Ahem, ahem.. They still did not look up but Angali and Riddhima looked up and stopped to watch in amusement what would happen next. They knew what Emaan was like and couldn't stand other things being mentioned when they were having their 'family time'. Emaan clenched her fist to display her fake anger but no avail from Armaan and atul. She snatched the files form Armaan and Atul as they looked up to see her eyes narrowed. Dumping the files on the table, she crossed her arms and sat down on the table facing them.


At: Immuuu…….. Atul sighed as he lifted his hands up in the air, as in admitting defeat. Emaan glared her eyes as her dad chuckled. He knew this was coming from the moment she stepped in. She always did. Atul and Armaan laughed as both of them pulled either one of her cheeks.  Emaan stood up frustrated, "Massar….. Don't call me that!!" Placing her hands on her hips she stormed out of the French doors onto the patio to see Ankur as he was on the phone. Rishi, Ankur, Ashwin and Emaan went outside in the garden as the adults stayed in and chatted.


About 5 mins later, the door bell rang again and it was our own garewal family.


Arm: Hey raool, hey Muskaan. He stood up and hugged them both and then the kids.

Ra: Hey buddy, hey champ. How are you?

At: Kya Rahul yaar, kaam hi bahut hai!!

Armaan and Rahul laughed as they knew Atul was tired due to the kids he handled.

The men engrossed themselves in a football game on the telly. Lolz

Meanwhile Riddhima, Anjali and Muskaan were in the kitchen trying to create a meal for another 6 people yet to come. 


Ri: Di, it is so exciting yh, I really can't wait to see me again…


An: I know yh ridz, imagine the kids they'll be shocked.


Ri: But di I am a bit scared, dunno how the kids will react, What do you think?


Mu: oyye Ridzzy, tu fikar kyu kar rahi hai? It'll be fantastic…


An: yh ridz, don't worry. Hmmm I am wondering ki hum is waqt kya kar rahe hai, I mean in 2008.


Sanjeevani hospital same day- 2008 4.30 pm. (finally) =D


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

there we go.. all updated.. plz plz leave a comment.....
oh yes pms available... jus comment or om me.. 


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