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-Payal- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 12:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -athena-

Congratulations to each one of us for getting to yet another awesome and incredible FC..

Congrats to you as well, dear.

What a theme Sids...This is completely an out of the box idea and therefore very interesting and intriguing as well, simply because it has all the off screen moments of the -one- because- of -whom- we- are -here...All kudos to you Sids for coming up with this idea and I know this is through and through your brain child....Clap...And the way you freaked out when the last FC reached 145th page and right away got to work and see what you have made....Big smile...No need to thank me at all...because what I had done is negligible compared to what all the rest of you have done to make this FC go live....

Agreed.  This FC is such an Acer - and I would expect that Siddy would come up with something as incredible as this.  And yes, what to say with the way she freaked out. I remember what she said to me then - I kept telling her I didn't want her to freak out because she needed to focus on her exams but she said "well, there is a thing called commitment." - and that was it.  Next thing I knew, this FC was ready to go - in a matter of hours.  Siddy - I'm so proud of you for all the dedication you've shown these past few months. Kudos, dear.

And needless to say the home page is really well thought out and brilliantly executed with the appropriate siggies and stuff....Love all the siggies...I know how much Nanzy worked hard even when she wasn't feeling all too well for making these siggies as well as duely helping you whereever you needed her assistance...So a huuge thanks to Nanzy as wellClap...Not to forget Khushi for chipping in with her wonderful siggies....Clap

The siggies toh, I dunno what to say - was blown away by them.  They are so refreshing na?  Nans is such a sweetie...and Khushi too, for coming thru on such short notice and helping her.  Is this place full of incredible people or what?

How can I NOT say thanks to Harshad for simply being who he is....His on screen persona toh we all have been seeing for an year now through The Prem, and the one after another sterling performances he has been delivering till date....But through these SBS and other real life interviews, we are now familiar with a little bit of the man himself....Harshad really seems like a person who is the same inside out- absolutely no pretenses- package...I am absolutely excited to be a part of his FC....

I have nothing to say.  Ditto - maybe?  *sigh*  Words simply fall short and it all becomes a bit too overwhelming.

Now coming to my beautiful friends here....Thanks to one and all..You all simply rock...The way you guys have kept this place going and growing is praise worthy...Eventhough I kept disappearing from time to time due to whatever the reason was...you guys kept a place for me in your hearts....That is absolutely priceless to me...I am and will always be a part of this FC and therefore one amongst you....Sids,Yas,P,Nanzy,Zu,Mehoo,Misty,Vandu,Nina,Daisy,Alina,Shabnam,Atop,Prii,
Vandana,Anusha,Yoj,Heena,Bhavani and everyone else whose names my dumb brain forgot to mention- YOU ALL ARE SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Don't they?  You disappeared?  Where to?  And we kept u in our hearts?  Where'd u get that idea?  LOL  But you are right - theyare all simply incredible, arent' they?  Thanks you guys - for all that you are, and all that you do...
BTW me myself Raksha...I changed my id to -athena-......thought I will be at least a namesake warrior....EmbarrassedLOL
Really?  Rakshu?  Is that you??? Shocked I didn't know!  And...namesake warrior?  Acha hai....asal mein warrior nahi toh namesake hi sahi, right?  hehehe
*jaan leva jappi*

"Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune,
Sapne, surile sapne"

Raksha...Big smile

-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 12:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anusha10

Originally posted by riks1

Yup agree with u agar harshu monday ki tarah pyaara hotha toh no doubt yahan hum FC jaldi se compl karenghe..LOLLOL..Hello vandy di Tongue
hey anu.....how are you?
Thanks soo much for the pics sis..i was unable to see pics which khushi posted especially the dance seq once now withu r grace i saw them ..He is just awesome yaar..Embarrassed..i am still drooling over that dance yaar..mind me se nikaal nahi parahi hoon di Tongue
well...anu..it was not my grace.....even i was unable to open that page......the credit goes to a very dear frend of mine who actually took the pain to post them on my behalf...so the credit goes to her....and..that danceKisses...i loved him there......each and every look was just wow......Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Ya Harshu is king of romance yaar i agree with u Bow Down..nahi yaar i want to see him only in black..Black best suites him , he looks so romantic in black..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
yes anu...he does look very romantic in black.....but i want him to wear some lilac colour shades...with a suit( chal black suit)...would love to see him in thatDay Dreaming
-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 1:27am | IP Logged
Heelloooooo Darlingssss..... how are you doing tioday... ahem so shall we start talking about a certain Mr Prem Juneja & Kasauli - imagine the vaadiyana and the thandi thandi hawa
-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Imagine just Prem and Prem and Prem sizzling our screens
Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sidrah-

I wanted to post this on the second page itself but doing it here now.....I need to point something out...I was reading the past pages of the FC and was apalled to see such strong words used for Prem...Guess what.?! In the past it used to be the forums who would go off the line and we would be banging our heads here to tone down the bashing...but for the first time ever, this FC victimized Prem Juneja this badly!!..Iabelling him d***.

I dont mind constructive critcism....and if ever Prem falters I point out...everyone does..Go see the JUNE-JULY FCs and you would know how members here would do it last summer when Prem would be crying for Lallu all the time.... but there is always always a WAY TO GO ABOUT it..! How can anyone even think about thrashing this character in his home only?!!...This is a given rule..It's done..No matter what stride the creatives take in r future, we are in NO WAY ALLOWED TO "BASH" Prem.....This is Harshad' s FC!!Even if Prem commits a murder right..there is no way this space will ever diss the character..there is a huge diffference between bashing and criticism Angry..Preserve its sanctity atleast..The forumers were rather more mature..They vowed not to bash him just coz they Loved the character so much...and we couldnt see our selves falling prey to the cheap tactics of the creatives and everyone here...went round and said what not over here..

Granted, the character went a lil haywire last week but could it not have been done in a lil more subtle way...!! ..Most of us are a lil preoccupied these days and couldnt read through all the posts..boy i was in for a shock or what....Be careful next time and please limit ur discussions to Harshad/Prem ONLY!..go to the forums for other characters

hey siddy

want 2 cum right on point the post u made on 3 page refeering 2 D*** word used for prem well i had stated it in my post u know that so wanna just place my POV

As u urself mentioned the character went haywire lil we all were angry n sad for losing OUR PREM  i meantioned the D word referring 2 only WEDNESDAY episode when we all lost Prem in that episode.

Cuming 2 the going out of way siddy i did'nt crossed my limits n i also belief i did'nt break any rules.I never allow myself 2  break rules n violate the CODE OF CONDUCT of any place

I was here in JUNE-JULY FC siddy i joined thsi FC in March 2008 i have always maintained the SANCTITY  of all  FC  i have been a part till now

Prem Junejja is one character whom i love 2 the core of my heart Prem ko CRITICISE karne ke pehle i think thrice abt his POV n his state n circumstances ,why will i victimize him n lemme point that now destructives  have started giving Prem's POV n his thoughts on his doings from this week  which i m trying 2 understand

AS a member we all have a right 2 express our thoughts n veiws i was discussing wednesday ka episode n also i m firmly belief i m not wrong here

I have been associated with the FC from a long time never broke a rule n crossed my limits always tried a single black dot bhi FC par naa aaye.Till date naa kabhi maine apna limit cross kiya hai naa kabhi karungii i know where i have 2 stop 

But it hurts 2 see this n also like mention siddy ke agar mujhe seedhe PM kar do hoti i would have never felt this bad


Edited by bellle4u - 06 May 2009 at 6:34am
-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 1:35am | IP Logged
Pri... just relax it ... you mentioned your point of view and I think siddy mentioned hers. There is no need to take anything to heart. It ok to criticize a character.... but its not ok to go overboard and bash. I am no one to comment on the previous FC since I was not active much - but bashing prem is something that wont be tolerated in this FC,.... I dont even see any reason to criticize Prem.
-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Analyzing Prem just in case every one has forgotten what Prem was all about...
Attempting to Answer - What Prem is all about
I really didn't know how to start this analysis so I took help from a friend, as I always do, whenever I am stuck with writers block! For her - Silence is the best conversation, one can have & there is no greater feeling - than the feeling of not saying a word and yet walking away, thinking it's the best conversation, you have ever had.  

For her, what's beautiful about Prem's & Heer's Love is the entire notion of love' love which is a beautiful emotion, one where the hearts speak, the eyes see and the ears hear. It's the unspoken language of the heart, eyes, ears and the mind. It's the belief, faith in each other and an understanding of a different level altogether, where they just need to look at each other to know what the other person is going through. They don't need to say a word, yet they talk' they understand.

Remember Jugni's prediction ' "when these two will meet, it will be a moment, the world will remember for a long time to come". The episode yesterday, bought back memories of the Challa Scene, Kalash Scene and the Shiv Mandir Scene.  When we are growing up, we are always told - the one man for you is the one who has the guts to quit and leave the world for you. For Prem, this world is his family and he places his family at a level above him, and his parents on the same pedestal as God. So, when he considers his Parents to be God, he knows he can't lie and he knows he can't betray them.

 He places his family at a level above him and they mean the world to him, so anything pain, misery, suffering to them, pains him and he would rather bear the pain and the brunt of it all, then to cause them pain, He will do anything for their happiness. His roots are with the family and hence his entire being is with his family. He places his family at a level above Heer and that's because he considers Heer to be at an equal and at par with him. He knows that Heer and him are one. They are one soul, two hearts beating as one.

Though, it is for his family he will do anything, It is heer, who is in his blood and veins and any disrespect to her, means disrespecting him. Not trusting her, means not trusting himself. Not believing her, means not believing himself.

The thing with Prem is that he has a lot of responsibilities. He has had to forego his dreams, his happiness and somewhere down the line priorities have changed for him. He has forgotten how to dream and its Heer teaching him how to dream.
He keeps telling Heer to watch out for herself and think for herself first not because he wants her to be strong - thats one reason but the main reason is that he wants her to grow. He does not want her to be making the same mistakes he has made. For right now, for him, his life is short a life, where he wanted to do so many things and right now, when he thinks time is slipping away and is beyond his reach - he wants heer to live his share of life - one he thinks he cant live.
He is telling Heer that he wants to see everyone smile and be happy because he cares for everyone, he knows life is all about moving on and he views life as one to be celebrated so he wants everyone to celebrate his life and be happy
Right now - He wishes he can grow old with her - for him and for heer, love is all about growing old with a person...its what some one once told me, you know you are in love, when you will want to grow old with the person.
When he said, it was his heart which did the dokha, he meant the promises he couldn't keep and this is what is causing him more anguish and pain, may be some guilt too ' for deep down, he knows that indirectly or directly, it is this decision of his, which is responsible for the plight,  Heer is undergoing right now. He knows, he is asking for the impossible from her but then he also knows, they are each other strengths and from each other, they derive this strength. He cant look into her eyes, for he knows the pain i her eyes are because of the decisions, he takes. Somewhere, deep down in his heart, he hopes, that she is the one to stop him - for he surely does not want to go. It's like, he is forcing himself to take this extreme step against his own will, a step that is hurting him but he would rather, he would suffer silently, than make others suffer - for Prem truly embodies his own name.
He reaches out to Heer, as it's the only re assurance he needs to know that he is doing the right thing now. Her eyes are telling him,not to be self sacrificial lamb and her eyes are pleading with him not to go. He can't look at her, as he knows he is wrong but he is helpless and broken at the hands of his own fate. He knows, it's her belief that will get them together and it's her belief in their fate that is his support system right now and he is hoping against hopes that she is right once again.
Prem is a very sensitive and emotional and he keeps his pain to himself, because he does not trust any one else worthy enough to share his pain and the only person with whom he can open up is Heer. So, it kills him when Heer does not look at him. He can't take it, when she does not talk to him and I would say, he is intrigued when she ignores him because she is there in his heart, mind, soul and body and he can not stand it, when she is not around. He needs her, because she is his support system right now just as he is hers.
Male Ego at Play? May be, May be Not..... but this behaviour of his is judged by the statement: " Play hard to get!! The more you run away from a person, the more they run after you".  It's the universal truth of life! Recalling what Peer Baba told Heer, tera pyar ibadat hoga, junoon hoga. He worships/respects Heer for what she is and what he is, when he is with her. Its the junoon of his at play, when some one dare point a finger at Heer, disrespect her or then when she does not look at him.
I wouldnt say it's madness but I would say, it is another form of love. I wouldnt say its possessiveness but it's a form of being there for each other when they need each other. They both know there is a delicate line, and that line can not be crossed. He is intrigued by her attitude (when you throw attitude coupled with arrogance, its a fact of life, you tend to get intrigued and want to know why! )

Prem is some one who is deeply attached to his family, whose roots are with the family and hence his entire being is with the family and he will do anything for their happiness - even foresake his own happiness for them.  Yet at this point of time he is torn between promises, commitment, responsibility and moral obligations. Promises of being with Heer always and a commitment of spending his entire life with her , responsibility he has towards his family versus a moral obligation towards the mother of Gaurav Sharma.

This is leading to a conflict in his mind which is confusing him and making him believe that the family and heer is better off with him. He wants them to be happy and he probably thinks that the family's happiness lies without him. He does not want to give new hopes and new promises, and hence he kept his distance. It's more like he is succumbed to his own so called short lived fate which is of no fault of his really. More than the guilt, it is the thought, the realization that today may be the last day, I will live - he is spending little moments with the family,  for he wants to savour them till the last' for him, its these moments that he would be cherishing for a long time to come....which he wants the family to cherish for long.... He wanted to cherish these moments with Heer and hence he wanted to say good bye, and he wanted to make that moment special' - for he knows, these are the moments that the family will remember forever, when he is gone.

 Because Prem is a dhai akshar shabd '. Because Prem means pyar, love and love means giving'. Pyar dena ka naam hai, lena ka nahin. '..Because, Prem is a man of principles and he is some one, who keeps his words and promises. And the best way to do so it how my friend exlplained it to me, quoting Robert Frost.

 " The Woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep" .... is best explained by " He wishes, he has miles to go before he sleeps as he has promises to keep' but his life is lonely, dark and deep"
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sorry wrong post

Edited by riks1 - 06 May 2009 at 2:11am

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