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Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mistyeyed_25

Hey Guys... Just in for a breather... Hope you guys are well... we need to finish this FC by the 12th od May.... so that leaves us with a week as the next FC is on Harshads Bday, so shall we all get our act together and finish this in a week... I dont care how its done  but it has to be done!!
Errr any one in for drooling - shooling
Hey misty

yesh Misty geared up for finishing this FC in 7 days we have done it before now also we will do itWink


Me in IHU Drooling from past 2 daysDay Dreamingawwwwwwwwwww excellent Harshad's scenes n we r getting OUR PREM backDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Day Dreaming


Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 05 May 2009 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by angel 16

 hi to all ....anusha di, vandana di , pri di, yasmin di, vaishu di....shabs, nans, mehandi, alina, payal.........a big hug to allhey heena Big smilehamari khishiyaan laut rahi hai MUBARAKAN Dancingleast we got 3 episodes which were bery goodWink
n yes xcept d last part of today's epsiode .i just loved d whole one..........once again superb dialouges n xpressions............just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeehaan heena full epiosde was excellent ecpect woh crappy part jaane de let's not talk abt them acchi acchi baatein kartey hainTongue

ok guys i m aving my finals of b.com (1st yr) frm 11th may).so  now i need to give my full concentration on it.....so i  m again taking a short break till 20th may frm d fc......i m gonna miss u guys a lot ......anusha di (meri chocolate mat bhulana n meri huggy bhi) , pri dee, yasmin di , vandana di, .shabs, mehandi...alina. i m going to miss u all......hey bt definately i w'l come online on 17th may ..n yes i w';l come online in b/w this break also for saying hiiii to all........bt w'l not able to take part in discussionCryCry.sorry guys..........after my xams i m aving 2months holidays.....so full to mastiiiiiiii......for now keep rocking n running this fc.......enjoy a lot........byeoohh heena but u will drop by  naa in between just drop  a message least 2 din ke gap ya i day ke gapWinkall the best for ur B.COM dearSmile

we will never forget u aur tujhe bhoolne bhi nahin dengein LOL

@pri di..hi diHug....di missing now these days .where r u....i know dear i was missing from here my net was giving me hard time plus my parents r going out of town toh unkii sare packing aur taiyaari mein busy hun by tom i will be FREEEmbarrassed
chalo guys me gtg now.tcbyeeeeeeeeeeee
luv u
Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 05 May 2009 at 9:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Cupcake-

Hiii guyssHugHugHugHug
Hiyeee mehndiHugHugHugu aise gayab hue ke aaj miliLOLwhere were u ?missing u re Crysaw u on EDTWink

hows everyone???Tongue
sab kuck theek thak haiTongue

Congrats guys on r 40th FCBig smileBig smile n sorry for nt being around much OuchOuch
MUBARAKAN MUBARAKANHugHugchal sorry bone ke jaroorrat nahin dearBig smile

here's a siggy,its an old one but I'm not sure if I posted it here before....I dont think I have coz I made it for a contest long time backConfused...nyways hope u  guys like it

AWESOME EXCELLENT FAB siigy dearStarwill use itSmile

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-Payal- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 9:28pm | IP Logged

Hello Guys!! 

Am back b/c I see that you guys have come back and posted your views too!

Shabs:  Yess - spot on - he was indirectly talking to Heer as well, through those dialogs to Meher.  He was so concerned at that point for both of their well-being, and really mad too, that they would leave the house alone like that.  Undoubtedly, He was speaking to Heer indirectly - did u see that look he gave her - those darts he was throwing at her with his eyes...*swoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon*
And no, he didn't say "tum akele ghar chali aayi" - he said "tum akele ghar aane wali thi"...
And you're right - this is the 3rd time - but its not Heer daydreaming about it - its her kambaqt dupatta - it is secretly in love with Prem and doesn't like being away from him.....Heer ka dupatta usko Prem ki ore keechta hai - it always has.  That dupatta doesn't like her going away from him and will ALWAYS lead her to him, or back to him - it had since day one.  So even if she tries to leave, her dupatta will ALWAYS try to hold on for a bit longer....*dreamy muh*

Priiiii:  I don't think its about Prem thinking he's being 'unfair' per se, to Heer, or anything - its just that Prem has always been the kind to put everyone before himself - and Heer is no more than a part of him - she is the other half to his whole - so since he doesn't think of her as being a separate entity, it just follows naturally, that for Prem, everyone else comes before Heer too.  Not because he doesn't care for Heer or love her, but because Prem and Heer are one - and if he is at the bottom of his priority list, then, so is Heer...and Heer knows that.

BTW, JYOTI, Soooo sorry, I forgot to say WELCOME to you in my last post!!  A Very Big Welcome to you, dear!  Please don't forget to read the rules on page 1 - otherwise, ENJOY! Its great to have you here...and, once we figure out how to copy-paste the member's list, we'll be sure and add your name! =)

All my Love,

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Aanandaa IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 April 2005
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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
Sorry Sids for getting to this FC even before we completed the previous one......D'oh

A biiiiiiiiiiiig hiiiiiiiiiiiii to each and everyone of you....*waves*

Thankoos ZuZu for sharing that awesome interview...absolutely loved it....lol...

-Payal- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 July 2006
Posts: 7096

Posted: 05 May 2009 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sidrah-

Congratulations and Welcome to the 40th FC!...Phew finally.. I know FC is trotting along at a snail paced rate these days partly because most of us are soooo pre-occupied with our respective professional and personal lives and partly coz of the absence of some of some our most active members...chalo summers are around..end of semester for most of us...I hope we snap out of our dormant acadamic lives and kick this FC off during summers atleast.

Thanks so much, Siddy.  Congrats to you as well, my dear.  Yes, though the past FCs have been going at snails pace, we shall make them run marathons starting with this one.  We will finish this one before Mr. Chopda's birthday - you just watch.  Where there's a will, there's a way, right?  And what better way to kick off the summer?  LOL  I'm looking forward to it.  Last summer and this FC hold so many amazing, wonderful memories for me...I can't wait to try to recreate some of that magic again this summer...though, a few members will still be sorely missed.

I am sorry I couldnt do much this time around or atleast as much as I had planned to do so.....As my college schedules dint leave me with any time....I was away in mid april and thats when I did most of the writing...when I came back...I was awefully busy hence couldnt do as much as I had planned to do so...I shall try to wrap up all the sbses in the fc after the next one as I would be more relieved then and less over whelmed with any assignment or report load..Sorry once againConfused

Couldn't do much?  Pagal ho kya?  - Thats rhetorical - I already know the answer.  LOL  I know you started so early with this FC and took the pains to make sure that it would be 'up to par' - I know how apprehensive you were, though I don't know why.  I knew that you would pull through with a gem of an FC, and you did just that.  Its absolutely wonderful.  Please don't apologize...and, looking forward to a trip down memory lane with the rest of the SBSes too...it really is such a treat!

Frankly, I opted for this theme for the comfort level it gave me...i am one very unexpressive person both in writing and on paper and there was NO WAY I could see myself doing justice to the themes that need expression...I would have made such a huge falooda out of itLOL....hence opted for a more objective, relatable theme...and yo I had a ball summoning it up....

It doesn't surprise me that you would opt for something like this - for the comfort level indeed! Hehehe...this was perfect though, Sids - the SBSes express HC the person so well, and we needed to take a deeper look...thanks for shining light on it. 

Sigh! Our boy is dynamic...An incredible combination of not just a great actor and rooted persona but just soooo full of color...I have always loved his SBSes more than Desh...Hands down any time any day!! (Prem is temporary...Today he is, tomorrow the show is done...It's silly the way we freak out even if the creatives taint him for even a micro second in the show..Madness or what.LOL).....His comments, views, reviews, his remarks ..everything is always a delight to conceive......It not only has helped us get acquainted in getting to know the real him but has also formed a nexus between the fans and him...All thanks to him for being so accessible and friendly to these reporters...Ofcouse no other star gets this much leverage on SBS ..as much as Harshad..It has to do with him no? and his congenial natureWink

Just a ditto.  I couldn't agree with you more - Prem is undoubtedly dear to us, but he will not last forever and in the end, all that will be left is the man behind Prem Juneja, and then he too will move on the something bigger and better (can you get better than PJ?  hmm....doesn't seem likely, does it?  But watch...it will happen.)  Undoubtedly, we are all indebted to SBS for following Premeer around day in and day out the way they do, for they have given us insight into HC that we would not have gotten otherwise...though, indeed, the thanks goes to Mr. Chopda at the end of the day, for being as approachable and amiable as he is. 

As for dedication, I would like to dedicate this one to Yoj !..I thought over it and it was only her name that hit me simply coz Yoj was my first friend on the FC...the first friend i interacted with on the FC on a personal level...(i dont even know if she knowsLOL but I know!!!!)and it was her pushing that got me here and then eventually through to everyone on the block...Today I maybe alot more closer to the rest of you but there is no way I can ever forget what got me here...YAAAA i am a huge sucker for roots!... Yoj was the first window for me to this side of Harshad...She aroused my curiosity back then and I know even she wouldnt be aware of it....the rest they say is history...I loved May-June 2008 with you re Yoj!! ...all the chats...you would leave me jaw dropped at times....it was later when sbs started happening at dis rapid a pace...did everything you would say finally begin registering in LOL.....I became friends with her at the drop of a hat..I presume thats the way she is...Ever friendly!!. and then we continue being in touch ....God Bless. Yoj...You are one of your kind...Good Luck!

Very apt dedication.  She is a sweetheart, and though we've only talked a few times on the FC itself, just her presence here means so much.  I remember when Daisy was leaving, I was under the impression that Yoj would be here to take the reigns, and so I wasn't worried one bit about the FC - I knew that as long as Daisy's counterpart was here, that all would be well and we had nothing to worry about.  Unfortunately things didn't work out, and she was too busy with academia (and rightfully so)....maybe one day she too will have time to come back and join us here..

Mera sab kuch topsy turvy hota hai . So how could the FC stay behind LOLLOLLOL..i was studying and den all of a sudden i decided to peek a boo into the FC..Holaa..I screamed 145 th Page...!!Shocked...bugged P, Raksh and Nans in the middle of my nite, their afternoons and Nans ka early morning ROFL...cutie pies that they are...they helped me with the features and the editing...Thanks a tonne guys!!..this would have been a nite mare had it not been for ur help... ofcourse

Cutie pies?  Really?  Aaw, u're too sweet! hahaha...but really, you did the bulk - all the grueling stuff - we merely added fluff, even if that.  And how many times do I have to tell you - NO THANK YOUs!!!  *khafa muh* 

Daisy...She is technically always in the loop as far as I am concerned..And how will i ever do without bugging this Harshad ki official antaryami ROFLThanks!! for just everything..and I will wait for my exams to leap over and then interview you over the patience you exercised when formatting the FC....salute and kudos..this FC would have been a far cry had it not been her pushing me in the first plx...so there is a whole lot of credit that goes to her there as well.

Hahahahah...HC's official antaryami!  Hahhahaaa......very apt. And yes, do post the transcript of that interview here as well.  Enlighten us - I'd like to know as well.

to my oldies...She-who-Cannot-be-named(she will flip shivy No?LOLROFL) and Shivy for tolerating my stupidity and blabber ....

To Misty, Yasmin di, Pri and the rest of you for being there in spirit and being a part of the FC thru  alll its phases...

Indeed - without them over the past few FCs, I dunno where we'd be right now. 

Special thankyou to Nandini and Khushi once again for all the siggies and the effort they undertook ...Nans was not even well yet she kept making siggies for me...Hug

I KNOWWWW!!  Nans kept showing me the siggies and asking if they were "okay" - I wanted to hit her on the upside of her head.  Pagal ladki - they're not just "okay", they're BRILLIANT!  I was toh awestruck with them.  Just love 'em all.  And sooo sweet of Khushi to pitch in and help out with 'em.  Aaaw, I didn't realize Nansy was sick while making them.  She is such a sweetheart re - undoubtedly the nicest person...so incredibly helpful.

Oh btw there is some problem..I cant update the member list...I will check it again in a day or 2...


Harshad's birthday is coming up...I wont be around...I am gona be heck busy and hence wont be able to nag u and run after you guys to send me the messages...Please send the messages to Payal. Make sure you dont write anything OTT in the messages (sorry for the rhetoric  and please dont use silly Nicks like Hersheys...just be normal Ouch.....) coz the messages WILL go to Harshad ..So please mark your copies of the messages....and send them in..!!

Haan guys - I've only gotten msgs from a few of you - PLEASE don't forget to send these!  PLEASE! =)  Thank youuuuuuu

So Byes for now
cya guys on the 13th Now after the darned papers..
Take care
God Bless
lilsasha Goldie

Joined: 06 October 2008
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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 12:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Cupcake-

Hiii guyssHugHugHugHug

hows everyone???Tongue....Hi Mehndi... I am gud, urself?...

Congrats guys on r 40th FCBig smileBig smile n sorry for nt being around much OuchOuch... yes congrats to u too... its okie dear... we all got our own reasons to unwillingly stay away from FC...busy life u see.. But the gud thing is we all do keep in touch...and thats all that matters.... Embarrassed

Its always a treat to watch HC on SBS/SBBEmbarrassed..... Yes i enjoy watching Mr. Chopda (Ahem!!!) more than watching Mr. Juneja... and always looking forward for new On The Set Masti segments ...Embarrassed ... its early morning here in US when SBS/SBB is aired in India.. so Harsh (Ahem!!!) enlightens my day with his laughter & Smile....Tongue

Jyoti,hii....welcome to the FCTongueBig smile.... Hey Jyoti... Welcome to HCFC dear... hope u get along and take part in Harshad's (Ahem!!!) discussions ...Smile ..have a nice time dear...

here's a siggy,its an old one but I'm not sure if I posted it here before....I dont think I have coz I made it for a contest long time backConfused...nyways hope u  guys like it...... Good Siggy Mehndi...sweet caps...Embarrassed... isn't this pic from the epi prior to their engagement? ..
Okie see yaa later... bye

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-Payal- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2009 at 12:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -athena-

Congratulations to each one of us for getting to yet another awesome and incredible FC..

Congrats to you as well, dear.

What a theme Sids...This is completely an out of the box idea and therefore very interesting and intriguing as well, simply because it has all the off screen moments of the -one- because- of -whom- we- are -here...All kudos to you Sids for coming up with this idea and I know this is through and through your brain child....Clap...And the way you freaked out when the last FC reached 145th page and right away got to work and see what you have made....Big smile...No need to thank me at all...because what I had done is negligible compared to what all the rest of you have done to make this FC go live....

Agreed.  This FC is such an Acer - and I would expect that Siddy would come up with something as incredible as this.  And yes, what to say with the way she freaked out. I remember what she said to me then - I kept telling her I didn't want her to freak out because she needed to focus on her exams but she said "well, there is a thing called commitment." - and that was it.  Next thing I knew, this FC was ready to go - in a matter of hours.  Siddy - I'm so proud of you for all the dedication you've shown these past few months. Kudos, dear.

And needless to say the home page is really well thought out and brilliantly executed with the appropriate siggies and stuff....Love all the siggies...I know how much Nanzy worked hard even when she wasn't feeling all too well for making these siggies as well as duely helping you whereever you needed her assistance...So a huuge thanks to Nanzy as wellClap...Not to forget Khushi for chipping in with her wonderful siggies....Clap

The siggies toh, I dunno what to say - was blown away by them.  They are so refreshing na?  Nans is such a sweetie...and Khushi too, for coming thru on such short notice and helping her.  Is this place full of incredible people or what?

How can I NOT say thanks to Harshad for simply being who he is....His on screen persona toh we all have been seeing for an year now through The Prem, and the one after another sterling performances he has been delivering till date....But through these SBS and other real life interviews, we are now familiar with a little bit of the man himself....Harshad really seems like a person who is the same inside out- absolutely no pretenses- package...I am absolutely excited to be a part of his FC....

I have nothing to say.  Ditto - maybe?  *sigh*  Words simply fall short and it all becomes a bit too overwhelming.

Now coming to my beautiful friends here....Thanks to one and all..You all simply rock...The way you guys have kept this place going and growing is praise worthy...Eventhough I kept disappearing from time to time due to whatever the reason was...you guys kept a place for me in your hearts....That is absolutely priceless to me...I am and will always be a part of this FC and therefore one amongst you....Sids,Yas,P,Nanzy,Zu,Mehoo,Misty,Vandu,Nina,Daisy,Alina,Shabnam,Atop,Prii,
Vandana,Anusha,Yoj,Heena,Bhavani and everyone else whose names my dumb brain forgot to mention- YOU ALL ARE SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Don't they?  You disappeared?  Where to?  And we kept u in our hearts?  Where'd u get that idea?  LOL  But you are right - theyare all simply incredible, arent' they?  Thanks you guys - for all that you are, and all that you do...
BTW me myself Raksha...I changed my id to -athena-......thought I will be at least a namesake warrior....EmbarrassedLOL
Really?  Rakshu?  Is that you??? Shocked I didn't know!  And...namesake warrior?  Acha hai....asal mein warrior nahi toh namesake hi sahi, right?  hehehe
*jaan leva jappi*

"Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune,
Sapne, surile sapne"

Raksha...Big smile

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