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^~Harshad Chopda FC^~Curtain Raiser (pg 95-SPA) (Page 3)

-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 September 2008
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Posted: 04 May 2009 at 2:02am | IP Logged


to everybody
on the
40th HCFC
sid....good topic and good writeups.....Smile
thanx a lot to nans and khushi for the wonderful siggies..........
a very heartful thankyou to all the members till date who have kept the HCFC rocking and brought it this far......without the contribution of each one of you we would have never been able to get this far........
and last but not the least.....thanx a lot Harshad.....for being the person you are......for being the bond between all of us......if it wasn't for you none of us would have been here......thank you for being there for us.......Big smileThank You

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OGX2010 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 2:18am | IP Logged
I wanted to post this on the second page itself but doing it here now.....I need to point something out...I was reading the past pages of the FC and was apalled to see such strong words used for Prem...Guess what.?! In the past it used to be the forums who would go off the line and we would be banging our heads here to tone down the bashing...but for the first time ever, this FC victimized Prem Juneja this badly!!..Iabelling him d***.

I dont mind constructive critcism....and if ever Prem falters I point out...everyone does..Go see the JUNE-JULY FCs and you would know how members here would do it last summer when Prem would be crying for Lallu all the time.... but there is always always a WAY TO GO ABOUT it..! How can anyone even think about thrashing this character in his home only?!!...This is a given rule..It's done..No matter what stride the creatives take in r future, we are in NO WAY ALLOWED TO "BASH" Prem.....This is Harshad' s FC!!Even if Prem commits a murder right..there is no way this space will ever diss the character..there is a huge diffference between bashing and criticism Angry..Preserve its sanctity atleast..The forumers were rather more mature..They vowed not to bash him just coz they Loved the character so much...and we couldnt see our selves falling prey to the cheap tactics of the creatives and everyone here...went round and said what not over here..

Granted, the character went a lil haywire last week but could it not have been done in a lil more subtle way...!! ..Most of us are a lil preoccupied these days and couldnt read through all the posts..boy i was in for a shock or what....Be careful next time and please limit ur discussions to Harshad/Prem ONLY!..go to the forums for other characters

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-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 3:08am | IP Logged


wat a way to start this new fc.......

hc at his best.........

guys...here are the pics from yesterday's epi......his killer looks.......OMG.....get ready to die gys........ (credit: Khushi)

happy drooling...
vandy Tongue

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-Faith- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 June 2005
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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 4:40am | IP Logged

W-O-W!!!! Clap

First of all congratulations to every single member of the HC FC family for hitting the 40th Mark ...As Siddy said just ten more to go till the silver jubilee... *Wheeeeee*...
Inspite of the fact that the FC and its pace kinda slowed down due to the reason that most of the old and active members got busy or dormant..... But the fact that they all drop in and chip in whenever and as much as it is possible is what keeps this FC going :-) and we just cant stay away for too long na hehe
Siddy what an apt and wonderful theme you chose... Even if you chose it for the comfort level hehe...It was just absolutely amazingClap

Arre SBS/SBB ppl love him too na.. Just these few months... they showed them itni baar... I dint realize I was tou busy complaining how they dont show them enough...I kept saying to Ru kya yaar every day I used to watch it waiting for them and when they showed other ppl 2892849 times I used to get all mad:

Oh and I was gonna post this earlier.... A frnd of mine from another forum... they took Nishima Jaitley's audio interview and will take HC's interview soon too.... So I chipped in with the Prem-Heer/HC and Kdm questions to help her out.. and I listened to the interview and typed out the excerpts which had HC parts... She was literally ALL praises for him...... calling him masti khor, makhaan chor and tv ka kanhaya.... And its sooo true.. :D

As Siddy also said... ALL their sbs segments from the baarish one to the most recent ones..... and that eyebrow matkaying dance with the aishwarya rai one... With his constant AG leg pulling and full on masti... It seems to be sooo infectious and so genuine.... they are a treat to watch.. and always bound to make u smile... even now when I watch them for the 289348045th time cant help but smile :-)

And Siddy what do I say ... I m soooooooooooooo impressed with the way you organized the whole thing with the tid bits and quotes and links and the write ups... Sab kuch done with perfection... It was such a treat to go through it....Clap Loved every bit of it.. and inspite of your absolutely tight and hectic schedule you put in so much effort..

And each and every siggy *THUD* talented and ebil siggy makers.... Nandoooooo's creations were just mind blowing.. each one of it... I just kept looking at the siggies for a while.. Nandoo I lubbbbbbb ur new style... Khushi tou hai talented.. and there was another copyright thing... I think a siggy maker u requested to ... her creations were awesome too... And Nandoo *Squishyyy Jhappis*Hugbeemar bacha bhi put it in sooo much effort and made itnayyy sarey achay achay siggies for the FC... You and khushi are truly starsStarAll the siggies were SIMPLY Awesomesauce (c)Nimmi)

All the details that u incorporated .. formatting say lay kar dividers tuk it was beautifully done....
Now I feel like watching all those sbs bits ALL over again...Clap

And now that HC's bday is coming... SPA is coming .... We will have lots of HC and HC/AG doses from SBS/SBB... *woohoo*
Its shoo good to see them get the attention the deserve tou we always want more.... :-) the more the merrier na lol

And it was sooooo beryyyy shweet of you to dedicate it to Yoj... totally deserved!!... Yoj has been one of the most dedicated, warm and friendly member of this FC.... and Daisy tou granted hai she has been the foundation of the FC...

I would also like to give a special mention to ALLLLL the new and old members who continued to brighten the FC with their presence...Doc jee, Shab, Vandy, Anusha, Priya, Misty, Vaishu, Alina, Sarah, Sara, Mehndi, Heena, Nina, Nandoo, Siddy, Ru, Payal, Bhavna, Atop Bacha, ofcourse Daisy, Yoj and every single person who contributed to keep this place active and alive..... I for one feel quite bad coz I was hardly active in the last few FC's but whenever I dropped by it was really good to see everyone else chipping in be it with the caps, the discussions, the predictions, venting or sharing articles or links et all
And Vandy awww thankoos for the caps.. what a way to begin the FC discussion/phrooling session I still have to catch up with the previous FC saw last 2-3 pages... *wooohoooo* DOCCCCCC jeee got net connection... *Squishhhhhhyyyy hug*... Sooooo good to see u back doc jee... wah new id.... Nice Nicee!! Hows aru?? Aaap kaisi hain??

Shab *hugs* thankoo for that edited link dearie, how are you? And Belcome to the FC Jyoti *waves* and any other new members bhi :D

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HarshadianNo1 Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2008
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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Lol kitne saare resreved posts....I hope u  girls unreserve them asap.....LOL
Siddu meri jaan... kya FC banaya hain..Star...
I LOVED IT....I esp loved the theme.....Its really a curtain raiser......I know u are too busy....I cant thank u enough for taking out time from ur hectic schedule and make this FC....THANKYOU SO MUCH....Hug
Loved each and every siggy...lol nans ne kya kya pics select kiye hain siggy ke liye....Thanks a lot to nandu and khushi for making this FC more beautiful with ur creations.Clap
Siddu i read your post on this page....I agree with u totally...for me HC comes first ....even if i say anything to prem its like saying to HC indirectly...that what i feel....so I make it a point to To be as respectful to Prem as I am to HC....coz be it a character or anything its HC......And even if it wasnt him we must not use any abusive language....Dead
@Payal...Hi P ...I hope u have my bday mesg for HC LOL
@Rakshu Misty Priya Heena Anu Vandy Shabs Siddu Vaishu Alina Zainu Yojana ....How are you all....I know i am the last one to comment abt yesterday's scene...what do i say...I am totally fida over HC's udti zulfein..Day DreamingEmbarrassed.u all know that..LOL...and that too in black coat..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..u all can imagine my halat....LOLEmbarrassed
I was enjoyying each and every scene that too on tv screen...it was a very special moment for me to see HC on big screen after so long timeBig smile
Right now am very  busy Have lots of guests at home....more drooling shooling in few days
love you all ....I missed u all too very much...I saw each and every mesg U all posted yesterday....U all are my family yaar...thanks for your love and support...Hug
thanks a lot vandy for the pics....I am dead right now....
gtg now

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-Faith- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 June 2005
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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 5:25am | IP Logged
DOCCCCCCCCC jeeeeeeeeeee Hug 
Soooooooo Goood to see you!!
Awww thori dair kay liye hi sahih aaap ayein tou...

Oho u r not the last one.. mein nay abhi comment nahi kiya... I was tou *thud* and Day Dreaminging comment hi nahi kiyaa....

Oh and forgot to add the interview excerpts...
(Incase anyone of you wants to listen to the interview pm me for the link)

HC interview will be soon enough will let you guys know abt it too :-)

The Summary of Prem Heer parts from the audio interview with Nishima Jaitley.. from the Saas Bahu Saazish team!

You guys have also covered Prem heer/ Additi Harshad on several occassions.. like the Baarish segment and the hum tum segment.. the PH fans wud want to know which one u enjoyed covering the most...

Baarish one.. even Harshad/Prem believes that uss ko sab say best wohi laga... aur woh bahut impromptu tha kyunki bahar baarish nahi thi..I remember one of our reporters. actually dhoop thi and we wanted to do a monsoon segment... .. ppl were wanting Heer Prem ka monsoon segment karein par baarish nahi thi ...kaisey create karein... so it happened that way hum log gaye set par suddenly we saw clouds....aur Prem Heer bhi free thay tou we took them boat woat banayein.. fun interview.. beautiful interview it was... and also since mausam nay humara saath day diya.. badaal hi agaye thay u know it was most memorable interview of Harshad also..Let me tell u and I m sure Heer Prem fans love it... coz I see so many posts of it on Youtube... Bahut sarey views hain uss kay and more than 10 thousand ppl have viewed it

Any other funny incidents of the set of kis desh?

Kis desh is a treat to cover yaar let me tell u.. Harshad is literally on the... (cudnt get this word but I think roll).. Bahut masti khor hai.. literally agar koi television ka kanhaiya is termed..he is one of those... he is actually the makhaan chor of the set... literally bahut masti karta hai... He is a sweet heart.. woh bahut masti karta hai aur acha khaasa koi insaan agar dukhi bhi ho he/she is not laughing he wants to see a happy environment around himself... He is awesome!! Let me tell u that I just forgot the question I m going on and on hehe.... no no  come on its about Harshad only na.. lovely .... He is such a masti khor he is always up to something even recently hum naydance pay segment kiya... Heer literally us ko pakar rahi thi no no u wont dance with me.. uss nay kaisey bhi picha choraya and he went on and danced like there is no tomorrow

The screen couple you would want to get married in real life

Sharad and Divanyanka...
For that matter.. Altho maybe kuch ho nahi sakta hai... lekin I think Even Prem Heer ppl want to see together... get... Also Ragini Ranveer

Oh and since I have typed it out as I listened to it... shayad koi thori bahut ghalti ho.. cholly for that EmbarrassedLOL

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-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 September 2008
Posts: 39395

Posted: 05 May 2009 at 6:31am | IP Logged
hellooooooo everybody.........Smile
so......the new fc is here and we've got to finish it before hc's b'day......we will......no doubt abt that!!....wahaan hc kis des mein monday ki tarah scenes dete rahe.....aur yahaan hum sab drool karte karte ek kya dus fc's finish kar dengeLOL
well.....now to the the main thing......yes....hc yesterday......gosh...his looks were mind blowing.Day Dreaming......loved him in each and every shot.......and those udti zulfein.....the moment i saw them......yahaan ke bekhandis ki yaad aa gayee........it was as if......hc saying...go bekhandis go.....dekhta hoon how long can you stay away without drooling over me.......Wink
yes...bahut din baad got a very good hc filled epi to see....jahaan everything was just soooo goodDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
OMG....i was just.....Bow Down...yassu he is indeed the king of romance on indian telly.......
and yes....how can i forget to mention hc in black......yassu......there he was...in a black coat...all smiles to welcome you back......i really feel jealous of you now......jab jab you wanted he wore black.....now even i'm gonna wish for some colours......dekhein whether he fulfils my demands or not.......
hey zainuSmileSmile......how are you??..kaafi din baad i'm seeing you?well thanx a lot for the interview update......will wait for hc's interviewSmile
chalo i'm here.....aur baaki kaun kaun hai...sab aa jao.....
-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2005
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Posted: 05 May 2009 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Hey Guys... Just in for a breather... Hope you guys are well... we need to finish this FC by the 12th od May.... so that leaves us with a week as the next FC is on Harshads Bday, so shall we all get our act together and finish this in a week... I dont care how its done  but it has to be done!!
Errr any one in for drooling - shooling

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