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^~Harshad Chopda FC^~Curtain Raiser (pg 95-SPA)

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Posted: 26 January 2009 at 11:09am | IP Logged

Hey Friends,
Welcome to FC NO. 40(!) of Harshad Chopda (Only 10 away from our golden JubileeBig smileTongue...Cheers!!Star) This FC is intended to throw light on the man behind Prem Juneja, hence  named it as the "Curtain Raiser".  If you are a Harshad Chopda fan, if you really are one, there is NO WAY this aspect of his personality should go untouched by your naked eyes and ears.

Yes, this FC will be a feature on his SBS appearances (March and April 2009) in which we get to see the REAL HIM!  All full of Life!!  Prem Juneja is only a figment of someone's imagination,  fiction but its Harshad who matters at the end of the day.The way he lights up the sets and the kind of masti he indulges in in the process, is something which is to be seen to be believed.  So yes behind that humble, modest, polite, no nonsense avatar of Harsh, there also exists a lighter side of him, one that is full of fun frolic, light bantering, teasing and smiles.

                              DATE : 4th MARCH                                  

Link :



SBS on the sets of Desh on the eve of the completion of first anniversary of Kis Desh. Harshad was interviewed and he spoke about his favourite moments in the show, his favourite moments in the past one year and about the character itself.

Scene on Shot:

The Airport Scene and the Cliff Scene, when Heer asks Gaurav to enter the Juneja House as Prem.

Video Feature and Quote:

SBS interviews Harshad and asks him a couple of questions.

On Memorable moments in the past 1 year: "Ek scene tha humara, round trolley which was like 11 minute scene, continuously - ONE SHOT! (I wanna know soo bad which scene was this) and I think us mein main jitna acha laga hoon, jo meri performance ayi hai uss mein, jo mein ney bola hai, utna acha mein ney aaj tak kaam nahi kia hai. I think THAT was one of the best scenes...aur buhat saarey scenes!!  Itney saaarey scenes hain humarey...romance key jo mujhey achey lagtey hain!! Normally mujhey apna KHUD ka kaam pasan nahi ata...aur agar ek particular moment bologey jo mujhey yaad raheyga pichley poorey saal mein toh woh tha 17th of May, SPA, mein ney apni zindagi key pehley dou awards jeetey aur woh mera birthday bhi tha....it was one of the BEST DAYS I will EVER live in my life..."

On why these off-screen moments should be shown: "As a character, hum logon key paas adha ghanta hota hai, ek din mein.  Uss mein hum ek character ko dikhatey hain, but woh personally jo interaction ata hai, jo humari audience ko humein janna hota hai, Harshad Chopda as Harshad Chopda kaisa hai...as Akshat dekha huwa hai, as Prem dekha huwa hai, as Ali dekha huwa hai, as Karan dekha huwa hai.  Toh woh jaisi hi CUT hota hai, aur woh saari mastiyan scene ki...sets ki mastiyan hogayi...idhar beth key baat karrey hain, udhar beth key baat karrey hain...jo humarey different waley personal personal stories hotey hain...woh sab, I think buhat acha rehta hai...I think audience ko bhi maza ata hoga aur hum ko bhi lagta hai...theek hai apart from the character we have a life. We have a name!"

Off-screen catches by SBS:
  • Harsh caught busy on his cell-phone on the airport.
  • Harsh caught laughing and directing someone as he stood against the car. EmbarrassedLOL


This video was comparatively low on the masti quotient (probably b/c he was tired?). Nonetheless, Desh is home to some of the finest performances by him and also on Indian TV, that one may come across. It comes as no surprise, that Harsh was compelled to like his scenes. Here is wishing him 100 more 17th Mays and twice as many awards - Inshalllah.

Date: 9th March, 2009




SBB on the sets of Desh. This one's a general interview on what Harsh is like behind the scenes, on the scene that was shot and why.

On shot scene: 

Gaurav/Prem drives the car while drunk. Heer spots him sliding on the Car's bonnet when he comes back home.

Background song:

Pyaar hum ko bhi hai Pyaar tum ko bhi hai Toh ye kia silsilay hogaye...

Video feature and Harsh quoted:

This is a joint take and involves both Harshad and Additi.

Harsh is asked about the scene that he was shooting and he says :
'She (pointing to Additi) screamed and shouted at me initially...Dissed my ego/self respect, because of which I got infuriated. I left the house after that and have gotten drunk...and now I am thinking of fetching for more drinkLOL...I couldnt figure out how to go, which is when I spotted Jiju's car...I found the car open, so I am gonna take the car and run away from here...'

The news reporter asks them what kind of masti do they do with each other on the sets:

Harsh to Additi: Jo bolney hai bolo, mute mein bolo
Additi: tum apney kaan band karlo phir mein sab kuch boldoongi
Harsh (smiling and laughing away): He responds and actually closes his ears.
Additi : Ye buhat ziadah masti karta hai.  Itni masti karta hai, sab ko pareshaan kar deta hai.  Aur ek director hain humarey Muzammil, uskey saath ye buhat gandi gandi harkatein karta hai.  (Harsh unplugs his ears to defend himself but all in good masti)

Date: 11th March 2009

Link :



It's Holi and SBS goes to the sets of Desh to see what's cooking up. How are Prem-Heer celebrating Holi and ended up taking a lot of random shots on the sets.


aaj na chodengey hum khalengey hum holi

Feature and Quote:

This video depicts the off-screen masti that Harsh indulges in ,more than a one-on-one interview with him. There was a very small segment in which he asks Heer

Prem to Heer: "ye Heer ki pehli Holi hai toh aap ussey kaisey celebrate karengi"
Heer responds by saying, that they don't intend to play Holi as such this time round. There are a lot of tensions at home, Kiran jiju is in jail and everyone is busy sorting the case out.
Harsh pulls her legs and resonates "Acha matlab logon ko yeh dikhana hai ki hum log khush nahi hai, lekin andar se kush hai serial mein - aisa hai?" LOL

Off-screen catches:

This video is ALL about off-screen catches. There are umpteen of them and all so cute cum funny.

  • Harsh loading the water gun with that mischevious glint in his eyes and later practicing his shot with the water gunLOL.
  • Harsh is spotted playing with the water gun and splashing water on his co-stars. Vrinda from Tujh sang also visited the sets and Harsh was throwing water on her through the play gun.LOL
  • Harsh is shown masti marroing with the cute kids on the sets. One of them explains him how the orange gun works as he keenly observes the kid.

Date: 17th March 2009


On the sets of Desh, and this time it is SBB that stalks him. This one revolves around the entire Gaurav and Prem funda that had gripped Kis desh during those days.

On shot scene:

Heer is on her bhashaning spree to Gaurav as he retorts back to her in style. This one followed the Kiran jiju court case hearing.

Background song:

Ek Hasina thiConfused

Feature and Harsh Quoted:

SBB interviews Harshad and Additi and apparently asks them the reason behind this sudden upsurge of disagreements between Prem and Heer.  I believe, their curiorisity followed the scene that was being shot, in which Prem-Heer (the one couple that has never fought) are shown spewing venom at each other. So, there SBB quizzes them and here is what Harsh had to say

"Basically, iski aadat hai...koi aur kaam nahi hai isse.  Har waqt meray peechey padhh jati hai - tum paisey key liye ye kartey hou, tum paisey key liye woh kartey hou, tum paisey key liye aisey hou, tum paisey key liye waisey hou.  Mujhey bhi ab aisa lagta hai ki kitna justify karega aaadmi?  ACHA theek Hai Bhaiya, HOON AISA...TOH?"LOL

It's Additi's turn next and she is interviewed..She points at him and says..."Harkaton sey ye lag ra hai na Gaurav hai?  Prem aisi harkatein nahi karta tha na...kitna seedha aur chup chap tha."  Harsh is having a ball as she says this and you can see the way he is twisting his face...It's when Additi is asked to choose between Prem and Gaurav, she chooses Prem. Harsh intervenes and says "Kyunki Gaurav band bajakey chala jata hai na"LOLLOL

The mic goes in Harsh's hands and its his turn to grill Additi. He throws an acer her way. He asks: "Heer ye jo aaap ki shaadi hui hai, ye kis sey hui hai: Prem Juneja sey, Rishab Rampal sey, ya Gaurav Sharma sey?  Please answer...(Million Dollar Question I tell you!!)"LOL Additi replies back and says Gaurav.

Off-Screen Catches:

  • Harsh is caught masti marroing in between the shot. While shooting for the scene, either the shot was cut or one of them forget the line, they are shown laughing and having a gala time.
  • He is caught clasping his hands.
  • Caught setting his hair in the mirror.

Date : 24th March




SBS at the Film city sets of Desh....A very light fun filled video as Harsh (Prem)  directs Additi (Heer) and keeps pulling her legs as she is asked to cook by him.LOL

Background song:

       My Desi Girl ROFL

Scene on Shot:

Heer coaxes and irritates Prem as she asks him to tie the doori of her dress.

Video Feature and Quotes:

This has to be one of the best sbs features ever. The clipping began with random camera shots of what was going on the sets that day and the commentator saying how love compells one to do just anything and here in Heer's case, takes her to the kitchen to cook pooriyan.

Harsh and Additi are sitting on the stairs of the Juneja House (I think the one that leads you to the outhouse, correct me if I am wrong)...Begins with

Harsh (mic in his hands) - Kehtey hain pyaar mein buhat pappad bailney padtey hain. Mein chahta hoon ki aap humarey pyaaar mein poooriyan bailein aur thodi si jalebiyan bhi banaye...mein dekhna chahta hoon, aap ko khana wana banana ata hai key nahi...ghar ki dekh bhaal kar paengi key nahi...ISS key baad hum decide karenge...(additi cuts in here)

Additi - ek shart pey...mein jo banaaongi tumhein khana padey ga.


He takes her in front of the stand where the utensils and the burner were placed.

 Harsh commands - chalo aajaao shuru hojao...LOL

and so while Additi keeps cooking, Harsh gives us a running commentary over Heer's cooking fiasco. He is shown seated beside her with the mic in his hand, prodding and constantly nagging while she cooks.LOL

As Heer makes the pooriyaan,

Harsh goes - "bailo bailo...yes yes thats ROUND (as he makes fun of the round shapeLOL)...gol rotiyaan ko new definition!!!...koi katori laa key dou...kaat key round karegi issko..." and once its done and she shows it, he goes "SEEEEEE!  OVAL ROUND!" LOL

Next, Heer places the poori in the frying pot...and it wouldnt rise...

Harsh - "saari ki saari poori toh khud hi phoool rahi hai, is ney kia kya hai iss mein...huhahaaaa...aaj saari asliyaat saamney aari hai naa...saarey pole khul rahey haaaaan...aaj aya naa unth pahaad key neechey...very GOOD."LOL

After the pooris were done he asks her to make jalebiyaan...Heer tries to make him eat them...and he jerks his face..
saying :  "NO NO NAA...HURRRR..." It was funny, the way she kept bringing the poori to his mouth and he kept tilting his head away...LOL

In the midst of all this masti, you hear a fire cracker...

Harsh screams "heeee aaaaag laag gayi!!"

Cut to the next round of masti, and they show Harsh standing in Purple Blazer (the one he wore to Harman's party) outside the Juneja House..and grilling Heer.

Harsh to Heer : Question Question Ghar mein jab Tu khana banati hogi toh cock roach, chipkaliyan, chuhey, choozey toh bachtey hi nahi hongey...(he counts them on his finger tips)"

Heer : KYUN

Harsh : Galti sey teray khaaney pey mun maartey hongey toh mar jaatey hongey na ROFL

Heer is next ordered to make tea by him. She asks him to go "finger on your lips"...

Harsh obliges but adds..."Finger on my lips but i can still talk like thisLOL...chalo chai baano"...He begins his running commentary again...as she makes tea and in the midst of this the tea boils and spills all over the stove.  Heer tries to stop the mess by quickly turning of the burner and

Harsh says "This is how aap chai ko girney sey bachatey hain."

Once she was done pouring tea out in the saucers, they go to serve their costars on the sets. First they go to Kiran jiju and he blatantly refusesShockedLOL...Harsh says "Koi Chahkney ko bhi tayyar nahi hai"   Next was Lallu, and even he refused.

Harsh goes "Dekh lou loag Additi ki banayi huwi chaye sey kitna dartey hain"...LOL

And this was followed by SBS showing a glimpse into the episode that day -The doori tying scene was compared to the Baghban scene of Amitabh and Hema Malini.

Off- Screen catches :

  • Harsh running away from Additi as she tries to make him eat her pooriyan.
  • When he screams 'aaag aaag!!!', SBS repeated the clipping atleast twice.

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Date : 25th March

Link :


Background :

SBB at the Sankraman studios. This feature was based on the THEN current track and Prem's dilemma with respect to Heer's sudden change of behavior with him.

Background song:

Bairi Piyaa bada re be dardi...ConfusedThey changed it to Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai later.

On shot scene :

The Pagdi tying scene.  Heer ties the pagdi for Prem as she now knows that this person is Prem only and he never knew how to tie one.

Video Feature and Quotes:

They basically show the entire scene that was being shot then and speculate over why Heer is acting the way she is then and why is Gaurav/Prem so miffed.  Harsh was shown sitting on a chair/sofa and later standing with the Juneja brothers.

Harsh is questioned over the track and he elaborates:  "Bhayi mera bhi yehi confusion hai...mujhey ghussa aaraa hai...aajeeb sa uss scene mein iss liye lag ra hai key woh MUJH SEY, meray sey...Gaurav sey...Prem ki tarah kyun behave karri hai."

Off screen catches:

  • Harsh adjusting Harman's coat.

APRIL 2009

Date : 2nd April 2009




 No one was interviewed in this video. Looks like SBS sneaked their cameras in the Juneja house and gave us an insight into the off-screen masti on the sets.

Scene :

Most of them were waiting for the next shot and from the clothes, it was the one in which Preet refuses to go to Harman's wedding and Prem convinces him. Family scene that is.

Video Feature:

The cameras catch Harsh on his cell-phone as he sat comfortably on his sofa, deeply engrossed into it.  The rest of the cast is shown playing catch catch with candles.LOL In the midst of this, Harsh is caught setting his hair on the mirror alongside Preet.  He imitates a Shahrukh khan dance step just for the fun of it LOLas Vaishali (Meher) looks on and laughs.  I think it was the (Love mera hit hit song ka first step).  He is seen strangling Preet and clutching his neck as they both try to to tumble each other down on the floor.ROFL E
ventually Heer catches the SBS cameras and shoos them away.

Date: 2nd April 2009




Sankraman studios. This one was an insight into the current scene that was being shot. Harsh was interviewed and so were a couple of his co- stars.

Scene on Shot:

The one where Prem hands over the keys of the house to Maya.

Video Feature and Quote:

They show the shooting of the scene and the dialogues delivered by Prem when he tells Maya how lucky she is to have married the guy she loved. Some random shots from the sets were taken while the narrator on the background wonders why Prem handed over the keys to Maya from Heer (SBB got it wrong though, he didn't hand over the reigns of the house to Maya from Heer, he just gave her the keys implying that the doors of their house would always be open for the duo).

Harsh is inquired over this move by Prem and he says:  "Saari responsibilities nikaaal key kisi aur ko dey di hain na, toh woh CHILL maarr rahi hai abhi."LOL

The interviewers then ask him, he barely knew Maya and if he had weighed the pros and cons of this step to which Harsh reciprocates "Maya pey shaq sey ziadah Harman pey vishwaas hai mujhey. Toh I am sure, Harman will take care of it..."

Off-screen catches:

  • Harsh sitting on the sofa and engrossed in his cell-phone, the exact same pose he was in, in the sbs videoShockedLOL.
  • Veera trying to punch him as he saves himself.

Date: 8th April, 2009




At the Sankraman studios. It's SBB again and this feature is on the cranky atmosphere on the sets that day. From the looks of it, tempers were really hot...and SBB caught all of itOuch.

Background song:

Soney Dou Soney Dou (Absurd I tell you guysConfused) and later, Neend Churayi Meri Kis Ney O sanam...OuchConfused...

Scene on Shot:

Harman-Maya wedding sequence.

Video Feature and Quote:

They show, Harshad sitting on the sofa while the narrator speaks of how he was tired and dozing away. BTW, I think he was looking down and wasn't really sleeping while sitting, but doing something with his cell phone.  He did look really exhausted though and that was what SBB was implying.  The other co-stars, G-mom and Lallu are shown throwing a fit on the sets.  Later, he was even asked the reason behind the irritated atmosphere on the sets and he said:
"Maybe ye iss set ki baat hogi but jo humara film city wala set hai...jo basically humara ghar hai, woh kafi fresh hai, energetic hai...kafi positive hai."

Off-screen catches :

  • Harsh sitting on the mandap with Maya but engrossed in his cell-phone.
  • Harsh sitting on the sofa, dozing away and totally into his cell phone once again.

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This autograph was signed by Harshad for all his fans when a friend of mine (who doesnt wish her name to be divulged for personal reasons) visited him.

This message goes out to all the FC memebers who are disheartened with the news of their Prem going away
The Message Dated :- 27.09.2008
''Please give my message to all my fans'
Say them that everything happens for a reason..
There might be something nice hidden in this too..You never know'
And You guys are my strength and support'
I can't see u guys crying like this and I can't see you shattered'
This is a phase and it will go away'
I can't thank you guys enough for all the love and support that you guys have showered on me since the past few days'
Its overwhelming'
Had it not been for you guys'I would not have been here'.
You are the ones who help me to carry on, and please do not be disheartened as you are the ones who have to stand by me''
And together we will come out of it''
Hello friends...Harshad has send this message for all of us as a token of love and appreciation and has said that each and every message here means a lot to him..
He was too overwhelmed and thus wants to thank everyone...

I am what I am, but the person you guys like is not who

 I actually am.

I am a simple guy like any other guy walking down the

road or like any one you see around.

There is nothing special , different or extraordinary

about me.
What makes me special, what makes me different ,what
makes me what I am, is your thinking.

You think I am cute I become cute , you think I am hot I

become hot ,irrespective of whether I am or not.

So its not what I actually am which makes me , its what

you guys think I am which makes me.

If today I am somebody that is because I have people

like you behind me , who think the way you think , who
believe in me the way you guys believe..

Thank you for the belief..Thank you for making me what

I am
I know I can't thank enough but still trying..

All of you have always been very kind and sweet to me,

hope I am always this lucky.

Thanking all of you for giving me reasons to smile,

Take good care,

God bless,


Heylloo Gurls and Only Gurls..EmbarrassedLOL

I have a Very Special message by Harsh...the Man himself for all U FC members..Embarrassed

Now without boring u all more will proceed to the truth now..LOL

"I Still remember the days when I used to think I have no fans and now the 17th FC has started..

I went through ups and downs and was off air also..

They say Out of sight is Out of Mind...

But U guys kept me alive and didn't let me die..

I don't know what  exactly to say and what the connection is but you guys have always been kind to me..

Just want to say thank you very much.."

Just wanna let him know we'll be there for him always..

In good times and bad times (hoping he doesnt have bad times ever in his life)..

We'll always lovee you and support u whenever u need us or even if u don't need us..LOLLOL

"Thanking You"

How can I leave without saying him a ''thanks'', without saying  how special he is and how he has touched my life.

For the first time ever, I am taking this opportunity to thank Harshad on this Fan Club.

Had it not been for him, I would have never been here and neither would have this FC been.

I don't even know where do I start from. I can just say a thanks to him for always being there, for being the person he is and for being such an important part of my life.

 I can rightly say that he is God send. As my life was never the same before I met him.

 Infact he has  been my inspiration and someone who has taught me the value of hard work, and the art of remaining rooted, humble and kind always.It would be a huge achievement if I even manage to be 1 % like him.

I have learned so much from him. He is someone whom I will treasure all my life,  and Harsh I will always be there for you whenever  you need me.And you know that.

I take this opportunity to thank him for being such a wonderful friend.For being such an amazing human being and for all the moments of joy and happiness that he has brought in my life, and also for giving me this FC and all my precious friends here.

Actually I can go on and on when it comes to him. But some things cannot be expressed in such a few words.

He is very precious, and I know he is born to be a star. Very soon I am seeing him reach the heights of success and scale all possible boundaries.

Harshad , please always remain the way you are.

You know you will always find me as your biggest supporter and well wisher whenever you need me.

Take care and all the very best for your future



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OGX2010 IF-Sizzlerz

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Harshad Returns to Kis Desh

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Ambar Dhara

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Other Articles

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(TB article on Harshad...18th June..2008)
(Innocence Unlimited)


(Dainik Jagran Interview - I Believe in Hard Work)

(Article on Harshad)

(Old article from filmwalaexp.com


(About  Kis Des - HC mentioned)

(Showtime article..Harshad's name)


(India-Forums Interview)
(New chocolate boy-Harshad Chopda)

(Paanchvi Paas)

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=754888&T PN=18
(India-Forum interview)

(Where have all the telestars vanished)
(New article on Harshad after LRL...19th Jan 2008)

(Love for Gadgets)
(In Conversation with Harshad Chopda)

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=353517&T PN=1

( Link of FC # 1)

(Link of FC # 2)

(Link of FC # 3)

(Akki, We miss you : Link of FC # 4)

(The News Letter : Link of FC # 5)

(Caption Contest Results : Link of FC # 6)

(A new beginning : Link of FC # 7)


(Harsh is Back : Link of FC # 8)


(Jab We Met : Link of FC # 9)

(Rock On : Link of FC # 10)

(Is Pal Ko Jee Le : Link of FC # 12)


(Rise To Stardom : Link Of FC # 16)

(Master of our Hearts : Link of FC # 17)


(Monsoon Hungama : Link of FC # 19)

(A walk down Memory Lane : Link of FC # 20)

(Rains and Awards Season : Link of FC # 21)

(Live it up : Link of FC # 22)

(Expressions : Link of FC # 23)

(In Appreciation : Link of FC # 24)

(Silver Jubilee Bash : Link of FC # 25)

(Smiles Galore-1 : Link of FC # 26)

(Smiles Galore-2 : Link of FC # 27)

(Simplicity and Humility : Link of FC # 28)

(Hands to die for : Link of FC # 29)

(It's in your eyes : Link of FC # 30)

(Cuteness Personifed : Link of FC # 31)

(You are a Winner : Link of FC # 32)

(Journey of Prem - 1 : Link of FC # 33)

(An ode to Prem's love Journey : Link of FC # 34)

(Prem- The journey continues : Link of FC # 35)

(Thanking You : Link of FC # 36)

(Prem - The Journey Continues : Link of FC #37)

http:// www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1107147

(Tara Zameen Par: Link of FC # 38)

http:// www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1125118

(Telly Screen's Badshah : Link of FC # 39)

Links of all videos of LRL, Amber Dhara (Featuring Harshad) Articles on him, links of the various comments on his characters and video remixes..

Vocal Interview: Harshad aka Cadet Ali on I-F Radio


Download Link

(Right-Click and 'Save Target/Link As')


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