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RM FF: Tu Zindagi Hai..updated pg47(30/05/11) (Page 47)

arvanu IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 12-A { Commencement of the Book }

2nd August 2009:9.30am{ Flashback of the Story By The Means Of The Book }

Rains...! Weather which always pleased her. The sky being engulfed by the water-laden clouds...the latter pouring those droplets onto the earth...onto the if pouring its heart out in a reaction by the thundering lightning. The earth playing its part as in absorbing those tearful bliss hugging them in her lap. An ultimate slight.

Muskaan sat on the platform of her balcony watching and enjoying the scene infront of her eyes. The angles of her mouth curved and her eyes sparkling with dreams. Thoughts and hopes flowing in the oceans of sweet and soft music lingering next to her on the iPod. She placed her hands over her arms and moved them to-fro as if gathering some warmth. Placing the back of her head leaning against the wall..she closed her eyes enjoying the romantic song playing.

'Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb...Tumhe Mere Naseeb

Yun Laayenge...Socha Na Tha..

Ek Chahat Ka Pal...Sab Sawalon Ka Hal

Yun Paayenge...Socha Na Tha

Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb...'

Her thoughts were broken by her cell ringing. After a few rings,she sighed and went to see who was disturbing her beautiful time she was spending with the mischevious rains. It flashed her name..'Moushmi Di'. A smile came upon her face looking at the ID flashing. But soon it turned into a shock and scared expression. Breaking her chain of thoughts,she finally answered the call ready for the outbreak of questions and scoldings she was about to be showered by.

Mus(slowly stammering)- He..Hell..Hellooo.! Dii..!?

Silence on the other line made Muskaan gulped a thousand times. She was sure Moushmi would blast her off..and why wouldnt she. Moushmi didnt want Muskaan to go to Delhi for further studies. Leaving her a strange and new city...with interesting and curious people surrounding her...used to always scare her..worry her. She loved her sister very much and as a protective sister she was...she hated the fact that Muskaan wanted to go so far..away from home..away from her family..and mostly away from her.

Muskaan always wanted to go to a University away from her home as she wanted to explore...wanted to find her own way in the world..the society outside her cozy nutshell always protected by her parents and her sister. Muskaan was the soul reason Moushmi had a life today...out of the her own house...with people who readily expected her as a child. The love both sisters shared was beyond any relation...they werent just sisters...they meant everything to each other. Their existence depended on one another.

After like 10mins.came Moushmi's voice from the other end.

M(serious)-Tu kaha hai,Muskaan!? Did you leave for Gupta Mansion..!? Muskaan gulped again. Moushmi was definitely angry. She had to reach Gupta Mansion at 10am as it was a Sunday and she had an off from her university.

Mus(scared)-Ji..Di..wo..main..bas raaste...

M(cut her in between)-Jhooth mat bol,Muskaan! Mujhe aunty ka phone aaya tha ki abhi tak tu pohchi nahi hai. Unhe tension ho rahi thi ki kahi traffic mein toh nahi phas gayi lekin yaha toh Madam..ghar se nikil hi nahi hai.

Moushmi's scoldings continued while Muskaan just stood their listening to all. She was such an idiot..she thought. Moushmi wanted her to shift with her then close Sheela Gupta...whom she had met in a function held at the Orphanage in Kolkatta where she had come as a Chief Guest.

Belonging to a upper middle-class family,she was married to a multimillionare businessman Sunil Gupta...whom himself belonged to an aristocratic family where business was the only prinicple...rules and discipline was like their existience. 'Strict' and 'polished' atmosphere was the trademark surrounding the 16/B 'Uphaar' household in the sophisticated areas of Delhi..Greater Kailash.

But yet Moushmi found Mrs.Gupta to be a very sweet and caring person. She was very open with Moushmi and they shared a beautiful bond duing her visit. Moushmi had agreed for Muskaan to go to Delhi only on the trust and faith she had in Mrs.Gupta. And now Moushmi wanted Muskaan to shift from her one-bedroom apartment to the Gupta's as there was an increase in the crime rates in Delhi recently...flashing daily on the news channels.

Mus(in the sweetest tone...while leaving the apartment finally)-Sorry Di..! Main bas gaadi mein hoon...aadhe ghante mein pohch jaaungi. Aap tension mat lijiye...

Moushmi sighed. She knew that Muskaan could make her anger vanish in like seconds...with listening to her soft and sweet voice.

M(smiles but in a stern voice)-Theek hai theek hai. Jaldi se pohch...! Muskaan smiled. Her trick had worked again...


2nd August 2009:10.05am{ Gupta Mansion }

"Rahul!!..Rahull..!! Tu uth raha hai ki nahi.!!"
No reply..!
"Rahul!!! Main sachi keh raha hoon...agar tu 5mins.mein nahi utha na...toh paani ki baalti ke liye taiyaar ho jaa..''
Rah(yawns and pulls over the comforter)-Kya Bhaiya!!! Itna acha sapna dekh raha tha...! He gets up lazily and stretches his muscles with a smile playing on his lips...!Raj comes over and sits next to him on the bed. Smilingly,he sees Rahul still in sleep with slight closure of eyes. He ruffles his hair playfully which irritates Rahul.

Rah(in sleepy tone)-Tchhh..kya Bhaiyaa..!!

R(smiles)-Phir se ussi ladki ke sapne. Rahul blushes slightly.

R(smiles)-Pata nahi kaun hai..! Tune kabhi usse dekha bhi nahi phir bhi wo...

Rah(while thinking)-Pata nahi Bhaiya..! Main kabhi usse mila bhi nahi hoon...phir bhi wo har raat mere sapne mein aati hai. Na toh maine uska chehra dekha hi pata hai ki wo kaun hai. Sirf ek dhundhli si tasveer dikhti hai uski har sapne mein.

Raj smiles at his brother's imaginations.

R(gets up and gets his files from the table)-Acha ab inn khwabon se niklo...aur jaldi se taiyaar ho jaa. Tujhe yaad hai na ki Maa ki khaas mehmaan aaj se humaare ghar pe rehne aa rahi hai.

Rah(pushes the comforter and gets up from the bed..heading towards the washroom)-Yaad hai..! Waise wo kab aane waali hai..!?

R(looks over the watch on the wall)-Bas kisi bhi waqt...


Raj & Rahul both turn over the sound of the doorbell.

R-Shayad wohi hogi. Tu jaldi se taiyaar ho jaa,Rahul. I'll recieve her. Maa toh already hogi drawing-room mein.

With a nod,Rahul rushed to the washroom to change fearing that his Mom would kill him if he wouldnt be there to welcome the guest. Everything used to go as per the rules in the house. And his parents used to hate anyone breaking those.


"Aao na,beta. Andar aao''

Mrs.Sheela Gupta welcomed Muskaan in. Awkward and scared as she was,she quietly nodded and took in her few steps into the house. Looking around,she was dazed. Never had she been in such a huge be called a house. Everything in place...with silk curtains drapped...expensive sofa's what it looked to her...chandelier hanging in the middle of the room...nervousness further creeped in. Mrs.Gupta looked at her confused face and smiled.

Mrs.Gupta(placing her hand over her head)-Itna ghabra kyun rahi ho beta. Isse ab se apna hi ghar samjho. Muskaan smiled. She felt good by her words. Mrs.Gupta moved in and allowed her to see the whole house. Exploring every felt abit fine. But still she was nervous about the whole thing being in some stranger's house.

Mrs.Gupta-Aur ye hai tumhaara room. Aao..andar aao..

Muskaan moved in and smiled. Seeing the room..she was surprised to see the beauty. The room was decorated with silk aroma of rose in the air...floral bedspreads and huge balcony attached. She turned around and Mrs.Gupta approached her.

Mrs.Gupta(smiles)-Kamra kaisa laga tumhe..!?

Mus(smiles)-Bahut sundar hai,aunty!

Mrs.Gupta(caressing her cheeks sweetly)-Tum bilkul Moushmi ki tarah ho. Utni hi sweet..aur sundar.

Muskaan smiled hearing this. Entering the room,Raj saw his mom and Muskaan talking very nicely. Comfortable as she looked..Raj thought that maybe the essence his mom misses of a daughter is fulfilled.


Mrs.Gupta and Muskaan both turned.

Mrs.Gupta(smiles)-Arre Raj! Aa na..! Raj further stepped in and stood beside his mom.

Mrs.Gupta-Muskaan,ye Raj hai..mera bada beta. Aur Raj ye hai Muskaan..Moushmi ki behen..! Muskaan turned to a tall..handsome...built young man standing infront of him.

Mus(in thoughts)-Toh ye hai Raj..jiske baare mein mujhe Di bata rahi thi. Raj..the writer..!

Raj smiled and placed his hand infront to introduce himself. Muskaan returned it with a warm smile and shook his hand.

Mrs.Gupta-Aur suno Raj..mujhe Muskaan ki taraf se koi shikayat nahi chahiye. Make her comfortable in this house. Its your responsibilty.

R(smiles)-Dont worry Maa. Moushmi ki behen yaani meri behen. I'll take care of her. Kyun little sis. He turned towards Muskaan with a soft smile. Muskaan's eyes brimmed slightly with tears..

Mus(smiles)-Ji Bhaiya..! Raj smiles sweetly seeing her eyes moist. Mrs.Gupta noticed the interaction and she just adored Muskaan. Within few minutes,she had made a new bond..a new relation with her and now her son. She smiled unknowningly. Meanwhile,Muskaan had turned to unpack her suitcase.

Mrs.Gupta(snapped back from her thoughts)-Arre Raj! Tera ladla bhai kaha hai. Dont tell me abhi tak soya hai.

R(smiles)-Nahi Maa..wo bas...

"Ye lo Maa..main bhi aa gaya..''

Raj and Mrs.Gupta turned to find Rahul standing near the door with a shameless grin on his face. Mrs.Gupta just shook her head and directioned him to come inside. Rahul turned to Raj to ask if everything was fine. Raj just blinked his eyes confirming that their mom was in a good mood today and that he can come in. Rahul sighed with relief. He made his way and stood next to his mom with a smile. While all this time,Muskaan had already started putting her clothes in the cupboard when Mrs.Gupta said:

Mrs.Gupta(smiles when Rahul put his hands around her neck hugging her)-Muskaan! Ye hai Rahul...mera chota beta.

Rahul looked up and Muskaan turned. And time froze. Rahul stood still rooted to his spot..looking at a girl wearing a white churidaar...with curls reaching upto her back. Simplicity clearly reflecting from her face...which glowed as the sun rays made their way upto her eyes. And that was it...her eyes!! He was lost in them...those chocolate brown figures were captivating him. Confused as he notice he had seen those eyes somewhere before. But where..!?

Muskaan looked back in his eyes. Drowning herself in the depth of his oceanic eyes...she felt she knew him. She had never met him...never seen him before..but still she felt an unknown connection...unknown if his eyes were pulling her towards him.

Unknowingly,to both of them...their heartbeats raced as they stared at each other with a smile playing on both lips.


'Aankhein Jo Ab Meri Aankhon Mein Hai

Dhoondh Raha Tha Kai Saalon Se

Kitni Milti Hai Aankhein Ye

Khwabon Se Mere..Khayalon Se

Ki Haqeeaqt Mein Hum...Sapno Ka Sanam

Yun Paayenge...Socha Na Tha...'

Okk..So this is it. RM finally meeting! And from now on,the story would be completely be regarding RM falling in did it all happen!
Hope you all would like it! Comments/criticism are always welcomed.!
Thank you!

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
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Great part..
IshqDewaani Goldie

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i sooo love u sweetie...

i loved everything abt this part..
i love rains...its  the most romantic season...i loved RM first words just feelings...

i just loveee...

update sooon

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