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22 Januray 2009



The episode begins with Jagmohan depositing the money that Madhav Solanki to Kanjobhai, the cashier for the factory, as his own payment. Kanjibhai, surprised by the pace at which Jagmohan arranged for the money, gives him a receipt of the money accepted. Jagmohan is very happy that now malik will not be concerned about his pending payment but will go on to harass Madhav instead





In his cabin,


Dharamraj is inspecting diamonds with a microscopic lens attached to his eye .. Pinakin receives a call and thereafter, starts talking to Dharamraj '


P : I have just received a call from the Surat Diamond Merchants Association '  


D : I know why they have called .. to tell us that this time too, their consignment is going to be assigned to Mahiyavanshi Diamond Works .. this year too we shall bag the contract..


P : Yes we will , mota bhai .. but there is a problem this time . .


D: Shu problem che? What is the problem?


P : This year, the core members have changed some rule .. which makes another person stand up to you in the competition ..


D : Who is that?


P : Virat Sanghvi, your sadubhai ..


Dharamraj is a bit taken aback by the decision, though not showing on his face ..


D  : Virat Sanghvi .. my sadubhai only for the namesake .. always he has tried to show his superiority over me .. each and every time has tried to put me down ..


P : Yes .. but he has not come anywhere close to you ..


D: And nor will he .. this time also, we will get the contract.



Dharamraj goes to the Surat Diamond Merchants' Asso. Meeting .. and at the entrance, he is greeted by Virat Sanghvi .. a short and stout man .. whose face reflects a sharp mind'


Virat folds his hands and greets DM '


V: Jai Shri Krishna sadubhai ..


D: Virat .. main yaha dhanda karne aaya hoon . So you better keep your rishtedaari to yourself ..



At the meeting, all the core committee members gather and discuss that from the last 2 years, DM has been getting this consignment but this time Sanghvi and Sons are also being considered .. so they are giving both the diamond works' a chance to complete a shorter consignment .. but in only 1 months time- which will decide who eventually gets the contract. He asks DM and Virat if they are both willing..


V: I am willing .. to take over this challenge ..


D : From the last 3 years, Mahiyanshi Diamond Works' has been taking care of this order.. and so will be the case in the future.. I am ready to take this challenge..


The director asks both of them to reconsider their decision before they all depart.


As Dharamraj is walking out of the venue, Virat comes and starts walking besides him ..


V : Think about the order again Dharamraj .. because this time this consignment will go to Sanghvi and Sons.. you must be feeling upset that a chance you were getting for 3 years straight .. and now ..


Dharamraj shoots back at him with a strong stare ..


V : I know it hurt you .. I know it hit your heart .. but you are great- you never let your emotions show on your face ..


D : You tried to enter my area, my business ' that is okay .. but don't even dare to try and enter my heart .. you will regret it ..


V : I have broken your monopoly Dharamraj ..


D : No you have not .. the monopoly has not been broken yet ..


V : Sometimes you have to be practical ' you have only some 3000 employees while I can gather thrice that amount here in Surat .. and you know very well ' no worker from Surat will be willing to come to your Dharampur..


D: I know very well how to handle my business Virat .. you don't try and teach me that ..


V: Anyways, all the best Mr.Mahiyavanshi ..


D : Keep your advice and your wishes to yourself .. because I need neither ..


Saying so, DM leaves .. leaving Virat determined to set scores even this time around



As Dharamraj is going back to the village, he calls up Pinakin ..


P : Yes mota bhai ..


D : Pinakin .. we have to get this consignment done ' not compromising either on the quantity or the quality .. make this work for me ..


P : The quantity is no problem mota bhai .. but the quality .. for that we need Madhav Solanki back .. he is the best that we have ..and he knows how to extract the best quality from the people working under him .. If we have him on board, more than half of our work will be completed in one week!


D: Pinakin! This organization cannot be held hostage by the absence of one Madhav Solanki .. call all the workers to the factory ' I shall go there myself and talk to them..


P : Tonight we can get no workers mota bhai ..


D : Why so? There is no holiday/festival I know of that falls tonight ..


P : Madhav Solanki's cow has given birth to a calf .. the entire village is celebrating ..


Dharamraj listens on incredulously..


D : What is all this Pinakin? Has he returned the money yet?


P : No mota bhai ..


DM hangs up in frustration and asks the driver to turn towards the village instead of the factory.



At Parshuram's place ' which is manjiri's new home now, the entire village has gathered to sing and dance. Shashank, the photographer looks on amazed and asks the people if there is some special occasion to which he is answered that the people of Dharampur just need an occasion to celebrate. They are like a small family where everyone knows everyone .. that's why they celebrate small joys together. Shashank is happy to hear that. Santo and her sisters are busy merry-making when DM's car reaches the place. Everyons stops whatever they are doing. Dharamraj  gets out of his car and calls for Madhav Solanki ..


Madhav walks up to Dharamraj  in fear and anxiety ..


D:Come to work from tomorrow morning ..


No one present at the venue can believe what Dharamraj  just said. Everyone is happy.. especially solanki's grand-daughters. Dharamraj lies to his workers that this timetoo, the Surat Diamond contract has been given to their association but this time the time on hand is very less' being one month. He tells them that from tomorrow, workers should dedicate each day and night to work for this contract.. for which he will give them a 400% rise in their salary. Everyone is overjoyed.



Jagmohan smells something fishy and asks Dharamraj  how this is possible.. how can they do something supposed to be done in 3 months in 1 month.. Dharamraj  tells him not to ask how.. but to do as told.. because it CAN be done.. Dharamraj tells him that he is putting him incharge of keeping all the workers in good morale while working for this contract and to make sure everyone is involved in it with full enthusiasm. Jagmohan is dumbfounded. Dharamraj leaves' leaving the village to celebrate.



The person most happy with the decision is Madhav Solanki .. he confesses to Parshuram that his only wish remaining is to get his grand-daughters married before he dies.


Jagmohan is sitting with his co-workers and tells them that something is not right.. and wonders why Dharamraj is behaving so erratically.. his co-workers push aside his queries and tell him that they are not concerned with the malik's way of thinking .. what matters to them is that malik pays them handsomely and always takes care of their needs.. that is all that they need..


Jagmohan, however is not convinced ' he thinks to himself , convinced that Dharamraj has a huge ulterior motive behind getting Solanki back on work .. and it is important for him to know why ' and also for somebody else..




In the morning,

Santo is pulling out water from the well and she starts laughing when she spots Shashank. She reminds him of their funny conversation and he too joins in the fun. Amid their conversation and leg-pulling, Santo unknowingly pulls out the roll from his camera..


S : What have you done?! You've ruined all my photographs!!


Santo : Are you mad? I have not seen a single photograph . .how will I ruin it?


Shashank can just smile at her innocence and winks at her joyfully before leaving..


In the morning, Dharamraj is getting a status update from Pinakin regarding the work on the tender' Pinakin tells him that his decision of getting Solanki back on the job has really boosted spirits and all workers have returned to work overnight. He asks Dharamraj what made him have so much mercy on the old man ..


D: There is no mercy .. there is only loss and gain .. this is my rajniti .. my political agenda.. This is the first time that I have changed my decision .. and it is only for this tender.. for this contract.. I cannot let Virat succeed ..


P : Mota bhai .. you have done the right thing ..


D : Pinakin, I want 1000-1500 workers more for the factory.. I don't know how you do it .. but I want them working for  me tomorrow..


P : It will be done mota bhai .. now we just need to have Solanki under our thumb ..


D : What do you mean? We gave him his job back .. what is the problem now?


P : He is concerned about the future of his grand-daughters.. particularly their wedding..


At that very moment,

A peon carrying tea passes by ..


D : What's the name of this boy?


P : Ramesh ..


D : Get him to my cabin ..


Pinakin looks on confused ..



Pinakin gets the peon to the cabin ..


D: Ramesh ..


R : Yes malik ..


D : You are a peon at my association .. do you want to be a clerk?


R : Y.. y.. yes malik ..


D : Pinakin, increase his salary by three times. And Ramesh will marry Solanki's eldest grand-daughter ..


Pinakin gives a knowing smile to Dharamraj as Ramesh leaves the cabin'


D : No matter what happens .. Virat will never get this contract ..





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Thanks Sukhi...lots of Dharam today OMG!!!
Dharam is really very crude like RR said...he doesn't care about others lives...he is making other people's important decisions. The story took a different turn altogether. I didn't expect this...that's what makes it interesting. I m loving it, just reading the update i am excited. Awww Pinakin calls him mota bhai...
P.S. I just realized the village is call dharampur coz of Dharam LOL!
I m so slow.
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thanks for superb serial is going interesting day by day...thanks
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thanks for written update!
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Cold and calculating to the core....what a swarthi, political, egotistical, competitive mind. I hope they show him as forward thinking as well. He is taking lots of decisions very quickly for this contract, I hope Ekta shows some logical results coming out of these decisions and I absolutely don't want to see any backfire. Dharam ji will loss credibility then. So, Santo's sis is sorted, wonder what will happen for him to marry Santo himself. Like I said, I DO NOT want any of his decisions back firing on him.

Another awesome update Suks. You take so much time and effort to write down everything in so much details yaar. Thank you.

PS: Whats mota bhai mean, cause he is NOT MOTA AT ALL Confused

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LOL Tabs Mota bhai matlab...big brother. LOL!!
but yea he is sooo calculative...all he cares about is his business...just because nannu won't get his grand daughter married to some peon DR made that peon Ramesh, a clerk. Nannu will think ke he is a bit educated and his granddaugther is well settled. I wish it was Santo LOL!!
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Thanks Sammie, Tabs, Scorpio and Pinky ..

Will post my own comments later .. they are just too many for a single episode - what a treat this episode was for all RR fans .. he was sublime tonight.. just watch his eyes do all the talking -- jaanleva stuff !Embarrassed
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I m waiting to watch it OMG!!!
when is not jaan leva...jaanemanLOL

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