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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 20th Jan 2009 - Written Update/Video

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Written Update
For 20th January 2009 (Episode Seven)

Hey Everyone!!  Smile Final handed in my Biology Coursework....
It was on the Heart... So I have decided Todays update will be Red.
Lik I said Yesterday Payal Di is very busy this week with revision and Exams...
So I will be doing the updates for her this week. Good Luck!! Thumbs Up
Thank you once again for commenting and pressing the 'Thank You' Button.
So Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any...
Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

They summerize yesterday's episode (Ragini from Bidai  is doing the commentary)

Akshara looks shocked whilst Varsha stands smiling beside her. Shankari Tai (ST) looks at Akshara and say (to Daaadi)' So this is your granddaughter then'. Daadi looks at Akshara. 'Come here then, come to me', ST calls out to Akshara. ST stands up. Badi Maa nods at Akshara reassuring her that ST is ok. Akshara walks towards to her. ' Oh look how big your girl has gotten,' says ST as she touches Akshara face. ' Look at the way her face is glowing'. She looks at Badi and tells her not to worry as there is nothing wrong with Akshara and that she will have a line of guys. Akshara runs off. ST assumes she is blushing but then Daadi explains all this has come to her has a bit of a shock. ST with attitude says that all girls know that one day they have to leave there parents house. She looks at Badi Maa and asks, ' Didn't you explain that to her'. Badi Maa explains that Akshara does know this and that she is very smart. ST replies,' well we will see how smart she is when she looks after her family...But i'm worried she has been brought with so much love and wrapped in cotten wool, will she be able to look after a family?'. Daadi replies that Akshara is very compatible and she will get on well with everyone. ST laughs and starts to talk about how many things she wants after she finds Akshara a man. ' The guy be as good as gold as we are giving them a diamond like daughter' says Daadi and then laughs and walks off. ST asks Badi maa if she has any photos of Akshara. Badi maa explains she has many but not for showing potenial grooms. ST assures her its ok and she will come back for them. Dhaniya picks up ST little cahir thing and starts to walk off. When Badi Maa asks ST once more to find Akshara a guys as good as gold. ST agrees and walks off.

Akshara  paces up and down in her room.' Akshara why are you getting so worried for, What happened?' asks Varsha. Akshara replies,'Didn't you here the conversation they were having downstairs?'. Varsha explains to Akshara that every girl needs to get married one day and now she will get married. 'Now don't tell me you don't wanna get married?' asks Varsha. Akshara replies' I do want to get married'. She pause and looks at Varsha. ' And what has happened to you....Are you on Maa and ST side aswel?...what I don't understand is why the idea of marriage came to my Maa now?'. Daadi walks in and explains that its because she has got old and it is every mothers dream to see her daughter hands covered in mendhi. Akshara worried replies,' No Daadi, you know this isn't the reason and you know to well'. Daadi's smile fades.

In the courtyard. Choti and Badi are watering the Tulsi plant. 'This all happened because of that boy didn't it?' questions Choti. 'What all?' replies Badi contiunes watering the plant. ' You know thinking of Akshara's wedding, ST suddenly appearing...Just like that?' Choti aks again. Badi explains that she wants to Akshara to get married and explains that she is the age of marriage. 'Anyway what has all this have to do with that boy?' asks Badi. Choti looks at her. Badi looks down and answers' Yes this is because of the boy. Don't you understand that Akshara is a girl and if something goes wrong the world points at the girl. I just want Akshara to get married then the world will stop talking'.

'Daadi, I don't want to get married this quickly'.explains Akshara. Daadi explains that they have only spoken about marriage. Varsha seconds the motion. Daadi realises thats Varsha is still at there house. Varsha is about to leave when she reminds Akshara that they need to go to the market. Varsha runs off. Akshara turns to Daadi and explains that she is worried about marriage because everything will change. Daadi laughs and tells her that she may like the change. In the background Vish calls out to Badi maa. 'Look even your Dad has arrived,' Daadi points out. Akshara stands up.' So this means Mum will talk to Dad about the marriage'.  Akshara (to god) says' Please let my dad disagree to me getting marrige.

Downstairs in the living room. Vish, Omi and Shaurya are talking about buiness. Vish gives Omi and Shaurya orders for the following day. Badi Maa walks in slowing. Vish exuses Omi and Shaurya and tells them to go and eat dinner as he is really busy with some work. Omi and Shaurya walk off.
Vish confused at the fact that Badi is still standing behind him asks her what she wanted. Badi explains the ST had come and was talking about how old Akshara was. At this point Vish is talking on the phone. Badi tries to continue the conversation but sees that Vish is busy. She asks him if she should continue but he yells her to do whatever she thinks is right. Badi runs off smiling.


Akshara is sleeping.The very cheeky Anshu starts moving his things into her room. Akshara looks confused. Sh gets up. ' What are you doing Anshu?' asks Akshara. ' Can't you see, I'm moving my stuff in' replies Anshu. 'Get your rubbish out of my room.' replies Akshara as she grabs her things out of his hand. ' This isn't rubbish, anyway we all know that you will be leaving soon, I know everything, Badi Maa is getting you married .And as your leaving I thought that I will move in before anyone else does. I have booked your room'. replies Anshu very proudly. Akshara looks confused,' So this means my room won't stay mine'. Anshu giggles' well that was the plan'. Akshara storms off.

On the terrace. Shaurya is joking with Choti about the food. Akshara runs in,' Maa! Explain to Anshu to move his things out of my room, he said he has booked it'. Badi maa explains to her that he is a child and ever since he has heard about her wedding he keeps talking about what things he wants.
'So that means that my room won't be mine and all my stuff won't be mine?' questions Akshara. 'Ye Didi!' replies Anshu who walks in and sits next to Shaurya who is still eating,' You are leaving soon,right Shauya Daddu'. Shaurya agrees. Both laugh about how they have been waiting for Akshara to get married for ages so that they can be free. Hearing this Akshara gets upset and walks off. Choti tells them off for upsetting her.

Askara walks into her parents room. Where her dad is getting ready. He asks her to pass him his scarf. He notices that Akshara is upset and asks her why she has tears in her eyes. ' You love your daughter don't you?' asks Akshara. He replies' What kind of question is know?'. Akshara eyes fill with water. ' How much do you love me?'. Vish explains that know can express how nuch a father loves his daughter. He questions her again about why is acting like this all of a sudden.
Akshara goes on to talk about how its every fathers dream for him to see his daughter getting married, and she didn't understand how a father who loves his daughter so much see her leaving the parents house. Vish replies' Dear, It is true, even if you have to put a stone on you heart but he is always looking forward to it'. Akshara asks him whether he wants her to go to even if she doesn't want to?. He explains that this is how the world works and a daughter has to leave. Akshara replies that she won't leave. He tells her that there is plenty of time. Akshara smiles and tells him that she won't leave and she asks him to explain to Badi. Akshara runs off smiling.


Varsha calls out to Akshara who is still running around with Joy. Varsha smiles and tells her that she is happy to see her like this.Akshara explains that she was soo scared yesterday but she is happy now. They walk towards Akshara's room where Varsha sits on her bed.  Akshara explains to Varsha that she felt as if Badi Maa was going to get her married off straight away, but now Vish will tell her not to. Varsha reminds Akshara that she need to get ready as they were going to go to the market. When Badi appers holding an orange/yellow sari with a gold border. Badi tells Akshara to put on the Sari. Akshara explains that they were going to go to the market. But Badi tells her that she will stay at home. Badi walks off to put a teeka on Vish. Varsha teases her that maybe her father failed and there may be a guy sitting outside. Akshara agrees to wear it hoping that her mother will forget about the marriage idea.

Meanwhile Baadi is about to apply a teeka on Vish when asks her what was wrong with Akshara.
Badi replies 'well one day she will have to leave and go to a strangers house, so thats why she was getting teary, since I have asked ST to look for a boy for ....' Vish interupts' You asked her took look for a boy, You could have asked me...'. Badi maa looks worried.

Back in Akshara's room. Akshara appears from behind the shutters with the sari wrapped around her. Akshara explains that her mother has tried many times to show her how to tie a sari. Varsha laughs at the fact that Akshara doesn't know how to tie a sari yet her mother wants to get her wed. Varsha agrees to help Akshara tie the sari and begins to make the folds whilst Akshara giggles.
'Wow, you know how to tie a sari really well...what do you pratice? It looks like you will get married before me, you will see'. They laugh.

Back down stairs. Vish asks her when did she asks him. She explains that she asked him last night. He explains to her that last night he was busy and that the wasn't paying attention. Badi tries to explain that she had already told St to find a guy. He replies,' But Akshara. she is still young'. She laughs and says to a father there daughter will always remain young. The both turn to see Akshara walking towards them in a sari. Vish and Badi smile at each other. ' Now tell me, does she still look like achild to you'asks Badi. Vish smiles and stokes her head. ' I never realised she had become so big, I think it is right to look for a boy for her'. Akshara eyse fill with tears as Vish and Badi smile.

The End

Pre- Cap
Badi is dancing around Akshara and is singing a
song about leaving the house after marriage.

Moment of the Day
For me today the moment of the day was when
Akshara appeared from behind the shutters, with her sari tied wrong.
It reminded me of when I tied my first Sari....Mmmmh that was like last year.LOL

Video Update - nipun97


Well I hope you all enjoyed the update...
Lots of Love Simmie x x x x

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Thanks for the update....
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thank you so much simmie! Hug
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Posted: 20 January 2009 at 2:44pm | IP Logged
thanks! awww i feel so bad for akshara!!

desi_baby07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2009 at 4:19pm | IP Logged

Awesome Update as always! Thanx Simmie Smile

sanw IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2009 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
thanks simmie for the update
it also reminds me of how I tied a sari for the first time
I dont think akshara's request will be heard by anyone now
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Thanks  for the wonderful update ..................
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thank so much for the lovely update.

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