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APRIL 2010  

Apr 1

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 1st April..!! DMful!!!

Video: 1st April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 2

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 2nd April '10

Video: 2nd April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download


Apr 5

Written: Written Update 5th April *Hour Special*

Video: 5th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 6

Written: Written Update 6th April

Video:   6th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 7

Written: 7th April - Bol Radha bol SANGAM hoga ki Nahi??

Apr 8

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 8th April

Video: 8th April-Bandini--HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 9

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 9th April

Video: 9th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 12

Written: Written Update 12th April

Video: 12th April-Bandini-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download

Apr 13

Written: Written Update 13th April

Video: 13th April -Bandini-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download

Apr 14

Written: 14th - Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa!!!

Video: 14th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 15

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 15th April~

Video: 15th April -Bandini-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download

Apr 16

Written: Written update 16th April

Video: 16th April Bandinii-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download

Apr 19

Written: Written Update 19th April

Video: 19th April -Bandini-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download

Apr 20

Written: Written Update 20th April

Video: 20th April -Bandini-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download

Apr 21

Written: 21st-Playing Guest Rudra!

Video: 21st April -Bandini-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download

Apr 22

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 22nd April

Video: 22nd April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 23

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 23rd April

Video: 23rd April-Bandini-HQ Video/Pics-ONline/Download

Apr 26

Written:  Written Update 26th April

Video:  26th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 27

Written:  Written Update 27th April

Video:  27th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 28

Written: 28th - Sati-Savitri-Santu

Video:  28th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 29

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 29th April

Video: 29th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

Apr 30

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 30th April

Video: 30th April-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download/Pics

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MAY 2010  

May 3

Video:  03rd May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 4 

Written:  Written Update 4th May

Video:   04th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 5 

Written:  5th May- Mera Pati sirf Mera Kaise Hai???

Video:   05th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 6 

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 6th May''

Video:  06th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 7 

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 7th May

Video:  07th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download


May 10 

Written:  Wrtten Update 10th May

Video:   10th May -Bandini-HQ Video-Online/Donwload

May 11 

Written: Written Update May 11th 2010

Video:  11th May -Bandini-HQ Video-Online/Download

May 12 

Written:  12th May- Rishton Ka Gyaan

Video:  12th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 13 

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 13th May

Video:  13th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 14 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 14th May

Video:  14th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download  

May 17 

Written: Written Update 17th May

Video:  17th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 18 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 18May2010

Video:   18th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 19 

Written: 19th May ~ DM Bina Suhagaan!!

Video:  19th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 20 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 20th May

Video:   20th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 21 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 21st May 1hr special episode  

Video:   21st May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 24 

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 24th May

Video:  24th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 25 

Written: Written Update 25th May

Video:  25th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 26 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 26th May

Video:   26th May-Bandini-HQ Video-ONline/Download

May 27 

Written:  Written Update 27th May

Video:   27th May-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

May 28 

Written:  Written Update 28th May.. Secret Revealed!!

Video:   28th May-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

May 31 

Written:   Written Update 31st May

Video:  Bandini-31stMay10-OnL/DownL/Pics *HQ*


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JUNE 2010  

June 1

Written:  Written Update 1st June

Video:  1st June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 2

Written:  Written Update 2nd June, 2010

Video:   2nd June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 3

Written:   WRITTEN UPDATE 3rd June

Video:   3rd June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 4

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 4th June

Video: 4th June-Bandini-HQ Video=ONline/Download

June 7

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 7th June

Video: 7th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 8

Written: Written Update 8th June

Video: 8th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 9

Written: Written Update June9,2010

Video: 9th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 10

Written: Written Update 10th June

Video: 10thJune-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 11

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 11th June

Video: 11th June-Bandini-HQVideo/Online/Download

June 14

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 14th June

Video:  14th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 15

Written: Written Update 15th June

Video:  15th June-Bandini-HQVideo/Online/Download

June 16

Written:  Written Update June16.2010

Video:  16th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 17

Written: Written Update 17th June

Video: 17th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 18

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 18th June

Video:  18th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 21

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 21st June

Video:  21st June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 22

Written: Written Update 22nd June

Video: 22nd June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 23

Written: Written Update June23.2010

Video: 23rd June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 24

Written:  Written Update 24th June

Video:   24th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 25

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 25th June

Video:  25th June-Bandini-HQ Video/Online/Download

June 28

Written: WRITTEN UPDATE 28th June

Video: 28th June-Bandini--HQVideo/Online/Download

June 29

Written:  29June10 Written Update: Braveheart DM

Video:  29th June_Bandini-HQVideo/Online/Download

June 30

Written:  Written Update June30.2010

Video: 30th June-Bandini-HQ VIdeo-Online/Download


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JULY 2010  
July 1 

 July 2 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 2nd July

Video:  2nd July-Bandini-HQVideo-Online/Download



July 5 

Written:  Written Update July5.2010

Video:  5th&6thJuly_Bandini-Video-Online/Download


July 6 

Written:   WRITTEN UPDATE 6th July

Video:  5th&6thJuly_Bandini-Video-Online/Download


July 7 

Written:  WRIITTEN UPDATE 7th July Complete

Video:  NA


July 8 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE July 8th

Video: NA


July 9 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 9th July Complete

Video: NA



July 12 

Written:  Written Update July12.2010

Video:  Bandini-Video/Dowload-9th July10 InD *HQ*


July 13 

Written:  13July10 Update: Raaz Pichhle Baby Ka

Video:  Bandini-13th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ


July 14 

Written:  Written Update July14.2010

Video:  Bandini-14th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ


July 15 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 15th July complete

Video:  Bandini-15th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ


July 16 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 16th July Complete

Video:   Bandini-16th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ



July 19 

Written: 19July10 Writen Update: Lagaan 2 

Video: Bandini-19th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ


July 20 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 20th July

Video:  Bandini-20th July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ


July 21 

Written:   WRITTEN UPDATE 21st July

Video:  Bandini-21st July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ


July 22 

Written:   22July10 Written Update: Woman of Two Houses

Video:  Bandini-22nd July10-Video OnL/DL/Pics-EHQ


July 23 

Written:  WRITTEN UPDATE 23rd July

Video:  23rd July-Bandini-HQVideo-ONline/Download



July 26 

Written:  26July10 Written Update: Mummy Daddy Fight!

Video:  Bandini-26th July-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


July 27 

Written:  Written Update 27th July: Raaz!!

Video:  27th July-Bandini-HQVideo-Online/Download


July 28 

Written:   Written Update July28.2010

Video:  Bandini-28th July-Video OnL/DL/Pics *EHQ*


July 29 

Written:   Written Update 29th July: *complete*

Video:  29th July-Bandini- HQ Video-Online/Download


July 30 

Written:  Written Update 30th July  

Video:  30th July-Bandini-HQVideo-Online/Download


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AUGUST 2010  
Aug 2
Aug 4
Video:  4thAug- Bandini-HQ Video=ONline/Download
Aug 5
Video:   5thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Dwnld
Aug 6
Video:   6thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download
Aug 9
Video:  9th Aug-Bandini-HQVideo-Online/Download 
Aug 10
Video:   10thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download
Aug 11
Video:  11thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download  
Aug 12
Video:   12thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download
Aug 13
Video:  13thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download 
Aug 16
Video:  16thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download  
Aug 17
Video:   17thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download  
Aug 18
Aug 19
Aug 20
Video:   20thAug-Bandini-HQVideo Update-Online/Download

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Sept 1 
Sept 2
Sept 3
Sept 6
Sept 7
Sept 8
Sept 9
Sept 10
Sept 13
Sept 14
Sept 15
Sept 16
Written:  16th SEPT UPDATE
Sept 17
Sept 20
Sept 21
Sept 22
Sept 23
Sept 24
Sept 27 
Sept 28
Sept 29
Sept 30

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 Oct 1
Oct 4
Oct 5
Oct 6
Oct 7
Oct 8
Oct 11
Oct 12
Oct 13
Oct 14
Oct 15
Oct 18
Oct 19


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                 NOVEMBER 2010  



Nov 1
No Telecast 
Nov 2
Nov 3
Nov 4
Nov 5
Written: Nov 5th Update




Nov 8
Written: NOv 8th update
Nov 9
Nov 10
Written: Update 10th NOv
Nov 11
Nov 12



Nov 15
No Telecast
Nov 16
Nov 17
Nov 18
Written: Nov 18th Update
Nov 19





Nov 22
No Telecast  
Nov 23
Nov 24
Written: Nov 24th Update
Nov 25
Written: Nov 25th Update
Nov 26


Nov 29
Nov 30

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