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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 16th Jan 2009 - Full Written Update added

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Written Update
For 16th January 2009 (Episode Five)

Hey Everyone!! Yes Its me again Tumhari Simmie Smile
Thank you once again for commenting and pressing the 'Thank You' Button.
 Just in case you are new
I will be doing regular updates for Yeh Rishta Kya  Kehlata Hai
every Wed- Fri.
So Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

They summerize yesterday's episode (Ragini from Bidai  is doing the commentary)

Mini Update
The Bus breaks down on the side of the road and all the girls beg Shaurya to do something. He manages to stop a truck.Varsha gets jealous that a Girl called Kavita is flirting with him.

Alok and friend slowly follow behind
Akshara tells Shaurya to stop flirting with Kavita.
Alok is still on his bike following
Akshara gets her camera and starts filming.
A Cute ShaVa scene

Shaurya teases Varsha about Kavita and then she gets annoyed and walks off.

Akshara shows Varsha what she has been filming. Varsha sits and sulks.
Meanwhile Alok stops Akshara Filming.
Another ShaVa scene
He comes up to and says he is sorry and then they both realise that Akshara is missing.
At the point Akshara is filming the and Alok comes infront of the camera
Akshara Screams

Akshara moves away from him and he comes closer.
She is about to fall and Alok catches her
Shaurya seems his and hits Alok.
They have a fight.
Akshara and ShaVa return Home where Badi maa asks questions

Badi Maa asks Akshara how she knows Alok.
In the car Shaurya asks Varsha How does Akshara know Alok.
ShaVa have a fight and they make up.
Badi Maa once again asks Akshara about Alok and she reaveals to her mum that its the same guy.

The End

Full Update

Shaurya stands on the road side with the driver and his helper. He looks at the engine and suggest that
the driver looks at a certain part. Shaurya paces around the bus. When Akshara comes out with the rest of the girls.  'What's Wrong Daddu?' questions Akshara. 'There is something wrong with the enigne and the tyre need to be changed, they won't be able to short it out until the evening,'sighs Shaurya. 'So that means the picnis is cancelled,' replies Akshara. A girl (Later find out her name is Kavita) complains that her parents won't let her go again. She grabs onto Shaurya's arm. Varsha who looks like she with murder the girl if she keep touching Shaurya . Shaurya looks at Varsha. 'What can I do?' aks Shaurya. Varsha replies in sarcastic way replies,'..... Well look shaurya all these girls are waiting for you to do something'. Shaurya looks around as all the girls Beg him to do something. He looks at them and says in a very cheeky way ' I'll see what I can do.' Shaurya sticks out his hand into the road, waiting for someone to stop. A couple of seconds later a open top Truck stops. And they all get into the back. There are a few scenery
shots as the truck in on the open road. In the back of the truck everyone is laughing and joking (and there is some guy playing a guitar). And Shaurya is sitting very comfortably in the middle. Akshara and Varsha are sitting to one side. Akshara is filming the scenery and Varsha is venting her anger on the hay.

Akshara's camera turns towards Kavita and Shaurya. Akshara turns to Varsha and says ' Varsha look at Kavita, all she has been doing is talking to Shaurya. And look at how they are laughing'. Varsha full of cute jealous replies' Well I bet she likes you brother'. Akshara very disapprovingly replies,' I don't like his'. Varsha replies,'I don't like it either'.  The camera vooms up on Varsha's very annoyed face.
The focus moves away from there story to the Alok, who has just arrived at the place where the bus had broken down. Alok asks the driver and the Driver points the other way. He drives off again.
Once again there some scenery shots of everyone having fun apart from Akshara and Varsha who are glaring at Shaurya and Kavita. Shaurya excuses himself and sits next to Akshara and Varsha. Akshara wards him of Kavita, Varsha looks even more annoyed. Once again the story shifts to Alok and his friend who are follwoing. And for the third time there are some scenery shots and the truck finally stops and some ruins of a building and green fields. ( Simiular to the one from Rang De Basanti.)

'Wow! It's such and beautiful place,' says Akshara, ' Varsha you bring the stuff with Shaurya I'm going...'. Varsha quickly disappers leaving Varsha and Shaurya. The dialogue between ShaVa is sooo cute that I have decided to write it out.

Shaurya: So Varsha Ji? Don't you want to go? What are you thinking?
Varsha: Why are you asking me? Go and ask your Kavita
Shaurya: Think again, your sending me yourself... If I go your'll get alone.
Varsha: I've thought.

Varsha walks off. Once again there are scenery shots and some shots of the group setting up tents.
Shaurya is putting up the tent with the guys, When Varsha and Kavita both at the sme time offer him some food. Shaurya being the cutie that he is takes the plate from kavita and thanks her. Varsha looks angry. Shaurya puts some food in his mouth and looks at Varsha... She looks at him and walks off.
Once agin there are some scenery shots. Akshara is standing slightly away from the group filming the great outdoors. She begins to walk and finds Varsha sitting alone. Akshara asks Varsha whats wrong. Varsha replies' well its ok for a boy to have a girl as a friend but wrong for a girl to have a friend, buts its the boy who takes the first step. Akshara explains to Varsha that there is no point going in that direction and both there family wouln't like it. She tries to show her the recording she has done. Varsha hesitates and refuses to left Akshara record her. Akshara who is still really exicted tell Varsha to sort out her mood well she goes and films.

Akshara is walking around filming. When Alok and his friend arrive. Alok stops Akshara and decides to go and find her. Meanwhile another cute ShaVa scene is taking place. Once again I have written out the dialogue.

Shaurya: See I told you, if you left my side you would find yourself alone. And look you are.
Varsha: We you found someone didn't you.
(Shaurya laughs)
Shaurya: And that is why your annoyed because of that. If i speak the truth, If i didn't have you by my side I would feel alone in a crowd.
Varsha: Leave out the Filmi dialogues... you and your words. I thought because we came on the picnic we would be albe to spend sometime together...but
Shaurya:But.... But what
(He moves a little closer to Varsha...close enough to kiss her. Varsha pushes him alway)
Varsha: Someone will come
(Shaurya holds onto her dupatta)
Shaurya: No one will come.
Varsha: What if someone sees
Shaurya: But who will see?
Varsha: Akash,
Shaurya: I don't care.
Varsha: Kavita
Shaurya: I don't care.
Varsha: Akshara
Shaurya: But where is Akshara, I haven't seen her in ages.

They both look at each other. Akshara is happierly filming away unknow to her that Alok has been following her.  Alok moves closer and closer. Shaurya and Varsha call out to Akshara as the try to look for her. Akshara is still filming. she slowly moves the camera around... When Alok comes infront of the camera. Akshara Screams.


Akshara scream is heard by Shaurya and Varsha who get scared and try to find her. Alok walks towards Akshara. Alok explains that he wants to be friends with her. Akshara replies' but this can't happen, Alok Ji, But my family won't accept this kind of freindship'. Alok looks upset and tries to show her that he is understanding. He says sorry and she acceptes. Akshara turns around and is about to fall when Alok catches her. Suddenly Shaurya shouts Akshara. Eyes filled with anger he runs towards Alok and Akshara.
Shaurya queations Alok and hits him to the ground( he friend picks him up) and warns him that he shouldn't see him again. Shaurya (Just like Vish) asks Alok 50 questions, Akshara tries to explain that he is an ok person but Shaurya ignors all of it. Shaurya after saying a million things pulls Akshara away from the scene, with Varsha following behind.

At the house, Badi maa tries to explain that the world is a bad place and how bad boys are and that they shouldn't go out again. Akshara tries to defend him. Shaurya cuts in and shouts that he had followed her therefore he is bad.  Badi Maa calms him down and thanks gos that they are safe. Badi maa explains that no one should find out what happened today. Badi Maa tells Shaurya to drop Varsha home. Badi maa explains that what she said was for benifit to. Shaurya and Varsha walk off.
Akshara turns to Badi maa and asks her what is so wrong with Alok. Badi maa is shocked to hear that Akshara knows his name.


Badi Maa closes the doors and asks her how does she know Alok. Akshara looks at her mom.

In the car. Shaurya question Varsha about how they know they boy. He goes into detail about how he know about what is going on in boys heads. He goes on to say that all boys are the same and no boy can be trusted. Varsha truns around and asks him,' then how can i trust you?' .
Shaurya stops the car. ' So what are you trying to say, what are you comparing me to them??'. Varsha who looks nervous replies,' Thats exactly what you said'. She goes onto explain how she is confused and that she trusts him and know how much he loves her.But I don't know why I'm thinking like this.She tells him that she is confused at the fact that he hasn't told the family about there relationship.He turns around and says you don't have to be afraid that I will betray you. Varsha with her eyes full of tears turns and looks at Shaurya. They hug. Shaurya looks at Varsha and explains that in his family no one has ever had a Love marriage. And because they will be the first, he needs time and he will speak to the folks. Both agree that they will wait for the right time.

Badi maa asks Akshara again How does she knows Alok?. And if he was the same guy that her father had seen her with. Akshara agrees. Badi Maa looks worried.

The End


Varsha comes to Akshara and explains that if she doesn't sort out everything...
Alok will drop out and his career will be ruined and it will all be her fault.

Moment of the Day
The winner today for me has to be the second Cute ShaVa scene
of today when they were standing by the Rock...OMG I am totally loving
Shaurya and Varsha ki Jodi....They are tooo cute.

Video Update - nipun


Thank you everyone for being soooo understanding!!
wow I finally have power...yay

I hope you all enjoy the update!!
Lots of Love Simmie x x x

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oh my word.......I did not know that it's monday to friday show.....ouch thank god I come here to see what is going onEmbarrassed

as always hun,power or no power u my darling give an awesome updateClapClapClapthat was beautifully done dear........thank uHug
and pls call me Angel :))
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hey dear
thanks for the update

i love shavaEmbarrassed
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wow yay
how did your exam go?
aww i just hope your computer works soon
i just forgot for a minute that it comes on on Friday too lol
and omg wow di you did what you update from your phone
hehe tell me about it i phones are soo cool lol love mine dont know what id do with out it
but wow omg you still update amazingly
loved the mini update di
and omg episode is great getting better and better lol
thanks soo much di

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ooooohh ShaVa were soo cute lolzz dis alok is kinda irritating lolz again!! well.....simmie...................sooperb updt!! thnx yaar although dere wz no power...i had an xam so wasnt able 2 watch da ep...nd i was kinda eager.....nd dis mini updt of urz has managed 2 keep me frm wrying dat wat hapnd!!! thnx hun!!              x muah x                      reenoo
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awww ShaVa are our new 2009 Hit jodi =D

omg Alok...not again.... stupid jerk!

well thanks for the iphoned update :p
n i m so jealous of u, i want an iphone, my phone is dying for a my dad wouldnt replace it for me arrr

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thank you loads simmie!

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