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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 15th Jan 2009 - Written Update

.x. Simran .x. Goldie
.x. Simran .x.
.x. Simran .x.

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Posted: 15 January 2009 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Written Update
For 15th January 2009 (Episode Four)

Hey Guys and Girls! Simmie againLOL I was having a blue day today so todays update is in Blue.
Thank you once again for commenting and pressing the 'Thank You' Button.
 Just in case you are new
I will be doing regular updates for Yeh Rishta Kya  Kehlata Hai
every Wed- Fri.
So Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.

They summerize yesterday's episode (Ragini from Bidai  is doing the commentary)


Akshara looks nervously up at Alok. Alok clears his throat and says Hi. Varsha and Akshara look at each other with a confused expression on there faces. Alok starts smiling and says , 'We have met before, last night in the market, you couldn't get a rickshaw. Alok pauses. 'Since I have seen you, I can't stop thinking about you....'Alok is interrupted by Varsha. Varsha with a firm voice replies,' One minute, We are very thankful to you as you helped us. Thank you, Thanks alot. But that's it. So don't try and turn it into something eles. Alok tries to cut in. But Varsha continues to say, that she hopes that he doesn't read to much into it as they aren't interested. Akshara seconds the motion by saying Please. Akshara and Varsha walk off, leaving Alok standing by himself. A few seconds later his friend (the one from yesterday's episode) appears and asks him what happened. Alok replies' I don't know'.

At the house, Gopi Dadi and Dhaniya are in the courtyard (Gopi Dadi is putting the dried chillies into a basket whilst Dhaniya is grinding something) Gopi Dadi is talking quite openly about how girls have to be careful as no one says anything to the guys. Dhaniya agrees. Gopi Dadi looks at Dhaniya and says, ' I was telling you. Eventhough I have said this all before I will explain to you again. I'm talking about the way you run behind Bola all day. The day Big Bahu sees this, she will fire you'.  Dadi Ji walks in. Who are you firing now? she asks Gopi Dadi. Dadi turns to Dhaniya and says,' Gopi Dadi rules around here, that is why all the bahu's show her alot of respect. That's why you should keep her sweet. Laughing she says,' I am very scared of her. I've been looking for my belonging (mmmh sorry i didn't quite get what she said..sorrry). Gopi Dadi replies, 'well I put it on you dressing table. They continue the conversation back and throw. Gopi Dadi finally truns around and asks Dhaniya why is she standing there, and that she should go and look for them.

Shortly after Dhaniya leaves, Akshara arrives. Akshara walks towards dadi whom is excited to see her. Dadi notices that Akshara is looking very upset and at once asks her whats wrong. Akshara shakes her head and remains silent.Dadi goes on to question her about what happened at college and then changes the topic toward Alok. Finally Akshara responds,' I told him that he shouldn't try to get to know me as, I'm not interested and I don't want to know him'. Gopi Dadi rejoices at the fact the Akshara and said that to him. And she goes on to explain how society and relationships are in this day and age. Dadi turns to Akshara and explains that, this is the reason why her parents said all that to her yesterday. Suddenly a sound interupts there conversation. Akshara confused to Dadi and ask who is here? Dadi tells her that Shaurya has returned. With excitement Akshara runs of in search of him. Dadi and Gopi Dadi retun to there conversation.

Akshara is running calling out to Shaurya, who calls her from behind. She turns and runs to him. (omg he is soooooo cute) They have a cute conversation about how brothers and sisters these days.
Akshara asks him if he has brought her the gifts she wanted. He tells her she has brought her everything. With excitment she drags him to the room. And starts open up the suitcase. Shaurya hands her a Jewellery box. And Akshara continues to rumage in his suitcase and finds a Dress. Suddenly she comes across painting things. She is confused and asks why have you brought thus when no one in the house paints, Askara suggests that they give these things to Varsha as she likes to paint. Acting very confused, the very cute Shaurya asks 'who is varsha?'. Promptly Akshara replies' my best friend Bro, remeber the one we met at the ice parlor, your always. You have met her so many times but you miss her name'. Shaurya replies that why would I remeber that girls name. Choti maa walks in and says, 'she is very beautiful and here is you forgetting her name'. Shaurya very cheeky replies,' If you weren't so pretty, I wouldn't forget'. She hits him over the head and replies 'your flirting with me, I'm your aunty'. Badi maa walks in and says' If you have stopped messy
around , Choti has made food.' Anshuman gets exicted and they all start talking about how chibby he is. Choti turns arouns and says that I don't no whether he will past this year.
Shaurya turns around and says its ok I will teach him after all I am smarter than a 10 year old.Everyone laughs. Dadi says how great it feels to see everyone happy. Anshuman turns around that atleast it is better than yesterday when Akshara was crying and no one ate. Shaurya questions them.


Dadi dismisses it and tells him that Vish shputed at because she had got late. And that is why she started crying. Anshuman goes,'I get told of all the time, shame I'm not a girl'. Dadi changes the subject towards the food as away to get Akshara out of the room. Dadi explains to Akshara that she shouldn't tell Shaurya about what happened yesterday, espically about her dad shouting and Alok. She reminds Akshara that her brother is very hot headed, and he loses his temper very quickly, just like her father. Dadi goes one to talk about how simular Shaurya and Vish are.

Downstairs in the living room. Vish and Omi are sitting down talking about the business. Shaurya comes down and gets blessings from both. They have a conversation about a new business deal. Omi is very happy and explains that he is proud of Shaurya. Vish puts a downer on the conversationa and starts talking about how Shaurya still has alot to learn. Dhaniya walks in and says that Badi maa is asking whether everyone will eat together today as no one ate together yesterday. Shaurya looks very confused. Vish gets up and tells the guys to come with him to eat. Vish walks ahead. Shaurya asks Omi, about what happened yesterday?. Omi responds that Vish shouted at Akshara as he had seen her with a guy, Omi tries to reassure him that Akshara didn't know him.  At once Shaurya replies, So this means he was forcing her to talk to her, he becomes angry. Omi tries to calm him down. Omi walks off to eat. Shaurya stands behind and is still full of anger.


Varsha is in Akshara room trying to convince her to go to the picnic.Akshara stands to her guns and say she will not go. Varsha sits on Akshara's bed and notices the paint stuff. Varsha asks her what is this. Akshara very cheeckily responds,' That stuff is to sort out your face, Its a gift'. Varsha asks her where did it come from. Akshara replies that Shaurya got it for her. Varsha's faces lights up. 'Your Shaurya Dadu is back?' she asks. Akshara says yes.  Varsha gets exicted,'So this means you will be able to go to the picnic if shaurya goes with us. Akshara confused responsed.' But he won't wanna come with us'. Varsha replies,' what if i try to make him' . Akshara says' you can try but i doubt it and do introduce yourself first, He never seems to remeber your name'. Varsha looks at the gift, 'Then why did he buy this gift? Akshara responds, 'That was by accident'.

Shaurya is sitting on the Terrace with Anshuman trying to teach him about Shakespeare. They are both confused when Varsha walks in and ask Shaurya to answer the question himself. He says that he is a bad teacher. Shaurya asks Anshuman who is Varsha. Varsha responds that,' after all what is in a name if you keep forgetting it'. She walks off and that is when Shaurya follows her and grabs her arm. He looks at her. She asks him to remove his had. He asks her if she was missing him as much as she was missing him. Varsha gets annoyed and says that she is annoyed that she keeps lying. Shaurya says that there are only little lies, and he doesn't want to tell anyone about them. Varsha is about to suggest that he comes to the Picnic, when Akshara walks in. Varsha turns to her and says that Shaurya has agreed to come to the Picnic.

At the college Alok is sitting on his bike, when his friend comes up to him. 'Alok I have found out that Akshara is going to a picnic'. Alok decides that he will be going to the picnic to. His friends tries to ward him off...But Alok wasn't having any of it.

The End

Akshara is filming when Alok comes out of nowhere and stands infromt of the camera. She is scared and she screams. Alok followers her. Akshara looks like she is about to fall.

Moment Of The Day
Thank God today was more exciting...hehe
We finally got our first ShaVa (Shaurya and Varsha) scene
Uff it was tooo cute!! loved it!!!

Video Update nipun97


Anyway I hope you enjoy the update!!
Lotes of Love Simmie x x x

P.s By the way tomorrow the update might be a bit late as I have an Biology exam
Omg.... I'm soooo nervous.... Please pray for me guys....

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thanks!!! i loved the shaurya and varsha scene!! alok is sooo creepy!! cant wait for the next episode!

.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 January 2009 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
thank u so much sweetheartClap
love the way u do ur update hun it's wonderful,do keep it upBig smile
.x. Simran .x. Goldie
.x. Simran .x.
.x. Simran .x.

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Posted: 15 January 2009 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
@ Avanti and Angel'sLife - Thank you for your comments Guys.....
And angel'slife thanky you again.... I'm glad you like the way I do the updates... hehe Hug

PrInCeZz07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2009 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
wow omg
okay i know im meant to be hitting the thank you button but i thought i had to write this to you lol
thanks soooooooooo much simmie di for taking your time out and writing such a  great fabulous detailed update
see its your second update for YRKKH and it doesn't even seem like
its totally fabulous
and i know although your soo busy you still take your time out and update for us
thanks sooo much for that di
what a great epi loved the best scene hehe
scene of today
wow so great
& di you know what
best of luck for your biology exam for tomorrow
you'll do great a know
dont stress too much about it

@lol you felt blue today lol hehe
- was great update loved the lil emotions you used too

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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 January 2009 at 1:09pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update..........and good luck for ur exam....Big smile
gayatri_haters Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2009 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update and good luck with your exam.

AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 15 January 2009 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much! Your updates are fab! They make up for how late I get to watch the epi....looking forward to the ShaVa scene!

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