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2008 - a year of strengths and beliefs. Despite the odd fears and tears, we had plenty of reasons to cheer.


A period which showcased creativity and energy unknown,  to create a never seen before effect. A period which gave rise to new faces and talents.

It was one such TALENT...

..........bole toh.............which made girls weak in their knees.


2008, a year where memories (some good and some not good), were made,  but on the whole,  they were pleasant. 
Memories, which we shall cherish forever and hold dear to our hearts - for it was then when television saw an ubharta sitara make his place in the sun; a period that saw him grow...evolve from a mere lad to a young man.

We salute this young man. A man ...to whom we express our deepest gratitude.

Girls and only girls (boys are welcome too - after all gender is no bar),  fasten your seat belts as we rewind into the works of the man himself - Harshad Chopda not just in 2008 but in all the years before this.


The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

No one knew then, that a little bundle of joy born in a small town of Gondia in Maharashtra, would grow to be a super star one day and be the source of joy for many.  Armed with an engineering degree, he dared to venture into the unknown.



2006.  Whether he was merely taking a chance or a leap of faith, that was the year that the star in Harshad Chopda truly began to shine in a way that would soon outshine the rest.


He had a dream, that was born long before the Citadel Mr. Pune contest, long before his move to Pune even.  And despite hailing from a small town where such grand, celluloid ambitions were unthinkable, Harshad had the will to chase his dream.  



Turning that dream into reality however, was not an easy feat.  He was an outsider looking for a way in.  Mr. Pune contest had been a plus point, as he had a portfolio which was helpful, to say the least.  Upon moving to Mumbai, he decided to participate in the Grasim Mr. India contest as he'd always wanted to, and worked gruesomely for a year to prepare for it. 



Meanwhile, he also successfully bagged the role of Karan in Mamta (though, not because of his acting skills), and the sets of Mamta served as a make-shift acting school for him, where he learned the very nuances of the profession.  Defeat in Grasim soon followed an end to his stint in Mamta.  Though he was disappointed that his hard work, in the end didn't pay off, as he was so sure it would, he didn't give up.




Soon, he was back on the small screen assaying the role of Cadet Ali Baig, in Tony and Deeya Singh's Left Right Left, which went on to be a big hit.  Perhaps it was Harshad's ability to relate to Ali that helped him reach new heights of success in LRL. Perhaps it was hard work - or maybe both.  Whatever the reason, all that mattered then, was that he was finally beginning to see himself where he had always imagined he'd be. 


    With a sizeable fan base behind him (one that he was, for the most part uninformed about at the time), he went on to sign Sony's hatke drama Amber Dhara in fall of 2007.  Though short-lived, he left a lasting mark as the suave, romantic Akshat, and caught the eye of many more fans worldwide.



Thought things seemed to be heading in the right direction...Harshad soon faced problems.  He too had his share of  controversaries, like any other actor in the limelight. Towards the end of 2007, at the ripe age of 24, he found himself in the middle of a bitter misunderstanding - one which he went on to handle with a great sense of maturity.  Despite going through a tough phase personally, he let his work speak for itself, took the controversy in his stride, and wrapped up his commitment to LRL with utmost dignity in early 2008.



 Back to square one.  Or was it? Soon, he got his big break from Balaji Telefilms and was donned Ekta Kapoor's new "chocolate boy".  He was to assay the role of the lead protagonist, Prem, in the story of an eternal, predestined love: Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil.


Prem took off, and launched Harshad to an even higher plateau, one of more fame, and many many more fans.  In Harshad's own words, "If Ali and Akshat were the beginning of it, Prem is the twinkling star."  Prem is a star indeed, but he is so, because of the man, the star, that brings him to life.   

    Prem is the perfect son, brother, jeevan saathi, the perfect human being.  A pure hearted soul that values his relationships above all else and will go to the ends of the world for his loved ones. 


A perfect character sketch, that has been portrayed not only with utmost finesse and uncanny flawlessness, but a deep level of honesty as well.  An honesty and sincerity that comes from within.

One that only Harshad could achieve, because he undoubtedly shares so many of Prem's qualities, and therefore so much of Prem seems to come naturally from within him. 


Its hard not to adore, or fall in love with Harshad's portrayal of Prem.  And so, in October of 2008, when, at the height of Prem's popularity, the character was brought to his demise (October 2nd, to be exact), and Harshad was told his time in Desh was over, it was difficult (to say the least), to understand why.




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Appearances in 2008


Moments of Joy, Laughter, Smiles and Tears in SBS
Pictures :

SBS Videos :
(a few of them...)



4th Jan


19th Dec

12th Dec



1st Nov

Diwali Dhamaka


31st Oct

29th Oct



11th Oct

8th Oct

1st Oct

27th Sept

8th Sept

22nd June

Monsoon Special

Harshad Bday Celebration

HC & AG on SBS

On Mata ki Chowki Shoot

Regarding MB

Harshad wishing everyone Happy Diwali

7th Aug

May 17th

Nach Baliye

Pictures :


Kolkata Auditions


Harshad Chopda performs to Jaane Kyun

13th Dec


Talash - e - baliye Introduction





SPA Hulchul hui Dance

SPA Rehearsal








Other Public Appearances :










Rang de india

Jo jeeta woh hi Superstar dance
DRK nagada Dance
DRK Musical Dance
SBS makar Sankranti Celebration


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"Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End..."
Ask any fan of HC, and they will tell you how hard October 2008 was . It felt as though history was repeating itself for Harshad as just a year hence, he had faced similar turmoil.  However, after the initial sorrow and anger, with the support of friends (fellow Desh/HC fans), and some words of encouragement from Harshad himself, we were able to pull ourselves together. 




(Harshad, we were then, and always will be, blown away by your act of selflessness and giving that day ... when you yourself needed reassurance, you consoled us, and gave us the encouragement we needed to do what we had to do.  We can never thank you enough for that.)  Soon, we pulled together and used every medium we could think of to fight the forces that had taken our beloved Prem from us. 




    December 17th...a prayer was answered...a long awaited wish, finally fulfilled, as we watched our Prem, 'The Prem', grace the screen again.  It felt as though we had won a battle.  Prem means a lot to Harshad, and so, all that mattered then was that all else forgotten, he was, eventually brought back, never mind whether he had memory loss or a complete mental and physical makeover.  The tiffs forgotten, it was time now, for a new beginning.  It's like they say, all's well that ends well.     



    So whether Harshad assays the role of Prem or Gaurav Sharma is of least importance.  What matters now is what lies ahead.  
What we see on screen now may be an unfamiliar person hiding behind a familiar face.  However, one thing that is for certain, is that Gaurav is none other than our beloved Prem.  It was evident when he saved his Heer in Rajasthan, and when his hand lingered over hers as he placed Rishab's wedding band in her hand.  It was evident when Gaurav spoke of managing and money, and the end result.  The same Prem indeed, but new beginnings nonetheless. 


A new beginning as Prem once and for all fights to remove the negative forces from his family's life - silently, selflessly, from the sidelines.





    And so with a new beginning for Prem comes a new beginning for Harshad, as he continues to climb higher on his ladder to success.  The new year will see Harshad assay yet another hatke role as he sheds the suits for a more casual look as Gaurav Sharma in Desh. 


He will not only continue to acquire a place for himself in the hearts of many more fans as Prem, but will also dance his way into the hearts and homes of the masses as he searches for his "baliye" in Star Plus' hit reality dance show Nach Baliye 4. 




    Harshad is undoubtedly one of the most sought after actors on television today.  He has, through sheer hard work and determination, in such a short time propelled himself to dizzying heights of success.  With each passing day, he has challenged himself to work harder, pushed himself to do better.  All of this hard work has paid off thus far, and we are sure it will continue to do so in the future.  Congratulations, HC, on the accolades you've won thus far.  We look forward to many more in the years to come.

    Harshad, your hard work, humility, sincerity, and purity are an inspiration to all.  We wish you all the very best that life has to offer, and will support you indefinitely.  Thank you, for being the incredible person that you are; for everything that you unknowingly do for us; for giving us countless reasons to smile, each and every day.  May this year see your every wish, every dream fulfilled.

Wishing you love, happiness, success, and prosperity. God Bless You. 




Dear Harshad,

I sit here trying to write a message for you and my mind is completely blank. So like always, I shall let my heart do the talking and thoughts pour as they flow. Someone, once told me that life challenges arent supposed to paralyze you but are supposed to help you discover who you truly are. The last one year, I guess taught all of this (not just you) and much more. The year may have passed , as the seconds ticked away, but the biggest take away, through it all was the learning and the experience. We learnt how to survive, we learnt how to stay in the battle and we learnt how to fight. We learnt to overcome all odds. Most of all we learnt to grow, with each other, smiling, laughing and wiping each others tears.

I guess I have to thank you, deep down, for if it was not for you, may be last year for me, wouldnt have been so beautiful. It was beautiful for I came in contact with the FC - a place which has now become my second home. Trust me, I get withdrawal symptoms, when  I dont log on here. It was special,  for Kis Desh gave us many reasons to smile and laugh.

Sure, last year, like life, had its plusses and minuses but you know what the beautify of those plus and minues were? It is that they multiplied an n number of times to give an sense of relief, joy and satisfaction along with strength, courage and hope. Hope, the only things that holds the world.

May be it was this hope that some of us had, that bought you back in the show that we all loved. May be it was the inner will. Strange no, that if you have the will and the hope, then things go as per plan. Most of all, true to what the serial propogates, it was destiny. You were never destined to leave Kis Desh, and hence you never left (flashbacks?).

If killing of PREM was a low, then the high ,undoubtedly has been a constrating character like GAURAV.  It gives one the flexibility to improvise - doesnt it? Gaurav - Ah, what do I say about him. He is cute, he is charming, he is funny. He is arrogant, he is full on attitude and he has style. Quite a variety no!. Whether as Gaurav or then as Prem, its great to see you on TV. Kya karein, yeh dil mangta hai more. Where Gaurav is concerned, then I guess we as fans tend to suffer from my friend calls is severe identity crisis - used to seeing an actor in one role and cant take them in any other role. All great actors  - tv and movies, past and present have gone through the cycle - So, Chin Up Please and Smile Harshad! Its not your fault. (We know they are things like script, story , the editing, all of which had us pulling our hair, things which are totally beyond your preview)

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Hope each day for you is a new year, each day brings a sense of satisfaction, joy and smile to you. May be achieve even further away from the stars....Rock On. We are there with you.


Dear Harshad,
First and foremost, wishing you a Very Happy New Year.  Last year had its ups and downs, no doubt, but I think the best thing about it was that you really did achieve that higher plateau that you had aimed for. Congratulations, on finally seeing yourself where you had always dreamed you'd be.  Not everyone can say that they achieved all that they had truly aspired for.  I can't imagine how good that must feel, but I can say, that it is a sheer pleasure to see you where you belong - at the heights of success.   

Last year was incredible in its own right, as it introduced us all (yourself included) to Prem.  For me it goes beyond that, for last year introduced me to you and this FC, and thus, to some people that are now very dear to me. 
Among other things, I shall forever be indebted to you for this.  It is no secret that Prem holds a special place in your heart, as he does for the masses.  For me, he is special, because he seems to embody all that is good and pure, and stands for the very values and principles that we live by.  But much more than just that, he is special because he introduced me to some incredible human beings, that are, in many ways, no less good and pure than he himself.
Its been an incredible journey of 8 months.  Yes, last year had its hard times'but lets not forget the golden moments.  The accolades you won just a few months into Prem, and, in the end, how you were able to rise above the controversy, for a second time, as history repeated itself for you.  The moments that stand out for me, are the moments when you proved yourself a winner time and again.  You are, and always have been, a fighter; you've held your ground in the face of adversity time and again, that too with utmost dignity.  It is these qualities which help you bounce back every time.  Just know that we are extremely proud of you.  Your hard work, humility, sincerity, self-confidence, and determination will take you far.  You have a long way to go.  We'll be with you every step of the way.  May the new year afford you with love, happiness, success, and prosperity.  Wishing you all the very best, now and always.  God Bless You.
Love, Payal

Hello Harsh Bhaiya...

A very very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!!

May this year give you more success than what you received last year.  May your career rise higher and higher, and I'm sure you'll get loads of awards this year for all your hard work.

2008 offered us with you as Prem.  What more could we ask for?  It has been a wonderful year for us to see you on screen, and that too as the perfect THE Prem.  Today Prem is one amongst us without whom a day does not pass.  If it hadn't been for your effort and hard work you put into the role, if you hadn't portrayed Prem so well, we would have never loved him the same.  Thank you so much bhaiya for your effort for us fans.  2008 gave you 3 awards in official and one biggest award, ie the love of your fans.  I'm sure that this very special award of our love for you will only go increase and you'll reach great heights in this prosperous new year.  My good wishes and prayers always be with you.

Wishing all success for you in 2009.

Love Nandini


Dear Harshad
Wishing you a very Happy New Year. May all your dreams and aspirations come true in this year and may you reach new heights of success and popularity. 

I can't express my happiness in words as I welcome you back in the show.  It's as if , a new lease of life has been re-instigated in me.  It was two long months of wait, with no positive news of your return but nevertheless we never let the hope dwindle that you will be back and here we are at last, all our prayers answered. Welcome Back Harshad. Welcome back as PREM (for me you'll always be my PREM) although you may call yourself Gaurav now but deep within I live with the hope that you're our very own prem.
To end all I'll say is, when you are lonely - I wish you love, when you are down - I wish you joy, when you are troubled  - I wish you peace, when things seem empty - I wish you hope.
Take care
Love always

Happy New Year Harshad,
May this year be fulfilled with loads and loads of happiness for you. Keep smiling 365 days of the year and may you achieve new heights of success. Hope you get what you couldn't in 2008. May all your wishes and desires come true, one of which you mentioned in SBS : girls chasing you  and you getting mobbed by loads of them.

Sidney Smith once  said :  "Resolve to make at least one person happy every day, and then in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy, or brightened a small town by your contribution to the fund of general enjoyment," but you make millions of people smile and happy through your small gestures and actions. Keep smiling. Big smile

I must say your new look in Kis Desh is Fabulous, Awesome,Mindblowing... Clap, love the head bands, jackets, gel in hair, gogs and specially the scarf. Day DreamingThe whole look is a complete contrast from the seedha sadha Prem and its a delight to see you perform a role that is completely opposite to the character that you have been enacting and we have grown to love. Gaurav Sharma is a cool dude indeed - love his attitude. Day Dreaming

Keep Rocking Forever,

Heylo Big smile *waves*
The new year has begun with a new chapter, namely the new and improved Prem/Gaurav. Its a very good oppurtunity for you to explore new dimensions and new shades and experiment with your acting, expressions and of course the look...

We are happy that have this opportunity to see you  back in the show. Somehow, being used to The Prem avtaar, hazam nahi hoing. LOLThe only option we have as of now, is to wait and watch because our brain cells are hurting -  thinking and predicting - Prem or not Prem...Memory Loss or No Memory Loss...hehe...so its better to put Mr. Brain to rest for a while.LOL

Anyhow we are still hoping and looking forward to some interesting and a little more fast paced track with some really good scenes like the old thudalicious Premeer moments *sigh*... and we really miss The Prem = The Perfect Prem.

But then I guess our complaining and khush hoing cycle wud go on.
Welcome back once again.
Hopefully we will be able to say welcome back to The Prem sooon too. We miss him.

Lots of Best wishes for this new year from all of us at FC Big smile

A New Year Wish for you :

May the dawning of this New Year,
Open up for you new horizons,
Fill your heart with new hopes
and bring for you
Promises of brighter tomorrows!
Wishing you happiness and prosperity in the New Year!
May it bring for you promises of
New dreams to fulfil,
New goals to reach &
New joys to discover!

ppy New Year
Wishing you a new year full of sunshine and warmth
A new year full of rainbow hues and smiles
A new year where you shine like a star!

Loads of Good Wishes & Prayers,

 Hi Harshad,
"Tumhe Pataa Hai Prem... Jab Mujhe Pataa Chala Ki Tum Nahi Rahein,

Toh Mere Andar Kuch Marr Sa Gaya Tha, Lekin Dhadkane Dhadak Rahi Thi,

Main Samajh Gayi Ki Tum Kahin Nahi Gayein,

Samajh Gayi Main Ki Aggar Mera Dil Dhadak Rahaa Hai Toh Tumhara Dil Bhi Dhadak Rahaa Hoga Kahin Na Kahin"

Dukh Hai Iss Baat ka Ki Tumhe Kuch Yaad Nahi,

Lekin Dukh Se Bada Sukh Hai Ki Tum Zinda Ho"

We all India-Forums HCFC Members are great fan of yours. I am so Happy bout ur re-entry in Kis Desh. Your Performance as Gaurav is Awesome and Brilliant. It is a total makeover.  

To tell you truthfully, I liked you more as The Prem - Our Prem. Your face was introduced to me as Prem in one of the Fanclubs Signatures and thats the first time I saw you.
Please don't work too hard because the tiredness shows on your face. Keep up the good work and be yourself - we love you this way and remember that WE are always there with you to share your sorrows and Happiness. Embarrassed 

Here are my VM's I dedicated to you -





Regards & Lots of Love,

Shabnam Smile


Hey Harshad

May This Year Bring You lots Of Success, Good Luck, Prosperity, and Love.  May you keep smiling every day of the year. Koi bhi tension tumse milon duur rahe.  May you acheive all that you wish for and much much more in this year.  Wishing You a Year of New Hopes, New Beginnings, New Joy!

I am very very Happy, Harshad that you are back In Kis Desh. Whatever turn the story takes, for me its important that you are in the show.  And what do I say about Your New Look?  Its Super Cool and we are loving it.

You know when I saw you as Akshat, He (Akshat) had become my all time favourite "Harshad look" and I always wished to see you in such a young mischeivious role again. 

Now after seeing you as Gaurav, my wish has been more than fulfilled...YOU ROCK MAN!!!

Character wise I have always loved Prem the most.  You know Prem....Sorry 'THE PREM' (As said by Raksha) had an impact on my life...Prem was the character which I have always dreamt of,  to be,  for the Man in my life.  I feel I have known Prem all my life - so you can understand what it has meant to me. 

Mr. Prem Juneja...A Perfect Man...A Man of Principles.  A Man of Dignity...A Man who loved his family and his love equally....and most importantly, a Man with True Love in his Heart.  He is a man who never differentiated between people, a man who loved his stepmom more than his own mom.  Prem's relationship with Gayatri Maa is one of the most important things that makes Prem my most favourite character 'til date.  Last but not the least Prem's True and Pure Love for Heer...which is hard to find in this kalyug. 

I must say Harshad that you were made to Play the character of Prem; and Prem, the character, was made for you.  Because Prem cant be without Harshad  at all.  You do full justice to the character.  Hats Off to you. 

I bet no one can play it like you do, and you know why you do it so well?  Because you are in many ways like Prem. A Simple Man...who is very special in his own ways...who thinks about others more than himself...who will hurt himself 100 times than hurt anyone one time.  Who is an angel in many peoples lives....Who will cry himself but make other people smile...
Thats Our Mr Harshad Chopda
I am very Proud of You....Really very very proud!!!  And so are Many more fans of yours all over the world. 
I hope you will realize now by Talsah-E-Baliye that your fans are very crazy about you and what a huge fan following you have..

A few lines for you from all of us - they really suit you a lot...

Jo din mein taaare waare de jaga tu hi hain
Jo rote rote de hasa tu hi hain wahi
Jaane kyu dil janta hain tu hain toh [we] (fans) will be ALRIGHT

'Caus when you smile for [us] the world seems all right
Yeh [humari] zindagi pal mein hi khil jaye jaane kyu?
Jane kyu dil janata hain tu hain toh [we'll] be alright!!!

Lots Of Love, Blessings, Respect, and Best Wishes...





Welcome Back Prem....
I really dont know how to put into words How I Feel...everytime I wanna write this message for you I start crying and then I stop writing...

You know I was already mentally prepared for the demise Of Prem... But deep in my heart I knew That Prem didnt Die... Prem Cant Die....If Prem has died then what we saw,  Our The Prem   was not TRUE

gar Maut aayi bhi toh usey wapas jaana honga....
 Prem ke Pyar ke aagey Maut ko harna honga....

 Our The Prem was the heart and soul of the Show....

Without Him the show was definitely going to sink ...and It did. The TRP's went down immediatel. I was shocked as well as happy to see the response of your fans all over the world...India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Sinagpore, Malaysia, Saudi...You name the country and you have fans there. Everywhere there were petitions to Bring You AND ONLY YOU BACK AS PREM....I felt so so proud of You Harshad...I cant tell you...
You made Prem a integral part of our life..There is only one Prem for me and that is HARSHAD CHOPDA.. Before whenever I used to hear the word Prem it used remind me of Salman Khan In MPK. But now Its Only Harshad our THE PREM....And Thank God to the creatives that they showed you in Heer's  dream always.... I used to Pray...kash...kash aaj yeh dream na ho...sach mein Prem hi ho...But it never happened....
I used to hunt every telly news I could to find if there was any sign  of your comeback....and at last I came to know from Tellybuzz that you are coming back...I can't tell how happy I was....Us din Humare vishwas ki jeet huyi thi....woh vsihwas jo hume apne dil per tha ki Prem nahi mar sakte...

Then the Promos were shown....and It was confirmed that    you are coming.....I felt like standing on top of mountain and shouting that     

PREM IS ALIVE.. HE IS BACK!!! Whether you come with Amnesia Or some Other Problem...It doesn't matter....The only Thing I was Looking for was Prem's comeback....and Today The 17th of Dec 2008 will be a special day of my life... I have got many days to celebrate in Dec...This one would be special too.....PREM CAME BACK!!!!
Today Initially when I saw the scene I knew Heer was dreaming....I thought Arey yaar yeh Prem heer ke alawa kisi aur ko kyu nahi  dikhte.....and Then you talked to Other People asking them for directions...and I started Crying....At last the Real PREM was BACK....Prem Tumne Bahot sataya Bahot rulaya...aaj bhi rula diya... Par tumhari har baat sir aankho per. Tu hain toh sab kuch hain na koi kami hain....

When I saw you today I realised  How much I missed You.. I was just consoling myself everyday that be happy don't cry but all my tears came out when I saw you back Today....That time I really came to know how much you were missed. I always believed...
Prem toh Kis Desh ki nas nas mein basa hain Aur Kis Desh Prem ke bina adhura hain....

October 2, 2008....

A day we will never forget'the day our beloved Prem was taken from us.

A day that left us, in short, devastated...weeping.

Soon, I had convinced myself that it was going to be okay'that life would go on, without Prem...

I had convinced myself that the wonderful person behind the face of Prem would only move on to bigger and better, and therefore, he had to say alvida to Prem, and so, we would as well.

I was bitter, no doubt, but then, it was just easy to turn my attention to other things...thankfully, other responsibiliteis and priorities presented themselves, and I was able to easily take my mind off of a once loved character, Prem.

I will not say that I did not miss him terribly from time to time, but I had convinced myself that he was NOT coming back.  Perhaps part of me didn't want him to...?

But I always had good friends to tell me that he would be back...to force me, to keep even the smallest ounce of faith and hope alive within me.  Good friends, that always, unlike myself, believed that THE PREM that we knew would never simply accept defeat in the face of a few flames'they're right...I would think...they are absolutely right...THE Prem we knew would never accept defeat like that...would Never sit and await his own demise...would never accept that he was soon to die'would never leave his Heer after he had, just one day hence, promised her forever together.

Still, I didn't fully believe that the forces responsible would be kind enough to bring him back to us...

But as I saw him show up in Heer's imagination, and saw, that HC was still assaying the role, in a sense, somewhere along the line, I too began to hope...albeit not as enthusiastically as my friends, but I had finally begun to see that yes, perhaps there was still a light at the end of the tunnel'perhaps HC as The Prem would come back...and perhaps, this time, for good?

And soon, the rumor mills began churning...
And finally, last week, we were given a boon...
A Preview, of none other than HC as Prem running through the dunes of Rajasthan...
A Preview that we watched earnestly for over a week...
Waiting for the day when it would, at last, materialize...

December 17, 2008....

I can't begin to describe how it feels.  It was beginning to feel as though this day would never come.  I feel as though I owe my friends a Thank You, for not losing hope...and for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel as though I owe the Almighty a Thank You for a prayer answered'a wish fulfilled. 

I must admit that I could not stop the tears from flowing today, when at long last, I could rest assured that HC was finally back, as Prem...

And, when I heard the words to the title track changed today, as "ISS Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil" echoed in my ears, this time, I knew, that The Prem was indeed, back for good. 

I feel as though I am on top of the world.  Everything seems to have finally fallen into place...things simply seem right. 

At long last, our beloved The Prem is back...Indeed he did Not accept defeat so easily in that fire'Indeed he fought, to be able to keep a promise to his Heer...to his Family...
When I finally saw his shadow emerge from behind the flames today, I couldn't help but think that he had risen from the ashes, like a phoenix...my heart skipped a beat as I saw his frame come into focus as a silent "thank you" escaped my lips...

Its indescribable...I am, in short, completely content, and so very thankful, to everyone who has a hand in making this day possible. 

Welcome back, Prem.  You were truly, very missed...Desh, was incomplete with out you...as were we...

Harshad, I know you never really went anywhere, so a "Welcome Back" doesn't really seem fitting.  However, I can't tell you how good it is to see you back as Prem, and not just in Heer's imagination.  For your sake, I am glad things worked out, because I know how much Prem means to you and how much of yourself you have given to him - how much of your heart and soul you gave to this character...how much hard work you've put into into.  I know that you never truly wanted the character to die, and so, for your sake, I am glad that today, Prem is alive and well.  Congratulations to you, on new beginnings, yet again.  I wish you all the very best for the journey ahead.  You have yet to go far...Remember, We are with you every step of the way.

Love and God Bless Always,

Hi Harshad,

I think enough is said about my awkwardness in writing such messages...but what to do...I am doing it again nevertheless...Big smile....In fact right now I am all excited and ecstatic about your returning to the KDMHMD as our beloved Prem...The Prem indeed...Returning may not be the right word, as we never felt like you have left the show in the first place...This show IS yours through and through and it shows in each and every character and frame and dialog...

I hope you realize today you are amongst the top league in the tele industry and one of the most sought after actors we have in the teledom....Your popularity is immense and we are all so proud to be your fans...not only because of the fact that you are such a talented and handsome actor, but also because the gentleman that you are....Right here in the India-Forums...the articles about you are the most read ones than any other actor...Thats a huuuge proof right there, of your popularity!!!!

So very glad to see you back in action...Thank you for sticking to Kis desh...and not letting it go when they tried to play TRP stunts with you....It really showed the strength of your character....God will bless you abundantly just for this one awesome quality of yours....Clap....

Looking forward to you awesome and sterling performances yet again and Prem's sizzling chemistry with Heer....And hopefully the memory loss or whatever it was is not dragged too much...I am sure you will manage to keep our interest intact regardless and make everything well worth it for us....

And last but not the least...I hope you are still visiting the FC...Big smile

First and Foremost: WELCOME BACK HARSHADHug

of Kis Des.  The name that became the household name from the day it was introduced in the serial on 12 march 2008 and soooo popular in such a short span of time.  PREM JUNEJA is a fictional character, but Harshad you have put life in it and made it alive by your commendable and fantabulous performances in every scene; may it be as a son, a brother, a lover, a business man, a player, a detective, you rocked in every scene that is why it is very apt to call you an all-rounder.  Clap

PREM made special place in the heart of people of every age group which was evident from the awards that you bagged: "Best new comer" and "Best  jodi" in just two months of the serial being on air.  ClapClapClap  Also an award from the New Talent Hunt Show ClapClapClap Your character was also stretched from two months 'til six months.  We all were worried because in the story line it was mentioned prem will go, but seriously i had thought that creatives will make changes regarding it seeing the popularity of PREM but still they went ahead with that terrible, gross track.

the news that spread like a fire in forest cause everyone was shocked ki why BT were making such a popular character exit from the show.  Prem was the reason why many people used to watch the serial.  I still remember we all were soo sad, angry and broken with the news but your message did the charm and we all were smiling a little...and then finally the D-DAY had come...2 OCT 2008. DeadDead  Worst day ever in history of Kis Des. Angry  I could'nt even make myself watch it...I cried worse than a baby.

I couldn't believe PREM HAD GONE! Cry  THE ALIVIDA to Heer which you said before leaving for Dehli made my heart break like anything. Cry  And you came to Gayatri to say "chalta hun maa" and then to heer asking her whether you can leave...Cry  To make the matters more disgusting that stupid advertisement...AngryAngry  I had never been so angry and hurt in my life ever. Angry  Later we came to know that they were still showing Prem through flashbacks.  I watched all the flashbacks just to catch a glimpse of premEmbarrassed 

We all were angry - very angry but then raksha's scolding brought our brains back to work and made us use our anger in constructive ways and then we started signing petitions our motto being FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Big smile till they are orced to bring you back at jet speed! LOL  BOYCOTT Kis Des jis mein thodi cheating we did to see the flashbacks EmbarrassedLOL  Two months passed and now we got the news we have been waiting from Oct: PREM JUNEJA - THE PHS IS BACK Dancing

When i first got this news i was literally jjumping on my couch, to my bed, in all the rooms of my home!!  LOL  Finally in the PRECAP, they showed PREM KI DHAMAKEDAAR ENTRYDay Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming....just can't wait to see you back on screen, and waiting anxiously for the first scene after to months.  Tongue

Its all our COLLECTIVE FANPOWER and effort which has made this possible.  Just can't wait 2 see you back to make the screen burn with your presence!  Tongue  Sab se pehle I want to see the union scene between Gayatri Maa and Prem followed by Preet, Heer, Lalit and the rest of the Juneja clan. Tongue

Missed uuuuuuu sooooooooo much Harshad!!!  But ab dukh ke din beet gayee and now is the time to party and rejoice!! Party Once again WELCOME BACK HARSHAD!!!!  Hug


Dear Harsh Bhaiya,

Words fall short when it comes to writing messages on page 1 on your FCs.....at the very thought of a new FC many things come in mind...but when it comes to actually writing....nothing comes out....But its different now...for a speacial reason....

You are back on screen....to play one of your most fav and unique characters: THE Prem....

What to say about Prem's journey?  He is Mr.Perfect in every sense.  For a person like Prem to exist in real life is very very hard, and thats the reason Prem has taken a very special place in all our hearts....Prem is unique.  His goodness, simplicity and innocence make us love him more....as a brother, as a son, as a lover, as a husband....anything......

When Prem's character ended, it was like...someone went far from us.....it was so hard and impossible to digest the truth that Prem was indeed dead in the show...but that doesn't mean he's gone....we can bring him back....we want him back....without him...everything seemed so void...and here...the D Day has arrived...

Our hopes worked out....you are back with us now..to say "hi" to us everyday on Tv....back on screen to rock the show...Prem is back for his Heer....and the liveliness of the show is just going up......and I am sure....THE Prem will always be THE Prem...till the end.....

And Harsh Bhaiya, hearty congrats on making it back to the show...and all my prayers and good luck for you in the coming days!!!

May God Bless You with Lots of Success...

Love Nandini


Okay well first of all I am completely speechless (in happiness of course) because of today's SPECIAL episode of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil. I am not sure how to put my happiness into words since there is no possible way to emote so much in just writing. The most horrible day was on October 2, 2008! I cried like there was no tomorrow, thinking that all my motivation and happiness in life had disappeared in that 30 minutes. Harshad (Prem) was pretty much my whole life. My whole life revolved revolved around him. When I was down that was the only thing that would bring a smile to my face I was in depression thinking how they could do something like that. It must have been a dream...no one could take Prem away from me/us! I was in major denial, knowing deep down he would never be gone. Wherever I went eyes closed, eyes open, sleeping, awake I knew Prem was always there because he isn't something that can be removed. Yes, we might've not seen him for quite some time, but Prem Juneja lived in the hearts of people all over the world. I did not lose hope throughout the long wait and anticipation. Now here I am 2 months and 15 days from October 2...

December 17! The day that has brought me to now words, a new happiness that has spread inside me. I want to laugh again, I want to dream again.... I want to live again! Our...THE PREM JUNEJA has returned into Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil! It has been months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and moments since I have been waiting for this very day, to see the reason why I smile back. My heart was pounding in silence, the music was blaring, my eyes were staring deeply into the screen as the man I worship ran in black. Just like October 2, I cried today. These tears that came to me are rare though. They were tears of immense joy and excitement. I jumped up and screamed, but sat back down with my eyes glued to the t.v. not noticing that I had stopped blinking and breathing all together. What else can I say I went into shock! A tall, built, incredibly good looking man in black running as all I knew was that my heart was saying "Yes! My Prem is back!...Forever!" The background music even made this one episode memorable. Harshad looked amazingly gorgeous. His eyes spoke volume as the same expression washed over his face, while so many thoughts were running in my mind and I was going through a roller coaster of emotions. I don't want to keep speaking because I don't have much to say other  than the essence and life this one day had brought to me again. It feels easier to breathe, it's effortless to laugh, it's natural to live. Prem you are back without a doubt, though it never felt like you were gone. There is no way the journey you have taken us on can be summed up in words or feelings. The best part is that this isn't even close to the end it's just the beginning. So today I will dance, sing, jump, laugh, live knowing you are here for good and will remain with me forever!


"Prem's comeback"; when for the first time I heard these words from a friend of mine who messaged me n told me about it, I was not in a state of reacting for few seconds.....then when I was back to normal and I started to dance, to roam around my room with a huge smile on my face.  People around me were literally shocked to see me in this kind of state.....its all because of the One and only, who is a true Artist, an awesome human being, he is so adorable, cute, handsome, hot, a true Rockstar, and my list will never ever end like this so let me sum it up that, that Guy is none other than Harshad Chopda!!!! From him I have learned what is meant by the word Prem; he has made me sooo crazy and my craziness has no limits!!!  Whenever from who so ever I hear this word 'Prem' only Harshad strikes in my mind and when I heard he was coming back to the show I could only think more and more hot and Chocolatey scenes of Harshad Chopda being Prem!!!

I was really upset when I heard Prem would be leaving the show but now when I heard he is making his comeback I am on the 7th Sky......its all because of the creatives and Harshad....so i really thank them with all my heart....and Thank you sooo much Harshad for doing this wonderful role and entering my life as a Prem in KDMHMD....i have really missed you so much but now me, and I know all your Fans out there in this world, don't want you to vanish again from our
television screens.  Once again a big thank You.  May God Always Bless You with His wonderful Blessing and May You Always Keep Smiling and killing all the girls with your killer smile...and may you get all those things which you really want and wish for.
                     Keep Rocking this World!!!
                             With Love

Welcome back Prem.
                     Feels like it has been centuries since Prem's death scene .
October 2nd 2008, the day when we were all sad, too depressed.  Since then days remained incomplete for me with no Prem to watch out for.  I tired to move on with my feeling that loved ones never die and with the a faint hope that "Prem" will return.
The course of our wait was painful at times especially when we used to discuss the best Prem scenes.  We missed Prem and wished he was alive.
We always kept him alive in our memories.
After all,

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose"

We never wanted to lose Prem.

Diwali Rishton Ki and Star Pariwaar's Ek Jalak did bring a smile to our faces because we got to see Harshad on TV...Both the programs were a treat for our eyes.
We spent days watching out for any articles or interviews about Harshad coming  back as Prem in Kis Desh.  By the end of November articles about Prem's come back started floating around starting with the Tellybuzz article. Our spirits were renewed with the news, but somewhere I had this insecure feeling about Prem's comeback.
Thanks to all my friends for their reassurance.
The precap shown on the 10th of December put an end to all our speculations about Harshad's comeback in Kis Desh.
I remember I was so excited, happy, and jumping out of joy about the fact that we are actually going to see Harshad in Kis desh again.
From what we have seen from the Precap Prem's entry is gonna be super

We were fighting for Prem's return. It'll go down in history as how we brought our Prem back by quiting the show and making the TRPs fall.  And not to forget the amount of petitions and mails we sent.  I'm very thankful for this to all the Kis Desh viewers and Harshad fans as that has made all the difference.
Now the point is Harshad is back as Prem.  Prem is back to make us smile with his smile again. I'm sure all those beautiful things lost in the midst of time  (not entirely lost though) will be regenerated.

Harshad for you:

May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

~Irish Blessing


ClapWelcome Back Harshad Big smile
All's Well That Ends Well:

One day afternoon while surfing the net, I came across one picture of a Guy. The face looked very familiar to me. The very first thing I noticed on his face were these two eyes sending a silent message to me of his Innocence. That picture was of none other than Mr. HARSHAD CHOPDA. I immediately saved it as my Desktop background. Next thing I did was to google his name and found out that he is a lead Actor in KDMHMD show and he is to exit the show soon. I decided to peek at the on going episode. Unfortunately that was the episode of 3rd October, Yes the last few moments of Prem. I found his voice so mesmerizing. Although not attached to the show yet I was amazed to see his dialog delivery and facial expressions.  Instantly I thought that this Man will reach heights. I began my mission to catchup with the whole story from very 1st episode and watch more of his work. I was already magnetized towards Harshad and his acting after watching him on screen for 48 hrs continuously.Embarrassed
 I joined this wonderful link India-forums.com just to be a part of Harshad's Fan Club. Here I came much more closer to Harshad, Prem's Character and HCFC members. Then to find out that we won't be able to see him anymore was a heart breaking news to me and all HC fans. I was completely disheartened, yet I pacified myself thinking if one door closes then another door opens which will be full of happiness. Thanks to all Harshadians especially Yassu who never lost hope nor let us lose hope. She was always optimistic saying Prem will be back. But we didn't know when the day would come when Harshad would glow again on screen.
The wait was for 2 long months. He did show up on KDM in flashback scenes but still I was not fully satisfied. We wanted to see him everyday to bring smiles on our faces. His fans all around the globe including HCFC sent millions of request letters to BT and sent petitions online to bring him back on the show but we believed what he said, "I was told this is it, Prem will not come back". We used to wait anxiously everyday to get some news, any news on HC's new project. I myself used to hunt for every little HC news online. Somehow in between he did made our day through SBS Interviews, Diwali performances, Magazine interviews etc. We all at FC would hold on to his each & every little appearance & articles to keep him alive at IF HCFC. There were Lot of Rumors and wrong articles posted for which we were fuming with anger but Harshad was not affected at all. And his reply to all these rumors & articles inspired us to be patient and keep it cool.
Finally a small blow of wind came with a news that Harshad will be back in the show. We couldn't count on this news because many times they have turned out to be rumors as has happened in the past. First it was on one article, then on another, and slowly this news became to headline of every Tele news. Finally our sad days came to an end. It was truly confirmed that he is re-entering KDM for good. I could only dream of that day when we shall see his re-entry.
A day came when the First promo was aired of Heer unconscious in the desert and a blurry image emerging from the hot dessert running towards her. Although the face was not shown but with no doubt my mind could picture it as Harshad. It was a soothing & wonderful feeling to have Prem back in our lives. When I saw his first shadow on the sand, I was literally Clapping, Colorful butterflies started floating around in my stomach again. Dec 17th 2008 will be remembered by all of us was a day when a big smile came to all of our faces with a sigh of relief. There he was emerging from the fire. Prem's demise and homecoming will be written in golden letters on each of our hearts to give strength n courage to Harshad and to assure him that we are here as a backbone support to help him reach sky heights.  I wish Harshad good luck for his bright future and Happy Holidays!!! Missed You a Lot. Take Care of Your Health.
Shabnam. Smile

It seems a lil odd to actually say welcome back when u never really said alvida dil se.....
Maybe also because personally its very difficult for me to let go and say bye... Infact I usually dont say bye.. I prefer.. Phir Milenge or cya soon!

I still remember when I first got to know we wud have to say bye to The Prem .... I was utterly shocked...  and like the rest refused to believe it and it did not sink in for quite a while... maybe because we dint really want it to sink in....

Somehow there was this little ray of hope that refused to go.... it helped the denial mode a lot...hehe
Eventually how the whole track  unfolded.... it dampened and shattered that hope.... =(

It was devestating to actually see the whole thing unfold infront of our eyes... Seeing a character... a love story so close to our hearts....  brought to such an abrupt end..... it broke our hearts....

But somewhere down the line we being the dheet-ly optimistic lot we areLOL... managed to get the ray of hope back in action and back in controlLOL and a lot of credit goes to all those staunch and die hard fans who truly did not give up.... kudos to each one of them!

Its so amazing how it literally started out into this movement.... with BT vs Us... we had to bring down the trps ... we had to bombard them with mails and petitions....We signed up with a million and one names and idsLOLEmbarrassed.... we mailed like we did never before... we did things we never did before... or we never even thought we wud doLOL... we had to prove a point... we were angry ... we were hurt.. we were annoyed...... and beyond everything we were so frustrated and upset and did not wish to be taken for a ride...

Plus we as HC fans were more hurt for you having to part with kdm and Prem the character u were so attached to and u loved to bits and the character u gave ur heart and soul to...Some things really hurt us beyond repair... some articles and ads Ouch=(....
It was just so unfair... that instead of giving Prem/HC and Premeer their due credit for the success of the show... they were rather being treated like this....

But then again all is well thats ends well.... And this kinda gives me a reassurance...
Ache logo kay saath humesha acha hi hota hai...
If you keep ur niyaat and intentions honest and pure... and you work hard.. give in ur 100% and keep the faith.... Sooner or Later it does pay off.....

Life is full of ups and downs.... and the downs are probably what teach us more... its just that we take our own sweet time to realize that at times...
Whats amazing is that after every darkness there is light... Har andheray may bhi roshni ki kiran hoti hai... Har aanth may bhi aik shuruaat chupi hoti hai...

This whole episode has actually strengthened our Faith! =)
Seeing the grand re-entry Prem has been given... and seeing you back on screen just brought this indescribable emotion... It just felt so right! Smile

Its would be unfair to describe in mere words... the excitement, the sheer elation and euphoria ur re-entry caused.... Just the articles mentioning the comeback, then the promos, the precap and then the actual episode...... It just saw an esclating level of excitement with each one of them.....  

Here is to a new beginning! Smile
A new beginning of a new chapter.. a new journey which would herald newer heights of success!

May Allah give all the success and happiness u deserve....
Zindagi ki har raah asaan hoti jaye.... Raaste khud hi manzil ki ore letay jaye..Big smileSmile
With loads of Best Wishes and Duas!

October 2nd, for me, was not the darkest day in Indian Television because they showed the death of the character.  BUT it was the darkest day because of the widespread hungama and publicity stunt surrounding Prems death, the sbs interviews, the ads and t.he numerous articles thereafter. We couldnt for the life of us understand, as to why BT was going on this overdrive mission of theirs to prove to us that Prem is gone and wont be back. But there was a huge mistake done in terms of the publicity overdrive, which just made us think that prem is alive - after all BT has never gone to an overdrive of sorts, actually out of their way to prove their point or then prove themselves or others wrong!! LOLLOLLOL
Wow, Prem was actually giving people sleepless nights!!LOLLOL I remember being in disbelief and denial and screaming it out aloud that prem was not dead. I remember discussing  in the FC and with raksha and sidra on msn and all three of us being of the consensus ki prem nahin mara. I remember the endless discussion and remember coming to a common area of agreement that there was a gap through which prem might have escaped... I remember thinking that prem could not have died for if prem was dead then heer was to die to, and  if heer was alive and was breathing meant prem was alive too.. and I also remember stopping my analysis for I lost the motivation to write - just couldnt get myself to write amidst the varied emotions running through our minds at that time.
For starters, we couldnt for the life of us believe, more importantly understand  the antics and ploy to get the trps up. We failed to fathom out and lost all capacity to reason out , this tactic - because our logical cells simply thought otherwise. We wondered, if a dawn in indian television, more importantly in Balaji would ever be there, and we knew on our part, that all we could do was hope and pray and await your return with abaited breath.
Our faith and belief of prem being alive only became stronger as we saw old dialogues and old episodes, and we knew that for prem to return something had to happen to heer.Big smileBig smile
October 2nd was the day, we very half heartedly were of the opnion that a character may have died (thanks to the numerous publicity stunts) but its soul lives on.... its the memory that counts , the memory and the soul of which was bought to life through heer.
In the interim period as we waited for prem to be back, prem and heer were the essence of the serial and seeing them with any other character but themselves would have been something that would be totally against what the show was trying to portray. It was only a matter of time for us, when prem would be back.
We wondered, if it was a good thing or a bad thing and we come to a conclusion that there is a reason to everything and perhaps in this, there would be a good thing too. The good thing I realize now is the affirmation of a promise that kis desh had always held upto,  the good thing is that you have sailed and all of us came out of it, together. The good thing was that we didnt stop believing and we didnt lose our faith in god and most imporantly in you.
There was actually a bad taste left thanks to some ads and some articles but then i guess it was the sheer strength we drew from you, that helped us stay together intact, helped us keep our heads together and binded us and made us firmer in our resolve to get you back... so with our chins up, and our hands on our heart, we held it on our own - for you. This was a good things we learned....
The whole episode taught us to be brave, it taught us that we need to cross those small stones to reach trhe horizons, that we need to think beyond the ordinary. It taught us that a man is the one who hold it on our own. So we drew our strength from you. - again a good thing the episode taught us.
To be honest, Some of us saw kis desh, for we knew thats what you would have wanted us to do. that some of us included me - ok, it may not have been as regular as i would have ordinarily watched, but i saw, and the little i saw, prem was bought to us through the feelings and emotions of other characters - so for us, prem didnt really go away, he was there, mentally, emotionally , chemically, spiritually ... but not physically... and since prem is special to us, we need to see him physically no... **flutttters her eyelashes** LOLLOLLOL
Kis desh was and is always be close to our hearts. A true depiction of how life is and close to reality is. The months thereafter, the rona dhona,bought back certain memories in life that I had long forgotten.. and hence after your alvida scene and the feeling thereafter that not knowing if it will be the last time, you ever talk to some one, we always made it a point to add - alvida, hum jaake aatein hain aur then alvida, phir milenge... The last few months was a void in our lives. Trps went down and so did peoples beliefs in the show.. I guess that was the power of the character of prem for there was always this heavy feeling and a heavy heart. 
Hence, I find it a little ironic that I am writing this message just when I am watching baghbaan and every bit of that movie is reminding me how realistic and true to life the character of prem was to kis desh. Watching this movie, and seeing the characters of amit ji and hema malini ji be away from their family in this movie or rather being thrown out by the real children is reminding me of the pain and sorrow prem and heer went through away from each other.. and as I see the characer of salman as the perfect son, I realize how there couldnt be another perfect actor than you harshad to play the role of prem in kis desh for no one but you who could have ever bought this character  of prem to life...
Call me a nut case for comparing the two - baghban and kis desh...but just as  I am watching baghbaan for the umteem time, i know i can always watch kis desh for prem... (its not to take away the efforts of other characters barring a few who displayed exceptional emotions at the loss of a loved one)....but with prem around around there was a certain charm. The end of bhagbaan said becaise there is no end to love - true but apt words ... and because there is no end to love, prem and heer are one, prem is back, and so are our hopes and dreams. (which just means that there will be too many girls dreaming about you - dreaming to be your baliye) LOLLOLLOL
With the news of your come back pouring in , and with a mihir like return predicted for prem, there were fears that kis desh too would have gone down the beaten track but like always, we have been proved to be wrong and the sensitive treatment being handled right now with prem return (finding prem rather - prem didnt die for me, i think he took a well deserved break LOLLOLLOL) , I can safely say, the charm is back, the smile is back, and the beautiful screen play is back, the camera works is back in action, (I think some of the flashbacks scenes were brilliantly shot - loved themEmbarrassed) After seeing prem back (though i really wonder how he landed up from delhi to ajmer considering the two are a 8 hours drive by carLOLLOLLOL) roaming in the deserts from rajasthan, my belief is destiny and love remained intact.  
Would be interesting to see - prem memory loss act and to tell you the truth - quite looking forward it....
I guess this pretty much sums up my emotions... its a feeling of joy, of happiness, of pride, of fulfilness, a certain kind of emotion, its a feeling of survival, of relief, its a feeling i wish to keep to myself,  Its a feeling, which I cant name nor express in words but i am sure, you would have got a jist of, reading this message.
Welcome Back Prem Junjeja - its a new beginning and the journey continues - and this journey, i am sorry you still have bekhanda fans like us being your support and being your strength.. and yeah just because you didnt win the award - does not mean that you are not a winner - For Us, you are the real winner for winners are those who are back with a bang ... and harshad, you have always come back with a bang!!!! We look forward to your sheer brilliance on screen and hope you continue to captivate our hearts like always.
Love & Luck and Blessings from the Heart

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This message goes out to all the FC memebers who are disheartened with the news of their Prem going away
The Message Dated :- 27.09.2008
''Please give my message to all my fans'
Say them that everything happens for a reason..
There might be something nice hidden in this too..You never know'
And You guys are my strength and support'
I can't see u guys crying like this and I can't see you shattered'
This is a phase and it will go away'
I can't thank you guys enough for all the love and support that you guys have showered on me since the past few days'
Its overwhelming'
Had it not been for you guys'I would not have been here'.
You are the ones who help me to carry on, and please do not be disheartened as you are the ones who have to stand by me''
And together we will come out of it''
Hello friends...Harshad has send this message for all of us as a token of love and appreciation and has said that each and every message here means a lot to him..
He was too overwhelmed and thus wants to thank everyone...

I am what I am, but the person you guys like is not who

 I actually am.

I am a simple guy like any other guy walking down the

road or like any one you see around.

There is nothing special , different or extraordinary

about me.
What makes me special, what makes me different ,what
makes me what I am, is your thinking.

You think I am cute I become cute , you think I am hot I

become hot ,irrespective of whether I am or not.

So its not what I actually am which makes me , its what

you guys think I am which makes me.

If today I am somebody that is because I have people

like you behind me , who think the way you think , who
believe in me the way you guys believe..

Thank you for the belief..Thank you for making me what

I am
I know I can't thank enough but still trying..

All of you have always been very kind and sweet to me,

hope I am always this lucky.

Thanking all of you for giving me reasons to smile,

Take good care,

God bless,


Heylloo Gurls and Only Gurls..EmbarrassedLOL

I have a Very Special message by Harsh...the Man himself for all U FC members..Embarrassed

Now without boring u all more will proceed to the truth now..LOL

Here is the message..(Dated:-1st June 2008)

"I Still remember the days when I used to think I have no fans and now the 17th FC has started..

I went through ups and downs and was off air also..

They say Out of sight is Out of Mind...

But U guys kept me alive and didn't let me die..

I don't know what  exactly to say and what the connection is but you guys have always been kind to me..

Just want to say thank you very much.."

w.gif  w.gif
This shows how much he loves and cares about his fans..He is a great person and I feel so proud and privilege to be his fan..

Just wanna let him know we'll be there for him always..

In good times and bad times (hoping he doesnt have bad times ever in his life)..

We'll always lovee you and support u whenever u need us or even if u don't need us..LOLLOL


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                                       "Thanking You"


Message By Daisy

How can I leave without saying him a ''thanks'', without saying  how special he is and how he has touched my life.

For the first time ever, I am taking this opportunity to thank Harshad on this Fan Club.

Had it not been for him, I would have never been here and neither would have this FC been.

I don't even know where do I start from. I can just say a thanks to him for always being there, for being the person he is and for being such an important part of my life.

 I can rightly say that he is God send. As my life was never the same before I met him.

 Infact he has  been my inspiration and someone who has taught me the value of hard work, and the art of remaining rooted, humble and kind always.It would be a huge achievement if I even manage to be 1 % like him.

I have learned so much from him. He is someone whom I will treasure all my life,  and Harsh I will always be there for you whenever  you need me.And you know that.

I take this opportunity to thank him for being such a wonderful friend.For being such an amazing human being and for all the moments of joy and happiness that he has brought in my life, and also for giving me this FC and all my precious friends here.

Actually I can go on and on when it comes to him. But some things cannot be expressed in such a few words.

He is very precious, and I know he is born to be a star. Very soon I am seeing him reach the heights of success and scale all possible boundaries.

Harshad , please always remain the way you are.

You know you will always find me as your biggest supporter and well wisher whenever you need me.

Take care and all the very best for your future


Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can
disturb your peace of mind.


To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to
every person you meet.


To make all your friends feel like there is
something in them.


To look at the sunny side of everything and make your 

optimism come true

To think only of the best, to work only for the best,
and expect only the best.


To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.


To forget the mistakes of the past and press on the
greater achievements of the future.


To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give
every living person you meet a smile.


To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.


To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, and too
strong for fear, and too happy to permit the 

presence of trouble. 

''You are a Winner''

Challenge and opportunity are motivating friends of a consistent winner.



When darkness falls upon your heart and soul

I'll be the light that shines for you

When you forget how beautiful you are

I'll be there to remind you

When you can't find your way, I'll find my way to you

When troubles come around, I will come to you

I'll be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on

Be your shelter when you need someone to see you through

I'll be there to carry you, I'll be there

I'll be the rock that will be strong for you,

The one that will hold on to you,

When you feel that rain fallin' down

When there's nobody else around,

I'll be
And when you're there with no one there to hold

I'll be the arms that reach for you

And when you feel your faith is running low

I'll be there to believe in you

When all you find are lies I'll be the truth you need

When you need someone to run to, you can run to me

I'll be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on

Be your shelter when you need someone to see you through

I'll be there to carry you, I'll be there

I'll be the rock that will be strong for you,

The one that will hold on to you,

When you feel that rain fallin' down

When there's nobody else around,

I'll be

I'll be the sun, when your hearts filled with rain

I'll be the one, to chase the rain away

I'll be your shoulder when you need someone to lean on

Be your shelter when you need someone to see you through

I'll be there to carry you, I'll be there

I'll be the rock that will be strong for you,
The one that will hold on to you,

When you feel that rain fallin' down

When there's nobody else around,

I'll be
                                                                                     By -Reba Mclntire

                                      "Cuteness Personified"
Being cute is being the best person you can be
Your cuteness uplifts and pleases other's heart
Your cuteness come from inside, then the outside
True cuteness is about making the most of your sweet freindly and innocent nature and projecting it wherever you go..
Your cuteness lies in your being genuine and greeting everyone with a smile
You are cute because you dont pretend to be someone else
You are cute because you laugh with others and spread joy
You are cute because you use your own mind to its full potential by discovering what you are good at and doing it really well
You are cute because you are shy but sweet and bubbly...

''It's in your eyes'' 
aught to disguise the sweet soul shining through
I gaze into twin pools of warmth
Bright and sparkling
I see something indescribable
Something I can't quite put my finger on.
Twin pool, blazing and brilliant
Making all your sweetness
And all your compassion
Crystal clear.
Twin pools shimmering and glimmering
Showing how you're
Sweet, sensitive, caring and kind
Funny athletic cunning and friendly
Twin pools, so animated and intense
Help me to share
Your love of life,
Your life of love.
I gaze into twin pools of warmth and
I see the sweetest person I've ever met or ever will meet
I recognize a sincere and honest guy who can never be replaced
I realize you are so special because
When I look into your eyes
I witness a miracle, I find a friend.
''Hands to die for''
''The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams -
each according to his or her own talent.''

''Smiles Galore''
"A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside."

 ''Simplicity and Humility''
''Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful'' 
''Humility - The minute you think you have got it, you lost it''

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 HeartDaisy - delo Heart

Yojana - angelic eyes

  Heart Swati - lrllike Heart

Vaishu - lrl rocks

Heart Vandana - togepe30 Heart

         Suri - sun_423     

 Heart Zee - farislove Heart

      Preeti - CINDRELLA      

Heart Anupama - anu_2701 Heart

   Prerna - Prenz~13    

Heart Pooja - mahek-e-gulab Heart

      Ranju - ranjitha        

Heart Rabi - cute_rabi Heart

    Subha - subha2601    

Heart Kanak - tere_bin Heart

Dhvani - dhvanisoni

     Heart Mansi - *mansibhatia* Heart

Samreen - friskysam

Heart Mannu - master_blaster Heart

Rakshita - rakshi_sweety

Heart lulu_gr81989 Heart

Fariha - fariha17

Heart Mehrun - anam_mehrun Heart


Heart *~Anjali~ Heart

Shivani - delhi_princess

Heart Rajeev Ki Heer Heart


Heart  koolkat Heart


Heart ANKESH Heart


 Heart  shrutibali Heart

     ~rahul ki rani~      

Heart  sameen Heart


Heart lrl-fan Heart


Heart sheejk Heart


Heart silent_girl Heart


Heart magicalmelody Heart


Heart smartrockstar Heart


Heart uxen10 Heart


Heart zuman Heart

Dia - soooperfan

Heart Ashi - ~ashi~ Heart

Nishant - lrllover

Heart Tazy - sweety_rajveer Heart

Rani - rani2310

Heart Minnie - minz~12 Heart

Zikra - huda_aalekh

Heart Kiran Di - kiran_sherry Heart

Sarika - sarikalrl

Heart Mehndi - cupcake Heart

Wida - wida

Heart Sangeeta - Asha004 Heart

Jess - mz.jess

Heart Sarah - srk/harshad_hot  Heart

Wasima - sallu_lover

Heart Priya - belle4u Heart

Niti - liya16

Heart Nazara - Nazara Heart

Bhavana - Jedi_girl

Heart Priya - ::Prem$_Priya:: Heart


Heart Mumpet Heart

Alina Zaidi

Heart Atop Heart


Heart Nandini - nandini90 Heart

Sidra - sidra2007

Heart Mona - k-ekta fan Heart

Neha - Neha-28

Heart Aisha - xxAishaxx Heart

Rohini - ro_armaanlover

Heart Avneet - agrewal57 Heart


Heart Sidrah fariq Heart

Sara - S_sara

HeartMisty - Mistyeyed_25 Heart

Shagun - Sweet_Shagun

HeartRaksha - Raksha.l Heart


Heart Krishna - Kpg25 Heart


Heart Zainab - Faith Heart

Amina - ~*~A~*~

Heart Ankita - anku2cute Heart

Gauri - camila_rocks

Heart Payal - IndianPari Heart

Chandni - Bollywood_mad

Heart Lina - angel*eyes Heart

Shabo - shabo24

Heart Shifali - *Shifali* Heart

Raisa - Jai $ Bani

 Heart Tani91  Heart

Yasmin - Khanyasmin 
 HeartJui-Cuteprincess03 Heart
 Priya - KaranShilpa 
 HeartNina - NeINHeart
 Dammy - damilola
 HeartShabnam - lilsashaHeart

 Heena - angel 16



Heartanuksha - anuksha10Heart

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