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FF:Yeh Rishta KKH -Siggies - PG18 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by ibrahim94

Originally posted by angel's life

oh my word ImranShocked Hey .. Was it really that good ..
oh yes it was and I won't post my comment if I don't like it,so yes it beautiful 
this is beautiful what am I talking bout it's awesomeClap Thank you Soo Much ..
u r welcome :))
I love the introductions it was excellent and superb.....well done to u for doing a wonderful jobClap Thank you Soo Much ..   again u r so welcome :))
but what I do not get is how u got all ur character's name cause the show has not even started yetConfused
Hey I watched the SBS Video where they have introduced the Family Plus, in top of the forum there is an introduction page where it says about the characters real name and Pictures too .. Hope that helps
oh I see thanks for the info on thankSmile 
so how did get they names and what make u think they are ri8? I jus Answere You ! yeah u have thanks :)
all other than that it''s a mindblowing startThumbs Upthank u. Noo Thank you So Much ..
And your Welcome ...
u r so so welcome Imran and thank u for PM me that was very nice uSmile 

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Hey DO check .. I am Updating Now ..

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yay your going to update part 2
cant wait
-Imu.M- IF-Rockerz

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Part 2/Episode 2
Please Note : Baa, Rajshri, Rishab is that Same People
from Akshara's Family

Please Note --- I will do Full Introduction Update Once everyone is introduced

Rishab Comes home, Rajshri Aap Agay ..
Rishab : Haa Bohot Tak Chukha Hoon .. Waise Mera Jaan Tookra Anjali Kaha Hai ?
Rajshri : Sahelyon Ki Saath Hai, Abhi taak Nahiin Ayee ..
Rishab : Oh Haa Tumhe Kuch Kehna Na Hain ..
Rajshri : Jii Bateyna
Rishah : Yeha Nahiin, Maa Ke Kamre Pe Chalo Phir Bata te Hai ..
Rajshri : Tik Hai Chaliye

Otherside -
Arjun Reached His House, He sees Laddu placed on Dining Table
he is about to take one and eat it, as he gets a Laddu, Someone comes and stops him from getting it by Holding the hand of Arjun .. Says Nuh-Uh
Its none other than it's his Mother Gauri ! ( Entry )

Arjun : Maa Ek Laddu, Please
Gauri : Nahiin, Pheli Tu Yeh Bataa, Kaha Chalagya tha Tu ..
Arjun : Wah Jaha Mein Hamesha Kisi Se Milne Jata Hu

Arjun's Dad Steps inside the house and Says, Kaun Kisse Mil Raha Hai Bhai ..
Arjun Runs uo to his dad and say, Papa Dekho Naa Maa Mujhe Laddu Nahin De Rahi Hai ..
Shiv : Kyun Meri Bete Ko Bhukha Rakhna Ne Hain Kya
Gauri : Haa, Aaj Isse Khana Nahiin Mile Ga
Shiv : Paar Kyun .... ?
Gauri : Janab Se Poochie Naa
Shiv : Arjun Tumne Kya  Aab ?
Arjun : Pata Nahiin Papa ? Mummy Kyun Naraz Hai
Shiv to Gauri : Aab to Kehdo, Kyun Naraz Ho..
Gauri : yeh pichle do ghante se gayaab hain, Aur Mujhe kehkar bhi nahiin gaya, to ?
Shiv : To Kya ?
Gauri : Shiv Aap Bhi Na ..
Shiv : Arjun Tumhari Maa Sahi Kehrahi hain, Tumne Baata Yea Kyun Nahiin,
Arjun : Papa Wo... Shiv Distrupts and Says, Koi Baat Nahiin Betaa,Agli Baar Jaroor Bata Naa..
Arjun: Tik Hai Papa,
Gauri : Aab Betaa Chalo, Khana hai Yaha Nahiin ..
 They walk in, and arjun goes to his room to freshen up and shiv too goes to his room and Freshens Up..

Back at Rajvansh House,

Rishab : To Ma, Apko Kaisa Laga Yeh rishta
Baa ( Shakuntala ) - Bohot Acha Kya Betaa,  Yeh Dosti Ko Rishte Mein Badalna hi Tha ..
Rajshri : To Kya Kaal, Hum
Rishab : Haa, Kisko Bata Naa Maat.
Rajshri : Tik Hai, Okaii Aab Chale Khana Lagadu
Rishab : Jaldi Karo, Bohot Bhook Laga Hai

Anjali comes inside the house, Sees her Parents and Family, Eating
Rajshri : Hmmm ( With Frustrating eyes )
Maharani, Ayee Naa, Aap itni Jaldi Agayi, Aur Thoda Khel Liya Hota
Anjali : Sorry Maa...... With all Sad Face
Rajshri : Aab Tera mujhe Rola Ne Ka Yerada Hai Kya..
Anjali : Maa
Rajshri with a smile, Tik Hai Aaa Khana Khale .. Anjali Comes and sits near her Dadi, Shakuntala.... She Touches her Head and blesses her

Rishab Comes downstairs and sees Anjali on Dinning table
and Says, Are Meri Chand Ka Toodka To Raat Hone Se Pehle hi, Chamka raha Hai,

Rajshri : Haa Aap Sahi Kehre Hain, Aaj Anjali Ke Chehre Pe Alaag hi, Muskhahat Se Hai Aur Chehre pe Naa Jane ek alaag Hi Kuch lekha Hai....
Rishab Sits Down and starts to eat..
After few minutes ... Anjali Finishes Eating and tells her mum, Maa mein Mera hogaya

Rajshri : tik hai Betaa, Aur Haa Aab Jakar So Jana, Kyunki Kaal hame Arjun Ke Yeha Jana Hain Na ..
Anjali : Smiles and say, Tik Hai Maa....

Anjali Comes to her bedroom and staright away jumps on a pillow and sleeps and says Hey Bhagwan I am so tired, Leaving her Door, Windows everyhting Opened ..

After a while Her Mum goes pass and sees its open, icluding the Windows..
Rajshri says Yeh Ladki bhi naa, Bhgwan hi jane iske dil mein kya hai ..

Arjun's House

Arjun too have finished eating and tells his parents that he is going to bed Now, he is really tired
Shiv and Gauri : Okaii Betaa, Kal Subhaa Utna Haa ?
Arjun : Okaii Maa

Arjun too does the same as Anjali, Jumped on the bed grabbed a pillow and Went to sleep then he feels its getting a lot windy it stops him from sleeping, het gets up and closes the window including the Door, He then goes back to sleep !

Next Morning
Jai Maa Durga, Jai Maa Durga ...
It is Pooja Time, Arjun is still sleeping and theRajavansh have arrived including Anjali..
Anjali asks Gauri : Where is arjun,
Gauri : Aab Tak So Raha Hai
Anjali : Tik Hai, Mein Use Uta Tha Hoon ..
Gauri : Tik Hai Betaa

Suryavansh and Rajvansh Smiles and Anjalis leaves from there...
Anjali, reaches front of Arjun's Door and tries to open it but its locked !
Anjali : ARJUN "!!" Shouts and Banging the door ..

Arjun quickly gets up and opens the door, and say oh Anjali tum, Mein Ne Socha Earthquake hua hai ...

he then jumps back on bed ..
Anjali : Utho .. Mein ne Kaha Untho ..
Arjun : Thode Aur Please
Anjali : Mein Ja Rahi hoon
Arjun : Okaii Utraha Hoon ..

Arjun then goes to Bathroom and comes out only wearing Towel,
Anjali Smiles and Arjun :Kya Hua
Anjali keeps Laffing and then points, Arjun looks down and realises that he is still wearing that towel and goes back to bathroom and Anjali is still Laffing,

Arjun : Aab to Hasna Band Karo Na,
Anjali . Tik Hai Chalo, niche Chale ..

They go down and sees the Pooja is about to start,
JAI MAA DURGA, JAI MAA DURGA.....( I am not Hindu, Dnt Know Much )

then the Suryavansh gives the veneration plate to the Rajvansh and then they pass it to Anjali and Arjun, They do the Pooja, Then
Shiv and Gauri including Rajshri and Rishab too stands next to them, then Shiv Says,
Can i have everyone's attention Please..
Everyone Looks at them and then shiv continues ..
As all of you Know, Ke Rishab aur Mein Salo se Dost Hai, Lekin Aaj yeh Dosti Badlega or woh bhi Samdhan Ke Rishte Mein, Arjun and Anjali Looks Confused ..

Rishab : Jii Haa, Hum Baat Kar Rahe Hain, Arjun aur Anjali Ki Shaadi Ki, Abhi Or Ishi Waqt Ho ne Walia inki Sagayee .. So atleast Hum Ke to sakte hai Naa, Ke Hum Samdhan Samdhi Hain ..

Arjun and Anjali, All Shocked but with a smile, Everyone is Applausing and looking at them ..
Arjun and Anjali Looks at each other ...
Anjali and Arjun Asks each other, Kya Tumhe Manjoor Hain,
They Both say to each Other, Haa Manjoor Hai

They Both Smiles and Gives each other a Hug, Everyone Applauses even Louder, Then both of them holds Hand and Walks up to their Parents .. and smiles at everyone ..

Then Shiv Takes out a ring,  So does Rishabh,
Then the Engagement takes place.. Everyone Applauses,
Then the Suryavansh's and Rajvansh's Hugs Each Other ..

Then Anjali and Arjun Both, Holds each others Hand and Runs to the Mountain where they Normally Goes,
Rajshri and Gauri.. ARRE
Rishabh and Shiv : Jaane Do Inko ..

Someone's Cell Phone is Ringing ... Someone Picks it up, and From the other Cell
someone Talks and says, Sir Mein Ne Woh File Hasil kar Liya Hai Jo File Apne Mujhe R&S Industry Se Chori Karne Ke Liye Kaha Tha ...

Unknow  : Bohot Acha Kya.... and Hangs Up
He Continues to talk to himself, Rajvansh aur Suryavansh Ke Anth tho Jaroor Ho Ga, Mein Karunga Unka Anth,
Mr Suryavansh Tumhara Ateeb Aaj Mein Samha Ho Gay, Aur Kaal Ko Tabbha Kardega ..
Hahahahahahahahahahah !!!!

To Be Continued ! !!

Hope you all like it ..

Do reply and leave ur Comments, Means a lt to me .
Thank you ..

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awesome cant wait for more!!!
-Imu.M- IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by rag-ran4ever

awesome cant wait for more!!!

that was a Quite Fast Reading and Reply, Thanx for reading ...

PrInCeZz07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2009 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
thanks for letting me know you updated
right wow
what an update engagement
hehe his mom didn't let him have ladoo aww- he cant get that fat from having them lol
aww love the son mother and father scene
haha they both alike
both tried and goes to bed like that lol
yay next morning it pooja
hehe when anjali comes it seems like an earthquake lol
aww arjun coming out in a towel lol
aww anjali
wow omg his announced it Shocked
aww they both looking at each other like that so sweet asking for each others consent
congrats arjun and anjali
aww they both going to the mountain
Shocked omg whose on that phone?
it doesn't seem right Confused
wow you left at that a cliff hanger
wow omg please update soon when you can
i wonder how that unknown person is Confused
great part bro

Big smilehummy
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Oo! thanks for the PM!
Wow awh Angali+Arjun parts are so cute!
I wonder who the bad guy is...
awesome update! Can't wait to read more! Big smile

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