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Jan 2 (Fri):

Continued from Wed - The groom's father shouting at the bride's mother about trying to cheat them and the mother pleading not to stop the wedding.  Bharath is on his way to the wedding.  The bride comes out and watches the groom's father saying the mother cheating by saying they lost the dowry.  The father says he has brought his son up till now, and educated him until 10th standard and he earns 6000 a month.  He says they are all fraud and he is afraid her daughter will be a fraud too and tells his son to get up and to go back.  Bharath arrives at the hall and asks them if he is at the right wedding.  Inside, more pleading and shouting going on and the groom's mother tells her husband not to stop the wedding but the man is adamant and tells his wife and son to follow him.  The bride tells her mother not to beg on her behalf and goes into the room and closes the door wanting to commit suicide.  The bike Bharath is travelling stops halfway and the man goes to his friend to get a bike and they continue their journey.  The bride's relatives are knocking on the door asking the bride to open the door.  Bharath arrives and shows the invitation and asks if he is at hte right place.  The man says it is the right place but the wedding is stopped.
Bharath asks what happened and the man tells Bharath that the groom's parents stopped the wedding because the money and jewelery were lost.  The bride had gone into the room to commit suicide.  Bharath is shocked.  He goes in and tells the groom's father that the bag containing the dowry is with him as he had mistakenly taken the bag.  The man refuses to believe him and tells him to go and see what is happening at the bride's side.  Bharath goes to the bride's mother and gives her the bag saying he had mistakenly taken it.  She takes the bag and calls her daughter out.  Some men take Bharath and beat him saying he had taken the bag.  The guy who gave Bharath a ride tells the people there to stop beating Bharath as he had taken the bag by mistake and now has come to return it.  The bride comes out.  
The groom's father now want the wedding to go on and tells his son to take his seat and he will talk to the bride's mother.  Bride's mother tells her daughter to go sit beside the groom.  Bride refuses saying that she does not want to get married to the guy.  She says they did not believe they had lost the dowry and only wants to marry them because the dowry had been found.  She says she cannot trust them and her life will not be happy.  She says even the groom did not say a word when his father wanted to stop the wedding.  Groom's mother feels bad hearing this and the groom just looks down.  Bride says she does not trust the groom to keep her happy.  Mother says the marriage must take place and puts the garland on her.  Bride takes the garland and throws it saying she does not want to get married.  The garland lands on Bharath.  Everyone is shocked.
Bharath takes it out.  Grooms mother asks her husband what is going to happen now that the bride had thrown the garland.  Her husband says that the bride had insulted them and tells his wife to leave immediately.  Bride's mother scolds her daughter saying that their life is totally ruined.  Her sister says that their mother is crying and what they are to do.   Bride says it is better to cry now then to cry forever.  Bride's mother immediately starts shouting saying she is now shamed and will not leave the wedding hall alife and wants to kill herself.  Everyone is crying.  Bharath goes to her and tells her the bride has taken the right decision.  Bride's mother says it is all because of him.  If he had not taken the wrong bag, this would not have happened.  Bharath thinks for a few minutes and asks the mother if she only wants her daughter's wedding to take place.  Mother asks how, when the groom has left.  Bharath goes to the bride and asks her if she will marry him.  Bride looks at Bharath with shock.  THODARUM.

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Jan 5 (Mon):

Continue from Friday.  Bharath asks the bride if she will marry him.  The bride looks at Bharath, as everyone else is with shock.  Bharath asks again.  Bride thinks for a moment and says she is willing to marry him.  Smiles on everyone's face.  Bharath tries to tell about himself.  Bhride says no need for him to tell about himself because to her he is very noble as he is willing to marry a girl who is left on the altar.  Bride's mother says how can she agree when they don't know anything about him but bride says he groom whom her mother  selected after finding out about him left her stranded.  But Bharath was willing to come forward.  Bharath ties 'thaali' on the bride and they get married.
Radha as usual pacing her living room.  Then sits down thinking.  Rekha comes down and sees her mother worried and asks what is wrong.  Radha asks if Rekha is ready to go to work.. Rekha asks what is wrong with her mother and is told she went to visit Jothi at Ram's hosue.  Rekha gets angry and asks why she went to Ram's house.  Radha says she did not go to see Ram but Jothi who is at her son's house.  Rekha says even Kasthuri would be angry that Radha had gone to Ram's house.  Radha says she felt bad about Jothi's disappearance and wanted to see how she is doing.  Radha says Jothi is her father's sister and their relationship is very close and she did what Annamalai would have done if he was alive.  Rekha says Jothi is a nice person but Ram is the one instigating her.  Radha says Masil doesn't want to come to town because he is angry with his son.  Radaha then says that Jothi says Ram is very changed now.  He just minds his own business.  Rekha does not believe and tells her that all mothers will say the same thing about their children.  Rekha reminds Radha about how Ram had insulted them when she had gone for help when their house was on auction.  Radha says it is all in the past and when their time was bad.  Rekha says Jothi did not do any drogam to them but Ram did and Radha should not forget it and leaves.  Radha back to thinking mode.
Bharath, his wife and inlaws arrive at his MIL's house.  The mother asks one of her daughters to open the door and bring the aarti.  Daughter goes to the door and sees more locks and asks why there are so many locks on the door.  Mother says she only used one lock.  A few man come there and asks for their money she owe them and wants them to return.  The mother, Sindhamani tells them that it is not her intention not to invite them for the wedding and wants them to open the door.  The man refuses saying that she must return the money first befor they open the door.  Man says they have to settle the money first.  Bharath intervenes saying that this is not the way to ask for payment.  His MIL asks Bharath to sit in the car first but the man says as Bharath is the SIL, he has the right to know about the loan.  He explains that Sindhamani had borrowed  money for her daughters' education and now with interest is about $2 lakhs.  He wants the money back immediately.
Bharath tells the man to open the door and for them to come back the next day so that they can talk.  The man wants assurance from Bharath about repayment and they will open the door.  The man wants Bharath to sign some documents and only then will open the door.  Bharath reads the documents and signs it.  The man opens the door after taking the documents from Bharath and tells him to settle as soon as possible and leaves.  Sindhamani tells her younger daughter to bring aarti and asks a neighbor to do aarti for the newly weds.  The they all go into the house.  Bharath's new SIL teases him about him being on the cell when her beautiful sister is beside him.  The sister, Jayanthi also tells the other girls not to ogle at her BIL.  A lady says the bride, Mangai is very lucky and is blessed by the Goddess as she had done her pooja without fail.  The lady tells Bharath to smile. 
Kasthuri receives a call from Thiru.  He tells her that Kavya is well and wants to talk to her.  He also informs Kasthuri they are arriving in India the next day.  Kavya takes the phone from Thiru and asks her 'mommy' how she is.  Kasthuri is in tears hearing her voice.  THODARUM.

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Jan 6 (Tues):
Continued from yesterday.  Kasthuri talk's to Kavya and tells her that she will meet her the next day as they are coming to India.  Thiru listens to the conversation with a sad face.  Jothi visits Radha and asks her if she had spoken to Rekha.  Radha tells her she did but Rekha does not want to hear Ram's name ever.  Radha tells Jothi not to hurry because what Ram did is not something to be forgotten easily.  Radha tells Jothi that Rekha needs to be able to forgive Ram and that will take time.  Jothi says Ram did wrong befor ebut now he has turned a new leaf and is a changed man.  Radha sasys Jothi may be right but it is Rekha's attitude not to believe someone who had cheated her once.  Jothi once again tells Radha to talk to Rekha and change her mind.  Radha says she will try but it is up to Rekha.  Radha says Rekha is old enough to make her own decisions and cannot be forced.  Also if it was Rekha's fault, she would be able to talk to her but it is Ram who did wrong and they should wait.  Jothi is disappointed but is unable to do anything.  Radha offers to drop her off ont he way to school to pick Santosh.
Thiru, Kasthuri and Kavya are in a car.  Thiru wants to stay in a hotel but Kasthuri tells him to come stay with her.  Thiru decllines saying that it would cause problem for her but Kasthuri says nothing will happen and that Kavya will be very happy.  Thiru finally agrees.
Bharath waiting in the room for his bride (first night).  Mangai being dressed for the occassion and her sister teases her.  Mother tells her younger daughter to spend the night at her friend's house.  Sindhamani gives milk to Mangai and tells her to take it to her husband.  Mangai enters the room, leaves the milk container on the side table and goes to Bharath to get blessing and falls at his feet.  Bharath calls her by her full name - mangaikarasi but she asks him to call her Mangai.  Bharath tells her to sit down.   Both look at each other.  Mangai gets up and closes the window and locks it.  Bharath watches quietly.  Once again quiet.  Bharath tries to tell Mangai about his past but Mangai tells him she does not want to know anything about him as he is like God to her and she does not want to know anything that would upset her.  Bharath then tells her that he is not ready to be with her yet and asks for some time.  Mangai tells him is she goes out of the room now, her mother will be upset.  Bharath tells her not to go outside but to go to sleep.  He wants to read for sometime and picks up a magazine.  Mangai sits on the bed and both exchange looks.  THODARUM.
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Jan 7 (Wed):
Continued from yesterday.  Mangai finally goes to bed while Bharath reads.  Bharath looks at Mangai and feels bad.  Mangai suddenly gets up and asks if Bharath is angry with her and he assured her he is not. 
Ram is reading newspaper.  Jothi brings tiffin for him and he asks if she had eaten.  Ram asks her to eat but she says she has to do her pooja and will eat later.  Jothi says she wants Ram's life to be better and that is why she is doing the pooja.  She says he is married twice and neither had made him happy.  Jothi says she hopes at least Rekha will live happily with him.  Ram says even if Rekha wants to, Kasthuri would not let her.  Ganesh arrives and Ram asks if he is there to take his mother away.  Ganesh says it is not so, he just came to see Ram because he is his friend.  Jothi says the person who should come has not.  Ganesh says she is always supporting a son like Ram who had done so many bad things in his life.  Ram chokes on his breakfast.  Jothi asks Ganesh what great sin has Ram done, he has not done anything others have not.
Ganesh is speechless when he hears this.  Jothi says others can leave him, but she is his mother, she cannot leave him and she will support him.  She does not care if others say she is wrong.  Ram asks if he is there to hurt his mother's feeling.  Ganesh says even if anyone asks about Hitler to hsi mother, she will never say he is a sinner.  Ram asks if he is like Hitler and Ganesh says he knows Ram is not as great as Hitler.  Jothi asks Ganehs to eat but he says he has already eaten.  Ram tells his mother that Ganesh would have eaten at his rich boss's house with Kashturi and Ganesh.  Ganesh tells them that Bharath is no longer with Kasthuri and had left. Ganesh tells Jothi that Bharath left because of what she had said about Bharath and Kasthuri.  Jothi tells him that she only spoke out of anger.  Ganesh tells Jothi if she wants Kasthuri to accpt Ram in the future she should speak with her.  Ganesh also tells Jothi she should not have insulted Kasthuri when she and Rekha and gone to see her.  Ganesh tells Jothi to go talk to Kasthuri.  Ram takes leave and Ganesh follows him.  After they leave, Jothi thinks to herself that Rekha does not even want to hear Ram's name.  She feels Kasthuri would at least talk to her and listen to her when she asks her to accept Ram.
Kasthuri reading her morning papers.   Kavya comes down and wants to see the house.  Kasthuri asks where Thiru is and is told he is upstairs.  Kasthuri goes upstairs and sees Thiru and asks where his FIL is.  Thiru says he had gone walking.  Thiru then tells Kasthuri they cannot live under her roof for too long and it is for Kavya they are with her temporarily.
Thiru says it would a hinderance if they stay there.  Kasthuri says if she did not know about Kavya's condition, she would agree.  But now, Kavya must stay with her as part of her treatment.  Thiru agrees.  He then tells Kasthuri that he wants to start his own business in Chennai and needs all her help.  Kashturi says she will definitely give all her help and she would not have achieve anything without his help.  Only after he came into partnership with her, she became a success.  Thiru says he does not want any repayment and did what he did because he wanted her to succeed.  Kashturi says she is keeping account of everything he has given her and would return to him whenever he wants.  Thiru says the only thing money can't buy is a mother's love, and she has given that to his daughter.  Thiru then asks Kasthuri to keep Kavya while he goes out to see someone about business.  Kasthuri and Thiru goes downstairs and he tells Kavya to behave while he goes out.  Kavya's grandfather comes back and they all sit down for coffee.  Kasthuri asks what Kavyya would like, and Kavya asks howcome mommy doesn't know what she wants. Grandpa safes the situation by saying in Singapore she knows but in India it is different.  Kavya says she will have milk.  Kasthuri goes to the kitchen with her maid to get the milk. 
Ganesh and Amirtha come there with a file and asks for Madam.  Kavya asks who they are and what they want.  Amirtha agains asks for Madam and Kavya says she is the madam.  Amirtha says she is there to see big madam.  Kasthuri comes out and Ganesh says she needs to sign some documents which are urgent.  Kasthuri tells them she will come to the office and sign it.  Ganehs and Amirtha leave.  Kasthuri is pensive.
Sindhamani isin the backyard to get hot water for the maapilai.  Mangai comes out and her mother asks her to call Bharath for a bath.  When Bharath comes out Sindhamani tells Mangai to get water from the well to get his bath ready.  Bharath tells Sindhamani that he only takes bath on cold water.  THODARUM.
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Jan 8 (Thurs):
Bharath tells his MIL he does not take hot bath.  Mangai tells her mother to leave Bharath alone.  Sindhamani tells Bharath to get ready soon as she is preparing tiffin.  Sindhamani goe sinto the room and cleans .  She looks  at the window and sees something stuck to the wall, takes it and laughs.  She comes out happy and takes a hammer and nail (I think).  Goes back in , repairs the window and continues to clean.
Thiru in the room doing some work.  Kasthuri comes downstairs with Kavya.  She asks Kavya if she loves Chenai and if she does, she should stay here.  Thiru looks up and asks where she is going.  Kavya says she is going to sleep with mommy. Thiru tries to tells her to go up to their room and not to disturb mommy as she si not well.  Kavya refuses to do so.  Kashturi tells Thiru it is okay and to let Kavya sleep with her.  Kasthuri takes Kavya in and Thiru is all sad and sits down thinking. 
Next morning, Thiru reading papers.  Kasthuri brings him coffee and Thiru says the coffee is superb.  Thiru asks if Kavya is still sleeping. Kasthuri says Kavya was awake for a long time last night talking to her.  As she slept late, she is not sleeping in.  Thiru feels that Kavya being with Kasthuri is creating problems.  Kasthuri says it is not so because she is now very happy and in peace with Kavya there.  Kasthuri tells her she feels like a mother now and it gives her happiness.
Bharath's SIL teases Bharath and asks him to eat more.  MIL is serving food. Everyone is happy and start eating.  Mangai's sister tells her not to eat like a child as soon she will become a mother.  Bharath tells Mangai that he wants to go to the next town to see his friend Jeevan.  He says that it was while on his way to visit his friend, the bag got mixed up.  Sindhamani tells her SIL not ot leave today but sometime next week.  Mangai also tells her mother to let Bharath go but Sindhamani is adamant.  Finally Bharath agrees to go a few days later.  Sindhamani thinks and shakes her head.
Back to Kasthuri's house - Thiru on his computer.  Kavya comes there and disturbs him.  Thiru tells her to go play with grandpa and not to disturb him.  Kavya says mommy too is busy and has work to do, grandpa has gone out and he too is busy.  Kavya wants to know why mommy has to work.  Thiru says mommy is very well educated and he wants her to take care of the office.  Grandpa returns and Kavya goes to him and asks him to tell her a story.  Grandpa says he will think of a story and tell her later.  Rekha and Amirtha enter and Kavya asks who they are.  Rekha says they are there to see Kasthuri.  Kavya says they are at the wrong house as there is no Kasthuri there.  Kasthuri comes from the kitchen and tells Kavya to go with grandpa as she wants to talk to the ladies.  Kavya says they are there to see Kasthuri and there is no one by that name there.  Kasthuri tells her to go with grandpa but Kavya refuses.  Thiru comes and takes Kavya away.  Amirtha asks about the file she gave the day before.  Kasthuri tells them to wait at the office and not to bring work home.  Rekha tries to talk to Kasthuri but she tells Rekha and Amirtha that she will meet them at the office about work.  The ladies leave.
Mangai goes to her mother who is getting ready to cook.  Singhamani asks her mother is she had given him something to eat or drink.  Sindhamani asks why.  Mangai says he is bored there. Mangai tells her mother to let her go to see his friend but Sindhamani refuses saying what if he never comes back.  They don't know anything about him.  She says their first night wat last night and if Bharath goes away and doesn't come back what will happen.  Mangai tells her mother not to worry as nothing happened between them.  Sindhamani is shocked.  Mangais tells her mother that Bharath wants them to get to know each other before any relationship.  She tells her mother not to be suspicious of Bharath and leaves.  Sindhamani is left thinking.  THODARUM.
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Friday 9/1/09

Giri and Ho, Mangai onnum mandayai podalai - mandai
uruttal thaan..

Starts with Radha mommy and Rekha paapa discussing -
( Rojaaa nee romba mosamaa pOitte - vambu kku per
Talk is all about vaathu and her
new daughter. Rekha tells mommy that vaathu is mothering
Kavya - Radha mommy is thrilled that the Singapore visitors
have moved to Chennai for good. General talk about how vaathu
does not want Kavya to know that she is VM patti queen. Radha
mommy says that if vaathu decides to get hooked to a new
gander then this "playing mommy" might jeopardize her
situation. Rekha says that right now vaathu is not looking
for another quak quak - "she does not want any of us to come
home!!! Office work at officeonly, stay off my house, nnu sollitta"
Radha mommy is shrewd, understands that vaathu does not
want to be called by her VM patti name in front of that kid. Rekha
says that none of them would do that but still...Radha mommy
realizes (at last) that it is a futile discussion (rojaaaaaaa) and
asks pappa to go and mind her business (athaan ellam vilaa
vaariya pesittOme, apram enna??)
Rekha leaves the arena and
Radha mommy is thoughtful...

Vaathu brings Kavya to the school - walking??!! - Senior kadu kadu
Jothi is also walking.... has a funny look and finally calls vaathu
by her VM patti title. Vaathu says that Jtothi is mistaken about the
 identity and walks off - Kadu kadu does some more kadu kadu...
Vaathu is upset that she shunned ex MIL - justifies her action to
 herself - "Kavaya  munnale i could not have done any thing else...'
However goes to meet ex MIL and apologizes for her act ( nee enge
thiruntha pOre???? nee swan aaga porathum illai..Roja un nick ai
change panna porathum illai..)

Jothi decides to kilarufy all pazhaya kuppai - chides vaathu for
her lie and vaathu puts on the vaathanandhi garb - talks philosophy
and about God and destiny. Jothi does not want to be outdone.
"U knew very well that my son had married Rekha and lived at
A.malai's house.  Thats why you went there..from the beginning
you have been scheming ..." Vaathu says that destiny took her
to that house - " had I known about the second marriage, I would
never have gone there..." Jothi now decides to irritate Roja as well
" you claim that you have no anger or ill feelings about me and my
son.  If thats true, why dont u get back and live with my son?"
(Roja grits her teeth so hard that on her next  visit  to India, she
has to see her dentist...)
. Surprisingly vaathu says that this wish
of Jothi will never materialise.." dont raise your hopes...   it is a big no no....."


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Jan 12 (Mon):
Here come uodate...............................
Thiru tells Kasthuri that Kavya and him cannot live in her house for long.  He wants to look for another housenearby.  Kasthuri tells him he cannot take Kavya away as she wants to be with her.  Thiru feels Kavya's presence would disrupt Kasthuri's other responsibilities but Kasthuri refutes him.  Thiru tries to tell Kasthuri that situation might become worse if Kavya comes to know that her mother is dead.  Kasthuri says she will make sure that Kavya does not find the truth about her mother no matter what.  Thiru then says they have to get school admission for Kavya but Kasthuri tells him that she has made a doctor's appointment for Kavya and they have to take her there first.  Thiru gets emotional and says that he had forgotten about doctors whereas Kasthuri has taken that step.  He salutes her saying she is not pretending to be Kasthuri's mother but being a real mother.
Kavya is examined by the doctor and then he asks the nurse to take Kavya to the gardens.  After Kavya leaves, the doctor tells them that it is better to do a heart transplant for Kavya soon. Thiru asks if that is necessary or if there is any other treatment.  Doctor says medication is only temporary but is is very important for the surgery.  Doctor says he will immediately put Kavya on the list,  Thiru asks how long they have to wait and doctor says he is unsure.  Rekha calls Kasthuri's cell and asks about some file for auditing. Kasthuri tells her she is busy and will call back later and hangs up.  Rekha is surprised.
Bharath sitting by the well in the backyard.  MIL goes to him and apologize for not being able to give him any dowry.  She tells him about how she had brought up her daughter and tells him not to punish her daughter for any mistake she had done.  Bharath is confused and asks what she is takling about.  MIL tells him that Mangai had told her that they have not consumated their marriage.  She tells him that she feels bad for not being able to do anything for him but Bharath assures her that he does not want anything from her and has accepted Mangai as his wife whole heartedly.
Kasthuri dresses  Kavya up to take her to school.  Kavya wants Kasthuri to change into the saree that her Thiru had bought for her.  Kasthuri tells her it is ok but Kavya insists.  Kasthuri changes into the green saree and comes out.  Thiru looks at her and remembers when he gave his wife the saree. THODARUM'

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Jan 13(Tues):

Thiru and Kasthuri take Kavya and get her admitted in the school.    Thiru thanks Kasthuri for taking good care of Kavya.  He tells her, he lost his wife in an accident but his daughter did not lose her mother.  Kasthuri tells him she is veyr happy to be Kavya's mother and will make sure that Kavya will be happy always.
Sindhamani combing Mangai's hair.  She asks her daughter where her husband is and is told he had gone out as he is bored.  Mother tells daughter that her husband will keep her happy and want Mangai to be happy with her husband.  She tells Mangai she is going to the store.  Bharath returns and looks at Mangai and she smiles shyly at him.  Mangai's sister too returns home and Sindhamani forces her daughter to follow her to the store. 
Ram is walking down the road.  Balu who drives by sees him and stops.  He tells Ram that he found out Kasthuri's secret.  Ram asks what it is.  Balu says that a businessman from Singapore is staying in Kasthuri's house.  He then tells Ram that Kasthuri and Thiru were secretly married in Singapore.  Ram shouts at him saying that he would not believe that.  Balu says he knows for sure because both Thiru and Kasthuri had gone to admit his daughter at school and had signed as parents.  Ram asks how he knows this and Balu says he went to school and saw the application.  Ram tells Balu to speak respectfully about Kasthuri as she is his wife.  Balu laughs saying she is his ex-wife and is now married to a very rich man.  Balu laughs at Ram saying Kasthuri has found herself a very rich man and that is how she could buy over Rekha's house and other buildings for her office.
Ram still says he will not believe Balu.  Balu says he is not bothered and tells Ram to go watch Kasthuri and he will understand the Rekha, Kasthuri gave him alot of problems, but now she is remarried.  He says the law comes after man if they remarry and if the wives remarry, only the man are questioned.
Sindhamani and her younger daughter return and see that some man are taking the bed away when she had borrowed it for a week. The neighbor tells her she is taking it back because her daughter and SIL are coming back and require the bed.  Bharath and Mangai are watching this from their room and smiling.  THODARUM

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