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Kinshuk&Parul[Ragvir]*Angad&Saara[Saalekh] Jannat

-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

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RagVir Love Story From the Begining By Jiya25


Gagan (Gaganjotsooch)
Shagun (Sweet_Shagun)
Shruti (*Shruti*)
Anu (Nureat01)
Jiya (Jiya25)
Meeta (Just_In)
Hiba (Princess_2908)
Tannvi (Loving_Bird)
Vasundhara (Cuty_Pie)
Tanu (Phoenixsilver)
Priya (KaranShilpa)
Nisha (NishaKishor
Preeti (Cinderella)
Hiba (Sweet_Priya)
Ramsha (Ramsha247)
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Starz4me (Sonal)
Talkativetaurus (Affy)

 Will edit list as I get more names Embarrassed

*Dont Copy Credit* 


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~*By Sweet_Shagun*~ 






~*By Payal25*~

~*By Beautiful_Pari*~


~*By //Reena//*~



~*By Candy Lover*~



~*By Kaira*~


~*By Ash_Rajat00*~


~*By Bulbul*~

~*By Jiya Piya*~

~*By Tani91*~

~*By Nisha*~

~*By Manaal*~

~*By Jungli Billi*~

~*By Sweet_ak92*~

~*By Jenny*~

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sweet_shagun IF-Sizzlerz

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Click to The actors Index for the information about Characters

Ranvir-Ragini Aalekh-Sadhna!!


Breif Synopsis of RagVir(Ragini-Ranvir) and SaAlekh(Sadhna-Aalekh) Love Story!!

Ranvir and Ragini


Ragini who has inferiority complex as she has been the ugly duckling mocked by the society, the color became a taboo for her also guys rejected her because of her color,she joined Kalakendra and was shortlisted to perform in Taj Maha Utsav...Ranvir on the other hand is a kind of perfect guy any girl would dream off, he liked a girl Sonia who had the image of "Miss Perfect" in his eyes,when he brings Sonia to meet his family Vasu pretends n puts Ragini's Rishta in front of Ranvir which he rejects the proposal and Sadhna is shattered... however just before the engagement her true colors were revealed, and she was exposed...However Ranvir was heartbroken... Ragini accidently dials his number while calling for a colegue from Kalakendra and they both have an argument however, this initial fight cultivates into a phone friendship... Ranvir and Ragini without realising their identity become good friends..They name each other Anmol and Anamika....However, Ragini's sister Sadhna who wanted Ranvir-Ragini to get married is shocked when she realises her devar Ranvir and Ragini talk about each other and they are phone friends she leaves everything to god as she sees destiny having its own plan, her husband Aalekh is also happy and hides the truth..However Ranvir Ragini keep bumping into each other without realizing they are phone friends...as they behave to be each other's relatives...Finally when phone friends decide to meet and doesnt meet easily, the family comes to know and Ranvir's mother Vasundra insults and humiliates Ragini's family..During Taj Maha Utsav they finally decide to meet and both are shocked to realize each other's identity Ranvir leaves the hall and Ragini is broken, Sharma family takes the answer as NO when they find him missing...However Ragini is also broken..Ranvir is made to realize that Ragini and Sadhna Bhabhi Played Along throughout and she knew everything and on top of it he hears Sadhna and Aalekh's half conversation and misunderstands everything however this misunderstanding doesnt last for long as Sadhna tells him that Ragini never knew Anmol's identity,Ranvir is shell shocked when he realizes the truth and also the fact that Ragini is getting engaged to a Guy who liked her during Taj Maha Utsav!! Ranvir is given tickets to leave but in the airport, he misses Ragini and realizes that he loves Ragini a lot who is his Anamika...He comes back n directly goes to Kaushalya Niwas to ask for forgiveness n confess his love and isnt able to meet Ragini, With Alekh's help he meets Ragini n pours his heart out he also clears the misunderstanding of him leaving during TM...but she is in delima..But makes her Mind when Vasu Insults her family... Raginis brother Vineet is arrested in fraud case ,Ragini says she wud marry the other guy...Ranvir realizes that his mother always hated Ragini...However,just before the engagement takes place Ranvir proves Vineet's innocence.Shishir sees Ranvir and Ragini's unsaid love and calls of the enagement with Ragini... Ranvir comes to know and he meets Ragini, Ragini's father keeps an condition in front of the Rajvansh family that Vasu should agree..However in her denial mode Vasu agrees for her son's happiness..The happiness scroll in Rajvansh and Sharma family,However Kaushalya-Ragini's mother who was against the rishta also gives in.. Ranvir Ragini r engaged and have some cute romantic moments when family goes for wedding dres shopping and a day picnic....Ceremony shall start soon!!

Aalekh & Sadhna
Sadhna worked as a part time teacher(to earn money which she can use to repay lone) and teaches Avni Rajvansh;s kid... Vasu keeps a condition in front of Sadhna to Marry her mentally unstable son Aalekh if she wants to bring out her Mamaji Prakashchand n family from thrown out of the house..Sadhna accepts but puts forward the condition of Vasu marrying her youngest son Ranvir with her cousin elder sister Ragini... Vasu for name sake agrees.. Sadhna and Aalekh;s wedding take place and Mamaji gets angry on Sadhna as he realises Aalekh's condition n Sadhna lies she married him just for money Sake,Ragini however sorts the problem n after meeting Sadhna realises that Sadhna married Aalekh to save family but she doesnt know abt the other condition..,When Ranvir rejects Ragini and introduces his girlfriend, which only Sadhna n Vasu know Sadhna leaves the house, However Aalekh hunts for her n finds his dost.. Sadhna and Aalekh become friends and their fondnessfor each other grows... And when Aalekh overhears about the bed they have an emotional conversation and Sadhna tells him that the condition why she married him wasnt important but the truth is she loves him... SaAlekh share some friendly cute moments with each other too!!


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sweet_shagun IF-Sizzlerz

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dont copy idea/title/style


RagVir scenes(Ranvir-Ragini scenes)Permanant links on Youtube!!

I had riped some scenes of RagVir and uploaded few, am posting the links here !! And also Shru n some other members had ripped and uploaded RagVir scenes am providing all those permanant Youtube links in here!!

6-7th August Special Scenes-RagVir Meet, kya Kehna Song featured,MamaJi's Birthday
Song RagVir Aug 28 Episode

RagVir,Dupatta Watch Scene- 2nd September-Janmastami epsiode Mandir Scene

4th Sep 2008 Bidaai, Ranvir-Ragini realization of love-Ishq Hua Song Picturzed

RagVir-Ranvir Holds Ragini's hand-Hold Scene--15th Sep08

Bidaai 16th september-part1 CAR SCENE!!

RagVir Phone convo cute fight scene-30thSeptember

Ragni Reveals Anamika-14thOct

RagVir,Ranvir Spots Ragini 21st Oct

27th Oct RagVir scenesREALIZATION

27th Oct:Ranvir Airport Scene,Con

28th Oct 08 Ranvir begs to meet Ragini

28thOct Mamaji tells Rag Ran had

29th Oct-RanAalekhManaaoing sadhna

29th Oct-RanCMscene

30thOct-RagVir (Ranvir-Ragini)PROPOSAL1

30thOct-RagVir (Ranvir-Ragini)propsalpart2

3rd Nov RagVir scene, Ragini takes a decision

3rd Nov Ranvir-Vasuconfontrationpart1

3rd Nov Ranvir-Vasuconfontration part2

4thNov-RagVir Phone Convo Depicts pain

1st Dec08 Ranvir Ragini(RagVir)Scenes,convo plus police station scene..

2nd Dec 08, Ranvir-Ragini(RagVir),Ran hears Rag convowidmalti,Ran discusses Rag wid SA

3rd Dec08

3rd Dec08 Ranvir and Ragini(RagVir) both Imagine each other...

3rd Dec Ranvir comes wid proof of vinu's innocence just before Ragini's engagement takes place.

3rd Dec08-RagVir aka Ranvir Ragini Hug, Ranvir imagines Ragini...beautiful scene

3rd Dec08-Ranvir Hugs Aalekh,n Sadhna tells him that no one can love Rag more than Him

4th Dec08

4th Dec 08 Ragini imagines Ranvir in Sadhna and speaks her heart out,Ranvir remembers Ragini...

4th Dec 08-Aalekh Inderjit Hug scene, Ranvir-Prakashchand Hug scene....

9th Dec 08

9thDec Saalekh Tease Ranvir...

9thDec08-Ranres tless to meet Rag,Cals Malti and PLAN TEMPLE MEET

10th Dec 08
10thDecRagVir-Mandir Scenes,SaalekhMaltiPart1

10thDecRagVir scnes Mandir scene-Part2

15th Dec 08 RagVir ,Saalekh Tease RagVir,Ranvir Gives Phone to Ragini..Sweet Scene

16th Dec08
16thDec08-RagVi r remembering each other,Ranvir tries calling Ragini

16dec08-RagVir Meet at night, with Malti's help, Exchange Lucky charm, and tell each other they would wait until their mother's get ready for their relationship.. a Beautiful Emotional Scene...

17thDec08-RagVir-Sad Convo/Rememberence Scene...SaAlekh Cute scene..disucssion

18thDec08-SaAle kh Fight,Ranvir's Plan!!

22ndDec08 Ranvirbreaksdown-EMOTIONAL SCENE

22nd Dec08RagVir's Decision of Sacrifice!!

23rdDec08-Ranvir-SaAlekhscn,Ranvir sad scene.RaginiBreaks Happynews

24thDec08-SaAle khRagVir happy-LoChaliMainPrecap...

24thDec08-SaAlekhRagVir happy News break!!

24thDec08RagVir convo-Lochalimain Dance......


31st Dec08 Ranvir & Ragini Love Scene-Ranvir goes to meet Ragini climbing the pipe beautiful romantic videos

 5thJanRagVirSaa lekh,ChangingRoom Scene,RagVir Convos!!

6thJan 09 Ragini-Ranvir RagVir CONVERSATIONZ

8th Jan 09 Bidaai Ranvir-Ragini Teerace Scene Part 1

8th Jan 09 Bidaai Ranvir-Ragini Terrace Scene Part2

Note-Many scenes r mising as and when they r uploaded wud b added until then enjoy these... few of the scenes of RagVir either coz of dates or only Ragvir scenes r not provided wud be provided soon, if anyone uploads let us know would add the link... Till then Enjoy theseTongue



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sweet_shagun IF-Sizzlerz

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SAALEKH(Sadhna-Aalekh Videos permanat Youtube Link)


Permanant Youtube Link needs to be sorted out!!

However couple of them are here Would be Updated

18thDec08-SaAle kh Fight,Ranvir's Plan!!

22nd Dec08RagVir's Decision of Sacrifice!!

22ndDec08 Ranvirbreaksdown-EMOTIONAL SCENE



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sweet_shagun IF-Sizzlerz

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dont copy idea/title/style

SBS/ AAj TAK/EVENTS VIDEOS OF BIDAAI(Special Feature)-Permanant Youtube Links (Ranvir-Ragini/ Aalekh-SadhnaIncluded)

Kinshuk & Sara Fight (Funny)

Badaai - SBS (27/8/08)Alekh Sadhna and Ranvir

Kinshuk's re-entry in Bidaai (Making)

SBS - Badaai - cricket- 19/05/08

Ragini & Ranveer-SBS-7th July 08

Sara and Parul from bidaai on sbs 13th August 08

Taj Maha Utsav Bidaai Special Feature on SBS

RaGvir SaLekh,BIDAAI, Dance SBS special report

Sara and Parul from bidaai on sbs 13th August 08

22nd Oct 08 SBS Saara with her pet Saggi on sets of Bidaai

SBS [bidaai Special- 1st oct 08 Part1

SBS [bidaai Special- 1st oct 08 Part2


4th Oct 08 SBS Wedding Fair Bidaai Humari Devrani NB4 AMV

3rd Oct 08 SBS Ranvir-Ragini Alekh-Sadna Live Chat Part 2

14th Oct Live interview of RagVir and Saalekh

Saas bahu betiyaan 14thoct bidaaiPART1

Saas bahu betiyaan 14thoct bidaaiPART2

Saas Bahu Betiyaan 14thOct bidaai PART3-


22nd Nov- RagVir and Saalekh(2Bidaai LEADS) to Faciliate children SBS special feature


25th Nov 08 SBB Kinshuk Mahajan Parul Angad Saara in a Special Function

1st December-->
Part 2:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qdmMGXu81KI
3rd December-->Rajan Sahai's Birthday Bash Special Feature!!

Aaj tak and SBS links



Vasu agrees for Marriage Link By Shru

16th Dec 08 SBB Saas Bahu Aur Betiyaan..Vasu agrees for Marriage

RagVir/SaAlekh performing in 8th ITA awards(08)- STar Plus


Note- These are not the all but whatever videos uploaded on Youtube have been put up here, Janamastami special episode, KC special post TM and few others!! As and when the vdos r updated the links(permanant ) would be provided here



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*Shruti* Global Moderator

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By starz4me :-

HUMTUM (a RagVir story)  

By talkativetarus :-

Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na

By :-

By :-

By :-


By neetu2825

Aaoge Jab Tu Sajna (JWM) RagVir VM

By saniha

Saathiya Tune Kya Kiya RagVir VM  

Pehla Pehla Pyar Tera Soni RagVir VM

Milan Abhi Aadha Adhura Hai RagVir VM 


By bollywoodfan1994

Ishq Hua (Aaja Nachle) RagVir VM 

By jiya25

Mera Tumhara Kya Rishta Hai RagVir VM

Apne Toh Apne Hote Ha RagVir Saalekh VM 

Tera Mera Saath Rahe Title Track Ranveer-Alekh VM   

Mujhe Maaf Kardo RagVir VM 

Dil Yeh Tera RagVir VM 

By politicallyreal

Desigirl RagVir Saaelkh VM

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi RagVir VM 

By talkativetaurus 

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste RagVir VM

Kahin To Hogi Woh RagVir VM 

By neetu2825

Aaoge Jab Tum Sajna RagVir VM

Tere Bin RagVir VM

By sweet_shagun

Akhiri Alvida RagVir VM   

Aate Aate Aa Gaye Paas RagVir VM 

Ab Mujhe Raat Din RagVir-SuKk VM 

Socha Na Tha Title Track RagVir VM  

Kuch Kam (Dostana) RagVir VM 

Tujh Mein Rab Dikta Hai SaAlekh, VM 

Kabar Nahin (Dostana) RagVir-SuKk VM 

Mere Rang Mein Ragnewaali RagVir VM 

By *Shruti*

Kuch Khaas Hai RagVir VM 

Pehli Pehli Baar RagVir VM   

By gaganjotsooch



Dheere Dheere Dilne Mere RagVir VM  


By Princess_2908

Meelon ka jaise tha Faasla RagVir VM  
By krutiv100

Ek Dil Hai SaAlekh VM  

Bheegi Bheegi SaAlekh VM  

*Note:If any link is missing let me know so that i can add it.

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