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December 2010

1st Dec. '10
YRKKH 1st Dec 2010-Written update
YRKKH-1stDec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

2nd Dec. '10
YRKKH-2nd Dec '10 Written update
YRKKH-2nd Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

3rd Dec. '10
YRKKH-3rd Dec Written update
YRKKH-3rd Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

4th & 5th Dec. '10 (Weekend)


6th Dec. '10
YRKKH-6th december written update
YRKKH-6thDec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

7th Dec. '10
YRKKH 7th December 2010-Written update
YRKKH-7th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

8th Dec. '10
YRKKH 8th December 2010-Written update
YRKKH-8th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

9th Dec. '10
YRKKH-9th December '10 Written update
YRKKH-9th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

10th Dec. '10
YRKKH-10th December '10 Written update
YRKKH-10th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

11th & 12th Dec. '10 (Weekend)


13th Dec. '10
YRKKH-13th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

14th Dec. '10
YRKKH-14th December '10 Written update
YRKKH-14th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

15th Dec. '10
YRKKH-15th December '10 Written update
YRKKH-15th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

16th Dec. '10
YRKKH-16th December '10 Written update
YRKKH-16th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

17th Dec. '10
YRKKH-17th December '10 Written update
YRKKH-17th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

18th & 19th Dec. '10 (Weekend)


20th Dec. '10
20th december written update
YRKKH-20th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

21st Dec. '10
21st december written update
YRKKH-21st Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

22nd Dec. '10
22nd december written update
YRKKH-22nd Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

23rd Dec. '10
23rd december written update
YRKKH-23rd Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

24th Dec. '10
24th december written update
YRKKH-24th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

25th & 26th Dec. '10 (Weekend)


27th Dec. '10
27th dec. '10 written update
YRKKH-27th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

28th Dec. '10
28th dec '10 written update
YRKKH-28th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

29th Dec. '10
29th Dec. '10, Written update

YRKKH-29th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

30th Dec. '10
  30th Dec. '10, Written update
YRKKH-30th Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

31st Dec. '10
31st Dec. '10 Written Update
YRKKH-31st Dec10-Video-OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

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January 2011

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February 2011

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March 2011

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April 2011

1st April 2011 YRKKH Written Update!
YRKKH-1st Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

4th April wu complete,
YRKKH-4th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU-5 april
YRKKH-5th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

6th April WU -Munna ka Pyaar for Akshi
YRKKH-6th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

7th april written update...
YRKKH-7th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH April 8th 2011 Written Update!
YRKKH-8th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

11th April wu complete naksh romance
YRKKH-11th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ* 

Wu- 12th april
YRKKH-12th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-13th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
14th april wu... naksh naksh & naksh
YRKKH-14th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 4/15/2011
YRKKH-15th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

18th April yrkkh wu milan hogaya complete
YRKKH-18th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU- 19 april.. akshi ko aaye chakkar!!

YRKKH-19th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

20th April WU- milan DJ and Vish ka
 YRKKH-20th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH 21st April Written Update
YRKKH-21st Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 04/22/2011 Short
YRKKH-22nd Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

23/04/2011 maha epi wu complete
YRKKH-23rd Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pic[MahaEp]*DVDQ*

25/04/2011 wu, naksh to become parents
YRKKH-25th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

WU:: 26th april!
YRKKH-26th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

27th April WU_ first baby and then naitik
YRKKH-27th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

28th april WU...munna chala sasural
YRKKH-28th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*
WU 4/29/2011
YRKKH-29th Apr11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

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May 2011

2nd may wu comp akshi fas gayi locker

YRKKH-3rd May'11-WrittenUpdate

YRKKH-4th May'11 WU-Atlast akshara was found

YRKKH-5th May'11-WU.naksh milan

YRKKH-6th May'11-Written update
YRKKH-6th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-9th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-10th May'11-sadness at its peak
YRKKH-10th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-11th May'11 WU -naksh in pain
YRKKH-11th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-12th May'11- WU.akshara toot gayi:(:(:(
YRKKH-12th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-13th May'11-Written.Update
YRKKH-13th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-16th May'11-naksh trying hide tears
YRKKH-16th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-17th May'11-Written Update
YRKKH-17th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-18th May'11-Written Update
YRKKH-18th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-19th May'11.gangaur ki tayyari
YRKKH-19th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics*DVDQ*

YRKKH-20th May'11-bindya sher uski ma sava sher
YRKKH-20th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-21st May'11-akshara, varsha, ananya
YRKKH-21stMay11-Video-OL/DL/Pics[Maha Ep]*DVDQ*

YRKKH-23rd May'11-WrittenUpdate
YRKKH-23rd May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-24th May'11-WrittenUpdate
YRKKH-24th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-25th May'11-Bindiya kamiyab
YRKKH-25th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-26th May'11.bholapan Vs laalchipan
YRKKH-26th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-27th May'11-WrittenUpdate
YRKKH-27th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-30th May'11-Sulochna entry
YRKKH-30th May11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-31st May'11-Written Update
YRKKH-31stMay11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

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YRKKH Written Update- 2nd June 2011!
YRKKH-2ndJune11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH 3rd June Written Update complete
YRKKH-3rd June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

4TH & 5 TH June(Weekend)

6th June YRKKH wu complete
YRKKH-6th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 7th june- meri zindagi mein aaye ho..
            YRKKH-7th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

8th June WU of YRKKH-sulu at SS
YRKKH-8th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

9th june YRKKH WU...nishmi ka shopping
YRKKH-9th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

~~~ Written Update 10/06/2011 ~~~ Complete!!
YRKKH-10th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

11TH & 12TH(Weekend)
short update for 13th june 2011
YRKKH-13th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

YRKKH-14th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 15th June
YRKKH-15thJun11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

16th june YRKKH WU...bday preparations:(:(:(
YRKKH-16th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

~Written Update-06/17/2011~
YRKKH-17th June11-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

~~Written Update-18/06/2011~~MahaEpi-Full
YRKKH-18th Jun11-Video-OL/DL/Pic[MahaEp]*DVDQ*

19th June(weekend)

25th & 26th June(Weekend)

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