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RM FF-Inspired by the movie Ishq Vishq!Pg-101-END

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Heya guys !! Well I am back....again ( I am totally nuts ! ) with my SIXTH FF!!
Well I was watching Ishq Vishq yesterday ( I love Shahid and Amrita's jodi ) and I dont know why...but for some reason I started imagining Rahul and Muskaan in the place of Shahid and Amrita...and I dreamt about this yesterday too and it was completly magical, so I decided to pen in down into a mini FF....Well...I am not sure wder I can express how magical the RM jodi is...but i will try my best....
Oh ! And by the way...This Mini FF will be knda similar to the Ishq Vishq story with some modifications here and there...
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Ishq Vishq Pyaar Vyaar



M.K.College. One of the best colleges in Mumbai. Or rather the best college in Mumbai. Students flocked to this college? Why ? Because there is nothing this college didn't have. It was the best of the best.


It was just an another usual day at the college. The college music band was busy irritating the teachers with its loud rock music. The Goths were sitting at the far end of the college with their heads together. The nerds were busy explaining each other the laws of gravity. And f course like every other college, MK College had its popular student's gang too. The popular students included the attitudish Anjali, The flirt Rehan, The brat Armaan and the rich Rahul.


These four had a separate group of their own. Every one wanted to be like them. Why? Because they were popular and obviously good looking.



Anjali and Rehan were busy chatting with each other. Armaan and Rahul hadn't arrived yet.


Anjali - Where are those two ? They are gonna be late for sure !


Rehan chuckled.


Rehen - Chill ! They will be here soon !

Exactly at the precise moments the distant rumbling of a car engine were heard.


Rehan - Ah ! There they are.


 Two cars speeded their way into the college and stopped right in front of the college building.


Two handsome guys stepped out if their respective cars.


Guy 1 - I beat you this time Armaan !!


Armaan - Yeah. But I will beat you next time Rahul.


Rahul - We will see about that.


Armaan and Rahul, MK's most sought after men. Girls swooned after them. While Armaan was single. Rahul had just broken up with his girfriend Trishala. The break up had an impact on Rahul. Rahul was seriously in love with Trishala but Trishala had dumped him for some other guy.

Rahul was left shattered after that.


Anjie - You guys are late !


Armaan - Late ? Us ? Nah ! Armaan and Rahul are NEVER late. The others are just too early,


Rehan and Rahul chuckled when Anjali rolled her eyes.


Anjali -  Anyway. Where is that behenji friend of yours Rahul ? Is she late too ?


Rahul - Don't call her Behenji. Give her some respect.


Armaan - Oooh ! Rahul likes Behenji.


Rahul rolled his eyes.


Rahul - Me? With Behenji? No ways! I asked you guys to give her some respect because she helps me a lot. Afterall she is the one completing all my projects.Right ?


The rest of them laugh.


Rehan - Yeah that's true. I wish even I had a person like her. I seriously need a rest from all these idiotic projects.


Just then the classroom's door burst open. A girl with with a white salwaar kameez and curly hair entered the class, an another girl followed her. Those two girls were none other than Muskaan and Riddima.


Rehan - Ah! There they are. The two Behenjis of our college have arrived.


Rahul smiled wickedly, Muskaan and Rahul knew each other from childhood. Muskaan has a HUGE crush on Rahul. The whole college knew that she had a crush on him.


Muskaan knew very well that Rahul wouldn't look twice at girls like her. So in order to get his attention, she used to "help" (or rather complete) Rahul with his projects.


For Rahul hanging around with Muskaan was an embarrassment. He was the cool dude and she was the behenji. The only reason he hung out with her was the fact that Muskaan would do anything for him, which proved very handy for Rahul as all his projects and assignments were completed by her.


Muskaan approached Rahul's desk with a file in her hand.


Muskaan - Here ! I have completed the project for you!


Rahul gave her a smile. Muskana smiled back and slowly made her way back to Ridzi.


Ridzi didn't approve of Muskaan completing Rahul's projects and assignments.


Riddima (whispering so that no one would hear her) - This is WRONG Muskaan ! He is supposed to complete his projects on his OWN!

Muskaan giggled. Whenever she completed Rahul's projects from him. Riddima would start her usual lecture.


Muskaan - Chill Ridzi! I know what I am doing.


Riddima rolled her eyes. Muskaan was so madly in love with Rahul. That she didn't notice the fact that he is just using her.


Riddima was afraid of the day when Rahul would actually break her best friend's heart. Muskaan would be totally shattered.


Riddima sighed and followed Muskaan to their respective desks.


Soon the lecturer came in and went ahead with his class.


*After the class, In the College canteen -*



Muskaan, Riddima and their bets friend Atul were sitting at the far end of the canteen. While Rahul and Armaan were also in the canteen sitting just diagonal to Muskaan, Ridzi and Atul's table,


Armaan - So how is it going Rahul? Any improvements with Trishala?


Rahul sighed. He hated discussing about such a painful topic.


Rahul - No. I guess she doesn't like me anymore.


Armaan - Don't be so negative Rahul. She obviously likes you. I don't understand how she could dump you in order to go out with that Aryan guy! That's SO unfair!


Rahul sighed again.


Rahul - LIFE is unfair!


Armaan (grinning) - You can ALWAYS win her back!


Rahul raised his eyebrows.


Rahul - How?


Armaan - Simple. Make her Jealous. Go out with an another girl and she will come spinning back to you.


Rahul looked uninterested.


Armaan - C'mon it works. I have personal experience about that. I am the love guru right?

Rahul (thinking) - Well...It's a good idea but who do I go out with ?


Armaan - Simple again. Muskaan!


Rahul - Are you nuts? Me with Behenji? No way! I have a reputation to protect!


Armaan - Do you want Trishala back or not?

Rahul - I do. But not if I have to date Muskaan. Is there no other girl?

Armaan - Nopes! Muskaan is the best option right now!


Rahul sighed again. He looked over at Muskaan's table. Muskaan was busy chatting animatedly with Ridzi and Atul.


Rahul didn't know why but looking at Muskaan chatting excitedly with Ridzi and Atul made him smile. Muskaan was such a cute chatterbox.


Rahul - Okay then. Muskaan it is.


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0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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Armaan – Excellent! Now all you have to do is win Muskaan's heart, but that shouldn't be too difficult as we already know that she is crazy in love with you.


Armaan grinned wickedly. He was under the impression that he was helping his best friend. But apparently he had no idea that he would be breaking Muskaan's heart in the process.


Rahul – So what do I do?

Armaan – Simple again. Propose her…today!


Rahul stared at Armaan.


Rahul – What?


Armaan – You heard me. Propose her today. It's best if we get this done fast.


Rahul – But..


Armaan – No buts ! You are gonna do it today and I am gonna help you.


Rahul gulped. He had to propose Muskaan today.


Rahul – Okay. But how and when do I do it?


Armaan rolled his eyes. Rahul was so inexperienced.


Armaan – Take Muskaan to the College garden and propose her there.


Rahul – When?

Arman – Now You idiot !


Rahul gulped. He was unsure about this.


Armaan – C'mon you can do this.


Rahul – But how do I call her outside in front of her friends ?


Armaan – I will do that. Now you go to the garden. Hurry!

Rahul got up and walked to the garden. Armaan meanwhile went to Muskaan's table.


Armaan – Muskaan?


Muskaan looked up.


Muskaan – Yeah?

Armaan – I need to talk to you for a minute. Can you please come with me ?

Muskaan looked surprised. She gave a confused glance to her friends and followed Armaan ou of the canteen.


Muskaan – Where are we going?

Armaan – You will see.


They walked silently and soon they reached the garden.


Armaan – Go and stand near the bench, Rahul is waiting for you.


Muskaan looked surprised.


Muskaan – What for?

Armaan – Don't ask questions. Just go.


Armaan gave a slight push.


Muskaan walked toward the bench clearly surprised.


Soon she found Rahul sitting there.


Muskaan – Hi Rahul. You wanted to see me?


Rahul looked up.


Rahul – Umm….Hey…


Muskaan – Whats wrong with you? You look worried.


Rahul – Um….sit with me.


Muskaan sits down. Confused.


Muskaan – What's the matter?

Rahul ( really fast ) – IloveyouMuskaan.


Muskaan – What? I didn't get what you just said.


Rahul takes a deep breath and says it clearly this time.


Rahul – I love you Muskaan.


Muskaan blinks at Rahul. Cearly stunned.


Muskaan – What?


Rahul – Yeah. Its true.


Muskaan does not believe him.


Muskaan – You are joking right?


Rahul – No.I am not.


Muskaan stands up. She looks angry. Rahul gets up too.


Rahul – What's the matter?


Muskaan ( angry ) – What do you think I am Rahul? A fool? Did you really think I could fall for such a joke?


Tears start forming in Muskaan eyes. Rahul pulls Muskaan towards him.


Rahul – Why do you think I am joking?


Muskaan snorts.


Muskaan – You are the College's most popular guy. Why would you fall for me?


Tears start flowing down from Muskaan's eyes now. Rahul wipes them off with his hands.


Rahul – Muskaan.I am not joking. I love you. From the day we met in childhood I have been in love with you. I would do anything for you Muskaan…anything. Please believe me.


Muskaan is shocked and so is Rahul. He couldn't believe he just said that and he couldn't believe that the words just came out from his mouth as if he was really deeply in love with her.


Rahul – So ….will you be my girlfriend?


Muskaan nods. And from that day onwards Muskaan was Rahul's ' girlfriend '. The title of Behenji was no longer attached to her.


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0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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* A week later*



It was now normal for the college students to see Rahul and Muskaan together. The girls were extremely jealous to see Muskaan with Rahul and as Armaan reported to Rahul. Trishala was jealous too.


But surprisingly. Rahul enjoyed having Muskan as his 'girlfriend' she was extremely supporting (unlike Trishala) She kept his need in front of hers( unlike Trishala) and was extremely sweet too (unlike Trishala again).


* Armaan and Rahul alone *

Armaan – Our plan is working. Accordint to my sources. Trishala is really Jealous.


Rahul grinned. He was happy to hear that.


Armaan – And if keeps on going like this. It will be soon that you get rid of Muskaan.


Rahul's smile changed into a frown. He didn't know why but he didn't want to break Muskaan's heart.


Rahul sighed, gave Armaan a small smile and started walking towards the Library where he expected Muskaan to be.


Rahul liked being around with Muskaan. She was fun, jovial and not to mention talkative. He smiled thinking about her animated conversations. You couldn't help but be lost in her conversations.


Rahul entered the library. All the students in the library turned to look at him. Whispers started lowing. Rahul grinned. They were clearly surprised to see him there; afterall he had never se foot in the library.


Rahul searched for Muskaan but she was nowhere to be seen. He saw Atul and he walked upto him.


Rahul – Muskaan kaha hai?


Atul – who abhi abhi Ridzi ke saath canteen gayi hai.


Rahul – Oh ! Okay thankz..


And saying so Rahul rushed out of the Library to the canteen.


He saw her emerging from the canteen. She was with Ridzi. Apparently they were arguing about something. Rahul walked upto them


Muskaan ( To ridzi ) – HAH ! I was right !


Riddima – No! You are not! I am!

Muskaan stuck her tongue out at Riddima and so did Riddima.


Rahul grinned, Both of them were so silly sometimes.


Rahul – Hello? Remember me?


Muskaan and Ridizi grin


Muskaan and Ridzi – Hi !


Riddima ( to Muskaan ) – I got to go. Extra Class. I wont be coming with you today.Sorry.


Muskaan – Oh! That's okay.


Riddima smiles and leaves.


Rahul – So. How do you go home?


Muskaan – With my scooty. But since its under repair. I guess I have to ho by bus. ( thinking) I wonder what the bus fare is..


Rahul rolled his eyes. Muskaan was so different from the other girls.


Rahul – What am I here for? I will give you a ride home!


Muskaan – NO. That's okay.


Rahul – I insist.


And saying so he drags Muskaan by the hands and makes her sit behind me on he bike.


Soon they reach Muskaan's hostel. Muskana gets off the bike and turns to Rahul.


Muskaan – Thanks!

Rahul – Anytime.


Muskaan turns and heads for the hostel gate,  but before she could do so Rahul caught Muskaan's hands.


Muskaan – What?

Rahul – Aren't you forgetting something?

Muskaan – What?.


Muskaan asks innocently.


Rahul – My payment.


Muskaan – Payment?

Rahul – Yeah. My payment for dropping you here.


Muskaan grins.


Muskaan – How much do you want?


Rahul – Its not money I want.


Muskaan – Then what do you want?


Rahul – A kiss.


Muskaan – I wont give you that. Now let me go.


Rahul – I wont.


Muskaan smiled. Ad she leaned towards Rahul's cheek and gave him a quick peck.


Rahul felt a zing pass through him. He let go of Muskaan's hands clearly dazzled. Muskaan takes advantage of the situation and quickly runs away. Rahul gets back to his senses.


Rahul ( calls after Muskaan ) – HEY ! NOT FAIR ! IS THAT ALL I GET ?


Muskaan just sticks his tongue at him and walks away. Rahul grinned.


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Rahul came back to his hostel apartment which he shared with Armaan. Armaan was not back yet.


Rahul couldn't resist the urge to call Muskaan. So he picked up his mobile phone and dialed her number.


Muskaan didn't answer. Rahul was worried. Fibally Muskaan picked up the phone after many rings.


Muskaan – hello?

Rahul (a little angry) – Muskaan! How long do you take to answer the phone?


Muskaan – Rahul? Sorry yaar. I was actually waiting for Ridzi in the terrace so I couldn't hear the phone ringing.


Rahul felt as if he heard the most wonderful news in his life.


Rahul – Riddima isn't back yet?

Muskaan – Nopsy! And it looks like it she will be late today.


Rahul – Good.


Muskaan – Good?


Rahul – Yeah. Because I am coming to your hostel apartment now.


Muskaan – NO ! Don't ! The warden will murder you.


Rahul – I don't care. I am coming.


And he puts the phone down. Muskaan is worried.


Soon after 15 minutes.—


Muskaan was really tired after a long day at the college. Her window was open and cool breeze started flowing in. She started to find herself going all sleepy.


Soon after  30 minutes –


Rahul jumped in through the open window. He called out Muskaan's name but there was no reply. He found her on the couch asleep with books strewn all round her.


Rahul waslked slowly towards her, and it was the first time he noticed how beautiful she actually was. She looked like an angel. Rahul leaned down beside her and moved a starn of her hair so that he could see her face properly.


Muskaan woke up with a jerk. She sat up on the couch,


Muskaan – What are you doing here ? How did you come here? Did the warden –


Rahul held one finger to silence her up.


Rahul – I came here to visit you. I came here with the help of the pipe ( Muskaan mouth opened up in shock ) and no, the warden did not catch me.


Muskaan ( scared ) – Rahul. You shouldn't have come. Now go before somebody catches you.


Rahul laid a finger on her lips.


Rahul – Shh Muskaan! NO one will catch me. Don't worry.


Muskaan still looked tense.


Rahul (grinning) – Aren't you happy that I came ?


Muskaan – No nothing like that. But you will be in major trouble if caught Rahul.


Rahul – Don't worry about me, Muskaan. I can handle it.


Muskaan finally cracked a smile.


Rahul – So…


Muskaan – So..?


Rahul – My kiss?


Muskaan – I already gave it to you.


Rahul – No. you didn't.


Muskaan ( grining ) – Don't force me Mr.rahul Gerewal. I know karate.


Rahul laughed.


Muskaan – Would you like something to eat ?


Rahul – Yeah sure.


Soon an hour passed. Suddenly the door bell rang.


Muskaan – Oh no! Riddima! Rahul…Hide!!

Rahul – I have to go!


Muskaan – HOW will you go?

Rahul- Pipe.


The doorbell rang again.


Muskana – Are you MAD ? You will get hurt.


Muskaan was worried. Rahul smiled seeing Muskaan worried for him.


Rahul – No ! I am used to this. Nothing will happen


He swiftly kissed Muskaan on the cheek and went away through the window again and Muskaan opened the door.


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This mini fanfic is so awesome... I had to comment... Embarrassed lovely work!! update soon!! Smile
0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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 * The next day *

Muskaan was waiting for Rahul at the college gate. As soon as she saw Rahul bike. She waved at him.


Rahul saw her. Parked his boke and came towards her.


Rahul – Muskaan? What happened?

Muskaan – Nothing. I was just waiting for you to see whether you got down safetky. Apparently you have.


Rahul smiled. Muskaan was so caring. He felt himself growing close to her. No matter what he tried to get away from her. He just couldn't.


  • A few days later *


Armaan was busy reading a book in a empty classroom when Rahul entered the classroom. Rahul looked very happy.


Armaan – What happened? Good news?


Rahul – Tishala came upto me and told me that she loves me today!


Armaan – WHOA! Awesome ! So my plan worked out huh ?


Rahul – Yup it did. Thanks man!

Armaan – Anytime. Now I guess you have to dump Muskaan.


Rahul – Yeah. I have to do that. Muskaan really helped me in this whole " make Trishala " jealous thing, I owe her,


Armaan and rahul laugh. But suddrnly they hear a squeal. Armaan and Rahul turn to see who it is. Rahul's ace turns from glee to shock. It was Muskaan. She had tears in her eyes . She ran out of the room.


Rahul ran after her.


Rahul – Muskaan. WAIT!

Muskaan didn't stop and she ran into the girls' bathroom.

Rahul stood outside the bathroom for a long time. People stared at him. Soon Ridzi arrived.


Riddima – Oh hey Rahul ! What are you doing outside the girls's bathroom ?

Rahul – Waiting for Muskaan. She is in there, Crying.


Ridzi hurries into the bathroom.


Soon after a few minutes,


Riddima e,merges from the bathroom with Muskaan following her.


Rahul – Muskaan.


Muskaan holds up a finger to silence him.


Muskaan - You have nothing more left to say Rahul. So please. Leave.


Rahul – But..


Muskaan – You have done what you could. I have nothing more to say. And I am happy to have helped you in winnind Trishala back.( sarcastically ). But I guess our friendship won't survive. Goodbye forever Rahul.


Ridzi and Muskaan leave Rahul standing there all by himself.


Rahul ( whispering to himself ) – I am sorry Muskaan…Really sorry !

0o.Leah.o0 IF-Rockerz

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Updating again...
muskaan_ankita Goldie

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oh my gosh... poor muski... Cry appy jaldi update kaar!! I am eager!! Cry

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