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RM FF-Pyaar Main Kabhi Kabhi UPD pt 19-pg 59 18/4 (Page 5)

luv_dmg_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2009 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Just read the your FF,it was Awesome.
please PM me when you continue.
Yepp will PM you when I update!

luv_dmg_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2009 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dipi_dipu

hey....toooo goooddd yaaaarr...awesomeee!!!!!! and continue plzzz and next please pm me when u continueeee...thank u
Thanx a lot!Will PM you!Ill try and update soon Smile
Ishan. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 January 2009 at 12:25am | IP Logged
hey great starting Radhika !!! and good that u continued with the first storyline . its really good ClapClap
keep it up !!! and do pm me when u update the next part !!!

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-Mishti_Divz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Heya Ridhika Big smile its very intrestingClap waitng for nest part and do pm me plssssssBig smile
luv_dmg_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2009 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!! Alright here is my next update just wanted to tell you guys in advance,don't read the flashback if you are going to get too emotional,LOL made me cry while writing it..Just skip it we all know what happens!

Pyaar Main Kabhi Kabhi

 Recap:Rahul tells Muskaan that he is leaving Chicago and coming back to India.

Part 2

Rahul along with his mum,silently made way into the aeroplane.It was the last time he would see Chicago,and boy was he glad,Rahul loaded the hand luggage into the compartment above him and ducked in order to sit in his designated seat in the aisle.He pricariously fixed his eyes upon a young couple with a child,the child giggled and squirmed as he was tickled in order to make him laugh.He imagined Muskaan to be the young mother who was taking good care of her lad,he couldn't help but fantasise about the precious moments that were going to take place in their life.He sat transfixed upon the young couple during the take off and for a further few minutes.A familiar voice awoke him from his daze,as he with a perplexed expression turned towards the air hostess,her curly locks fell upon her face just like Muskaan's,her honey melon lips parted as she started speaking,just like Muskaan.Her mischevious eyes blushed upon his gaze.He shook himself away from his daydream and looked to see a white lady asking him a question,why oh why did he imagine Muskaan everywhere?

Air Hostess-Sir,what drink would you like?


Air Hostess-Sorry!What was that?

Rahul-Umm nah,I don't want any drink.Thanks!

Rahul shook his head as he realised he was missing his beloved,more than he ever had before.He gave a broad smile and gazed outside the window,waiting for Mumbai to arrive and drifted off to sleep.

Hours later'

It was late at night,the air smelt musty,but yet fresh.Rahul breathed in the heavy,and somewhat musty air which brought about a feeling of coming back home the ultimate place where he belonged.The city of dreams had arrived and upon arrival,Rahul quickly typed a SMS to Muskaan."Main Paunch gaya hoon,abhi airport se nikalne main ek ghanta lagega, phir main tumhare yahaan aa jaoonga."


Muskaan sat excited as she waited for the arrival of Rahul,it had been more than two hours since he had sent that SMS,the wait was really testing her patience.It had been a while since doctor Keerti had finally got married to Doctor Shubhankar,so therefore Muskaan was the tenant at her house which she owned,alone she often got extremely bored but lucky enough Nikita had become her Housemate and now resided along with her at the house.

Nikita-Muskaan chill who aa jayega.

Muskaan-Kitni der ho gayi hai usse who SMS bheje hue,who theek toh hai na?

Armaan ' yaar chill!Traffic hogi so usse der lagi hogi aane main.

Muskaan-Par raat ko  ek baje traffic?

Ridhimma-Muskaan calm down!Its ok..

Atul-dekho kaun aaya hain!

Muskaan-Rahul aa gaya?(runs towards the door)

Atul-Nahi!Anjali aur Abhi aaye hain,card aur cake leke..Woh  uske ghar pe hi bhool gayi thi na,isliye usne who jaake laya.

Muskaan opens the door for the two and then sits down and shoots Atul a dirty!

After  5 mins

Armaan-Dekho Rahul aa gaya!

Muskaan-Armaan!,kya tum bhi mera mazaak uda rahe ho?

Armaan-Mujhe kya khak marna hai,jo main tumhara mazaak udaooga?

The bell rings,Muskaan goes to door to open it,and looks through the peephole to see who it is,It is none other than Rahul.She takes in a deep breath and opens the latch.

RM music

Rahul stares into Muskaan's eyes that are glistening with the tears that are about to make way.She looks down in order to avoid his stern gaze and forget all those painful memories that were attached to him leaving.


Muskaan is reading the letter that was given to her by Rahul,It had been a day since he had left for U.S.A and already Muskaan knew that she could not live without him,she opened her locker only to find a letter their.She gazed at the letter and started reading it,only to feel tears welling up inside her.The last two sentences in the letter were the ones that cut her the most.

"Muskaan,Muskaan main jaanta hoon ki maine vaada kiya tha ki tumhe milne aaonga,par tujhse bye karne ki himmat nahin hai mujh main.Mujhe maaf karde Muskaan,Main janta hoon ki tu mujhse pyaar karti hai,par main,kher main to hamesha se tujhse pyaar karta tha,aur karta rahoonga,lekin iss rishte ka koi future nahin hai Muskaan,hum kabhi ek nahin ho payenge.Ho sake toh mujhe bhoola dena.Jab tak tujhe ye letter milega Muskaan main jaa chuka hoonga.Bas bye kehna chahta tha.Tera Rahul"
A howling Muskaan sank lower onto the floor whilst reading the letter.She gasped for a breath as fat tears poured down her face."Rahul tum yeh kaise kar sakte ho?Main kaise bhool sakti hoon who saare pal jo hamne saath mein bitayein the,who saari yaadein.Rahul I love you,I love you!,"Her crying got even louder,she started feeling small,smaller then she had ever felt."Babaji!Yeh meri saath hi kyun hota hain?Maine kuch galat kiya kya kissi se pyaar karke?Sun rahe ho naa,Kya maine kuch galat kiya pyaar karke?,ek pal main meri sari khushi cheen lete ho!yeh to saqt na insafi hui!Main uske bina kaise ji sakti hoon?Kaun hai mera?Kaun hai?Koi bhi to nahi hai jo meri baat samajh saki,siwai iske,aur aab yeh!'
Tears did not stop welling in her eyes,she got up in anger,all the frustration that had been built inside of her took a chance to seize her mind.Her red infuriated eyes!spoke the words pain loud and clear.Muskaan ran towards the terrace.She remebered the moment Rahul had told her,he was going to go forever.She broke the nearby mirror with her hand,and clutched onto the shards of glass.Muskaan placed her numb fingers along with the shard of glass onto her wrist and cut open a wound.She jabbed the glass in further.Blood spread onto her fingers,the one thing that Muskaan was afraid of blood,but now she wasn't afraid anymore,the blood seemed almost to natural after so much dire grief!Whilst staring at the blood she did not realise when she passed out.

Due to Muskaan's unfortunate luck,Nikita approached the terrace as a means to get out of her very own problems concerning Armaan.There she found Muskaan unconcious,with blood sprawled all over her hand,She was losing extreme amounts of blood, she wondered why Muskaan had done this.Nikita immediately ran down the flight of stairs in a hurry to grab help of her friends.

All the other interns ran up the stairs hastily to help their Muskaan.Armaan noticed the letter that lay next to her,he quickly read the lines and breathed in a deep sigh."Rahul!Yeh tune kya kar diya!".All the interns immediately rushed Muskaan to the OPD  where she received blood that she had lost.Muskaan was a critical case,as she had lost a lot of blood.

Meanwhile Armaan had already become engaged in a conversation with Rahul.


Rahul-Bolo Armaan,Kya hua?

Armaan-Rahul main tumhe kis moo se batayoon!Tum itne insensitive kaise ho sakte ho?I mean who khat!Uss main jo kuch bhi liktha tha!Rahul tumhe pata hain Muskaan kitni hurt hai?Aur yeh sab teri wajah se hai..Tumhe pata hai ki tum long distance relationship maintain kar sakto ho,bohot der nahi hui hai Rahul,yeh tum samajh kaise nahi sakte? yeh sab bakwaas kyun,kyun usse itna torchure kar rahe ho?Rahul jo tumne likha hai yeh sab kehne ki kya zaroorat thi?

Rahul-Par who uske bhale ke liye hi tha!

Armaan-(angry)Bhale ke liye tha?Rahul who toot chuki hai!Usse agar pyaar main vishwaas ho na ab,toh bhi yeh bohot badi baat hogi!Rahul ,Muskaan apni zindagi ke liye lar rahi hai..(starts getting teary)Rahul..Muskaan ne suicide attempt kiya!aur usne bohot blood lose kiya hai,(starts crying)

Rahul-What?Muskaan ne suicide attempt kiya? Yeh maine yeh kya kar diya!(starts crying and angrily ruffles his hair)

Rahuls father wakes up due to all the noise.Rahul makes his way out of the room.

Rahul-Armaan maine kya karta?Kab tak usse jhoot bolta rehta?Kab tak?(breaks down even more)

Armaan-Rahul tum yeh relationship ab bhi maintain kar sakte ho!You know mujhe lag ta hai ki you guys are a match made in heaven.Waise main tumhe phir phone karta hoon abhi Muskaan critical hain,uss ki halat par update karta hoon.

Rahul drops the phone,and drops down onto the ground

Rahul-Babaji please mere pyaari Muskaan ko kuch maat hone dijiyega!Mujhe uski zaroorat hain!

Rahul enters back into his dad's room another person who was strugling for their life.

Rahuls dad-Beta!Tum mujhe promise karo ki yeh sab khatam hone ke baad tum mujhe meri bahu zaroor layoge!Aur usse hona chahiya Muskaan.Samje tum wapas India jaake usse shaadi karoge.Rahul yeh tumhare pyaar ka imtehan tha,aur isse tumhe kamiyab banana hi hoga.

Rahul-Dad yeh mera waada raha!(cries even more)

End flashback

Muskaan jolted out of those memories,to find Rahul standing right there,only for her.She was so exicted that she could almost certainly leap into his arms,if only his Mum ,as in her future Saas was not their.She grabbed hold of the bags from his mums's hands and led her inside the house.She was about to walk through the doorway behind her when a hand stopped her from going through.She turned around and silently looked at Rahul's blue eyes that were now craning for a look of his beloved.He had not had a large enough fill of her beauty.They stood dazed ,looking at each other,neither knowing what to say,or how to start a proper conversation.These two months had truly been a test for them.It had resulted in a new mature Muskaan,who actually took things seriously and a Rahul who had become the embodiment of true love.He was growing crazy about her day by day,and as far as he knew this was not a bad thing.But alas,after these two gut-wrenching two months neither had anything to say to the other,as the silence had all but said it all.They stared in fascination at each other,with a slow wry smile approaching on their individual faces.

Muskaan-Rahul yeh sapna toh nahi hai na?

Rahul-(Holds Muskaan's hands and kissedsthem),nahi yeh sapna nahi hai,main sach main wapas aa gaya hoon.

Muskaan literally leaped into his arms,as ecstatic as she was she could not help but start crying even though she was attempting to fight back those tears.

Muskaan-Rahul I love you!Mujhe kabhi nahi chod ke jaoge na?

Rahul-(laughs)Kabhi nahi Muskaan,tum mere hoton pe hamesha nazaar aayo gi,dekho yahaan dikh rahi hon tum.

Muskaan-Rahul'(breaks away from the hug)waise andar toh chalo warna sab suspicious ho jayega.

Rahul-Kaun sab?

Muskaan-Baki sab,yanne ki Armaan,Ridz,Anji,Atul,Nikki,aur guess what Abhi bhi!

Rahul-Kya Abhimanyu?

Muskaan-Yep who aur Nikki ab ek saath hai!(laughs)Chalo andar,par maine toh tumhe yeh sab baatayan tha na?

Rahul-Kya karoon jaan, tumhari awaaz itni sexy hain ki baaton ki sivai,awaaz pe hi dhyaan deta hoon.(smirks)

Muskaan-Rahul!(she rested her head upon his shoulder and he linked his hands with hers as they headed inside.)

They walked through the door,to see the Intern gang giving hugs to Rahul's mom each comforting her.Nikita decided to lead Rahul's mom into her room as she thought that she would be tired from  such a long flight.Just then Rahul and Muskaan entered hand in hand,smiling as they saw everyone waiting for them.

Intern Gang-SURPRISE!!

Rahul-Heyy guys!!!

Atul-Oye Muskaan,ab to iska haath chod de,yeh ab kahi nahi jaa raha..(laughs)

Muskaan-Abe tujhe kya problem hai,agar main iska haath pakdo toh?Tu thodi hi iske girlfiend hai?toh phir itna jal kyun raha hai?

Atul-sorry baba,tum kitna possesive ho?I meant ki  hum sab ko bhi isse milna hai,I mean do mahine ho gaye isse jhappi diye huye'

Muskaan-theek hai,theek hai

Atul-Mere bhai,mere dost,mere yaar,we missed you so much.(gives him a hug)

Armaan-Raool,agaya na wapass?(Imitates him)"Armaan bohot der ho chuki hain,"I'm sorry tumhare dad ke baare main soona.Rahul jo tum adhura chod kar gaye the,usse iss baar zaroor pura kar dena.(hugs him)

Rahul-Thanks Buddy!

Ridhimma-Hi Rahul!We missed you sooo much!aur I'm sorry about your dad.(hugs him)

Rahul-(cums out of the hug,and looks at Armaan)Wow improvement, Ridz,tumne mujhe hug kiya aur yeh jaala bhi nahin,not bad Armaan.

Nikita-Jee, inki aab shaadi ho rahi hain so isilye yeh itna possesive nahi hain.Good to have you back.(hugs)

Rahul-Missed you Nikki!

Rahul looked towards Abhi,who was busy admiring his girfriend.

Rahul-Waise Nikki,tumhe mujhe aap dono ki love story sunani hogi!I mean yeh sab hua kaise?When did Dr Abhimanyu Modi,become the good guy?

Nikita-Baad main,phir kabhi bataaongi.

Rahul-Theek hain,by the way maine tum sab ke liye gifts laye hain,yeh lo (passes all of them out)

Intern gang (except Muskaan)thanks a lot Rahul!

Armaan-Thanks dude,par in gifts ki koi zaroorat nahi thi,inse yeh jyaada maaine rakh ta hai ki tum wapaas yaha agaye ho.Aneways hum sab chalte hain (winks,knowing Rahul wants to spend some time with Muskaan)bohot raat ho chuki hai,aur tum to jet-lagged bhi hoge,get some rest,ok,hospital main milenge!

Rahul-Yaa hospital re-join kar raha hoon,intership complete karne keliye'Par meri final exam tumhare kuch mahine baad hogi,degree ke liye.

Armaan-Well I know,hamari internship finish hone ko aaye hai,aglay mahine main final exam bhi hain,then we will be doctors not interns.(laughs)

Rahul-Haa! aneways,bye guys!Thanks a lot for coming!

Rahul sighed and closed the door,turning around to see a fuming Muskaan sitting on the couch,who was turning away in the other direction.

Precap-Cute Rahul and Muskaan moments coming up...

Thanks a lot for reading!Do comment and criticize Smile Btw I edited the letter,posted the letter that Rahul actually wrote today to her in the epi today.

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aww I think RM fanfics are going to fill the hole that has been left in everyone's hearts after Mayank's exist. Please add me to your PM as well!
Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 08 January 2009 at 7:55pm | IP Logged
Great part!! and the flashback made me cry.
luv_dmg_armaan Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2009 at 8:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by princessuma

aww I think RM fanfics are going to fill the hole that has been left in everyone's hearts after Mayank's exist. Please add me to your PM as well!
Hey well I sure do hope they fill up the hole!Yepp will add you to my PM list.

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