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Posted: 21 September 2009 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Hina Khan gets her degree

Hina Khan, known as Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, took her final year exams for a Business Management degree a few months back, and despite being tied up with shooting at the time, she managed to do well.

"I had trouble managing my shoot and the exams. At the time, I was shooting for a major bidaai sequence," she says. "I shot from 8am to 6am the next day, because I wanted to finish some sequences in advance. I came home, immediately packed and left for Delhi to take my exams."

Hina still managed to get a distinction. "The results are out and I scored 77 per cent. My family, the unit members and my co-stars all are happy for me. When I get time, I'll celebrate with my friends." Hina hopes to study further. "I always wanted to be a journalist, so I may opt for a journalism course. But I will take a break for a few months now," she says. "As a journalist you get to travel, you can explore world, you are well-informed, and you have different experiences. I want that."

As for the show, Hina says, "Right now, I am happily married. I am adjusting to new people and trying to manage in a new family. Everything is fine for now but there will be twist in the tale soon."

With Navratri season on, Hina plans to visit a few dandiyas this year, as she has never been to one. Though some organisers apparently approached her to perform at their events, Hina refused, and prefers to go on her own to enjoy the festival.

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Yeh Rishta's staple diet

Yeh RishtaYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the family drama, which airs on Star Plus keeps, its audience hooked onto their screens, but do you know what keep them TV actors hooked? Well its something that just goes round and round and is yummy and finger licking. Any guess?

Our little birdie from the sets informs, "Yeh Rishta…cast goes crazy when it comes to our favorite 2 min Maggi noodles. The cast and crew members are always ready to have it at any point of time, in between their breaks."

When asked Pooja Joshi (Varsha) about the reason to have Maggi, she immediately replied, "We hardly get a break of few min during our shoots, which is really not sufficient to have a full lunch or a heavy breakfast, so we usually opt for Maggi, as it is quick to make and ready to have."

Hmm We too agree with you all, as yummy Maggi is always great for hungry tummy After all Maggi itself says, "Taste bhi health bhi"

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Posted: 26 September 2009 at 3:05pm | IP Logged

On small screen , daughters 'Rule'

SARAH SALVADORE , TNN 27 September 2009, 12:00am IST
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It's Daughter's Day today. And who better to epitomise the ideal Indian daughter, than the small screen betis. In an age and time when girls are
A still from Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo
outgoing and at times take up the mantle as breadwinner of the family, the idiot box has thrown up some memorable daughters that every Indian wished he/she had.

From being the centre of affection of the family, to going all out to solve problems, these on screen characters have managed to grab the eyeballs and rule the hearts of viewers from all over the country.
Over the past few years, the tube has managed to weave stories that revolve around the female protagonist. With her never-say-die attitude and concern for her family, the quintessential Indian beti has gone ahead and matched shoulders with the men in the family, just like Jassi and KKusum. And no, she does not mind sacrificing her love and life for the betterment of those she loves. So if Laali from Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo willingly accepted her fate for the sake of her family, then Simi from 12/24 Karol Bagh - Yahan Baste Hai Kuch Sapne, agrees to marry a sleazebag of a guy so that her brother too can tie the knot. And the audience too is lapping up every bit of the story. "Today, the focus of most shows has shifted from the bahus to the daughters," says actor Sara Khan who plays Sadhna in Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai. "The female audience connects to the kind of sacrifices that the daughter makes for her loved ones. Men too are hooked on to such shows as they are close to their daughters," opines Khan. In fact, Sara's on screen character, Sadhna, marries a mentally challenged man so that her dark-skinned sister can get a better groom than herself.

And if that's not enough, there are those who take up cudgels for their rights and for those who suffer a similar fate.
Jia in Na Aana Iss Des Meri... Laado, fights tooth and nail with the patriarchal Ammaji to stop female infanticide in the village she lives in. She does not hesitate to subject herself to risks, so that her fellow women can be better off. "There are still places in India where female infanticide is practiced. At a time when the tube reaches every part of the country, there is a need to portray a strong female character to inspire and mobilise the women in those areas to stop such practices. Moreover, women especially daughters, have a lot of inner strength and ability to cope with such circumstances,"says actor Parul Chauhan.

While daughters have always been the focus, the father-daughter relationship too has been hailed on screen. In fact, there are some shows that sensitively portray those emotions, like Aap Ki Antara, where a father is trying his best to cope with his daughter's autism. Our on-screen beti's chose real life incidents to portray their on-screen emotions. "Everyone knows what parents go through when their daughters are getting married or suffer from some problems. Daughters can't stand it when their loved ones suffer, hence they are ready to do anything for them," says Hina Khan from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

A friend, confidante and ray of happiness, a daughter is everything that is portrayed by our small screen betis. There are so many ways to celebrate this special day. But what better way, than tuning into these shows and celebrating the spirit of the girl child.
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Tantrums of Bahuraniyaa

BahuraniyaaWell we are talking about the three most popular bahu's of Star Plus, Akshara, Sadhna and Ragini. Hina Khan, Sara Khan and Parul Chauhan are riding high these days as the TRP's of the show has risen again and so as their tantrums.

These bahu's are getting tougher as the days passes. Well we are talking in terms of their attitude. "Recently there were few people from the media who wanted to interview the bahu's but they refused to talk and said that they are very busy," chirps our khabroo from the sets.

"We do receive calls from the journalist for fixing up their interviews but all these three bahu have recently got lots of attitude and they avoid speaking to the media. One has to call them number of times to get their quotes or the interview," adds the source.

It seems their head is not on their shoulders. Well girls do remember that this is the game of TRP's so bach ke rehaina….

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Hina Khan
Hina Khan
The actress who shot to fame with the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, has started showing her true colours, throwing tantrums either on the sets or while giving interviews. She should remember that it was the channel and the makers of the serial who gave her a break.
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"Pari hoon mein"-Hina Khan

November 3rd, 2009 - 7:48 pm ICT by sampurn

Hina Khan aka Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai shares her most memorable event of life exclusively with Telly Caf.

How is Hina in real life?

Hina is very shy, reserved and very emotional kind of a person who do not like to share much about her personal life with others. I am exactly opposite to Akshara as she always depends on others to make her personal decisions but when it comes to Hina she does not bother about others but except her father to make any decision regarding her life. But at the end I do not like to speak much about myself.

How is your journey of Yeh Rishta Kya'?

It was cool till now and "Insha allah' it will be great hence forth. I am pleased to be linked up with such veteran co-actors were I am getting to learn more and more things about acting which I did not know before. After all it's just a start of my journey and long way to go. Hope I get all support from my audience to move towards success.

Which is your unforgettable memory of life?

Yes, I have one and i.e. my 12th standard cultural program were I have spent a gala time with my teachers and friends. The thing that made the event special was that I have performed on the stage and that too on a dance which is very much difficult for me to do as I am a very bad dancer, I just can't dance. The song on which I have performed was "Pari Hoon Mein", it was so weird but we all had fun. Another thing that made it so special was the tears in the eyes of teachers which simultaneously brought tears in my eyes too. The moment was very touchy for me and that is the reason why I have remembered it till now.

What are the similarities and difference between Akshara and Hina?

As I said before I am very confident which Akshara is not as she can't take her own decision whereas I can take my decisions without concerning any one. But yes there are some similarities which make us one and that are I am shy, emotional, caring for others like Akshara.

Tell something about your likes and dislikes?

Hmm, I like to sleep a lot and like to lie down on my bed but the sad thing is that I don't get time to sleep as I am always busy working with tight schedule of Yeh Rishta'but whenever I get time I make a note that I rest in my green room. Another thing which I like is shopping but again same reason for not getting to shop and that is only thing which I don't like.

Do you think that now after Yeh Rishta.. You are settled in your career?

No, not at all I have many plans and goals to reach. It is just the beginning of my career. I have to learn a lot many things in my life. Along with that I have to do many projects but till then I have to concentrate on Yeh Rishta.

Any plans to marry?

No, not still as I am too young to marry and still have never thought about the issue. So as of now its a big no but will definitely let you all know when I plan to get married.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Media

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Hina Khan
Tell us something about Hina ?
"Hina is very shy, reserved and a very emotional kind of a person who does not like to share much about her personal life with others. I am exactly opposite to Akshara as she always depends on others to make her personal decisions.

There are some similarities which make us one and that are, I am shy, emotional, caring for others like Akshara. However, when it comes to Hina she does not bother about others but she respects her father's decision.Main bahut mooh fatt hoon."

Hina Khan
How has your journey in Yeh Rishta Kya…been?
"Masha Allah its good and I am thankful that my first serial is being appreciated by all and its Star's number one show. I am pleased to be associated with such veteran co-actors were I am getting to learn more and more things about acting. After all, it is just the start of my journey and I have a long way to go. Hope I get all support from my audience to move towards success in the future also."

Hina Khan

How is your rapport with your Yeh Rishta Co-actors?
"It's wonderful, but I am very close to my on-screen mom and dad as compared to other actors."

In these months, have you visited your hometown - Srinagar?
"No I am not getting time from my busy schedule, but I am fine as my parents have come to Mumbai to stay with me, but  I still miss my Srinagar home, but as you know work comes first and I am enjoying my work."

Hina Khan

Ok, so any plans to get  married?
No, not yet, as I am too young to marry and still have not thought about the issue.

When free, where do you go shopping?
"I like to shop sometime near Linking road, Bandra and sometimes at Inorbit Mall, Malad.

Hina Khan

 Which recent movie have you seen?
"In Diwali I had watched Blue, which was ok and after that I had no time only to watch any other movie."

In Bollywood, who are your favorite actor and actress?
"I am not an ardent fan of Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan, but my all time favorite stars are Amitabh Bachchan and Kajol.

Hina Khan
What message you would like to give to Indya fans?
"I am happy that my role is loved so much and so I just want to tell everyone please do watch my show and love Akshara and also Hina because its very difficult to get a perfect shot."

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[23 Nov 2009]


Lataa Saberwal and Sanjeev Seth had a clandestine wedding ceremony this year in January. But they have been so busy shooting for their soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain that the couple didn't even get time to go on their honeymoon. After almost 10 months, they finally managed to do so and they can't stop gushing about their experiences.

We spoke to an excited Lataa who said, "Sanjeev and I got married in January, but we took our honeymoon trip just three weeks back! Actually, we went on a short holiday immediately after our marriage to Goa. But that was very small, and the one this time was our 'longer' honeymoon. Since both of us are extremely fond of travelling, we had decided almost four months back to take this trip. We took leaves at that time itself from our production houses. We had to tell them way in advance, as in a daily, taking ten days off from work is a long time."

The couple wanted to explore different places. "I had never been to Kashmir and Leh Ladakh. These were some of the places we really wanted to visit. Basically, we wanted to go to some place, which was adventurous. Many a times, with family we cannot go to places like these. So the two of us had decided to try and cover all the adventurous places together."

She continues excitedly, "First we went to Kashmir, where we saw places like Gulmarg amongst many others. We were staying in a houseboat there and it was a lovely experience. They say Kashmir is like jannat; it really is heaven! We saw all the Mughal Gardens there and even visited the Pari Mahal.

We saw each and every place there. In fact, we went up a mountain, a place called Baisaran in Pahalgam, where there is no road and there are only rocky hills! I was screaming throughout the way as we rode on horses. When we reached the top of the mountain, there was this place called Mini Switzerland. It was really good. But the way to the top was very scary."

While they stayed in Kashmir for three days, the next three-four days they were in Leh Ladakh. "I must mention; it is a completely different world. It is a very rocky place but it is also very spiritual, because of the Buddhist culture. We saw some very interesting places there. We went to the highest motorable road in the world. It is above 18,000 feet. It is called the Khardungla Pass.

 Then we went to this magnetic road. There is this hill called the Magnetic Hill in front of it and you just have to park your car there. You don't have to start the ignition but the hill will pull your car automatically and you have to just sit in it. I was clapping, as I couldn't believe that the car was moving on its own! And then we saw the Pangong Lake, which is very famous as 25 per cent of it is in India and the rest is in China. It has dark blue water which I have never seen before, not even in any swimming pool. We just couldn't believe it. We also visited a lot of Buddhist monasteries and saw how the monks live and pray there. Finally, our last stop was Delhi, where we had just a two-day stay."

Many people have this notion, that Kashmir is an unsafe place, due to the terror attacks. When asked if these thoughts ever crossed their mind, Lataa says, "Sanjeev and I believe in a different kind of thinking. If anything bad has to happen, it can happen anywhere, even at home. For example, who could have thought that the attacks could have happened at the Taj hotel in Mumbai?

That way, there is no safe place. We went for our honeymoon with a positive mind. In fact, the locals there treat the tourists so well and they were requesting us to tell people here that there is nothing to worry or fear about in Kashmir. Which is a fact, because we were in Kashmir during Eid and people were celebrating the festival like they would in any other place. They wanted us to spread the word."

If you are wondering why the couple chose to honeymoon at destinations in India, while mostly the norm is to explore some place outside the country, Lataa justifies their choice saying, "We want to explore India first; there is much to see in our country. Leh Ladakh itself is such a different place. We will definitely be going abroad, but with our family. Pehle apna pura India toh dekhle! We are very lucky to have seen these places. Even now I keep going through the pictures."

Before signing off, Lataa reveals naughtily, "Every year, we will have at least two honeymoons; one with family, one without them!"

*By Purvaja Sawant

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