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Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan
Kumkum - Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan

kumkum summary

Pujasp20 Newbie

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Posted: 19 January 2005 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
I used to watch kumkum a long time ago and i stopped when sumit was in the hospital and he had taken a bullet that was meant for kumkum and the guy who shot him was veeru. I know a lot has happened since then but i was hoping if sum1 can give just a little summary so i won't be confused when i start reading the kumkum updates. Thank you. Tongue

damsel111 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2005 at 12:21am | IP Logged

haha sure but thats long time ago hehe neway i hope this will helpSmile

ok so when sumit got discharged from the hospital the whole family went for a picnic sumit n kumkum came closer then v had the best part karwachaut on that day ehem ehem they became husband n wife completely then entered kirtans mom rahuls ex gf (kirtan is rahuls n his gfs son ) she met kumkum was abt to die she asked kumkum to take kirtan to rahul n tell him that hes his son(rahul didnt know abt him before thats a long story forget it its not conected to kumkum n sumit) but kumkum was too late cuz till then rahul was getting married to tara his PA but neway kumkum brought kirtan home every1 suspected that it is kumkums son but soon they all found aot abt the truth so wht happened next was that tara was a fraud she took sumits signature on sum papers which made tara the owner of the whole of the wadwah empire

the family then had to leave the house cuz they had gone bankrupt but hehe there entered brigbhoshan(rahuls dad)with his new wife renuka!! brigbhoshan said that she has paid for the house n the business n every1 can stay in the house n can pay her back when u afford to eventually every1 agreed as kumkum wanted then all to stay

then renuka started to create misunderstadings between kumkumn sumit everytime she did sumthing bad sumit pointed on her only he trusted kumkum completely soon kumkum also had an idea that renuka had no gud intensions so on the umm.. (there was sum festival in sorry i dun remember the nameEmbarrassed) it was sum food festival the family was to serve food to poor yeahh rite it was that neway kumkum had to look after the food she knew renuka was plotting against her so she told her to look after the food renuka had told veeru to mix poision in the food but now she had to run for her lifeLOL went to stop veeru n on the way found a village girl chanda a duplicate of kumkum

chandas bro was handicaped so renuka promised her that she will pay for his treatment if she will b kumkum so renuka made a plan taught chanda everything abt kumkum n replaced kumkum with chanda in the house (kumkum was now kidnaped was with veeru )...

kumkum got very sick so veeru took her to hospital there she found out that she is pregnant on the other hand sumit cumz to the hospital to collect sum reports he also gets to know that kumkum is pregnant (as there is chanda at home)he get very happy renuka is jealous n angry...

then starts the real drama of renuka she starts to spoil kumkums character using chanda she plans n makes ruhul c chanda with veeru n does more stuff then on the first wedding anniversary of sumit n kumkum chanda tells sumit that she wants to abort the child as she doent want ne nainsafiTongue(cant think of the exact word) with dhruv,according to renukas plan. sumit being an understanding husband n a gud father agrees next wht happens is that chanda finds out that kumkum is gud n its renuka who is bad unlike wht renuka had told her before that kumkum is not gud n wants to destroy the family so wht chanda does is she tries to help kumkum she then replaces herself with kumkum(sends kumkum back home n stays where kumkum was kept) renuka has no clue abt the real kumkum being at home

then according to kumkums n chandas plan kumkum goes to free chanda renuka finds out abt it she takes the brakes out of the car they will b going in so then happens the accident n chanda dies kumkum promises chanda that she will look after her bro n wont tell him that she is not chanda

sumit doesnt know wht has happened he doesnt evern know that kumkum was kidnapped

uhh i forgot before kumkum was kidnapped sumit had paid all of renukas money back n wanted her to leave the house but kumum stopped her

k now kumkum pays money to veeru to tell the truth abt renuka plooting against kumkum he did n so renuka was slapped by sumitClap n was sent to jail

entered abhay chuhanAngry who is chanda bf kumkum tells him that she is kumkum n not chanda as he doesnt believe her he goes to meet renuka n she tells him that she is chanda not kumkum AC frees her in return but soon sends her back to jail

k then AC actually enters the scene that damn negative manAngryAngry

meanwhile kumkum has gone with shamu(chanda bro)to sum doctor outside the city she has forgot her medicine so the baby gets aborted Cry was real sad sumit is out he doesnt know

on the other hand sumit had gone to settle sum property matters where he meets an accident n a guy gets killed he is virindas husband (they r newly weds) as the village ppl do not want virinda to stay there so sumit takes her home with him .... every1 welcumz her

next wht happens isabhay tells sumit that it is chanda not kumkum in his house sumit disagrees he tells him that its his wife n he can prove it cuz she is pregnant he calls kumkum she then tells him that she is not pregnant nemore sumit is shocked

sumit then thinks that AC was rite its not kumkum cuz she is not that careless how can kumkum forget her medicine for shamu

it took many days kumkum cudnt prove her identity then 1 day sumit was like im doing kumkums sharad so she then had a DNA test with dhruv n so she proved that she is kumkum AC didnt believe he said there is sum majbori that chanda is not cuming to him

as he was a gud frnd of sumit in sumits eyes he started to destroy them he took asit senguptas help who is sumits childhood frnd n he did it the wadhwaz lost their home business everything went to live in a chawl first the other ppl in that chawl didnt accept them but finally they did soon sumit found a job he had to go to dubai so he went

he was sent for white collar job but was doing labour instead, he didnt tell kumkum abt it on the other hand kumkum started a catering business which was going well Ac told kumkum abt sumits job she told him to cum back but the boss(AC servant) didnt give him his passport cuz sumit had signed a deal with them that he will work here for a year (he signed it when he knew that hel b doing a white collar job) this dancing girl who lived in the same chawl helped kumkum in getting sumit back to india through her contacts sumit was back in 2 days

then 1 day v found outthat Ac has bought the chawl n wants every1 to make wadhwa family leave the chawl the chawl ppl disagreed went nuthing else worked AC promised the chawl ppl that he will make flats for him onkly if kumkum works with him n it will take 3 months

as their natak started(the chawl ppl'z) kumkum n sumit were helpless they had to agree with the chawl ppl n so kumkum went to work with AC on the first day of kumkums job sumit met with an accident n so veena didnt want kumkum to go for the job but look after sumit but sumit wanted her to do her job first ... (nuthing was special in between just that boring story AC trying to create misunderstanding haha but all his plans were of no use)

then one day sumit decided to start his old business again he soon got permission to finist an old incomplete contract which he had to leave cuz of bankrupcy he wanted to tell kumkum abt it so he went to her office on the other hand in the office AC sent everyone home (uhhh yeah that was on new year) only Ac n kumkum were left back when kumkum saw every1 leaving she went to ask she was in the lobby of the office went lights went out she got scared she turned found Ac standing behind her with a lit lighter in his hand he told her that he has sent every1 home cuz he wanted the spend the new year in her arms kumkum got so scared that she fainted AC picked her in his arms n lights came n so did sumit, he went up to him took kumkum from hm kept her on the sofa near by n punched AC not once or twice but many times Clap(as too gud i luv that scene hehe)kumkum got up n stopped sumit then at home she told everything Ac had said sumit got very angry he called Ac n told him to cum to the chawl n say all that he said to kumkum infront of every1 AC came that was a great episode il tell it in detail cuz there is no fun otherwise Smile


Sumit looks at AC,he asks sumit bolo sumit kya
chunauti hai.Kk comes there.Sumit welcomes AC to the
chawl and his new year party saying that he's given
everyone so much that he just wants to give him a gift
too.AC says agar pyar mujhe khud dene ke liye bulaya
hai to main inkaar kaise kar sakta hoon?Sumit tells
him that today they'll play a game,a game that no one
would have ever played till now.He takes out a small
bottle from his pocket.He tells AC that he must be
wondering what's there in this small bottle.
Sumit goes near the table and pours out half the
contents of the bottle in a glass and pours water in
another glass.Then he shuffles both the glasses and
says that in one glass there's water and poison in the
other.He tells AC tum apni naye saal ki shuruwaat meri
patni ke baahon mein karna chahte the na,dekho yaha ke
koi bhi mard apni patni ki beizzati nahi seh sakta aur
main bhi nahi.Then he challenges AC to drink the
contents from anyone of the glasses and says that if
he survives then he'll consider that his love has won
and he(sumit) will accept defeat.The chawl ppl
tell him2 stop all this as hes playing a
angerous game.Sumit refuses and AC accepts the
AC goes near the table and thinks that sumit has
really trapped his this time by planning perfectly and
if he drinks the poison by mistake then he'll never
get his chanda.He puts something in one of the
glasses(some powdery stuff....maybe something
poisonous).AC turns towards sumit and says ek baar
phir sochlo sumit tum apni patni ko daav pe laga rahe
ho.Sumit says nahi AC main apni patni ko daav pe nahi
laga rahi hoon,bilkul nahi,main tumhaari jhoota pyar
ko daav pe laga rahi hoon aur main jaanta hoon ke mera
pyar saccha hain.Kyun AC darr gaye ho kya?Agar ho to
yaha se chale jaao aur dobara humaari zindagi mein
apni shakal kabhi mat dikhaana.AC takes on one the
glasses and drinks from it.And.....

AC is fine and he's happy.He tells sumit ye khel
abhi bhi adhoora hain...main apni baari khela ab
tumhaare baari hain.He asks sumit to do the same and
promises that he'll never ever interfere in their
lives after this, if Sumit survives.he says aao ab tum
apne pyar ko saabit karo.Kk is tensed and tries to
stop sumit from drinking it.Sumit tells her that he
will accept the challenge and will prove AC that his
love is true.Kk is tensed,sumit takes the glass from
AC's hand and is about to drink it....when kk rushes
upto him and takes away the glass from him.
Kk says sumit kya kar rahe ho tum? Band karo ye
khel.Main jaanti hoon ke tum mujhse kitna pyar karte
ho aur tumhe saabit karne ki koi zaroorat nahi
hai.Aur tum AC aaj mein sabke saamne kehti hoon ke
main kk sumit wadhwa,sumit ki patni sirf sumit se pyar
karti hoon.Aur use apne pyar ko saabit karne ke liye
aise koi bhi cheez karnay ke koi zarorat nahi hai.aur ab main yeh tumhay pe kar daikhati hoon apnay sumit kay liyay sumit n AC look at her

Kk is about to drink it when sumit stops her.Kk
tells dekha ye hain pyar.tum jaise shaitaan se
kaun pyar karega?Aur tum mere pyar to kya mere nafrat
ke bhi laayak nahi ho.Chale jaao yaha se....aur agar
aaj ke baad tumne aisi koi harkat ki to sumit
nahi main tumhe sazaa doongi,main kk sumit
wadhwa.Chale jaao.Sumit and everybody looks on and AC
goes away.Big smile

the next day every1 at chawl hear that the building (the 1 Ac was making for them)fell Ac was blamed but he had another plan ready he promised the chawl ppl that he will complete the building in 1 month

1 month passed quickly every1 was ready to shife Ac took kumkum to a flat in that building n said that he has made it for her everything is according to her taste n she n Ac will live here together Angry he continues that if she wont live with Ac who else will she live withAngry sumit enters says apnay sumit kay sathClap hands over keys of a new house to kumkum they soon shift there

have a pooja there AC cumz he tells kumkum that she will cum to him in 30 days n agree that she is chanda n he is a part of her lifeAngryAngry 

next when they r opening the gifts ppl had brought for them they find a pack of injections they wonder who has sent them at dinner sumit n kumkum dun eat cuz they have kept a fast the others eat n get food poisioning the doctor tells sumit to get sum injections he cant find them newhere only brings 1 kumkum sees it n says they r the same injections every1 is safe now

the next day they go for a picnic for a change for kumkum there they decide that men will cook n there they catch a fire every1z safe

huhhhh.. that was longg!! now read on from this weeks updates Smile

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damsel111 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2005 at 5:00am | IP Logged
uhh i hope i didnt forget sumthingEmbarrassed
hetal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2005 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
hey .........thanks, u you did great job. thanks, even i didnt asked but u described very well, specially thhat glass episode. thanksSmileClap
zara29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2005 at 4:04am | IP Logged
hey......,,thanx a lot damselSmile ,I have watched all this but instead I read this &  really enjoyed all what u have written there.you have done a  great jobClapClap  .keep it up!Thumbs Up
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Posted: 08 February 2005 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Sorry I just read the summary. Thank You so much. You described it with such details, it was fabulous. Atleast now i understand what has happened. Thanks again. Clap Clap

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