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Dashing through RF
In a ninth-love station train
O'er the posts we go
Blushing all the way

Whistling all the way
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and blush
On this couple tonight!

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way;
AYLS 9 i
s coming along,
Riding all the way!

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way;
Oh! what fun [joy] it is to ride
In a ninth-love station train

Hope of everything and what better time to name it than: Christmas-a festival of hopeEmbarrassed Hope to acheive our dreams and get whatever we desire forEmbarrassed and New Year- hope to forget the past and enter new journey of life from all over again, in hope to fulfill all our dreams!Embarrassed Hope is a word that makes us successful and reach the mountain peak!Embarrassed But for this hope we defo. need to be intensely passionate...because this hope evolves and helps us according to the intensity of our love, work, passion, faith...anything! And this intensity nurtures from ur tumse hi...your belief (and that belief could be ur self-belief, ur parent's belief, ur friend's belief or ur soulmate's belief!Embarrassed) Therefore, let's enter our new an ode to Xmas, Intensity, Tumse Hi and New year!Embarrassed

As I said before, Xmas is a festival of hope, hope for acheivement and happiness. So, yet again we are dedicating this Xmas to our most beloved jodi made by rab!Blushing Ashi-Yuvi, who's mere thought gives us a smile or laughter!Embarrassed They are our santa...santa who comes in our life everday instead of xmas eve, whenever we need them to give us hope that we can do it and we should do it! They taught us to live life, enjoy it by following our heart, being real and many othersEmbarrassed They taught us to live our life in the most honest and purest sense!Embarrassed They taught us to follow our heart and to always believe in our instinctsBlushing They made us our own best frieds and made us proud of who we are today!Blushing They made us real and above all they gave us the gift of each otherBlushing I mean Ashi-Yuvi became the reasons for us all to meet and since the day we met we have never looked back...its as if we don't even remember a time when we weren't togetherEmbarrassed Since that day we all have become a small little adorable family, a family where every single one of us is unique with different unique qualities! Every single one of us is important and bestowed with our own special traits! Every single one of us are distinct yet we all form part of the same circle of love! EmbarrassedBlushing A circle so deep...that is depth is just unsurmountable! We have been our strength, our support, our confidence, our faith, our courage, and our hope!Embarrassed Whenever any one of us was going through tough times, the whole of AYLS' hands would be raised in prayer and every single one of us would wish from the deepest of our hearts for her and pray that those tough times never comes in any of our life! And god forbid if that happens to someone, than we would be like umberella to her!Embarrassed Its a special feeling...very very special feeling knowing that there is someone out there to whom ur words won't ring emptyEmbarrassed and they wld always value your opinion and worry for ur well beingEmbarrassed They would wish nothing but good for u and would never forget you in any special occasions!Embarrassed And when life would move on and you remember these would be left with nothing but a huge smile thinking of these moments spent together!Embarrassed We defo. have lots to thank for to our santa's (ashi and yuvi) but for this xmas, lets thank them for giving us the friendship that we would cherish forever! Embarrassed 

Ashi-Yuvi describes intensity for me because whatever they is full of intensity! Their love for each other is soo intense that all I can say I get gooses and butterflies when I see them or think about themBlushingBlushing and this is the intensity of their eternal love, their eternal intense love. That even the slightest of the thought of them only fills us with a hell lot of pride and it is their love for each other only that has been the major cause of their strength during all times. And this love was so very well portrayed in Tumse HiEmbarrassed Whatever happend in their lives be it happy times or difficult situations they always faced it togetherBlushing Their heart break, their patch up, their fights or be it anything that they did they alwayz possessed a certain kind of intensity. I mean they have always been an inspiration for all of us in so soo many waysss. The most important thing that matters is being Real .. yes and to accept one's flawsss without changing him is called loveeee maaaan pure selflesss loveee this is what they had in their relationshipEmbarrassed I mean they just accepted the way they actually were they loved each other for being themselvess . And the intensity of their love grew more and more by each passing moment . And this phase of their relationship was so brilliantlyyy depicted in our fifthh homeeee Intensityyy !!! wasn't itt sooo beautifuuuul a home?? soo snowyyy, soo creamyyy, n omgg it ws soo full of intensityyyyyBlushing n who can forget the loadsss and loaads of adventuressss that we all had gone through this home of ourssss...I meaan first it starts with christmas, that festival which fills us with soo much of happines n well yaa Giftssss!!  right giftsss...remember our very own seccy santa?? goshhhhh i want mooore giftss, more n moreee giftssss... the onlyy best wayyy to get all our deeepest, trueeest wishes fulfilledddd!Embarrassed I mean yaaa we did gettttt AY as our giftyss n evryone present hereeeee are giftyyys treasured giftys of bhaggu datz why we all are here with each other even after sooo many years after the end of remix butt stillll that passion that intensityy that undying love is still there present in each one of usssssss and will always remain there till eternity . See this is the magic of AY ! n yaa we had soo much of fun here at our homeeee that PKTBlushing omggg it was totalllllly i wud say totallyy insaaaaaaaneBlushing i mean bhaggu knows wat lightenin had just struckk ppl went maaaaaaad n stories were popping out jst lyk nething dat too in da middle of da nightt goshhhh it ws soo muchh funn guysssss youu better have a look at PKT once again n those who haven't seeen it pleasee go ahead and have a look you'll definitelyy get a shocker itz written with so much of enthusiasm it has loadz n loadz in it to give you hiccupps as well as jumbooo like gooses ..seee the intensityyy guysss n not to forgettt we had so much moreeeee in here sooo manyy mixess soo manyy siggiessss soo manyyy manyy AY siggies and all this is only and only because of our very very veryyy specialll AshiYuvi . Their love their boundless love for each other made them cross all hurdles n the had to finally accept that yesss they were made for one anotherr . They have not only given each other the gift of true eternal unselfish lovee but alsooo have given usss the real taste of  love, life nd frienship!Day Dreaming

Its been one full year since this very masterpiece was created!!Blushing Yup that's right...its our very very very own Tumse Hi and since then it continued to inspire us all our livesBlushingBlushingBlushingohh man luk at him...just one look and you soo very very well will come to know how deeply, how passionately, how madly he is in love with her, his guitar, his songs...infact his own life is meant for her, only and only for her...Ashi...his ashi- his tumse hi...his inspiration and beliefBlushingBlushing gosh how can he love her soo much that he himself doesnt know...every second, every moment he is just thinking about her and no one else but herBlushing every time I see him play that guitar, it makes me go allllll maddddd!! gosh I actually am going mad seeing him sitting all alone in his room with only her in his mind and totally unawre about whats going on around!! man their first...first...very first close moment when they didn't even know that they loved each other and the way they came soo damn close... when they argued with each other... when they pulled each others legs...when they challlenged each other...when they just wanted to show the other person down but still there had been times when they were just out of control...I mean when they just couldnt get along with there minds...when they only were under the command of there heats...when they unknowingly knew dat they were made 4 each other... when they realized that they loved each other n dis is wat yuvi's singing...this is wat he is saying "naa hain yeh pana, naa khona hi hain...tera naa hona jaane, kyun hona hi hain...tumse hi din hota hain, surmai shaam aati hain...tumse hi, tumse hi...har gadi saans aati hain, zindagi kehlati hain...tumse hi, tumse hi" just feeels like he is singing this lineeeeeees forever n ever n ever!!Blushing he is only sayinggg ki his ultimate strength is what makes everyy single thing possible, every difficult thing easyyyyyy he dsnt wnt nething xceptttttt da Love of his loveeee his ashiiiii his tumseee hiiiiiiii her presenceeee onlyyy makes him conquer nethin n evrythinggggggg dis is da powerrrr of trueee loveeeeeeeeee infacttt evn if shez practically not der wid himmm stillll shezz der deeep inside his hearttt n his minddddd alll his endlesss probsss seeeem to cum to a biiiiig full stoppp wen hez thinkin abt herrrr his lifeee his worldddddd starts at Ashiii n endsss at Ashiiii shez da causeeeeee of his lifeeeee  n dis is wat dat he haz realizedddd ki ashiiii for him is evrythinggg shez meanssssss evry single damn thing to himmmm his life has changed becuz of her n only her "i reli need ur strengthh ashiiii......." n ashiz lyk  "wihch is alwyzzzz der for youuuuuuu...." n she knows ittt soo welllll soooo soooo welllllllll ki how much important she is for himmm n evn shee cant leave him all aloneeeeee whether shez at da farthest corner of the worldddd she still knows ki shez clooooose veryyy veryyyy clooseeeeee to himmm  "aankhon mein aankhein teriii bahoon mein baaahein teriiiii meraa namujhmein kuchh rahaaa huaa kyaaaaa  baaton mein baatein terii raatein saugaatein teriiii kyunn teraa sab ye ho gayaaa hua kyaa main kahin bhi jaata hun tumsee hii mill jata hun tumsee hiii tumsee hiii shor mein khaamoshi hai thodi si behoshi haii tumseee hiiiiii tumseee hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii " awwww deeees linees are likeeeeeee puuure nectarrrr for da earss eyseee mind heart soullllll watsoevrrrr but i jst felll in loveeee wid dat common room dance sceeeeen dat eye lockkkk maaaaaan itz jstt mesmerizinggg infacttt it luuks maaaaagicalllll da way dey stare at each otherr da way dey hold each otherrrr da way dey danceeeee wid each otherrrrrrr n spcllyy wenn shee blussssshes sooooo muchhhhhhh n triesss to hide herselfffffff in his armsssss n dennnnn he kissesssss herrrr ohh myyyy godddddddd dat is just da bestttt besttttt besttttttt sceeeeeen it luuks sooo intensee sooo pureeee sooo blissfulll n hez lyk he just forgets himselffffff wen hez wid herrrrr all he wantz to doo is justttttttt listen to her n staaaare at her n luuuk deeeep into her eyesssss n jst droooooooooool over her for his whole lifetymmmmmm " i just love youu the way you areeeeeeee " dis is wat he telllss herrrr n ashiiiiiiii againnnnnnnn goooooooooes deeeeeeeeeeeep redddddddddddd  n hahaaa i loveeeed dat most awaited sceeeeeen momenttt or watevr u call ittt ven he getz dat I Love You noteeee n da wayyy he grinsssssss as if he was sooo desperatelyy waiting for an eternityyyy forrrr dat thing to happennnnnn he luuks sooo happpyyyyyy soooo contentttttt  soo satisfieddddd soo relievedddddddd ki yesss finallyyyyyyy  evrythingz gng welllllll wherever he may goooo he'll onlyy find his Ashiii standing besides himmmmmmmm n yaaa hez soo truelyy saiddd dat lineeeee "shor mein khamoshi haii thodi si behoshiii haii tumsee hii tumsee hiiiiii" 
thoughhhh hez surrounded byyy a hell lotta pplll stilllll he findssss peaceeeeee n serenityyy just by luukin at herrrrr he knows he'll never get distracteddddd frm hissss ambitionsssss he'll neverrr feeel weakkkk by da obstaclesss dat cum his wayyyyyy Why???? cuz he knowsssss his Ashiii His tumsee hiiiiiiiiiiiii is alwyz n alwyzzzzzzzz wid himmmmmmm n ohhhhhhh godddddddd dat londonn danceeeeee is justt amaazing itzzz too gud itz jstt woooow it has evrythingggg passion romanceeee intensityyyy the cravinggggg the urgeeeeeeee to be wid each otherrrrrr n ohh godddd dosee linesss "aadha sa wada kabhi aadhe se zaada kabhi jee chahe karlun is tarah wafa ka chode na chute kabhe tode na tute kabhi jo thaga tumse jud gaya wafa ka main tera sarmaya hun jo bhi main ban paaya hun tumse hi tumse hiiii raastein mil jaate hai manzilein mil jaati hai tumseee hi tumsee hiiiiiiii "  goshhhh loveee dat follow ur heart scene justt love itttt  i mean itz soo sooo inspiring wen she tells him to do wat His heart actlly wants to dooo "wohi karo jo tumhara dil tumse karne ko bolta hai"  n da wayyy she reaches out to his heartttttt n datz whyyy he cums closee to herr n gives her a tender kisssssss omgg dat ws reallyyyyy awsuuuuum n he sooo veryy well meansssss wat he saysssssss " tode na tute kabhi jo dhaga tumse jud gayaaaaa wafa kaaa"  yaaaa der bondddd of trueeee friendshipppp which converted into an unbroken bond of trueeeee loveeeeee he is wat he iss becuz of HER lovee da wayy he sooo unexpectedlyy pointssss towrdz herrrr n sayssssss "hey youuuu will you dance vid me now n foreverrrrrrr " n der againnnnnnn dat lineee " raastein mil jaate hai manzilein mil jaati hai tumse hii tumseeee hiiiiiii "  again repetin d same thingggg no matter how faar dey goooo dey know it ki dey wud alwyz n alwyz be togetherrrr dey wud alwyzzz be under da shadee of each otherz companyyyyyyy der heartss wud alwyzzz be closeeeee n he knowss itttt ki apaaart frm dis materialistic wrldd apaaart frm his otherrrr prioritiesssss his true his ultimate hiss actuallll aim is ashiiiiii all hez craving for is ashiiiiiii all he seeees is ashiiiiiiiiii allll he aspires for issss ashiiiiiiii ashiiiiiii ashiiiiiiiiii ahh myy goddd ohh my godddd ohh my godddddddd yuviiiiii ur maaaad totallyyyy maaaaaaaaaaaaad i loveeeeee youuuuuuu for disssssssss dudeeeeee n i loooveeeeee youuuu tooooooo like hellllll myy ashiiii my yuviiiiz ashiiiiiiiiiiiiiEmbarrassedEmbarrassedn der he goesssss to srch for herrr in da rainnnnn maaaan hez soo muchhhh engrossedd in her thoughts dat he finds herrr in evry droplettt of rain dat hez tuchinggggggggg n luk at her maan luuk at her innoncenceee her cutenesssss shez lukin soo livelyyyy soo much involved in herselffffff n da way shez enjoying da rain on her bicycleee to da fullesttttttt  she actllyyy inspiressss evryoneeeee to beee your own selfffff  her golden wordssssss "perfect hona zaroori nahi hai but real hona is very importanttttt " just be YOU believe in your own selff u dnt hav to fakeeeee infrnt of nebodyy just to gain importancee or just to make a goody goody image infnt of anyoneee be just da way you are n u'll definitelyyyyy get noticedddddd n u'l be admireddddd u'l be loooved for ur genuinityyyyyy for being The Real Youuuuuuuuu dis is wat she has taught himmm n this is wat she has taught each one of ussssss n yaaaaaaaaa haaav fuuuun maaaaaan just enjoyyyyyyyy live live to da fullesttttttt we ourselves are da ones who create probs for ourselvesss i eman just let it beeeeee forget evrythinggggggg n face life da way it isssssss  "....... and she continued to inspire him all his life ..... " da besttt part of da mixxx da truest line evr saidddddd yaaaaa she actllyyyyy inspired him n heyyy nt only yuviii bt alsoo allll of ussssss sheeee actllyyyy is an inpirationnnnn for evryoneeeee maaaaaaaan
 naaaaappyyyyyyyyyy youu rockkkkkkkkkkk ur toooo tooooooo perfctttttttttt ur more dan perfectttttt u sooo beautifuulyyyy sooooooo wonderfullyyyyyyyyy showedd ussss der love for one anotherrrrr itz sooo reallll i emann how did ya manageeeeeeeee toooooo makeeee sucha mix maaaaaan u rockkkkkk i alwyzzzz say daaat bt m stilllllll sayinnnnnnnnnnn it againnnnnnnn u rockkkkkkkkk babyyyyyy u rockkkkkkkkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Well new year comes with a hope...hope of better lifee and acheiving our dreams! EmbarrassedBlushing that's the reason we do new year's resolutions...don't we? to say bye bye to bad habits and say hello to good stuff along with new year!EmbarrassedBlushing We always look up to someone and that is how we differentiate btwn good and bad...I look upto ashi and yuvi...and I am sure all of you doo tooEmbarrassed Thus my New Year resolution is just to follow what they taught meBlushingEmbarrassed because I dont actually have that kind of resolution expect one (using napkin kind of stuff while sleepingTongue) for which i am not ready yet!LOL But well I am ready to follow what my Ashi-Yuvi taught me...and I am sure you all would want that too because u all look upto Ashi-Yuvi tooEmbarrassed So here are the Rules for the New Year...infact for the rest of our livesEmbarrassedBlushingBlushing

Click on the pic for better view/qualityTongue

Happy New Year mere pagal AYLSians!Hug
Credit for this above graphic goes to Anu!Embarrassed

And well for the next thing that I am going to show you guys...what can I say for it? all I would say is that khud hi dekh ke padhlo!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed It's everyone's feelings about this place...this home and by chance ur msg is not in this board...just PM me... I will add it in this postEmbarrassed

Click on the pic for larger version so you can read it!Embarrassed

Happy New Year once againnnnnn and Happy Hoping!Blushing

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When halshu had christened our new home "Hope" a few months back (yeah well its been quite a few months since i have known what would our next home be called...Blushing), hardly did she foresee that in many of our cases this word would actually end up holding real substantive value...quite a few of us here have been dented with severe blows in the recent past and many of us are just hangng on the unflinching faith of one single thread called HOPE

HOPE-which is perhaps one of the simplest of words in the English dictionary, yet it encompasses in its folds the entire essance of life. It has the vigor to define categorically how one's life would shape up. Life at its best would never be free of hardships and to expect a torment free life would defeat the purpose of living, because life is most certainly not meant to be perfect. The beauty of life lies in its uncertainities, in the fact that danger lurks at its every curve, yet it can never defeat the spirit of life, the resolve of living life, creating new life, and adding on to the timeless surge of memories.  A resolve which finds its origin in the resilience of Hope. 
Hope whose every single letter is a reservoir of magic...When in dispair all u need is to pronounce H-O-P-E and the very next instnat you can actually feel the veil of dejection evaporating and in its place a new enchantment sets in; an enchantment which instigates a flame for lifeeee and fills us with passion.... passion to survive every blow that comes our way, passion to follow our hearts, passion to liveee and let our dreams live,and passion to hopeeeeeee for happiness even when there is gloominess all around us!
Hope meaning optimism, a wish to look forward to something special, something good, even at the crest of adversities. It is that one thing which no matter what happens, it never let its beholders belief on goodness shatter. Insted it teaches us to celebrate the fact that we are still vibrant with life and what is life without hope?.Its very rightly said "He who has HOPE has EVERYTHING". Above all he has the will to live, to set the reel of life rolling, and to let the show go on, to never stop trudging the miles on the path of his life not even in the wake of hel's befalling.
Its the conviction in the might of Hope that fills us with fortitude and courage to stand up and wage a war against any and every menace. No matter how big the magnitutde of evil be it has no chance of surviving the muscle of  people laiden with HOPEEE because this hope re-juvinates our faith in Good and the fact that goodness always finds its way back, that goodness is not missed by bhaggu's scared eyes, that he would certainly reward and apploude good deeds, that even if in the short run he has laid a thorny bed for us to sleep on, but all he is trying to see is till how far are we mighty enough to embrace the vigor of Hope till how far do we have the guts to dream..are we capable of holding on to our dreams even when our heart is being pierced by these thornes?..are we audacious enough to hold on to that one hope which is the only thing which allows us to welcome tommorrow...that hope that we hve to...have to...survive today's miseries coz tomorrow would be a new day and with it will bring the  realization of all those dreams which we religious went on nurturing on the seed of hopeeee..and that would be our moment of eternity coz in this one moment we would have become relentless believeres of the mystic powers of Hope which would now represent a light from heaven....each sacred hope is like a blessingful gift straight from the heart of heaven as if its heaven's reassurance for us that the sun will appear once again in all its golden glory
And who represents Sun and its warmth to us?......who are the two people who are so ethereal from within that they smelll of dawn and that first ray of sunlight which glistens the morning due and gives us a glimpse of the hopes we hold for the day ahead..who are the two people who are so sacred so pure ki un main rab dikhne lagta hai...and all we need is one look at the twinkle in their eyes...and just like magic it would down on us that we are bhaggu's special children...and we have a salient purpose whose fulfillment requieres us to dream the impossible and hope badly hopeeeeee for making it possible
Yeah for us they represent hope in persooooooon coz they are our eternal optimism. They filled us with the defiant spirit of stubborn hope which compells us to go on hoping even in the most agonizingly excrutiating of times and it is this stounch hope which makes us all such stubborn fighters that we refuse to give in to defeat. Insted we dream and go on dreaming about that one hope when we would have conquered our own destiny.
And mind you this is no ordinory hope which is nothing but residing in air castles. This is our inner divinity which urges us to try and try and to go on trying without paying heed to the outcome of our efforts.It is faith in our ownselves and in bhaggu which motivates us to ne good coz every single deed of good, each and every good thought gives birth to Hope....that same hope which sparkles over us in the form of the most powerfully radiant force everrrrrr....the intense fire of force by the name of Ashi-Yuvi.

Both of them waled many many lives and painted it with the red of hopeeeeee. They turned apprehensions into aspirations, dread into dreams, fear into faith, arogance into atittude, shivers into hugs unsureity into confidence and the meaning of life into love...Love Ashi Yuvi kind of love which is so intense that often its termed as madness because you really need to be insane to love the way they love, you really need to be churazyyyyyyyyyyyyy from within to have their kind of passion  for that one person they loveeee no not from their heart but from the core of their soulll from the very core of their bengggggg you really really need to be mad enough to vest all your hope in just one persooooooooooooon taki when she smiles at youuu you feel you have achieved somethingggggg and when he sighs with awe at you, you feel bliss sweeping all over youuuuuu you need to be real enough to be ashi yuviiiiiiiii only then your heart will have the courage to love the way they loooved..
Love so selfless that it involved no expectations, no conditions. Insted this love flourished on just one thing and that was hopeee. Hope which never allowed their love to wither not even when they were hurled in  the worst of storms. It was hope which gave her the strength to survive the bitter blow of his betrayal....a blow so severe so cruel that it left her whole being brutally ruthless was its wake that it was all set to engulf her in its turmoil and wipe out all sings of warmth from her and leave her totally vaccant and hallowed totally disillussioned with love...shattered to such extent that she could never be whole again to love someone wholely.....yet what prevented this ultimate blow to the girl who represents life and its true spirit?....what was the force which kept all her pride in herself and in her ability to love alive and kicking?....what was the thing which did not allow her to deter from her stounch belief that true love neevr goes waste no matter what happenes..... the name indeed is HOPE...hope that sailed her through this dismal time..hope that didn't let her soul change despite of it being totally daunted,,,it was her fierce passion in hope which didn't allow love to be belittled in her eyes rather it ended up making her feel lucky that atleast she got a glimpse of the magic of being in loveeeeeeeeeeee and made her fell helll proude that she had loved him truely truest of truelyyyyyyyyy and knowing this gave her hopeeeee that one fien day when the sun would be ripeeeeeeee love would walk his way back in her life and this time it owuld be stronger and purer than ever before.......
It was hope mad insane hopeeeeeeee which made her his eternity his meaning of lifeeeeeee despite of the fact that he knewwwwwwwwwww he had almost lost her forever and the crude reality being he had noone but himself to be bllamed for this..yet he did not stop hopingggggggggggg that one day her bhaggu would forgive him for playing with the sanctity of love and would see the depth of his madness for him she was his goddess whome he worshipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed becoz she taught him the way of life she showed him the path that led to hopeeeee, hope which gave him courage to fight fo his dreamsssssssss and also the daring to make HER his mooost cherished dreammmmm He had no control over the reality, the way things shaped up was not in his hands...all he had with him was hopeeeee just one hope that her words would ring true ki if he truely and ardently followed his heart with belief faith and hopeeeeeeee then nothing can stop his dreams to turn realllllll and thats what he would do follow his heart whose every beat resonated her name.

It was hope which made him so soooooooooo strong, so serene, so humble from within that he had the courage to not only accept his mistake but also to live with it....he loved her uncondiitonally but he nver imposed his love on her...from his side she was freeeeeee to be with whoever she chose...but noone not even bhaggu could have stopped him from going on loving her more and much more with every single minute of the day....and his love was not based on the hope that someday she would be his love was based on the hope that  lovingg her would purify him would give him a reason to better himself, would give him a right to break anyone's neck who messes with her beautyfulll smileeeeeee, would allow him to secretly niharofyyyyy her beauty which always makes him want to surrendor his soullllll to herrrrrrr, would bring her face floating infront of his closed eyes whenever he would be strumming his guitaar, would allow him to smell her fregrance in his songs, would allow him to feel her presance even in her absence kyunki usnka na hona jaaneeeeeeeeeee kyun hona hi haiiiiiiiiii would allow him to dedicate his entire life to herrrrr loving her just for the sake of loveeeeee
Love so ethereal that it creaters numerous eternities and makes a man see the truth that abides within him. Sometimes love is so scarosant that it makes a man hope and this hope is his seeking for his quintessential fragment of soul his inner quest of finding that one piece of soul which is but a part of him and then together they would both hope to transcend as a united One and fly on towards the Infinity!
So was their love for life & its hues and for each other.They loved each other with such chaste sanctity that they became each others emblem of divinity,  that one promise which gave them hope that amidst the millions who would share a dance with you in your buoyant days you would have One person who would stand by you, be your pillar, hold your hand and live your melancholy with you...
To each other they were their everything....kabhi they became each others opponents with the hope to make each other tougher thn the toughest becoz after this no other challenge in life would be unsurpassable as nothing could be more heartwrenching than standing against your own hope...kabhi they became that one friend who was always there to be their Need...and kabhi they became that one love to each other which was the only hope for their soul...Their strength and love gave them hope to fight with all the obstacles in their life smiling and being each other's shadow, shoulder, pillow and everything! Being with each other, they needed no one else because they were each other's everything: Love, Life, Friendship, Enemies, Opponents, Criticizer, and above all soulmates!

For him she was he kaliedoscope of his dreams...that one person who brought him out of the shackles of darknes which hovered within him and brought him under the shimmering light of the ever charming sun....she became his albatross upon whose wings of faith he sored high up towards the pinnacle of his dream... All she hoped was to love him so much that he never feels lonely again and becomes her heman from a fake heman!

And to her he represented the melody which flowed through her veins and became her salvation, her insight into that virtual world where no malice, no evil resided...all that existed was love..that love whose glimpses she always saw in his eyes and always leaves her breathless... And all he hoped was to be the one who would take her breathe away and be the one who can make her happy even in her deepest sorrows...
And together they became a halo of hopeeee which taught so many the beautyful process of concieving a dreammmmmm, working helll hard towards its realzation and hopinggggggg for it to come trueee....they brought love and laughter in many it friends or foe or mare strangers there was hardly any who wasn't spellbound by their sheer awe  which inspired every single one to fill their life with a purpose and to live every moment beautyfullyyyyyyyyyy

and to feel the presance of loveeeee in the air and to hope that someday you would definatly come face to face with your soulmate.
All you needed to do was hope for every single moment of lifeeeeeee...coz without hope life is nothing but a mockery..It is nothing but hope which is capable of showering lives with miracles...all you need is to believe in this one word and once you have succeeded in embracing it embibleing it then you would feel the entireeeee universe in motion perhaps cosnpiring to make your destiny HAPPEN!!

And it DID HAPPEN...we did got our most hoped wish, our most cherished, most yearned dream for which we were hoping and hoping and hoping and hoping since perhaps Remix Season 2 and finally this year our true, honest, heart felt hope was heard by bhaggu! He too was melted by our undying love and passion for the most scintillating of people ever and he granted our wish in the form of Aditi-Ashu our AdishuBlushing They were so magical oh my god just look at them every single scene, every single moment was full of deepest of intensitiesBlushing she so vulnerable, he so strong and the feel of love so vibrantly radiating between themBlushing oh my god the way he looked at her with those passionate eyesBlushing the way she tried to hide her blush on the touch of his gazeBlushing everything just everything about them gave me a tingling sensation of fluttering butterfliesDay DreamingBlushing[8->BlushingDay DreamingBlushing I still can't believe our most most hoped for dream came true, kitny baar we had been dejected totally heartbroken in remix but we never gave hope and that's the reason why we got Adishu, our another vision of eternity.."touch wood"Wink
So guys believe in the power of hope! Its divine, its magical, its the basis of lifeEmbarrassed Never ever give up on hope and u would see life is nothing short of heavenEmbarrassed if u have hope, u can seriously make impossible into possibleEmbarrassed nothing, nothing would be beyond your reach all u need is to hope and to have faith in your self and in bhagguEmbarrassed If he would see you badly and honestly wanting it and if he is sure that you are not wishing for anything malicious and if he sees you working hell hard for it, he would make sure that your dreams is realized...someone very close to me always says..."he gave me dreams because he too wants to see them turn never fear dreaming and never forget hoping..."tw"Wink

Oh how can any AYLS be complete without the most awesumest song dedicated on this superliciously intense couple?EmbarrassedEmbarrassed So here are the videos of the four AY love stations (one has some unwanted ppl tooLOL) and it's lyricsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Lyrics (Credit: remix_one):


Yeah this is love station
      Love is all around
      Love is in the air
      And love is on air

Badla zamaana badle rules dikhaade
Love ke ye naye funde sabko sikhaade
Jawaa dilon ke liye free invitation
Signal pakad lo we are playing love station
Love is in the air, feel it everywhere
Jawaa dilon ke liye free invitation(saying)
Love is in the air, feel it everywhere

Mehka ka
sama hai
Behka behka hai dil bhi
Kyun na keh de phir us se baatein hum dil ki
Love is in the air
U gotta feel it everywhere

Love hai zameen (hey)
Love aasman(ho)
Love se banaa ye remix generation next

Its all about love (music)
     come on we are playing love station

Aankhon mein aankhen daalo
bahon mein bahein
badal pe chalke dhundo
taaron mein raahein
na koi reason love
dekhe na season
signal pakad lo we are playing love station

Love is in the air, feel it everywhere
Jawaa dilon ke liye free invitation
Love is in the air, feel it everywhere
Tu haan kar chahe na kar teri hai marzi
Kehte rahenge tujhse baatein hum dil ki
Love is in the air, feel it everywhere (oh ho)

Love hai zameen (hey)
Love aasman(ho)
Love se banaa ye remix generation next

Check this out, this one's coming out live from love station fm  yoooooouuurrsss
    Like a record on a radio station
     Next is
remix a new generation
     Not to mention next sensation
     On the love station, in the whole nation
     Makes u wanna get down with your cutie 
     Positive vibes and air full of beauty
     If all these moments gonna last forever
     I'd hold onto this one and give it up never
     Love is '''in the air

Tu haan kar chahe na kar teri hai marzi
Kehte rahenge tujhse baatein hum dil ki
Love is in the air, feel it everywhere

Love hai zameen (hey)
Love aasman(ho)
Love se banaa ye remix generation next

Love hai zameen (hey)
Love aasman(ho)
Love se banaa ye remix generation next
Love se banaa ye remix generation next (3)

Yeah folks that was love is in the air by remix, truly generation next!!!


Now, don't regret and get hyperly panic if you missed those beautiful moments we spent on AYLS 1 to 9... Why beautiful?? Well the first and foremost reason is it's the Love Station of AY... So it has to be full of fun, masti, lovee, passion. destiny, medley, intensity,magic, eternity, ethereal...everything!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed And secondly coz of the expressly hyper, cute, adorable, crazy, nuts (on AY ofcourse) who adores AY to the coreeee are enjoying themselves thereEmbarrassedEmbarrassed So, if you missed it...and even if u didnt... I can still assure you...that u wont regret groing through those pages again/once againEmbarrassedBlushingBlushing Neways not wasting more time... nd excitement..lemme give you guys the links of the THE MOST SUCCESSFUL TOPICS ON RF! The most popluar topics on RF!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Enjoy!

Ashi Yuvi Love Station...Eternity

Ashi Yuvi Love Station...1 is Endearment

Ashi Yuvi Love Station...2 is Love

Ashi Yuvi Love Station...3 is Destiny

Ashi Yuvi Love Station...4th is a Medley

Neways people... I am signing that I can enjoy Intensity of Ashi-Yuvi... Let's again blush, laugh and enjoy ourselves in this wonderful heaven called...

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October 20th- Nimmo20 aka Anu

6th Jan: rihanna89 aka Rims


27th June- Heebs

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Have to edit this guys as there are videos from anu's old account!

^^(ofcourse...ashi is his criminal in everythingWink she toh stole his heartWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed soo guitar is not big deal for her...and since then...anything and everything yuvi sumthing of his is missing...guess who he blames on?Wink Ashi ofcourse!Embarrassed)

Note: This post will be edited as i/sumone keep uploading other videos on youtube!Big smile

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Now get ready to be a chota baccha coz granny is going to tell you story (hey am not granny...the two writers who wrote the story are our granny!LOLEmbarrassed) They are ofcourse on Ashi-YuviBlushing I am sure u gonna love them both parce que one when Ashi Yuvi patch up to be together forever and everrrBlushing and another a day after it!BlushingBlushing when they were up on cloud no. 9!BlushingBlushing The most special thing about this two shots is that this both shots were first AY fictional write up by both of our granny's...and trust me guys once u read this will end up blushingBlushingBlushing like meeBlushingBlushing and again go to AY dreamworldDay Dreaming Accha accha don't give me post right now or i will kill u kind of looksLOL here are the two awechum shots by anu phanu (anu) and maate rakheshwari (rakhi)!

~*~Once up a Christmastime~*~
By: nimmo20 aka anu

A soft, haunting love song was playing in the hall. The dim lights swept across the room, casting the gently swaying couples on the dance floor in a rosy glow. Yuvi stood to the side, not really noticing the dancers though his eyes were on them. His mind was too preoccupied to pay attention to what was happening around him. Tonight is the most important night of my life, he was thinking; tonight I will open my heart to Ashi, there won't be any more secrets between us. He glanced down at the ring in the palm of his hand, and as the diamond caught the light and flashed a beam of dazzling light only one word filled his mind.

            "Ashi," he whispered.

            His lips curved into a dreamy smile and he brought the ring up to them, kissing it gently. It was the sign of all his hopes and dreams, a promise of eternal love.

            Just then he lifted his eyes and the breath caught in his throat. Eyes widening in amazement he stared over at the staircase across the hall. There, descending from the bottom step, was his vision of beauty. With a thumping heart he swept his eyes over her, hardly daring to believe that she was real. She was so serene looking: dressed in a long, sweeping black dress, with her hair styled like a film star. He had never seen her look so elegant or ethereal and as he gazed at her he could think of nothing else but her.

            Ashi hadn't seen him. She moved slowly through the crowd, flicking her eyes from left to right, telling herself that she was looking for her friends, although her heart knew who the true object of her search was. The hall was decorated with blue and silver lights, tinsel strung around the walls and a tall, white Christmas tree glowing at the back of the hall. There was an atmosphere of a winter wonderland and it truly felt magic was in the air. She took it all in, butterflies dancing in her stomach, feeling like she was somewhere she didn't belong.

            Just then she glanced directly in front of her and her eyes met his. Her heart slammed in her chest and for a moment she ceased to breathe. He stood there, dressed in a black suit, hair slicked back in a dashing style, his eyes pinned on her. There was so much depth in those brown irises that she could not look into them without a shiver running down her spine. Suddenly her skin felt as if it were on fire and the butterflies in her stomach started to flutter with greater force. Time seemed to stand still as she gazed across at him, her emotions all in a flux. Wasn't this how she had dreamed it would be, she asked herself? It was true then, her dreams really were going to be realised. Her heart leapt and she spun round, nerves making her breath race.


            His voice came from behind her, caressing her ear. She closed her eyes for a second, savouring the sensation of excitement that only his voice could give her.

            "Main tumhe intezaar kare hai the," he told her.

            She took a deep, steadying breath and opened her eyes.

            "Yuvi," she said, turning to face him. "You know I don't like cheesy lines."

"It's not a line," he told her. "Main saach keh rahe hoon."

            As she looked into his eyes she saw the earnestness in them and she knew that he was being honest with her.

            "I have waited all day to do this," he said.

"Do what?" she asked, frowning slightly.

            Without saying a word he swept a rose from behind his back and held it towards her. She stared at its bright red petals, stunned by his gesture. Her heart was fluttering and she didn't dare to move lest she should wake up and discover she had been dreaming.

            "Yuvi....?" she said searchingly, glancing up at him.

"Happy Christmas Ashi," he wished her.

            Despite the confusion of her mind, she found her lips curving into a smile and reaching out she took the rose from him lifting it to inhale its sweet fragrance.

            "It's beautiful Yuvi," she told him, and when she looked at him happiness shone in her eyes.

"I...I have something else for you," he told her.

            Her brows knitted in a frown and as his heart leapt in anticipation he took one of her hands in his, looking deeply into her eyes.

            "Ashi, I love you," he told her.

            Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes flew wide with astonishment. Secretly joy filled her senses but she battled to stay in control, not trusting this wild, untameable emotion.

            "I know that I have made mistakes, that I have hurt you," he continued. "But I have changed. You have made me a better person Ashi. You taught me to follow my heart, to always do what felt right no matter what others thought. Ashi, you are the reason I am here today. If it hadn't been for you I would have been another puppet of my father's. You are my strength, my hope, my happiness. Ashi, please, marry me."

            He held the ring out to her, his eyes filled with supplication. Reeling from all he had said to her, the sight of the ring made her panic. Yes, this is exactly what she had dreamed, she thought, but how could she trust it? It could be another dream, or worse, another bet Yuvi had made with Sid. This feeling of happiness that his words brought, how could she place any faith on it? No one had ever wanted her for herself. They only ever saw her as the daughter of Sonia Rey. No, she thought with increasing panic, all that was happening was an illusion. She had to break out of it before she was hurt.

            "Yuvi!" she cried breathlessly, breaking from his hold and turning her back to him. "Please, don't joke with me."

"Ashi, yeh mazaq nahin hai," he protested, confused by her response. "I love you Ashi. I want to be with you forever."

"No!" she cried, tears welling up in her eyes. "It's just words! Yuvi, how can you do this? You know how much I hate these jokes!"

            Unable to control the violent emotions inside her anymore she started to pace across the hall, bowing her head so no one would see her tortured expression. Not to be deterred, Yuvi hurried after her, finally catching up with her and grabbing her arms. He spun her to face him but she deliberately would not meet his gaze, turning her face to the side, battling back the tears that filled her eyes.

            "Ashi, please, meri baat sunno" Yuvi pleaded. "I am opening my heart to you, why can't you understand?"

"No, you are making a fool of me," she sobbed.

 "Ashi, look at me. Please, look at me."

            He placed his hands on her face and made her look into his eyes. Hers were filled with tears, tearing his soul apart. He wanted to take each tear away and fill those eyes with happiness.

            "Haan, I agree, I have lied to you in the past," he said. "Lekin iss baar main saach keh rahe hoon. You are my life Ashi. You are the only one I can share my heart with. Please, sirf ek baar, say that you love me. Please."

            He leaned his forehead against hers and she felt the depth of his love sweeping over her, filling her senses until she could not fight against it. How could she resist? She loved him so deeply she could not imagine herself without him being there. He was her best friend, her soul mate and the only one she ever wanted to be with. She could feel herself melting into him and she knew then that dream or not she could not deny her feelings any longer.

            Before she could speak, however, she heard Vrinda's voice calling out merrily,

            "Hey, you two are under the mistletoe!"

            They both lifted their eyes to the ceiling and sure enough there was the mistletoe branch. Yuvi's lips split into a wide grin and he arched his eye brows at Ashi as she turned amazed eyes to him.

            "Well?" he asked her.

"Hey Bhaggu!" she exclaimed. "You know na, I don't follow traditions."

            He chuckled and shook his head.

            "But," she added with a devilish grin. "This is one tradition I do like."

            When he looked at her with a baffled frown she felt a delighted laugh rise up in her throat and linking her arms about his neck she leaned her forehead against his.

            "Matlab?" he asked her.

"Matlab ke Yuvi, I love you and yes, I will marry you," she told him.

            His heart leapt at her confession and with a delighted laugh her placed the ring on her finger. They both looked down at it, joy animating their faces as all their dreams finally came true.

            "Now what about this other tradition?" she asked, glancing impishly up at him.

            He grinned at her and pulling her towards him they melted into one another while above them little flakes of cosmetic snow floated down from the ceiling.

~*~Up On Cloud No.9~*~
By: rakhi_uv aka rakhi

She cudnt stop blushing......nd even tho she had decided not to tell neone about yuvi  yet......the shade of pink on her cheeks n the twinkle in her eyes 
was pretty obvious for whole universe to now mp nd vrinda had almost gone crazy seeing ashi in this state........ashi had started behaving like a timbo....blushing n giglling n worst nt uttering a word......wenever they asked her sumthing she just was really worried ......on the other hand vrinda was quite happy to see ashi this 
way.....infact she had always wanted see ashi like tht.....

------------------------------------------------------------ --------

    yuvi was busy working on sumthing in his room........just then sid entered.....the room was a total mess.....he asked yuvi," wats 
going on dude....wat ru upto?" bt uv was completely in a different world …. all he said to sid was.....  "get me two vanilla ice creams in 
the evening ok"......sid went n stood rite in front of uv n said....its me ur roomate sid.....nt ice cream deilvery boy.......n frm wen hav u 
started eating vanilla ice cream?? n y do u want 2 cups??n if u want them so badly we can go rite now.....its break time.......evening tak wait kyu karni hai??.....n b4 he cud cont his non-stop questionare ne more.....yuvi poured a glass of water on his head  n now sid  was really stunned......n in a very serious tone he asked uv ....."wats wrong wid  u bro? ru alright?" uv burst out laffing..........."yeh anvesha banerjee ray ke side effects hai"....he said wid the hugest smile on his face ..... now sid had completely lost it......n he dint even 
want nemore explanations from uv......coz he knew understanding uv at this time was far beyond his mental capacity......he just  gav a pat on uvs back n said "i think u need sum sleep......jus relax  n get well soon"......n before uv cud say or do the next adventure on  him .....he ran as fast as he cud out of the room....
----------------------------------------------------------- ------------    

  ashi was all day in her room thinking abt last nite.....perhaps the fact tht yuvraj dev is her bf now nd she belonged to him  .....hadnt sunken she knew one thing.....tht inspite of all the fites she had wid him.....she had always fantasized of him too  ......b him still he was her he-man! n finally she came out of her thots luking at the was 5 pm......n she had a  date wid yuvi at 7 .....suddenly her heart started beating so fast tht may b yuvi too wud b able b it in his room .....she dint know wat 
to wear.....wat to talk to him......she was really was their first *official* date afterall......finally she took a few deep breaths .... she remembered uvs  words from last nite " tum jaisi ho perfect ho" nd she knew wat she had to do.....she pulled out her favourite red tee n her black 
capris......wore her shoes n she was all set.....before leaving she had a luk at herself  in the mirror.....n inspite of wearing the same 
stuff she wore everyday....4 the first time she felt she luked beautiful.....she knew she dint hav to change.....uv wud like her jus this 
way or NEWAY!

    she met him at the corridor as decided........coincidently even yuvi was wearing red......(n y wudnt it b red?red was the colour of 
love afterall.....nd love was soo much in the air!!) they both laughed luking at each other......wearing the same colour....." hey bhaggu we both look like sum sleezy hindi
movie filmsatrs who wud ne moment break into a song n start dancing around the trees.....wearing  matching clothes !!!" she commented...... uv jus laughed......n ashi too was relieved  tht finally after a whole day of "timboing" she was back to her normal self........uv held her hand n started taking her sumwhere.....ashi quitely let him take her......she knew he obviously  was taking her to their favourite place.....the SHED!!!  bt uv had sum other plans this time......ashis silence only broke wen they 
walked past the shed......she asked him again n again wher they were yuvi preffered to just giv her a luk nd a smile.......nd 
tht was more than enuff 4 ashi to trust him .....she din ask him nething else then...... 

   finally they reached their destination......ashi was speechless luking at the sight......he had bought her to mauryas terrace......she had  never known ne place in whole of maurya cud luk so beautiful.......this time ther were no flowers candles......none of the things which she had expected yuvi to arrange........all she cud see was an empty terrace a table n  two chairs.......uv pulled out a chair 4 her n she sat down.......the moon had cum out by now.....n the stars were shinning 
brightly.......ther was no need 4 ne other light.......the weather wasnt breezy bt still was pleasant n cool........on the table ther was no champagne or soft drinks ......rather ther were two cups of ice-cream....... her favourite vanilla ice cream wid fresh strawberries on  it.......he knew she luved it.......he fed her the first spoon of ice cream nd even tho it was very mushy n so nt sumthing she wud do still she did feed him back wid another spoon of her ice-cream.....they silently finished both the cups of ice creams 
luking at each other......n seriosuly ther was no place 4 words in tht moment.....after they had finished.....yuvi bought his
which he had kept in a corner of the before playing he said " im sorry ashi i cudnt get a
music system here....this place 
was too risky.....jumbos room is just below i sumhow managed to get u here.....i wanted to bring u here!!! so we cant definately can hav sum
music".....he said with a wink....... she got up from the chair......went close to him n said....."uv thers no need for nething else here…… 
this is best date u hav ever arranged 4 me........thers nothing articial or fake here.........everything is natural…. real n true ......just as my 
feelings 4 u.......nd who says we dont hav a music system here? i hav the world best
music player rite in front of me......n its of the 
pyschotic brand u see"......she said tht wid her typical wicked smile.......uv acted a lil upset coz she called him a music system........he turned 
his face away from then only she knew how her psychotic system functioned......she gav him a tight hug .....n thts was wat 
he was waiting for.....

this date was really special......ther was nuthing fancy abt it........the only decorators this time were the bright colourful stars.....n the moonlight nd a few clouds here n ther……who were all doing a great job by the way.....they both sat down on the terrace floor .....ashi cuddled up in his arm ....n rested her head on his  shoulder.....n yuvi slowly played the strings of his guitar......he began singing her a slow version of bryan adams cloud no 9...... (slow n soft...... making sure no1 else except them cud hear)

clue no.1 was wen u knocked on my door
clue no.2 was the luk tht u wore
thts wen i knew it was pretty gd sign
sumthin was wrong up on cloud no 9

well its a long way up n we wont cum down tonite
well it may b wrong bt babe it sure feels rite
coz the moon is out n the stars r bright
n watever cumes gonna b alright
coz tonite u will b mine
up on cloud no9

(luking deep in her eyes he sang the last line)

we can watch the world go by
up on on cloud number 9         

tht moment was so perfect.........n both knew this was going to stay wid them 4ever n even after they did the the most rite  thing next.......they kissed..... n sealed tht date forever in their hearts.......wishing time cud freeze!!!

they were indeed up on on cloud number 9…….n they dint want to cum down tht nite………

*** (not) the end ***Embarrassed

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In this section, we will have the beautiful poems,patch up scenes and the list of members

Firstly, I am posting beautiful peice of work by mads from yuvi's though he is saying to ashiEmbarrassed The poem is one of my fav. poem and mads wrote it soo beautifully that i always left speechless whenever I read it!Embarrassed So here is the poem by madsy...

During those dark and lonely days

Wenever u feel sad or depressed...

Remember there's someone who won't let ur heart break...

And here's one promise I truly make...

To get just one smile on ur face...

I'll B There 4 U...

Wen I first met u, I never thought I wud fall 4 u...

U r mad, crazy n insane and u drove me insane too!!

Maybe its this madness that drove me towards u...

Or maybe I was just destined 2 b with u

But even then I wud've said this 2 u

To get just one smile on ur face...

I'll B There 4 U...

We fought, we laughed, we cried too

And sometimes I know I did hurt u...

But believe me honey wenever I hurt u

My heart ached only 4 u

Wenever I saw u cry my heart cried too...

Though I never said this then...

It was a promise I had made--

To get that one smile back on ur face...

I'll B There 4 U

Ur friendship gave meaning to my life...

I knew what I wanted from life...

U taught me to dream to follow my heart

And unknowingly u made a place in my heart

I knew u were someone special then...

And I was longing to say this 2 u--

Wenever u feel ur life's a waste...

Remember there's someone who won't let ur heart break...

And here's one promise I truly make...

I'll B There 4 U... 

Our Love was the best thing that happened to me

I thought there's nothing that cud be impossible 4 me...

My Life I knew was now complete

And with U besides me I cud hav my dreams fulfilled

Again and again I wud say this 2 U

Knowing that sometimes U wud get bored of it too -----

Remember there's someone who won't ever let ur heart break

And here's a promise I truly make...

To keep ur face smiling always...

I'll B There 4 U

U R My Life...My Heart...My Love...

My Life's incomplete without U- My Love

All my dreams, my life's destinations

Start and end on U- My Love

Though still sometimes I forget to say this

I won't forget this today---

To get just one smile on ur face honey...

I'll B There 4 U

Life's too short...but lets make it sweet...

Maybe our Love can make it sweet...

I hope in life we never ever part...

Though I know sometime ahead death will take us apart

But even then if I cud do something 4 U...

I cud only say one thing 2 U...

To get a smile on ur face even then

I'll B There 4 U

Though for the millionth time I say ' I love You '

Everytime is special 4 me

But today I ask no answer from u

Coz I know my love will b there 4 u

Whether its acceptance or rejection from u

I'll always say the same 2 u -----

During those sad and lonely days...

Wenever u feel ur life's a waste...

Wenever u feel lonely or depressed...

Remember there's someone who won't let ur heart break

And here's one promise I truly make

To get just one smile on ur face...

I'll B There 4 U


Next marvellous piece of work that I am posting is poem by our very own Loons (Smriti). HER is the poem from yuvi's point of view describing what ashi did to him and how she changed his life for good!Blushing This poem is really very very touchy and I surely
have to move you when you read itEmbarrassed This poem has to be my favorite poem of allEmbarrassed And I am sure it shall become yours too once you read itEmbarrassed So here is HER... 


Life has its own meanings

For some it means money, for some it means love

But for me it means nothing

I was a little boy....and had always waited for my dad to give me one pat on my back

But all I got was an angry smirk telling me I am good for nothing

and certainly nothing without him

I got the legacy of shrewdness and selfishness from my father

and all he taught me was to love d green note

I used to live in the bliss that I rule the world

And was the most powerful and coveted among my friends

But all this was fake and life had its own way

to enfold its realities

There came a girl, tall and fair

with perhaps the most wackiest attitude in the air

Her looks disgusted me not because she wasn't beautiful

but because I could feel she saw through my fake world.

In a way she just made me disgust myself

Her presence made me accept that till now

life had no real meaning

But I wanted to get out of this cobweb...

of shallow aloofness and delusioned joy

and she became my inspiration to carve my own niche

Then came the glorious seven days...

the seven days when I had actually lived for the first time...

before that I was just running in a rat race

crushing everyone beneath my false ego...

she made me trudge new waters and showed me

every moment had a meaning of its own

smile was nothing but a faint tilt of lips for me

but she made me laugh till I had a shiny gleam right there in my eyes

touch was nothing but a necessity

but her one touch made me feel my presence and be utterly proud of myself

Love was a trendy fashion to be dumped with new arrivals

But a look at her face told me LOVE IS HER...

Love is this strange feeling when all you want to do is..

ensure that she smiles always

and all her pain is first met by me

but..alas life ditched me here too...

like myself, even those seven days were fake

I had tried to win her over by faking love

But I had no clue that all the time this love was as real as my heart beat

She was the only one who was not mesmerized by my looks or my money

she was the only one having this power over me...

She was the only one who had cared to love my soul...

Which I didn't know existed deep within me

She was broken as never before

She was hurt to her very core

But yet she stood infront of me

Tall and stright with the grace of illumination

I realized then that this was

my enigma...

but I have lost her and perhaps even destiny wants this

she deserves someone as pure and divine as her

I know she would never forgive me

but she would always be a friend

I have to seal my love in my heart

and never let it reach my eyes

because if she sees it..she would never even be a friend

I have to grit my teeth and bear to see her with someone else

But all I pray to god is whoever he a real Heman

and not a fake one like me... 

suddenly life really had no meaning...

...except Her...

all I desire is to make her happy

so what if I am not the one sharing it with her

I wipe the tears which are falling from my eyes...

but with these tears all my fakeness is washed away

today I have risen above shallow materialism

and have turned into a real man

maybe I would always be alone amidst hundreds of people

maybe I will find someone else tomorrow...

but the beauty of this love would go with me to my grave

and I would imbibe it in my songs for the rest of the world to cherish it

but to understand it one has to be REAL and SELFLESS

and that's what she has made me today. 


Okie now... We would follow the trend which was done in Endearment, Love, Destiny, Medley, and IntensitesEmbarrassed... We would post AY 1st and last patch sceneEmbarrassed which were like real suprises for all AY fans!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Here is the 1st patch up by DevilyyyyyyyHug

We know how Yuvi proposed to ashi in
front of everyone, right? I'm sure everyone remembers
that scene(and you should!) Even then, just to refresh your
memory, here is the scene

Scene: Yuvi confessing his love
for ashi in front of all. Everyone is busy partying and
having fun. Yuvi goes infront of everyone and tells ki
"music off please." The music is off.
Yuvi: Everybody
, could you please
give me a moment? Ashi is in the crowd and she's
looking on at Yuvi, curiously.
Yuvi: Kuch derr pehle tak, main uska real naam bhi nahin jaanta
tha. Woh
kehti hain, ki main usse aaj se nahin, bahut pehle se
jaanta tha. n
something tells me, haan hum dono ek doosre ko, humesha
humesha se
jaante hain. I LOVE
HER!(Ashi now looks really really
shocked, as is everyone else too.)
aisa, pehle kabhie
bhi kisise nahin kahaan....aur aaj, aisa lagta hain ki
uske bina, main kuch bhi nahin
hoon. HEY YOU!
(Yuvi points at ashi, who is stunned
. Everyone else also
stares at ashi
n are astonished at yuvi) Love station now plays in the
Yuvi: Will you dance with me?
Now................and forever.....(aww this dialogue was
too cutie!)Everyone is congratulating Yuvi
but he shakes them off n goes after ashi.

ashi is shown, standing against a gate or something n
just brooding
over the events that had just happened. Yuvi comes there.
ashi calmly says, "Yuvi, all this jo humaare beech ho raha
hain.....bahut sudden ho raha hain....I mean, I like you

a lot. Par kya
tumhin sach much pata hain ki tum kar kya rahe ho?
Tumhein toh kuch
yaad hi nahin hain.......main kaun hoon, hum kaise
mille.....kal tak
tum mere baare mein kya sochte the. Dekho Yuvi, mujhe
samajhna itna
easy nahin hain. Main bahut complicated



Yuvi: Anvesha, tumhaare complicated ya simple hone se mujhe koi
farak nahin
padta. Tum jaisi ho, perfect mujhe yaad doesen't
matter. Jo mere saamne hain...... yahaan.....that's the
one I love.

Ashi: Tum jaante nahin....

iss moment ke baare mein kitna socha
hain...aur aaj, jab yeh actually ho raha hain......I'm really
nervous. Par Yuvi, kahi yeh tumhaari
infatuation toh nahin? Tumhein toh
mere baare mein kuch yaad hi

Yuvi: Shayad, but main itna
jaanta hoon....tumhaare bina, main kuch bhi nahin
ashi places her hands on yuvi's shoulders and the two of
them look into
each other's eyes n r lost. N th
en the scene gradually
fades, which I
really liked...........

Coming to their last patch up which was the most awaited thing in the history of remix!Embarrassed The credit for scene goes to AYLS 2...madsEmbarrassed

The Gang disperses from the common room, leaving Ashi and Yuvi alone...


Ashi turns around blushing and smiling at Yuvi and says, " Kitn
i koshish kar rahe hai na?? "

" Yeah...uh, Ashi?? I was wonderin
g, kya hum unki help kar sakte hai??? " says Yuvi.


Ashi has the perfect confuse
d look on her face as she says, " matlab?? "


" I mean uh jis cheez ke liye vo s
ab koshish kar rahe hai kya hum bhi vohi try kar sakte hai??? "

Ashi sighs and looks down and blushes and says, " Yuvi!"

" Ashi tum mere liye bahut special ho" and Ashi smiles knowingly.

" I mean din ke 24 hrs mein se 20 hrs mujhe bas tumhe maarne ka dil karta hai!" Ashi looks at him with her expression change
d while Yuvi continues in his sweet voice " aur meri yeh feelings bas tumhare liye hai"


Ashi in her typical ashi tone says " Thanx...
main bhi kuch aisa hi feel karti hoon!! "

" See?? I told u its so special...I me
an kitni baar humne koshish hum apni feelings ka kuch kar sake."

" Lekin har baar koi na koi probl
em hui Yuvi, I don't think its gonna work"

" Come on ashi I mean har relationship mein kuch toh problems hoti hai...I'm sure, I'm sure it'll work out"

" Kaise??? Tum itne sure kaise ho??? "

" Kyunki Ashi apni life mein main bas ek
ladki ke saath ladna chahta hoon..aur voh ho tum!"


Ashi's left speechless anddoesn't know wat to say

Wen Yuvi says it all
"I love u Ashi"

And looks at her with those looks that can make ne gal fall flat for him..

and for a few moments both of them staring at ea
ch other with the beautiful Ashi-Yuvi background music being played

This time Ashi breaks the silence, blushing and she replies...
" Par tum sure kaise ho
ki is baar koi problem nahi hogi??


" Uh toh hum yeh promise karte hai ki hum har problem ko ek saath sort out karenge, done!!! Rule no.1- har problem ek saath sort out karenge, ok?? "

Ashi smiles and blushes and replies " ok!! "


And then they go round and round the small table ( very much like pheras a
s most of us noticed LOL LOL ) with Ashi chanting her rules and Yuvi agreeing to them

" Tum mere liye kabhi flowers nahi kharidoge"

" Done!! Rule no.2- no flowers!! "

" No romantic settings??!! "

" Done!! Rule no.3- no
romantic settings.!! "

" Tume mujhe sirf horror movies dikhaoge no senti stuff ok?? "

" Uh
Agreed!! "

" Uh hum dono ek saath
saare stuffed stoys dissect karenge"

" What??? Uh ok
!! Done!! "

" Tum meri har
baat manoge!"

" Done!!! Hey
hold on"

" No No No Yuvi,u said yes!!!! "

" No No No No No that's not fair"

" Pshycho u said yes!!! "

" Wackho that's not done!!! "

"Duh-huh!! I Love You!! "

And they hug..a hug full of passion and romance

And they break apart for a few seconds wen Yuvi s
ays " I love You too" and Ashi blushes deeply

And they hug again..this time forever it seemswith the beautiful Ashi-Yuvi background


Until the gang disturbs them by celebrating their victory by shouting loudly

and they both break off looking embarrassed

Hope you guys enjoyed the small journey of their patch-upsBlushingBlushingBlushing


And now here is the list of members:

    xMarauderx (ashi rocks)-harshu  funky n crazy-vanshika ashi-coolest-nehal kudi420-shefali  coolniyu-niyu(niyathi) anvesha rulz-ashita  nishi-nishi dii remix_one-ritz(ritwika)  mads-madhura  uvscraziestfan-shelly shanrox-shan me-myself-amrita  aditiyuvi-adi(aditi) s_aangel-sonia cz13-charz  pheonix'87-janki  Evathegr8-eva  Dead devil-  Kritika breeze_912-sunita  Keisha-keisha  san_sujal-sankul neelakshi1985-neelu(neelakshi) dj doll-divya  saff-saffiyah hellraiser-sindhu  anonymous_891-sonali  remixx_love-rachna shriyaroxxx-shriya  ashi912 -drishti   ashiandyuvirock -manishika(mani) exquisite gal-parul  vanu-vanya 2kool-alomi misha-misha coolpinks-shirin rakhi_uv-rakhi yuvraj_anvesha-Preeti fate-tia mayona-mayona rina_remix-rina komal_ashiyuvi-komal remixer-kriti *nitz_rocks*- Nitz(Niyati) a.r.t.y-Nikky smritisashi- Smriti divyaashimix- divya luv_remix- pinky animateash- aashni ~Sirius*Ysh*- Ysh (Vaishnavi) sanaa_uv- Sanaa sayanti_ashiyuvi - Sayantika Zinu29 - Zinu Ashiyuvi4life - Komal usharafuddin - Hiba IBserenity- Jenny  ~*Ani*~- Anisha devilz_here- Sidra groovygal14- Aishwariya .smriti.- Smriti koolgal_anisha- wacky evilseye- Sur Priyachaku_18- Priya xXMissSmariXx-Smari nimmo20- Anu rihanna89- rims sweetzkarish- karyy (Karishma)
  1. gungun- Gun 

Okie people this is the list soo far... it will be updated as the new members arriveEmbarrassed Do let me know if i  have missed any one out! Just PM meEmbarrassed

Oh yesh... forgot to say that everyone is welcumed to post here! Just the fact that you are a die-hard remix fan who adores AY should be enough for you to post!Embarrassed

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To read thik se w/o scrolling...just copy it and paste in ur pm box and pm it to urself...sorry loony ke hyperness ki wajah se pura scrolling thingy aa gayaLOL

meri prongsssssssssssssssssssssssssss meri expectoooooooooooooooooooooooooo me loves youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu choooooooooooooooo much..can't even begin to think about next station without the names u giveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...its like THEEEEEEEEEEE omen for ussssssss here...and tune fir se jadoo create kar diya yaar prongsssssssss..i mean HOPE is just so expecto patronumishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the minute i heard it i was like oh my gooooooooooooooooooood shes magicccccccccccccccc where in merlin's name u get these names is out of my comprehnssion but your names always set the tone for the magic aheaddddddddd....i mean HOPEEEEEEEEEE is just so specialllllllllllllllllllll i toh certainly oculdn't have htouhg tof this name on my ownnnnnnnnnnn ven thouh its my favoriteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee AY themeeee coz both of them most certainly r my mirror of hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee loving them gives me hope and sanctity and security and only you james only youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu could have come up with it...and to add to this time toh u put us in a dialemma with not one but TWO was one of the toughest choice...coz botht he names werelike sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo specialll so ayish but trust me i had given my heart to hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in the very first instant u mentioned it......................and plus i guess i and many of us here needed it...Big you jamesssssssssss you r just chooooooooooooooooooooo chooooooooo choo specialllllllllllll  u r at the center of my circle of infinity menaing those people whowld be wid me for a lifetimeeeeeeeee...and one of the biggest reasons for me to come ot u for ayls's nameeeeeee every singltime is the fact that its so important ot me its almost my lifeeeeeeeee and i want you to be a part of it in whatever wya u caaaaan..coz trust me halsh life won't be the same without you tujhe pata bhi nahi what u mena to meeeeee i just know one hting when am going maaaaaad in my head i need a halshuuuuuuuuuuuu dozeeeeeeeee and just like magiccccccccccc u make me see sense u make me laugh laughhhhhhhhhh like loony out of my tears oh man halsh love youuuuuuuuuuuuu you  truely my expectoooooooooooooo...thankoo for giving us hope halshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

oh my god meri jemssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssHug i guess i don't need to say anythinggggggggggggggg here coz i know words don't matter betwene us but jems me just wanted to say me na loves u lovessssssssssssssssssssssssss you loonylyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyHug everytime u do this magic for me i knowwwwwww u r doing it just for my sakeeeeeeee coz u have no inclinaiton what so ever towards ay or rp but still you knooooooooooooooooow how i feel for themmmmmmmmm and for your sigs thats wat i tell you alwayssssssssssss that u never sya "stinky i love you" but u always find a way to tell meeeeeeee how much u love meeeee oh jennnnnnnn trust me that feeling is a hellllllllllllll big security for me for my miiiiiiiiiiiiiind..HugHugHug.....i sitll remeber that first hope siggy u made meeeeeeee....i remeber that day i was helllllllllllllll depressed helll out of m mind...and u knew the only way to make me happy again was thisssssss....u know what jen the whole process of gearing up for hope started when i saw that siggggggggggggggggggggggggggg which u left me as a surpriseeeeeeee gift....oh my god i was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to get it....and so so toucheeeeeeeed...Hug...."touch wood"Wink....i love you i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuHugHugHugthankooooooooooooo for making hope extra specialllllllllllllllllllllllllll if intensity was magiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic and ethereallllll pure heavennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnDay Dreaming then this is divineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBlushing oh my god jennnnnnnnnn every single one of them is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooo sooooooo divineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBlushing u know it i wld cherish each and every single one of them foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBlushingcan't can't imagine an ayls without your siggys jennuuuuuuuuuuuuu coz u know they are my omennnnnnnnnnnnBlushingHugHug"touch wood"Wink....and every single time u leave me gapingggggggggg at the new charms you find to caste your magic on usssssssss i mena just look at what u made they r so different soooooooooooooooooooo soo totally dfferen from what u made in the past....they r a new glimpse into the magic of ashi yuviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBlushingBlushingBlushing...and ma helllllllllllll proude of each one of themmmmmmmmmmmBlushing...and of youuuuuuuuuu...HugHug.......soon u wld reach your Thousand siggy mark...Big smileDancing.....and i told u already your thousandth one should be for meeeeee...LOLBlushing...yeah yeha u can call me stinkingly greeeeeeedy but oh welllllllllllllllllllllll can't help it its you after allllllllll and in veyr siggy u wrap your loveeeeeeeeeee and then give me thats why they alllllllllllll alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll are so hell youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu tons jemsssssssss thankoooooooo for making hope this huge and htis special for meeeeee..HugHugHug.....i mena u and whacky worked your butts off man in thta message board ideaaaaaaaaa...HugHug...that too coz u wanted to surprise usssss all wid it to do somehting diff and unique for hope...Big smileHug...geeeeeeeeHugHug....thanx jems i dreamt of hope being hellllllllllllllllllllll special and u made it possible for youuuuuuuu love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love you jemsssssss. that too stinkinglyyyyy..Hug...i wld sign off wid our patent line.."life would stinnnnnnnnk without youuuuuuuuuu"......Big smileHug..."TOUCH WOOD"Wink
ps....i just realized how similar your name is to your "jensen" jen se jensenLOLLOLROFLand now am rembering that "dream" of yours..ROFL...oh god u r maaaaaaaaad crazy pagal moroneeeeeeeeeeeeee everything but still you r hellllllllllllllll special just the wya u r...Hug..wouldn't have been bale to handle life and its pressure without u jen...Hug...thanx for coming in my lifeeeeeeeHugHug...."touch wood"Wink

oh my sweettttttttttttttttt cuteeeeeeeeeee naighty ashhhhhhhhhhhHug what do i say to youuuuuuuuuuu?? i mean since the day i got your siggys i had been just going on torturinggggggggg you wid requests and more requests and more requests and more and moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee an moreeeeee.... i mean your siggys have graced eevry single special ocassion be it diwali gifts for my beshtest of friends who aremy familyyyyyyyyBlushing HugHugHugor be it meri priya ka happy to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu who is my divinityyyyyyHug...and now hopeeeeeeeeeeeee....BlushingBlushing...oh my gooooooooooooooood...the stuff u made for hopeeeeeeeeeeeee are juuuuuuuuuuuuustBlushing.....soooooooooooooooooooooo mesmerizinggggggggggggggggggBlushingBlushing....and the best part is your warmth ashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u r just so so warmmmmmmmmmHugwhenever i requesht u i feel happy coz i feelllllllll i requested koi apnaaaaaa who wouldn't do the siggys as a favour for me but as a gesture of friendshippppBig smileHugHug...thankooooooooo choooooo choooooooooooooooooo chooooooooomuuuuuuuuuch for being cho adowableyy sweeeeeeeetHugi know many a times i have barged in when u were helll busy and hell hard pressed on time but still u alays always managed to accomodate my endless requestsLOLEmbarrassedHugthankooooooooooo chooooooooooo choo much Ash love you tonsssssHugi don't think i can breka out of the enchantment of your beautyfulllllllll sigsBlushingHug.....i hope u achieve new heights of success and achievment and you get helllll loads of acoclades coz u deserve every bit of themBig smileHug...always preserve your uniqueness your every sigy is a new style inventtion of its ownEmbarrassed...and thats your speciality just one look and anyone gets enchanteeeedBlushingBlushing

oh meri billiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHug...kya bolun main tujheeeeeeee?...i know i don't need to thank you for all that u did for hopeeeeeeeeeeeee but still can't do without thanking you...gosh it felt as if u weremore excited for hope than me really worked helllllllllllll hard...and to add to that u had to bear my tantrums too i mean tum hi log toh ho jinke samne i can do whatever nautanki i want...Hug....i might have hurt u a sometime saying i can't see your soul in your sigs but trust me whacks am glad i told oyu mere dil ki baat coz the siggys u made after that totally left me r such a genuine perosn that u can never hide yourself behind any any cloaaaaaaaaaaak u don''t need cloacks whacks just be yourself don't escape form yourself coz running awya is no end to misery...i know u went through helllllllllll these past few days i dunno how much my presance acted as a healer for you but am hell proude of you that you are trying your best to once again find happyness to find hopeeeeeHug.....initally u wanted ot immserse yourself in working for hope coz u wanted to distract yourself and thats were yur soul didnt touch your siggys but then eureka happened and u were back to being youuuuuuuu...Hug...always be you whacks coz u r hellllllllll special the wya u are and so are your siggys WE ADORE YOUR SIGGYS YOUR ORIGNAL SIGGYS IN WHICH WE SEE OUR WHACKY'S VISSIONNNNNNNNNN...which is so true so honest so form her heartttttttt...HugHugHug......u don't need to be someone else for us ot love u we love you just the way you youuuuuuuuuuu like hell whacksssssssssss and am hell proude of you please always make me prude by being a fighterrrrrrrrrrrr HugHug.....special things r your way whacks all u need is to fele special to hope for them to happy whacks be helll happyHugHug....."tw"Wink....and chal bhaga yahana se me not syaing nay thnako wankoo yeh tera gher hai apne gher ke liye kaam nahi karegi toh kya padosiyon ke liye karegi??...ayls has the first right on your special siggyssssss...and u never fail to deny us that rightBig youuuuuuuuHugHugHug...."tw"Wink

Heyyyyy RaeeeeeeeeeeeHugyou are just chooooooooooooooooooooo chooo chweet mannnnnnnnnHug. I must admit i was apprehensive before aproaching you coz i hadn't interactd with you much and i had no idea how you would take me asking you to do so many of my requeshts...but i was so like yearninggggg to have some of your special creations for this helll special heaven of oursssssss...BlushingBlushingBlushing...coz oh well just one siiiiiiiiiiig by you made me your deewanaaaaaaaaaa...kitny pyaari siggys banaty hai tuuuuuu..BlushingBlushing....they have a soullllllll of their ownnnnnnnnnnnnnn...Blushing.....and the way u responded tooo me strengthened my belief that an artist's artefects actually reflect their inner selffffff...your siggys r so powerful so so sooooooooooooooooooo awestrucking becoz u yourself are such a gemmmmmmmmmmHug..thanx Raeeeeeeee for instantly agleeing to help me and gooooooooooooosh the siggys u made are just OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD....Blushing...i sitll remember my first reaction when i saw themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i had gone nutterrrrrrrrrrrrr totally nutter an since that day i was just dyinggggggg to use them dying dyinggg dyinggggggggggggBlushingBlushing..........we wouldddd cherishhhhhhhhhhhh the sigs forever FOREVERRRRRRR raeeeee...BlushingHugHug...thankoooooooooooooooo tons and tons and tons and tonssssssss for all the hard work u expended on roooooooooock and am happy i got to know you via thisBig smileHugHug......beware huuuuuuuuuun coz me so not gonaa let you go nowLOLBlushing..once i end up liking somehting from my heart its impossible to seperate me from it...and not just am in loveee with your sigs but i am liking u too more and more after eveyr interactionBig smileHug...wish you all the very best in every walk of your life Raee and once again thankoooooooHugHug

Meri EveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHug...geee..dubara se am at a loss of wordsssssssssssBig smile i think u already know what i wana say me just wana say me lovesssssssssssssssssssss u to the core of lovingggggggggggggggggg{i know u r dying to hear that same line from someone elseWink in ur words keep hopingggggggggg it will happen soooooonHug.."touch wood"Wink} ....sabse pahle to welcome to ouuuuuuuuuuuuuur small little familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyHug ....i seriously dunno what to say to u nuttyyyyyyyyy there is so much but i gte stuck wid just i loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu..HugHug...i so brought hte feel and faith and hope and pasison of Alchemist bakc in my life nuttyyyyyyyyyyy u saved me form the biggest fal in my life and you were there in one of the toughest times of my lifeeeeeeee...i really believe god send u to me to reinstill my faith in dreams and hopes to once again put me on the path of dreaminggggggg fearlessly to once again feel proude and hell proude of so so so so r my dronaaaaaaHugHug.....i dunno how we met lekin i knew jab we met it was written somewhere in our special omens that we are an eternityyyBig smileHugHug..."TOUCH WOOD"Wink....arc eveeeeeee am really really falling short of words wanted to say loads but pata nahi am not able to say muchhhhhh...we might be hell diff from the utside but tell you wat nutty we r twinssssssssssssssssssssss simese twins when it comes to inner beliefsssssssss i mean i never had to try once wid u nutty you got my lunatic wordssssssssssssss in one goooooooooooo coz somewhere deep down u too felt the sameeeeeeeeeeeeee u r such a relief to me u make me feel sane coz u seirously reflect the same madness which i have within me and befor meeting u i used to think am i the only nuuter around? but thnak god i fouuuuuuuuuuuund you you reinstilled my belief in all those me nutty your words stay in my sub concious mind for everrrrrrrrrr and you can see their lingering effetcs in my write up above....yeah trust me guys in that hope write up i have directly quoted nutty from many of our chatssssssssssssssssss and she was the one hwo gave texts for many of the above beautyfulllllllllll came naturally to her coz for her life is nothing but hopeeeeeeeeee...and she follows the path of hope with such conviciton that she can make u flal in love with that word she once again made me its deewanaaaaaaaaaa...its her strength and she hsared it with me in times when i most needed it..Hug..........nutty me being geetish here and syaing tera sirf ek ahsaan rahega mujh p that u brought hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in my life again and ab main woh karne wali hun jo mera dil kah raha youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuHug ...always be strooong and hopeful and fullllllll of life coz u have it in you to touch lives with your positivity..Hug...."touch wood"Wink....thankoooooooooooo for helping mua so much wid the making of hopeeeeeeBig smileHugHug..i know i threatend u a lot wid blood and caused your kness to pain hell hard coz of so much brian workLOLWink...but oh well mera toh haq banta hai main teri rezzz hun na?LOLBig smileHug

oh my god ab toh seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyy words nahi haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii meri ninnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh meir ninnyyyyyyyyy loony wldnt be loony without her napsssssssssssss me don't even knoooooooooooooooooooooooooow how muc i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i just know i doooooooooooooooooooooooooo loads loads loads and loadssssssssss ninnuuuuuuuu today at the bigining of hope me want to say u my hope my sishtooooooooooooo my best friend my everything can't even think of a life without you ninssssssssss u don't have an option but to be wid me foreverrrrr and nins trust me you don't know but tu itny chottu si hoke end up teahcing me sooooooo much soo soooooooooooooo soooooooooo much  and the biggets thing i learnt form u is love doesn't neds ot be shown it nees to be feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelt and i feel love whenever am wid u ninnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i have been horrible to u in the past yr u were my frustraiton vent out always jjitna unhappyness jitna gussa mere ander tha i used to ent it all out on youuuuuuu and i just dunno how u sustained all that am a horrible friend nins horribleeeeeeee am selfish rude mean cruelllllllllll and u don't deserve all this nins but despite of all dis u loved me u still loveeeee me and i know u will love me hameshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and u know wat nins that knowledge is my strengthhhhhhhh am sorry nins for whatever whenever i made u cry coz of my absurdity am sorry for everythingggggggg nins and i want to huggggggggggggggggggggg u from the bottom of my hearttttttttttttttttttttt for just being thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nins u made me realize my biggest flaw that i always think about te bad things first at that what i don't have or can't get and in the process faiiiiil to appreciate what i have like i fial to appreciate youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my biggestttttttttt supportttttttttttt in eveyr walk of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh my god nins your loony is hellllllllll horrible dunno why u love her but never stop loving her ninsssssssssss i know u wontttttttttt i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu nins i love u loonylyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy se bhi zada loonylyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u r the beshtest friend i ever haaaaaaaaaaad trust me nins i mena it when i say you part of my soullllllllllllllllll..okie now my eyes r seriously brimming wid tears...i got to end here...but my feelings for u have no end loves u like hellllllllllllllllllllll............"TOUCH WOOD"Wink."TOUCH WOOD"Wink."TOUCH WOOD"Wink
PS.....ooooooops forgot to thank you for working your hellllllll lajieee bumm off in making our new hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dis divinely gorgussssssssssssssss...ab rf ka besht decorator ka award aise hi thodi mila hai tere hath main jadoooooooooooo hai ninny u make every single one of our homes just MAGICCCCCCCCC ...thankooooooooooooooooooooo Cokoooooooooo huggyyyyyyy
Divuuuuuuuuuu....our callender specialist she had made this callender long back durig ay month itself and we were supposed to release it with ethereal but aap sab api nappy ko toh jante hi ho miss eternal lajieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee isliye releasing it wid hope and haan dis is a special callender it doesn't follows the normal schedule it follows the AY pattern July-July bluuuuuuuuuuuuuush:">
Chakuuuuuuuuu...good that u wrote tumse hi and intensity ka part nahi likhty toh unfortunately tu zinda na bachty to see hope:-* chooooooooooo u r a good girl that u agleed to loony's threat;) loony loves u meri chakudiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and u kow what tujhe dekh ke me feels proude on the strength of ay of ayls and the special bond we formed here which is so not dependent onnnnnnn any any ay tim place distance or space its etherealllllllllll which ca survive anything and everythingggggggg
Mohiniiiiiii.................moooooooooooh the magiciannnnnnHugthankooooooooo for makingggggg two hell special siggys for my new homeeeeeeeHugHug...u know it mooooh i feel hellllllll happy to open a new home with your siggy adorning a part of its inaugral page..Big smileEmbarrassed.... thanx for always being there...and u know how muc i loooooooooooved the siggys u made me not just for hope but till date every siggy is a memoryyyyyyyy a timeless memory..Big smile...i hope u r better healthwise now mooooooooooh misched u chooooo u tonsssssHugHug..."tw"Wink
specal thanx to mallika and kaju for making those special siggyssss for usHugHug...they wld always be a part of the AYLS legendBig smile
Rimsssssssssss....oh meri cutie pieeeeeeeeee me showiee tujh se bina pooche i used the tumse hi siggys u reqeusted woh kya hai na temptaionnnnnnn resist nahi huiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...heheheheee
Meriiiiii dunggggggggggg.....though u couldn't give us a special sggy for hopeeee but dunggggggg no ayls can be completed without the mention of your nameeeeeeee just the fact that tu haiiiiii is enoughhhhHugHug
and a warm warm welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to Anuuuuuuuuu who joined us in etherela and Smariiiiiiii who too joined us recentlyHugHugHug.....and anuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu we all need ot thnak you from the coreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest of core of our hearts for giving us all those eternalll AY momentssssssssss...u must be seeing a lot of your own videos in the video=list above....everytime i wld see them i wld just wish u wellllllllllllllllllllllll and pray that u r blessed wid happyness and loveHugHug....u seriously dunt know what u gave us in their form...lifetime memories..Hug..."touch wood"Wink
and to all the rest of mydevilssssssss here i love u all tonsssssss its you guys only and only yo guys and your love and pasison for ay and for our home which gives us all inspiraiton to work so harrrrrrrrd HugHugHuglove you allllllllllllllll like hellllllllllll guys u r u always will be one of the strongets pillars in my life of which am helllllllllll proude ofHugHug.....thanx for always being there peeeeeps whenevr i needed a shoulder ot lean on all i needed was to logn on and come to ayls and oh welllllllll that very instant i wld realize am home againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn home to people with whoe i belonggggg..Hug...."TOUCH WOOD"Wink

Signing off with an appology for my insufferable spellingsssssss kya karun the problem is cogineal that is from birth and it would be with me till i step in my grave but do pray ki after the innumerable spelling mistakes i make in this life my soul learns a lesso and is born wid a perfect spelling memory in next lifeROFL

happy hoping ke saath saath happy reading do read the write ups badi mahnat ki hai yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarBlushing

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