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Michi FF Dancing At Midnight Note on Pg67(20/08) (Page 4)

book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2009 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ronald

Yeah!!!! You starting a new fan fic!!!!!!!!!! I am sure it will be mind blowing like all your other fan fics

Looking forward to it.
Update soon

i really hope it will be nice, Ronald...and thank you so muchBig smileBig smileBig smile...will update it soonSmile

nihita Goldie

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Posted: 01 January 2009 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
yoooooooo another ff!!!!cant wait fr its start......uff now start updating its in his loved d intro.....hope 2 see coming more frm u gal!!!!!
book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2009 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nihita

yoooooooo another ff!!!!cant wait fr its start......uff now start updating its in his loved d intro.....hope 2 see coming more frm u gal!!!!!

hehehehe thanx hun..will be ending kiss soon.. hopefully in some 5-7 updatesEmbarrassed
JnJ....resh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 January 2009 at 2:49am | IP Logged
Ok the promo seems real interesting dea cant wait to know wats next HugHugplzzzzzzzz continue sooon
book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 January 2009 at 7:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bidnai

Ok the promo seems real interesting dea cant wait to know wats next HugHugplzzzzzzzz continue sooon

thanx hun..will start soonBig smileBig smileBig smile
..kashish.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2009 at 6:07pm | IP Logged
hai kuku
u hve started a new ff and are still continuing wat is it!
four other ffs!!!!!!!
cant wait for the start of this though i am eagar to knw what ishappening in the others!
hai what a title!
jaldi shuru karo!
book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2009 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chillingal16

hai kuku hai KashishSmileSmileSmile
u hve started a new ff and are still continuing wat is it!
four other ffs!!!!!!! hehehe at present, i have kiss, eyes and man... but i will continue this only after i finish off kiss most probably
cant wait for the start of this though i am eagar to knw what ishappening in the others! will update every fic soon hunBig smile
hai what a title! hehehe it is a rip off from Julia's Quinn's bookEmbarrassed
jaldi shuru karo! will do so soon hunBig smile
book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Prologue A


Alaap turned to look at the source of the sound, and found his 5 yr old sister sitting in the back seat in shock. He sniggered at her. Prachi looked at her brother and pouted, which somehow made her older brother smile even more. She turned to the elderly man sitting next to her.

Prachi sadly: "Mishraji, my balloon."

She took the remnants of the balloon and dangled it in front of his face.

Mishraji: "No more, Prachi. That was the second balloon. Look at Alaap, he still has his balloon."

Alaap smiles proudly.

Prachi looks down in shame: "Sorry."

Mishraji: "It's okay."

Prachi: "Will you get me another balloon?"

Mishraji: "No."

Prachi: "Please, Mishraji."

Mishraji: "No, Prachi. You can't always have whatever you want in life."

Prachi becoming adamant: "But I want balloon."

Alaap: "Mama is right. You are too much trouble. And no one will marry you, if you are like this. And poor Papa will have a tough time finding a man who will have you."

Alaap was quite proud of himself, not only was he able to repeat his mother's exact words, he was able to give Prachi that exact expression that their mother gave Prachi while saying this.

Prachi's eyes filled with tears, and she said softly: "I will find a man to marry me."

Mishraji sighs. Alaap and Prachi were like his own children. For him, they and Milind were no different. But more than Milind and Alaap, Prachi was closer to him. She confided in him everything all her secrets, her fear, her insecurities. And she had confided in him, more than once, her fear of never finding a man who will have her, and her poor Papa going in search for a man who will marry her. And the last time, when she had confided in him, she had found the perfect solution to her problem, she will herself, find the man who will marry her, and save her Papa all the trouble.

Prachi's tears were one thing that he cud never see.

Mishraji: "On our way back we will buy you a new balloon."

Prachi immediately smiles, and hugs him: "Thank you, Mishraji."

Alaap again imitating his mother: "You are the one who is spoiling her."


They reach Mishraji's chawl.

Mishraji: "I have some work here, I will come back soon."

Alaap and Prachi both nod their heads.

Mishraji: "Prachi, don't get out of the car."

Prachi though irritated, as he had issued that order solely at her and not Alaap, she decided not to make a fuss, else she won't get her balloon. So, she simply nods.

After, Mishraji leaves, the driver also goes out. Suddenly, Alaap sees some children playing, a little further away.

Alaap: "Prachi, I am going to play with them."

Prachi: "Even I am coming."

Alaap: "No, only boys are playing. And remember what Mishraji said?"

Prachi feels bad: "Then, can I play with your balloon?"

Alaap: "No, you will burst it like your other two balloons."

Prachi: "I will be careful."

Alaap: "No."

Alaap got out of the car and started walking, and then he stopped midway and looked back. He found his little sister sitting there with a sad face. Alaap didn't know why, but whenever he sees his sister upset, he feels bad. So he walks back, and opens the door on her side, and gives her the balloon.

Alaap: "Be careful, and I want it back when I come back."

Prachi smiles immediately, and gives him a kiss on his cheeks, and takes the balloon.

Prachi: "Thank you bhaiyya."

Alaap smiles and walks off. Five minutes later, Alaap was so immersed in his game, that he didn't hear another TAPP sound.

Prachi immediately got off the car and ran towards Mishraji's house. But, only after she had reached the inner part of the chawl did she realize that she didn't know where his house was. Prachi turned back to go back to her car, when she realized that she could no longer see her car, and she cudn't remember which way she had come now. She stood there in fear, and then did the only thing, any normal 5 yr old wud do in such a situation. She wailed.

Two eleven year's old boys were walking, when they heard some people talking and arguing and also a child wailing. Their curiosity was raised, and they walked towards the source. They found a crowd, and walked towards them. Looked like they were circling a child and they both peeped in. They saw a girl standing right in the middle, could only see her back. She was crying, and she was not letting anyone get near her, may be because of the fear of strangers. This was of no interest to them.

"We will go. They might have already started playing."

He was about to turn and walk off, when he heard a small girl screaming out his name "MILIND!"

He turned back again, and that's when he saw the girl's face.

Milind confused and shocked: "Prachi!!!! What are you doing here?"

Prachi immediately pushed all the people standing around her, and ran towards Milind, and Milind was trying to walk towards her when, people started asking him questions regarding the girl. He was about to answer them, when he felt someone hug him tightly. Immediately, he turned pink.

Milind a little embarrassed, and trying to untangle her hands, which stuck like glue around his neck. The girl only reached till his chest, and was puny but had a death grip: "Prachi, what are you doing here?"

Prachi wailing: "I lost Mishraji, I lost bhaiyya and I lost the car."

Milind trying to calm her: "Baba is there at home, do you want me to take you to him?"

Prachi stops crying, starts roughly wiping off her tears and then nods her head in yes, then in no.

Prachi: "He will be angry with me. He told me not to get out of the car."

Milind: "So, you want to go back to your car?"

Prachi nods, then starts crying again: "I lost the car."

Milind: "It will be outside only, I will take you."

Prachi immediately stops crying.

Milind asks her to follow him, and starts walking, few seconds later, he feels someone taking hold of his hand and looks down to see Prachi holding his hand, and trying to keep up with his pace, he immediately slows down. As if sensing him looking at her, she looks up at him, and smiles at him. His heart fluttered, he thought it was because of the afternoon sun, but still smiled back at her.

Finally they reached outside, and found her car. Prachi was ecstatic. She was about to run inside the car, when she remembered the reason why she left the car in the first place. She burst out crying.

Milind a little irritated: "Now what happened?"

Prachi points at the remaining of Alaap's balloon lying on the seat: "Bhaiyya's balloon."

Milind: "Did you…."

He was not able to finish his question; Prachi had thrown herself at him again. Milind was immediately embarrassed, and saw Ali laughing at him. Milind was getting really irritated now, he was supposed to be playing, but he was late because of Ali, then he had to help Prachi, and to top it all off, the girl kept hugging him for no reason! Even though he didn't mind it as much as he showed, still it was quite shocking since, she has never hugged him before. No one hugs him now. Not even his Baba, as he was a big man now. Only, kids hugged.

And Prachi is a kid.

Then, he felt bad, Prachi had got lost, and she might have been scared, and he was the only one she knew. And that's why she clung to him like this. Milind hugs her, and tries to console her. Ali's mouth dropped open when he saw the way Milind was treating that annoying girl, who looked for a reason to cry. Their school bully was acting like a mother hen now!

Prachi between her sobs: "Bhaiyya will scream at me."

Milind said solemnly: "I won't let anyone scream at you."

Prachi moved her head back, but was still cocooned in his hug: "You promise?"

Milind: "I promise."

Prachi smiles at him, and he smiles back.

Prachi looks into his eyes, with unshed tears but full of trust: "Will you get me a balloon for bhaiyya, so he won't know?"

Milind: "Okay. I have one at home. I will go get it. You stay here…okay?"

Prachi: "Okay."

Milind asks Ali to keep an eye on Prachi, who still hadn't come out of his shock, just nods his head.

Milind ran all the way home, and went to his room, and raised his mattress, and found the balloon, he had hid there yesterday. He had planned to fill it with egg yokes, and throw it at his rival in school. In fact, he was planning to mix the egg yokes today, so tomorrow it will smell even worse, when he threw it at Vikas. But now, it doesn't look like he will be able to carry out his plan tomorrow. With a shrug, he kept the open end of the balloon at his lips, and started blowing into it, filling it with air. Once it was big enough, he tied it at the end, and ran all the way back towards Prachi.

By the time he reached her, he was out of breath. He gave the balloon to Prachi, and she looked at it and started crying.

Milind shocked: "Now, what happened?"

Prachi stops crying: "That is blue."

Milind: "So?"

Prachi: "Bhaiyya's is red."

Milind sighs. He obviously hadn't thought of the color, when he had promised to get her a balloon.

Milind helplessly: "I don't have any other."

Prachi started crying.

Milind feeling bad: "Don't cry. I have the money baba gave me to buy chocolates, we will buy you a balloon with that."

Prachi: "What about your chocolates?"

Milind shrugs: "It's okay. I will buy chocolates tomorrow."

Milind takes Prachi with him, so this time he doesn't make any mistake in the color of the balloon. Ali who was even more shocked with the events of the day, just tagged along not wanting to miss out on anymore surprises. What if Milind decides to sing a lullaby for the girl if she cries? He was not going to miss that for anything in the world. Milind turns back to see Ali following them.

Milind: "Why don't you go and join the others for the game? I will handle this."

Ali: "No, I will come with you."

Milind saw the evil glint in Ali's eyes, and knew that soon he was going to be the butt of all the jokes. Milind glares at Ali.

Milind: "Go play, Ali."

Milind's tone suggested that, if Ali didn't do as he said, Ali was going to be in deep sh*t later. Ali with disappointment walks off, man he was enjoying it so much till now.

Milind got Prachi the balloon, and this time they managed to get the exact color. Now, that Prachi had the balloon, she was happy though she asked him to hold it, in fear that she might burst this one also.

Milind was walking in one hand he had two balloons and other hand he had Prachi's hand. When they almost reached her car, Prachi moves closer to him, squeezing his hand with one hand and grabbing his shirt with the other, he looked down at her, and saw her watching a rag picker.

Milind wearily: "What happened?"

Prachi scared: "He will take me away."

Milind: "Now, why would he do that?"

Prachi as if he didn't know anything, explains to him: "His sack is full of bad children. When he sees bad children, he takes them away."

Milind : "Who told you that?"

Prachi: "Mama. (Moving a little more closer to him) Don't let him take me away.. okay?"

Milind smiles: "Why would he take you away? Are you bad?"

Prachi immediately looks down and whispers: "Mama says that I am too much trouble, and no one will want to marry me. And Papa will have a tough time finding a husband for me."

Milind kneels down, and lifts her head and sees her face. Her eyes were filled with tears. His heart went out to her. He smiles tenderly: "Well looks like your mama doesn't know anything."

Prachi confused and a little offended: "Why?"

Milind: "Who wouldn't want to marry you?"

Prachi: "Mama said no one will marry me."

Milind: "Only if everyone is fools."

Prachi: "Why would anyone want to marry me? I am too much trouble."

Milind: "Why wouldn't anyone want to marry such a beautiful girl?"

Prachi gives him a magnificent smile.

Milind: "Oh God! A beautiful girl with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. So now you see, only a fool wouldn't want to marry you."

Prachi: "Are you a fool?"

Milind a little shocked, but continues smiling: "No."


Once, they reached her car. Milind gives her one balloon, then looks at her, and sees her watching him with so much admiration.

Milind: "Do you want this also?"

Prachi nods her head. He gives her the other balloon and was about to walk off when she holds his hand, he turns back and looks at her wondering what she wanted now. She keeps pulling his hand, finally he understands that she wants him to kneel down to her level and he obliges.

Prachi smiles: "Thank you, Milind."

And she kisses him on his cheek. Milind was too shocked to react at first, and then he just smiles at her and ruffles her hair and walks off.

As Milind walks off, Alaap came there and sees Prachi watching Milind in admiration.

Alaap: "Isn't that Milind?"

Prachi nods.

Alaap: "Why are you looking at him like this?"

Prachi looks right into his eyes and says: "I am going to marry him."


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