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Look Through my EYES last part+epilog pg 50

meggs Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2008 at 3:21am | IP Logged

Hello every1 I am posting a new story....its my first one and I may not b good so if it gets boring and irritating any1 of u can tell me to stop writing I won't b offended......


as I said its my first try, my style of writing is not refined and its sort of confusing so feel free to ask me ques. and also I write a lot of char.'s thoughts so don't confuse the with their dialogs....I also need a title for this story and I am depending on ur help.


Next the characters.....

kashish Sinha -the story starts when she is 15 and having a flash back of time when she was 13. apple of every1's eyes, she is a very simple no ?nonsense girl... intelligent and adamant and committed?she appears cold and very professional to every one but to ppl close to her she is caring, sweet and even funny.. she takes her time opening up to people.

Nikhil Sinha(nick)-Kashish's brother 8 yrs older than her cares a lot his sister

Swayam(Sam) & Siddhart(Sid)-K's brothers..twins..10 yrs her senior not significant characters also very close to her but

Barrister ashok sinha - k's dad he has a law firm of his own but none of his sons have joined his profession, adores his little girl

sujal grewal-nick's best friend and a self invited guest at sinha house, an almost like family member of sinha's...he wants and most of the time does treat nick's home like his own..nick's siblings and dad like his own. He is not exactly an orphan but he wud have preferred it...his parents got divorced when he was 4 and none of them wanted his custody .he grew up with a distant aunt who treated him like a paying guest. he met nick when he was 13 and immediately pined for a family like his, secretly he attached himself to his family but never expected anything in return coz he always felt unwanted, worthless and trash


NOTE: this story may contain some words which may b abusive in nature and if any1 feels offend please inform me so that i can edit it


lastly i haven't watched much of kth so just the name of my char. is same they may have no resemblance what so ever with the serial...

Here it goes....



It was a somber day full of sorrowful events....the reason of the sudden death were unknown....the police had released the body only after keeping it for 15 days for post mortem....the result of which was unsightly stitches and marks, visible on the pale, peaceful face of the deceased woman.....people were gathered around the burning woods- the husband of the deceased had aged 15yrs in the last 15 days....his two 22 yr old sons were comforting him, arranging the different rituals required for funeral ....his 20 yr old son had suddenly become matured man looking after the needs and attending the people who had come to offer their condolence...

In all the slow procession and mourning a little girl of 13 stood all alone, unattended, confused, scared and teary eyed...her brothers were busy...her father was hardly in  a state to comfort her....and all the questioning and the visit to coroner office had left her tiered and angry. Why did they not discharge her mother's body earlier? Why did they scar her body so? Why did they keep questioning her and her brothers if there had been any fights between her mum and dad? And finally why? Why? Why did her mother die? Why did god take her away? She was such a lovely kind lady....even the doctor did not know? it was unfair she did not deserve to die.....

A strong hand touched her shoulder and turned her around-"Kashish tum yahan kya kar rahi ho....chalo andar meri help karo"

Kashish looked up at the strong face of her brother's best friend-sujal and then silently allowed him to take her hand and guide her inside the house

Inside the kitchen sujal said-did u eat any thing? U look like dea....umm I mean u look really....down and tiered

K shook her head in a silent no-i am not hungry.....

"Well then help me make some tea for ur dad ok?"

Kashish just stood there staring at him lost, not being able to comprehend what he was saying...

"Kashish! ?Ok look mujhe chini dhond ke do jao" sujal said shaking her out of her thoughts

Kashish helped him make tea for her dad...he had strange recipe for tea- mixing salt, sugar, coffee, clover but she didn't interrupt him...

"Achha kashish ab tum jake dress change karo aur jaldi se mujhe living room mein milo, itna mein tumhare papa ko chai deta hoon, jao, jaldi jao"

When kashish came back down he took her out to a nearby restaurant having quicky throw the tea in sink?

"Batao tumhe kya pasand hai?"

"Mujhe bhook nahi hai"

"Phir bhi mujhe pata to hona chahiya na ki mere best frnd ki behen ko kya pasand hai right?"

"Chocolate shake with chocolate chip ice-cream, caramel base and coffee sprinkled on top"

"uh ok..Then let's order ur chocolate shake"




It was a smooth conversation from that point on, as kashish remembered now almost 2 yrs later

She always felt grateful towards sujal for taking her out that day she had been crying inside and he had skillfully diverted her attention, talking to her about her silly interests...her favorite cartoon characters...meal...places...friends everything she had never told any1 so much about her self but it had all come out so easily in front of him...he had been so nice and kind towards her. If he hadn't been there she might have become an introvert or a sad person but he had taken such a good care of her that day

and for this reason alone she had placed him high up on a pedestal adoring every action, every decision of his right or wrong. She would follow her brother nick almost everywhere so that she could see as much of sujal as possible without arousing any1's suspicion

Why, if sujal came to know of her major idol worship he wud so completely ignore her and never wud in her entire teen life wud there be a more embarrassing situation so she has to keep her admiration under tight wraps

but it was so difficult right now when he was leaning on her and looking sooooooooo cute she almost feared drooling over him ....oh he was drunk and carrying a bottle of beer, alrite but so what?

K thought as she finally helped him lay down on the couch in their living room

Damm he is heavy!! Probably he works out a lot and then he always does beat nick at each and every game the play and oh..His muscles...there she was drooling again...

"Hey! kid. why are u looking at melike that ?u want some of my beer "he thrust the bottle at her

The drunken action made her jolt out of her present day dream, she took the bottle and set it aside

"What! If ur not drinking then lemme drink, give it back to me"

"No i'll drink it latter first let's get u settled down"

"Huh get me settled down.. yah? u think that u can fool me? u think that.. that..? what the hell u thinking huh?"

" i am just thinking why in d hell are u  so drunk n where the heck is my dear stupid brother..."

"tch tch little girls like u shudnt talk like that(oh why did he and all her brother keep thinking that she is 7 she was 15, a budding blossoming teen..can't they see? were they all blind?)....ur brother iis iiss is makiking out...yah hes having a fine time"

sujal suddenly grabbed  her wrist real hard and pulled her close, making her almost fall on top of him "do  know with whom?huh?i'll tell u but its a secret shhhhhh..come here"

He pulled her still and k confusedly placed her ear near his mouth "with my girl"

at this he pushed her away" hahahaha isn't that just gr8?my best frnd with my best girl...i came here to c if they were here i didn't mean to bother u but i guess they took off....hah..m best friend!!!" sujal looked very angry and kicked the table near his leg.

Kashish jumped she had never seen this angry side of him it, scarred her but then his heart was broken? she cudnt believe her brother did such a gross thing as to make out with sujal's girlfriend....yuck

"its ok..i mean... if the ur girl went of with my brother then she didn't deserve you sujal" kashish tried to calm him

"yah that's right go ahead take nick's side after he is ur brother what am i to u? huh? nothing... right?

and this was the ultimate irony for the last 2 yrs not only did she get treated like a little 7 yr sis by him sometimes he wud completely ignore not acknowledge her she wasn't even his sis gr8!just gr8!

"i am not taking nick's side what he did is absolutely wrong. U don't ever lust after ur frnds girl. But the girl was also loose and absolutely mad in her head if she left u for any1" k soothing strokes his hand?phy. gestures always soothed drunk ppl...well at least it soothed her father.....

s stared at her hand-"u don't have to pretend and act kind..i know how much u love ur brother hah..u wudnt even let him come and meet alone u are always at his side"

k felt like shaking and screaming. it was him she is trying to b with! not her dumb brother!!!huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!dumb men!!!!!!dumb drunk men! god give 'em brains plzzzzzz!!!!!!

"its nothing like tht..i don't hv many frnds so i like to spend time with him i wud trade u with him any day..."k says with a gentle and most sincere smile

sujal give her a long piercing, assessing  look and then closed his eyes...maybe he wasn't such a bad worthless person, why if this girl really wanted him for her brother then maybe its not his fault that no one came for his custody when his parents separated....

k slowly detached her hand from his grip took off his shoes and pulled a blanket over him and then went 2 her room to spend a restless night



ouch!!!damn  his head was aching felt as if 100 small hammers were knocking inside his head and then this irritating cooing voice telling him to wake up

sujal turned around and hid his ear with his hand ...but it was no use now along with the voice poking had started 2

"uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh fine i am waking up wud u stop tht!!!!!!!"sujal turned around and opened his eyes damm it was bright and the light hurt his eyes..sowly he focused on a girl standing in front of him looking a bit worried but damn happy about somthing "what d'ya want?"

"good morning!!! :-):-) how r u now?"

"how does 1 feel in a hangover? what is it 2 u?"sujal said sitting up why was she wearing a skirt? she never wears skirts...he rubbed his eyes

how rude!" well i thought so too, dad always has 1...umm...i made u some black tea its gud for ur head dad always asks me 2 make 1.."

"u made black tea for me??"except the maid at his house no1 has ever made anything for him

"yah..i um sorry i didnt know u didnt drink tea....but its ok(she stepped aside and on the table were 2 cups and 2 glasses)so i also made black coffee and orange juice u can have whatever u like.."k beamed at her thoughtfulness of making everything

"wow..thanks"s picked up the coffee amazed at her behavior while she sat in front of him and began dinking from the 4th glass

"what r u drinking? u don't have a hangover right?"s remembered now that he had offered her alcohol ? shit! he was dead where was his brain, she's a kid, underage and i gave her booze way to go genius...

" i didn't drink...its milk..i drink milk before going to school.."

s felt like a complete ass in front if this little girl. 1st he made a complete fool of himself last nite and now he conveniently forgot that she sill goes to school thts the reason for the wired uniform "oh!!  right u r still in i better leave now (before appearing more stupid) bye ..thanks"

"bye "k said trying hard to control her laughter at his discomfort...


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aishu*7 Groupbie

Joined: 10 November 2008
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Posted: 26 December 2008 at 3:40am | IP Logged
wow! I love your story so far.Clap
plzzzz continueBig smileBig smile
its really goodClap
and can u plz pm me when you continue?

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meggs Senior Member

Joined: 17 February 2008
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Posted: 26 December 2008 at 4:11am | IP Logged
thanku for the comment its my first on forum and i really appriciate..can u please suggest a title i'll be gr8ful..i'll let u know abt my next post
aishu*7 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 December 2008 at 5:12am | IP Logged
oh sorry forgot about the name.
hmmmm- i reckon since youd be the only one knowing the story line only you could know what fits it best  but my suggestions would be family or love? / family... love or both? and maybe look through my eyes
anyway i hope you find your name soon and don't give up- i recently started writing on if as well.Big smile
oh yeah and you might want to mention that it is about sujal/kashish on the title

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meggs Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2008 at 9:00am | IP Logged





Life had been dull for k....after nick and sujal had fought over a stupid girl and dad had come to know tht sujal came to their house dead drunk(not from k's mouth of course)he was banned from coming to their house or meeting her and her life had been dull for her..with no 1 to follow around and look out for ...her had a frnd circle but she never felt like going out with them...she had her 16th birthday yesterday..and what did she get..a Barbie from her dad, cross pen set and imported water colors from her eldest brothers and a treat at her fav. restaurant from nick(to whom she given a gud lecture about going out with frnds girlfrnd)I AM NOT A KID!!!!!!!!

tht was the main prob. after her mothers death she didnt have much of female company...and every1 soo very protective towards her tht she wasn't even allowed to go her frnds place for more than 2 hrs that 2 never unaccompanied...why her brother was always there keeping an eye on her while she shopped and it always was soo embarrassing why didnt they understand that she's not a little girl any more she wanted to buy grown u things ...perfumes makeup...skirts...nice tops and not baggy t-shirt she did when it was always her brother paying the bill...oh she cudnt even go and try out a few clothes with her brother telling her to hurry up all the time...why a 10yr old doesn't go to changing room so shouldn't i.....uuuuuughhhhhh k felt like tearing her hair out and making them realize tht she is not heir kid sister wud she ever be able to go out on a date with raj 2nite?how?how?how?




Another year passed and k realized tht in her life there was no scope of ever going out on a date of getting kissed as her brothers provided higher security than what president gets. She had resigned to wearing her brothers long baggy t shirts and baggy jeans...since not even a single boy of her class was ever going to get a chance to c her in anything except her below the knees school skirt...well she might play along and wear these clothes for a few more months coz after tht she was gonna b free..freeeeeee to go to cut her long problematic hair(dad liked her to keep it long like mum's)?free to do everything and anything coz she was passing out from school in 3 months and 13 days


she had already filled out the forms for all the medical colleges as far as possible from her home...she cud almost taste her freedom....





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meggs Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2008 at 9:04am | IP Logged


Maybe god finally decided to show mercy on her soul she was accepted in a reputed college of her choice and she was 1 of the 3 students accepted in the special branch of medical she had applied for in which they never accepted girls and her college was at distance of 30hr from her home but the cherry on the ice was the fact that she was going to meet sujal again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she felt like singing stupid songs and jumping till her ribs hurt she was finally haaaaaaapppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my god wht do i wear? i don't hv any clothes fit enough for nick's convocation day aaaaaahhh!despair again....well i refuse to b daunted i'll wash my hair and style it nicely, i have little kohl which sunita(school chum)had gifted me...and as for the dress...well my least shapless of clothes  wud have to do...


"kashish hurry up or we'll be late and ur brother wud b angry"

"coming dad" k shouted trying in vain to do something with her hair....useless attempts..finally she decides to leave it open and it kept falling on her facethese damnable hair are getting cut the in exactly 3 months and 1day.


K and her dad soon reach the place her bro's convocation was being held'.

Dad- I am sorry kashish but I am already very late for my case tum jao aur apne bhai ke sath raho. idhar udhar mat jana akele'apologize to ur brother from my side ok.

k-ok dad u go..i'll be fine ( of course I'll be fine now I get to meet sujal and dad wudnt b here, it cudnt get better)


k goes and meets up with nikhil (nick)-hi bhai! hows ur farewell coming'dad cudnt stay, case mein imp developments ho gaye the he said sorry'.

n- oh that's fine now I don't have to worry abt'.

k- worry? abt what?

Itne mein a girl comes and holds nick shoulder possessively'.

girl-tum yahan ho..mein kab se dhond rahi thi achhanak kahan chalien gaye the? huh? Umm yeh kaun hai..?

k-hi! i am kashish and u must be his reason of worry'

g-what? nick tum mere liye aisa sochte ho'I am a worry to u ..ek bojh'.u creap'u..u u got it all wrong..kashish'

k-he meant that he was worried abt u 'as he ..umm yah as he cudnt find u

g-oh nick I am sorry u are sooo sweet worrying after me like that(she playfully pulls nicks cheek and nick feels embarrassed as all this is happening in front of his very young sis while k is raising eyebrows at him and giving a 'I know ur dirty little secret now' look)

n-"umm uhh'kashish tum ..umm" nick  looks around to find a place where he can send his sis and he cud spend some private moments with his gf as it was they wudnt b meeting for next month due to their new jobs and he wanted to make as much of the little time left to him'.

n- SUJAL!!! There u r man'.thank god I found u ..hey u remember my sis'

s walking towards the trio- "Hey man'ur sis..Kashish right?.. u've grown tall 2 inch or n 1 inch i think'"

k red in face-actually I grew up 3 and half inches'.

n-O.K. u two stop it ..sujal my frnd mere yaar, pls can u take kashish home?


n-arre please drop her back at house, can u man ?please kashish go with him...?

k,s-Why should i? u just shut up i am talking to him..!! nick!!

n-please yaar sujal samjh na(pointing to his gf) its our last time together...umm i mean me and my  frnds kashish hum sab party mein jaa rahein hain or ghar out of the way hai please u two mere liye itna nahi kar sakte please...??

k-theek hai fine! mujhe bhagana hi tha toh bulaya kyon..

s-yah me too..khair fine u enj..i mean u..tu samjh gaya naa..time se wapas aa jana uncle ki guarantee nahi le sakta itni mehnat ke bad finally i am getting back in his good books...u take care bye




k cudnt believe her luck jara se acting and look she was sitting in sujal's car alone with him in the front seat WOW!!!! AND he was trying to make her feel good!!!!!! life was blissssss....

s-so  sure u don't wanna stop somewhere for  some coffee....

k- umm well yah.. but if ur insisting maybe v ca......STOP!!!!!!

s hurriedly pulls over-WHAT! u scared me ..What is it?

k jumps out and huddles over something on the road

s-What is it? Why are v stopping? Whats that on the road?

k-give me ur jacket quick! It's a kitten it got hit i think its legs broken

s-umm why don v leave it here maybe its mum will come for it

k-NO! Its abandoned !Don't just stand there, ur jacket QUICK!!

there goes my Gucci jacket uugh stupid girls if only nick didn't love her so much...s-fine take it!

k carefully wrapped the kitten in his jacket and went back to the car while s was standing there gaping seeing his fav. jacket getting ruined...

k-Quit staring!! U mutt common v need to get home Fast!

s-what about pet hospital

k(dangerously)-its far and if u don't get me home quick u'll need to b in the hospital!!

s-O.K. Relax! man what a psycho....


On reaching home k quickly cleaned up the wound the leg wasn't badly hurt but a slight fracture was possible....

k- V need to treat and feed her now! She's too weak to b take to the hospital.. get me some hot water.. warm milk.. eyedropper bottle and gauze and first aid kit.. SCOOT!!!!

S looks at her wild eyed wow! who is this girl last time he remembered she was this shrimp following her brother around when did she become so bossy and how does she know all this?

S brings all the stuff and watches her as she takes care of the do u know its a she?

k frowns at him what a lame ques.-Coz it is. Whats there to know..

s-No i mean it could be a can u b so sure(he wanted to know if she was very interested in animals)

k-B'coz u can see its not a he.

s-See what?

k-umm'not see the...the male part..

s-ohh..i mean i didn't know where i..mean..i...know where..what I don't know is how do u know all this stuff? about cats, all the bandage and gender thing and whats the eye drob bottle for....?

k-I am a bio student(he dosent even know my branch ouch that hurts), give me ur hanky...

k was done cleaning and was bandaging the wounded cat she but her hair kept falling on her face making it difficult for her to work properly

k-"darn stupid hair" trying to manage the kitten  and the bandage with 1 hand.. when s skims her hair off her face and holds it at her scalp bending towards

s-There that wud help...So whats the bottle and hanky for?

k a bit red finished the bandaging and poured some warm milk in the small bottle and put a small piece of s's hanky(torn now) at its nozzle

s-"ooh..oh i get it!U'll feed it! Nice !"he said smiling at her

k-um yah! U can let go ..of my hair now(or not i loooovvvvve it like this)I.. can manage now

s- oh yah i..i..jus..uhm(clears his throat)its nice to touch ur hair..i mean its fine quality..nick's got really bad hair..i cant even smack his head .........can i feedthecat?

K looks at him doing a mental jig.. He likes my hair he likes my hair !Oh yessss!No way was a scissor coming near my hair now he likes 'em Uhuh he likes 'em and he wants to feed my cat he likes the caat

k carefully starts to give the kitten to him" What is THAT thing???!!!!!" Nick shouts from the door

k-oh this poor thing was lying on-

N-Kashish how many times have v told u that u r not supposed to pick up stray animals from road

k-But bhai! It was hurt and it need-

N-Sujal how cud u let her-

s-Hey don't blame me she insisted on bringing the diseased thing here, i was just dropping her. and now i am going, u sort it out i am out of here.

S left hurriedly not wanting to a part of shouting battle between the 2 siblings


Later k made every1 let her keep the cat as her pet by shedding a few crocodile tears... arguing that she wud take it with her it wud give her company. In the night as she thought about the day it made her smile except for the part when s changed his side like a chameleon. 1 minute he was all crooning over mia(kittens name)and next he behaved as if it repulsed it, she hated him now. He was a two faced, week, ignorant pig. Unworthy of her attention and devotion... the chapter of Sujal Grewal was closed in her life she was finally gonna move on with new frnds and a new place.


While s lay in his bed thinking abt the little girl he had known all is life when did she grow a arguing and ordering tongue, but it was refreshing...girls always listened to him, never bossed him around and never glared at him..... He felt bad for turning his back on her, sure he liked the kitten but he didn't wanna go against his frnd. Loyalty to nick came above every thing. They had decided to take each others side after their big fight. Nothing was ever gonna break their frndship again- no career, no chick, and definitely no roadside rodent....






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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 December 2008 at 4:54am | IP Logged
Hey its a nice start. The concept is gud. Pls Continue Soon.
togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2008 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Hey nice parts ! But can u tell me the age difference between Sujal n Kashish??

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