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~The girl next door~ pt 29b&c pg 140&142 07/01 (Page 73)

spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2009 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
hinu... just to remind you, the tonight was for yesterday... and its 14th today... and you said the part was done... thats three VERY good reasons to update :D


SunainaTM007 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2009 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
hey Hina...
just finished ur fic...its just sooo interesting and fabulous...
armaan and riddhima nursing wounds of their previous relationships, starting to chat with one another and then their friendship turning into love...whoa!thats just soooo cute..
ur concept is soo different..and m already hooked to ur story...
they are sooo close yet soo far without knowing their identities...and nikki playing the link...
love the crazy trio of rahul, atul and muskaan...and the way they were preparing for the surprise was soo good....
and the last part was sooo good...armaan n riddhima becoming friends from foes...thats really nice...
hope KD and QT meet soon....
continue soon.....
kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 1:44am | IP Logged
I will read and continue soon.
Luv u<333
hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 3:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by spln

hinu... just to remind you, the tonight was for yesterday... and its 14th today... and you said the part was done... thats three VERY good reasons to update :D


hahaha yeh yeh i know,the tonight was for the day before yesterday lol
and yes it was the 14th yest :D Wink
and yeh  i still stand by wat i said ,the part is still ready

(of course there's always a but)
my internet ditched me last nite ,it cud have been the router or the network,i didnt chk and crashed with the un-edited part on the screen

and this morning i woke up with a swollen upper arm  :(  (had lifted something real heavy yest ,must have sprained it then :( )
so now i'm off to the chemist to get something to fix it

will be back soon to post the part!

Edited by hinanaziri - 15 May 2009 at 7:26am
aritzia IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 4:56am | IP Logged
hinu di its turning into amazing :D

i hope now KD doesnttell niki to order for him ...
hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
Part 17:

Late afternoon after a quick dip in the tepid water, the group got together for a visit to the famous Brighton Pier before they head back to London...

Rahul had engaged Muskaan with Navneeta at the games arcade to avoid her requests to go on the risky rides keeping in mid her tender condition.....handing her a bag full of coins for the greedy machines that never let one win any prizes ,he joined the rest of the crew for the thrill...

It being the last weekend of the summer holidays,the queues were long for every ride ... Atul's wisecracks failed to entertain but he was no quitter and he repeatedly came up with the most pathetic jokes ever... Anjali felt sorry for Shubhankar and Keerti who kept the  smiles going...
Armaan and Riddhima stood at the rear end of the queue,taking a break from each other...whatever conversation they'd made through the morning was enough to weigh and decide if the new bond could prove long lasting .... Deeply engrossed in their musing they tried to look deeper into each  other, the dark shades made the task easier...
'how long am I going to pretend nice?' mused Armaan returning another one of her overdosed smiles of the day ' it feels good to be good to her and she's been good to me, so why not? ' he reckoned ... 'but ....the fun is lacking !' he sighed and itched to get back to his mischief ...but knew it would be a gamble and since he was quite enjoying the welcoming new alliance he decided to pack away his prank box for the while ...

' is it me or Armaan has changed ? like really , he's a new man! ' drawing in a deep wishful breath she mulled over the timely mutated Armaan ...'could it be that he knows that I know all about him ,thanks to his gullible friend who spilled it all out putting him at risk ?... 'she pushed aside the assumption thinking it was her overworked brain making her sense wrong in good ...
' oh whatever !  I have nothing to loose ,I didnt ask him to change, so I'll play sweet until I feel the need to turn back evil'.... Somewhere she missed being bullied and getting back at him was fun but with the revelation of the new prank-free Armaan she prepared to barter the petty pleasure for a durable  experience... 

They were happy to call it truce for now and at the rate things were going ,it seemed plausible for a peace forever agreement....

"Armaan can u pair up with Riddhima? " said Rahul and jumped out of the queue winking back at Atul .... whilst the two were thinking of  each other, occasionally fanning themselves to lessen the heat ,Atul wrongly assumed their glum look to be a result of their regret of not being able to share the two seater ride...Rahul sensed the same and was sweet enough to back out when they reached the front end of the queue  ....Anjali cheerfully climbed  onto the ride with Atul and Shubhankar with Keerti leaving Armaan and Riddhima no choice...
"bhai?" Armaan looked puzzled at his late exit
"Armaan I better rush back to keep an eye on Muskaan,u know she gets carried away with the fun, I fear Navneeta would abandon her soon" he grinned convincingly ...
"but bhai" Armaan was certain of a different reason
"come on Armaan, its only a ride..." he said and gave way to Riddhima who looked equally clueless... watching the two act their curiosity he muttered 'saley mann mey toh laddoo phoot rahe honge ' and made his way to the arcade to find his Punjab express...

A quick exchange of an agreeable smile followed a perfect mould into the seat  ....and as the ride gathered speed, she impulsively clutched his arm tight  ... he could feel her nails dig deeper as the laps got faster .... watching her from the corner of his eye he tried not to laugh to see her futile attempts to pose brave and fearless.. .he smirked at the irony of the situation and made a mental note of the memorable scene to go in his book of 'vengeance recipes' ... but soon his humane side took over and to relieve her anxiety he wrapped his arm around and pulled her close ... and she shut her eyes and let the fear saturate...A sense of slow understanding washed over him and the close proximity cast a strange effect of comfort ....their stares and smiles and the subtle togetherness wasn't unnoticed by the spectators... Anjali couldn't believe her eyes and Muskaan watched them secretly and grunted at Armaan's disloyalty....

The ride gradually came to a halt and she released her grip on him...she couldn't wait for the security bars to unlock and as soon as they did,she dashed out leaving him confused.... Later, Riddhima and Anjali with Keerti joined Muskaan and Rahul returned to the boys for the other rides....

After the enjoyable trip to the Pier, they headed back to the cars and to everyone's surprise Armaan innocently slumped into the back seat of Atul's car leaving Muskaan and Anjali smiling and winking at each other ....

"dont worry I wont sing this time....." reassured Atul  getting into the drivers seat
" sure u can Atul , I can sing along if u like....." chuckled Armaan forcing Riddhima to smile as well....


As expected, the journeys back home are shorter and quicker ,this one being no different...they sang a whole lot of songs from all eras old and new .Riddhima was enjoying the similarity of favourites with Armaan and he was glad to know someone who thought at a similar wavelength as him.... Atul witnessed the mutual admiration and Anjali begged to set herself free from the torture which had become more violent with Armaan joining in....

On spotting the familiar streets ,a slight sense of resentment took over the two to see the trip finally end ...
Shubhankar with Keerti and Navneeta bid goodbye and left almost immediately after reaching home.....
Armaan gleefully stepped out of the car and rushed inside the house ,she knew why and smiled to  see him run...

Riddhima then thanked Muskaan and Rahul and asked them to pass on her thanks to Armaan as well
Muskaan smiled and muttered,'oye yar kita natak karti hai!' when Rahul squeezed her hand to shut up...
"yeh sure..." he acknowledged and yelled a quick bye to Atul and Anjali.....

"bye ! " they replied and carried the bags out of the car's boot....

Anjali went in for a quick shower while Atul rushed into the garden to say a quick hello to his plants he missed so much....

Riddhima shut the door to her room and switched the laptop on ... and while it booted,she hopped back down to fetch her handbag when she noticed a little card tucked in the letter shute...she pulled it out carefully and opened the envelope to read the contents when the door bell rang...
"sorry,we missed u today,please call 0870 315 315 to re -arrange a delivery " she opened the door while reading the message out loud
"Hi" he cheerfully greeted  and handed over a shopping bag which she mechanically gripped ....completely ignoring  him she continued pouting and regretting her absence ....
His eyes spontaneously traveled to label of the card she held and stunned to read Interflora carved on the outside he gasped and looked up to her face ... her rueful look explained the contents of the card.... 'she must have missed the delivery like QT ' he could relate to her in some way and hoped she might feel better if she shared her disappointment....
"Riddhima u ok?" he asked sweetly with true concern...
"huh? yeh  ....I'm fine...thanks " she pulled herself up and  smiled superficially...
"u certain there's nothing u'd like to share ?....she recognized his genuine effort but disliked it too, perhaps it was a bad time  ....
he consciously stepped back and reminded himself that they werent the sharing joys and sorrows friends yet...he could totally understand her reservations and blamed himself for being blatant.... He then pointed to the bag Riddhima loosely held with one hand and said  " bhabi asked me to tell you that the bag was  one of yours and had got mixed up with her bags ..."
"no worries... thanks for dropping it off ! " she felt awkward to shoo him away but with the loads she had  on mind,she couldnt bear any more of the sweet talk...
"bye!......goodnight! " he smiled again and waved goodbye
"yeh bye..." and she replied with a clumsy wave and a weary smile .....

She clasped the card in her hands and shut the door on him leaving him agape...
'may be I was expecting a bit too much too early ,shes back to her dumb self....but the card,damn she missed her delivery and QT missed mine!
...this was getting way too sure was a lot more than a mere coincidence and QT's and Riddhima's birthdays being the same was another addition to the already identical series of events ....but of course Riddhima couldn't come close to QT in any sense,no matter how alike they were,QT could never be as stubborn and daft as Riddhima...' he refused to draw a comparison between the two slightly similar but hugely different characters .... jumping over the fence ,he strolled into the house  with a content grin and up he climbed the stairs to his room to get his hands on the laptop.....


'hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm,hmm hmm hmm hmmmmmmmmmm'
hummed Riddhima not knowing the lyrics but knew it was a happy tune and thats how she felt after re-reading all KD's messages and chats for the umpteenth time... this overdone practice proved to be the only solace to the long hours of anticipation....
She casually read all her other birthday messages and as per their requests ,uploaded the birthday snaps onto facebook .... waiting for the sluggish process to complete,she wondered where and when she could meet KD....

Armaan hastily clicked on Nikki's email to be amazed ...his face sagged and jaw dropped and he felt numb all over .... the address Nikki had sent  was a replica of his own  with just the difference in house numbers... He shook his head vigorously assuming it to be dream,'but why in the world would I imagine my own address ? and why number 25 ? ' He shut his eyes for a long moment to wipe all misinformation and started fresh to read the address again... not surprisingly it remained the same and then he wondered if he knew the occupants of house number 25,....of course he did ! ..... an image of the door and the number came to his head and the face that flashed by the door was known .....

He was left stumped with the discovery and when he heard QT's ping, he could barely type her a reply .....

hi !!!!!!!
oh i missed u KD

who r u really ?

I'm so sorry I missed the flowers:(
damn me to have agreed for the weekend out,did i have a choice otherwise?

hmmm,were u not home?
of course she wasnt duh!

no we had gone over to Brighton for the weekend....

wonder where he had gone

and when did u return 
stop being a pest Riddhima !

jst a little while ago ...
oh man i'm gonna die of curiosity

thanx so much again...
I luvd all the surprises,the fone call,the QT cake ,the flowers
u made my day the best ever ...
i cant even begin to thank u KD

may be not the best yet,there'll many more to come
my head  is in detective mode QT sorry for the mundane replies

can we meet tomorrow?
hope he says yes

yeh sure
 no,u're not sure at all Armaan ,what if she really is Riddhima

in the back garden,u choose yours or mine
damn Armaan,she can't be Riddhima

u tell me
and btw  how will u recognize me?
i have a clear image of u in my heart

I will,dont worry and u will too...
why did u have to be the girl next door ?


hey everyone
par 17 here,after much persuasion from nij and nj
hope u like the part
and i hope u r not too disappointed with the length,i can't write long parts,get bored easy
hope u dont mind as long as i update more often
i mite actually follow bheegi and haru's trend and  chose a day to update
i propose friday ,wat say u all?
anyways enuf of that,
plz do leave me comments,i request  all the silent readers to voice their opinion atleast once
cheers all
have a lovely weekend, mine's crazy
will reply to the pre comments soon
315 ns

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spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
reserved :)


Yayyyy me first... i was pestering you for this one SO bad hinu... glad to be the gold spot this once :D

theres a coule of things, i was reminding myself to not forget and mention.... one, i noticed, how unlike most other 'humor based fics', you have a supremem knck of being witty, without real dialogue all the time... your description is so casually street smart, it comes across as the most obvious wording or phrasing in bits... and it reminds me of what i have pinned onto my full length looking mirror.. a quote...(yeh you know im a freak) "if something can be easily read, great effort has gone into writing it..." perhaps you will say you wrote it easily and without effort... i wont believe you... i cant believe you never look back at your words and work and not fix it with words which flow so smoothly.... for the heck of example....

handing her a bag full of coins for the greedy machines that never let one win any prizes

quick dip in the tepid water

Atul's wisecracks failed to entertain but he was no quitter and he repeatedly came up with the most pathetic jokes ever... Anjali felt sorry for Shubhankar and Keerti who kept the  smiles going...

there was a bunch of others... on similar lines... you get my point??? not just for what the part was, its AT LAST awaited consequence and all the happenings and entertainment... i think hinu di, for me, this part excelled in the usage of words... i think, it was, by far one of your best in that way at least... in general too, i loved the part... the last line...line(s) i guess had me just... chuckling and clucking and giggling like... all to myself... i had the weirdest funny expressions imagining armaan ... seriously :D... rocked it hinu... PLEASE.... need to read the next soon... for once, i think i want this before betrayed :D

hugs di, and 315 ALWAYS :)


Edited by spln - 17 May 2009 at 12:08am
pickytg Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 10:07pm | IP Logged

reserved ...*nevermind that eRrOR*


LMAO!!! ahhaahh u are awesome hinz...and i luvvv yahhh!!

mastttt update tha...fulttoosss ekdam...ter were times i thot this is it....its out and no naadt only made me happy....cuz i really wanted it to go on..i think it was just rite...the last bit....perfecto! :D

the close prozi scene...i think dt was d best bit....CUZ tey were oblivious to the true faces yet...tey were togehter in dt lock....fabtab hindi! :D

and ummm dt ...."garden, yours or mine" had me in splits....ohh yehhh it did....luved it hinz :D


me Star

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