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~The girl next door~ pt 29b&c pg 140&142 07/01 (Page 142)

hinz Viewbie

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Posted: 05 January 2010 at 7:33am | IP Logged
hmm !
knew I shudnt have posted that little bit(can't even call it a part )
those who havent read ,I'd advise u to wait till i post something worth ur time....

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arshluver_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2010 at 8:28am | IP Logged
that was a nice part
a bit short n not too much in it
cont soon
will be waiting..............

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-Aliya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2010 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
Hey Hina my name is Tahmina cal me tarm.Wink

I realli luv ur FF its so cute. And yh if i wer in her spot i'd also pick Armaan over KD and defo over Abhi - urgh his intentions dnt seem sweet 2 meAngry.

but u knw wen Ridz discussed da matter wid KD bt changed da names etc but Armaan knw who she was tlkin about does dat mean he knw bout her nd Abhi?

Anywayz plz update soon and pm me as wel. tnx byeSmile

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hinz Viewbie

Joined: 13 September 2005
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Posted: 07 January 2010 at 11:15am | IP Logged

Part 29 c: (much delayed Confused)

" Ridz! " yelled Anjali to stop her before she ran up the stairs ...
 Muskaan didnt feel right to be a part of the sibling conversation ,so she changed direction and walked to the sitting room and browsed through the music cds ...

"is something bothering u sis? " asked Anjali earnestly

" di I'm fine " she replied

 " are u sure?  "

" yeh di ...positive ! "  smiling the widest she could ,Riddhima hoped Anjali would understand and give her the time she needed ... and when Anjali agreed with a half hearted  nod ,she rushed up the steps to hear

" oh by the way Ridzie, where's Emma, is she on her way  ? " 




Armaan wasn't sure about leaving right away,he knew she'd need time to sort herself ,but on the other hand he was desperate to see her ,to know how she's taken the hard hitting truth.

With a zillion fears haunting his head ,he paced the neighbours driveway waiting for a few minutes to pass before he could ring the doorbell.



Riddhima had totally forgotten about the Emma excuse and wished her family had too but unfortunately again she was compelled to cook up another story 

" thanks for reminding di, I think I forgot to give Emma the full address,lemme quickly call her now? " ...

Anjali wanted to believe her but couldn't ,there was surely something up she knew but what she didn't...

Soon after she heard Riddhima slam her door ,Muskaan joined Anjali to ask what was wrong " now I'm totally lost,what could have possibly made her so gloomy in the past half hour>? u think they had an argument?" brooded Anjali
"Anj,there's no use worrying,we'll know when Armaan comes " said Muskaan
and just as they turned back towards the garden ,they heard a light knock on the front door

"Hi Emma errr Armaan" stuttered Anjali making Muskaan chuckle

" hey ! " smiled Armaan wondering what mischief her sister-in-law was upto

" Emma? " he frowned

" sorry,we were actually waiting for Ridzie's 'friend'  " reasoned Anjali

" oh ok !  so am I allowed in instead? "

" of course u are, come through!  " Anjali  glared at Muskaan to stop making it obvious and then showed him to the back garden but Armaan wasn't interested to join the party,he knew Riddhima wasn't there,he had checked from his window and she had been missing for a while...

Muskaan knew what his eyes were searching ....

Reluctantly he lugged himself to join the gang with a smile but inside he was starting to get worried , all he wanted is to see her ,even if it meant taking the brunt of her anger ,which seemed justifiable ...

He knew he had hurt her unknowingly but he also knew his crime wasn't all his own ...

" Emma'll be a while Atul, Ridzie's just gone up to call her to give her the proper directions... " said Anjali aloud granting Armaan some peace for the while ...

"hey Armaan ,come join us " said Atul and Rahul offered him the chair in between him and Muskaan

" bhai,bhabi ,guys couldnt u wait a little for me ? iti bhuk lagi thi ? "
" ni yar muje ni tere niece/nephew ko " giggled Muskaan

Wearily tucking his plate with food ,he slyly looked around for her through his dark shades ...Rahul empathised with him and hinted on Riddhima's food getting cold ,Anjali knew where he was coming from and pulled out her mobile to call Riddhima...Mean while Atul and Muskaan argued over their favourite singers and decided to play both versions of the same song to come to a mutual decison....

The song started to play as Riddhima cut Anjali's call saying she'd be down in a minute... watching Armaan from her window ,she knew how restless he was to see her ,neither could she wait to face him again ...but her stubborn ego gave her false warnings everytime she took a step ahead ...
As she walked down the stairs ,she smirked listening to the lyrics and comparing them to her current state...

Heaving a deep sigh she plucked all strength for a silent but essential confrontration....

Armaan breathed a sigh of relief when she walked through and the song played again ,he hadn't paid much heed to the lyrics or the tune before but now it made sense and it felt as though every word was pleading his emotions...

(credit to the vm maker,amna... fab job !
my personal fav -altho i luv Atif ,I liked KK better ,just this once :) )

A few exchange of glances some positive some bad ,neither of the two knew where to go from here or if there even was a resolve to this ...
what they did know was that love always finds a way ...


"hey,lets play a game shall we? " said Atul breaking the awkward silence after the song ended

" yeh cool ,I'm up for any game as long as it doesnt inlvolve singing " said Rahul and Anjali agreed

" umm I was actually thinking of a rapid round of songs but ..." thought Atul

" forget the songs, lets do a rapid with words ,like the one in Kuch kuch hota hai ?" chirped Muskaan super excited with her idea

"jeej can I skip this and go clear up ?" Riddhima wasn't up for any games for the moment,her mind and heart were already playing enough of those...

"and guys u'll have to excuse me as well ,I've gotto go home,Abhi's coming to see me " said Armaan immediately after knowing Riddhima's intentions to leave ...

" Ridzie,u're not going anywhere " ordered Atul pulling Riddhima back into her seat

" neither are u Armaan " said Muskaan tugging her arm with his

" who's Abhi? " asked Anjali

" my childhood friend Abhimanyu " said Armaan ,while Riddhima cringed at the mention of his name...

" oh so,why dont u invite him here? " proposed Atul

" haan ab  Emma nahi to Abhi sahi ....hehehehe " chuckled Muskaan rolling her eyes cheekily and before the two could leave she quickly started the game to get them involved...

" flowers " she began
" Atul " smiled Anjali
"Anjali "  blushed Atul
" gym " joined in Armaan, clicking the send key on his mobile...
" Armaan " grumped Riddhima when nudged to take her turn
" tattoos " sniggered Rahul
" Emma oops ,I mean Abhi " grinned Muskaan knowing she was abusing the Emma fiasco in every possible way ...
" hate " angered Riddhima out of turn, disrupting the order and they allowed it for every reason...
" love " declared Armaan like a hero
" QT... ? " grinned Atul initiating the vicious cirle
" GND ? " muttered Rahul taking it a step further
" Riddhima ! ..." added Anjali joining the dots ahead...
" Armaan !!! " cheered Muskaan completing the trap...

"what???"  screamed the obvious two
" u guys knew it all along?"


hey that was finally the end to the hopelessly delayed part 29,completed somehow in three little bits I know this still isn't long enuf, but its the best i cud do ...atleast for now
hope u liked it ,plz do temme either way and i'd welcome to any kind of comments,good or bad ,i deserve more of the latter i know with the huge gaps between updates and id completely agree if u say u'd lost interest ,
just a couple more parts and i'll be done,just try and bear with me till then
the part goes to nj,for reasons many
and to nij and bp for what they are and always will be
love u guys
also to Pras ,who very sweetly gave me gentle reminders :P

thanks all and a happy new year  to you ,
i know im late but it still was and will always be a new beginning for me today ,the 7th of January  :) ,the day that changed my life !


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spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 January 2010 at 11:16am | IP Logged
sadly u r first again :( <br>hope not again !<br><br><br>

sadly u r first again :( <br>hope not again !<br><br><br>

*evil grin* huhuhahahahhahaha!!! i broke into her account cuz you ALWAYS (99.9%) give me the third spot...and as um the firts one to read, i shud also be the first to comment :D hinz, itna entertaining part tha! i only wish you would have posted the whole thing, the flow would have been amazing then but...:D

Armaan is a sweetheart, and Riddhima is about as adorable as him (this is a rarity i find in only ur fic, most of the times i hate Riddhima :D)...adn Muskaan to *grins knowingly* meri favorite hai! The gang is full of punks...a bunch i'd very much like to know and meet sometime :D poor kids! 'you knew all along' hahaha...that cracked me up!

The song :D one of the best of last year, i guess....been singing it ALL day since yesterday..khair, will see the vm laterz!

Lovya hinz....7th jan, a day that changed my life (chotu sa) somehow too :D and well, it was great tawking to u after so long...!


The kid.

P.s. can write your LONG comments in my post :D

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pickytg Goldie

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Posted: 07 January 2010 at 11:18am | IP Logged

:) nij ,sorry my net conked out in the morning !


bad excuse...but will do :D ...

tumse na jane kyu....i started listening to the 1st one after armaan recond them :D and stopped mid way cuz i wanted to hear my own voice :P :P and then i watched half of amna's vm ...and got lost in it....armaan...karan...sigh :( ....and stopped midway hence!

the part..yep i agree...all in a row flow works best..but this wasn't bad at all..inclined good even! the gang are such fun worries no sorrow...its always all nice n happy for them....! armaan peeking for one look and her avoiding with full knowledge...i likes! ...agreed with nj as well....AR exclusive are a must (more than a want) but i know when i'll get that....mention of QT caught my eye on the part number...and i recalled you said it was going to end....when it is! :)

hurray on the update...and the day...changed life....yes...for the good or is what it shall always be!

muahh...luvya hinz..


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Pebblez Goldie

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 07 January 2010 at 11:19am | IP Logged
<br>muah bp!

you sweetheart, are so, like SO true to your password... i could spell it as my return to have knocked me outa my spot, but chaddo ji! 7th ke din hum nek rehne ki koshish karte hain, hinz maafiq dil se! :D

and hini, the most captivating moment of GND shall for me remain him confessing to what he thought was a mind game... but i enjoyed reading this mucho! ... the vm was chooo! ... i miss them , him more so, at every inkling of a reminder! everytime, that is, that i think im over it all... sigh!

oh well... muski is SUCH a devil... koi batao usse unborn babies mum ke tum se seekh kar aate hain! and dude!!! show down to AB hoga!!! :D abhi mentioned again (funny, not. i was thinking of when ud bring him back when i was watching the vm and then bang, u had him brought up) ... and the so called (undeserved) elders here shall realize their mean follies... bichare bacho ko dukhi kar rakha hai!!

i could do mor to hear about AR, as just them hinz.. can u do something exclusive, like bheegi does, in hiniya version that is? :P pretty please!

love n hugs
~ humpty, who was knowcked down bu dumpty!

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Prasanthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2010 at 11:22am | IP Logged
reserved  this time for a longer update :)
Atlast, a start of the new year!Tongue
Gang rules!!! LOLLOL. This one reminded me of the gang scene on DMG before Karwachauth in 2008. Muski n Anjie on toes to find out the truth between AR. Girls can never be at peace when there is something for gossip, right?
Anyway, coming to the part, Ridzie! where is Emma?! hahahaha.. the name has been abused so many times that in real now when I meet anyone with that name I will be on a roll LOL. Poor Ridhima how many issues can she handle? Armaan's resltessness is so apt. God only knows, oh sorry, Hina only know how n what is his fate.
I feel now AR together will face the gang now, haina? Ok for this.. jaldi se next part dena.Big smile
Little drops of water make a mighty ocean...same here. Little funny parts made the whole update enjoyable.Tongue



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