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~The girl next door~ pt 29b&c pg 140&142 07/01

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This is my way to say
'thanks for being that special friend nij'
315 always

The girl next door~~~~~~~~



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Bye di!
take care Ridzie and call me if u need anything at all
Chill yar di,I'm not a baby and u better not treat me like one alright?
Ridz plz,mum's asked me to take good care of u
Di! stop being mum ok and I'm off to uni not war ,tell her that when she calls u soon after I leave,
I just know she will,I fear dad will soon send her here ,he'd rather do that than pay the heavy phone bills
Ridzie yar,mum cares ! come on u gotto give her some respect
Di,I know she does,I never have doubted that and I know she's the best mum in the world but she has to understand that I'm a grown up now and I need to be given my own space and time,
now I know why she insisted on London to be the top choice on my priority list of university applications ,only coz she could have u play mum instead
Uff Ridzie,is there ever any end to your baseless arguements?
Di,when did I argue?, I was only trying to justify my thoughts and apprehensions
Ridz ,now forget all that and have fun at uni ,first days are always special and memorable,make the most of it
thanks di! now thats like my sensible sister,glad jeej managed to knock some sense into you in these 3 years
yeh whatever,we'll debate later on this issue
haha,knew you'd say that,coz u know I'm right and jeej would so agree
Ridz don't even go there,I thought you would side up with me this once
hmmm,shall we leave this for later then?
bye and
I will ok!!!!!


Bye Muskaan ,I mean bhabi!
good u corrected yourself oye,me the bhabi and thats how I like it
see u later devarjee,take care and get some lunch,dont go starving again
yeh thanks for the advice
I'm gonna call mum and complain u dont feed me well
dont u dare ,she's worried sick about me as it is
worried about u?
yeh,why wudn't she?I'm such a lovely bahu,the best infact....
hahaha ,in your dreams sweety
u anything but that,and by the way since u've taken all this time off work
cook some food for once,I'll come home for lunch
Armaan I can't yar ...the smell of food makes me sick
what? yeh saying that I have noticed for a few days now,
u dont seem to hog onto your food as usual
wassup bhabijee? did bhai like ask u to cut down and maintain your diet?
hehe,I wudn't be surprised if he did,poor him!
chup kar oye,Rahul would never say that
even if I go humungous after having the baby
Baby? what baby?
oh yeh,sorry we kinda forgot to tell u
u will be chachu soon Armaan!
I 'm so excited Muskaan,I mean bhabiji
wow,I get all that extra respect ,I'm honoured
yar,I 'm honestly so happy
ok i better leave now,but will catch up with u soon
love u two!


login ID: qt4eva
time: 17.07

Hi :)
sry im lte
bmpd in2 a freak on ma way hme

Ridzie, are you home sis?
yeh di! I'll be down in a bit.....

login ID: killer dude
time: 17.08

no woris
smthin similar hapnd wit me 2

Armaan are you here? can you please answer the door
Ok Muskaan ,gimme 2 min......


thats the intro guys
I know u must be thinking if on i'm on some update drugs this week
I 'm thinking the same LOL
again this is a mini fic with a max of 7 parts
i'm quite enjoying this style of writing
since i dont keep u guys waiting


Part 1

" Nikki ,u're a nut alrite!" Riddhima shot glares at her best friend ...

"Well takes one to know one"
 Nikki knew how to tackle her friend's supposed accusations

" u seriously think I'm gonna start chattingto some random guy just coz he's YOUR good friend?" Riddhima found the whole idea bizarre

"Ridz ! get this right ok...u can't cut yourself off from the world,especially from the people who love and care about u"

"Oh plz Niks, don't even try to lay that guilt trip on me,u know I'd never fall for it..." Riddhima was stubborn as ever

"Ridz,why dont u give it a try yar, nothing else seems to have worked until now...I mean look at you... u look a complete emotional wreck..."
Nikki tried to talk Riddhima out of her misery

"Niks, I really appreciate your efforts yar,but I think for now,
its best I stay away from the deceptive male species,
 they are all the same..." her tone was full of remorse

"Ridz,I think its the best way to forget the bitter past and why blame the entire male population ? ...I'm sorry but I dont agree with your theory ,not all guys are the same yar.....Abhi is history ,forget him and move on...he was a total loser and trust me when I say ,he aint even worth a thought" Nikki spilled her anger hoping it might make her feel better

"relationships come with a load of trouble and pain Nikki and I can't afford to carry this extra weight to London... I'd rather be tagged happily single than stressfully committed...I need to have a clear mind before I move to a new place and thats the reason I'm  trying to dump all that mess here to start afresh... "

The girls took a long pause to ponder over each others  defensive thoughts, Riddhima looked a lot more disturbed than before,a light girly chat had turned into an awful dip into the past.....

"Ridz I'm sorry , I didn't mean to remind you of him...
I know forgetting Abhi wont come easy and I'm not asking you to get into a new relationship, just a casual online chat is all I 'm suggesting and its not like u gonna be seeing each other, make it a fun thing....KD has similar interests to you,may be u could kick off chatting of those,
Cheer up now and and Enjoy!!!...."

Riddhima waved as Nikki swerved her moped around to the exit of the parking area ...

walking back up to her apartment Ridz thought of all that had happened in the past month

It was at the farewell party that Ridz had caught Abhimanyu red handed....he was found snogging some girl in the alleyway....a few good friends had tried to warn her of his ill doings,but she had ignored them thinking they must be mistaken,Abhi could never be unfaithful
she thought he loved her and just her .....
and ever since her hopes were shattered , she kept aloof from her friends and believed in never trusting anyone again.....


"I can't believe ,I'm actually doing this Niks,this KD guy better be fun,or else you're dead" said Riddhima while switching on her laptop
to enter the vast world of IMing....she was quite a regular net user, but never had she bothered with online chat...most of her friends lived close and the ones far were only a phone call away....
This would be a new experience for her and she was desperate to rid herself of the depression that followed the nasty break up .....

'Create a username ' prompted the screen
"hmmm " she thought of it rolling her eyes dramatically
'qt4eva' she smiled at herself and blamed her stray mind to come up with the cheesiest name ever
'Create a password' popped up the next prompt
'ihateme' she typed and retyped to confirm
'you are connected' was the final message...

searching for the add friends tab,she dialled Nikki to ask for KD's userid
"give me yours and I'll pass it onto KD"  Nikki jumped in excitement
"No I can't !" screamed Riddhima
"why not? I bet its a cheesy one,hehe " teased Nikki
"yeah it is ,happy? " sniffed Ridz
"killer dude ! ..." chuckled Nikki
"what? ....Niks plz I can't chat to a guy to calls himself that!!!...." her expression meant incredulous....
" Ridz,babes I'm sure u came up with something similar, come on now its only a silly userid,
why u fussing already?"
"ok fine ,stop killing me for it.....
aarrghhh,I just so hate u for putting me thru this Niks "
"yeh love u too Ridzie byeeeeee! ...have fun"
"Bye!" Riddhima hung up and mumbled
"this guy better be all that u say he is....
so mr.killer dude,bring it on............."

login ID: qt4eva
time: 17.01


login ID: killer dude
time: 17.01

Hey Smile

cool id (not)
 what kind of freak would call himself that
and whats with that cheesy smile

yeh QT is cute tooBig smile
Nikki,u sure this is gonna work ?
the girl thinks she's a qt4eva, puhleeeeezzzzz

Oh no,not another smiley ,weirdo!

u new to IMing?
of course she is,why in the world am I chatting to this freshie?
just coz I wanna forget Maya and her betrayal???


hope u guys liked this update,
part 2 shud follow soon hopefullu tomorrow sometime
lemme know if this style of writing works ,and if there is anything confusing LOL
please leave a short comment or click the thank you button
(prefer the comments long or shortWink)
cheers Kratz and nij
love u all


Part 2

Maya was Armaan's girlfriend of high school ,every other guy at college loved Maya and she  loved only Armaan ,well that is what he thought.Maya was a rich spoilt brat who once set eyes on something and the thing was hers,she treated Armaan the same and soon made him a victim...Armaan was a complete fool to have mistaken it for love , she never had loved him really...

yeah I am new to it
have you been doing this for long?
oh God! why do I sound like a geek???

yep ,i've been chattin since da chat was invented lolz
yeh right! that wasn't even funny dude,wats wid u today???

oh before we chat of anything else, can we actually set a suitable time for the chat everyday?
Ridz,u kidding u actually wanna chat to this guy on a regular everyday routine? what made u ask him that ?

is dis time around 5 ish ok wid u?
thats it u've lost it Armaan,setting up a chat timetable? thats almost against the rules of chatting,hang on ,do we even have any rules? god this QT girl's making me think weird stuff

yeah 5 is perfect,see you tomorrow
nice chatting to you
thank god I was able to cut it short

u 2 bye!
phew! glad i'm done,any more 'chatting' would have been torture


"Oh damn,I'm late ! she probably is waiting online,how the hell will I get home in 15 minutes...I'm sorry QT...." pouted Armaan looking at the mad traffic in front of him. Riddhima and him had been chatting online for the past week ,and to their surprise they were loving the 'chat therapy' idea. courtesy Nikki.... The two had agreed on not asking each other about their personal lives ,even their real names would always remain a secret...they would chat for a few hours daily without fail and delay. Abhi and Maya were  now almost unknown to them,what they loved and enjoyed was the chat they had everyday....

"Oh no Ridzie ! this traffic looks practically immobile,yar what would KD think ,its 4.47 and getting home by 5 looks next to impossible,what now Ridzie,think,do something quick !!!" Riddhima cursed herself to have left late from Nikki's house...KD and the chat was all she she cud think of now.... "yayyy! " she screamed on spotting an internet cafe, immediately she scooted her two wheeler out of the madness and parked it outside the cafe hurriedly...

Rushing into the  place,she searched for a vacant bay and ran to grab it before anyone else could..."I'm sorry miss,u'll have to wait for the next available system,I stepped in here first and its ME who's gonna use this pc..." Armaan was in no mood for courtesy
" excuse me basic manners! I stepped in here way before u did, so kindly leave before I get real mad!!!" shouted Riddhima unintentionally...
" miss ,plz ! I request ,I need to send an e-mail urgently,even a little delay can be disappointing...." Armaan thought of trying the sweet way this time
" aha,request? nice, but I'm sorry my work is equally urgent and important " Riddhima's tone was invincible...she quickly sat herself on the chair and grabbed the mouse to get connected
Armaan was about to pull her out of the seat when the cafe chap advised him of the another available pc... he stormed out of the bay  thinking his priority was QT for now and this stubborn idiot he'd deal with later ... Racing into the adjacent bay , he panted and typed in his username and password

I'm ever so sorry KD,I tried to get online on time ,but got caught up wid something
hope u're not mad at me,
c u soon and miss u :(.....

popped up the offline message when Armaan finally managed to log in...
whinging aloud he typed a reply and geared up to blast the girl who was responsible for the missed chat of the day...unfortunately she had left ...


Another week went by and their bond grew stronger...
they made up for the missed chat , by chatting double the time on the following evening
 As days passed they felt as though they could share everything with each other
favourite subject ,sport,colour,car and the rest ,they shared common interests in almost everything...
even the place they had chosen for further studies...but for some strange reason both preferred keeping this a secret and never wanted to tell each other of their move to London

howz it going?

shall i tell her i'm leaving the country next week?

I'm fine
just busy with a few things that need to be done before I start uni
 I think I should tell him of my move

when do u start uni?

wonder what uni she's gonna be at
,wish it could be the same as mine
come on dude ,she aint gonna be coming London with u

and u?

as if its gonna be the same as u Ridz
why ask when u know the terms start at a different time 

thats cool I start in Sept too

 is that a coincidence or she moving abroad like me?

oh btw I'll be away on thurs nxt wk
be bck by fri
dunno why I don't wanna tell her of my flight

but I wont be here on friday :(

will be on the plane to London
urgghhh! why does it have to be an evening flight?


part 2 updated people
I know its short,but I promise to make it longer the next time
thanks for the comments on part 1
hope u like this part too
duno when I can post the next part but will try to do it soon
plz do drop in a line or two
love u all


Part 3

It was early morning around 4am thursday,Armaan itched to unpack his laptop while the rest of the luggage got loaded in the car,his flight was scheduled for a 9.50am departure ....
He zipped open the bag quickly and switched the system on,tapping his fingers as the system booted up he heard his mum standing  at the door, sobbing incessantly ...
He shut the lid of laptop immediately and ran to quiet her down...
it took him longer than anticipated and  soon it was time to leave....
zipping back the laptop bag , he reluctantly buried the thought of leaving her a last offline message ...

On the plane his mind was filled with thoughts of her,he was amazed at how a virtual relationship could effect  in a way so intense, the untangled bond had grown into an obsessive addiction in a short period of time...
the journey appeared never ending,the wait so long that he felt suffocated by the surroundings,to ease his mind off he pulled out the printed copy of his e-ticket ,turned overleaf and wrote
'An ode to my friend' .....


It was friday, the day Riddhima was to fly to London
, a day seemed an eternity between the chat
"Mum thats enough plz..." Riddhima stood by the little temple while her mum chanted some mantras
"dad plz can u stop mum before she seeks protection from all the dieties of the world?"
" be quiet Riddhi , and ask for forgiveness,I dont want u to utter anything unauspicious before u fly..."
" mum!!! " she screamed ,then tilting her head towards dad she whispered "I do feel sorry for u,good luck when I'm gone..."
Smiling cheekily ,she hugged her mum for a final goodbye and then ran through the checklist before leaving for the airport...the laptop being her favourite possesion of recent times,she held its bag tight and close, a sense of comfort swelled in her with the machine so near ,as if she held HIM captive in there...playing her fingers on the bag she wished for a safe and super quick flight....

As the aircraft circled in the air,unable to land coz of traffic,she looked out of the window at the tiny houses and roads .... A sudden feeling of resentment rushed to her head as she thought to herself,how far have I come KD.... far away from u.....
the circling motion made her dizzy and she shut her eyes to think of him, sketch a portrait of her dream guy,was he the one? and more important ,was she falling in love with him???

A hopeful smile creased her face and she jolted out of her thoughts as the wheels screeched on landing...

Off loading her luggage from the conveyer belt,she inhaled a deep breath and pushed the trolley towards the exit...
While passing through the arrivals lounge she encountered a familiar face
, trusting her inkling she decided to approach him....surprised and confused of how she knew this person in a place unknown ,she waited for him to finish his conversation over the phone

"Muskaan! I mean bhabi yar ,I've been waiting forever,where are u guys?"after a short pause to hear the person speak at the other end ,he continued " yes I've collected my luggage that didnt come with me yesterday and no they didnt hassle me at all ..." another quick pause and he added " arey haan,they did apologize for the mix up in handling and I couldnt care less even if they didnt,we've got the missing baggage ,end of story,now plz will u instruct me of your cars location? long does it take to drive out of a parking lot yar.....ok bye!..."

He turned around and gripped the handle of the suitcase to load it onto a trolley...she couldn't believe her eyes when he revealed his complete face  ,it was him!  the guy she bumped into at the internet cafe , the one she cursed and blamed,the one who made her miss her daily chat with her KD.....

He was equally shocked to see her there...he believed in god but now his faith turned strong coz he had wished for an opportunity to see her curse and blame her ,to blast her for the missed chat that day.....

"Ridzie!!!!!" screamed Anjali
tearing away from his shocking gaze she smiled at Anjali and hugged her tight
"where's jeej? and God! you've lost wait di,mum would have a fit if she saw u like this..." 
" dont u dare tell mum, I was clever enough to click loads of pictures of a healthy me and everytime mum asks for a pic,I send her one of those...hehe" grinned Anjali at her self praise
"wow di, now I know why jeej is the best"
"huh?"  Anjali looked puzzled
"oh come on,u were never that clever before hahaha...."  Riddhima loved teasing her sister
although they were a few years apart in age,their bond was close and when Atul joined the family,Riddhima had found a great friend and a caring brother in him...
As the two waited after pressing the call button for the elevator , Riddhima searched for the guy she needed to settle scores with
"what or who are u looking for Ridzie?didn't I tell you Atul is waiting in the pick up lane outside?  "
" yeah di ,u dis tell me,but I'm looking for his guy "
" what guy Ridz? don't tell me u've made friends already..."
" no di,he's a foe not a friend!" she looked around everywhere
" Ridz ,u are complicated,now forget him and lets go!"
Anjali steered the trolley and pulled Riddhima into the elevator,ceasing her last chance to find the guy who owed her a big time apology,if fate was to be trusted ,she had a feeling of finding him again,someday ,somewhere.....


Locking the car behind him,Atul  wheeled the suitcase towards the house while Riddhima gave a thorough look to the house from outside...
" Hi Anjali ...." ringed a voice from the other side of the fence along the driveway
" hey Muskaan! how are you? ...." replied Anjali cheerfully
" meet my sister Riddhima ,just arrived from India today...." Anjali introduced Riddhima to her neighbour ...
" Hi Riddhima,nice to meet you ,do come to my house someday,I make good coffee hehehe " laughed Muskaan
" yeh sure,but I dont drink coffee..." Anjali looked at Riddhima hopelessly,her sister can never change she thought,always blatant and abrupt,never a sweet talker.....
" koi na ,we'll just have some biscuits if u like or even better,we'll have some aloo ke parathe, what say? ..." she is little weird and over friendly thought Riddhima
" Muskaan! I mean bhabi..." yelled someone from behind the boot of the car
" oh sorry,thats my devar ,as in brother in law,arrived yesterday from India just like you...


part 3 guys
hope u liked it
I enjoyed writing this part for some reason
sorry cudn't include a chat convo
will do in the next part for sure
please do leave comments if u can
Happy AR confession Anniversary
315 nutterz
love you all


Part 4:

Ja rahe hain hum...bahut door...tumhe chod ke
Aayenge hum laut kar..ek din..shayad
Jab aayein aap saamne..badhua...dua ban gai
Rab kare....yeh pal..lamhe...bas hamesha yuhi rahe!!

(315 nij)

instantly she scrunched up the piece of paper when Atul turned to water the plants by her side. It had now been two days since they last had their chat, this was a little something she had written on the way to the airport when her mum was rambling away endlessly. 
An unknown part of heart ached to leave the country where there could have been a possibility to meet HIM ....
her decision to study abroad was spontaneous,she would never have left India if it weren't for the brutal truth of her break up with Abhi,the grief he left her with could only be erased if she moved to a new place she believed ,but then KD happened ........

Listening to her jeej sing and enjoy the morning with his beloved shrubs , she dared to unfold the tiny piece of paper again .....
" miss you !" she muttered smiling inwardly...she could feel his presence around, a sense of longing , a feeling called love? 'nah! dont even think about it Ridz ...' she smiled in self tease ...
"Hmmmm ,hmmmm hmmmmm" Atul noticed her on the sly,she looked insane chatting and smiling to herself..... sighing with self pity ,he wished for guidance and patience from God to handle another nutter in the house .....
"Ridzie.....!!!" screamed Anjali from the window of her room upstairs
"Di yar,why're u screaming ?,this aint India alright " Riddhima looked up to Anjali from the garden...with the sun glaring in her eyes she covered her eyes and asked " what is it?"
" Ridz its mumma on the phone , she wants u to come online and show yourself on the webcam..."
" yar mumma, I couldnt have possibly lost weight in the 24 hours I've been away from you ........" softly she moaned and made her way into the house through the patio door...

" Julieeee! aaaaa I love you....aaaa aaaa" sang Atul with a passion,gently holding the leaves of his favourite plant...
" hehehe " he heard a mild chuckle , looking around he found nothing suspicious and returned to his watering...."
" hehehehe shhhhhh...." he heard it again...turning off the nozzle on the hose pipe he listened carefully..... there was complete silence apart from the faint sound of traffic on the other side of the house ...
"Armaan! ...Muskaan.....what are u two doing over there?"
" oh crap! ..." Armaan raced to the opposite side of the garden and resumed his work-out while Muskaan pretended dumb and started humming .....
digging his fingers into the pockets of his jeans,Rahul walked towards Muskaan with a suspicious look " what was that all about?" he interrogated with an accusing expression
"oye Rahul,why do always suspect me? huh? " Rahul gave her a fishy stare as she cleverly moved him away from the fence .... " were u two upto something silly again?" Armaan faked being engrossed with his muscle building , only with his ears glued to the convo between his bhai and bhabi....
" Muskaan,will you two ever grow up? juvenile as ever u two!...." cursed Rahul and marched back into the house....
" dam! is he really annoyed Muskaan? I mean bhabi ....???"
" Armaan yar,don't u know your brother ? just give him about 5 minutes and he'll be back and might even apologise heeheeeheee...." Muskaan laughed in her trademark squeaky style
" God,u havent changed at all..." Armaan giggled with her.....the sweet and pure bond they shared was next to none.....Armaan was surprised when Rahul ,the shy introvert had confessed his love for the crazy and loud Muskaan, his closest buddy of all times....'Opposites attract' this might have been the case with them he assumed and when it came to Rahul and Muskaan moving to London a couple years ago, Armaan detested the thought of parting with her more than his own brother.....such was their relation filled with fun and laughter.....
" oye,lets go back to the sneak peek " whispered Muskaan tugging onto Armaan's arm
" haha !the girl next door eh? ......"


"bye mum,I gotto go help di with lunch and don't worry ok? ,I'll come online tomorrow !" hanging up the call , Riddhima heaved a groan of despair looking at the weary hands of the clock ...
She had unpacked all her stuff and even organised her new closet but still had time to wait for the clock to strike 5... she even turned down the offer to go out shopping blaming it on her fatique .... what she needed now was a chat...

Anjali disliked any kind of interruption when cooking, she had always been that way, suits me fine thought Riddhima and switched on the tele and picked up a magazine off the coffee table...
reading through a story about internet dating,she grinned with glee....
Atul passed by and spotted her smiling again, a few doubts crept up his mind but he gave them a miss .....
" raat nau baje Bharat me aur sham sade aath baje UK aur USA me " off went the advert for a drama series... "damn!!!!!!! "totally gutted with herself , she counted the time difference on her fingers like crazy....
Atul ,anxious with her strange behaviour asked " Ridz,are u okay? "
"yeh jeej,just working out the time in India,is it a difference of 5.5 hours? " she asked hastily
" no its 4.5 in summer ..." replied Atul and that made her scream and rush up to her room
"God help me! " prayed Atul again ,the intensity of insanity in the two sisters now seemed a challenge he had to accept.....


"Damn,he must be waiting for ages !!!!! plz plz plz God ,make him stay atleast today...."
she wished as the system loaded and it made her think of the tiff she had with Armaan in India, it was the worst of all shocks to find him in London as it is and to top it all he had be her neighbor???
she had already devised a plan to teach him a lesson and only waited for the right opportunity....
her face turned red with anger when she recollected his pathetic reaction on finding out the fact of them being neighbors,how could he have said that???......
she roared with frustration to think of the way he said "Oh no,not u again !!!! " his expression full of regret and the tone vexed,
damn! what must have di and jeej thought of me then...and that Muskaan ,the way she giggled on knowing that we knew each other from before ? she's one of the rare weird species ,him being another one of the same, wonder what the brother is like,would'nt be much surprised if he isnt any different.....

Signing into the chat ,she narrowed her eyes and peeked through the holes between her fingers covering her face.....
Ping Ping Ping ! flowed in the messages from the other end....
Ecstatic to see his 'Available' status she cheered with delight and grabbed the pillow and hugged it tight.....

how hve u been?
missed u loads!!!!
ping me when u're here
waiting !!!!!!!!.......................

I'm here
her excitement was evident

how r u?
need I ask?

im gud
how abt u?
come on Ridz,get on with the REAL chat

so u missed me?
duh,didnt he already say that?

u temme did u?
wat is going on,why are we behaving like teenagers?

of course I did,I thot of u all the way
oh sh** how does he know wat way

me too ,feels grt to be connected again!!!!
huh? wat all the way?
Armaan u shud tell her u've moved to London
how will u get online at 5 when its uni time???


part 4 finally ,after trying to update for 3 days nowLOL
hope u guys like it
do temme and also plz lemme know if there is anything not right
thanks for all the comments on part 3,
new readers welcome and old buddies cheers for your support!
sorry for the short part,just cudnt write more
315 nutterz
love u all

p.s: me will try updating more often on nj's request
and nij i know u did too before u get mad at me lolz


Part 5:

"Ridzie,can u fetch my mobile from my room and make it quick ,I'm waiting in the car....."
A week old in London Riddhima was enjoying the place,the mild summer days and the breezy nights were fun,she did get bored ocasionally when Atul and Anjali were at work but she didnt let that bother her much since she had KD to her rescue ...
4 weeks left for uni to start,she thought of touring the city...a few acquaintances she made at the library and others were distant family she revisited...she also indulged herself in hobbies she'd never found time for before ... Life was almost perfect with not much work on and of course the daily chat with KD made it more fun and interesting ...

Just as Anjali reached the horn again, Riddhima slammed the main door close and signalled sarcastically to stop the honk ... rushing towards the front passenger seat she yanked the door open and sat in ..."what took u so long Ridzie? " the two sisters had planned a shopping afternoon  while Atul was busy gardening...
"Di!!!!! I was trying to find your mobile yar,it wasn't in your room ...." Riddhima wished Anjali believed her , she had been on the chat and the byes took a little longer than usual ....but what caused the delay was the thought she was disturbed with... several minutes after closing the chat box ,she sat there looking at the blank screen and wondered how and what to do...
KD had asked for her mobile number , in case of an emergency chat they needed to have .....
taken aback with the sudden unexpected request to disclose details they had decided not to share ever, Riddhima thought of the consequences when she tells him of her move to London....

"God! why did I have to ask her for her mobile number, now of course she's gonna wanna know mine and then what? ...what were u thinking Armaan???" he debated and cursed himself
 "will my move to London effect her lots or would she just  ignore it as one of those things I missed to inform her about ???, damn! knew I should have told her before ...." with his mind full of  doubts , he toddled through the automatic doors of the entrance to the leisure centre.
In a daze ,he unlocked his locker and hung onto the tiny door pondering over the tricky situation he had landed himself in...


"Ridzie,whats wrong with you? if u were'nt up for shopping yourself ,why did u drag me out? seriously ! " Riddhima  payed no heed to Anjali's complaint ,her head was preoccupied  KD's abrupt query for her mobile number which indirectly  could lead to a possibility of mistrust between the pure and truthful relationship they share  ...
"Ridz! I think we're wasting our time,u seem the least bit interested  and I've  got better things to do at home,  so lets go back shall we?" nodding her head in agreement ,Ridz preferred to accept it all
silently ....

As they walked back to the car they passed the leisure centre where Anjali was a member
"Ridz,do u wanna wait in the car while I go and pay for the my membership renewal?
not letting the trip to the town center turn into a complete waste,Anjali thought of using the opportunity since she was there anyway...
being a fitness fanatic ,working out at the gym was her necessity, she made sure she visited the gym atleast thrice a week ,but since work had taken its toll recently, she missed out on her work out sessions,another reason she visited the gym less was coz she missed her close friend who worked at the reception ,and was away on maternity leave for a few months ....

"ok di " she agreed and whilst heading to the car she spotted a guy talking on the phone , "it must be a sweetheart he's speaking to "she smiled at herself over her random thought about a complete stranger she noticed ? instantly her thoughts transitioned to thoughts of giving KD her number "what if he does call someday? " the wishful expectation gave her the jitters
"how would it feel to speak to him?, will he sound like my dream man? ....." a slight blush coloured her cheeks
 " what do u want your dream guy to sound like Ridz ? u've never heard him before ... " she asked herself
 " yes I have... in my dreams and I have a feeling KD will sound the same...." she shut her eyes in delight to enjoy the thought...

"Ridz u are totally losing it,u are falling in love with a person u dont know nothing about ,the only thought of hearing his voice makes u nervous,what if u were to meet him someday?"
now that would be a dream come true!!! ,grinning wide with excitement  she sat inside the car and looked at the digital clock on the dashboard, it was well over 15 mins for Anjali to have been gone. She pulled out her mobile and dialled "di" and on hearing the phone vibrating next to her seat, she realised Anjali had left the mobile in the car...

Browsing through the radio stations to find something fun, she sat in the car and admired the sight overlooking the basement swimming pool area of the leisure centre ...
the kids enthusiastically enjoyed their cute little strokes in the pool ,a few tried to make it to the deep end where the parents awaited with encouraging arms to make it happen,
she smiled at their gestures and watched them play through the glass walls ....

Just as she turned her head to glance back at the clock ,her eyes saw what she termed 'hot and sexy '...
A handsome physique emerged out of the water from the adults pool.... she was completely stunned to see a body so perfect, the abs accurately toned ,the bulging muscles so strong  , covered with tattoos to enhance the 'dude' look ...

"Wow !" she gasped and tilted her head to catch a better glimpse of the face that topped such a tempting body ... "Oh crap! "  much to her regret the hunk had disappeared within a blink ....
"Killer dude!"  she exclaimed cheekily and chuckled post the blurt...
"KD???  I wish it was him, hehehe!  I wonder what KD looks like? he must be something to claim that title , may be I should ask Nikki? or would it be unfair to do so? what if he's asked Nikki about me? although she promised she wont reveal anything , I guess it isnt hard to talk her out of promises and as far as I know KD, he is skilled at manipulating ...
"now wait! why are u accusing him of something he might not have done Ridz?  and if he really wanted to know what u looked like,he would have asked to see a picture of yours, or may be see you on the video chat,but he never did ask and like we've agreed ,we would'nt share our personal lives or information....hmmm! but then isn't exchanging mobile numbers changing rules??? .....dam Ridz! its only a mobile number,not the end of the world, why u reading so much into it,I'm sure he must be genuinely concerned to have asked or it"
vicously tangled in her own thoughts she tried to resolve the issue to the best of her ability
"oh well,I had to tell him someday and I think he's only made it easier for me.,I might just say I forgot...." a craftly smile took over
"but that would be a lie Ridz,u didnt tell him intentionally!" she hated it when her conscience played smart
"yes thats true ,but I dint want him to know,now dont ask why..."
Deeply absorbed in her self debate,she missed the faint whispers of the two people approaching the car
" Hi Ridzie !" Anjali greeted her cheerfully
"Jump in Armaan! "  Anjali had bumped into Armaan at the gym and offered him a ride back home
but little did he know of Riddhima waiting in the car,lest he would have passed the offer...
"arrrghhhhhh di!!!!!! , not him of all the people,but wait what's that on his arms?
Oh my God!  its the same tattoos I  saw a little ago...." Armaan shifted his rucksack to the side and secured his seat belt , the tattoos revealed through his light blue polo shirt ....the damp hair look added to amazing physique and the natural charms....
he looked quite a hottie!!!!

'No!!!!!!!! Ridzi no,what the hell are u thinking?' disgusted with herthoughts ,she cursed herself to be noticing him and decided to change topics in her head
" Di,if u havent noticed ,u left me waiting in the car nearly an  hour,what took u so long ?" completely ignoring his presence she had a go at Anjali to have kept her waiting,it was her way to vent her anger
" Ridz,sweety ,think of this as pay back for the time u wasted in the town centre..." smiling teasingly Anjali unlocked the hand brake ...
Armaan didnt look too happy neither was Riddhima to share car space with the guy she loved to hate....
'but didnt u just drool over his hot body Ridz???

hmm,only if I had known it was him,I wouldn't even have cared for a mistaken glance

Stepping onto the gas,Anjali started a convo with her guest
"so Armaan,how are u finidng it here?"
" yeh its gud,but I do miss home..." his tone reflected a frustration
'I miss the possibility to have met QT,I so miss that' shutting his eyes for a moment ,he thought out loud
"huh?" asked Anjali on hearing the vague muffle
"nothing! yes I do like it here, Muskaan,I mean bhabi is great fun ,I'm sure u'll agree" he tried to change focus in the head just like she did a few minutes ago
"yeh she is an awesome girl,makes delicious aloo ke parathe..." replied Anjali to praise her neighbour
"yeh, u should come over someday..." Armaan so regreeted the moment he agreed forthe ride home,her presence irked him greatly
"yeh I will,well Ridz has an invite already ,when shall we go Ridz?"
'never!' she muttered faintly,can't bear the thought of spending time around him
God ,I cant bear the sight of this man,his presence is suffocating and to top it all I found him desirable,??? Arrghhhh Ridz how cud u???"
Anjali glared at Riddhima for not answering that one and to make up for it she said
" Armaan ,u should come to ours someday,I cant claim to be as good a cook as Muskaan,but Ridz is an awesome with her recipes..." smiled Anjali leaving Armaan vexed and Riddhima shocked
"Di!!! "she shot daggers at Anjali to have invited the enemy for dinner? ,moments later she spoke
"yeh sure! "smiling cunningly she strategised her plans of making the meal memorable
love u di! and you Mr irritating Armaan , get ready to suffer food poisoning!


Hey guys
ok this time delayed but not too much LOL
the part is longer than my standard short ones

hope u like it,thought I used less emotions somehow
do lemme know what u thought of it
without the chat part
all comments do matter a great deal to me
hoping to cont sooner next timeWink
315 nutters
love u all

p.s: the part is also to celebrate the homecoming of the charger finally
yayyyy!,lets have a party


Part 6:

"hey Ridz,I forgot to tell u the reason I took so long at the gym" clicking the kettle on to make herself some coffee , Anjali tried to change Riddhima's grumpy mood
"pay back wasn't it?" she replied in the least bothered tone
"well yeh was kind of that but there was something else I got caught up with at the gym"
Riddhima was in no mood of solving riddles , all she could think of was Armaan's rude reply to the dinner invite... 'how could he? what does he actually think he is? .....LOOSER!' she cussed and swore ...
" awww Ridz, sis did u really take that to be true ? " Anjali threw her arms around her little sister thinking she was annoyed to have kept her waiting...
" di, I dont understand u yar,whats with the sudden display of love now? and if this is your way of saying sorry to have given that jerk a lift, then I'm sorry I can't forgive u for that mistake or call it a blunder rather ...I hate him and that can't change ever!" she went right up to Anjali's face and looked her deep in the eye to make herself very clear
"God Ridz! he genuinely must have some plans he couldn't change , I'm sure he wouldn't have said No otherwise... he seems a nice lad ,what have u got against him anyway?"

Looking at Riddhima fuming with rage and unable to forget the offense , Anjali knew she was risking it "and if u didn't like him, why did u agree to the dinner excitedly? I mean why did u volunteer to cook,if u hate him so much? " Anjali seemed as confused as Riddhima's expressions
"Di,didn't u notice his impolite tone? how dare he say a blunt No!  as if I care anyway..."
"oh come on Ridzie,now u are overreacting ! I  think he's an interesting person, I was infact hoping u get to know him better, coz there's so much common in between u two,u might just click?...." sipping onto her coffee Anjali hoped to change Riddhima's opinion of Armaan
"huh???" shocked and sickened by the comparison, Riddhima frowned at Anjali for her weird hypothesis  " di,u don't even know the guy, what similarities are u talking about?"
she looked at Anjali hoping she'd accept her wrong assumption  or atleast give a reasonable explanation .
" hmm, I was talking to him when walking back from the gym Ridz , he is at the same uni as u and surprising enough,he has enrolled on the same course as well and of course u both have  recently come from India, are almost of the same age and ....." vexed with Anjali listing the similarities,Riddhima felt humiliated to be associated with him in any possible way
" enough yar di, I can choose my own friends can't I ? and befriending him would be a disaster,the guy is a total jerk and I'd rather stay away from such wierdos,no matter how alike we are... " greatly disappointed and annoyed Riddhima tried to think of it as an unfortunate coincidence,the only regret being the probability of seeing him often, now that he will be at the uni and class ,how she detested the thought....

"anyway!  forget Armaan,I still havent told u what I wanted to... " Anjali looked excited again
"Ridz,remember I told u about this friend of mine who worked at the reception of the gym?"
"yeh what about her di?"
" well she is away on maternity leave for another few weeks ,the management at the gym need cover till she returns and since my dear sister was looking for a summer job of a few weeks, I spoke with the  manager there and he's asked to drop in your CV and then he'll arrange for a quick interview soon, what say Ridz? u up for it?"


"Good I said No to the suspicious invite ,what if she were scheming to poison my food? she seems evil enough to do that , I simply hate her! reasons may be unfair  but I dont care,I just can't stand her around, she is one stuck up cow ! "  waiting for the system to boot up Armaan  assured himself of taking the right decision ...disturbed with the truth of sharing uni and course with the wicked Riddhima ,he logged onto the chat hoping to find peace and refuge .....

Things with QT weren't going well either,thanks to his silly urge to ask for her mobile number... 'what must she think of me ? what if she never chats to me ever again??? '  terrified with the mere thought , he decided to leave her an offline message expressing his apology and to gain back her confidence ...he thought of letting her know of the move ...skeptical about specifying the exact location as London, he settled for UK as a wider and more appropriate choice...
what held him back? why wasn't he completely honest? if not a lie ,why couldn't he tell her the complete truth of where exactly he lived ? ... the questions lingered in his head as he typed the message....


'why am I reluctant to reveal the truth to KD ? he pulled me out of  gloom, gave me a reason to smile and somehow made my life worthwhile ..... why do I need to be dishonest to him then? ....or is it beacuse I've lost the ability to trust again? ' she secretly nursed the still to say raw wounds that Abhi had left her with... trusting someone again would be tough, especially when she barely knew anything but a few common interests and an intriguing username of this person she couldn't stop thinking of?...
Pacifying and convincing herself about him, she opened the chat to say it all in complete and true honesty.....

Hey QT
I know u must b frowning n thinking wat dis msg is all about
well I'm sorry to have been impulsive n irrational coz I know we had agreed on not xchanging ne personal details... but 2 b honest, it wasn't the emergencies I needed your no. for but it was coz I wanted to hear you...
you may find this strange but the truth is that I do wnt to know u more,on a personal front...
I know i'm bending da rules here, but d effect u have on me is addictive , I find myself thinking about u all d time ,waiting 4 d chats desperately n hoping to meet u someday...
I hadn't expected a relationship like this before,but since da bond is growing stronger,I didn't want a lie to cause ne rifts ...
QT , I 've actually moved to London for further studies ,I know I shld 've informed u before,n believe me I did try ,but sumthin evil inside ma head always convinced me against my plans...
I wont try to justify myself but if u feel we could still be friends , here's my mobile number 00447891157709 including the ISD code 4 ur convenience...
anticipating da reply my heart believes in...


Flicking the sweet tiny tears away, her doubts all vanished at once...
his sincere feelings and thoughts  made her heart smile with content...
She involuntarily compared Abhi's deceit to KD's honesty...
grateful to Nikki for making it happen afterall ,she thanked her with a smile....and before she got carried away with her essay long reply to KD's message , she gleefully typed a message for her friend to convey her heartfelt thanks...


Nikki grinned wide to find two messages pop up when she logged into the chat  later that night...
Quite similar in content,both messages reflected the one emotion the two senders experienced... it must be love she assumed ...thrilled with the thought she fetched her phone to call them for an insight on details.... only to be caught in confusion of who to call first?...


"Have fun Ridzie! the staff at the gym are all lovely people, I'm sure u'll have no trouble fitting in , give me a buzz in your lunch break ok? take care sis!....."  Anjali sure knew the art of  motivation and Riddhima loved her sister for that...feeling the positive vibe through the phone , Riddhima smiled sweetly and thanked her before hanging up...

Standing in a corner outside the fitness centre where she was to start work, she inhaled a fresh gust of cool air to keep herself perky...
not exactly nervous but a little anxious about the people, she made her way inside to be warmly greeted by the assistant manager ...
She was given a short induction and assigned her duties right away ...

Happy with her so far so good morning, she looked around and carried her phone under the desk to quickly check for KD's text message ...
elated to find 3 , she secretly tried to read the tiny screen...

" Ahem ahem ! excuse me ?  "
scared out of her wits ,she looked up at the person who might have caught  her red handed
trembling with fear , the mobile slipped through her fingers and accidentally landed hard on her foot making her scream in instant agony...
"Ouch !!! ..."
'Oh damn! its him,why him ???
oh no, not him!!!
oh sh** ! crap !!!!!'......


hey all u lovely people
hope u liked the part
i think earlier than expected LOL
duno if it was long enuf,but hopefully next one wud be long wid the plans i have in my head
the part may not have been the usual funny one,but was kinda essential for the story to move ahead
cheers nj for pointing out the obvious that i always seem to miss
plz do leave your comments anyway,even if its a line or two
i dont expect essays LOLWinkLOL
cheers guys
love u all
315 nutterz

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Part 7:

"U.......???" screamed Armaan in horror while Riddhima hopped around her chair like crazy
"and what were u actually doing with your head ducked under the desk there? huh?" he spotted the mobile near her foot as she tried to push it to the side with her hopping leg....
Not in the mood to entertain her enemy she then stamped her aching foot down and screamed
"thats none of your business mister,what I do is my up to me and now if u're done with your interrogation, you may leave ,the exit is that way...." pointing towards the door she huffed and puffed with fury....
"excuse me miss,if I'd known it was u hiding under there,I wouldn't even have bothered being polite and if you're kind of forgetting,let me remind u that I'm the customer here and u the employee, didn't they teach u that the customer is always right???" vexed with the thought of seeing her irritating face everyday, Armaan planned a change of gym in head...

"awww Mr Malik,how nice to see u here and thanks for all that appreciation,means a lot on my first day,infact I'm so thrilled to know u are a customer of our renowned fitness'll sure be an honor to serve u at some point in the future....enjoy you time here Sir ...bye!!!!! " .....
Panicked to spot Lauren,the assistant manager pass by, Riddhima trusted her instincts against her strong hatred for Armaan...
Annoyingly confused with her sudden flipped attitude and sugary sweet tone, Armaan gave her an incredulous look and demanded an explanation to the supposed act...
Hoping he doesnt turn around and leaves before Lauren decides to confirm her honest appearing attempts ,she made her fake grin last longer than planned

Riddhima's excellent customer service made Lauren feel the need to appreciate her efforts .... Irked with Riddhima's plastered annoying smile ,Armaan prepared to blast her huge
" Hi Riddhima!...I see u've built a good rapport with our customers already ! Mr.Malik,arent you impressed with this young lady here? I must say she seems promising..." blushing with the planned appraisal,Riddhima fluttered her eyes in a humbled way to express  her modesty leaving Armaan outraged...

Being a highly acclaimed player himself, Armaan accepted Riddhima's unannounced challenge and vowed to beat her hands down...flashing his dimples through the forced smile he steered Lauren's attention to himself
"Lauren,can I talk to u for a minute  ?"
"sure Mr.Malik !"
walking away from the reception desk he expressed his displeasure on a certain matter...Riddhima unable to hear their conversation from the calculated inaudible distance ,watched him speak his severe regret over something ....
Believing his complaint to be about herself,she ruefully sighed and prepared to be sacked on her very first day at work,' how proud would di be? I ruined her faith in me,wrecked it all in a single blow ....' she sobbed inwardly and awaited her dismissal from employment after a morning worth of work...
She sensed a feeling of failure and wondered if the management would waive off her inappropriate behaviour or leave her a nasty remark on the first entry in the employment history section of her newly designed CV? ...Armaan enjoyed her remorseful expressions and couldn't wait to see her reaction on the final hit...

Wiping the sweat off her palms , she walked out of the reception counter as she saw the two approaching...
"Riddhima!...." Lauren's disappointed tone signalled her exit from the job and Ouch ! went Riddhima's heart
" Lauren....I do apologise but ermmm Mr Malik ......." she whispered a pre-sack apology to make it less disgraceful
"yes I know Mr.Malik has kindly agreed to keep it low " replied Lauren with a stern look and fished for some papers in the chest of the drawers under the desk...

Smiling cheekily Armaan winked and imitated her puppy face ....cursing him with every beat of her heart,she chinked her eyes and groaned with revenge while he celebrated his small victory

Pulling out a sheet of paper,Lauren grabbed a pen form the caddy and passed it to Armaan
" I sincerely regret and apologise for what happened Mr Malik ,we will look into the issue immediately ...." Armaan paid less attention to what Lauren said coz he just couldn't miss her hilarious expressions of a mixed rage and defeat ....
"Mr.Malik,if I could get u to sign on this line plz..." keeping his grin concealed Armaan signed on the sheet of paper and pretended an unhappy look
thanks for reporting the matter sir ! we'll keep u updated on the progress ..." nodding his head in agreement ,he strolled off to the exit while Lauren checked the entered details...
'updated on the progress?' hmmm! may be she's  planning to suspend me initially? but for how long? the job was only for a few weeks anyway... oh well its better than getting fired altogether,I can atleast give di an explanation for this.....but hey before that I need to plan my revenge , a foolproof plan hmmm???'....thinking hard she strained her head till a plan came up...then rubbing her hands with excitement, she screamed mentally 'oh yes ! I can already see u crying for help mr.ewwrrrrman,I hate u and I cuss u to rot in hell..." adding her personal touch to the curse, she watched him walk through the glass doors...

Surprised to see him turn around to give her a sheepish smile , she shot him an ugly glare in return..." Riddhima can u plz hand this in to the HR department after lunch ..." placing an envelope on the desk Lauren started to walk off towards the gym disappointedly ... 'huh???she's giving me a mute sack? God!  how could anyone miss the chance to yell
" you're fired ! " in Sir Allen  style ? I'd have loved to if I could,I've been practicing to fire people all my life haha...' completely digressing from the real issue she reminisced the good old days in India when they played 'The Apprentice' for fun ... 'but hey am I even sacked ? she didnt say nothing ? and since she expects me to return after lunch, she might have changed her mind about it afterall ,thats nice Lauren, I owe u one..." shrugging off her temporary guilt, she smiled with indebtedness and then glanced at her watch,it was nearly time for lunch ...

Itching to read the contents of the envelope
clutched in her hands she looked around before opening it ...
Biting a chunk off her favourite cheese and salad baguette and pretending busy with her lunch, she discreetly unfolded the sheet .... Astounded to  read the matter,she swore out loud
" Bloody idiot !!!  how could he trick me into a complaint about the fitness trainer?????!!!!!!!!!!! "



"hahaha"  laughed out Armaan thinking of her expressions
"Oye ? whats that evil laugh about? who did u target today eh?" asked Muskaan knowing Armaan's pitch was the loudest when he avenged his favourite enemy or when he fooled someone huge, or sometimes both ...
"Muskaan,u wont believe this ...u know the girl next door,the one who came form India?"
"yeh what about her?"  she asked worriedly keeping Armaan's crazyness in mind
" hahahaha,she works at the gym ! " bursting out in to his laughter attacks every so often Armaan could'nt get her sorry face out of his mind
"come on Armaan,that aint no joke ! and if it is then I'm sorry u're losing u're touch mate!"  she teased him effortlessly
"oh plz,whats wrong with u Musk, the joke is yet to come yar...."

Hearing the loud blaring laugh from upstairs ,Rahul estimated the amount of mischief they must be upto...when in India the two were the leaders of the notorious 'bakra making gang'...
 Muskaan's parents were tired of the constant complaints from school and so were Armaans... Rahul,their saviour always used to sort out their  issues and convinced both parents to let them off with a warning everytime which he knew was of no use ever... Muskaan and Armaan were never gonna learn from their mistakes he knew ...

Not much had changed since then , Armaan and Muskaan carried on with their madness with occasional spells of sanity ,one in which Rahul had proposed her for marriage and she had accepted in the most subtle way possible surprising his pleasantly....

Annoyed with their crazy giggles , Rahul walked up the stairs to tell them off
" Armaan, remember the time I told Rahul of my love for Sangeet Pal Singh hehehe "  breaking into a fresh bout of laughter Muskaan recollected that fun time
" Muskaan, I mean bhabi....bbbhai...." shocked to see Rahul standing behind her ,Armaan stuttered with his words
" yeh bhai, Rahul bhai hahaha, I still can't forget Rahuls face when I told him that hehehe" unaware of his presence she continued her banter
" I can't believe u Muskaan, how could u've done that to me " joined in Rahul and tickled her like crazy... soon the house turned into a madhouse of three insane people fighting to prove each other's level of sanity.....


"Hi Ridzi! how was your day hun?"
quipped Anjali as Riddhima entered the house wearing a grumpy look
"not bad di,could have been better if that freak Ar..." before she could say his name out ,Anjali interrupted to say
"I heard your manager was quite impressed "
"what??? how do u know di ? have u been spying on me again ? or has mum couriered the latest model of CCTV surveillance cameras for your convenience?"
"I think the latter sounds like a feasable explanation " Atul joined Riddhima in support of her protest against  overprotective behaviour
"oh plz u two.,why do u always drag mum into it? and to clear your false assumptions, I know coz I bumped into Armaan again this afternoon,at the corner shop , he said he met u this morning ?" baffled with his mention ,she went ballistic again
"yeh he did and u know what di ?I think u should stop bumping into him all the time,he's a jerk! ... period! "
"but he's charming too !... " passing his sly remark Atul tried to dodge Anjali's lethal glares
"no wonder I feel insecure off recent ..." chuckling inwardly he walked away leaving the sisters to quarrel over their trivial tiffs...

"Ridzie,whats wrong hun? I thought your day was good and now this foul mood? why blame Armaan when there's other ways to vent your anger? " knowing she'd waged a war Anjali wondered why Ridz hated Armaan anyway
"Di,I dont know why you defend him but trust me he aint worth it" she retorted
"Ridzie,he's a nice guy,u know how well he handled the assault issue, u have to credit him for that atleast?"
"assault?" frowned Riddhima
"now dont tell me u dont know " Anjali started having doubts
" yeh of course I do, but how would u know is what I'm thinking " pretending she knew everything Riddhima posed a confident look
"oh that guy in question had been reported previously to ,but the management couldn't do much then and they allowed him to serve a warning but Armaan got to the bottom of it and glad its all sorted now" pausing for a short while to ponder Anjali ignored Riddhima's visible uncertain look...
"u know I was thinking I'll recommend him to take up the position  if he's interested and available ,now that there is an apt vacancy for that tailor made post ..."

Silently absorbing all that Anjie said to praise him, Riddhima walked up the stairs  to her room ....She disliked herself for a tiny bit to have thought ill of Armaan 'but he still is a jerk!' .sniffing away she switched the system on...

After revealing their mobile numbers to each other,they felt much lighter at heart and more comfortable to confide in each other ......
On a mutual decision their chatting time was changed to 7 pm every day of the week, unless there was an emergency and if such a situation arised,they promised to call each other in times of need...
Texting was a bonus to the budding relationship...they sent messages of a minimum of 5 a day breaking the maximum records in every passing possible way.....


I'm sorry KD,I really am ! I know I should have told u of this before and I always wanted to ...but a nagging sense of withdrawal made me think against it... I have recently  moved to London and here's my no. 00447886773519
p.s: ISD code added

I know I might regret this moment of confession but I cannot keep  secrets any longer , ur friendship means a lot to me and I dont want to decieve it in any way
so no more secrets from now,apart from the ones we decided to keep forever
hope u're not as upset as I think ,I know u'll know what I mean
chat to u soon

Reading the message for the umpteenth time in the past 3 days, Armaan smiled with a hint of blush ... Riddhima had typed this message before recieving Armaan's and pressed the send button on an impulse a moment before reading his message that revealed facts...
Amazed with the similarity in words and emotions,they felt they found a true friend in each other,one that always knew what the other thinks and needs....

Life had changed considerably in the past few days ,the exchange of mobile numbers made them feel a step ahead in their relationship ... Thinking,texting ,chatting to each other was all they did each day...

Jumping with joy to see her appear online Armaan instantly worked his fingers on the keypad

hw wz ur day?
I had gr8 fun btw
oh I missed u QT

wish I cud say the same
but I did learn something new today
wish I cud tell u how I feel

hope she's ok,sounds a little miffed over something

never judge a book by its cover?
oh boy she 's definitely vexed

u  in a philosophical mood today?
plz be ok soon

yeh something like that
hope he isnt worried

the chat continued to bring them closer each day and once while talking of random stuff,they exchanged their birthdays ...

" August 31 ? thats in 3 weeks time woohooo! I shall be calling u at midnight madam QT"  hurrahing with excitement, he felt an urge to share it all with Muskaan

"I know he'll call me on my birthday,what if he proposes to meet up?"
shying within herself she wondered if Anjali should know of their bond



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Part 8:

aan! " yelled Rahul from the bottom of the stairs...
Muskaan had invited their neighbours and Rahul's colleagues for dinner on the eve of Independence day . A heavy punjabi meal was on the proposed menu and Muskaan could do with an extra pair of hands thought Rahul as time was ticking away and the guests would arrive soon...
"Armaan! " he screamed again ,this time with a commanding texture to his tone
"Its fine Rahul ,I can manage fine could Armaan help anyway? "  said Muskaan rolling out the dough for the aloo parathas
"Muskaan u shouldn't have invited people around,not atleast now when u get exhausted so easy ..."  Rahul moulded himself around her from the back and comforted her strained back making her cheeks go red... glowing with pride and content she smiled at his caring thoughts and loving ways....placing aside the rolling pin she switched off the gas knob surprising him ....turned around and lovingly threw her arms around his neck ....
Confused with her unexpected actions he frowned mischieviously and pulled her closer from the waist .... blowing the stubborn curls off her face he brushed her lips with his .... and staring at her fascinating expressions he slid his arm around her back and gently massaged her possibly aching muscles.....
"Its fine Rahul ...... honey I'm pregnant not ill  !!! " giving out a small irresistible smile he said
"I know the difference Muskaan , but why hassle yourself if u can do without ? and Armaan of course can help, remember he always helped mum in the kitchen? and since he's been your partner in crime for years, it should be no different when it comes to sharing work dont u think?"
Beaming loud with a naughty smile, she fiddled with the top buttons of his shirt and whispered
"can't blame Armaan for this crime can I ? " her expressions were notorious and his unbelievable.... " is the accused  pretending innocent ? ...
Amazed at her spontaneous wit, Rahul was left with no option ,he grinned and bowed his head before her to accept half the charges only if she agreed for a mutual share of penalty ...


"how long will you be Atul?" asked Anjali glancing at her watch
" I'll be back in about 10 minutes Anjali , why are u worrying so much ,how long coul it possibly  take to hop over the fence? " Atul's humor never entertained Anjali enough ,she gave him a dry sarcastic smile as he walked out to the car disappointed with the waste of a joke...

" Ridzie! " she called out loud
"yeh di?"  she despised the idea of leaving KD in the middle of an important chat

"Armaan!   yelled Rahul one last time before he grabbed the mop stick
"yeh bhai, I'll be there in 1 min ..."  oh dam ! he cursed the wrong timing just when he was so close to convincing her for a meeting....

i gotto go QT
we've got sme annoyin guests ova 4 dinner!

super annnoying more like!

oh really ?
how ironic! we've actually been invited for dinner by some very irritating people
mega irritating idiot he is

i cant even stop them 4rm comin over
i've tried it all

wish they forget the address

n i can't give no excuse to stay home n not go !
wish they dint live next door

k i betta go b4 i get banned to use the net frm home
my bhai is strict

yeh me to!
before di reports me to mum

k c u 2morro then
wish i'd never have to say bye

bye KD
c u soon
i'm so tempted to type xxx


"Ridzie! are u ready sis?" Anjali checked herself in the mirror again,it had been ages since she had draped a saree on herself... she couldnt say no to Atul's sweet request and also coz the occasion was apt for traditional wear.......

" di,I'm not making any special efforts ,please dont expect it"
"Ridzie , u have to look decent hun "
" Di ! its only our neighbours for heavens sake and dont u remember Muskaan saw u putting out the trash in your pyjamas the other
 morning ?" Riddima giggled recollecting the scene
"yeh right whatever ! but there might be some other guests too,whats the harm in looking sensible Ridzie?"
"God di, u sound like mum now....ok fine! I'll wear a nice salwar kurta alright ? happy?"  
"thats better, we'll leave soon after Atul returns,he's just gone to out to refuel"
"are we driving next door?"
she knew how to make her sister smile
"Ridzie!!!! "
"Anjali pushed her back into her room to get changed and rushed down grabbing her matching clutch bag......


"Hi Riddhima...  you look lovely ! " greeted Muskaan shoving the pair of oven gloves into Armaan's hands leaving him confused...
"thanks! " she mumbled " u look great too !..." Riddhima  hugged her back and wondered why she was being nice and formal ..... her frown made Armaan think of another  possible prank he could devise only if Muskaan agreed.... Riddima could see an X ray image of the evil playing in his head and she warned herself to be alert of his doings...

" Atul ,meet my friends Mr and Mrs Mehra..." Rahul introduced his guests while Anjali strolled to the kitchen to offer help
"would u like some help Muskaan?"
"its fine Anjali ....I'm almost done  and Armaan will give us a shout when the chicken's ready..." tugging onto Anjali's arm Muskaan walked out towards the sitting room to join the other guests...
"u sure Armaan will know when? Riddhima why dont u go and help Armaan..." Anjali showed her the way to the kitchen ..
" Di !!!"  Riddhima shot daggers at Anjali and forced herself to walk to the kitchen .....


"Ahem ahem! " she cleared her throat to make her presence known ...
Armaan jumped in fear and dropped the jar full of red chilli powder... he couldnt believe to have been caught by her and to make things worse, she turned around that instant and marched back charging to spill his nasty plan to everyone...he couldnt risk the aftermath and rushed out to catch her before she entered the sitting room....

" leave me! " she screamed through his hand plucking his fingers off her mouth
" I'm sorry ! I didnt mean to hurt you ! " he let go off her face and arm that he'd almost bruised with his tight grip...

"Riddhima,is everything ok ? Armaan are we nearly done?" asked Muskaan while the two rushed back to the kitchen to clear the mess on the floor... Riddhima doubted herself again,what was really wrong with her? why did she not let eveyone know of his wickedness? instead she helped him clean the mess... could it be the guilt of a similar plan she had for him a few weeks ago which he had cleverly skipped ? what if he hadnt? she knew she was no less evil when it came to revenge....

He quickly mopped the floor while she was engrossed in her thoughts...both jerked up when the timer on the oven beeped loud...
pulling out the trays from the oven Riddhima smirked and said
" your plan would have failed anyway, coz I'm a vegetarian ! ..."


"wow Muskaan this is delicious, wish Anjali could cook the same,
she loves her diet fat free food,bland with hardly any taste ..." Riddhima chuckled at Atul's misery and wished her sister was a little easy on him...

" thats interesting Anjali ,I prefer that too ... I mean I'd rather die healthy than obese " quipped Rahul
"dam bhai,u called Mus,I mean bhabi obese?"  Armaan couldnt miss the chance to stir it in
"Armaan! ,I meant theres no harm maintaining a healthy body ,it can only be good !" Rahul watched Muskaan glaring at him....

"I love my Gujrati food, sad that Anjali doesnt like it" Atul's complains were getting lengthier
"what about Riddhima,does she like cook well? ermm I mean does she like spicy food? ..."
"yeh she does,u should taste her besan ke laddoo,I'll get her to make u some..."
Armaan made a note in his head to never taste any kind of laddoos ever!


"hey Muskaan! " called Keerti seated in a huddle with the rest  where they planned Riddhima's birthday ... Muskaan picked her bowl of dessert from the table and walked to the gang after shutting the door .... Riddhima had excused herself early and rushed back home saying she was tired after the extra hours she had to work that day....

" hey we've planned to go camping next week ,is that ok with u?" asked Anjali
" yeh sounds fun!" Rahul wished she had said no...although Muskaan's morning sickness hadnt kicked in yet,she got tired very easy but her enthusiasm never died....
"yayyy!  sounds great bhai,when is the plan for ,the coming weekend ?" asked Armaan relieved after the  momentary stress  of Riddhima leaving early....he was enjoying her multi expressive face so much that he'd forgotten what had happened in the last couple of hours that could have changed the entire scene....
"we leave on the 30th and back on the 31st is that right Shubhankar? " confirmed Atul
" 31st? " the date rang a thousand bells in Armaan's head
"No! I can't come! " he yelled spontaneously
"why not? you just said it was a fun idea...." Rahul could never understand what goes on in his brothers funny head,Muskaan might be a better option to seek answers from he thought
"u guys havent been anywhere since u've come to London"
" u guys? was 'she' in the plan too? hell no,there aint no way I'd be going now!" he couldn't decide if he wanted her to be around, her presence irked him but there was a certain kind of comfort he felt after troubling her
"sorry I can't come coz I need to be somewhere on the 31st" he tried the easy ones first
" and where is that somehwere? " asked Rahul dramatically
" there's an important event at the gym that day"  he kicked himself to have come up with that lame excuse
" really ? nothing that I know of..." retorted Anjali
" well .u might not know...." Armaan crossed his fingers and wished this was the end of his reasons
" Armaan stop giving lame reasons ....u have to come we planned this for u two,its all final ....we are going away next weekend!" signed off Rahul

"come on Armaan its Riddhima's birthday!"

"huh?" he almost cried with disgust
" No !!!!! how dare she share a birthday with my QT......."


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Part 9:

"Shhh! keep it low Anjali,Ridz must be asleep!"
Atul and Anjali  were finally home after working out the complete plan for the weekend away...

"haha,u still dont know my sister very well do u ?" Anjali chuckled to see Atul trying to keep discreet
"Atul! she must either be on the internet chatting with some friend or humming along her all time favourite tunes ,I know thats her way of unwinding after a long day..."
'Awww ,love u di!  u know me well I agree ...'slapping the lid to shut all risky activity Riddhima shoved the laptop under the sheets and plugged in the ear phones of the ipod to prove her sister right and get her off her back without suspicion ...Although Anjali mostly lived away from home and the age gap between them was vast, they still shared a great rapport  despite their characters being as different as chalk and cheese .....

Pretending fast asleep Riddhima occasionally peeked through the narrow slot between the door, she'd purposely left ajar ... As the voices approached close ,she glued her eyelids and commenced her fine act of deep slumber... with huge experience of all night texting and chatting on the phone without being caught ever she considered herself a master at the skill ...she had even prepared a list of reasons in case of emergencies which never got used...
Unknown to her was one such instance when she fell asleep while talking to Abhi and Anjie slid out the phone from under her ear to hear him say 'I love you'... Not that Anjali was against the idea of dating, her only worry was that Riddhima was immature with her choices and trusted people very easily.....
She hoped Ridz would share the big secret soon, but to her disappointment the damage was already done and her prediction sadly came true... Riddhima was left hurt tailing the unwise relationship made in haste ...
Anjali supported her through the initial period post the break up and tried all to bring her back to her normal cheerful self but soon she had to return to London as her vacation was close to end ..... Upon return she kept aloof from her usual activities and on a grat deal of insist she shared the reason... Atul had then suggested the idea of further education in London to give Riddhima the change she desperately was in need of and luckily her application got accepted and things worked according to plan ever since.....

"there you go! she's in deep sleep, I'm sure she was genuinely tired with the days work" switching off the  bedside lamp Atul smiled at Riddhima's worn out expression .....
" u need to start trusting your sister a little more Anjali " he quipped
" hmmm ! but she still has ears plugged,I was partly right wasn't I? " Anjali never gave up easy ... smiling she plucked the barely dug earphones out of Riddhima's ear and pulled the sheet upto her chin as she tossed reacting to the movement around her...
" hope she likes the surprise.!" murmured Atul tugging Anjali's arm as they walked out shutting the door behind them ....

'SURPRISE???......what surprise???.....when and what for??? damn!!!! I hate surprises!
No, I dont ...but then ...I do now ... damn!  hope its not for my birthday and I dont want any surprises for my birthday.......well I do but ..... but only from KD............'

Quietly she crept out of bed and crawled to the door ,cursing the moment they decided about the so called surprise ... battling the daunting fear of the possible birthday surprise, she searched for the best spot for sound reception through the thick wooden door.....Sticking her ear onto the keyhole she took a deep breath in to avoid the mix of the sound of her breath with the faint voices she desperately wished to hear.....

" I wonder why Armaan was so reluctant ,infact I had expected him to be excited with the idea of a weekend away .... rather he sulked and agreed only when Rahul got annoyed ..." Atul tucked himself under the summer duvet while Anjali folded the yards long saree she had worn for the evening ...

'weekend away???Oh no!  I knew I should have stayed back,my presence could have made a difference to the now finalized plan ,damn you Ridzie! why do u always lack patience in times of need uff! ...and plz guys stop talking about that idiot and let put your plan ' Riddhima cursed herself in frustration and took another deep breath and held it in to hear the next bit of conversation...

"hmmm, I was thinking the same Atul ,dunno what made Armaan change his mind ...initially he sounded excited and then turned totally against the idea? ......." pausing to think of possible reasons ,Anjali rubbed the night cream over her arms ... " it could have been a plan with his girlfriend which coincided with our weekend away ?...coz he snapped right after knowing the date..."

'Armaan again? urrrghh! get to the point people,who cares if that jerk has a girlfriend and if he does I feel sorry for the poor girl,God! how can losers like him afford partners ?...' Riddhima's dislike for Armaan climbed up to its peak with every passing day and incident...

"u think he has a girlfriend? "....  'who cares jeej,u guys seriously need to spice up your life , I'm sure u could discuss better stuff than Armaan's life for Gods sakes! ' retorted Riddhima with an inward sigh of disgust
"yeh I think he does ... I've noticed this love struck look on his face..."..... 'Damn di,u 're definitely loosing it!
"wow Anjali,I never thought u knew the art of interpreting peoples looks? " Atul loved pulling her leg at the rare chances he could manage...
"Oh c'mon Atul it isnt rocket science, I remember u wearing a similar look when u fell in love with me..."
"did I really?  well if thats so...then I think Ridzie is in love too...


" Muskaan ,u think Armaan is seeing someone?" asked Rahul while loading up the dishwasher
" what makes u think that Rahul ? " chirped Muskaan treating herself to an extra bowl full of halwa
" well nothing in particular,just that he seems a bit lost these days....  not much upto his usual count of pranks per day... is it being away from home thats brought the change in him?" Rahul had always been a silent observer,only spoke when things got out of hand and with Muskaan being Armaan's chum he never needed to talk to him directly,he let Muskaan relay the message when needed...
" I dont see no difference in him Rahul and if there was someone ,I would be the first to know he's said that was the deal..." licking the corner of her lips Muskaan felt relaxed to have satisfied her sweet craving... Switching off the kitchen's light Rahul lifted Muskaan off the dining chair and carried her up the stairs
"Rahul! Armaan must still be awake..." she whispered in his ear with her arms clinging onto his neck
" Shhh!  I don't think he'd mind me caring for his best friend would he? " grinned Rahul gently parking her on the side of the bed and placing a light kiss on her forehead ... while enjoying the cute moment Muskaan's thought ran back to the Armaan issue
" Rahul ? " she asked while he matched the tie to the shirt he'd wear to work the following day
" I thought u didnt approve of Armaan fooling around all the time ,isnt it for the good that he's cut down on his madness? "
"ummm I dont think u know what I meant Muski...its just that he isnt the same as before
" yeh may be I duno what u mean Rahul, but Armaan seems the same to me....and his pranks haha lets not go there shall we?" pulling  her nightsuit from the cupboard she turned towards the door when he grabbed her arm and pulled her close
" why? what has he done now? "  frowning deep he wondered if it was he overreacted to his silly observation of Armaan
" he might kill me for this ,but I can't resist..." she peeped out again to make sure Armaan wasn't present to witness her dishonesty
" tell me Muskaan, may be I was wrong in thinking all that afterall...."
" well !!! she dramtized her expression and rolled her eyes in  mischef
" Muskaan??? "
" ok ok! guess who Armaan's prime target is these days ?...."
" huh?" believing in the sanity of the sane moment he accepted to share his life with an insane woman,Rahul wished he could handle her insanity for life...
" uh oh Rahul,why cant u ever guess!
hmm its Riddhima!!! ,the girl next door....Armaan just loves troubling her....."


" Riddhima in love???" Anjali couldn't accept the fact that Riddhima's look was unknown to her
and more so the worrying doubt that she might have fallen prey to yet another hasty link up made her uneasy...
"yes Anjie ,there's a fair chance of my assumption being true, I have seen Riddhima in her worst phase,
dont even wanna recollect her days of depression  after the break up with Abhi!"
" I know Atul... I'm so glad u came up with the idea of shifting her here..."
"Well I  knew it would do her good...all she needed was a change and of course time away from your mum's constant nagging about everything in the world,as if Ridzie was responsible for it all..."
"Oh plz why can't u refrain from dragging mum into every bad thing thats happened to anyone and whatever it is  I'm happy that Ridz is smiling again ! it the change of place or like u said she really might have found someone ....."

'Awww jeej ! u're the best !
wonder if I should share my little secret with u .....u so hit the nail on the head !
Yes I think I'm in love  !.....' blushing profusely at the idea of being in love ,she swiftly walked back to her bed after Anjali shut the door of her room.....

'I'm in love with a stranger I know nothing about? ' she asked herself hesitantly.... pushing the disturbing thought to the back of her mind she reached for her mobile phone and pressed a few keys to get into the messages option... 'I guess its time we get to know each other... the real us...I need to see u KD ,meet u real soon ...what if you are a fantasy?..." chuckling inwardly she nodded her head in disbelief her silly whim .... keying in a sweet message her thoughts unwillingly wandered to the surprise weekend her family had planned ..... pouting in annoyance she paused between the message and gasped
"I so dont wanna spend my special day around that jerk!....."


The next morning she woke up to the alarm she had set after sensing the need to spend time with Atul and Anjali to seek info on the surprise without making it obvious ...She thought of urging them to reveal a few necessary details,so she could plan ahead and instruct KD of a possible date and time to meet...
Frustrated to find the house devoid of other souls apart from her own ,she kicked herself to have snoozed for almost an hour ... Cursing her stubborn ill habits she hoped she could catch up with Atul and Anjali in the evening ... Glancing at the clock in the kitchen she ran back upstairs to get ready for work....ever since Armaan had started working as the fitness trainer at the gym, on Anjali's recommendation , her life had been made hell...he never ceased playing his nonsensical pranks and she much to her surprise wasn't able to fight back ....she passed the thought of revenge hoping he would quit someday....She knew she had better things to do than planning counter attacks at him....she spent most of her time with KD through thoughts and texts...

This afternoon was no different from the past few annoying ones...
she had to witness the unbearable sight of him again and the hall assigned to Armaan where he held his class was unfortunately opposite the reception area where she was based ... they caught occasional glimpses of each other ,despite of trying hard to keep their paths apart...
She had to agree that he was blessed with a perfectly carved physique and hated him for possessing one such dream body , instantly her mind would create a virtual image of KD and her expectations would elevate....

" Hi ! Can I join u? " she heard a known voice from behind just as she took a bite from her sandwich during her lunch break
"excuse me? I think there's plenty of vacant tables around ,plz dont make my meal go bitter with your presence..." her retort was harsh and implied her hatred for him ...

"Well I would hate to do that but I desperately need to talk to u ...." he folded his arms across his chest and prepared for what he needed to do...
" talk to me???....what now? is it a new prank u're upto? .....or another one of your devious revenge tactic? " she fumed with her face turning red with fury..... he was amazed at her precautious but tired attitude...

"Actually its an apology! " he hung his head down and faced the floor while she cocked her eye waiting for the real surprise behind his innocent act....a few moments later he uttered a faint "Sorry!"

"come again? an apology? Sorry???
 plz leave me alone Armaan,I got enough troubles to deal with as it is,
I dont need u to add to them .....u've done lots already!"
chucking her remaining sandwich in the bin by the counter , she barged out of the canteen in remorse....

" plz Riddhima tell me ,is anyone harassing u?....r u pressured in any way ?" ignoring him,she made her way out to fetch some fresh air... following her through to the green outside the gym Armaan pretended naive and gave it another try,his only motive being irritating her persistently,although for a fraction of a second he did mean the apology he pretended .... he wanted her to compete hence this idea of getting back on talking terms...but she posed tough and hard to crack to his irk...

" Riddhima plz! tell me who it is? "

"hello? what do u think u're doing?  I asked u to leave ...not rub it in and why would anyone harass me ? just coz u reported a case of abuse, u think every female at the gym is a victim ? let me inform u Mr.pathetic loser ,u can keep your stereotyped concern to yourself or save it for the brainless chicks that hover around u in that usless class of yours! " 

" I must say u're a keen observer miss Rid him aaah!!!
or do I smell jealousy ? " he sniffed around to stir her rage

"oh phuleezzzz, u wish ! keep on dreaming ....!
irked by him following her everywhere,she decided to get back to work where she hoped to find some peace and quiet....

 She looked around upon reaching her desk and glad to find him off her back, she slumped into her chair to relax and scanned through her bag to fetch her mobile ....KD seemed the only remedy to calm her tensed nerves.....

"by the way, u'll be delighted to know that your sis and bro in law have planned a surprise birthday for u...."  jerking out of her short momentary daze she slammed her palm on the desk
"thats it! I knew u couldn't keep away from your annoying behaviour for long...yes I know about the plan already and thanks for the spoiling the surprise , hadn't expected anything less from u"

"really? I knew it wasn't no surprise and for your information miss ,its u who ruined the day for me....its coz of u that I'm having to waste my day, why did u have to be born on the 31st eh?"

"excuse me mr.whatever, u cant be messing with my b'day,
its very special to me thank u very much,especially this year and all coz of u I have to put my day to utter waste , I had such great plans and its all wrecked ,thanks to u !
I bet it was YOUR crazy idea all along...why cant some people mind their own lifes..."


my QT pie

hey KD
my sweetheart

I have a confession to make
hope she dosnt mistake it for a real proposal

wat kind of conf KD?
sh** u cnt b  proposing already?

I tried to keep this a secret but no more
I had such a gr8 plans but its all dwn da drain,

I need to be sumwere on ur b'day QT
hope she understands that I'm serious

really ?
wat wer u plannin neway?
i dont think i shud tell him that i wont be around myself

well it doesnt really matter now
i'll do something special sumhow
no worries QT ,i wont let the day go to waste


" Hey Nikz!  how are u? " asked Armaan from one end of the call

"Hey Armaan or KD shall I say ? haha"  giggled Nikki  at the other end

"well Armaan for u ,KD's only for QT " he kicked himself for being so blatant , Nikki could sure read between the lines

"oh man ! is it that bad?" he knew she would guess it easy

"Nikz! can u do me a massive favour?" he shifted the topic quick to save the embarassment and also to get to the real reason for his call

"yeh Armaan ,anything but arranging a meeting with QT"  Nikki served a deposit of information from ends,she was proud of herself to have made a virtual realtionship happen,she had known it all along,her instincts said that Armaan and Riddhima could be a great pair and the two breaking off with their respective partners at the around the same time made it possible....

"haha ,u wouldn't have to worry about that,I 'm quite capable and close to working that out very soon...but for now ,I need QT's  address ....its her b'day soon of course must know ....and I need to surprise her....sad that its my annoying neighbors b'day on the same day,so bhai and Muski along with that girl's family have planned a surprise for her and dragged me in I have no way out...I wont be in town that weekend,but I still wanna make QT's day special...I had planned to meet her and I think she knew of my plan ,but that will have to wait till I'm back ... for now I'll have to settle for our very first phone conversation I guess...."

" hmmm ok Armaan I'll see what I can do....I dont have her address unfortunately ,but will get it off Rid I mean QT and mail it to u asap"

"and by the way u could add her on facebook if u like but of course she's known by her real name on there and I know u guys dont know your real names yet.... do u wanna know her name ?"

" No!  plz dont,not yet ....I cant break the mutual trust we have in each other...."

"as u wish Armaan ! its your call at the end of the day ,I'm only the link"

"Niks u're a lot more than that ....cheers yar!
u're a star!"

"haha I know"


hey Ridz
hope u r well
last nite I had a nasty dream abt u and I can't rest unless I have all your details
I need everything,your adrress ,phone numbers landline and mobile
plz send them ASAP!
lovya babe


hey all
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Part 10:

Nikki's offline message left Riddhima intrigued ,the dream part she found hard to believe....
It was strange enough that she dreamed and to remember the persons and events of the dream was rare...
Partly guilty of the fact that she had forgotten to give her address as promised before leaving India ,Riddhima gave in to her demand like request

25 Acacia Grove
SW14  7HN
Mobile: u know already

typing in the reply,she wondered of Nikki's real motive 'there must be some crazy plan in that nut head of hers 'she mused and let her doubts rest for now...only coz she had a lot other to think  ,to plan, to action.....


" u sure u'll be ok for the long ride up there ? it could take longer with the weekend motorway traffic Muskaan... " Rahul checked one last time before packing the overnight essentials...he wasn't sure what held him against the idea of the weekend away,perhaps he feared the crazy effect of Muskaan-Armaan duo back in action or it  could well be the early paternal instincts ...
"yes hubby,I'll be fine! though I much prefer the beaches to the boring caravans anytime, I can't wait for the fun to begin ! "  lovingly wrapping her arms around ,she settled his qualms and helped him pack...

" hope the weather holds as predicted...u said it was funny yeh? ..."
"yes Rahul,is there anything else u wanna know? ..." her killer glares freaked him out and he decided to quit the reluctance....sharing her excitement was a safer option he agreed...Muskaan knew he was only thinking of her comfort but for the kid she was at heart,she could n't dare miss the chance of some mad fun in the wilderness ....
Another reason to her joy was Armaan and now that he was here  ,she  hoped to relive their fun times ....Knowing well the lazy Armaan , she asked Rahul to get him to pack his stuff and not leave it to the last minute as always.....


"C'mon  Nikki,  answer the phone dammit!..." cursing the constant ring reaching the voicemail ,Armaan paced back and forth in frustration...
then staring at his mail inbox , he shook his head to refresh the view and watched the clock change nearing the time to leave ....
He needed QT's  delivery address to send the bunch of red roses he wished to surprise QT with  ...  if not a meeting as desired , he hoped the flowers would express his feelings and give her his message of love...

Interflora .... saving their number in his mobile phone he devised an alternative to get through the worst case scenario ...


5 AM
Atul's screechy alarm shook Riddhima out of her daze...she hadn't been able to catch a shut eye and now was too late to try...
Despite her numerous naive pretense acts,Atul and Anjali maintained their not so suprising surprise ... 
All she was supposed to know was that it was a fun weekend away ... she hadn't bothered knowing any details of the trip or cared to protest against the idea ... now that KD himself wasn't around her plans were trashed and nothing mattered anymore ... Faking the enthusiasm she hoped to make Atul and Anjali happy and rewarded ...
She had lost all interest in the birthday she'd waited for long...the only source of joy was a chance to hear him ,to talk to him when he calls to wish her a happy birthday...
Perked up with the thought she accidently hit the refresh tab on the email screen instead of clicking the send key...
Bugged with her silly habit of doing that often,she grumped and retyped the address and phone numbers and made sure the message was sent before Nikki bombarded her chat box with reminders...


" help me load the bags into the car Armaan" his delayed sips of coffee made Rahul wonder ...waiting all night for that one message from Nikki tired him lots ...
" were u up all night? " asked Rahul closely observing the bags under his eyes that announced his lack of sleep ... " huh? no! I mean why would I ?" replied Armaan failing to convince Rahul in the least

"all set ?" asked Atul shutting the boot of his car
" yeh ,I've asked Shubhankar to leave his car here, I dont see the point of taking 3 cars,when we can all fit in two" replied Rahul from across his fence docking Navneeta's car seat into the backseat of his car...
" yeh true, u take the Mehra family and ask Armaan to-jump-in-with- us ?" kicking himself mentally to have coem up with the potentially disastrous idea Atul prepared to bear Riddhima's ire...
"be back in a sec" he rushed back into the house to grab a pack of strong pain killers to treat the headache Armaan and Riddhima would soon grace them with ...he knew Riddhima absolutely hated the guy and the two sharin space throught the long journey,sounded lethal.....

" Oye ,u think this is right ? " Muskaan asked Armaan to help her choose the right kind of footwear for the day...


Quickly printing off KD's cute long birthday message Riddhima found it hard to contain her excitement ... kissing her laptop goodbye , she hopped down the stairs to find Anjali ready to leave...
"I'm ready di" she chirped holding the book she'd placed the sheet of paper in
" Ridzie ,u planning to read on the way ?" asked Anjali
" huh?... oh yeh ,if I 'm bored " pushing the book into the rucksack,she followed Anjali out to the car


"Muskaan,how does it matter yar,all three look the same to me,just wear the one thats comfy,whats the big deal ..." yelled Armaan not meaning to be rude but with his current state of mind ,he could hardly talk polite.....

" all I ask is for some advice and u yelling at me? whats wrong with u Armaan?" Muskaan faked her crocodile tears...
" I'm sorry,I did 'nt mean to...."  he tried a lame apology
" Chaddo! " she grumped  to see his sorry face
" just do me a favour ... send Anjali or Riddhima instead "
" what for? " he wondered
" Armaan?" her eyes said it all
" ok fine.." looking out to find Anjali already seated in the car ,he had no choice but to shout out to Riddhima
" Muskaan,I mean bhabi needs you ..." he muttered while she stepped her foot into the car
" me?"  she asked thinking it to be another prank

Walking to the other side of the fence ,she chuckled to see Muskaan debating with herself over a trivial decision...
Leaving  offline instructions for Nikki to pass on QT's address to Interflora Armaan sighed in despair
'I hope this works , wish you get the flowers in time QT ,have a great birthday! '
watching him glued to the laptop till the last moment, a tiny corner of her heart believed his disapproval of the trip...his anger somehow seemed true but when her own disappointment took over , she only smirked and vouched to treat him with troubles unlimited ...

To begin her revenge, she craftily pulled out his mobile from the back pocket of his jeans when he bent down to grab the sleeping bags off the floor ...

Making sure he isnt aware of his recent miss , she left the mobile behind his laptop on the table and walked out with Muskaan shutting the front door behind them ...


" Armaan u ok there ? "asked Atul with a hint of chuckle... looking at the mirror's rear ,he watched Riddhima go red with rage ,her expression if not more  was close to what he had anticipated ...
"yeh I 'm fine " grunted Armaan cursing the mega jinxed drive of all times...

"we'll follow u Rahul! " signalled Atul and gave way to pull out of the driveway...

The bright saturday morning promised a great day out for the group minus two...

" Music? " suggested Anjali after the two cars safely joined the dual carriageway

"why do u need music when u have a great singer on board ... jeej lets have a round of Antakshiri shall we?" Riddhima knew this sure would tick him off ,she wanted to torture him for every minute of the journey,avenge all that she could , now that she was in control ...

"lemme start then" sad Atul
Mausam mastana,rasta anjana..... "
'oh no!' he groaned and slumped in his seat  wishing he had some earplugs to shut a deaf ear to the painful,dramatised yelling he had to put up with ....the voices sounded no less than a donkeys bray and to call it 'singing' would be a major offence in the music world...
Anjali seemed a little disturbed but went with the flow and joined in the band leaving him alone to bear the abuse.....


"They seem to be having fun " Rahul peeked in the mirror to see Atul and Riddhima wave their hands and sing out load ....
"Muskaan, have u fed the destination address into the SAT NAV? dont u wanna switch it on now?"
"ermmmm yeh Rahul..." she gulped  ' sh** ,how could I forget ?' cursing  herself she fiddled with the GPS reciever and entered a few details she vaguely remembered ,not enough to take them to the desired destination,but enough to get Rahul off her back for the moment.....

"Take the next exit ahead " called the voice from the system
"Muskaan,are u sure u have the right address? coz this doesnt seem to be the route I expected" frowned Rahul taking the exit off the motorway ...

"perhaps its taking us the shortest route? u know how the  options are... complex to understand ..."
"yeh u may be right Muskaan,these things are funny ..." said Shubhankar letting Muskaan breathe a sigh of  relief
" well we better get to the right place "
" yeh we will Rahul dont worry and drive on...."


"Tu cheez badi hai mast mast ,tu cheez badi hai mast...."
Dam!!!! is there a limit to their cheesy songs ? he thought and reached out to his back pocket...

where's my phone???


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Part 11:

"Rahul, dont u need a break?  we stop at the next service station if u like ... "
" I'm fine Muskaan, I dont wanna break the speed now" Rahul was always a loser to read between the lines...

Wriggling in her seat Muskaan gave him obvious hints but Rahul paid no heed and mistook her actions for her usual antics...

Another few miles went past as they headed towards the Muskaan made destination , although Rahul frowned a few times on finding no mention of their destination on the motorway signs, he couldn't dare question Muskaan ...following the GPS directions , he drove along enjoying the scenic countryside and humming to his all time favourite classics...


" my phone???" he made a vigorous check around
"how would I know? duh! " she muttered...her heart leaping with pride...

"I wasn't asking u duh!!! " his feeble retort made her feel powerful .....the troubled face gave her immense pleasure and she gave herself a pat on the back for the first success of 'mission revenge'....
'The trip was already turning out to be great fun ' she thought and instantly her mind wandered to KD and the aftereffects of his call at midnight...

Irked with the abrupt break in singing,Atul looked in the mirror and asked Ridz what made her stop
"Jeej, there seems to be a problem  here ..." she rejoiced in a worry coated tone and pointed towards a perplexed Armaan...
His dramatic search made Anjali curios and she turned around to query...
" where the hell did I drop it? why today? damn u Armaan! " he cursed himself ruthlessly
" whats wrong Armaan? what are u looking for? "
" his phone..."  replied Riddhima in a robotic tone and turned to the side  to enjoy the moment
" u probably left it at home Armaan ,dont worry ,use mine if u need ..." Anjali fetched her mobile from her handbag and offered it to him
" huh? yeh but what if she ?...I mean..... ermmm...... uhhh......ummm......
its ok thanks...!"  Riddhima couldn't resist a chuckle recollecting Atul and Anjali's  discussion of his love life...
'Serves u right ! Mr. plan trasher' she celebrated to see him brood over his loss...
and to wind him up more ,she pulled out her own mobile and played with the keys , smiled as she typed in a text message and anticipated an instant reply  .....


"Rahul, we NEED to take a break... "covered in a gentle squeeze, she  slyly pinched Rahul's hand resting on the gearstick to stress the need to stop for her involuntary necessity...
"Ouch! " he retracted his arm away from her and wondered what that meant?...

Unable to process her weird signals he shook his head to ask
"Rahul !!! ....I'm bursting !!! I need to go ! NOW !!!!........" she yelled out loud leaving him embarrassed and Shubhankar and Keerti at a loss of was too loud and late for them to pretend deaf...
"oh ok Muskaan! the next stop is about half a mile away,call Armaan and let them know of our detour ..." stepping hard on the gas, Rahul dreaded her wrath later .....

'Detour? yeh it would have been one if we were on the right way to start with ,God only knows where we'd end up now... I'll have to ask Armaan for a solution' Muskaan's other fear gave her a temporary break as she dialled Armaan...
" Hi ,this is Armaan...sorry I'm not available to take your call right now, please leave your name and number and I'll get back to u....."
"chaddo ! khasma nu khana !!! "


"Bhai's indicating to the exit Atul..."  pointed Armaan, thanking God for the break from the suffering he bore...
"oh yeah,but why ??? I'm sure he said he had enough fuel to last the way up ..." whatever the reason was to stop ,Riddhima welcomed the break as a rescue from Armaan's agonizing company...sighing audibly she expressed her joy in reply to his cheer ...
"let me call and ask bhai..."
" but u've left your phone home  awww!!!.....hehehehehehe! " Riddhima's sarcastic giggle made him suspicious .... He  knew she could go to any extents to seek her revenge and this could be one of her possible doings ... 'why today of all times? why now when I need my phone the most...' grieving hugely he traced back his actions to the point he remembered having the phone with him ....
Riddhima could sense the onset of her victorious phase in Armaan's despair .....


As soon as the car came to a halt in the car park Armaan rushed out of the suffocation zone to breathe the Riddhima -free air ...
Spotting the sign to the 'LADIES' Muskaan raced down the passage to be relieved ... Keerti followed her with Navneeta and later joined Anjali and Riddhima ...
First out ,Muskaan sheepishly walked back to the car but stopped when she caught Rahul making inquiries about the camping site ...

"God !!! Help me please !" spying at Rahul from a distance she prayed for a magical escape ....
"what now? " whispered a voice from behind...
Startled to find her instant couriered angel she rejoiced and shared her worry with him ...
" lets swap cars Muski and I'll cook up a story for bhai,I'm sure he'll be fine ..." his pre-planned idea served a solution to both their troubles ...
Just as  Rahul was to discover the truth, Muskaan and Armaan pounced at him and took him back to the car...


"Congratulations Muskaan! thats great news ..." exclaimed Anjali
The girly gossip wasn't exactly what Riddhima had wished for but when compared to sharing air with HIM ,this was very well under bearable limits she concluded...
Muskaan tagged Keerti along to skip the least chances for any possible doubts in Rahul's head ...Atul passed on the steering wheel to Anjali and jumped in with Rahul to complete the picture ...
As the two cars came parallel  , the couples exchanged sweet glances apart from the two who loved to hate each other...
Armaan tucked himself in the back seat on an excuse to play with Navneeta,little did the others know of the real reason
" bhai can I borrow your phone?I need to call mum urgently!


" Yayyy!" cheered Riddhima as her mobile flashed the reciept of new message .....
Heads turned in sync to question the excitement "errrmmm its my friend ....ummm I was waiting for his , I mean.... her mess...ssage......." she knew she did a poor job there,none of them looked close to convinced
'Dam  u Ridz ! r u crazy? u know there's no escape to those weird frowns , Quick !!!! say something...! act normal !!!.... hide the mobile before they peek ....! '


A sudden silence took over the chaotic discussions in the girls car
and Muskaan was granted a new trouble to deal with ...

The clouds roared and the sky poured to wreck their sunny day out...

Guilty again,Muskaan dialled Armaan for help only to reach his voicemail after the unanswered rings ...

Dodging Rahul's  famous 'blame Muskaan' look , she tried to met Armaan's eye to pass on her worry... and in return he gave her a comforting gesture partly a display of his own feelings... Nikki had passed on QT's address to the flower shop in time and his love message was on the way to his love.....


The traffic started to build up as they approached the town by the beach...."Brighton! " Muskaan's eyes lit up as she reminisced her first visit to the place ...

" there's good news and bad,what do u want first? " asked Atul on the call
" whatever u like jeej ,we're ok with both " replied Riddhima  and turned on the speakers to save the hassle of relaying the message to the other curious heads...
" the bad news is that we're lost coz our latest hi -tech gadget initially mislead us and now has ditched us and gone dead haha! .....and.... the good bit is that we're stopping here for lunch and the fate of our onward journey will be decided after that......"

"that sounds great, well I know this Italian restaurant here that does some awesome yummy food ... I'm sure Rahul would agree...u guys up for it?" asked Muskaan sparing them no time to think ...


Parking behind Rahul's car, Anjali glanced at the impressive exteriors of the restaurant and wished for the food to be the same level...
The place was busy and a table for 9 seemed a long wait...
Excusing herself out of the crowd Riddhima grabbed the opportunity to read KD's long pending  message...
Same did Armaan whizzing out on the sly to send QT another message...

'Message sent! ' read the screen as he blew a kiss along with it...
'New Message!' read the other screen as she blushed reading the content....

Hopelessly smiling within themselves they bumped into each other at the entrance to the restaurant...
Rolling her eyes in despise ,she pushed him aside and headed to the table rejuvenated ! ...
Resented with her annoying attitude he reached the table to find a lone vacant chair available next to HER of all the people...


"what a lovely view " commented Atul watching the beautiful seafront ready to be explored...
"why dont we spend the rest of the day here? " suggested Muskaan slightly winking at Anjali
"yeah ,why not ... the beach sounds fun and even the weather seems to be clear now..." said Keerti replying to the chain wink
"lets hit the beach then...."
While Riddhima and Armaan were away ,Muskaan eventually managed to convince everyone against the camping idea .... The men left the girls to plan the new surprise party at a local pub that Muskaan and Rahul knew...all they had to do is pose innocent ...


Tugging onto Navneeta's arm ,Shubhankar climbed down the tricky pebbled slope to the water...
Keerti ,Anjali and Muskaan planned their next step ahead leaving Rahul and Armaan to bear Atul's latest set of beach songs and then came Riddhima to contribute to the selection...

" Dont u wanna join in Riddhima?" asked Rahul when he came out of the water for a breather...
"no thanks ! " she replied holding her mobile close ...
The scene looked fun from a distance but when close was crazy ...

Armaan itched to get back at her for all the suprisingly successful pranks she played all day but to no avail,she was adamant onstaying away from all ... Morover she related  KD's message of losing his phone on the trip to the  prank she put Armaan through ,a slight sense of guilt kept her aloof...

 "Armaan ,whats your excuse? " quipped Muskaan dragging herself out to a dry patch next to Riddhima

" I'm waiting for a call Musk...bhabi....u tired already? thats not like you...." he knew the art of diverting the topic with ease...

Then clutching onto the mobile he walked away to rehearse his birthday wish ...


" Done with your important call? is there a special someone I need to know of ?"  playing a list of funny expressions Muskaan interrogated her innocent looking friend "

" I'll tell u soon alright, now let me have some water fun..." handing over the mobile to Muskaan , Armaan rolled his sleeves and trousers up and aimed at his prey... "Atul! here I come ...."

" Riddhima,u sure u dont wanna go in? its almost sunset ,not much time left ,why dont u go for a quick dip?

" nah! I'd rather not, its no fun to be down with fever on your birthday..." running out of reasons to hide her self induced aquaphobia ,she tried what she was best at ...changing topics " Icecream?" Muskaan found the change a little weird
"yeh sure, strawberry please.... "
"cool ! let me get us some then " glad with the escape ,Riddhima searched for the nearest icecream vendor
"Give me your mobile no.Riddhima,incase I change my mind on the flavor... " keying the number in the mobile she held ,Muskaan saved it on the phone as GND !


Licking the runny syrup off the cone,Muskaan offered Rahul a bite of the icecream
"I'm ok thanks " was his obvious reply
" Beep peep"  buzzed the device in her lap
Surprised to see a new sender's name on the text message , Rahul muttered "GND? "


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Part 12a:

"QT??? who the hell is that? " frowning with a blend of wonder,fear and anxiety Rahul tried not to look Muskaan in the eye...
" whats the matter Rahul? why do u look disturbed ? " as always she never missed any change in his expressions...
" No ! nothing at all " needing some time to work out the senders identity,he moved away to read the message again  ...
 following him quietly Muskaan peeked over his shoulder and whispered " who's been texting u eh? an old fling ??? hehehe "  giving him a flirtatious nudge she reminded him of their previous visit to Brighton when he was nearly assaulted  by a drunken stalker outside the gay club they had unknowingly walked into... If it wasn't for Muskaan's heroics that night , Rahul would have ended up a victim ...

" who's GND ? " he asked himself  " gay and dirty?..." came her spontaneous perverted reply ...and she laughed her heart out to see his disturbed and worried face...
" Muskaan plzzz! " pinching her ears in apology ,she promised not to revisit the funny but unpleasant incident.....
" G -N -D...??? " again he thought out loud
"girl next door...Riddhima! " finally she granted him some relief,but not really...
"what? why is she texting me?" he couldn't think of a possible link
"texting u?" snatching the mobile from him she read the message out loud
" cant wait till midnight?...." giving Rahul 'the suspicious Mrs' look ,she waved the mobile at him to ask what the message meant?
" what??? now dont give me that look please, I promise I never said nothing about the surprise and hello? how and why would she have my mobile number? I don't remember giving it to her...."  her eyes spelled trouble and his heart throbbed the fastest it could ...
"Muskaan yar,main sachi gal dasriha han....  It wasn't me !"............


"C'mon KD!!! where's my reply??? " asked Riddhima jolting her phone in demand...and then placing it close to her heart she waited for it to beep and sync with her hearbeat...

The soothing twilight breeze played mischief with her tresses when he caught a glimpse of her from a distance ... 'How would  my QT look ?' ...he sketched a perfect face and adored every bit of it ...

Brushing away the loose strands she watched the mesmerising dusky view .... her fantasies came alive when a handsome figure outlined against the setting sun ,tickled by her naughty thoughts she blushed and as the shadow came close she wondered how far she'd imagined...

Walking along the beach  he spotted the perfect body with the perfect curves ...and now he had a complete picture of QT from head to toe PERFECT!

The tiny drops of water shimmered and enhanced his perfectly sculptured body ...
"Wow!" she gasped and saw the image disappear into the dark... hugging herself she yearned to meet KD soon...


"Bhabi,can I have the phone please?"
"phone ? ohhhhhhh phone......Muskaan phone???" giving Muskaan a tricky look he grabbed the phone and passed it to Armaan while Muskaan stood agape...
"yeh sure Armaan,u can have it for as long as u like..., mum must be waiting for your call right?....." 
" huh? yeh ermm... mum,  yeh I'm missing her a lot today...  "
"dont u think its a bit late to call her now? "
" oh yeh ,it is quite late,ummm"
"dont worry Armaan call her later after our midnight may be?......"


" I dont't believe this Muski...Armaan and Riddhima? " trying hard to absorb the shocking truth ,Rahul gently jerked Muskaan back to her senses and breaking her lethal silence she yelled
"how dare he not tell ME Rahul?
"forget that yar , I'm wondering how is this even remotely possible? they hate each other"
"yeh so they pretend and frankly I dont care how ,all I wanna know is why didnt he share this with me ???" pretending deeply hurt ,she shed a few crocodile tears to finish the effect
"uff Muskaan" he consoled and offered her a shoulder to cry on...

"moya Armaan ! I wont ever forgive him for this and now I'm gonna make sure he pays for his sins!"
"sins? Muski dont u think u're exagerating  and taking this a little too serious?  I'm sure Armaan must have a good reason to keep this away from u or may be he's waiting for a good time to share?"
"Oye Rahul! I'm his best friend yar ,the rule is we share everything with each other and now since he's broken the rules ,he'll see the worst of me"
"Muski what u gonna do honey?"  his fear was genuine this time
"u never mind that....QT ha?" huffing and puffing with rage she clenched her fists and whispered her plan in Rahul's ear giving Armaan an evil cocky grin as he walked far away with a mobile whos battery was about to run out any moment............


"What?" screamed Atul standing by the reception desk of the hotel...
"yes Atul ,its the last weekend before the summer holidays end, the hotel and lodges are all rammed with people"
Listing the choices they were left with , Shubhankar informed the rest of the gang of the unfortunate situation...
ready to accept were Muskaan and Atul ,the rest had to be forced into sharing triple rooms amongst the group
Shubhankar was to take over one room for his family and the other two were to be equally shared between the three girls and three boys to be fair...

According to the other plan Muskaan  was supposed to keep Riddhima occupied and away from the surprise while Rahul helped Anjali prepare coz he knew the place well...


Clipping on her silver studs , Muskaan watched Riddhima in the mirror,enjoying the cool breeze with her mobile close to her heart...

"Riddhima can u plz pass me my phone from that bag ?" Muskaan was indirectly annoyed with Riddhima... she could'nt get over the fact that Armaan had  kept their relationship a secret...
"yeh sure Muskaan,here u go " 
" thanks! " quickly texting Rahul to check on her special preperation for QT,Muskaan in the excitement forgot that Armaan had the mobile

"arent u gonna get ready Ridzie ?".... 'Armaan must be waiting for u...' she said to herself
"umm I'm not too keen on going out tonight why dont u guys go and I'll join u later for dinner?" flashing her usual charming smile Riddhima excused herself and expected Muskaan to believe her...
" fine ! " itching to ask her more Muskaan said " Ridz can I ask u something personal?"
"yeh go on, wassup?"
" u dont have to answer this if u think its..." stopping her halfway ,Riddhima assured
" Muskaan, its fine u'll have to ask for me to know "
"ok! ....Riddhima are u seeing someone currently?" Riddhima had a feeling she'd ask her this and it didnt seem a surprise
"u know what  Muskaan I would have actually been mad at u for asking this but since u've caught me in good time, I'll answer in complete  honesty " charged up to hear her side of story Muskaan moved closer
"not yet,but I might be soon....."  walking back to the window overlooking the seafront,she whispered
'KD wish  I get to see u now..'


"Sagar kinare...dil ye pukare...tu jo nahi to mera koi nahi hai..... hoooo sagar kinare........"
'Dam this man!,dont he ever  get tired ???  I'd thought of getting some peace and quiet here ,thought I could text but forget that ,I can't even think straight thanks to the horrendous vocals in the background'

drumming his fingers on the headboard ,Atul paused for a change in song

" tum jeeyo hazaro saal saal ke din pachas hazaar! "
Involutarily creasing into a wide grin Armaan thought to himself 'dam!!! who'd handle her for 50,000 years  if a minute seems impossible.....'


"Armaan arent u coming with me?"asked Atul checking himself  in the mirror
" where?"
" to Ridzies surprise party?"
"what? where?"
"oh sorry ,this was actually planned when u and Ridz were away
well Rahul and Anjie have got it all ready, all we need to do is turn up at the venue"

Thinking he'd make some excuse and leave after dinner he said
"yeh I 'll be there soon...I just need to access the net for something important..."


Soon after the battery on the mobile ran out ,he was left with no source of joy and the idea of the net access clicked...what annoyed him more was the fact that he couldn't read the last message,wonder if it was QT,it must be,who'd text bhai when Muskaan's around hehehe

Looking for his wallet to pay for the internet usage he found it missing
cursing his jinxed day ,he ran off to get some money form Muskaan


" Ridzie I'm off" walking to the door Muskaan turned around to give Riddhima an unintended semi disgusted look
"ok Muskaan ,I'll  see u in a bit.." resuming her text spotting she sat at the window sill waiting for a reply on to her  message ...

"Hey Muski! " bumping into Armaan at the door Muskaan confirmed Riddhima's reason to stay back
"what u do u want Armaan? " she said bluntly
"Muski,I've lost my wallet ,can I borrow some money off u?" ...ashamed of his pathetic excuse Riddhima recollected him asking to look after his wallet while he was in the water...'how far have u planned this Armaan ??? 'she grumped
"your wallet is in my bag Armaan ,u asked me to look after it remember? "
happy to find his lost property,he smiled wide " can I have it then?"....he sensed some sort of anger in her eyes...' how cheeky is that Armaan? u know she's waiting for u in there, so why pretend all innocent... now do u need my permission to go meet her?' her thoughts  neared a full blown loud attack but she held a grip on herself and said calmly
"go get it from my bag and give Riddhima my mobile number ,in case my directions mislead her"....
"thanks Muski  and u better get going,Atul's waiting in the lobby downstairs...."

Watching Muskaan wait for the lift , Armaan reconsidered the idea of going into the room confirming Muskaan's doubts
he wondered if it was safe to go in and bear her awful sight....what if she doesnt open the door? and what if she thinks...........


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Part 12b:

*knock knock *

breaking out of her KD trance ,she answered from across the room
" Muskaan ? did u forget something? "
finding the door left ajar,he walked in saying " its me Armaan "

Surprised to see him , she set on her prank alert
" u??? what u doing here ? "

" I need something "  eagerly searching through the room he missed the fear building up in her ...
" what... do.. u need Armaan? "  she gathered a little courage to ask

" Muskaan said u know where it is " ....
 huh? Muskaan knew it all along? how devious of her ? but why is he searching here when she knows I left the phone in London?...
Ridzie u better get ready to run, his eyes spell vengeance and u're so dead ...

"where is it ???" he yelled adding to her fear...
Unable to find the bag , he moved to check around the window where she sat holding on tight to the narrow ledge...

" stay away Armaan! " she screamed to see him approach 
'yeh u wish !' he thought ' how stereotyped is your thinking Riddhima! ' ... sniffing to show his disgust he moved closer and wished he could tip her down the window ...
'whats wrong with u Armaan? why're u letting her get to u?' calming himself within he forced a polite request

"now will you tell me where it is? ..." misinterpreted as a threat ,she blurted out the other truth
"I left it in London! "
"what??? " confused with her weird response he thought 'this girl's not just plain crazy, she's got plenty other issues ,she needs help!!!....'

"I'm sorry Armaan ,I pulled it out of your pocket and left it by the laptop on the table ,I was only trying to even the score...."


" are u serious? I mean u sure this isnt just another prank they're playing on each other?"
Atul was amazed and surprised at the weird combination...
" Muskaan ,I have a feeling its their joint prank on all of us,I know Ridzie hates him like hell..."
" I know how u feel Atul,and I know Armaan cant stand her either , u sure Riddhima never hinted on any such possibility?"
then thinking of his discussion with Anjali ,he boasted of his observation...'so Armaan and Riddhima  in love...?' ewww the impossible thought gave him goosebumps...
" come on Muskaan ,u think I could really keep it a secret then? "
knowing the kind of person Atul is ,Muskaan had no doubts to believe him...
"do u think Anjali would know?"
" uh-uh ! ,not possible..."


He could have strangled her the moment she confessed her crime, but  watching her terrified expressions he couldn't resist a short giggle before he tricked her further...
" settling scores huh? how could u Riddhima? there are some etiquettes of pranks too and what u've done is beyond all standards..."
watching her worst of nightmares come true ,she wished for a way to get out of the tricky situation ...
eyes burning with fury he whispered in the most horrifying tone  " u'll soon know who u've messed with miss Riddhima, Good luck!!! ...."
  and as he walked up closer, she grabbed the bag next to her and aimed at him in self defence

"oh there it is,thanks ! this is what  I was loking for ... I'd come to get my wallet from Muski's bag ?...."


missin u lots QT:(
jst came online 2 chk if u were arnd
shame u arent,
may b out wid ur frnds?
hve fun n tc
spk 2  u soon :)

after numerous tries to catch her online,he gave up in the end and left her an offline message...
the crowd around gave him strange glares when he broke into chuckles every so often thinking of Riddhima's self surrender...
despite his rage over her unacceptable prank  , he found her expressions totally entertaining...
'here I was fretting she might throw a tantrum at the sight of me and there I find a reason to celebrate....hahaha'..... he laughed
but the thing that bothered him the most was her courage to pull out HIS mobile from HIS back pocket?
'how careless of u Armman? why couldnt u be vigilant with her around?...

telling himself off for his negligence, he decided to join the gang for dinner and leave before the so called  surprise which now could be worse with the birthday girl in distress...


Keeping a close on the players throughout dinner Atul and Muskaan were amazed at their pretense skills... both looked completely uninterestered in each other and the few forced glances they exchanged were of envy and ire.....
" Armaan the least u can do is look bothered yar " said Rahul to spice up the scene ...
"bhai ,why do I need to?  u know I hate her ! and thats with a passion.....I 'm strictly against smiling when people like her are around and if my redundant presence is bothering u , I 'd rather step out and enjoy the fresh air...this place sucks and so does the party !"
" Armaan u dont really mean that do u?"
"of course I do, u know tolerance is not my virtue to begin with and that girl there is beyond me ,do u even know what she did?
well nevermind,I'm done here...See ya!... "

"Did u see that Muskaan? I just can't believe him !....remind me ,was he a part of the drama club at school or college??? and if he wasn't I guess he should change his options at uni and join the drama faculty, I'm sure he'd ace it there..."
"Chaddo usko yar ! tell me did make sure the cake's the way I wanted it? " melting away with Muskaan's excitement,Rahul tried to ignore Armaan's rude exit ...
"hanji was hard to convince Anjali but yeh I did, anything for u wifey..."
" good oye Rahul ,u definitely deserve to be my new partner now...." reluctant to see expel Armaan from her partnership,Muski welcomed her new partner whole heartedly...
" thanks Muski..."
" yeh anything for u hubby.... but glad I sent u that text to remind
"what text? u sent me a text? Muski did u forget Armaan has my mobile?...


Regretting the way he spoke to Rahul,Armaan thought of popping back in for a quick sorry...
Passing through the thinning crowd on the ground floor,he ran up the stairs to the restaurant/party area where the rest of group was...
Surprised to find Rahul and Muskaan missing, he hoped Rahul didn't take his silly banter too serious...
"Atul,where did bhai and Muski I mean bhabi go? "
" Shhh...they're just getting the cake ready Armaan, u ready for the fun?"...
glad to know things were ok,he decided to wait till they return.....


Staring at the clock as it ticked away,Riddhima planned to leave well in time before midnight
" di I'm tired ! I think I'm gonna head  back to the hotel ,dont worry its only a street away... "
'hmmm well planned Riddhima !' thought Atul enjoying the act with Muskaan...

Armaan  genuinely apologised for his crass behaviour and all was back to normal
Muskaan's worry of Armaan recieving the text message was put to ease when he complained of the battery running out...
thanks to  her lucky stars ,she was back in the game...and for old times sake she offered him her mobile in case he needs to call mum sometime at night...

" bhai I'm sleepy and u guys look like u gonna spend the night here ...I better go ,u lot have fun ..."

"come on  Ridzie stay for a little bit atlaeast..." requested Anjali maintaing her innocence...
feeling tad guilty of knowing the surprise she couldnt say no to ruin her efforts to arrange the party
" fine I'll stay ..." she agreed putting an instant smile on Anjali's face
" I'll be right back di, need the ladies..." hopping down the stairs ,she waited in the lonely aisle for the clock to hit 12...


"oh why is she still away, its close to midnight... Armaan, can I have my mobile for a quick sec
reluctantly he handed the mobile back...
" did u give her my number Armaan ? like I 'd asked u to?
" yeah I did Muski ..."
" oh but I dont think I have her number ,lemme get Atul to call her...."
returning the mobile to Armaan,she rushed off to find Atul

"bhai,I'm off ! " giving Rahul a quick hug ,he hopped down the stairs looking the least bit tired...

Spotting her pacing back and forth in the alley he called
"Yo! your people are waiting to surprise u go up and pretend shocked...."
"what? leave me alone ... tell them I'll be there in a bit..."
excuse me ! one I aint your messenger and two they want u there NOW! dont u get it....its midnight they wanna surprise u at...shall I tell your di to come and find u here?...hahahaha "
whistling his evil tune he walked out of the pub to call her watching the stars......


One ,two ,three ,four,five,six,seven,eight.nine.ten.eleven.twelve!

"Dam!!! why is Muskaan calling me now?
refusing her call , she waited for the call she desired...
oh come on KD its midnight

*beep beep*
"Muskaan again? oh plz stop calling me ,I'll be surprised I promise,just stop calling me ....."

"why dont u answer QT ? its me  KD...."

"  I know u wanna wish me KD ... plz call me ....."




hey guys
part 12b as promised,agreed not at the proposed time,but u all know me,i never am good with promisesOuch
well plz comment if u've liked the part

and a spl thanx to the previosuly silent readers who have now started to comment,so glad for that ,cheers !

this time I'm not gonna return to this fic until i've done a part on betrayed,i know the lights hints wil soon turn into major threats

and also I'd be wrapping this fic up in a few updates
so u can expect longer parts to cover all I have to say

please keep commenting
thanks all
love always

315 nutterz
esp the one who makes me worry the most...


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reserved :) *edit*

yayyyyyy!! smg for ME!!! Dancing

hahah luv d concept...glad its a short one...i lke dt better!! ahha ridz such a goner shoutin n yellin for ppl bein concerned abt her...kya toh bhi!! luv d!!! tey kow each other...hai?????i wonder who armaan is!...*sigh* dreamin  n zzzzinnnnnnn!!! lmao!! aachaa but armaan n bhabhi...hmmmm dtz new!!
can't wait to read the story..well i did dt ill read it again wen its complete :D m excited lke neva bfr!

u bet! luv it hun...thx hindi! ur one d best!!Day Dreaming


nij Hug


White and Red colored just right....
See yourself in the mirror...dress yourself just that...
Coz today...and are my darling Angel...
Next time you shower love on me....get your friends along...
They like you...a little bit of you...dote love on me...just right like that...

Part 2~
allrite dt was reallly cute..still chotsa...but its kewl yahh!!
mayaz armaanz really...aur koi naam ni mila...ahha! dt sly thin wit ma baby! lmao! ter bthz chat rules..fixin timez...i rem ma dayz wen i used 2 chat on difft chat roomz uff! and nowadays toh pura din...ohoo!! bt dt was a highlight...u got tem 2 be so young n childish and damn cute..i luved dt!!ahhaha and hell tem both bumpin in2 each other at d sme cafe..and harsh words on nt makin it in time...ooooohhh!! ridz toh expected but armaan more than ridz...niceeee!! :D and finally....d last dt was unexpected..but so much betta than wat i tld wer u cme up wit dt one frm!! ahah!!

update jaldi seh...tis 1 i almost wanna read in 1 go...but nahh! :D

muuahh!!! =)
Part 3~

Awesome is d word for it hindi!! total fantooz!! kya mast hai beedi...d ritin so fresh.d lingo cute...vry cute!! ahah baithe..aah gaye....miss kiya dono cute..!!omg!! like u i dunno luved d upd..!! maybe d flow was jhakaas ekdam....kya pata....rab jaane! jo bhi hai hindi..mereko toh bada change laga....sahiiiii jhaari hai aap!!
anji n muski neighbour...waahhh!! so natural!! oye hoyeee!!! and foe nt frd..ouchhh!! dt i think was a gud one!

aur likho....jaldi jaldi likho....!!!

tooo much pyaar and jhappi for tis one!! aiyoooooo!!!! Party
Part 4~

aaaaiiiiiiihhh lllllaaaavvvvv tthhaaa aaapppdddeiiiitttt :D

lol u used d verse....vry vyr cute!! =) ridz n atul..haha another nutter? atulz sucha darlin...wihout doin hethin...he left a gud feelin of him behind!! armaan-muski..okay nw i c it tis time it was obvious frm dt line..sweet and pure bond....yup dtz so u n saleem bhai! funtoos! muski armaanz frd bfr she married rahul..i think i wud hve wanted 2 read smg abt rahul too..slight vry slight bit more..lke lke u had smg for atul!!..i c tey r sidez...tey cnt hve much footage...nahhh!!lol!! muskiz...loosin weight..lmao! reallyyyy??? hmm!! finally armaan-ridz...oopz..KD n QT tlkin..tey r such grownupz tlk lke again tey hold tis sense of maturity sumhw..and its only ter obvious likin towards d other!! its goin mastan!!ridz has smg planned..ohhhhhh jaldi bataoooooooo!!..aacha hinz...ab toh m gonna read wen u update pura....bas! :D

rite rite rite rite rite!!

315 too much hinz...

NZ =)

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me is such a dumb jack***....i thot i commented here...anyways am behaving insane these days but u knw wat my take was on this bit...i like wat coming up...them nice kids...she though wanting freedom and now going to London...nicey nice and pregnant and his bhabhi LMAO...u knw the convo btw the two...i like coz i can so see muski talking like that...hehe...
Okay me eagerly waiting for things to get started here hehe...i think this gonna be funLOL

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great hinu di!!!!!!!!!!
one more new FF............
loved it.............
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omg.. hinz wotz happng 2 u.... writing bug caught.. i'm happy it caught u finally.......

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